Naruto 556 Breakdown

Another week, another chapter. So here we are again.

And Kishi seems to have acquired a new fascination with fingers.

Tsuchikage doesn't like fingers.

And it’s a battle of hairless fourheads this time.

Obviously, their battle had been ongoing for some time prior to when our attention was brought upon it. And as it turned out, the tides seemed to be moving against Kazekage Gaara. Surprise. Just as predictably, that status does not last very long, and it’s a going seesaw between the two forces that in the end… is right back where it started.

Kishi seems to be running out of ideas as he decides to ninja in a quick Kubo.

Amazingly, Hody Jones has no eyebrows either...

Call me a dick, but I really hoped the Tsuchikage would die in that scene. There simply have been no major “good guy” casualties for too long. And the way this one was presented had mee believing things were finally taking a turn for the less transparent. All that ended up as was an absolute waste of a double page.

It was, however, pretty good artistry.

Well do ya feel lucky, punk? Oh, never mind.

The chapter wasn’t fantastic by any means. It had its quirks, but if you could get past them, it was altogether pretty decent.

At this point, I’m more excited to see the plot progress, i.e. with Madara, Sasuke, and Naruto. And maybe even Itachi. Doesn’t matter if he doesn’t pertain directly to the storyline. He’s awesome. As the manga stands, Kishi has left us hanging for a long time concerning the first two especially. He sets up starting points and cliffhangers, and then he forgets them.

It’s an annoying habit writers seem to have.

We need to see more.

The three main pieces to the plot puzzle have each experienced a drastic evolution from the beginning of this war.

Sasuke’s eyes got even prettier. And if all the hype surrounding the Eternal Mangekyou is worth a shit, this would be one unmatchable deadly force.

Madara seems to have experienced the most growth with the acquisition of the Rin’negan, which opens up his arsenal to a whole new realm of overpowered.

Naruto, I believe, has attained completion as a main character. With the Kyuubi under his leash, immense power is almost literally a gas stop away. But unlike the case of the others, this is the only piece with which Kishi hasn’t been shy. Far from it. It’s bloody awesome, but its threshold of novelty has long since been reached. And following that peak is a slow decline into tiredness.

We need to see less.

One thing I have noticed is that the three seem to cencel each other out.

The EMS might be dangerous, but it is extremely doubtful the king would hand his pawn greater power than himself on a platter. Plus, Madara also had it. He knows it inside and out, and therefore can easily counter it. And with the Rin’negan plugging his left socket, pain is sure to follow. At the same time, however, think of how easily the Kyuubi fucked around with Nagato, ultimately brushing off his every effort like a tick. But then again, the fox is the Mangekyou’s bitch. And by default, Sasuke’s.

You could think of Naruto, Madara, and Sasuke as starter Pokemon.

Naruto is Venesaur, and is super effective to Blastoise or Madara, who is strong against Sasuke, who is Charizard because they are both prissy little bitches, and are super effective against Venesaur or Naruto.

I’m sure it’s all clear now.

I just realize all this has absolutely nothing to do with the last chapter. But I find the dynamic among the three big players pretty exciting stuff.

Now if they would only receive the focus they deserve…


The winner’s entry can’t actually fit in the bubble. Still quality stuff.


Tought Bubble: Shape Transformation deals with controlling the form, movement, and potency of chakra.
Nature Transformation usually deals with changing the physical properties of chakra into an element…

Caption: When the third stage of Ninjutsu involves yelling SURPRISE!

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  1. First!!!! (again???)

    Now off to reading the breakdown… =b

  2. Nice Breakdown Pickles…

    but we knew the Kage won’t die, I mean he didn’t have a flash back and well u know people don’t die in Naruto, I mean its not like its an action manga <_<

    I think 4Kids, has some how taken over Kishi and their crazy sensorships has made Naruto more Kid friendly <_<

    I enjoyed this chapter but this manga is SOOOOO predictable, Naruto saves this and that everytime…

    3 Problems I have with this manga. 1. Sasuke and Madara – Who they gonna test their strength against? Really who could be an opening battle for them to show their improvement, if it takes Naruto 2 chapters to defeat the 3rd Raikage we can assume the 4th is not as much in the league of our top 3 starters… Same with Madara… 2. When will Naruto actually suffer the effects of his jutsu, and using shadow clones cause till now the whole limitation of his jutsu been ignored and been like screw the rules I am the savior, its like when Sasuke uses MS he went blind that was a condition of its use but Naruto seems uneffected and has had about 5 S Rank Battles… 3. Death, we have the most powerful shinobi in history revived and yet they beaten by Chouji believing in his inner butterfree and Naruto's Awesome Pwning abilities, Itachi's miraculas turn, Suicide for Hanzou WTF, and KinGin Brothers who almost killed the 2nd Hokage was beaten by Durai cause his word changed at the final minute, I mean I am not even gonna begin with the whole Deidara/Sasori fiasco, the only great battle was Kakashi's Rampage

  3. @Pein

    Another rant no jutsu out of the blue? Lol.

    I think you’ve mentioned everything you’ve said at one point or another – some multiple times already – but to answer your first point, Sasuke and Madara are the bad guys, which means they are meant to be overpowered. You can’t expect much else to that particular nuance.

    For your second point, we’ll have to see, won’t we? We’ve already started noticing the side effects in that the Kyuubi is becoming healthy again, which means he is absorbing Naruto’s chakra. But Naruto just has a lot of it, I suppose, and he did go into sage mode in this last chapter, which will help him recover chakra and vitality much faster. He hasn’t transformed back into his Kyuubi mode yet so that may give him more recovery time. The biggest problem I see here was when Naruto used clones when he wasn’t meant to be able to. I write that off to memory loss no jutsu on Kishi’s part.

    I do agree with your third point, although I don’t think Deidara’s and Sasori’s losses were handled so badly. The GinKin brothers are another story though…

    And what about Dan? We had this suggestion of his power and a big build up, and then the battle ends without us ever seeing him in action? Will that battle still come?

    Well, I guess as is with all things, only time will tell.

  4. @ Tenrai

    Most major Villains has a build up battle to show their strength, or like in Bleach a ranking system, Pain fought Kakashi, Kakazu/Hidan fought Asuma, all ways to give us the reader an idea of their power before the final battle, build up some angst towards the villain, like with Jiraiya and Pain we could see this was gonna be a tough villain and wanted to back naruto in the fight because of it… In Sasuke and Madara’s case I am not sure who of the Original Character could be a sort of showing of such power

    lol, I know I feel like a broken record sometime 😛 guess I have a relapse every now and then and begin again… but still the point remains…

    I don’t think Naruto is a bad manga, but it lost a lot of its edge over the past couple of arcs…

  5. @Pein

    Well, we’ll see Kabuto vs Itachi, that will be a good measure of Kabuto’s strength, or the strength of his trump card at least. As for Madara, well, there are a few possibilities there, such as any of the last five kage or Bee, or perhaps he may even encounter Itachi before he can get to Kabuto. All of those would make decent test battles to show us Madara’s strength.

    Also, no-one said it had to be a one-on-one battle. Madara may take on two or three Kage at once for all we know, and still defeat them. These are just a few examples.

    As for Sasuke, I have a feeling we’ll see him go against Komaru and Koharu, seeing as how they are both a target of his vengeance. Those two elders may not seem like much, but I have a feeling they may be very powerful, perhaps each on the level of Danzou even. That would make for a cool two-on-onje battle and a nice test for Sasuke to flex his eye muscles. Lol.

    I can definitely see Sasuke killing those two first before turning his eyes towards the rest of Konoha.

  6. Four IS DEATH!!!

  7. I hope this current battle ends in chapter 556 and we see Kabuto vs Itachi.

  8. *557

  9. Ninth! Hmm… i’m slowing down…

  10. Point of debate – Most disappointing arc in the Naruto series?

    # 1.1 Introduction Arc
    # 1.2 Land of Waves Arc
    # 1.3 Chūnin Exam Arc
    # 1.4 Invasion of Konoha Arc
    # 1.5 Search for Tsunade Arc
    # 1.6 Sasuke Retrieval Arc

    # 2.1 Kazekage Rescue Arc
    # 2.2 Sasuke and Sai Arc
    # 2.3 Hidan and Kakuzu Arc
    # 2.4 Itachi Pursuit Arc
    # 2.5 Invasion of Pain Arc
    # 2.6 Five Kage Summit Arc
    # 2.7 Confining the Jinchūriki Arc
    # 2.8 Shinobi World War Arc

    And Which was the Greatest Arc So far ?

  11. @pein: Yeah, I think most manga get the “Shaman King” effect as they come to their close. You know, great character development until the last few issues. Then, rush rush rush to the ending. Shippuuden is in that phase of its life cycle.

  12. @ arputo – Maybe, but even I think its unfair for us to judge the war too soon. I just think its unrealistic, and when compared to previous wars I think was far worse, I mean it made Itachi think that destroying and killing his entire family before even the risk of war <_<

    I am not sure how long Naruto has but I hope it doesn't stop too soon, I think for me my fav arc was the Chunin Exams and Sasuke Retrieval Arc

    Worst, Kazekage Rescue maybe, and the current but can't judge it till its over 😀

  13. @pein: I hope you’re right – but – perhaps it’s time to call in Shiva! I don’t think Kishi will kill off the franchise – Naruto is a good cash cow 🙂 I fully expect a follow-up series involving Konohamaru, and Naruto as Kage. After all, the kid mastered rasengan at, what – 8 years old? Kakashi, if still alive after his rampage, will probably go walkabout to sort out all of the awesomeness that oozed from him during the war… (wait, that didn’t sound right…). Anyhoo, I think you get my point 🙂

  14. Sorry for the triple-post (meh, not really).

    Consider, also, Konohamaru’s teama:

    By his side, do I see a red-haired Whirlpool village descendant? Do I also see a Kabuto-ish compadre? I think I do 🙂

  15. My least favorite were the first half of Itachi Pursuit and the Aftermath of the Invasion of Pain arc. In the Itachi Pursuit, I wasn’t into the whole 8 man cell looking for one dude who was clearly too powerful for them. This was about the time Naruto’s obsession with Sauske became weird for me. The Aftermath of the Invasion of Pain arc was the revival of the people Pain killed and how fast Pein was convinced by Naruto. Coincidentally this was the born of Narutos alter ego “the Savior”. All in all, pretty good manga.

  16. @ Laughingwiseman – yeah I think the thing is in a few arcs there are points we don’t enjoy but if you look at each arc as a whole they pretty awesome so maybe the war will be the same 😉 that is what I am hoping for 😀

  17. @Best and worst arc discussion

    To me, most of the arcs were great. The only two arcs that felt really mundane for me were the Sai and Sasuke arc and the Itachi pursuit arc.

    In both cases, they were quite average and monotone aside for a few highlights here and there, like Naruto vs Orochimaru or Sasuke vs Itachi, but besides that, there wasn’t anything special about them.

    The best arc from part one for me was definitely the Sasuke retrieval arc because it had some epic battles and real emotional moments. To me, each battle was more than just two people fighting, it was about the values each of them held closest to their hearts and what they were actually willing to fight and die for.

    For Naruto, it was a promise to rescue a friend and “brother”. For Chouji, it was for the sake of the pride of the only friend or person who he felt had been truly good to him (Shikamaru). For Neji, it was to change his destiny and prove that he could also overcome odds greater than he would normally be able to face (struggling against fate). With Kiba, it was about his friendship and bond with Akamaru and for Shikamaru, it was about taking responsibility and proving he was ready to lead, and even though he failed, he grew a lot from that failure.

    To top it all off, this arc had the best battle in the series so far – the one between Naruto and Sasuke – which was not only epic, but also full of raw emotion and it had a lot of depth to it story wise as well.

    As for part 2, my favorite part so far was the Pein invasion arc. For me, it had the best battle in part 2 that I’ve seen so far – between Naruto and Pein – and it also had a lot of emotional value as well. I don’t think anyone can say that they didn’t feel their heart sink – even if just a little – when they saw Konoha get destroyed by Pein. Naruto had a lot riding on him in that arc, as did everyone, and it showed in their actions and in their sacrafices.

    The end was a bit contraversial and not everyone liked how it concluded, but it was still epic.

  18. Is there some attribute of a Jinchuriki which makes it more desirable to be a Madara puppet than non? If so, does Gaara have the same attribute? After all, besides Bee and Naruto, he’s the only Jinchuriki to escape Madara’s grasp. Would be interesting to see a 3 v 6 Jinchuriki battle..

  19. “You could think of Naruto, Madara, and Sasuke as starter Pokemon.”
    LMAO, but great insight!
    Now, having won a bubblition, and vs kantonkages great entry, I feel I are awesomeness!

  20. i dont know why everyone complains about the “no deaths” in this arc i see countless shinobi being owned and the army was at 80 000 and now is at 40 000 and anyway if someone is next to die in the main characters i think its gonna be tsunade she’s the last sannin alive and i think she’ll die protecting naruto as for the others major characters…i think tsuchikage because he’s old 😛 and hopefully sakura but not before doing something usefull i want her to redeem herself before she dies so we might actually miss her lol and maybe killerbee,but i dont think kakashi or hinata because the first one died already and the latter almost died too…and all others are just not that important to be killed and anyway before a major character is killed there is a huge build ups of hints that we might see the last of him like before jiraiya fought pain

  21. and about naruto…i want him to keep owning everyone its about time the main character in this manga is actually powerfull,i remember before pain fight i compared him to sasuke and just thought to myself “with such a slow power growth rate and the rasenshuriken that can do damage to himself and the fact that he doesn’t controll the kyubi chakra,there is no chance he’ll beat sasuke let alone be hokage” and then came the naruto vs pain fight and i was so happy that naruto in sage mode is hokage material and dont even use the kyubi chakra but his own power to fight such a powerfull foe that even surpassed kakashi and a team full of shinobi and even without sage mode he surpassed omoi and karui in taijutsu,and his fight vs the kyubi was a dream come true and now that at last he controll the kyubii chakra i just say stop complaining about that!!! sasuke got to fight deidara,itachi and all the fight kage’s and killed danzou so its about time naruto get some major fights and not just ending them with a powerfull jutsu(naruto vs kakuzu)

  22. Im not sure if this Shinobi War Arc is my least favorite but its down there. Im not into the whole Immortal Zombies vs Ninja thing. It had a good premise but the execution and pacing is abysmal. Im bored and tired of seeing the same predictable crap. Kishi’s ruined the war for me when he decided that half the zombies would tell their weaknesses, let the ninjas kill them, vanish from love, or commit suicide. Its stupid imo and i cant wait for this shitty arc to be over.

    /end rant

  23. @ Dan – See the problem is that Kishi doesn’t always balance out his battle and focus on characters, we been on a Naruto, Naruto, Naruto trip since he moved to the Island, it gets a bit much, I felt the same when we got to Danzou with Sasuke there is just TOO much of Naruto at the moment, he is the hero but he is also not the only person alive, look at DBZ Goku’s fights are memorable but it wasn’t Goku Goku Goku forever most of the time he arrived late to finish the battle, Same way Naruto did against Pain

    I think Kishi is giving us too much Naruto and when he fights Sasuke gonna be like Okay I have seen this, well he is super over powered anyways, it wont be like WOW look what Naruto did, more like meh he did that again, he is strong enough to take on Raikage and beat him in 2 chapters etc etc.

