Fairy Tail 252. Goodbye, Makarov.

This page makes much more sense after reading the chapter. T_T

There comes a time in one’s life when something has to be sacrificed for the people you love. That time has come for Makarov.

After narrowly surviving his fight with Hades, it looks like this is it for him. This extremely destructive dragon is in its own league, having near-fatally wounded Gildartz in seconds, and no one can do anything to stop it.

The black dragon of the apocalypse, Acnowlogia, has arrived.

The evil dragon strikes terror in everyone’s hearts, easily ravaging Tenrou Island. The Fairy Tail wizards have no other option but to run away and save themselves. How can they possibly defeat it?

The apocalypse is beginning.

The dragon is truly heartless. It understands every word humans say, but it doesn’t care because it doesn’t think of them as anything more than insects, something worthy only of being stepped on. That’s why it will destroy the world with Zeref, its summoner.

This is exactly what Gildartz meant when he taught Natsu that there are enemies that you just can’t fight against and you have to run away to survive. Even Zeref says that it is like a force of nature, impossible to oppose or fight back against.

But that won’t stop Fairy Tail from trying.

Makarov is ready to sacrifice himself for his children, like a true father.

Coughing up blood, Makarov tells his comrades to obey his final orders and run. Even Laxus understands what that means and stops Natsu from throwing his life away. Reluctantly, Fairy Tail leaves the island in tears, wondering what to do without the guidance of their beloved master.

Goodbye, Makarov.

This chapter was so sad… T__T

I thought I would have been ready for Makarov’s death, knowing that he had a heart sickness and it could have happened any moment, but it shocked me. Especially because he had just survived the battle with Hades. The final monologue was touching. 😦

Who else needs a tissue?

Moving on, Fairy Tail will need a new master. The obvious choice would be Gildartz, especially because he knows that he has a daughter now and because of that he’ll stay at the Guild more, but there’s Laxus too. Makarov called out to him as his successor, so he might be the next master, considering the fact that he’s had a change of heart.

Also, this is another interesting option: what if the next master is a member of the Council? He could be sent there to make Fairy Tail stop breaking the rules, but he will end up being a dictator, so no one will like him. There could be a small arc about that, with him being kicked out of FT at the end. What do you think?

I think there will be a Council arc in which Gildartz will learn what being a leader really means and at the end of the arc, he will become Guild Master.

That’s it for this week. The breakdown was a bit different from usual, with less comedy, but that was because of the nature of this chapter. Hope you enjoyed it.

See you in the comments!

-最強 Dragon

~ by 最強 Dragon on September 26, 2011.

51 Responses to “Fairy Tail 252. Goodbye, Makarov.”


  2. The chapter is out….

    And wow… All I can say is that this is probably one of the best chapters of Fairy Tail I’ve read in a while. Things really went south here, but it suddenly gives more depth to the manga.

    It’s just, when I read the title of this chapter, I had a feeling about something that was going to happen, and after the chapter was finished, it seems those feelings have been confirmed.

    It’s really quite sad…

  3. I really cant take this seriously. This is like what…the 3rd time Makarov has “died” or foreshadowing of it?

    Seriously if youre gonna die just do it dammit D:<. Stop this emotional roller coaster already.

  4. @ Breakdown – Nice, I agree it was a more emotional chapter but it was only the end and he didn’t actually die yet, he was still alive at the end, so yeah maybe the big emotional chapter gonna be next week…

    @ Chapter – I enjoyed it, it seems we finally seeing what Gildartz taught Natsu and no more plot power up and Cats’ this is serious business

  5. @pumpkin: Yeah, I know that it’s the third time he has “died”, but something about his monologue made it look so… final. He’s probably dead for real this time. T__T

    @pein: The next chapter’s title is “Let’s hold hands” so it will probably be even more emotional than this one, with Fairy Tail trying to cope with Makarov’s death. Next week’s chapter will be tear-wrenching. 😦

  6. Lol. I love how Kakashi is winning the vote for next Fairy Tail master. O_O

    But in all seriousness, I do believe the next master will be Laxus. He is quite strong in his own right and he has learned Fairy Law, which was Makarov’s strongest spell, so that shows that he is at least close to what is needed to be a guild master as far as strength goes. I reckon he could at least fight on par with Jose.

    But more importantly, I think he’s grown up a bit since he was exiled and he is the grandson of the Guild’s master, so it only seems right that he should take it over.

    Of course, there is Gildartz as well, who is probably the oldest, wisest and probably the strongest of the S-class mages in Fairy Tail. He would also fit the role quite well and he is a good father figure to everyone.

