Bleach Chapter 466 + 467 – Keeping a cool head and using your Head… all the thing Bleach Taught me this week <_<

Awe all, I was feeling pretty ill last week and to be honest I couldn’t stomach another Bleach repetitive nonsensical Fullbring, Villain… That gets his/her @$$ whooped in less then a chapter. We been put on a never ending loop it seems. Time dude, had the ability to change time set limits on his opponents, could of easily set a limit if he is defeated too soon the other fighter would die, etc but he didn’t think and all that time wasted on introducing this ability and this character was eliminated in seconds.

Now I enjoyed that chapter since I hated Giriko’s character in that chapter specifically, over the arc he played a good role. Next we had Jackie but I expected the least from her since she was actually weak to me before but still she commits Suicide really, seems its not just Naruto and Orohime’s Assets that can convert a villain… Seems Fangirlism worked on Jackie too and Yukio, I mean he was also one of the more promising members, his ability and he seemed intellegent. He too seems to have fallen into the over arrogant and wasteful villain. If he was smart he would use his absolute power better but instead he makes it easy and goes into flashback mode… arrrghhh….

Though I think now Yukio is a more rounded general Villain he lost a lot of character in this chapter, he went from a guy more worried about a game and relaxed. To a screaming mad man who screwed his own family over for money… Though I like that Kubo is actually going into some of the Xcution members history, it just feels too rushed and cliche in the end. A brat unhappy at home becomes a genious and takes the company from their parents… Kaiba is proud of this moment and it about to play a trap card somewhere in the manga universe :P…

467 wasn’t much of an improvement on plot, suspence or basically any department. I like Yukio and I want to see some developement on his part in this chapter, something but he just kept the same tune. Keeping Yukio alive is a good move but what annoys me is no one has needed to even think of the word bankai, lets look at the balance so far shall we…

If this was a sports game or election it will be a landslide to the point that you actually pitty the bad guys…

Renji God Mode – Jackie Dead?

Kenpachi waiting outside

Toshiro hostage situation…

but no sign of anything from the Fullbring and I think I am starting to sound like a broken record but why introduce a force when it is SOOOO useless, Arrancar was the same but at least there was an air of suspence…

The only thing that saves this arc so far was Ginjou’s betrayal and Byakuya’s trash talk that seems to have happened months ago while the rest of Xcution got the snot beaten, frozen, sliced in two and suicided out of them…

One thing I love about Kubo and this manga as a whole is the art and seemingless transition from scene to scene, there no sudden jump, well rarely, Kubo uses his progress in plot well in an illustrated manga its quite refreshing. Often I loose track in other manga while in Bleach you read and if you forget about plot holes and wasted panels. You will actually find its more like watching a novel then reading. The illustrations have always been Bleaches strongest point, (Backgrounds sold seperately πŸ˜› ) I think to read Bleach one must switch off and just go through the pages with little expectation in plot but focusing on the details provided, like Yukio’s expressions and when Kubo zooms in on his eyes, in more popular manga with fast plot etc these details get lost and anime usually fills in the blanks for you.

Why does this look familair… No really, I think I seen this before <_<

The battle is pretty cool and we find Moe’s weakness and how his ability actually works… Kinda…

Data Sheet Moe

Age: Not sure

Gender: Male Probably

Affilation: Xcution

Ability: Lucky Knuckles

– Either Super powerful or weak depending on his luck, if used for too long become uneffective…

Though all the luck in the world wont save him from Ikkaku, its funny the whole ending reminded me of when Ikkaku and Ichigo faught.

The battle ends and guess what… no really this may shock you… Ikkaku actually wins… <_< meh

Next Chapter may bring back Byakuya, Rukia, Ichigo’s battles which should be legen…. wait for it….

no seriously this is the end… <_<


Awesome Extra’s

One thing awesome about Bleach there are demotivation posters out even before the manga is release sometimes <_<


~ by pein0avenue on October 5, 2011.

10 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 466 + 467 – Keeping a cool head and using your Head… all the thing Bleach Taught me this week <_<”

  1. damn that’s fast!
    this chapter was lame, get done with these idiots allready

  2. Nidaime!!

    I have a theory that the Fullbringers have been manipulated by Tsukishima and Ginjou.

    Think about it we all know that Riruka was cut by Tsukishima’s blade when he attacked Xcution so I can only assume that the others were also cut by his blade at one point or another. So in the end the whole part about them being in on it with Ginjou and Tsukishima could have been implanted in their memories by Tsukishima when he cut them.

    None (or at the very least not all) of the Fullbringers besides Ginjou and Tsukishima were ever intended to be part of the plan, I believe they were only using them so that they could get Ichigo’s powers easier and if soul society didn’t show up they too would have fallen victim to Ginjou and Tsukishima as well.

    It was only after soul society showed up that he decided to give them part of Ichigo’s power in order to get them to deal with the new threats of that Ikkaku, Kenpachi, Renji, Toshiro, Byakuya, and Rukia possed. Even then I don’t think he gave them very much of the power he got from Ichigo as he wouldn’t want them to fight back when he went to reclaim that power.

  3. My bad it was Yasutora Sado that he cut during the battle when Tsukishima attacked Xcution, not Riruka. My theory still stands though.

    Just thought I should correct that mistake…

  4. thiiiiiiiird

  5. @ IANRH – Tsukishima ability can only insert himself into anothers past, he cannot actually change the past

  6. @pein0avenue
    But he can make them think they agreed to it all. He wouldn’t have to change the actual past, all he would have to do is change their perception of the past. From what I can tell he can insert himself into their memories, what’s to say he can’t go one step further and alter them to where they believe they were convinced to help him? It requires some speculation on my part, but that’s why I call it a theory.

    I mean if he can turn Sado Yatsura and Orihime Inoue against Ichigo then it’s not a far cry to think that he could do the same with the rest of Xcution.
    Or at least with parts of the rest of Xcution in any case.

  7. I’m just waiting for the real arc to begin. The only thing i liked about this arc was the re-introduction of some characters. I liked how they went into some training too. I guess Ichigo had to get his power back some-how…

  8. If Kubo plays this right this could be part 1 of a brand new arc, and the events in this arc could play a key role in introducing the main story arc he’s developing.

    Just like Aizen was behind the first Menos Grande Ichigo faced he could very well be behind his encounter with the Fullbringers as well. Him or who ever is behind this latest plot arc.

  9. @ Iamnot – yeah, but then Kubo took it too far with the, I planed your birth <_< I think if Aizen pulled out the "I am ur father" bit would of been a better plot twist then that… Funny how Aizen only states his plan after it happened, I do it often when I get fluke luck too lol

  10. Good lord Kubo….

    Well at least no one can say that all the Fullbringers are pushovers now…

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