  24. @ pein0avenue – when you put it that way…i understand what you mean if naruto show us all his tricks now,the fight vs sasuke will be a bit meh…,well maybe we’ll get a break from naruto now i hope they gonna show us kakashi “rampage” but not before showing us what naruto kage bunshins where up to in this war and then we might get a lots of sasuke and madara pwning everyone and itachi vs kabuto, i trust kishi not to push it too much with naruto but right now i welcome the fact naruto is overpowered as long as he keeps some tricks up his sleeve

  25. Support the Fan Fic Battle going on in WRA <_< there is more death in it 😛

    And Major Characters too…

    and you can even tell the authors what you think, unlike the Kubo's and Kishi's of the world who we worship blindly….

    There…. Now get there before all the cheesecake is eaten or destroyed


  26. naruto is out

    is it power of golden egg X_x

  27. @ Chapter – Good 🙂 Finally a Kage that gets it!! Don’t just give them a fish give show them how etc…

    Will comment more later, right now think I am gonna have some Scrambled Eggs on toast not sure why I have this craving 😛

  28. lately i been feeling a let down from naruto.. i don’t understand this childish explanation stuff that the “zombie kages” or any zombie “MUST” explain their moves before the entire ninja army consisting of thousands of trained people in fighting against this exact thing.. its like kishi is running out of ideas.. and honestly it feels like he is fleshing out his ideas thru the anime.. i feel i couldn’t identify most panels in the last chapter, that the artwork would need to be fleshed out in the anime, as kishi seems to be having trouble creating concepts within the week and getting his ideas out on paper fast enough anymore.. that he pushes his art to just be more “word balloons” that speak to the panel over the art speaking to the viewer..

    it was very hard to identify what was happening between gaara and muu.. it felt like all the kids of the shinobi have lost all their battle strengths and their talents as the zombified ninjas have to explain every move they do and they still cant find a way around the direct path.

    so many things happening at once, so many characters all present at one time.. kishi made a huge mistake, as now he is still trying to flesh out new characters in the height of the story during a huge battle..

    he doesn’t take to consider the balance of the environment so much when its read thru.. yes the individual battlegrounds need individual attention but to showcase a new character who is old and been around, you would think the history of their origin would have already taken place.. but kishi is developing them as the chapters pass during the strongest moments in the entire series.

    its like I’m walking backwards reading the manga, only to have to wait till the fillers catch up and show me what kishi didn’t..

    i remember before i ever watched any of the anime, i was on parallel with so many others saying and claiming the “manga” was the true source or information..

    but lately i am finding myself falling back on the fact that without any anime, Naruto would never have made it to the strength the franchise has today.

    that now i am caring very little for the advancement of the manga.. as most of it at this point is rather predictable or we already made a billion conspiracies against what could happen.

    that the anime stands alone as the main voice for kishi, and not the other way around..




  29. also.. at this point in the story we seen a ton of panels directed at the “Kages” of the past, but Madara still has the 6 zombified jinchurikis who also possess each the sharingan and rinnegans..

    now who is stronger.. pick any one.. any single jinchuriki vs any zombie KAGE..

    who wins?? seriously? i mean if all it takes to seal a Kage is to either get them to “fulfill” something from their past or get them to identify their mistakes.. and seal them by what ever .. in terms of strength and power..

    do the “Edo Kages” really have all the same strengths as the 6 un-shown to date the Edo Jinchurikis??

    i know kishi wants to make the point that they with their new added abilities will be stronger than anything and the battles between Naruto and them will trump Gaara vs Muu..

    but why.. if Gaara is the Kazekage [only comparing him to his father or 2 siblings, as the rest of the Sand ninjas are all worthless] and Muu the Kage of all water Kages battle.. and it last what.. 5 chapters..??

    where will Naruto and the Jinchurikis fall??

    the power sets in the last 20 chapters have all made all the experience, all the stories all the challenges worthless as all it takes really is to listen to the Edo Zombie tell you how to win..

    am i alone here thinking the story is failing.. and we kn ow the introduction of Kabuto vs Itachi, or Naruto or Sasuke in 1 panel [again] will fix it all..

    but where is the story going? i mean, the whole thing of Madara needing to finalize his mission by the end of the day is just dragging..

    i would rather see Gaara battle against the 1 Tailed Racoon than see him battle against Muu the kage of water and oil only to win by some left over Gold particles his father passed on b4 being sealed away..

    its just too coincidental.. like goku absorbed all the energy from all his friends at the last moment and made a Spirit bomb to finish it off..

    then the story ends..



  30. @ Spill, Muu was the 2nd Tsuchikage not the Mizukage Gaara was fighting in the last 2 chapters. Muu was the mummy dude with the dust element technique and Oonoki’s former teacher.

  31. Speaking of cliff hangers and forgotten parts of the plot; what ever happened to Kakashi’s rampage… And have they all forgotten about Yamato as well? Think Kishi is in a big rush to finish things off here

  32. i do think he’s in a rush to finish too, i just think he has a tendancy to give us sooooo much to look forward to in the span of a few chapters that he doesn’t know how to get to them all. less cliffhangers= more time to get into detail on each one, which is not the way he writes.

  33. @ Spill – I understand what you saying but we have learn’t that the big 3 Manga’s seem to be judged by their wars, Bleach Failed and by Failed I mean Trolled us to the point of no return almost, that single arc took Bleach from an exciting manga to the joke we read today, OP seems to have survived the war and Naruto we will have to see, but I said this before, if you look at Bleach war and Naruto War its very the same, Kishi and Kubo are too afraid to kill of a popular character in the war so they use trolls haxes and well plot no kaijutsu 😉

  34. @ Captain Awesome – I thought Kakashi’s Rampage was dealt with we already know why we can’t see it, its cause every time kishi starts to draw it the paper instantly explodes with Awesomenessness and burns away, At least that what Tenrai Said 😉

  35. Pffft.

    Let’s not forget about Hinata’s forgotten love confession now. <___<


  37. @pein Op didn’t just survive the war , Oda took bold steps and killed 2 BIG characters. The war was pretty good TPB. After the was was it when things went downhill a little. Now seem to be BackOnTrack though.

  38. @ Ahsan – Well that is the thing, Kubo took no risks and besides Gin who seems to be dead, hiding, I am completely confused, there was no “good guy casualties… I mean Starrk died cause of some weird twisty thingy but that Vizord girl was CUT IN HALF @___@ anyways that is why I think a lot of people who read the 3 manga’s are worried about the state of the manga… Similarities, If your a Good Guy you got Plot Armor… Super Powerful Hero Arriving to the Battlefield Late… Villains Super Haxed but still fail on small details or “convenient plot twists”… Battles seemed rushed etc… Potentially awesome battles neglected, Kakashi Rampage, Yammy vs Ken-chan/Byakuya, (I swear if Kakashi comes out saying it was Fing boring I will give up this manga) etc etc, I mean before they changed over to a “war” scenario, we had Kenpachi vs Nnorito, Grimmerjow vs Ichigo, Cifer vs Ichigo, etc all epic and enjoyable…

  39. @Spill

    That’s actually why I think it was great that the Mizukage decided to STOP explaining all his weaknesses to his opponents and instead chose to fight them head on and let them figure out how to win by themselves.

    He is right about one thing. Telling his opponents how to defeat him is not helping anyone. It’s just making them weaker by allowing them to become too reliant on the “easy way out” to conveniently win a battle. When it comes to facing Madara, they won’t have the luxury of having Madara talk about his weaknesses like they’re at a tea party or something (Then again, Madara is pretty talkative, now that I think about it, so he may let that slip anyway. <_<).

    In any case, as far as my memory serves me, with the Mizukage down now, I think that's just about all the edo Tensei summons defeated, except for those that are still having a party at Kakashi's rampage (The seven swordsmen of the mist, etc), as well as the six new paths of Pein under Madara's control. So, I think that pretty much means that we won't have explanation victories anymore (the six paths don't look like the talkative type) and hopefully the war will become more serious now. I expect a lot from Kabuto's "trump card" and Madara's six paths and I also expect a lot from Sasuke as well.

    This hasn't been the greatest arc, but every author has their bad moments. Let's hope Kishi recovers from his.

  40. One thing everyone needs to remember is that even though Sasuke can spam the Mangekyou Sharingan maliciously without fear of eye strain, there’s still the fact that like any character in this series, Naruto being an almost iffy exception, there’s a limit to his chakra.

    Even if he has more chakra than before and can use Susano’o like Naruto does the Nine-Tail chakra shroud, he will still run out of chakra eventually. The final battle between Naruto and Sasuke would be rather lame if they simply went at it at their maximum from the start. They would need to work their way up the power scale as they fight, having some nice tense back and forth moments.

    Then once things start getting serious between them, and emotions run high enough, then they can start pulling out the stops. And along the way, Naruto should use Sage Mode at least one more time during that battle. It’s practically free chakra in a way. Plus it would give him heightened reactive abilities much like the Sharingan does for Sasuke.

    But it looks like we still have a ways to go with the war itself. There are still many loose ends to tie up. For example, I think Kabuto will prove to be a wildcare to the very end. While his actions have been predominantly evil, he has his own agenda and pretty much fights for himself. It seems pretty clear that he ultimately wants to take out Madara himself. Of course, we can’t forget that he has Zetsu spores secretly planted on him. So I have a feeling he’ll be found out once he gets to a certain point. And of course, there’s Itachi. I swear he’s gotten cooler since he’s been resurrected. It’s a shame that he likely won’t bump into Sasuke at some point. But who knows.

    Then there’s still many other undead Edo Tensei folks that we haven’t seen resolution with. It wouldn’t surprise me if we never see a few of them for the sake of getting to the end of the storyline, having explaining it afterwards instead.

    And finally, there’s Madara himself and his own six paths of Pain. That’ll be something. And of course, he may very well attempt the Eye of the Moon plan once night falls again, even if he doesn’t have the Nine-Tails. Though I have a feeling that Bee will be ultimately captured. Though I’m not sure how he’d be able to extract the Hachibi, since it takes 3 days minimum. He would have to use some alternative means, if there is one.

    Anyway, I’ve said enough. Right now, the story seems to be pacing itself. But it seems likely that we’ll soon be graced with another couple or so kickass chapters that’ll blow everyone away! Let’s hope! *crosses fingers*

  41. @Eugen.. thanks for the correction..

    @ pein/ 1010 .. omg i freaking forgot about kakashi’s rampage..

    @pein.. about the comparison of bleach war .. i agree..

    but back to naruto.. i still want to know how yamato, anko, the trump card of kabuto and how both of those 2 play a part in it, and how one of the clones of zetsu ties it all together.. kakashi rampage.. naruto in 9 tail form as a fox not as naruto, death of killer bee, or am i confusing the story..

    wasnt it already foreshadowed that both naruto and bee would have their bijuus removed, but was stated that naruto being an uzumaki and senbu that he could survive the extraction? or was it only a female uzumaki who is pregnant as a jinchuriki can survive an extraction? but i do remember that since bee mastered the 8tails and something or other was stated that he could too survive the extraction as they did it b4 on him or something?

    or am i just confusing what i day dream with some of what i foreshadow and read or what??

    ok that aside.. kabuto vs itachi.. – who wins?? itachi is what immortal with mind intact vs kabuto with trump card? um.. ok.

    back to the extended fight of gaara and mizukage.. a few chapters back.. the title of the chapter was naruto and gaara’s first battle together.. but the chapter had only a few panels of their togetherness, and the way kishi was managing the stories all to end their individual battles with 1 chapter, i was let down, but to my surprise, the gaara fight has been going on for like 5 chapters.. but the last chapter was hard to see what was happening.. and the fillers in all the anime outside of one piece is killing me!!!!!

    one piece is the only thing that never let me down, even the fillers are great. although i think the big 3 have been in filler mode in the manga..

    OP is like missing the whole OP crew and its only mermaids.. which is fine because its so good but.. i miss some straw hat inner banter between crew members over seeing mermen toss a ship bigger than manhattan around..

    which is cool but.. ok and Bleach finally.. the soul society captains are starting to show some power upgrades.. i mean in 17 month Aizen has been … well i fergot.. but maybe kenpachi has a bankai.. who knows..


    the 10 tails must be activated.. will madara do it with the small amount of 8 tail chakra he has of the tail and those brothers who ate the 9 tails chakra that he now has to get the 10 tails or does he still need the full 8 tails and 9 tails extracted??

    can naruto now use special seals like his uzumaki heritage and now 9 tails sage mode new outfit of fire super saiyan level with ramen coupon shirukens!!

    also now by count, how many versions of rasengan does naruto have?

    will he ever be able to launch a cero? i mean come on.. he split a water fall in half years ago!!! that sensor ninja foreshadowed that it would be impossible for naruto to do it in that form but said it can be done in the full form of the 9 tails so will naruto gain friendships bond with the 9 tails and battle together??

    and now my list of MUST HAVES!!

    #1- Rock Lee must drink Sake and fuck up the battle field against the edo jinchuriki’s or something crazy like that, but it must include Rock Lee.

    ok thats it. just the rock lee thing is all i want. drunken master rock lee is unstoppable. did chiyo get sealed.. i dont remember.. will Hidan be brought back?!!?

    i miss Hidan a lot.. the crazzy laugh.. i guess i miss him in anime..



  42. Hidan can’t be brought back because technically he isn’t dead

  43. @ dish-

    you are ruining the magic!!!

    now my dream is crushed.

    *teleports behind dish..




  44. efffff that haha! goku taught me how to fly

    *flys away*

  45. @ dish.. tsk tsk.. goku taught me Instant Transmission

    *Instant Transmission* behind dish




  46. oh…..good point. wellll remember when naruto farted in kiba’s face?
    take a deep breath 🙂

  47. @Tenrai

    Is he sealed for good? He’s saying something like a precaution. If he’s sealed for good what’s the point of what he is saying about taking precaution? 😀

  48. When will Naruto get his second element? And who can hazard a guess at what it be? What is “that jutsu”? What’s with all the unfinished plots?

  49. @ darkgeenie, all I know is Kishi never leaves a unfinished plot or better yet he never gave us any reason to doubt him concerning this matter. As for Naruto’s second element I think it will be all the elements, to be more precise I think he’ll come into contact with the banana fan and seeing as only a jinchuriki can use such a tool and Bee already has Samehada it’s only natural Kishi left the fan there for Naruto.

    And If That JUTSU is the biju dama I will be really pissed Kishi didn’t bother to come up with something better then the ultimate rassengan, yet again.

    Sure the Bijudama might be the best long range jutsu out there but the plot makes it so that Naruto already learns the Biju Dama without it being something really special, sure, just like the rassen shuriken, no one managed to pull it off except for Golden Boy, but it’s a well known fact Naruto can manage to learn almost anything and the Biju Dama is one of those jutsu.

