Naruto 560 – 561 Breakdown: Madara’s true strength!

So, just who is the strongest shinobi to have ever lived?

As far as that particular question goes, I think most people would say “The Sage of the Six Paths”, and they would be right as far as the lore of Naruto goes. But if we take the god of all shinobi out of the picture and look at what’s left, the question imposed above is most certainly one that would give birth to a great many deal of debates.

What makes a truly strong shinobi? Is it intelligence, strength, speed, or power? I think it’s safe to say that a combination of two or more of the above is definitely a good sign of a strong individual, but when a shinobi comes along who is gifted with all these traits and even more, they are immediately elevated as top contenders for the prime position of strongest Shinobi as far as I am concerned.

And so we come to the arrival of Uchiha Madara. A name that sparks fear in the world of Naruto. A name filled with as much awe as it is terror, and one that not a single person alive goes without knowing. Now that we’ve had a glimpse of his power as it was in his prime, is it safe to say that Madara may truly be the strongest shinobi to have ever lived besides the Rikudou Sennin himself?

Within those cold eyes lies ambition and power. A legacy of what once was and a vision of the future he strove to create through his own hands.

I think it is quite safe to say that these past two chapters have been quite epic in the purest sense of the word. They seem to have elevated this Great Shinobi War to a whole new level and taken it from a somewhat mundane trod through battles that have largely had predictable outcomes, to a new level of urgency, anxiety and excitement.

For the first time in a while, a sudden sense of dread and panic has returned to the manga as a whole. The “obvious outcome” has been kicked to the dust and these new developments leave us wondering who will live, who will die and how the Shinobi alliance will even survive to tackle this latest and greatest threat it has ever face. The excitement is now becoming quite tangible and with it, Naruto has become refreshed as a manga once again, as interest in these new plot elements builds to a peak. as well as the debates revolving around them.

But even despite this sudden injection of intrigue and adrenaline, there are still a few matters that are no doubt niggling at the backs of everyone’s minds. One of them, most likely, being the extent of Madara’s power.

Temper Tantrum no Jutsu: You better give him that candy or you'll regret it. <_<

Madara certainly knows how to put on a show. Right from the get, go, he launches an all out attack on the Shinobi alliance and he not only manages to tackle multiple opponents at once, he also takes on two Kage and Naruto (who could quite easily be considered kage level at this point) at the same time and manages to counter their combined attacks as if it were simply child’s play for him.

But even despite his strength, I must admit that there was a moment where Naruto, Gaara, and Oonoki pulled off a great combination attack that left Madara sweating a little. But just when you thought he couldn’t get any stronger, the bugger decides to pull another trick out his sleeve for good measure.

This one was a crowd killer…

If looks could kill... oh wait... O_o

WHAM!!!! Madara has the Rinnegan.

When that popped onto the screen, it was comparable to being hit by a large, steam locomotive with flaming chainsaws attached to its wheels. I don’t think anything could have prepared us for that plot kai.

You know, I thought it was quite something that Sasuke was so good at pulling things out of his ass as it is, especially when he pulled a hawk out of his bottomless pit. But then Madara just went and pulled one up over him and took ‘Asspull no Jutsu’ to a whole new level. I guess you could say that pulling the Rinnegan out of your nether regions could lead to a severe case of “Ring Sting” but I think that is a matter that’s best left to the imagination.

So, things started going from bad to worse…. and then from worse to even more worse than worse. And just when you thought things couldn’t get any more worse than that, the worst of the worst happened. O_O

OMG! It's DarkAvatar's EGO!!!!! O__O

I saw someone try to summon Dark Avatar’s ego once, but they just exploded on the spot. Overwhelming indeed….

But you know I’m just kidding with you Darks. I mean, realistically speaking, a meteor of that size just isn’t a very accurate depiction of your ego in any case. It’s simply way too small. O_o

Moving along, we get to the really saucy bits of these latest two manga. The Tsuchikage pulls of a “Superman Returns” type intervention and manages to stop the meteor cold in its tracks – with Gaara’s help of course – but even despite that, Madara simply builds up the pressure a bit more until the point where the inevitable can no longer be avoided. The battlefield is left in ruins with casualties rising to insurmountable numbers.

