Bleach Chapter 468 – Putting up a Fight…

Awe all another Bleach Chapter is now back to show us exactly why we shouldn’t be writing off the Fullbringer’s just yet… I must say I enjoyed this chapter, just wish there was more of it and less well you know… Kubo being Kubo 😛

We begin with Byakuya vs Tsukishima, many fans when this battle was introduced thought… “Hell Yeah” Byakuya being bad@$$ but I think few expected it to go this way… But before I enter this battle topic I am gonna finish up discussing Ikkaku vs Moe battle ground.

I really liked how Ikkaku delt with this situation, it shows some sort of sympathy towards his enemy and not just the relentless battle hungry brute he’s been made to seem. Moe though reminds me of a Bruno Mars song, I would like to know his back story to try understand why he is so devoted to Tsukishima. Could it be that he used his Fullbringer on Moe? These are things that I would like to find out but on the same hand, I feel this battles been over exposed already for what it is. It’s over, move on to better and brighter things 😀

That luckily comes in the form of the battle I mentioned earlier. As those who read my breakdowns know, I enjoy in a story a good and powerful villain and Tsukishima seems to be one of the best created since the end of Aizen. Ginjou and Tsukishima deserve to remain in the story, both powerful and been crafty/manipulative.

That looked completely pointless O_O

I know this battle seems extremely slow to start with, but its all going according to plan apparently O_O (WHAT THE HELL THIS SOUNDS LIKE AIZEN ! )

Tsukishima power also seems to be under estimated by most readers, I believed it was just people who had memories to alter when in fact Tsukishima can enter himself into any object. This includes the battlefield just created, being able to set traps in an instant. His character defenitely also got a +9000 awesome boost the way he taunts at the beginning hinting at his true power. He sliced the leaf first to distract Byakuya, making it seem like he was just practicing and then finally cutting the ground giving him the time to set up his ability.

This ability also works with Shinigami Blades, I doubt he will be able to alter the Blades past but he is able to see the Blades history and learn its weakness.

Mind FKD Seriously this brings back memories.... even sort of looks like "he who shall not be names"

So we have Tsukishima on the ascendency, I really hope that he is able to stab Byakuya to me that would be the true turning point in this arc. With an ally like Byakuya we could see some pretty awesome match ups 😉

Though I think Byakuya will Bankai soon or use Kido based attackes to win this one.

–Well that’s all fowkes for this weeks chapter review, not much else to report…

I really hope Kubo doesn’t troll this one O_O

Pein out ^:_:^

~ by pein0avenue on October 13, 2011.

14 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 468 – Putting up a Fight…”

  1. First!!!

  2. segunda!!

  3. Nidaime!!

    The more and more I see of Tsukishima the more and more his abilities remind me of Aizen’s Perfect Hypnosis. Only Tsuki-chan has to cut them instead of just showing them his sword and can affect inanimate objects as well as people.

    The question that arises is this: If you know about his power to insert himself into the past of people and objects then if he cuts you couldn’t you just ignore the memories he creates and cut him down rather than allowing them to manipulate you?

  4. @ Iamnotreallyhere – But how would that explain Ginjou ? He can even alter what his ability appears to be

  5. 5 th

  6. So he can “physically” insert himself (keep reading people) into people’s and object’s pasts? See, I thought he only inserted memories of himself but if he can insert himself into the past and set traps and stuff…Tsukushima is a time traveler.

  7. @supertrek- Now imagine what Tsukishima could have done had he been given part of Ichigo’s power? Maybe he already has been and that’s how he can now insert himself into inanimate objects.

    @Pein- As Orehime proved earlier, Tsukishima’s ability can’t completely change a person as Orehime still was relieved that Ichigo wasn’t hurt. Ginjou deep down wanted to be affected by Tsukishima’s ability so his subconscious didn’t fight it.

    All it would take would be to have enough discipline to use your knowledge and not let your emotions or memories (being that they are compromised and all) affect your actions.

  8. @ Super – Maybe this only applies to objects that he can physically change things, since if it applies to humans etc. he would be able to cut someone and change their past to “he killed them in the past”

    What he could do to Byakuya (and what I wanna see) make him believe he was always a double agent for them etc and fake loosing the battle, him and Ginjou will get away and Byakuya would start slowly destroying the Gotei 13 etc 😛

    @ IANRH – Yeah but Tsukishima didn’t change her past the whole way, she still cared for Ichigo but cared for him exactly the same, she protected him against Ichigo, though I am not sure if you can stop it just by knowing its an illusion. Same way no matter how hard you try Aizen’s Shikai can’t be fought and I think no matter how hard they try the memories will change, though if Byakuya does I will be disappointed since it would be complete trolling on Kubo’s part since all that fear etc would just be easily negated by remembering which is exactly what he controls…

  9. @pein- But he doesn’t control remembering, he can’t wipe out memories he can only insert them. So the idea that you can fight his ability is still sound in my opinion. Aizen’s shikai could not be countered that easily because it affected all the senses. In Tsukishima’s case his ability only affects memory, which isn’t difficult to manipulate even with out such powers. The human memory is one of the more malleable and ironically least reliable tools in our arsenal. I’ll concede that only a truly disciplined mind would be able to pull it off against Tsukishima’s abilities, but I argue that it could be done.

  10. @ IANRH – Yeah true, but we have also seen that he can physically change an objects past, ie if he stabs Byakuya he could easily say he kill him in the past thus removing him from existence lol

  11. new bleach chapter had a lot of explanation.. and then a lot of filler.



  12. @Pein- I am betting that he changed the ground like that in the same way ginjou manipulated his drink early on in this arc, Tsukishima could have just told Byakuya that he inserted himself in it’s past just to mess with his head. Manipulating the memory of a place/person is much different from literally changing it’s past otherwise he could just on hit KO everyone/anyone.

    I also noticed that his cutting Byakuya didn’t automatically make him Tsukishima’s ally (he didn’t even try to turn him) so my theory about being able to defeat his abilities with foreknowledge and discipline is still a viable theory.

  13. Yo Peeps – Bleach Breakdowns will be on Haitus till at least the 10th November… <_< but not much happens in bleach so cool 😛

  14. Needz moar Bleach!

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