    I hope That Jutsu will be a surprise like what Naruto did with the Kyuubi Cloak against the Zetsu imposters and the Planet Rasengan he used against Muu. Those were really great treats for us to see even is they were a bit of an ass pull, but with the power and skill Naruto has in the kyuubi cloak he can get away with almost anything Sasuke can right about now.

  50. @Darkgeenie

    There will always be unfinished plot strings, until the manga as a whole is finished. That’s just the way it is. Some will be revealed sooner than others (Like the crow) while the rest we just have to wait for (like Hinata’s love confession <_<).

    As for a second element for Naruto, I really don't think we'll see one, to be honest. The reason I say that is because Naruto is already learning a lot of powerful and unique skills that he is the sole user of at the moment. Adding another element would take away the focus away from his unique battle identity and make things a bit too wishy washy if you ask me. Besides, just because it is common for Jounin to learn at least two elements, we have seen many examples where shinobi who are jounin level or above haven't bothered to do so, such as with Deidara, Kisame, Neji, Temari, Gai (who only uses taijutsu), Raikage, Zabuza and Bee, etc, etc.

    Basically, the bottom line is that in some cases, it is better to focus on what you are good at rather than trying to be a jack of all trades and a master at nothing. However, if by some measure of a chance Naruto does get a second element, the best one I could think of for him is water. When you think of Naruto, he is often symbolized by a spiral of some sort. His jutsu (the Rasengan, Rasenshiruken, etc) also carry across this symbolism and even his name is a reference to a maelstrom (as well as to an ingredient used in Ramen <_<). I also think water could represent this (whirlpools, vortexes, etc) and the Uzumaki did reside in the whirlpool country and were symbolized by a spiral on their forehead protectors. I just can't see how that symbolism would be carried across in any of the other elements, so water is the next closest one in my opinion.

  51. @ Eugen..

    very nice theory on the banana fan. but i dont really see kishi giving naruto that much of an advantage considering how he took away the Shisui eye so quickly.. that allowing naruto to have the assortment of power level he already owns, that it might be too much.. but i like the theory none the less.

    it would make the story rather nice. but naruto only uses the same shirukens and kunais.. but again .. a nice change.


  52. @ Spill, we can only hope.

  53. The spoilers are out.

    Actually, they’ve been out for a bit of time now, which is a good sign that we may have a somewhat early release this week.

  54. The manga is out at Mangareader.

  55. Interesting chapter

    So it looks like we get to see what Kabuto’s trump card is, and it looks like he’s planing on sending it against Naruto rather than sending it against Itachi.

  56. @IANRH

    Actually, it’s being summoned closest to Gaara and the Tsuchikage, as opposed to Naruto’s real body (The Naruto with Gaara is a clone). I doubt Kabuto even realized that the Naruto he was trying to capture with the Raikage the whole time wasn’t actually the real one, so if he is trying to send it to Naruto specifically, he’s already hit his head on the proverbial rock there. Lol.

    Actually, now that you mention it, if Kabuto summons his trump card out into the field, then he’ll essentially be alone when Itachi comes to greet him. So, maybe well actually get to see Kabuto’s own personal strength in a one-on-one match against one of the strongest Uchiha to ever live.

    I am curious as to who the trump card is now. I mean, if it’s going to take time for Muu to summon him, that suggests that whatever it is, it is very powerful. I mean, Muu summoned three other without breaking a sweat and that was three of some of the strongest shinobi to ever live. But this last summon took him quite some time to complete, even if we consider he was at half power. Could it really be someone like the Sage of the Six Paths? O_O

  57. Wouldn’t Edo So6P be savvy enough to pull an Itachi on Kabuto? I mean, how screwed would they be, to be fighting *2* So6P baddies (oops, sorry Madara)!! On the flip side, maybe Naruto could get some training from the original So6P… hmmm

  58. At least with this last chapter I still got the satisfaction of hoping for a Dan all out fight and his ghost jutsu. And maybe Tsunade will be there to fight him as well.

    As for Naruto, even if Itachi slapped him and sent him back to school (the real rocknrolla reference) and he’s acting all ” let’s do this together” he’s still the only one doing all the hard work.

    Thank God, Gaara, managed to take on the Mizukage all on his own, and I have to admit the Mizukage was a great shinobi and Muu might actually be even greater now that he knows a bit of Naruto’s moves.

    Also this trump card of Kabuto’s better be something really unexpected because Kishi can’t really afford to get this one wrong, And I wonder how will this new power match madara’s new Rinne-Sharingan. It should be at least on par with Madara the way he is now, otherwise the reaction to the coffin wouldn’t have been so dramatic.

    But one thing still bugs me, I am a bit to lazy right now to go back and find the page, but after Madara talked Kabuto into showing him the ins and outs of Edo Tensei Kabuto made a statement that sounded something like:
    “As long as I have Edo Tensei (implicating the use of the unknown coffin) and that other jutsu I still hold the upper hand.”

    So what else is Kabuto really hiding to afford giving Madara the instructions to his greatest jutsu. Whatever it is Kabuto sure must be the best prepared shinobi to ever be introduced to the Narutoverse.

  59. Also I’m not sure about the power of this one, but wouldn’t a jinchuriki Kushina with full control over the kyuubi and under Kabuto’s spell be a more then decent summon. Because Kushina wasn’t sealed in the Shinigami like Minato was (at least I don’t think so) so her body should be a great breaking point for Naruto, she or the J-Man but even Kabuto said he didn;t get to Danzou, Shisui and Jiraiya for DNA cultivation.

  60. @Tenrai

    I think you missed my question last time.. LOL 😀 and my question was answered in this new chapter.. 😀 regarding Muu if he’s complete sealed or not..

  61. Kisu destroys Naruto’s War Arc:

    1. The Kyubi detecting hate: How exactly does it work here? We know this is a war and everyone is hating and is full of negative emotions; so how does Naruto differentiate Zetsu hate from regular ninja hate?

    2. The Alliance: 40, 000 living ninja, not a single one can think of anything better than “stand still and wait for Naruto to bail us out, even though we don’t know if or when he’ll get here, or if he’ll be a Zetsu too”. Here, I just thought of some better ideas, assuming not a single other previously unnamed character has any remotely useful skill:

    A. Overall: They have a sensor network, with sensors embedded in every division and the ability to beam into their allies heads. The sensors can locate all their allies. Example, “Will the following people please stand over on the ‘real ninja side’: Ninja X. Ninja Y. Ninja Z. Ninja… wait, two Xs moved. Stop them, the one that repeats the instructions that I’m sending into all of our ninja’s heads is not a clone.”

    B. Just stop everyone from moving and go into their heads. Tell them exactly how many Zetsu there are by simple subtraction, approximate where they are, and stop them when they try to run.

    C. Darui/Shikamaru’s battlefield: Send Ino into their head. If they have a life of memories that checks out, bam. Not a clone. She might get tired after a while, but at least it’s something. And if there is more than one Ino, cross check them against Shikamaru.

    D. Kitsuchi’s battlefield: have Hana, Kiba, or any of their 4 dogs sniff them out. Or just say the Byakugan can tell, it’s already so outclassed by the other dojutsu that I wouldn’t care so much.

    E. The Medic Camp: treat people outside. If someone tries to kill their medic, they’re obviously a fucking bad guy.

    F. Gaara’s battlefield: they didn’t fight the clones. However, they still could’ve made do without Naruto by making more than one person (Gaara) in the division (that didn’t break off with Shikamaru) a competent fucking ninja. Temari is the only wind user in the entire divison? I know it’s rare, but bullshit. And just let her get a damn win on her own.

    It’s obvious Kishi dumbed down everyone so Tsunade doesn’t look like a retard for sending Naruto on the battlefield.

  62. well naruto defending sakura was almost like he was provoking her in the sme stance he did with sasuke back in the early days during the chunin exams by calling him a “scaredy cat”.. this was the same feeling as when he lifts his head asking sakura a question that feels more like it was directed as a sneer like joke more than loving.. the onto the hinata save.. that was chivalrous and very dominating.. in a more caring and gentle manner.. giving her hope that the future is happy and bright while he leaves sakura with only that little remark.. “you dont look hurt”

    but it is Ino that calls out to naruto the loudest.. she seems desperate.


  63. @Kisu

    Well to answer your points…

    1: I don’t think Naruto just detects hate. He detects evil and ill intentions. He can probably tell what a person’s nature is like while in Kyuubi mode, not just their emotions at the time but also their nature as a whole.

    2: I agree that most of the alliance shinobi are useless save for a few that have really shined. I can’t argue with you there. Lol.

    A: Remember, when a Zetsu absorbs someone’s chakra, they are able to replicate that person’s identity perfectly, from their chakra nature, to their physical appearance and their voices, etc. That means not even a sensor type would be able to tell the difference. Even if the sensor network were to try to pick them out, we’ve already seen that most shinobi need a sensor shinobi to assist them in linking to that network (like how Naruto was helped by rubber man to contact Bee). In this particular situation, anyone approaching a sensor type ninja could be considered a major threat. Also, it stands to reason the Zetsu’s would priorotize attacks on sensor types in each squadron first in order to break up the alliances coordination, so putting them at risk wouldn’t be a wise strategy.

    B: My belief is that the sensors at HQ lock onto each shinobi’s unique chakra signature to identify and communicate with them (when they are not assisted by another sensor type on the battlefield). Now that so many shinobi have identical signatures, that isn’t possible anymore. Also, as Shikamaru said, if the enemy has info on any of them they can still fool any form of interrogation.

    C: Mind reading skills like those the Yamanaka use, which could actually help in this situation, require direct physical contact with the victim, which, again, puts the user in danger of an assassination attempt and is too risky to be practical in this situation where so many people are involved. Conversely, if Ino used mind/body switch, she would essentually be an open and defenseless target that anyone could kill with little effort.

    D: If Zetsu’s can replicate a person in every way, up to all their physical characteristics and even their chakra nature, then I assume they will have the same scent as the replicated person as well. You don’t think Madara would base his entire plan around this type of surprise tactic if he knew that all it would take to ruin his plans was a few ninja hounds or Inuzuka, do you?

    E: Medics are rare as it is and there are already too few to go around. We learned from Tsunade’s backstory already how few there are relative to other ninja types and how vital they are to a war effort. You can’t just throw a med nin away with a gamble like that, trying to heal the bad guys.

    F: They never said Temari was the only wind user. Just that she was the strongest one there at the time. And even when Naruto did arrive, even his attacks weren’t sufficient, so you can’t really say it was only incompetence in that case. Naruto’s advantage was that he was able to communicate with the Hachibi, which no-one else would have known about, so he was able to learn the Raikage’s weakness that only the Hachibi could have provided a clue towards. Had Temari and Rubberman known that vital piece of information, they may have also been able to come up with a better plan to take the Raikage down. Everyone else was still useless though, so I can’t argue there.

    For your last point, Kishi just gave Naruto a reason to be needed in this war. It’s only logical seeing as how Naruto is the main character in this story. Although I do agree with you on many of your points that this war arc could have been handled a lot better than it was, I also believe it is only fair that Naruto should be able to star in his own story. Lol.

    P.S. It’s good to have you back. Now I can debate against you again and you can call me a tree hugger while I call you a troll. (If you’re back, that is). @___@

  64. are there any actual deaths of the 40K shinobi or are they all healed from their injuries? that number now after hearing everyone’s thoughts on the fact they are useless, makes me wonder.. why is it being stated that this is the end of the war by kishi..

    also does anyone else think that kabuto’s trump card jutsu and the mystery zombie in the 6th coffin are completely separate.. as i believe, or do you feel they are one in the same and tied to each other?

    kakashi is so on a rampage.. we dont even see him


  65. Chapter 558 is the reason I hate Kishi. Why does he right Trump Card on the title page and then not show it! Really can’t we just see the summon? This is really dragon ball anime status (Will Goku beat freeza? tune in next time… 5 episodes pass and Goku still hasn’t killed freeza >_>) I want to beat Kishi with an ugly stick. He deserves the end of my shoe up his end!! I hope he gets diarrhea the whole week until the next chapter comes out.

  66. I hope he gets analy probed by weird ass aliens (yes aliens with weird asses lol)

  67. So, why wasn’t Naruto able to sense the Muu clone? LolKishi

  68. @Kisu

    That’s actually a good point. Lol.

  69. @ Kisu and Tenrai, I was actually thinking the same thing in this last chapter. One reason might be Naruto switched off to normal state soon after he hit Muu so it might have been because of that but that’s really not that justified.
    Remember Muu has some really great skills, some of witch include masking his presence 100%, of course that doesn’t mean he has no more ill intentions but it might have helped him mask his clone due to the remaining living sealed clone.

    Anyway I was actually a bit mad at the fact Naruto went into the fight with such confidence in himself. But one thing that caught my eye was the fact that unlike Naruto’s clones, the real Naruto was a bit more serious witch might mean both him and Bee might end up fighting Madara or Sasuke pretty soon.

  70. @Kisu & Eugen

    It could be explained by the fact that Naruto is able to sense evil intentions in his Kyuubi chakra mode and that Muu had no evil intentions to begin with, which is why Naruto didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

    On the contrary, Muu actually tried to warn them to be careful of his technique, but he was cut off before he could finish what he was saying, so he definitely didn’t want to win that battle nor would he have had any reason to have hostile feelings towards his opponents who he is only battling against because he is being forced to do so.

    The Kyuubi chakra cloak’s sensing abilities are definitely not the same as Sage Mode. In Sage mode, Naruto can sense a person’s chakra in a similar manner to a sensory type ninja, only on a much higher level and with a faster reaction time. His heightened senses also allow him to react to danger faster as well. Conversely, Kyuubi chakra mode allows him to sense evil, or ill intentions, but there is nothing to suggest that he can sense chakra in the way Sage Mode can, so it is more related to a person’s inner nature than anything else.

  71. @Tenrai Kisu: You Troll Hugger…

  72. @arpotu

    I don’t know if hugging Kisu is very good for his health. Let’s try it. Altogether now….

    *Hugs Kisu* @___@

  73. I have a theory! Is Impure World Resurrection only subject to humans coming back from the dead? What if you can bring animals (Bijuus) back to life. All the wielder needs is a DNA sample. What if Kabuto got a hold of the Jubis DNA!!! And that’s his secret weapon?

  74. @wiseman: don’t think Bijuu have DNA, unless it’s like chakra DNA. Which would be cool…

  75. @wiseman..

    all the bijuu’s, are just physical representations of their intense power and chakra. the visual you see is just the embodiment of the nature and characteristics of their chakra. it is not dna. as humans or lifing things have. their being is of energy, not mass of dna.

    or something like that.


  76. @ Wise, like Arpotu and Spill said, you can look at a Bijuu as a manifestation of a soul instead of a living body.

  77. @Spill & Eugen

    Actually, right now, it’s hard to tell just how ‘alive’ the Bijuu are and how much they are just a mass of pure chakra. Remember, Chiyo’s reference to them being a mass of chakra may be more metaphorical than literal.

    The reason I say this is because we learned recently that the Gin-Kin brothers were both eaten by the Kyuubi at some point in the past and that they were stuck in its stomach. They also ate the flesh of its stomach which is how they got the Kyuubi chakra mixed with their own.

