Bleach Episode 344 – Enter Xcution

It’s another week, another episode!

This week left me feeling, un-decided… The episode had good and bad, though I would recommend it to watch over the manga reading per week. The episode moves quickly through about 3 chapters but in places it seemed rushed the attention to detail given in the previous episode was lacking in almost all departments. Lets begin the breakdown from the beginning shall we πŸ˜‰

I would say out of the episode the beginning was least enjoyable for me, the pacing seemed off and just the scene annoying more than anything, fighting scenes are always awesome to me but this all just seemed to show was that Ichigo can beat the crap out of anyone… O_O

The arrival of Yokochini for those of you who may have forgotten, like Ichigo did, he was the bully that helped Ichigo and Chad formed their friendship. I think in many ways I see what Kubo has been doing however with bringing such a “random” character back to merely be kicked aside in seconds. He wants us to remember Ichigo’s drive, before his powers, before anything else. He was someone who needed and would do anything to protect his friends. These small things where to me over looked in the manga as we all focused more on plot drive then the small details, an anime allows us to sit back and enjoy easier…

Relevant Plot Character or Milf.... you decide πŸ˜›

Can’t believe I used the word “Decide” in a Bleach Breakdown almost need to get a swear jar since for this series to continue that word needs to be taboo… O_O

The part-time job was as exciting as watching paint dry, the content seemed really pointless. The music and even the animation at time was poorly done, its good for a few laughs but it seems forced like they trying to make a scene funny without it actually being funny, rushing through as well removing the effect of comic timing etc. If you read the manga I would skip straight to 8:20 into the episode, this is where I sat and focused on the episode intently @___@

I must say Ginjou’s entrance to this episode was well done, I remember in the manga the only reason I would wanna follow was just to figure out “What the hell is going on with this dude?” and watching it in the manga I try to forget all I know and enjoy it for what it is, a mystery! The music even just gives a feel of uncertainty truly putting you in a place of unease.

Still there is a feel of, pointless and random placed between the more serious. Ichigo’s boss seems to annoy me in the episode she over looks many important fact as if Kubo places her in a strictly comic relief sort of roll. Though as the episode progressed this also seemed to fade, and as it did the flaws in animation became less apparent. In this episode like the last I focused a lot on “tone” of a scene, in this episode however its Ginjou’s tone that makes it.

The way he speaks, you know he is lying but still you follow it. You understand more in this episode about Ichigo’s choices in this entire arc to come simply by the way things are said and not always what is said.

It seems all so put on by Ginjou, like a bad actor but always with a hint of truth and an air of confidence that is normally seen in a brilliant con man… He plays on Ichigo’s doubts with confidence while never actually accusing or pushing too far… Also the episode doesn’t remain at one point moving around it teases you as it goes, I find myself wanting the gaps to go quickly so I can get back to the “real” stuff. However it also allows your mind to think (for me it makes me think forward to what will happen and how this plays a role etc) but for someone watching this for the first time it would act as a “what is next” I believe…

We also see some of the other characters, the change in look and design usually significant in “time-skips.” The scene that stood out again was Karin and Urahara, the animation team truly put a lot of work into it. The music is awesome and the scene drives home why we loved Ichigo as a hero. Before he was over powered and over-confident, even before his Shinigami powers activated he was the hero, fighting as an under dog to protect someone. That almost drug of doing everything he can to protect a friend/family etc. Even the narrative is slow as though thought is put into every word Karin says…

The result of the conversation though falls right into Ginjou’s hands, In the manga time of day, colour pallet etc is not really important, though one has a general idea of time in this episode the colours make Ginjou seem even more sinister, he again throws out comments his confidence and little bit of information makes him confident making him mysterious but most of all one can again see how he turned Ichigo…

When we return to Ichigo’s room we again begin to see his longing for Shinigami Powers, like an addict that has just gotten over his withdrawal still longing for a little more. This is a short portion of this episode but still seems relative and focused on. Also the doubt begins to show in Ichigo’s inner voice showing the result of Ginjou’s mind games…

I will brush over Inoue’s scene since to me it had little relevance besides the fact that it shows Ichigo’s “lone wolf” attitude, not wanting to burden her etc. Ishida had realized this it seems, Kubo seems to paint him in a very “knowing” light here, as though his ability would be the difference in this arc, giving the viewer a slight glimpse of hope that it will be okay, however we do see that this is only placed there to be ripped out from under us.

Doubt Rusts... Decays...

We are then again introduced to a “mysterious character” one that has been foreshadowed the entire episode actually, the scene again look and feel is just amazing, its funny how Bleach in these episodes seems more like a mystery series then a purely action as it once was. The sounds also creeps you out as, Ichigo’s thought process is shown more vividly and the result of Ishida’s battle is reveals. The ending is perfect, the final scene can only make one want to see what is next…

Awesome Episode over all but a lot of it was pointless and I feel brought down the over all feel of the episode.

Overall Score: 8/10

But what you think?

Well that is all for this week, Manga Breakdown should be out shortly (like a day or so)

Pein Out ^:_:^


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4 Responses to “Bleach Episode 344 – Enter Xcution”

  1. FIRST!

  2. i felt a lot of the same watching this weeks episode.. i was so excited that it was real story, that after last week not knowing it was real it felt like the filler i was watching i had seen before, when i realized it wasnt filler, i was like ok.. here we go.. and this week we start off with that typical japanese environment high school fight.. i liked it.. and yes it showed us ichigo can beat up anyone with ease… but it also showed us ishida takes no prisoners.. which was great too.. seeing his crazy milf boss come back into the scene was too comical but not overly.. the inro of ginjo was dope.. the ramen scene was a waste.. i didnt like how it went from him dropping the photo on the table to a new scene of the kids playing baseball out in front of urahara’s shop could have been filled with longer scenes instead of skip here skip there episode. tsukishima’s intro to end ishida was cool!!


  3. thiiiiird!

  4. Yo Peeps – Bleach Breakdowns will be on Haitus till at least the 10th November… <_< but not much happens in bleach so cool πŸ˜›

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