Another fact that I found quite interesting was the fact that Rubber Man decided to save Naruto’s clone rather than save the life of one of the many other real live shinobi near him. It kinda hit a bit of a cord with me because it brings up the idea of moral compromises. He said that even though Naruto was just a clone – and thus, his death would have been inconsequential – they still needed his power to win the battle. It’s essentially a case of allowing some lives to be sacrificed for the sake of the greater good, but does that kind of compromise sit well with you?

We also had a brief glimpse back at HQ with a discussion between Tsunade, the Raikage and all their underlings about the dire situation that they’ve now found themselves in. Tsunade personally decides to intervene, which is something I believe was definitely a long time coming, and I for one am looking forward to finally seeing the last of the three legendary Sannin in action. Hopefully, we’ll truly get a glimpse of her real power this time and see her go all out.

I just hope it doesn’t end up the same way Kakashi’s rampage did…

But how...

As far as Asspull no Jutsu is concerned, Madara takes it even further when he pulls Mokuton out of his nether regions. I mean, this guy is just hax to the max. I don’t think it’s even possible to be more hax than Madara is right now unless someone literally stuffed the Juubi up his nether regions….

. . . .

Don’t even…

But probably the most intriguing part of this latest chapter was the way in which Madara tried to summon the Kyuubi, an action that only really led to some stomach ache problems for Naruto and a rather annoyed response by the Kyuubi himself. What was even more interesting was how the Kyuubi decided to give Naruto chakra willingly just to fight Madara with, stating that between the two of them, he would rather “choose” Naruto as opposed to being controlled by Madara.

Is this the start of a beautiful friendship the likes of which we’ve seen with the Hachibi and Bee?

What made that situation even more scary was how the Kyuubi was smiling during Naruto’s attack. I mean, it wasn’t just one of those evil, sinister smiles he normally has. It looked genuine and quite frankly, it was creepy as hell.

Bring on the Pokemon references... <_<

*Takes deep breath* Okay, we’re almost at the end of the breakdown.

Last, but most certainly not least, it seems like we’re going to see Oonoki go all out in a final battle against Madara. Judging by his current physical state and the way these things usually go in the manga, there’s a good possibility he will sacrifice himself to bring Madara’s reign of destruction to an end.

It’s a situation very much reminiscent of The Sandaime Hokage’s sacrifice in his battle against Orochimaru, and if that is the case, hopefully it will carry just as much weight and have the same impact as the former did. But, you know what they say with Naruto. Death isn’t inevitable until you see a flashback, so the Tsuchikage isn’t a gonner just yet. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

In any case, that’s all from me this week. I’m sorry the breakdown was so long, but there was a lot to get through. Here’s the winner of the last caption contest.

Nikeairforce03: When pointy things go the wrong wayโ€ฆ

I just found this entry really funny for some reason. Well done to Nikeairforce03.

This week I’ve decided to include a debate, but not with Madara just yet. I want to see the end of his battle before I include him in a debate, just to be fair. In the meantime, here’s something that will keep the fanboys rioting.

Naruto vs Minato... Let the battle between father and son begin!

Yeah, I am sure you’ll all have fun with this one. See you all in the comments! ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on October 31, 2011.

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  2. Great breakdown Tenrai, I really agree a lot of excitement has been renewed these last few chapters. Naruto vs Minato… damn. Gonna have to think long and hard about that, but for now I’m leaning towards Minato.

  3. Of course that’s my ego. What else could possibly be visually represented by the biggest friggin balls you’ve ever seen in this manga?

  4. Madara breakdown, Tenshinhan. (Madara’s a synonym of awesome now)

    I really don’t think Onoki will die. He would have to take out Madara like Hiruzen did with Orochimaru, but I don’t see that happening because there would have to be two flashbacks (one for Onoki and one for Madara) right after each other and that would disrupt the flow of the manga. Plus, Madara really has to do something else other than kill fodder ninjas with two meteors before he dies.

    Next chapter will be epic!

  5. @Darks.

    LOL! I rest my case. ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. AWESOME BREAKDOWN! The epicness is keeping me interested and the Pulling-out-of-ass no jutsus are funny to see.