    Now, I’m not sure about you, but I don’t see why a creature that is only essentially a mass of chakra would have any need for a stomach or digestive system. I also don’t see how someone would be able to eat the “Flesh” of said creature if that creature is, in fact, not made up of flesh, but rather only made up of pure chakra.

    Of course, it also goes without saying that even despite the fact that the Bijuu may in fact have real physical bodies, that they are still unlike any other organism alive and therefor may not adhere to notions such as DNA, lifespans or mortality. We know they can reincarnate after death so it stands to reason that the embodiment of their existence is most likely more towards being spiritual in nature, as opposed to physical, which leaves me one theory…

    I believe they are masses of chakra that have physical bodies that house that chakra and give it form in the real, physcal world. When their physical bodies die, they revert back to their natural chakra-like or spiritual state until they create a new body for themselves so that they can return to the physical world again. I hope that made sense. O_o

  78. anybody seen the new opening?! it must be the worst opening ive seen in naruto ever,i doesnt make any sense and it make fun of serious characters

  79. I was just thinking of a way where Naruto and Bee kept their Bijuus as they fought Madara. It would be lame if Madara would be able to resurrect the Juubi if he didn’t extract all of the Bijuus. Hey! Who would win in a fight, The Third Raikage or The Third Hokage (A.K.A The Professor)

  80. i think i must be very easy to please..cuz i honestly didn’t have much of any problem with the chapter overall O_o

    in other news, i think tenrai had it right about why naruto couldn’t sense muu, that theory really covers why muu could’ve slipped through undetected.

  81. @1010

    regarding the kyuubi and the stomach.. if you think of the manifestation or mass of chakra to adherently take on the form of said tailed beast, why would it be any different in nature having a stomach and its workings versus just being the visual entity/??

    i feel that they arent masses of DNA nor do i see them as just a visual embodiment of the animal they represent. if the 9 tails is a fox, it is a fox with 9 tails that is as big as a mountain.. what part of that visual is different??

    for me it is the size, as we are in the world all sorta the same but different.. but generally the size of an object in our lifetime never surpassed more than an elephant or giant whale.. we never seen an animal’s size vs their mass surpass that of physical logic..

    so now thaat logic is pushed aside slightly.. perhaps the inside of the Kyuubi is not a real physical plane but in a completely different dimension.

    if we look at the visual naruto sees the kyuubi inside of himself.. we see pipes and like a sewer area..

    so are we to always believe that a complete environment is always surrounding the bijuus themselves as an exterior representation of the extreme chakra they all generate?

    or is that just hte visual naruto sees? so if the gin-kin brothers do ingest the interior walls of the kyuubi.. there is more suggestion that the 9tails does have a working digestion system, just on a different level than us humans..

    but lets kick it up a n0tch.. as implementing the realms that the mangekyo users all abuse.. their genjutsus..

    perhaps this is all just one big genjutsu..


  82. @all: …just don’t blame it on midi-chlorians…

  83. @Spill

    There are other things that point towards the Bijuu having real physical bodies, not just appearance and anatomy. Like the fact that they have been shown to get injured, grow tired and they even run out of chakra at times. Or at least, we’ve seen the Hachibi run out of chakra in any case.

    If a Bijuu is a mass of chakra, then that would theoretically mean that if it ran out of chakra, it shouldn’t exist anymore, or it should at least appear smaller in size as a visual reprisentation of that diminishing chakra. Also, the Hachibi grew tired in its battle against the Raikage and litterally passed out. Once again, this suggests that it has a physical body because a mass of chakra shouldn’t grow tired if it is essentually just pure energy.

    I am also going to go with the middle ground here as I mentioned in my previous comment, where I believe that the Bijuu themselves are made up of pure chakra, but in order to manifest themselves in the physical world, they have to have a body to house that chakra. If that body dies, the Bijuu returns to its “energy” form and remains dormant until it creates a new body, hense the ability to reincarnate that has been suggested that Bijuu have.

    I do believe the appearance of each bijuu represents their inner nature – as you suggested – and the number of tails they each have simply represents their power, so that could explain their aesthetic features more than anything else.

  84. Keep in mind, also, that the Gin-Kin brothers hanging in the belly of 9-tails is legend and lore. Even though the legend says they ate the flesh of the belly, it could have happened in a different way. They could have just been trapped there, becoming infused with 9-tails chakra. Don’t think the Gin-Kin bro’s have told the story from their side 😉

    On the flip side, there is that whole Kyuubi skeleton thing that was going on with in the Pein fight…

  85. Double post, but heck – for all we know, the Gin-Kin bros might have been yet another failed Madara ploy.

  86. I bet you they’re not even going to show the trump card in the next chapter. They’re going to skip to Madara or Sasuke.

  87. next chapter should be about naruto and his friends all joining together.


  88. @ spill – then they will all sing Kumbaaiyaa in harmony so well that all the edo summons heart will grow 3 times that day, and then they will crumble and die, and their ashes will become like fairy dust and Naruto will be able to use it to defeat the world <_< When the first shinobi death gonna be ? Who's wanting to take a bet 😛

  89. Spoilers? Anywhere?

  90. what he said..

  91. Holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spoiler’s out!!!! It’s bad ass!!!!

  92. *Spoiler Alert*

    Well, that pretty much confirms many of our theories about who was in the last coffin. It also explains why Tobi (Yeah, you all know why I’m calling him Tobi now and not Madara) was so worried about it as well.

    As far as I am concerned, I am now completely convinced that Tobi is, in fact, Obito.


  94. *Splodes from overdose of awesomeness*


    Hope now we see some Death 😛

  96. Auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaa !

  97. ahm, did this really happen now? O.o

  98. BEST. CHAPTER. EVER. *fangasm*

    Seriously, it was awesome. It’s confirmed that Tobi isn’t Madara. He’s probably Obito. Who else could he be?

    I can’t wait for next chapter.

  99. Two words: HOLY SHIT!!!!

  100. sorry for the double post…
    it’s hard for me to find words now 😀
    i mean, i always said, the guy in the last coffin is madara, but seeing that it’s right…
    well it’s not really that it IS madara from the coffin, but more his words “that little brat nagato”… when did he really die??? so it WAS madara who told yahiko to start akatsuki? it seems that madara thinks, that nagato revived him with his rinnegan and was shocked to hear, that he was revived by someone using the edo tensei…
    what just happened??? O.o

  101. @Salamiyo

    Yeah. I was also wondering about that.

    Tobi isn’t Madara, that much is certain, but Madara himself must have survived his battle with Hashirama if there was any chance of him knowing who Nagato was.

    I have a feeling Madara and Tobi were consorting with one another and then Tobi betrayed Madara and killed him in order to use his identity and conceal his own identity from the world by using the name “Madara” as a scapegoat. It would also explain how he knew so much about Madara in all the stories he has told about him (Madara himself may have told him). It also explains why he was so worried when Kabuto showed him Madara’s real body and why Kabuto said “Don’t worry, I haven’t told anyone”, because if he revealed the fact that Tobi wasn’t Madara, then Tobi’s charade would be undone and his real identity would be threatened.

    I am absolutely positive now that Tobi is, in fact, Obito. The right side of his body is damaged, and he probably decided to use Madara’s battle with Hashirama as a good excuse for that by claiming that it was that battle that caused the damage when really it was a falling boulder. He uses a space time jutsu that is near identical in appearance to Kakashi’s kamui and works pretty much the same way (By absorbing objects into another dimension, he just absorbs himself with it), so that suggests that they are both using the same sharingan. And the few parts we have seen of him even look like Obito (Hair, parts of his face, etc).

    He also has a reason for wanting to end all wars (He lived through one and it is likely that Rin, the person he loved, also died in the third shinobi war as well), so that explains the Moon Eye Plan.

    That means that he would essentially be like Pein. He is trying to end all wars in his own way because of the suffering wars caused for him. He even made six paths, just like Pein did. The similarities are quite close actually.

    *Takes deep breath and passes out*

  102. hmm thats kinda too obvious… there are so many theories now… tobi being obito, izuna, kagami, a spirit of the ten tails, a sealed into the past evil sasuke, sasukes father…
    well i wouldnt be surprised if he takes off his mask and says to kabuto:
    I… AM…… YOUR FATHER!!!!
    i dont have a theory besides that lol.
    im too confused now.

  103. @tenrai, well, but didnt obito die a young age? How long ago was kakashi gaiden? We have to play time games to really make me consider tobi being obito. For how long could he have survived under that stone? whow was he saved? how did madara trust and heal him, how long afterwards would have madara known nagato, etc…

  104. @Nike

    We never actually saw Obito physically die. He was still alive while the rest of the cave in was crashing around him so there’s no reason why he couldn’t have somehow survived.

    As for who saved him, Madara seems to be the most obvious possibility. Maybe Madara witnessed his battle and saw his potential and decided to use him as a puppet. His body would have also been repaired using white Zetsu cells, which we know are infused within Tobi’s body right now.

    My question is, who else would have had such a damaged body in so much need of repair? We know it can’t be Madara, because he’s dead. And we don’t know any other characters who have had half of their bodies destroyed for whatever reason. Also, any time we’ve ever seen Madara lose an arm, it’s always been his right arm which looks like a white Zetsu arm. That was the same side of Obito’s body that was crushed.

    Tobi’s hair looks the same as Obito’s, their faces (as much as we have seen so far) look similar and Tobi’s sharingan abilities are similar to Kakashi’s, the latter of whom is using Obito’s left eye.

    There are just too many connections between them to be ignored. No-one else’s profile comes closer to Tobi’s than Obito’s. Although other characters are also possibilities (like Izuna), they just don’t share as many connections and thus seem less likely.

  105. I think it’s safe to say that this is the plot twist of all plot twists. Just when we started to believe that it *just* might really be madara behind the mask….

  106. I GOT A THEORY!!!!!! 😮
    didnt anybody notice???
    what does the word ETERNAL mean???
    eternity doesnt mean as long as one life lasts, eternity is forever!!!
    the secret behind tobi and madara lies in the truth behind the EMS.

  107. its been forever since ive commented but….


    the whole nagato thing had me scratching my head… until i remembered what tobi said! he said that he gave nagato the rinnegan. and since what madara said: “so it finally happened. it would appear that little brat nagato managed to grow…”. the REAL madara must have been the one to give nagato the rinnegan! he probably thought nagato had brought him back to life with the 7th realms ability (cant remember the techniques name).

    so i do agree with some of tenrai’s points about tobi and madara formally working together. but i dont think hes obito. when he attacked konoha with the kyuubi he was much to old. kakashi was still a kid

  108. kingtuck makes a good point. kakashi was still a teenager when the kyuubi attacked konoha, but “madara” at that time was definitely older soooooooo uhhhh O_o i dont know.

    also @salamiyo yeah i’ve considered that before. even more so now, i feel like since we know for sure that the real madara achieved EMS, yet his edo tensei body doesn’t have it right now, how bout the ability to transfer his soul before death to another body? but im not sure how that would work either cuz if his soul wasn’t in his original body then how could it be summoned back from the dead…?

    meh..i’m confused


    *reads comments above*

    Aw, well, now that just sucks… damn you Tenrai 😉

    Well, he could still be Shisui but yeah, Obito’s the best possibility. How else would he have known that Kakshi’s MS would have had no effect on him. Simple, his MS has the same technique, only much more potent due to his Uchiha body.

    Oh, so much things in this chapter… Madara looks friggin badass, Kakashi looks better with Kubikiri Houcho than Zabuza himself, rematch Naru/Kimimaro (HOLY SHIT) and I understand now how Kabuto could have been a threat to Tobi, he might have even been stronger than him before the Resurrection of the six paths.

    But one thing irked me. Come on, Kishi, we’ve got Naruto AND Hinata together on the same battkefield and they don’t talk about anything relevant? Come on! I just hope that Naruto prefers to talk to her in private about these things or something because the way their relationship is now it should be unsatisfactory for both sides. Just saving each other’s asses and telling each other how strong they are does not count as a functional pairing, I see what you’re trying to pull Kishi… >_<

    Anywho, it's good to be back on WRA 🙂

  110. @Tenrai

    I said it months ago I think that the one behind the mask is the first Hokage Hashirama Senju. We know too that we didn’t see how he die or how he really beat Madara on their fight. And I wouldn’t be surprise if he has Sharingan and Rinnegan because like Kakashi’s eye he can just implant Madara’s eyes into his. I also think that it’s easier to achieve both power(senju and uchiha) if you already have senju in your blood and implant the sharingan/rinnegan that is why the man behind the mask can cast long izanagi or izanami than uchiha blood to get senju blood. We already saw how one can get sharingan by implanting it but having senju to have both is hard. That’s my pioneering theory as Kanton said to me long time ago. 😀 The only one who saw his face was Kisame. The man behind the mask already lived before Naruto is born. So how come the man behind the mask is that powerful if he’s obito or tobi when he’s about 10 years old or a little more than that by that time to control the kyubii and even had a short fight with Minato which is his teacher IF he really is Obito or Tobi.

  111. @KingTucker

    Actually, Kakashi was around 16 years old at the time of the Kyuubi attack (working it out using Kakashi’s age in part one minus twelve years) which would be around how old Obito would have been as well. That’s the same age as Naruto is now, so it isn’t that unplausable that he could have been the culprit behind the attack on Konoha.

    If Itachi can kill his own clan at the age of 13 and Naruto can defeat Kage level shinobi at the age of 16, then I don’t see why Obito couldn’t have been the one attacking Konoha at the same age. Hell, Gaara was a kage by the age of 16 as well.

  112. It could be an Uchiha who was hypnotized into thinking he was Madara by genjutsu. That would explain why he thinks he’s Madara and “knows” all his story. He put the impostor in his mask and trained him to the point to be convincing to the people that get in his way. The impostor could have been a trigger to have Nagato revive the real Madara if the impostor were to day. Then Madara would have had everything in place to truly take over the world. Madara is the only one who could truly house a jinchuruki, not the impostor. The Impostor would have died and then Nagato would have revived Madara. Still, what did Madara actually do, and what does the Impostor have to do with it? What if that ressurected Madara isn’t really Madara? What if it’s a trickster dead person using a technique to scare the alliance when in fact the impostor is the real Madara? *overload* – Explodes and is never to be seen for the rest of his life… R.I.P. wiseman

  113. @pishbolman: i dont see how it can be hashirama when he was brought back in the oro-sandamine fight and then sealed in the death god

    while i dont think tobi is obito, he certainly could have his sharingan right now. it is hard to ignore his ability with kakashis

  114. plastic surgery no-jutsu!! That is how the impostor was able to look like a much older version of Madara!!

  115. @Tenrai

    i meant his size, not his ability. he was pretty tall while kakashi was still pretty short

  116. and i just have a hard time believing that kishi would give us another “pain-like” villian. shika told naruto not to treat tobi like pain, that his intenstions are evil and he cant be converted to the church or naruto. i just dont see kishi throwing that down the drain

  117. just went back to the konoha attack chapter… i guess he wasnt as short as i thought. so physically i guess its possible. but the kyuubi recognized whoever tobi was. i still think its either izuna but who knows… kishi could take it anywhere

  118. How does impure World Resurrection work? Can you just resurrect people at their prime or are they resurrected at the age that they died? If that is how Madara looked like when he died, something is really up. His suite is still of Armor. So is the Madara Itiachi met the impostor. In the flashbacks they show the Madara with the mask. Why wasn’t he in his armor? I hope Kishi doesn’t have any major plot holes when this manga is over… I think Itachi is going to release Madara from Kabuto’s control and the two will fly off somewhere to fight an internal battle with no clear winner, to the end of time… Wouldn’t that be something?

