Fairy Tail 253. Time-skip, WTF?!?

My face after reading this week's chapter.

We all thought that this week’s chapter would have been about Makarov’s death and Fairy Tail’s sadness, but Mashima completely blew our minds with an unexpected plot twist: a time skip.

The chapter started just like we expected: Makarov fell to Acnologia’s strength and was about to die.

Then Natsu and everyone else arrived. This is when I started raging. Why ruin such an awesome death, Mashima? This is the fourth time he “died”! I hope you have something good in mind to make up for this!

And he did.

A mysterious girl prays for Fairy Tail...

This page is very intriguing. Who is this girl? An angel? A ghost? A fairy?

My theory is that she’s the spirit of Mavis Vermilion, the first master of Fairy Tail. Mavis is a female name, according to Wikipedia, and it would be fitting for Fairy Tail to be founded by a fairy. She’s probably using a mysterious magic to protect them since she can’t actually fight Acnologia, being a ghost.

What do you think?

Anyway, the fight continues with Acnologia pwning Fairy Tail and Gildartz reveals that it’s just toying with them. They can’t even imagine how powerful it really is.

As if it read his mind, the dragon flies into the air and starts charging a breath attack to destroy the island and Fairy Tail with it. Everyone decides to focus their magic toward Fried and to join their powers by holding hands.

The power of friendship is going to save us! -__-

Sadly for them, Acnologia obliterates the island, leaving no trace of Fairy Tail. Zeref cries for Natsu and it’s revealed that the surrounding waters were searched for half a year with no survivors found. Seven years later, Romeo stares off into the sea.

Wow. That was crazy. I seriously didn’t expect Mashima to do that.

I have my doubts on everyone being dead, though. The mysterious girl probably teleported them to a different dimension where they have remained in stasis for seven years and Romeo will find them because he needs their help to fight Zeref and protect Fairy Tail.

Speaking of which, how has Fairy Tail survived these seven years without their master and their strongest mages? Macao and the senior guild members could be leading the Guild during Makarov’s absence, or maybe Porlyusica became the leader. The worst case would be if the council had taken over Fairy Tail to keep it under control and to use it to their own ends.

Oh no...

This time skip really bugs me. Everyone will have gotten way older in seven years! Wendy will have already gone through puberty and she’ll be a hot chick (no pedo?) and the other main characters will be adults. This is a shonen manga and the protagonists should be young people, like in One Piece and Naruto.

I don’t like this plot twist. This time skip came out of nowhere and it’s too long. It would have been a good idea if Makarov had died and if there had been some build up to it, but it was kinda random. /end rant

Well, that’s my opinion. What’s yours?

Well, that’s it for me. Here’s your demotivational poster!

I’m going to be waiting for next week’s chapter to see if Mashima ruined/improved Fairy Tail in my Acnologia-proof underground bunker. See you in the comments!

-最強 Dragon

~ by 最強 Dragon on October 4, 2011.

36 Responses to “Fairy Tail 253. Time-skip, WTF?!?”

  1. Late breakdown is late.

  2. I was exactly the same expression, if not ten times worse. Honestly, I broke down crying, though that could be related to the traumatic nightmares I used to have. Anyways, one thing I’d like to point out is, the main characters need not have aged. They’re gonna be sent through time, so for them it’ll actually have been a few minutes, not 7 years.

  3. I did the same, then I face palmed when I saw Natsu…

    7 Years… 7 Years? Where have I seen that before hmmm? Anyone else feel theres a connection to the current time line, FT began 7 years after the dragons disappeared or 7 was relevant in some way

    the Fairy thing is that a Fairy and maybe related to the guild since well, its on Fairy Tail Island

    the people taken away would not of changed they would be all the same as when they vanished 😀

    I wanna see in the 7 years who has risen in Fairy Tail will their be people now more powerful then Natsu etc?

    Gerrad I want him to be back…


  4. Your breakdown was good Dragon. Although I can understand your frustrations, to me, this time skip may be what Fairy Tail needs to revitalize itself as a series.