    Personally, I think Madara will survive and just Ooniki will perish during the fight. Then, Madara will go on to find Naruto blah blah

  7. @ zzattack
    lol… you said long and hard. Oh and yah madara is going to go on a one man rape fest for a chapter or two but afterwards naruto might throw a monkey wrench in his plans

  8. *reads breakdown*

    “minato vs. naruto”

    ……i’m gonna need a nap before hoppin in this one

  9. Kyuuby !!!
    @Bubble XD
    @Breakdown was great!
    @Debate: ? Father Vs. Son !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. awesome chapters. i wonder what will happen next.

    about naruto and minato…. minato beats the kyuubi with him sacrificing his own life….which is now inside naruto and gives its powers to him so…. minato vs naruto with kyuubi’s powers definitely goes to naruto

  11. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat you dont read naruto for two months and all this happen.

    got to go read all this

  12. You know… I read somewhere where someone said Nagato wasn’t nearly as strong as Nagato and that was because the rinnegan wasn’t really Nagato’s eyes… If you notice in his short but very epic fight against Bee and Naruto, he actually did pull a meteor out of the sky “Yeah, i JUST noticed it.” But it was more of a small one, not too big, but i’m sure he wasn’t aiming to destroy an army like Madara was, he was just aiming for one person at the time so i’m sure he wouldn’t need it. Nagato was powerful but that sword came out of nowhere and stabbed him in his tracks. Kishi did that so that the rinnegan abilities wouldn’t be unraveled yet, but we caught a glimpse so that it wouldn’t spoil Madara’s grand entrance. But yeah, Nagato was freakishly powerful, he used Chibaku Tensei so quick… question is though… How exactly do the 6paths of Tobi operate? Nagato needed to use chakra transmitters to control them. And It seems they were brought back to life if you see their bodies look ressurected. They only have one rinnegan in their eye, and one sharingan, so how exactly does this work? Are they alive or zombies? Apparently the impure technique was used on them… i’m not sure if anyone caught onto it, it’s not a debate just questions i’m curious on.

  13. @Nostradoma

    Nagato’s biggest setback in his battle with Naruto, Bee and Itachi was the fact that he was basically completely immobile. He couldn’t avoid any attacks like a normal shinobi could because his legs were crippled, so you could say it was simply the fact that he couldn’t do anything to avoid Itachi’s sword of Totsuka at all more so than a case where he just didn’t see it coming.

    I also think Kabuto made some mistakes as his controller, in that he was focusing too much on capturing Naruto and Bee and not enough on Itachi himself. He knew Itachi was out there and that he was a threat, but he chose to ignore that factor and that ended up being the downfall that led to Nagato’s defeat.

    As for Madara’s six paths, those are Edo Tensei summons, which means like other Edo Tensei summons, they are essentially alive in a zombified kind of way. This is in stark contrast to Nagato’s paths because in Nagato’s case, the bodies he was controlling were completely dead altogether and not resurrected summons.

    Now, we know that a dead body can’t contain chakra anymore (for obvious reasons) so Nagato had to substitute with his own chakra instead, hence why chakra receivers were needed to transmit Nagato’s chakra into the bodies he controlled in order to make them move.

    With Tobi, it stands to reason that this procedure is unnecessary, because Edo Tensei summons are already resurrected as they were in life, with chakra and everything else that goes with it. This means additional chakra to make them “mobile” is no longer necessary. As for how Tobi controls his six paths, I assume the Rinnegan and Sharingan he shares with them fills this role in some way by creating a link between them and Tobi.

  14. Great breakdown Tenrai. Now to answer your post in the previous breakdown. I absolutely do not wish to see Tsunade die, as she is a very good character and she would be missed by the fandom. I merely expected her to die because it was the logical conclusion: the era of Hanzo and the Sannin is coming to an end. With Kishimoto’s theme of the future generations surpassing the previous ones and two of the Sannin’s death one after another it seemed logical to me. And sorry, but I still don’t see a point in Tsunade’s comatous state.

    As for Danzo’s death, I know, Sasuke had to use up his ocular powers somehow to be forced to take Itachi’s eyes but the way Danzo died was ridiculous. He wasted his Izanagi far too much without using the initial confusion to strike Sasuke down like every good shinobi would have done.
    Well anyway, Danzo’s water under the bridge right?