  119. A dyslexic Madara, Itachi and Sasuke walk into a bra…

  120. @Kingtucker

    Kakashi wasn’t that short. Also, you can’t judge one character’s size based on another. Look at all of Naruto’s peers. All of them are around the age of sixteen, except for Team Gai, who are each aproximately a year older, and all of them are varoius heights compared to one another. Naruto falls somewhere around average for his age, Kiba is slightly shorter, Shikamaru is taller, Chouji is much taller, etc.

    But, that’s just my opinion, so it’s alright to dissagree with me. ^ ^

    *Eats Kingtucker for dissagreeing with me.* @____@

  121. P.S. Did anyone else notice Kakashi using lightning chakra with the beheader sword? If you look again, you can clearly see the sword surrounded by electrical energy. I think that was a pretty cool touch. @___@

  122. s’ok madara has been edo tensei’d.. now ok for kicks and giggles kishimoto caved and made tobi = obito for fans sake..

    but i read a theory a long time ago.. that kishi decided that the real villain behind the mask, the real identity of who tobi is really.. The Fourth Hokage Minato, Naruto’s father..

    now that theory had a huge back story to why it was possible and blah blah that it went on to be really hardcore theorizing as if it were true.. oi !!

    but now here we are.. the 6th coffin.. everyone and their great grandmother predicted every possible choice and the final identity over a million times.. but now we are faced with.. tobi.. and who is left??

    i just finished reading the manga once didnt even truly absorb it. but with the mizukage’s power to split himself, and please correct me if my history on this is fuzzy but didnt Tobi/ Madara/ Obito control the mizukage?? like what if part of the Mizukage is really a piece of Tobi, who is a piece himself who says he is a former reflection of his former self saying he is missing parts.. such as we just seen the mizukage split off b4 one of his part was sealed away..

    [also i didnt read thru anyone’s post above, just read the manga and popped in here.. ill have to check it after.. not sure what has been said since the issue came out and i still didnt read the other 2 biggies.. and this week ws already special with no more bleaach fillers.. ]


  123. ok i read thru like 7 posts and im a lil concerned myself.. i think this chapter shocked each of us quite a bit.. there was so many unanswered questions that now pushes that old obito possibility so far in our faces and wit hall the other theories still lingering..

    i wonder which side that Edo Madara will fall on before he is taken over by Kabuto.. is he already taken over? or is he too powerful to have been taken over fully? how does the actually body of Uchiha Madara present itself to the playing field at this point in the what the allied forces see as a victory.. can this now be a turning point for bringing in the very heavy hitters??

    i mean naruto/ itachi is there, as being the most powerful anythings the allied forces have or can have.. as 2 individuals, but the madara/ kabuto side has more equally powerful edo and non edo individuals with sasuke and now Madara..

    im still weirded out by the time line if Tobi is Obito.. it doesnt pan out for a lot of things, while for others sure, its spot on.. but is that by pure coincidence or by the decade of us talking it to hell that it became a semi truth that if ever it were to be more than just a possibility like it is now that it will solidify itself in our minds more solid to be true..

    honestly this is why i stopped reading thru the above comments.. the theories are starting to get very key specific but the theorist it seems are cornered in an area to be forced to make the obito theories more real than i think they usually would want it to be..

    so now ill read the rest.. just wanted to ask if everyone is really wanting the Obito possibility now to be true as the unshown knpwn characters from the past there is only a few OMG possibilities.. but is this truly what you want or is there another person that we all missed that Tobi can be.. ??

    can Tobi just be Tobi??


  124. Who didn’t see that coming?

    The real question is:

    Edo Tensei revives you as you were when you died. We know Madara had the appearance he has now when he fought Hashirama. Nagato was born 60+ years after Madara’s fight with Hashirama, so why in the blue hell does he still look so young if he knew about Nagato!?

  125. @Tenrai

    I used to think it was Obito too, but it’s very unlikely. Kakashi is 30 years old and Obito should be of that age too, but he looks way older.
    30 year olds don’t have wrinkles like those. Danzo had them and he was 72.

    Also, it would be weird for Kishi to make Obito, a character introduced in a gaiden, one of the major villains. The Kages don’t know about him and the only one that does is Kakashi. That would be kind of random, in my opinion.

  126. @Spill

    I think the idea of Tobi being Obito is just an alluring one. After all, we’re talking about the very character who created the foundation of teaching that lead to Naruto, Sakura and even Kakashi growing into the characters they are today.

    The ideal of friendship, trust and honor that taught them to look out for their comrades and to protect them.

    That’s what makes the idea of Obito becoming this murdurous villain so intriguing. What could cause someone with such a strong will and such a powerful sense of honor and respect for human life, cast those ideals away and allow himself to become such a dark person who has no problems with throwing away his allies and destroys human lives like it means nothing?

    Let’s face it, Tobi uses people and once their use is expended, he shows little remorse if they die while serving him. He never even shed an ounce of respect for the death Kizame, who took his own life just for Tobi. It’s like the complete opposite to how Obito saw his comrades.

    Did Obito allow himself to become “trash” for the sake of his goals? Did war and the loss of loved ones warp his sense of justice like it did Pein? Or was it perhaps Madara himself who twisted his mind?

    It’s these questions and ideas that bring depth to a character. I personally think that’s why the idea of Obito being Tobi strikes people, at least, moreso than a villain who is only a villain purely for the sake of being one.

  127. @ Who Tobi is – We can slam our heads against a table and still not know <_<

    I remember Super doing a post on it… My guess is Itachi's buddy..

    Shisui Uchiha
    (Don't burn me for the theory O_O )

    1. Powerful Genjutsu user, able to control the 4th Mizukage and the 9 Tailed Fox Easily.
    2. Known for his teleportation jutsu though this may just be a "body flicker" which means its just high speed that appears like teleportation…
    3. He is not been able to be summoned, his body was never found… O_O

    Alright here is my backstory:

    Shuishi was the Uchiha's old Itachi before Itachi was the double agent… He was older then Itachi and tasked with the attack on Konoha by the 9 Tailed Fox. This would explain the Uchiha's lack of arrival and them seeming to "know" when it would happen… This though was done forcefully so Shuishi began to regret his decition and with the help of Danzou worked to eliminate the Uchiha sort of how Itachi did… Giving up his eye to protect Itachi and being able to help Itachi with the massacre as "Tobi" this would explain how "Tobi" knew what was happening behind the door of Konoha…

    Gaining new eyes from the massacre and since he was working 'with' Danzou he was able to aquire them and give them to Danzou… This link runs deeper and I believe it includes Orochimaru, since both Danzou and Tobi seem to be made of the same substance…

    Tobi could easily help Kabuto revive Shuishi and pull a Sage of 6 Tobi's and instead of one of the Jinchuriki he would use him as a path? Plus his eyes would then be usable etc. So why not give that DNA? Maybe because even with it Shuishi isn't alive thus cannot be revived…

    That is sort of my theory for now @___@

  128. @ Kisu – We all trying to get our heads around it too @____@ but from what it says it may mean that Outer Path perfected could revive someone even over a long period of time… Here is another crazy idea, what if when an EMS holder dies his soul is split… (I know its like Harry Potter but with Ninja 😛 ) like Muu split himself making himself weaker what if because EMS requires ur brothers eyes and it being Eternal means once you killed you don’t just die on the spot but your soul splits half of it sealed in that Demon eye thing that crazy Itachi showed Sasuke and the other allowed to live but loosing the MS and EMS abilities you become a shell of what you where… This would mean Tobi could in theory still be Madara even though he was brought back… BUT this doesn’t explain how Madara knew Nagato though, since he didn’t know about the war? Tobi mentioned he wanted Nagato to use that technique for him and maybe Madara and Tobi are immortal and wont age, but Madara died as Nagato became more powerful and Tobi promised that he would revive him using that technique….

    This would also explain Tobi not using MS or EMS since Itachi at 30% couldn’t use even one technique etc…


    [THEORY] The Masked Man is very likely related to Madara since Madara knew about Nagato and Nagato was originally supposed to use Gedo Rinne Tensei on The Masked Man. I haven’t cared about this story to make a theory in a long time, but now I do. The Masked Man is most likely a Zetsu clone with the knowledge and memories of the real Madara. His purpose was probably to revive the real Madara so he could use Mugen Tsukuyomi. When Nagato died he skipped the step of reviving the original Madara and just went ahead with the Moon’s Eye Plan. [/THEORY]

  130. 1st off, this was a great chapter an d it really made my day.
    2nd. I too think Tobi, if He’s truly Obito, wouldn’t have stood a chance against Minato and further more, Minato might have figured him out pretty fast being he was his former Master.
    3rd. I believe Madara was the one that came to Itachi and also the one who was controlling Yagura the 4th Mizukage, being represented as pretty much the same hight and with the same hair.
    As for the Mask, I think it’s debatable since the real Madara wouldn’t need to hide both his eyes behind a mask
    4th. He cannot be Hashirama for the reasons others posted above and the fact hashirama had long str8 hair, not pointy like Tobi’s.
    5th. It’s undoubtable Obito shares a great deal in common with Tobi, like the sharingan ability, the hair and probably the ability to become seep himself in the ground and walls, ability he might have gaine with the firs use of his sharingan from the dude that cut kakshi’s eye. (that could really be something more to add to the theory).
    But like many others I think this theory to be the most easy to guess and it would be unwise of kishi to throw it in our faces like he did with Madara today.

    I actually though Tobi could be the son of Hashirama and Mito, a child born from two of the most powerful clans in the Narutoverse and with a great chakra and ability to control the kyuubi.
    A child witch could have been found or stolen by Madara and raised to hate konoha and it’s dark past. As for the sharingan’s we already know there easely transplanted to a person of Sanju blood. Also who else could Tobi have created the zetsu If not from he’s own blood, and would be such a good match for him in healing himself form battle wounds.
    There were more points I wanted to make about this mistery child but I wanted to bounce it off you guys first to see what you thought.

  131. Well now… This was a very welcome chapter indeed as it allowed me to lord over some of the skeptics I know and happily say,” Pay Up”.

    With more than half of the fandom believing that “Madara” wasn’t the real Madara, this chapter shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Even so, I’m absolutely reeling with questions. That’s the thing with Kishi. He gives us an answer to one of the things we’ve been dying to know only to leave a more than a handful of questions in its wake. But hey that’s what keeps me hooked to this manga. I just hope it doesn’t take him that long to answer the ones that came with this big reveal.

    “I think the idea of Tobi being Obito is just an alluring one. After all, we’re talking about the very character who created the foundation of teaching that lead to Naruto, Sakura and even Kakashi growing into the characters they are today.”

    Finally, someone who’s on the same wavelength as I am. It’s precisely the reason why I latched on and refuse to give up on the Tobito Theory. Which in turn is why I want to know what happened to Rin, whose story I believe would be just as pivotal as Obito’s.

  132. Kisu has made a theory. Your lives are now 37% better 😉

  133. @ Kisu – <_< did you read my two theories, would make your life 37.00001% better 😉

  134. PEIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s too much text. I’ll still read it though 😉


    I hope to God you are wrong. I AM TIRED OF SHISUI UCHIHA! He’s just a ridiculous plot coupon.

  135. So, original So6P, while tinkering with how life/death works, creates immortal living silly putty. This putty pet gets loose (or is set free) underground (think fungus), and starts absorbing/copying things it finds. It finds old graves and absorbs things.. it finds Madara’s corpse and absorbs things… it finds Obito’s corpse and absorbs things. Over time, these “things” communicate with each other, telling stories and remembering when they were alive. Stories of Madara, Sages, and other shinobi lore. Eventually, a common conscience is formed, that of Madara. It believes it’s Madara, it even knows the history of Madara.

    However, when Naruto looks at him with his new “evil intent” sensing, he’s going to see nothing…

    The whole new Madara was a coincidence and mistake created innocently by the original Sage of the Six Paths… there is no antagonist, no villain, just a mistake.

    The only one who can dispel the life force of zetzu is the new So6P, Naruto.


    My best comment ever.

  137. I hope to Shiva that Madara starts going on a rampage!!! That would be freakin’ balls to the walls. That is the only rampage that can counter-act Kakashi’s rampage

  138. heres a thought!!

    what if nagato WAS born during the hirashima era!?!? what if madara had “cultivated” someone with the rinnegan in order to reserrect himseld if he somehow died? but maybe hirashima found baby nagato and somehow and sealed him away fearing what a rinnegan user could do, then tobi (aka izuna ^_^) found him and decided to use him for his own purposes!

    a stretch i know. but hey! it’s kishi after all 🙂

  139. maybe they can get some type of cross rampage mojo-nations going on with his rampage and kakashis rampage gingerly touchin… what the hell? I think i just got my self slightly aroused O.o to the bat cave!

  140. ***hashirama…. my bad

  141. did anyone else notice that the real madaras right eye is not visible? maybe they both really are madara….. ARRGHH MY HEAD HURTS!!

  142. @pein.. i dont think Tobi can be Shisui, because half of his body, danzou had as well as 1 eye, the other eye, itachi had stored inside naruto, so as we all know the uchiha power is within their eyes, so if both of Shisui’s eyes were gone, how would Tobi, be able to use them?

    is there anyone Kishi mentioned a decade ago that we are all forgetting about?

    i mean we seen half of Tobi’s face, and we saw the Haircut.. which also resembled Yamato.. oi this is too confusing..


  143. if tobi really isnt madara he sure fooled a whole bunch of really intelligent shinobi…itachi, jman, kakashi, the 4th hokage…

  144. I’m late but still it’s awesomest!

    For one thing, the death of Madara shows that no one lives forever in this manga – even the Uchiha or Senju. So this Tobi guy’s max age can be that of any living shinobi.

  145. Popping my WRA post cherry ^_^

    i think some of you are overlooking major plot points to make Obito out to be Tobi. like for starters, Obito died after just learning the basic form of sharingan so it’s not like he could have used Izanagi to escape that.

    Obito also couldn’t possibly have EMS since only Itachi, Sasuke, Madara, Kakashi, Shisui and Izuna managed to go mangekyo and all the eyes are spoken for. so you’d have to be assuming that not only did obito survive, but he also learned mangekyo and found another unnamed uchiha that learned it. which the likely-hood of all this being true just keeps getting smaller and smaller but i’ll continue.

    Obito also could not have given Nagato a rinnegan. not only are they about the same age, but Obito was a total nub, not an oro-like mad scientist . babies don’t go around giving each other ocular powers either so there is no plausible way for Obito to have done that. Plus don’t you think Kakashi or Minato would have recognized his chakra when they met?