    The last person I can think of as a known character is that old healing lady (I forgot her name T__T). I know she tries to live separate from everyone and doesn’t like to be around people, but maybe she will come in and take the role of master temporarily to represent Fairy Tail, for the sake of her deceased friend. Who knows, she may be incredibly strong for all we can gather and she does seem to have been acquainted with Fairy Tail or Makarov for a long time. That seems like an interesting possibility.

    I don’t want some idiot from the counsel coming in and ruining the guild’s air of freedom and exuberance. It needs a master who will help Fairy Tail stay true to itself in these dark times. @__@

  7. Hmm this chapter didn’t hit me like it seemed to have effected you guys. While I do like Marakov and all that I can only see this as another One Piece rip off that Fairy Tail is commiting. Am I really the only one who saw it as a worse presentation of Whitebeard’s captains orders in the Marinford arc?..

  8. @Franky

    One Piece wouldn’t be the first manga to have a scene where some noble leader orders his subordinates to retreat while he sacrifices his life to save them, and it won’t be the last. I don’t think it’s really fair to compare such a generic and universal theme and simply say that it is a rip-off, because then everything is a rip-off, including One Piece, Lol.

    Actually, to be honest, I don’t know why people keep comparing One Piece and Fairy Tail all the time in the first place. They don’t even feel remotely similar to one another from a story point of view. I’ve read One Piece and I really just don’t see the connections that others seem to notice.

    The only similarity I could have pointed out is that Fairy Tail’s artwork for some of its characters did come across as somewhat similar to those of One Piece, most noticably earlier in the manga, but even that has changed and Fairy Tail’s artwork has really come into its own style over its life time. Actually, when you compare how the characters look now to how they looked at the start, it’s really quite surprising how much they have changed aesthetically.

    I mean, look how Kana looked before (top right panel)…


    … and this is what she looks like now (middle left panel)…


    Lol. It’s actually quite funny, and most of the characters have changed in a similar way.

  9. @franky: I didn’t see this as a One Piece rip off. To me, Whitebeard’s death and Makarov’s sacrifice were similar in a few ways, but different in many more.

    Whitebeard died during the Marineford arc and his goal was to save Ace. He was fighting many powerful enemies. He failed to save Ace, so he decided to give his remaining comrades the chance to escape and he died while protecting them.

    Makarov died trying to save his comrades too (that’s the only part in common, imo), but he was fighting an enemy way more powerful than anything we had ever seen in the manga, so him stalling it by sacrificing himself was the only way for Fairy Tail to survive. In One Piece, the admirals are seen as powerful, but there are people like Garp, Shanks, Whitebeard himself, Kaido and Big Mom that are stronger than them.

    Anyway, you’re right about Makarov’s final words being a lot like Whitebeard’s orders, but that’s because they are both old men who think of their comrades as their children, so it’s normal for them to want their sons to survive and live another day.

    I hope that made sense to you. @_@

  10. Yeah I know its quite a common theme. I mean it even goes back as far as when Lord of the Rings was written and probably even further than that. My point is as Dragon noticed; the speach and the nature of the whole thing was way too similar for my taste but maybe thats just because I’m a huge One Piece fan.
    As for Fairy Tail not being similar, well that just isn’t true. Natsu himself is (imo obviously) little more than a shell of Luffy’s character. All his defining features such as a crazy appetite right the way to getting mad even when his enemies disregard their nakama are done in exactly the same way as Luffy. I’m not going to go further because I have just now noticed that I only seem to flame Fairy Tail whenever I post here so I will make an effort to stop.

    On a different note, I am interested in the celestial spirit keys. Do we know if there are more awesome keys to collect after Lucy gets all the gold ones?

  11. @Franky

    Well, you could say that the similarities between Natsu and Luffy are thanks to the fact that both characters were inspired by their author’s love for Dragon Ball.

    Both Natsu and Luffy were inspired by dragon ball, Luffy in the way he fights which was apparently based on Kid Buu and Natsu in the way he dresses, which was similar to the clothes worn by Gotenks and Gogeta in their fusion form. Also, both their personalities, their appetites, their good natures and their respect for their comrades is pretty much a reflection of Goku’s nature as a hero. So, the only reason Natsu may be similar to Luffy is because they both drew inspiration from the same place, not because one author was trying to copy another.

    Even if that’s a similarity one can point out (which is a trait many shonen heroes have, from Naruto, to Luffy, to Goku) the individual stories between Fairy Tail and One Piece are too dissimilar to really be compared.

    Of course, it is easy to find similarities when one is looking. You should read my post on the simiarities between Dragon Ball Z and Naruto if you never have. It’s actually uncanny how many oddities you can snuff out if you look hard enough.