    *glances at battle debate*… Oh, you have got to be…
    You don’t know what you have unleashed Tenrai, it will result in blood ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Well, time to jump in the fray.
    First let’s compare speed. We don’t have a direct comparison between the two speedwise. We only know that both are the fastest shnobi in the Narutoverse and are both faster than the Raikage. However, to be fast enough to evade the Raikage, Minato had to use his special markings for instantaneous teleportation. Naruto avoided the charge of the up to this point fastest man alive without any technique at all, it was pure speed.
    So, while Minato has to touch Naruto to mark him with his seal or throw a kunai, Naruto can achieve those speeds more easily.
    Next, let’s compare Ninjutsu: I don’t know if Minato makes use of other Ninjutsu other than the Rasengan, but it’s safe to say Naruto has surpassed himin every single aspect of the Rasengan, except the forming of the technique with one hand.
    Still, Naruto does not need the special kunai but Minato can evade his attacks quite easily by throwing some kunai in the vicinity and escape from Naruto’s attacks. This would however, force him to remain on the defense.
    Now, let’s talk chakra.Seeing as Minato is neither an Uzumaki nor a Jinchuuriki, Naruto should be able to outlast him quite easily, even if the flying thundergod doesn’t need much chakra.
    As I see it, Naruto can easily outlast Minato while in Kyuubi cloak mode.
    Should he go out of chakra, however, Minato will not give him the chance to go into sage mode, but that is very unlikely to happen. Minato will run out of chakra far earlier than his son.
    The only way I can see Minato win is by using his greater experience, even if he died very young too, and use his very powerful sealing techniques, actually part of Kushina’s arsenal.
    The question is: How much did Kushina teach Minato. To be able to seal away a Tailed beast bomb is quite a feat, but unfortunately we don’t know about his other sealing techniques other than the shiki fuin.

  15. 15th! Yosh!

  16. i’m just gonna say that if minato touches naruto its over.

  17. @noom: what, like Guy and Lee? o.0

  18. The spoiler is out:

  19. @ Debate – Naruto takes it easily, speed and technique he is above Minato besides seals has nothing on the yellow dude, I mean he took out Raikage the 3rd who was probably the most badass person with a clone and sage mode without a scratch….

  20. I pose a question you guys – Has Naruto the series become over powered? Like a mini DBZ? I am just wondering, cause up until now we had powerful jutsu but doesn’t a lot of it now just seem over killy? wasn’t a ninja also supposed to use stealth and deception not just super jutsu to win battles… I am confused if its just me or others agree…

  21. @pein:
    Well, if we go by the typical definition of a ninja it has got pretty nothing to do with Kishimoto’s ninjas. It even starts with the sheer stupidity of calling out the names of your techniques. I would say the most realistic ninja in the series would be Root in terms of stealthiness.
    And yeah, we do see too many flashy techniques but that’s because these people fighting are the strongest to have ever lived. I myself alwaas prefer a battle of wits over this overpowering. You know, a good ninja should analyze the situation even when at a disadvantage and firmulate a strategy to beat his opponent. I miss such fights like Sasuke vs deidara where you could not just spam attacks like now.
    But i don’t think where at a level right now where people just scream at each other and suddenly become powerful enough to wipe out the whole planet. This is the final war after all and we have seen that Naruto did use his kyuubi cloak as long as he could but was still able to beat the raikage with a simple rasengan and a bit of thinking.
    By the way, is anyone else disappointed in Madara? Just like pein said, I didn’t want him to spam the Rinnegan over and over. The most powerful thing people like madara have is their experience. I expected the head of the Uchiha clan to show the true powers of the sharingan, and that is how to make a normal three tomoe sharingan into a deadly weapon just with fightinh experience.

  22. @pein: I think we’re just being warmed up to Naruto’s haxx, so when Sasuke shows up, we won’t all be totally surprised by his “change all reality forever” jitsu (with hawks). Kinda like, ok, everyone throw your haxx on the table.. Ok, cool, cool… wow, that’s a cool one. Hey, where’s Sasuke? He got his OWN table??

  23. aroptu- haaahahaha yes..yes he does.

    man i really don’t know which way i want to lean on this debate. i’m considering just pullin an oonoki (fence sitter) n lettin everyone else have it.

  24. Lol. Maybe this debate was a bit too much for people. It’s like everyone’s afraid of stepping into the water, because it looks too hot to handle. ๐Ÿ˜›


    If Sasuke threw his hax on the table, there wouldn’t be a table left afterwards. <_<

  25. @Tenrai


    Do you think Yamato has got to do with the Mokuton jutsu of Madara(Edo Tensei)? We know that Madara got some from Hashirama. Was that mokuton jutsu he showed in the last chapter included in that or was it from Kabuto’s doing? Just wonderind. And the page where Madara looks at his chest. Do yu have any idea besides Dargon’s boobs implant from Kabuto? Lol!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. I mean Dragon.. ๐Ÿ˜€ sorry.. ๐Ÿ˜›