    Kagami seems like a more suitable person for this, he’s a Uchiha that was teamed up with Danzou(automatically makes you a sketchy person) but seriously, he seems like he’d be one that would be exempt from Itachi’s massacre(probably planned it with Danzou). at that point in time, he would have not only been an elder to the village but to the clan as well so he’d have a lot of inside information.

    Plus Tobi claims to have been there for the Uchiha massacre, which makes it pretty hard to believe that a young missing-nin that is supposed to be dead, gained secret info about his clan and the anbu black ops. However a clan elder would know.

    But to end this massive post i’ll ask a question, what is more likely, a knowledge-able and experienced Uchiha is the evil mastermind, or some kid that gave his life to save a friend?

  146. @ Kisu – lol I meant the theory I actually addressed to you 😛 not the Shuishi one…

    @ Spill – We have never seen Tobi really use his abilities of MS except for Inzagi, also he has an entire room filled with Sharingan of his past this would mean he has access to many sharingan etc. I also feel iffy about Shuishi but to the same degree in the anime we see Danzou’s Arm is like Zetsu and that was created by Orochimaru etc. If Shuishi planned this out he would of had access to both Danzou during his time at the leaf and Orochimaru… Plus the Zetsu and Yammato are related in someway, also a coincidence?

  147. @ Eugen –
    3rd. I believe Madara was the one that came to Itachi and also the one who was controlling Yagura the 4th Mizukage, being represented as pretty much the same hight and with the same hair.

    – Though Kisame confirmed that the one controlling the 4th and Tobi are the same person…

    4th. He cannot be Hashirama for the reasons others posted above and the fact hashirama had long str8 hair, not pointy like Tobi’s.

    – Plus Hashirama has been sealed already with Tobirama…
    I like the other theory though 🙂

  148. @pein. – danzhou’s arm belonged to Shisui, it wasnt a zetsu arm. your theory is pushing its boundaries too much reaching too much.. having a wall of sharingans which all posses different power sets doesnt meant madara had access to shisui eye tech.


  149. As i said before , Madara is obito >_>

  150. It just all makes sense Tobi Obito …. The MS . It’s all clear @_@

  151. @ Spill – So you saying its too far a stretch when Tobi’s arm that keeps coming off is the same as the one Danzou has @_@ but also Shuishi’s body was never found, his arm somehow got to Danzou but his body wasn’t. The part of Tobi’s body that seems to not be human is the same arm… Also find it strange that in the same chapter that danzou releases his arm tobi looses his…

  152. @pein.. im not saying that tobi isnt anyone at this point.. but i think its a stretch to think that tobi is shusui, whose body was torn apart and used on many others that who he is now.. is just an eyeball and half face.. FUCK THATS OBITOOOOOO!!!!!

    no no no kishi noooo!! please dont fall to that please!!!! oi.

    i swear if it isnt obito then id be happy.. but id rather see Obito come out of the shadows as Obito himself and Tobi is Madara’s younger brother pretending to be big brother.

    i just want to see Jiraiya and Hidan back in the story.. we need some crazy and horny in the story since its missing it..


    p.s. anyone going to Comic Con in NYC this weekend?

  153. i am also concerned towards the intense change that naruto has on his peers that so much he has evolved yet the lot of them remain so much the same.

    i mean how much time passed since they seen naruto last in the forest with sakura lying about loving naruto that they all cant recognize him, scent him, chakra sense him, i mean if neji can sense HUGE chakra levels, and it is known that Naruto has the largest one Neji ever seen, why couldnt Neji just put 2 and 2 together.. and form the answer? where was Shika if Naruto was at every battlefield, wouldnt it just be advised that it was really him..

    which now also bothers me.. if Naruto is at every battlefield in 9Tails chakra mode, meaning he is a clone at every battlefield, where is the real one, because i thought the real one is with Hinata, but that doesnt make sense, if all the Naruto’s look the same at all the battlefields.. and if sense the strongest chakra, would that place him where Sasuke is?

    also “Kakashi Rampage” was weak sauce!!!!! i love how everyone was just like “ok i see endless white zetsus, SAI!!! DRAW!!!!!!!”

    Naruto vs Kimimaro a battle i have waited for a long time.. my hopes is that Lee enters the fight as well on a head full of sake.. i want to see a full on drunken master Rock Lee vs Kimimaro instead of seeing Chiyo puppet lady.

    what is Kimimaro’s level compared to Naruto of today? i mean they fought so early on in the story when Naruto was still very immature.

    Kiba needs to train for 17 months so does Neji.. they are no longer a benefit to Konoha. Xcution would wipe them down.. he needs a better getsuga dog tensho move to get to where Naruto was..they all sucky..

    btw i am tobi.


  154. @ Spill – Maybe because Naruto was a clone Neji missed him and the fact that they where in a battle, but yeah even if he didn’t recognize Naruto he should of warned the people about an incoming unknown shinobi…

    Well we can tell which is Naruto by where Bee is, what annoys me is Naruto should be dead from over use by now… also the page with the Mizukage showed his one clone was already exhausted and Black Zetsu was there what the hells up with that?

    lol well I thought Kakashi’s battle was cool though its too short lol, would hope the anime fleshes it out and shows us some awesomeness 😀

    Well I think Naruto should be much stronger, I mean Kimmi is not Kage level but at least he doesn’t have to worry about the sickness from part on… I am quite annoyed with Naruto entering that battle too, I was fine with Naruto taking out the Zetsu but now also the Powerful summons, Kishi needs to give people like Lee, Neji, Shino, etc time to shine, I would of loved a rematch between Kimmi and Lee, to show Lee’s growth since part one but now we get more Naruto growth, if he can defeat the most powerful Raikage he should be able to win this easy… though maybe Chiyo plays a role like with the Sasori battle…

    Lol trolling merging with Bleach and Naruto hahahaha….

  155. @ Tobi Theory – What if Kakashi’s abilty was not based around him having the Obito’s eyes but that he is a non Uchiha without a blood group…

    Bear with me here… Danzou could use Shuishi’s eye because he had his arm/blood implanted in him as well… this meaning all special abilities relating to the eye was usable… With Kakashi he was a non Uchiha that learnt to use the MS this gave him the Kyumi ability… Sasuke and Itachi (before) didn’t share the same eyes but the same blood being siblings thus the MS where similar also that could be why you must be related to the person that gives up their eye’s for EMS for the blood to allow the user to use MS properly… Stronger the relationship the better apparently, Siblings are the best example since they will have near identical blood.

    This would mean that maybe Tobi is a none Uchiha that stole the Sharingan and now uses it like Kakashi’s ability since it was unlocked in a similar way ?

  156. @pein – tobi theory.. well if tobi isnt madara, or his younger brother and all of the uchiha have been killed off then tobi not being an uchiha and being yamato works out perfectly!!



  157. @ Spill – Think Maybe its Aizen <_< I mean where he been in Bleach, we know no prison can hold him @___@

  158. Can Tobi be simple Tobi not someone else,with his own goals and ways to obtain it?

  159. The only senju who fought Madara was Hashirama and Minato. Now that we see Madara’s real body the theories about who really is behind the mask was chopped down to like a half. 😀 And I still on my theory that the man behind the mask is Hashirama. Maybe the man behind the mask saying that he won the fight with Hashirama may be the other way around that Hashirama did win the fight and then use Madara’s identity/name/etc. That explains too how the man behind the mask can use long izanagi or izanami because it is difficult to get senju blood than having uchiha blood re sharingan which you can just implant it.

    How in the world did the man in the mask(if he’s Tobi) get the senju blood fused with uchiha? We haven’t seen any about how he infused Hashirama’s power with his. But it’s interesting that we know that anyone can have uchiha power BUT with limited usage like easy chakra depletion. We did see at the man behind the mask’s HQ the DNA cultivation of the first. The only thing i know how to get senju power is by implanting it like Danzo did. Also with the uchiha stuff. But if the man behind the mask is Hashirama he already had senju and he just implanted the sharingan which we never see turn off. How in the world Tobi(if he is the man behind the mask) couldn’t turn off his sharingan if HE IS REALLY SOMEONE FROM UCHIHA? Would that mean Sasuke’s new EMS eyes won’t turn off too because it got implanted too? I hope you get the what i’m trying to say.. 😀 lol Sasuke’s implanted eyes is the only eyes we’re going to see that will turn off even if it’s implanted. If the man behind the mask is from Uchiha the implanted eyes in it’s MS or EMS should turn off when the user wishes to do.

    Take a look at Shishui’s eye from the crow. It did show MS or EMS then turned back to regular 3 tomoe when not in use. 😀 How come the man behind the mask cannot? 😀 I think he’s not from Uchiha clan but someone from Senju or Uzumaki. My guess is it’s Hashirama because he’s the only one who fought Madara. Was able to control Kyubii too.

  160. I still think it’s a huge plot hole that both Madara and his little brother just couldn’t switch eyes, since both had the MS. Right there, that would have solved a lot of problems. That is why I think Madara took his brothers’ eyes by force.

  161. @tommy3h: Hey, welcome to WRA.
    You’re making some valid points there, I didn’t think about it that way, but I for one don’t believe Obito would have been able to survive alone in that situation. At first I thought that the real Madara would have taken the chance to get a new Uchiha body discreetely by possessing Obito Orochimaru-style. So this Tobi person would possess Obito’s body and techniques, but the essence of Obito would have died a long time ago. Not even Minato could have recognized him like that. Now I can’t see however who could have done that, but Obito could still play a role in the storyline. It’s just really weird that we’ve got literally NO idea what happened to Rin.
    But anyway, I totally forgot about that Kagami character and his face looks a lot like Tobi’s and I really mean a lot. Just compare his face to the picture of Tobi readjusting his mask where you can see the wrinkles…
    Shisui is still an option though Kishi just brought him to our attention again in the latest chapters and he’s still on everyone’s mind so it wouldn’t be that big of a surprise.
    Another possibility would still be Izuna, I mean he died under mysterious circumstances in battle, it is still unclear whether he gave Madara his eyes willingly or not. Plus, in the naruto wikia he’s described to be a harmonic person, but would someone like that kill his best friend for the MS?

    God, my head hurts……

    Oh, th last option I know of would be sawyer7mage’s idea. He’s a great youtuber and his manga reviews are my highlight after every chapter of Naruto and One piece. Anyway, he made a fun theory about Tobi’s identity a while ago and it seems actually the most plausible one. The guy’s still in shock about it though 😉

  162. *assuming direct control*

  163. i wonder, now that Madara is on the battlefield, and his questions towards the edo tensei, and his stance looking down at everyone, will Madara change sides?

    i just wonder what Sasuke or Itachi will react with it, considering it was Tobi, who they dealt with previously.. so was Madara controlling the Mizukage, who can split himself, perhaps Tobi is a broken split form of the Mizukage..

    but if Madara and his younger brother always fought one another, cant it be true that Tobi is the younger brother, still looking to take control of anything his older brother [Madara] was had? like it was still a competition?

    i wonder how Edo Madara will react to Tobi… ?? this chapter brought too many questions at once.. that a lot of things changed and a lot of new theories all on the same topic but each with completely different focuses is getting out of hand and the most ridiculous of the theories of obito now is the most realistic one of them all and its annoying to even think it.. oi


  164. @Pisbolman

    The problem with the Hashirama being Tobi theory is that we already know Hashirama died some time ago.

    You can’t bring someone’s soul back from the dead with Edo Tensei if they aren’t dead in the first place, as stipulated in this past chapter, and we’ve already seen Hashirama being brought back by Orochimaru, which means he clearly must have died. How could he have given Nagato the Rinnegan, attacked Konoha, or spurred the creation of Akatsuki if he was dead at the time those events transpired?

    Also, after he was brought back, his soul was then sealed by the reaper death sealing technique. We’ve already been told by Kabuto that souls which have been sealed in that fashion are impossible to resurect again, which is why he was unnable to resurect any of the past Hokage, all of whom had been sealed by the same technique.

    Lastly, Hashirama’s profile doesn’t fit for Tobi. Nothing about their characters is connected really, not in personality, jutsu or even appearance.

  165. @Tenrai

    I know all of that. 😀 Maybe I should have said that the man behind the mask is not an Uchiha. I just have a feeling that he’s from Uzumaki or Senju clan thus referring to Hashirama because he is the closest one who fought Madara and with such immense power including controlling the Kyubii.

    What about his eyes that doesn’t turn off from MS or EMS to normal eye/s? That does mean Sasuke’s EMS won’t turn off too if the man behind the mask is from Uchiha? 🙂 Have we seen an Uchiha who has MS or EMS that doesn’t return to normal eyes when they wish to? If there’s none how come eye/s of the man behind the mask doesn’t return to normal? Kakashi’s sharingan doesn’t turn off. That’s why my theory is something to think of too. I know Tobi/Obito is more likely to be because of the appearance. But hey if he’s really Tobi or Obito again why his sharingan doesn’t turn off or return to normal eye? 😀

  166. ok i’ve seen this comment several times so i just want to clear it up. everyone understands that the mizukage that was controlled by tobi was the jinchurriki yagura right? and @spill the 2nd tsuchikage is the one that can split himself not the mizukage.

  167. @ Pisbolman – I think that the none Uchiha thing has merit though… many say it could be Tsunade’s father and Hashirama’s son etc. but I believe the whole “blood” thing I mentioned earlier may be the clue 😛

  168. thanks. i think i keep getting em confused. so the one that fought against Gaara and got trapped in the pyramid of gold was the Mizukage that Madara/ Tobi controlled? or was it still a different Mizukage?

    was Yagura the little kid? im only losing myself in the history because it seemed that every one who was dead was brought back.. thankfully they didnt bring the sage of 6 paths back as i would have no idea how..

    so’k then that spilt guy cant be split up some more to be tobi, ok this clears up a huge gap in that weird theory..

    If Yagura is a kid, who better to control a kid, but another kid.. this would explain Tobi being Obito.. where being young could have swayed the young Yagura his way..

    did Minato have any brothers or sisters?

    so what face did Sasuke see, when Tobi took off his mask? or whose face was it? Orochimaru was good at changing his appearance, how hard would it be for another to mimic another’s appearance themsevles, they are ninja after all.. plus genjutsu users.. although we didnt really see Tobi use any genjutsu.. he can phase..

    oi.. the time line of events with bringing these guys bck from the dead is all messy.. its hard to figure things out. since everyone ever created is all together.. who is left out??

    Madara’s brother, Sage of 6 paths, Jiraiya, Shisui, Obito… ?? who else is there? also.. Madara being a “trump card” doesnt mean he is unstoppable nor does it mean he can win something for them… it might be Kabuto’s trump card over Tobi, but not really over the rest of the allied forces.

    what are Madara’s strengths? can we get a re-tell of his history? i mean powersets and what not.. i know he has eternal mangekyo, but what summon is tied to him? will he control the bijuus again? will he get in control of the Banana Fan? will someone please die on the allied side??
    their survival til now has been slight of annoying..


  169. What the F, I miss a few chapters and then Kishi goes and drops the Madara bomb?! I didn’t expect that this soon. I thought he was gonna counter Itachi with it.