    This, of course, means that there will be a lot riding on the next upcoming chapter, which could essentially make or break Fairy Tail as a series in one swift and precise blow. I am hoping for the former, of course, but then I have to say quite honestly that I have never been this excited for a Fairy Tail chapter in a long time. I don’t know why, I guess it’s just the mystery of the unknown that makes it impossibly alluring. I just really want to know what’s happening.

    I don’t believe everyone would have died, but I can’t be sure if they would have aged or not. In a way, I think it would be cool to see an older and more mature Natsu, Wendy or even Lucy (that would be interesting). And it can still remain a shonen manga if the new kid becomes the focus as the protagonist, with the old protagonists still in supporting roles. But, first we need to find out what the hell is going on. Lol.

    Oh, there is one clue that tells you everyone may still be alive. Lucy is narrating this story, even up to the part where she explained Acknolowgia’s coming destruction and the fact that nothing was found afterwards (she can’t tell you about the fact that her body wasn’t found if she’s dead). She’s also always speaking in past tense during those narrations, so it’s obvious she is alive at some point in the future. Either that, or she’s a ghostly narrator. <_<

    Now, there is one thing I don't quite get with all of this so far. If that kid looking out to sea is Romeo, then why does he look so young? Romeo was probably like… maybe 8 – 10 years old pre-timeskip and yet here we see him now with a guild brand and he doesn't look much older than twelve or thirteen at the most. If seven years passed, he should at least be in his mid to late teens.

    Anyway, during the last arc, we did see him from the front and he did look like Romeo, the question is was the last page still showing him pre-timeskip, or post timeskip?

  5. @Tenrai

    I’m all for the main characters being slightly older and more mature, but seven years are way too many. Three years are the longest a time skip should be, imo, or else the characters will be drastically different.

    Also, I don’t think that was Lucy narrating at the end. It was more impersonal than when she narrates. She adds “I” or “we” to her narrations. And the boxes were radically different (if that means anything): http://www.mangareader.net/135-57514-19/fairy-tail/chapter-201.html

    By the way, I always thought Romeo was six or seven years old when we first saw him. So that would make him thirteen or fourteen seven years later and he looks just like a young teen.

  6. @Dragon

    I know it is Lucy narrating, because she often makes references to her mom. She’s been narrating the whole series so far so I don’t see why they would suddenly change that.

    And then there is this…


    Notice at the bottom of the page, she is narrating here as well and she does say “we” when referring to herself and everyone else on Tenrou Island at the time – which shows it is more personal than just a universal narrator – and even then she mentions the coming destruction of Tenrou Island (which suggests that she is telling the story in the future, which would require her to either be alive, or she is a ghostly narrator. <_<).

  7. @ Tenrai – I also believe they alive but the narrative I believe changes… I think the narrative in the last chapter is a decree or like the council memorandum etc, the news paper article also seems to give it away

    What if their bodies where found and the council just locked them up to keep em quiet O_O

  8. This timeskip was…. waaaaayyyy to random for my liking. There was virtually no build up for it whatsoever. It was just one minute there’s a life and death struggle and then BOOM! 7 years later….. Poor writing in that respect. Maybe it’ll turn out good for the series, but initially this seems to have been poorly executed.

  9. I completely agree with you, gangly. It could have been executed in a much better (and especially, less random) way. But, as Tenrai said, everything will be riding on the next chapter.

  10. haha guess i’m the only one who liked the “in your face” time skip.
    Although i dont think anyone died and they might havent even aged somehow in these 7 years.
    I just really hope Hiro comes with a good reason for a freaking 7 year time-skip (why not just 2..).
    But i agree the next chapter will be the most important, i just hope we arent gonna see Natsu save the day every freaking arc from now on.

  11. Hmm I don’t think the ages are a problem at all. Some of the most popular Shonens of all time had older casts, including the one and only Dragonball. Even now, if they have all ages 7 years, Lucy will be 24 which is still right around the age of some of the main cast of One Piece and is younger than the a few of them.

  12. @Franky: You’re right about Dragon Ball and One Piece. I guess what I’m really worried about is the change in personality in seven years, especially for Wendy who will be 19. She can’t act like a kid anymore and I loved the fact that she was the supporter (in gaming terms) and despite her young age, she could also deal great amounts of damage (like a spellcaster).