    *taps Tenrai’s back to not be eaten*

  27. @Pisbolman

    For all we know, Madara might have taken a hint from Danzou and got Sharingan Nipple implants. X___X

    Can you imagine it? O___O

    *Madara takes of his shirt and does a superman pose*

    Madara: ‘I see you… | *___*

  28. P.S. Pickles says hi to everyone. ^ ^

  29. @Tenrai

    Damn you and Dragon!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ hahahaha i had enough of the implant sh*t! (sobs) ๐Ÿ˜ฅ hahahahaha But hey sharingan nipples wouldn’t be bad just don’t take off the cape so it wouldn’t be notice that you still have 2 sharingan eyes in his nipples.. ๐Ÿ˜€ or who knows he might have hidden some at his ass too.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  30. manga’s out early

    loving these last few chapters

  31. Final chapter was a perfect blend of flashback action and cliffhanger, all tight snugly into one great manga.
    Kudos Kishi, hope Naruto will learn the FTG from Genma and Raiga and the other dude so he can perform it on his own.
    Also WTF happend with Choujiro’s strike against Black Zetsu, did I miss the page, it actually looked like Narutos FRS shock wave caught up to zetsu and split him up, but it was actually a chop from Chojiro.

    I thought he could only control the shape of that sword and depending on the chakra it stored it would take a shape he thought up in his head, like the hammer he used to knock Sasuke into Mizukage’s trap.

  32. @Eugen

    Well, length is also a factor when it comes to shape.

    Anyway, that chapter was awesome, and I have a feeling the next one will be even more awesome. @__@

  33. Good Chapter – A lot to digest, guess its somehow good we have two weeks to discuss this…

    With all that is happening I find it strange that Naruto still hasn’t “poofed” of that battle field, its kinda annoying him being there but meh I just hope he doesn’t sit to get saged again and come in to land the final move, we have the strongest team in history here vs 2 legendary shinobi that are immortal… in this war if I was kabuto I would of focused all my attacking power on the Sealers, but think this will be an awesome battle though I hope Kabuto pulls what he did with Deidara and brings some other fighters to the battle but maybe that would be over kill…

    Looking at the Raikage and Tsunade it seems a lot was taken out of them for the teleportation jutsu, look at the Raikage’s eyes and we know Tsunade tech uses up her reserve chakra.

    Madara knows more about the infinite Tsyukyomi though @___ @

    Anyways hope you all enjoyed the chapter, cause gotta wait 2 weeks now… maybe anime will get out of fillers ๐Ÿ˜‰

  34. WTH?!?!?!

    Did anyone else notice in the last page that the Raikage still has his left arm? O_O

  35. @ Tenrai, I looked closely at the picture and it made a lot more sense on the next glance. And Hellz yeah, next chaper’s gonna rule big time, A, Tsunade, Gaara, Oonoki, Mei & Naruto are gonna mop the floor with Madara, and I’m sure someone’s gonna die.
    I’m not the one to throw death notes around like others do around here, but in a fight with the most legendary shinobi out there people are bound to get hurt really bad.

    Also notice how much the younger Oonoki likes like Akatsuchi, sure the size is completely opposite, but the facial features are really similar.

  36. Holy Mother of God, Tenrai’s right, A’s got both arms, how the hell did that happen.\ ?????

  37. OH my God! This is the first time in my life that every single one of the big Three has been awesome!
    It’s like Kishi, Kubo and Oda have sat together and decided to collectively rape our brains and I love it!
    Oh boy, if naruto now evn picks up FTG i am going nuts lol Damn, Tsunade was badss too.
    Oh, and good to see you again Eugen where have you been?

  38. Hey dmaxx, thx for the welcome back, I started working at a job that keeps me a lot of time at work and I don’t have that much energy left at the end of the day to log in.

    I follow you guys a lot but I mostly didn’t have time to post, and yes all three manga ka’s made our delight today with awesome mangas.

    I’m also keeping my fingers crossed for that FTW, if Naruto manages to learn that jutsu then you can go ahead and bring Sasuke in for the main event, because I doubt anyone else can match Naruto after that.

    I don’t care how good Tobi or Madara are even Kabuto, Sasuke will rule and he’ll probably ascend to the rinnegan faster then anyone. After all he’s the Chosen Main Villain.

  39. Also I was a little shocked when I read Madara’s description of the Edo Tensei, “A jutsu that would wipe the map clean, the caster along with it”.
    That means that this jutsu was either designed to kill of every one that pose a threat or a last resort against a whole army.