    I see the good old ‘who is Tobi’ debate has started again.
    And again the Obito theory resurfaces…
    I don’t get it, how could it be Obito. The guy gave his eye to Kakashi to go and protect Konoha then decides to come back +/-4 years later to try and crush Konoha and make the world his bitch?
    He wasn’t a particularly skilled ninja but somehow developed to a Jonin/Kage killing/challenging beast?
    He knew little about the outside world but somehow became a walking encyclopedia off all that is ninja?
    He went from a 12 year old 20 years ago to what looks like an old (Danzo old) man?
    And then there’s the eyes. Obito’s eyes were nothing like Tobi’s eyes.
    The eyebrow’s were different and the lines around the eyes were different as well.

    So who could it be then? Well, I’ve said it straight away when it was suggested Tobi was someone other than Madara and I see no reason to chance my mind now.
    Uchiha Izuna. Madara’s little brother who Itachi said was equal to Madara in almost every way. Izuna gave his eyes to Madara so that Madara could protect the Uchiha clan. Madara planned a coup and the Uchiha exiled him and accused him of being power hungry and stealing his brothers eyes. How happy would you think that made Izuna…
    Happy enough to become resentful towards the clan? I certainly think so.
    It definitely isn’t as far a stretch as Obito going darkside.
    Also, we have no clue as to the powers Madara and Izuna posses but they were the best of their clan. Imagining Izuna becoming the fear of the ninja world is therefor a lot more plausible than Obito going from “I got sand in my eye” to “Don’t bother, that won’t work on me”.
    As for the knowledge. Izuna clearly must have known as much as Madara did seeing as they both awakened the MS. So that explains why Tobi knows everything about the Uchiha and more importantly that explains why Tobi knows everything about Madara.

    The most irrefutable evidence however is the physical appearance. Although Tobi’s hair resembles Obito’s (somewhat, Obito has more of a Naruto hairdo though), their faces clearly don’t match.
    But if you hold a picture of Izuna and Tobi together their faces (what Tobi has shown anyway) are almost completely identical.
    Just look for yourselves;


    Notice how the shape of their eyes is EXACTLY the same. Even the line above their eyes matches almost perfectly. The only thing that’s missing on Izuna’s face are the lines of old age, for obvious reasons.
    Now compare that to Obito;

    Notice the different shape and the much thicker whimper lines around his eyes that sickle around to the corner of his eyes.
    Also the lines above his eyes are much closer to his eyes than they are with Tobi and Izuna. With Obito the line goes above the eyes in the same curve as the whimper line around his eyes but with Tobi and Izuna the distance between the lines and the eyes is different and doesn’t follow the whimper line around the eyes.

  170. so’ok then tobi is izuna. big brother is awake. kabuto wins. the end.


  171. well actually i always believed tobi to be obito(the simillar sharingan ability to kakashi,his right arm made of zetsu,the hair…) but possessed by uchiha madara soul or something…the reason i always belived tobi not to be madara(at least just phisically) is because madara was quite notorious and everybody kinda knews how he looks,there is no reason to have a mask then unless you really have to hide something and i dont think its just scars or wrinkles…anyway i actually hoped that the sage of the 6 paths to appear from that coffin! but unlike the “akatsuki leader is naruto dad a.k.a yondaime hokage” theory this time the obito=tobi debate is stronger than even i dont think that its izuna at all

  172. spill- garra fought the 2nd mizukage, yagura is the kid with the scar and stitches on his face.
    2nd one on the right

  173. Lets try and separate tobi with facts. What has he been capable of doing and deduce the list of possible suspects from there. He can teleport, create different dimensions, deteriorate Amerterasu, make himself intangible, he can use Inzagi, and he has a lot of sharingan. His arm seems to be made up of the substance Zetsu is made of. We’ve only been able to see the right side of his face. He has wrinkles, so that means he’s had a lot of years in him. Kisame recognized him without his mask. He always referred to himself in the 3rd person. He has a lot of information about the Hidden Leaf Village.

    The Weird stuff Madara (Tobi or the real Madara) participated in: Meeting Nagato, controlling the 4th Mizukage, fighting Konoha with the Nine-tails, fighting Minato, helping Itachi in the massacre.

    I really want to know when the real Madara died, and how did he die? That’d answer a lot of my questions.

    My main theory is he took over the body of the son of the 1st Hokage (i.e. Like Orochimaru’s body snatching method.) Be this method used an advance hypnosis into thinking he is Madara (like Shisui’s eye technique) He’d be able to retain everything his father and uncle taught him. He had the capability of getting close enough to the corpse of the 1st Hokage to get cells. This would also explain how Tobi knew about the issues of a woman Jinchurukii when they are giving birth. He could be around the age of the old counselors or maybe even younger, thus giving him that old sorta old age look. The real Madara implanted his ideas and memories in hopes that Tobi could complete as much as possible before the Real Madara was revived by Nagato. It’s like Occam’s razor (when faced with many hypothesis of equal merit, choose the results with less assumptions) in that possibly it is just the son of the 1st, Tobi but he has just been hypnotized by Madara. Tobi doesn’t remember his past, other then he just likes to have fun, and is carefree. But Madara was triggered into Tobi’s consciousness (possibly by his handler Zetsu) when he was about to die in Diedaras explosion (like how the Bijuu get’s released when their host is unconscious and in danger.)

    At-least I know Madara isn’t immortal. I was afraid the main villain was too haxx. To me, the main villain just got a mean power redux. The main villain doesn’t seem that scary anymore. It gives me confidence that Naruto isn’t going to have to pull anything out of his ass in order to win. He just might be ready to hand this one man, who is galavanting about like he owns the place, more then he can handle. All of Naruto’s battles have been culminating to the pinnacle of his true potential. I think when Naruto has his battle with the impostor, he is going to be beyond awesomeness. He is going to be crafty and as lucid as Jirayia Sensi’s and his father’s impromptu battle strategizing, as calm and level headed as Itachi, laid back like Killer Bee and the Killer intent, to destroy whatever harms his friends and loved ones, that he first learned from Kakashi all those chapters ago. I’m actually ready for this final push in the war. I say “Good job Kishi” Not many comics/manga have got me to think as much as this one. He is right, look underneath the underneath. It is up to us to interpret what is going on subliminally and try to understand as much as possible what he is saying to us.

    That seems about a months worth of rant for me. I’m not going to be on for a while. You’ve guys have been fun, keep reading and supporting this awesome blog! And keep making these bloggers want to blog more! You guys are awesomeness! Peace and I hope there are some deaths in the Alliance!

    -Wise out…

  174. First of all, it was shown that Tobi had 2 eyes in the Konan fight. Obito already gave one to Kakashi, since this Tobi we know is a natural expert in transplanting eyes, he of course could’ve gotten himself a new one.

    Second of all, if the requirements for EMS are indeed your brothers eyes (c’mon kishi, spill the beans on what Kakashi did to get it), wouldn’t the logical thing for two brothers with a somewhat stable relationship, wouldn’t that be to “switch”?

    I believe Tobi is Izuna, in some way or another, the haircut also resembles Tobi, spiky and black, but Tobi’s is indeed shorter than Izunas (at least on the one picture we have of him), but hey, haircut?

    Besides, family isn’t normally a thing to be overlooked in this manga (Itachi, Sasuke, parents) (Naruto, parents) (Neji, Hinata) etc, why would Kishi have focused so little on Izuna?

  175. @ Pein

    It has got to be with the “blood”. 😀 I don’t see any other way an Uchiha can’t infuse Senju blood with their to gain another level of immense power. I’m still gonna stick to my guess that it’s Hashirama.. 😀 even if he’s brought back as edo tensei in fight with the 3rd. I just have a feeling that there’s a lot of mystery about Hashirama’s death. We haven’t seen or read about what really happened to him. The BIG CLUE there is his sharingan eye that doesn’t return to normal as we know that if they implant it it will still return to normal eye like Sasuke’s and Madara and Itachi.

  176. I’m sick of Tobi=Obito thing. lol 😀 Haven’t they see that the sharingan eye behind the mask guy doesn’t turn off or return to normal if it’s Obito? if he’s Obito damn he’s an uchiha he’s sharingan should turn off when not in use. tsk tsk tsk

  177. so’k tobi is madara. edo madara is pissed. kabuto wins. the end.


  178. i think tobi has a very high chance of being izuna along with all the other proofs that have been suggested …tobi can extiniguish the flames of amaterasu and so can sasuke while we havent seen itachi able to do that…what if that was a trait of the mangekyou only given to the younger brother….

  179. @Pisbolman

    Itachi’s sharigan was also always active and he never turned it off for any reason, even when he was just travelling or talking to Kisame, so it is quite possible that Tobi simply always keeps his active in the same manner Itachi did. I think that has more to do with their level of power and skill in using it, more than anything else.

    Even Madara’s sharingan was active from the moment we first saw him. He didn’t have normal black eyes which he then transformed into sharingan eyes. It was just sharingan from the get go, which fits the theory that high level users of the sharingan are able to keep it active indefinitely, unless they, for example, are suffering from extreme chakra exhaustion after a battle.

    In saying that, your idea that the man behind the mask may be a non-uchiha is still a valid theory and you may be right. However, I think it would be more interesting if he turned out to be a character we know about as oposed to just some random guy we’ve never heard of before. So the question is, who that has lived in the past or who is alive today, would be the best fit?

  180. The non-uchiha theory does make sense although just because he doesn’t revert his eye to a normal state doesn’t mean he’s not a uchiha. Don’t forget that eyes that have gone EMS don’t take the strain that normal sharingans do. The eyes don’t even bleed in EMS whereas they do with mangekyo.

  181. In all this debate I think we forgot Kabuto is about to get his ass raped by Itachi . Since Madara isn’t with Kabuto 😛

  182. @Ahsan dont you dare underestimate the power of Kabutomaru! He has a SECOND or even a THIRD trumpcard up his sleeve and he knows Itachi is free. Also I firmly believe Tobi is kakashis son with an missing nin from the mist who was a bastard of an uchiha and a zetsu looking like hashirama.

  183. @Baron

    “I don’t get it, how could it be Obito. The guy gave his eye to Kakashi to go and protect Konoha then decides to come back +/-4 years later to try and crush Konoha and make the world his bitch?”

    The same could be said for a few characters. Look at Pein. At one point, he was pretty much a reflection of Naruto, looking for a peaceful way to end wars and looking after his comrades. He then turned him into a murderous villain with a god syndrome who had no trepidations about killing his own master or whoever else got in his way, regardless of whether they were former comrades or not. I don’t see why that can’t happen to Obito.

    “He wasn’t a particularly skilled ninja but somehow developed to a Jonin/Kage killing/challenging beast?”

    Naruto also wasn’t a particularly skilled Ninja either. At the start of the series, he was probably even worse in skill than Obito was at the same age. After all, he couldn’t even create a single bunshin without having an epic failure. In three – four years since then, he’s now powerful enough to battle against Kage-level shinobi evenly and win. So, in a similar amount of time, it’s quite possible Obito could have gone through the same level of growth. I don’t see why you think it is so far fetched, especially when we’ve already seen other characters undergo a similar amount of growth in a similar space of time. In fact, it is more believable for someone like Obito to grow that fast because the Sharingan would allow him to learn faster than a normal ninja could.

    “He knew little about the outside world but somehow became a walking encyclopedia off all that is ninja?”

    If a character like Kakashi knows as much as he does about the Sage of the Six paths, etc, then why can’t Obito? It’s not like those legends aren’t common knowledge, besides, most info on the Sage of the Six Paths and the history of the Uchiha and Senju was learned from the stone tablet in the Uchiha shrine. All one needs to learn from it is an eye technique like the sharingan and if Tobi had the Rinnegan at one point before he gave it to Nagato, there would have been no secrets kept from him at all. It doesn’t matter where he learned anything else from if the tablet itself is already such a strong singular source of universal information. It is also very likely that Tobi knew Madara when he was alive and that they may have even been consorting with one another. This means that Tobi, even as Obito, could have learned a lot from him, including personal details about his life.

    Anyway, all-in-all, I agree with you that the Izuna theory is a very plausible one and the similarities in their eye shape is quite uncanny. However, Obito’s eyes aren’t that different either and slight changes could just as well be attributed to aging (children’s eyes are often drawn wider and bigger than adults, which are usually drawn to be more narrow or slightly finer in feature). The lines on Tobi’s face can’t really be explained for either, because if Izuna found a way to become immortal, then he technically shouldn’t have aged either.

    At the end of the day, though, the Izuna theory just doesn’t seem like a very interesting concept to me, nor does it seem to contain the same possible character dynamic as a possible Obito theory. I don’t really think I would care if Tobi turned out to be Izuna Uchiha, but I would care a lot more if it was Obito, because it would be a far more intriguing revelation with a lot more implications that could fuel the story in a more interesting way. (I said more four times in that sentence. <_<).

  184. LOL @ wiseman’s Harbinger reference

  185. Ok, you know a chapter is really good when it makes you question everything you’ve read up until this point. So I decided to go back and re-read parts where Tobi reveals information and I had some revelations that just made me facepalm.

    here is two more reasons why it can’t be obito:

    1,That Tobi had two eyes until he used Izanagi in the Konan fight, which shows his left eye close after he uses it.

    2, When a shinobi dies, the body must be destroyed. Minato, who was already in line to be the next hokage would of had to know that all too well, so Obito’s body wouldn’t have been left under a boulder, Minato would have discarded his remains if Kakashi and Rin didn’t. it’s not so much a question of leaving them as they were because of personal attachments… on several occasions they speak of how a shinobi’s corpse is a treasure trove of information and a Uchiha corpse is way more valuable than an average shinobi(even though Obito was pretty avg for a Uchiha), so it’s not the type of thing they are gonna leave in the outskirts of the fire country.

    Now we all keep debating about who Tobi is when there is another elephant in the room that we are ignoring… and that’s the fact that the REAL Madara is standing in front of Naruto!!!

    Now you could say “We don’t know that that’s the real Naruto” but I’m pretty that’s why the Naruto with Gaara is the only one that lost his chakra cloak, to preserve his energy to maintain the clones, which he’s already struggling to maintain.

    and we already know that clones in that mode can weaken him to the point where the kyuubi can break free, so Madara is the last person Naruto would want to be around, plus Tobi and his six paths hot on the trail as well.

    P.S. I apologize for another massive post on the second day I’ve been posting here, but I’ve actually been following this site for about a year now so i’m just making up for lost time 😉

  186. @Tommy

    Firstly, the second eye Tobi had could have easily been a transplant, especially when we consider how many Sharingan eyes he had been collecting.

    Secondly, for the point of disposing bodies, in some cases, it isn’t always possible to do just that. If they were in enemy territory, they may not have been able to return to the place where Obito’s body was burried. They may have also simply assumed that the body was obliterated by the landslide. Seeing as how we have no evidence that suggests any form of disposal was carried out, there’s no way we can just assume that it was. Another similar situation this could be compared to is Jiraiya’s death. There was no visible attempt by Konoha to retrieve his body either, probably because doing so would have been impossible.

    P.S. Gaara already confirmed that the Naruto with him was a clone. The real Naruto is still travelling with Bee and is probably going to encounter Tobi soon.

    Of course, with Madara arriving on the field, Bee and Naruto may just turn back to help Gaara and Tsuchikage face what could be considered the greatest threat in this war so far.