  12. Now we should have a battle debate. Natsu vs Luffy vs Naruto. Who’s the strongest hero! @___@

  13. @ Tenrai – Ichigo !!! 😀 He is the greatest of all ^_^

  14. @Pein

    Ichigo’s power fluctuates too much for us to actually tell how strong he is. That and the biggest battle he was supposed to have with Aizen went unseen, so we don’t even know how strong his strongest form is.

    But as far as I am concerned, Naruto beats Natsu and Luffy. <_<

  15. @Ten: Well if thats the case I think its quite rude of Fairy Tails author to openly take inspiration from Dragonball and publish it in the rival magazine. But its much more specific than the things you pointed out. I know you don’t read One Piece that much so you probably didn’t spot the things while you were reading Fairy Tail and to be honest I have forgotten most now but there is so much stuff, and not just the vaigue things that people can twist to suit their arguments but really specific things. I will stress again though that I really believe a truly original story doesn’t exist anymore with the sheer volume of stories that exist in the world, and because of this its the specifics that matter. Such as the example of Natsu getting angry at Leon when he [Leon] was hurting his nakama. Identical in almost every way to the first time Luffy was shown getitng mad at an enemy, Kuro, who was hacking down his own comerades.
    I did read your post and I did enjoy it a lot. I think you spotted tons of stuff I had never noticed, like the Saiyans and Uchihas… Again though, at least Naruto is published in Shonen Jump and Kishi openly admits he takes inspiration from Dragonball.

    Well as for the debate I don’t think Natsu is in it at all at the moment. He is at the disadvantage of not having a time skip on his side. Naruto is hella strong now, with a million different rasengans and two different modes to switch into. As for Luffy, he can knock out 50000 people with a stare for gods sake!

  16. 15 responses! Double digits! It’s a record! (Oh, tragic irony…)

    Mashima has admitted to being inspired by Dragon Ball, just like Oda. And who isn’t? Dragon Ball is one of the best mangas out there and it was the best ever at the time of its publication.
    Also, inspiration isn’t illegal or rude. It would be if he openly took a DB character and published it in Shonen Magazine. And I wonder why FT isn’t published in Shonen Jump. It’s a lot like other Shonen mangas. Just like Hajime no Ippo and Mahou Sensei Negima.


    Naruto wins this. He’s the savior! He has two suns guiding him! He can become the Rikudo Saiyan! He’s Ninja Jesus! /end rant
    Seriously, he’s too much hax for Natsu and Luffy. But I bet that they will be just as strong as him (if not stronger) in their mangas final stages.

  17. @Franky

    Lol. Perhaps I have not read it enough or as deeply to see the similarities you speak of, but then, I’ve always seen One Piece in its own light. I think it’s a great manga and I can see why people love it so much, but Fairy Tail has its charms as well. I wouldn’t say it is as deep or moving as One Piece (there were moments in One Piece that made me feel like Bawling my eyes out) but for me, that’s part of the reason I find it appealing.

    It’s a light read and a nice way to take a break from all the heavy stuff. It’s not a manga you can take as seriously as some of the others, but it still has its shining moments and it is a fun manga as well.

    Actually, if you ask me, Zeref is the first character in this series that may turn it on its head and add more depth to it.

    In any case, I agree with Dragon in that being inspired by someone else’s work is not something that can simply be shunned or seen in a negative light, even if the inspired work is published in a rival publication. If you ask me, it’s actually a compliment for another author to say that they were inspired by your work and that it has influenced their own work in a positive way. Besides, no amount of inspiration will make a manga great on its own in either case. That part is up to the author itself and how good at writing stories he/she is. That isn’t a skill that can simply be “stolen” through inspiration, so at the end of the day, Fairy Tail should still be judged by its own merits and not by the merits of other manga or authors.

    I would, however, understand being upset if they took more than a bit of inspiration and blatantly copied someone else’s work in a very noticeable way, but so far, I haven’t seen any planets blowing up in Fairy Tail, nor have I seen any Kamehameha waves, Big Bang attacks, high speed battles faster than the eye can see or people flying around like gravity doesn’t matter anymore.


    Oh well, I guess that debate didn’t take off as well as I had hoped. So, lets instead choose the most powerful villain!!!