    I have to admit my great opinion towards Tobirama somehow changed after hearing this statement, always thinking he might have developed Edo Tensei for a more noble purpose.

    It turns out that Edo Tensei is the most horrible jutsu ever developed and it’s most likely a death sentence to whomever is unlucky enough to face it.

  40. Yeah, I’m not sure about FTG but one can always hope, right. So did Tsunade mean that they are going to preserve FTG for Naruto by the “him” ? Or oh, oh wild theory time!
    Sarutobi or someone marked Sasuke as a child with FTG in case something like that were to happen and hoped that naruto could use it someday. Or Danzo did it during the fight with Sasuke.
    Well, about Tobirama, I’m more interested in his water techniques and how they could have been lost.
    As for Edo Tensei, it just depends on how you use it. If I were Naruto I would use it to talk to my parents or in Kakashi’s case to Obito. It’s not like ninja are not sent on assassination missiions, so you could make the best of it and sacrifice them to see your loved ones again.
    Oh, I just had a revelation! Maybe Orochimaru acquired it originally to talk to his parents again, he did miss them after all.

  41. @ Dmaxx, great points on all counts, as for the FTG, I guess we’ll see the answer to that in 2 maybe 3 weeks seeing as Naruto is sure to get a lesson from Genma and Raido (or whatever there names are).

  42. Heres whats gonna happen:

    At least old kage Oonko and Tsunade will die in this fight, and heres why.

    Kishi has built up this old kages death for a few chapters now. Hes had his near-death experience and his flashback and saved a bunch of people with sacrifice to himself. In the coming chapter(s) he will sacrifice himself togain the upper hand in the battle for the , other kages.

    Tsunade is also a goner. She used up her regeneration technique, signaling she is vulnerable and outright stated she is still alive…and we know kishi loves to make characters eat their words lol. But mainly, after the war arc, the anime will likely be over and naruto hokage. For this to happen, tsunades gotta go. She isnt old or decrepid enough to pass it on. She’s a self sacrifice for others type, so it just makes sense.

    Gaara and raikage and sexy kage will survive likely, but hopefully well see raikage lose his other arm and the one he grew back…

    Side note, whats with the easy replacement of limbs in this manga? Lol.

  43. @mantisguy I JUST REALIZED HE HAS HIS ARM BACK O_O LMAO but i think he mentioned something about putting his arm back on with the medical ninja earlier on

  44. even if tsunade does die naruto probably wont be hokage any time soon. kishi has already said if he makes naruto hokage it would be the last chapter of the manga and i see way too many loose ends that need to be tied up before this manga finally finishes

  45. @Mantisguy

    Actually, I don’t think Tsunade released the seal on her forehead completely. I think she only released a smaller amount of chakra this time round, because the mark is still there on the last page if you look closely.

    It would have disappeared altogether if she released all that chakra completely, so, for the time being, I doubt there will be any severe side effects just yet. In saying that, however, I do still believe there is a chance Tsunade may die in any case, but I also have a feeling she won’t. Why? Because I don’t think Kishi would just randomly kill her off for no reason and in this battle, although the stakes are high, Tsunade isn’t the one who is in the limelight at the moment. Oonoki has the highest chance of dying at the right now because he has the most to prove against Madara because of their shared past, and therefore, would most likely be far more willing to sacrifice himself to end the battle before he would let anyone else do the same in his stead.

    I just don’t think Kishi would kill off two kage in a row… but then again, with this manga, you can never be sure. Lol. O_o

  46. Given the obvious strength difference and already weakened state of the old kage it’d surprise me if he’d last more than 2 panels after the action starts with Madara

  47. Yo Itachi! Imma let you finish, but the Raikages are the biggest badasses of all time!

  48. Just some observations:

    1) With regards to FTG, I wonder if Tobi still has the seal on him from when he fought Minato.
    2) I think we can assume that the real Madara never met Naruto when he was a newborn baby.
    3) The Tobi construct has been in its current form since before Naruto was born, but unsure how long it has been alive. Presumably some time after the Hash / Madara fight?
    4) Madara doesn’t seem to know/care about Zetzu.

  49. @Tenrai and others ๐Ÿ˜€

    Is Black Zetsu dead? from that battle with Naruto clone and Chojuro? I doubt it because he plays a big role in this manga.