    Oh, and welcome to WRA. It’s always good to have new voices speaking their minds on the blog. ^ ^

  187. Ah yes, with so many Naruto’s running around I must have got confused and yeah with the case of the landslide after the boulder. they could already assume the body was “disposed of”

    Danzou also didn’t need mangekyo’s to use izanagi either so I’m just making some loosely based assumptions. I just find it hard to believe that Obito could come back as the OP antagonist.

    now another tidbit of info I found on Madara was from the wiki, and it links tobi to taka in a proverb about “a hawk born from a kite” which then gets translated to “extraordinarily gifted child can be born from ordinary parents” which gives more merit to the non-uchiha theory.

    Thanks @Tenrai and @dmaxx for the warm welcome. I always look forward to the breakdowns, keep up the good work !

  188. @tommy.. i dont think anyone here trully wants to believe the possibility of Obito theory in any light as it was torn apart so much that it has become taboo. even Kishimoto himself is most likely one of the fallen who much like us are prey to that possible story.

    if Tobi was never Obito, and was always lets say, Izuna. Kishi could have just spun his illustrations to fall in that direction without ever having to change his story. When Tobi reveals himself to Sasuke and we see half a face, that may just have been a joke from Kishi to make us think omg, is there really a possibile truth to this Obito nonsense?? then there is the battle with Konan, and we see the other half of the face, are we to think, omg its not Obito, but its Shisui?

    all this may be a slight of hand trick to make us think its these characters who are constantly spoken of but never shown, that we want them to be it, but really..

    Tobi may just be Madara and nothing more. but im leaning on him being Izuna more than anyone. but whom ever it is, just seeing the 6th coffin being Madara, even though we all saw it coming was joyously welcome and so new, that this one chapter caused so much uproar in all of us that we cant wait til next chapter i think most of all the chapters.. and honestly its not even a cliff hanger..

    the possibilities of who Tobi can be is so narrow that the fever pitch waiting for it is exploding so much in me, i cant contain my excitment..



  189. I still maintain that the assemblage of parts calling itself Madara is the side-effect of white Zetzu oozing around in graveyards… So, for those saying Obito would not rebel against Konoha, even though Obito’s parts are included in Goo Madara, they wouldn’t necessarily have Obito’s personality.

  190. @Tenrai

    What about Sasuke? Sasuke’s MS before always revert to normal eyes and we know that Sasuke is on a different level too. Like when they went to get the 8-tails and and they are going to the kage summit his MS sharingan weren’t turned on. We will see in the future chapters when we see Sasuke’s EMS revert to normal eyes. Itachi’s eye were normal before the clan annahilation i think(too tired to look for the specific chapter because of my slow internet connection) and we also see Itachi’s eyes were normal on confrontation of his father with some Uchiha shinobi.

    We do know that Sasuke doesn’t like the man behind the mask so might as well activate his sharingan here upon meeting here with the man behind the mask but didn’t activate his sharingan.

    Itachi’s sharingan weren’t activated here before his father and some Konoha police arrived to confront him.

    Before activating his MS here after the Konoha police arrived confronting him:

    and then reverted to normal eyes here.

  191. @Pisbolman

    Itachi’s wasn’t active all the time back then, but after that, it was always active. Itachi didn’t even have the EMS yet he still kept his Sharingan active all the time. The only time we ever saw him deactivate it was when he was basically on deaths door.

    In any case, you’re comparing Sasuke to Itachi, and I don’t really see how that supports your argument. Many on this blog would dissagree with the notion that Sasuke is on Itachi’s level. He may be now that he finally has the EMS, in fact, he would probably be above Itachi now, but up until this point, I would say it is clear Itachi was still in a league of his own compared to hos brother.

    Either way, it’s irrelevant whether or not Sasuke himself always keeps his Sharingan active. We already have proof that it is possible as seen with Itachi. He kept his active for years on end, which ultimately proves that it is possible for an pure blooded Uchiha to do so without becoming exhausted. This means Tobi could have his active all the time as well, even as a pure blooded Uchiha.

    So, ultimately, you can’t use the fact that his sharingan is always active as a basis for him not being an Uchiha.

  192. well.. lets discuss the possibilities of how it is possible that Tobi is Madara.

    a lot of people here have already stated that Tobi’s arm is the same substance as Zetsu.

    we know already from the 4th great ninja war, that Zetsu clones can mimic anything it touches, from people, to their blood limits, to their chakra..

    can we agree that it is possible for Zetsu to have met the real Madara before he dies, and transfers that into a Zetsu clone, who is merged with … Obito/ Izuna or neither of them and a new entity is formed and that is Tobi, who is by all means, just a clone of Madara.

    what do you think towards that? or is that just too way off itself to really be anything solid?


  193. If it mimics the chakra signature then it would likely be that whoever Tobi is is really hiding as if he was Madara. Then it could be that the shark called him Madara but was seing the Tobi replica. The only part that I really want to know is someone make a timeline saying when could madara have met nagato. And confronting that to our knoledge we will have the time around when tobi was formed by contrasting it to when the thuscikage/mizucage/whoever it was being controlled happened and other fact we know for real. – As this: ——madara fights the first——— the second mizucage rules ———- pein was born ——– etc… (or however the truck it is) [PLIZ]

  194. i forgot to add to the timeline important things like izuna, the fox attack, obito, and lots of other thinggys. Please someone DO IT!

  195. “The same could be said for a few characters. Look at Pein. At one point, he was pretty much a reflection of Naruto, looking for a peaceful way to end wars and looking after his comrades. He then turned him into a murderous villain with a god syndrome who had no trepidations about killing his own master or whoever else got in his way, regardless of whether they were former comrades or not.”

    But in the end Nagato still felt strongly about Jiraiya. Tobi doesn’t care about anyone or anything other than world dominance. Also, Pain didn’t come to be in a just a few years time. It was a lengthy process of Nagato loosing one friend after another (starting with his best friend Yahiko) before Pain was ‘born’.

    “Naruto also wasn’t a particularly skilled Ninja either. At the start of the series, he was probably even worse in skill than Obito was at the same age. After all, he couldn’t even create a single bunshin without having an epic failure. In three – four years since then, he’s now powerful enough to battle against Kage-level shinobi evenly and win. So, in a similar amount of time, it’s quite possible Obito could have gone through the same level of growth. I don’t see why you think it is so far fetched, especially when we’ve already seen other characters undergo a similar amount of growth in a similar space of time. In fact, it is more believable for someone like Obito to grow that fast because the Sharingan would allow him to learn faster than a normal ninja could.”

    I’ll give you the knowledge part although one could argue as to how Tobi knows all the details and every Jutsu he comes across. I’m fairly certain those aren’t written on the Uchiha tablets. As far as I know only the secrets to the Sharingan, Rinnegan, the S0t6P and the Bijuu are written on the tablets.

    “The lines on Tobi’s face can’t really be explained for either, because if Izuna found a way to become immortal, then he technically shouldn’t have aged either.”

    Well, we don’t know when Tobi became immortal now do we. Also, we don’t know for a fact whether he is immortal. Only Itachi has referred to him in that manner.
    Also, how would you explain the lines if it´s Obito. Kakashi is around 30 years old now so Obito should be about the same age. The only characters we’ve seen with wrinkles in their faces were well over 60. It just doesn’t add up. Unless Obito came back from the future…. Great Scott!

    “At the end of the day, though, the Izuna theory just doesn’t seem like a very interesting concept to me, nor does it seem to contain the same possible character dynamic as a possible Obito theory. I don’t really think I would care if Tobi turned out to be Izuna Uchiha, but I would care a lot more if it was Obito, because it would be a far more intriguing revelation with a lot more implications that could fuel the story in a more interesting way.”

    I can understand you want Obito to be Tobi but with most of the signs pointing in another direction I just can’t see how someone can say there’s a very strong possibility Obito is Tobi.
    As for character dynamics. Kishi is throwing everything on the brother relations. The sons of the Sage, Madara and Izuna, Itachi and Sasuke, A and Bee. All brothers with VERY meaningful relationships. Now, Naruto has also expressed he feels he and Sasuke are brothers.
    Why would Obito be thrown in the mix with absolutely no ties to any of the main characters except for being an Uchiha…

  196. “Secondly, for the point of disposing bodies, in some cases, it isn’t always possible to do just that. If they were in enemy territory, they may not have been able to return to the place where Obito’s body was burried.”

    Minato Hiraishin-ed back to the place to save Kakashi and kill all the stone ninjas. They would have known exactly where Obito was buried and wouldn’t have been hindered during the excavation of Obito’s body.

    One thing I also like to point out is something I adressed earlier. The different appearances of ‘Tobi’. When he attacked Konoha and fought Minato he was like he is now. Short hair, mask, Akatsuki like coat and zetsu arms (both left and right arm). When he revealed himself to Kisame he had long hair, was wearing a robe of sorts and bandages around his legs and upper body short haired Tobi has never been seen with. But more importantly, he didn’t wear a mask then when he revealed himself to Kisame. My guess is that the ‘Tobi’ who controlled the 4th Mizukage was in fact the real Madara and that the masked ‘Tobi’ is Izuna.

  197. I’m loving all the Obito fan boys who convinced Obito could possibly be capable of all this. Yes, he’s an uchiha, but he served his purpose in the manga. He is Kakashi’s backstory for his sharingan. He had a full chapter character death and was put to rest smiling for what he had done for his comrades. As far as anime character deaths go, that was pretty solid. We knew shark fish man wasn’t dead when he was decapitated because it was too quick and had little closure. Obito had hia closure, had his meaning. He’s gone.

    *ducks to dodge obito figurine hurled at my head*

    I see zero chance of him coming back, getting powerful enough to get the nine tails, attack kohona, start atakasuki, kill his own clan, and plot the destruction of the world. Wheres the motivation? Kishi had better do a month long backstory on Obito to convince us he was really capable and motivated for that.

    I agree with redbaron, re: the strong brother theme. When we were introduced to Madara, it was with his brother, and a strong emphasis on their relationship and strength. And come on, theyre not idiots. They prolly just switched eyes and one laid in the shadows. I means youre gonna take your brothers eyes and just throw yours away? Not buyin it. The story has been told two different ways, so its quite possible the truth about that is still out there waiting to be revealed.

    *Ends Uchiha rant and runs anime style with a herd of Obito fanboys in pursuit…*

  198. @Mantisguy

    I agree.. I just don’t see the connection of Tobi being Obito.. I still gonna stick to my theory that the man behind the mask is not from Uchiha clan. 😀

    *runs with Matis* 😀

  199. “They prolly just switched eyes and one laid in the shadows. I means youre gonna take your brothers eyes and just throw yours away? Not buyin it.”

    Madara’s eyes were useless because they had lost it’s light. Izuna probably took the eyes of another Uchiha after he gave his eyes to Madara or had already done so before giving his eyes to Madara. That way Madara had the EMS and Izuna could still see (and fight). Madara then discovered the secrets to the Rinnegan by being able to read more of the Uchiha Tablets. He then fought Hashirama to get his hands on Senju DNA. Used that to create what was necessary to awaken the Rinnegan in an Uzumaki (explaining how Madara knows Nagato and Tobi claiming Nagato was gifted the Rinnegan) with the idea of both him and Izuna implanting the Rinnegan afterwards.
    Perhaps the idea was once they had taken the Rinnegan back from Nagato Madara would give one of Izuna’s eyes back to Izuna and they both would implant one Rinnegan again putting them on equal footing and powerful enough to face any opponent.
    It will be interesting to see how Madara died, surely that will fill in a lot of blanks.

  200. I’m starting to get the feeling we are really underestimating Kishi here, like remember the big debate about what naruto got from itachi? so many people thought it was an anti-sharingan power (what o_O?) or it was was gonna give him a sharingan of his own, and then when people found out that naruto had senju blood they thought it might give him a rinnegan instead. but not a single person had a theory that it was Shisui’s mangekyo. That’s why Kishi is on a whole other level when it comes to writing a brilliant story

    As for the whole theory of how Naruto got strong in 2 years so Obito could have too. Obito doesn’t have the strongest tailed beast living in him 😛 and Naruto is only alive now because of that. Think of how many times Naruto almost died and then used kyuubi chakra to save the day or had a S-class back him up like Jaraiya or Kakashi. so it’s not like Naruto had any real talent until his training with Kakashi.

    We should also look at the fact that some of the Uchiha’s disappeared before the kyuubi attack but after Mikoto talked to Kushina. Why would Sasuke’s parents leave a new born with a 5 year old Itachi? it just doesn’t add up. So this just goes to add to the fact that the family was plotting a coup. Anyways, it’s just some food for thought.

  201. uhhhh tommy…it WAS an anti-sharingan power. it wouldn’t have come out for any other reason

  202. @redbaron

    if izuna couldnt take madaras eyes cause they lost the light, then how did sasuke get EMS from itachis who had also nearly went completely blind?

  203. If one was to take the “Two different Tobis” theory seriously, then there seems to be one thing that we all are overlooking (I think).
    The masks.

    Not the new one though, that one isn’t relevant (that was merely symbolizing the Rinnegan… I guess).
    The spirally one with the pattern, and then the spirally one without it.
    Maybe this change of mask wasn’t just because of it being worn down, but instead it was a whole other person getting in the game, an impostor.

    The one without the pattern is Tobi, and the one with is Madara (or whoever that guy was.

  204. @ kingtuckerville

    Right? I think all u need to do is switch eyes with a brother and you then get the EMS and an inextinguishable light…

  205. Have you guys noticed. Why does it has to be Muu who summoned the 6th coffin? Why didn’t Kabuto summoned it itself? I think there’s gotta be some connection between Muu and Madara or Kabuto. 😀

  206. Haven’t posted in a while…but I’ve got a theory that I can’t keep to myself.

    Tobi is actually…….Madara!!!!

    I think we saw Muu split in two to show that the jutsu exists, but I believe that’s what Madara may have used during his fight with the First. And there are reasons why I believe in my new theory, of course 😀

    First off, he was called a shell of his former self and he needed to be complete, so maybe he plans on “recombining” himself with a revived Madara

    Second, he was surprised by the “trump card” saying that if it was used by Kabuto it would only weaken him, which would be true in this case

    Third, he said that Nagato’s reviving jutsu (something Rinne Tensei) was supposed to be used for him, which most likely meant that he was planning on using that to revive his other half

    Fourth, and this is a little sketchy, but the Edo Tensei Madara said something along the lines of “Nagato has grown” because after “Tobi” gave Nagato the Rinnegan, Tobi got Nagato to attempt to revive his other half, but it must not have stuck since Madara’s still dead. Nagato has grown would signify that Nagato has become adept enough with the Rinnegan to fully revive Madara, or so he thought, since Madara thought he was “alive” until hearing about being brought back with Edo Tensei

  207. @pisbolman

    Kabuto did summon Madara, but through Muu, just like he did back when the Kages were revived.

    He made Muu summon him because he was close to the battlefield. If Kabuto had done the summoning, Madara would have had to walk (or teleport) all the way to the battlefield. So, Muu can only summon the coffins because Kabuto forced him to and he can’t actually use Edo Tensei.

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