Bleach Anime 343 – New Beginnings! No more Fillers @__@

Awe All, Pein here to inform you, Fillers are OVER. Bleach has now returned too anime relating to the manga, or as I like to call it… The “Good Stuff”…

What would a new arc be without an awesome new intro theme and outro theme… and I must say Bleach didn’t disappoint in this regard, being a manga reader I know what will happen but what I like is that the intro wets the apatite without actually showing or revealing too much to the plot and twists etc.

The beginning is well-played out, the way it slowly titles and describes Ichigo as he is now. This by many fans has been labeled the “reboot” of Bleach, Kubo got ride of the cancer that was Aizen “trolololol” attacks and gave us an almost clean slate to begin with. This is also a time skip, making it feel distant at first. You watch and feel as though somethings missing where’s the Massive Bankai or ultra power up attack? This is bringing us to where Bleach truly began… “Death & The Strawberry”

Starting a New Arc is like Starting a Day at School... It takes time to get going <_<

 The episode quality is awesome, must say in HD the flow seems pretty seemless aswell even colouring of the new “mysterious” characters was cool to look at. The Goofiness of the Ichigo family at breakfast still remains, the weird antics of the father, the depressive sister and the overly excited other sister bring back memories of Episode One giving this episode a nostalgic feel…

We do gain new information and I like how its given from Ichigo’s perspective, his inner thought narrates most of the episode. Though at first its slow little emotion, the voice gives a ‘matter of fact’ tone. These sounds, flow and colouring in the anime makes it worth watching. Also what would usually be 2-3 chapters is now one episode flowing quickly through each scene. Emotion in the pauses and the empty spaces can be appreciated more than Kubo’s usual Blank pallets which we feel is a waste in the manga.

Ichigo life through his eyes, all very "plain"

 One of my favorite parts of this episode. Was where Ichigo remembers to even before he had the power, remembering how he hated it and now he finally got his wish. This reminds me of the saying be careful what you wish for, his voice again remains the same matter of fact tone. He is not happy or even sad about this just is, though the music gives us a clearer picture of his true feelings. I must also comment the music wasn’t fantastic but I know in 2 places I really enjoyed the emotion it brought to the scene. This one and the final scene.


 The rest of the chapter, moved away from the constant “narrative” of Ichigo, this improved pace the second half felt a lot quick, though when it comes to plot all feel and seems very pointless. It was more like filler than actual development of character or story but like I said this arc was to reboot and time skip. This was all important in maintaining and showing character growth. Inoue though changed but still has her ‘weird’ habits over the year skip… for example. Though I couldn’t really complain, I know it’s for the good of the overall story and it was so well animated that I could easily enjoy it without feeling like I was trapped in Filler, (Note this is not really Filler, it was in the manga but at that point it felt like Filler too)

He also couldn't believe this wasn't Filler <_<

 Ishida was also pretty epic, I don’t know if it’s a new voice actor or just the way he speaks here that makes him seem so menacing even against relatively lackey throw away thugs, I still enjoyed his entry at this point.

The final scene is the second that I enjoyed from a music, animation everything. The way everything is almost completely silent, just light background noises, until his card is shown and he walks into Xcution…

The colouring, lighting pallet was amazing for this part, the old western style music gave everything this weird feeling. It reminds me of those old western movies where the hero walks into the saloon (yeah I know I had to stretch for this reference 😛 ) the manga didn’t give me that feeling though. Just the way the music lighting and characters all give this feeling of uncertainty, most not even moving their heads to see the new arrival continuing their business.

I also like how the animation team took a few liberties in these few scenes, it allowed the episode to not feel rushed yet still end where it should. In the manga we first say these members only later and the ones we saw were on top a roof. This scene gives the organization more of a professional feel, not like just random stalkers. The “Female with Dark Pink/Purple Hair” now when reading the manga, I thought they would voice her similar to Orohime but instead she seems more, assertive and stronger as a female character. I must say over all this episode was amazing and a lot more worth watching if you can then reading the chapters individually, there is so much more portrayed in the silence and in the small movements that would seem wasted in the manga itself… Overall I would give this Episode a 9/10

But what do you guys think?

10 being the best and 1 being horrid…

The outro was enjoyable but it seemed slightly pointless and slow, I enjoy the intro’s a lot more in Bleach.


Thanks for Reading… ^:_:^

Pein Out 😀

~ by pein0avenue on October 12, 2011.

6 Responses to “Bleach Anime 343 – New Beginnings! No more Fillers @__@”

  1. FIRST!!


  2. when i watched it not knowing it wasnt filler.. i was caught back by dejavu thinking i had seen it before, but dont remember hearing it.. but it seemed so unreal.. it was actually cannon.. i was so shocked when it finally hit me that OH SNAP!!! THIS IS REAL1!!!!!

    took freakin long enough!!!


  3. HELL YEA!!!!

  4. @pein it’s amazing how Ishida voice actor sounds so badass but I can’t stand him as Sasuke.

  5. Wow. After reading this breakdown, pein, I really have to congratulate you for how well written it is.

    You analyzed the episode perfectly, describing the flow, the feeling and even the quality without giving major spoilers. I’m not exactly “into” Bleach, but this breakdown would really make me want to see the episode. Great job.

    P.S. Are you still writing The Black Flames?

  6. @ Dragon – Thanks!

    The Black Flames I will continue after my exams, I am too busy with work and studies to keep writing, I will still do breakdowns as I can but the fan fic will have to wait till I have free time again :T__T which may be better! Thing is with Bleach the anime is a lot better to watch 😉

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