    Ohhh! Yeah! The mark Minato put on the man behind the mask. Hmmn.. How do you think Naruto will learn FTG in the middle of the war? I mean come on Kishi! Is there gonna be time skip for that thing? There are lots of cool jutsu to be learn from Minato for Naruto to learn it in the middle of war. And “THAT” jutsu is still a surprise. I still can’t move on about my theory that the man behind the mask is not from Uchiha.. ๐Ÿ˜€ prolly from Uzumaki/Senju clan i guess.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  50. @pisbol: Well, there are those three Deus ex machina guys who just ported the Mizukage… they know FTG, takes three of them, and Naruto is known for his use of multiple clones for advanced techniques. He could just learn it outright, but I suspect he’ll do FTG in a very “Naruto” way…

  51. @Arpotu

    I quite sure he will. ๐Ÿ˜€ I quite a bit thinking of what in the hell is “THAT” jutsu for quite a while. I was thinking of tailed beast bomb with a twist. Kind of like talied ebast bomb with rasenshuriken satellite around it on Kyuubi=Sage mode. It can be both long range and short range. ๐Ÿ˜€ Like the one Naruto wiping the Raseng Shuriken with Edo Raikage. A tailed beast bomb in his hand on Kyubii+Sage mode wiping it with Sasuke or Madara. I wonder if Susano’o’s spear would hit Naruto in Full Super Ultra Duper Sage mode. ๐Ÿ˜€ It just hit me that being in Sage Mode it kind of look like another version of Susano’o. An offense and defense at the same time.

  52. Personally, I don’t believe Naruto will learn the Hiraishin. I think that was a technique that very much defined Minato as a shinobi and although Naruto is Minato’s son, he is also his own person as well, not just a shadow of his father.

    Naruto has his own unique identity and combat style and it shows in his techniques. Although it’s been referenced that his way of fighting and his jutsu style is more similar to his mother than his father (which makes sense seeing as how they are both Uzumaki and both were containers of the Kyuubi), he seems to have adopted a healthy mix of styles from both of his parents (Which is ironic because he was never taught by them).

    He has the speed, the summoning techs and the Rasengan from Minato (also passed through Jiraiya) and the vast chakra reserves, strength, temperament and personality of his mother. I am assuming Kushina must have been a wind type as well for Tsunade and Jiraiya to make a closer connection between her fighting style and Naruto’s.

    Naruto has inherited a lot from mom and dad as it is, even if rather indirectly, and I don’t think it would really make sense for Kishi to take it any further than that. Besides, the Kyuubi chakra cloak already acts as a great substitute as far as speed is concerned. Unless, of course as Arputo said, Naruto learns his own unique version of it that makes it stand out in some way.

    As for Tobi, I don’t think he has the Hiraishin seal on his body anymore. A shinobi of his caliber should have been able to remove it by now and we’ve seen that it’s quite possible to remove seals if you have the skill to do so, or at least suppress them (like Jiraiya did with the seal Orochimaru put on Naruto). That means I doubt the Hiraishin will be useful as a quick way to find Tobi.

  53. as far as FTG goes..i feel like naruto will eventually learn it. simple fact that no one else has been able to (in the way minato did) n naruto tends to do what others cant, i.e. the rasenshuriken/control of the kyubbi.

  54. how does the real madara know about the mugen tsukuyomi…looks like this plan has been in the works for a while and if it was originally madaras plan where does tobi fit in….why does kabuto accept the mugen tsukuyomi plan wont he be hypnotized as well? im sensing a last minute betrayal hmmm…..

  55. @mordi1104 Yeah thats what I’m wondering to in regards to madara already knowing about the plan. I find it interesting that Tobi appears to have stolen the plan from him.
    The biggest question for me, though, is did madara die due to an accident? Perhaps him and tobi and him were working in concert with one another and an accident occurred leading to his demise? Or maybe Tobi murdered him? But if that was the case, why? Madara obviously approves of the eternal tsukuyomi plan, so getting rid of him really makes no sense, especially considering how powerful the mofo is and how beneficial he would’ve been in setting up the plan.

    Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  56. Actually, from the sounds of things, Tobi didn’t steal Madara’s plan, because it was a plan they were consorting about together.

    It seems to me that Madara may have purposely died for some reason and that Nagato was supposed to bring him back to life. It must have been an agreement between Tobi and Madara, because right after Naruto defeated Pein, you see Tobi and Zetsu talking about Nagato’s betrayal and how he was planning on using Nagato’s resurection jutsu for his own purposes, which I also believe was a reference to him resurecting Madara with it.