    I really would hate it if she became an adult because the change would be too forceful and I would miss kid Wendy.
    I’m ok with other characters aging seven years since their changes in personalities will be less drastic, but I’m looking forward to seeing them acting a bit more mature, like Luffy’s doing (even though he’s still a child at heart).

  13. Well since we don’t know the nature of dragonslayers and their ageing we can’t say for sure that she would have grown up even if everyone else has aged 7 years. Natsu sure doesn’t look 100 or whatever it was that was written on that magic wall…

  14. Have you ever seen so many people freak out after one chapter before? Mashima-sensei has done something know one ever expected at the end of an arc and I applaud his innovation. However I do hope they are not all dead!

  15. @Franky Remember Natsu grew pretty fast in 7 years after he joined Fairy Tail.

  16. It’s out! IT’S OUT!!!



  17. Quite dissapointed by that if I’m honest. I thought it was a good oppertunity for the weaker members of the guild to get a time skip power up but apparently not. And it seems like the sent to the future prediction is coming true *sigh*

  18. @Dragon

    Is that a good explosion or a bad explosion? Ignoring the physical damage to your body, of course. O_o

  19. *Reads the chapter*

    Well, I’m not sure what to think yet. I felt sad when I saw the state of Fairy Tail as a guild and how it had fallen so far in the absence of its greatest members, but also, I felt a bit angry as well.

    For me, Fairy Tail was always a guild that prided itself on the strength of spirit each of its members had. I know that such a tragedy they experienced might have dampened that spirit, but it almost seems unnatural to see them just “give up” because that’s exactly what it looks like they’ve done. They didn’t adopt that typical Fairy Tail attitude of overcome their trials and moving forward and becoming stronger. They just allowed themselves to wilt away to the point of oblivion, as if they had forgotten everything Fairy Tail stood for in the first place.

    I felt like stepping into the manga and hitting them all over the heads with nuclear hammer, just to knock some sense into them.

    Now, after that chapter, I am just not sure how to feel yet. I don’t feel as excited as I did before. In fact, I feel depressed now. Maybe that was Hiro’s intention, you know, to add some drama to the series, but for some reason, that chapter just took the wind right out my sails completely as far as Fairy Tail is concerned right now. I’m not sure if I am even going to read the next few chapters after that. I’ll probably give the manga a few weeks to move ahead, and then I’ll read it all in one go so that I can just get it over with and see what actually happens and whether or not Hiro pulls this off, or if he has just effectively sunk his own ship.

  20. @Tenrai

    Neither. It’s an excitement explosion. An exciplosion.

    *explodes again because of lame pun*

  21. meh so after 7 years the members from blue pegasus comes telling Tenrou island is still there?
    Could ve done that from the very first day?
    I guess whoever said that the fairy girl prolly teleported the whole island was right.
    I just hope there not in some other weird messed up dimension or sumthing again.
    Next few chapters are gonna be deciding wether i will keep reading FT or not.

  22. @fearvano

    The members of Blue Pegasus only detected Tenrou Island now. That means it didn’t exist for the last six years because it was in a different dimension or something like that, so they couldn’t tell them on day one.

  23. Geez…
    Why stop reading it?
    A lot of you still read bleach and they have committed greater sins than this. Besides that we all knew a save fairy tail arc was coming so why all the “I may not read fairy tale any more” drama?

    Honestly people not much could have followed that chapter and lived up to our high expectations.

  24. @IANRH

    I am not normally one to give up on a manga easily and I’ve always stood by Fairy Tail and uplifted it as much as I could. However, this isn’t just a case of what could be a bad arc, this was a story changing time-skip that could either make or break the manga as a whole. Even a fan would understand just how much of a fine line a story changing decision of this magnitude is walking on and how easily it could tip either way, for better or for worse.

    Anyway, some people can deal with the bad, if it comes to that. They’ll even put up with it and hold out for a long time with the hope that it will pass (like some Bleach readers). Other people simply won’t, because to them, trudging through mud for a reward they haven’t been promised and one that might not be delivered at all, is a waste of time and energy. You can’t really blame them for that decision if that’s what they choose, but it also shouldn’t affect your enjoyment of a particular manga just because of what others feel about it.