    However, it seems as if now Tobi has decided to forgo the original plan and is acting on his own accord now. Maybe he was consorting with Madara because he needed Madara’s power, but now he has a replacement, which is Sasuke (who apparently has the same kind of power and chakra as Madara).

    I personally believe that Tobi is trying to get Sasuke to fulfil the role he originally intended for Madara to fulfil instead.

    As for Kabuto accepting the Moon Eye Plan, I hardly believe he does. He’s just playing his cards right to keep control of the war. As long as Madara believes Kabuto is an ally, he will be easy to control without force.

  57. 10 10- yeah for sure i’ve been thinkin about that too. they were definitely working together before hand n i too think madara died because he expected to be resurrected by nagato. never thought about sasuke bein a replacement for madara, but honestly that’s a very valid point n is probably more likely than not.

  58. Hi all

    This is Iamnotreallyhere
    I now have to log into here with facebook because going through wordpress gives me some bullshit run around about an Invalid Key [6].

    I think I will expand on Tenrai’s theory and say that the reason Tobi is using Sasuke as a replacement for Madara’s that he is infinitely more controllable than Madara and Tobi believes that if required he can probably take Sasuke in a fight where Madara could probably wipe the floor with his sorry arse.


  59. Oh, I doubt Naruto will learn Hiraishin. It wouldn’t suit him and his fighting style. He’s not a silent-insta-kill sort of guy. He’s big and flashy and his moves are all about overwhelming force. Swarm tactics, powerful and explosive jutsu, that sort of thing. And with his newfound Speedforce abilities he really doesn’t have much of a need for it anyway.

    Also, Naruto wins because he can make awesome golden chakra clones that fight for him. In the past, Naruto’s clones have been discounted because they’ve proven to be as effective in battle as Sakura was in the Five Kage Summit arc. Now, however, we’ve seen his clones take down Kage-level shinobi and I can’t see Minato overcoming Naruto’s swarming tactics, variety and speed on such a level that it matches his own.

  60. I think all who don’t believe Naruto will learn Hirashin are wrong. He’s meant to learn that jutsu and it suites him just right, he’s the type of shinobi who makes instant strategies and applies them very quickly.

    just like he did with the 3rd raikage with the FRS, he made that justu his even if it was evaded 2 times.
    Naruto’s already a powerhouse due to the sage mode that with the ultimate space time ninjutsu makes him the fastest and strongest shinobi still alive.

    And what makes you guys think Minato didn’t have help from kushina to develop the hirashin due to her sealing techniques and skills not yet known, she even said she thought him a lot of jutsus.

    So for Naruto it might be more useful to learn the hirashin then it was for minato.

    End of rant, will be back for more.

  61. what’s more flashy than being the only person alive who can do a certain jutsu? haha i mean seriously. plus if ya think about it, we’ve really seen every other original jutsu be used by someone other than the person who ceated it..minus blood line limit techs but even in that case we’ve seen shinobi replicate those too. so i just think the hirashin won’t be any different in that respect

  62. Hm. I must admit, I was expecting more resistance from MInato supporters in this debate. But, so far, the only resistance we have so far to that end is Noom’s one liner. Lol.

    It looks like Naruto’s winning this debate. Unless someone decides to throw a spanner in the works…

    P.S. Breakdown will likely be out tomorrow.

  63. Imagine Naruto creating a 3-person FTG portal (using 3 of his clones), and instantly spamming his other cloaked clones all over the battlefield(s) instantly.

    Not sure that’s needed much anymore, since the battles are starting to coalesce to a few spots, but hmm…. Kishi could have some fun with it, I’m sure ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. Naruto learning the Hiraishin actually seems a bit overkill. Lol.

    Imagine him creating a thousand clones. All of those clones throw those special kunai all over the battlefield and each of them uses the Hiraishin to move about wherever they like. Hell, they wouldn’t even need the Kunai. They just need to make the Hiraishin mark wherever they go on any object or person they pass.

    There would be no way to hit Naruto because he’ll have a few thousand places in the battlefield he can teleport to in an instant and if there are 1000 Naruto’s teleporting all over the place at once, I just don’t know how anyone can defeat something like that. Unless, of course, Kishi make some rule where clones cannot beused ith the Hiraishin because of the nature of how the jutsu works. X____x

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