    I for one am on the fence here because I can’t really tell which side of that fine line Hiro will land on right now, so I’m just gonna wait it out and see.

    All things said, I am hoping for the best and I truly do hope Hiro pulls this off.

  25. @ Quiting a Manga – All manga have their dips, but in my point of view a manga makes or breaks it in its, “war” arc and its “time skip”

    War Arcs are tough because, you gotta spread out you characters and your focus, I always compare the “Big 3” in this regard, Bleach, One Piece and Naruto had or are currently in a war arc. Now Bleach Failed their firstly the war was just one powerful enemy loosing after another until Aizen stepped in the troll the world etc…

    The Time Skip is a little more easy I think to write since it gives the writer tons of character development, excuses for new powerful techniques. Naruto and OP did this well each character seems to have improved at an equal level after the skip, i.e all Konoha 11. Bleach and Fairy Tail seemed to have the opposite effect, Bleach literally had to after the failed war arc to reboot and literally Ichigo was rebooted back to nothing, though I liked this for the sake of the manga, he needed to be weaker again, Fairy Tail has done the same, they gotten ride of that “we can win if we work together” attitude, I mean who cares if you so overly powerful we have friendship etc, a harsh reality I remember a lot of Fairy Tail readers asking for a couple of weeks ago, “When cats arrived <_<" So I think Hiro has brought reality back and given Fairy Tail there first loss…

    Dealing with not being strong enough and loosing your most powerful thing, in Fairy Tail this is friends 😛 it crushed the people… The way Hiro brings back the main cast will determine the attitude I adapt to Fairy Tail but I think so far he is doing best he can and to be honest, this is the most realistic too. If Fairy Tail was still a dominant power I would of been suspicious

  26. @Pein Yea you’re right and there one thing I like about Fairy Tail there are less asspulls in the series than in the other two I read.

  27. @ Kanton – Not as much @$$pull <_<

    Dude, If you where Natsu you would have to eat those words 😛 and then become powerful somehow beat the guy with friendship and magic cats 😛

  28. Sorry guys, I can’t do the breakdown this week because I’ve been really busy. But I’ll probably be able to do one next week.

  29. !!!SPOILER ALERT!!!


    Looks like Fairy Tail this week could disappoint a few people here…

  30. I’m actually ok with that because it might be an excuse for Fairy Tail getting pwned by other guilds that actually got stronger during those 7 years. If FT still beats everyone, then I’m going to kill Mashima.

    By the way, Mavis is awesome!! She’s uber-powerful and she’s a girl. Reminds me of Konan.

  31. *Reads new chapter*
    *World’s biggest facepalm*

    That is all.

  32. well i’m relieved that they didn’t do a whole arc before bringing back the stars of the series but i still don’t know how to react to the new members. they didn’t get a proper introduction and i doubt they will now with everyone back. it still brings up many questions, is laxus back? who is the new S-class? if the dark guilds got so much power now with zeref, what became of the council? too much stuff could have happened and 1 arc won’t be enough to explain 😦

    but it looks like i won’t be giving up on the series anytime soon.

  33. Well, that chapter really makes me wonder why the timeskip was necessary in the first place if none of the main characters have developed through it at all.

    However, I have a feeling there was another purpose behind the timeskip that we don’t know of yet. Perhaps it was needed to set up other events in the world. For all we know, Makarov’s son, Master Ivan, might be the head master of the new Guild in Magnolia. It would seem like an opportune moment for him to overthrow Fairy Tail, the guild that had cast him away.

    If that’s the case, I could understand the purpose of this timeskip more than I do now. So, for now, I’ll wait it out and see what happens, and I’ll give Hiro a chance to show us why he implemented this timeskip in the first place, because right now I really just don’t get it. X___x

  34. Ah Fairy Tail.

    You never cease to disappoint me -____-

  35. Wait for it, for everything Mashima-sensei draws/writes has a purpose.

  36. the mystery girl is the first fairy tail guild master

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