  18. @ Villain Debate – Obviously Aizen, he has a devise that makes his dreams come true come on I mean that is Epic, plus for all his God mode we never saw his Bankai… 😀 Aizen pure awesomeness…

    @ Dragon – To be honest I think Natsu wins the old debate, Luffy is strong but he not in the same league really, and Natsu can eat Tensa Zangetsu and the Kyuubi Chakra and become something insane O_O

  19. @ Franky – One Peice is literally a manga all its own class, to be at how many chapter 600 and something if not now already 700 (I dont read it) we cannot compare a manga in its infancy to that which in comparison FT is, Bleach and Naruto are Middle Age and the Plot Holes created are like craters, Bleach more then Naruto… but that is whats nice about having manga, one minute we reading bout pirates then ninja’s then undead things spirits and finally magic… Now Fairy Tail will have its ups and downs but to compare the two u would have to go back to One Peice Chapter 252, and compare all aspects, Illustration quality, plot to the point, holes created etc. Both Good Manga’s but One Peice will be in a class of its own because of its length, but Fairy Tail is popular in its own right, like Bleach and Naruto 😀 (maybe sometimes more then Bleach <_< )

  20. @franky it’s not like it’s a blatant copy. As if Mashima blatantly copy using powered up fruits that turns you into lead.

  21. Alright, alright, I never said it was a total rip off. I mean Natsu doesn’t want to be the pirate king either. Its just the little things. Anyway, this all started off because I said i found the Makarov speach very similar to the Whitebeard one, and it seems to have slipped further and further back to a point where I seem to be fighting against Fairy Tail’s serious fans for no real reason. I don’t mean to sound like a hater, and I’m not. I did used to really enjoy Fairy Tail, like back in the Phantom arc and well to be honest right up to the arc before the Nivarna one when Natsu started getting his snack powerups. Maybe the reason I’m bothered by this chapter at all is because I really like the guild master’s character and I don’t think he was done justice in his ‘final’ moments here. I don’t think the execution was crisp enough (for me personally) to be the send off of one of the best and most likable characters.
    As for publication and stuff, well there are tons of reasons why it might not be in Jump. If you don’t already, read Bakuman for a good, if not stretched, insight into manga publication. If Fairy Tail was taken to Jump at any point i could only think it wouldn’t be published there because they have pleanty of battle manga already.
    Moving on a little further, I guess our opinions just differ on the Dragonball inspiration. It is deffinately the most influential battle manga devised and its clear in pleanty of works that it inspired others. I just don’t like the idea of that in a different magazine. I don’t really know why but it rubs me the wrong way.

    I also don’t like how Luffy is being looked down on here. I don’t know how many of you are up to date with One Piece but he has serious powers now. He can predict his opponents attacks, wear an invisible suit of armour and punch a giant squid that is like a hundred times the size of a gallion stupidly far even when his power was being drained underwater. I honestly couldn’t say who was quicker between him in gear 2nd and Naruto in Kyuubi chakra but I would probably give it to Naruto just for arguments sake. Still, I don’t see any way at all for Natsu to stand a chance against either.

    Blackbeard is hax amounts of strong too, for the villan debate…

  22. @Franky

    Lol. Don’t worry, I’m really not trying to be difficult, nor am I trying to start an argument. It’s just, this is the longest discussion we’ve ever had on a Fairy Tail breakdown and I was quite enjoying it. I didn’t want to waste the opportunity either.

    In any case, I do actually understand some of your grievances, such as the snack powerup win no jutsu. There are a lot of cliched wins in Fairy Tail and sometimes it does feel cheap, I think everyone who reads it has realised that by now. Lol.

    As for the debate, I agree that Natsu won’t cut it as he is now. Between Luffy and Naruto, or even Ichigo, to be honest, I can’t even be sure who’s stronger. Lol. I mean, Naruto also has super human strength and he can throw around large summons like they are toys, and his senses and speed make him ideal for counter attacking and avoiding enemy movements. His chakra arms are also comparable to Luffy’s ability to extend his body like a rubber band, in that it also gives Naruto extended attack range and mobility.

    The one advantage Naruto has is his wind style attacks which have a “cutting” effect. We know Luffy is more susceptable to cutting attacks than blunt force trauma and the rasenshurigen is basically a storm of microscopic blades.

    As for Ichigo, as he is now, I’m not sure how he factors into this debate. Someone with more knowledge on Bleach would have to argue in his favor. *looks at Pein*.

  23. Since Natsu isn’t even a contender let’s try villians or someone else like the strongest Ally for example Kenpachi vs Gildartz vs The Fourth Raikage vs Shanks *Computer Explodes from the awesomeness!!*

  24. Personally I think Bleach’s power scales are a lot higher than the other three so it doesn’t make it fair. Kenpachi would probably own all the other three regardless of their awesomeness. I also think Ichigo and his million upgrades could handle any of the protagonists of the other mangas.
    One debate idea I heard once that I loved was the idea of all the fire users against each other. Natsu vs Ace vs Roy Mustang vs (some fire using ninja?)

  25. Nah that wouldn’t since fire doesn’t do shit in Naruto.
    How about Swordsmen instead: Zoro vs Erza, vs Zabuza vs Black*Star instead.

  26. Zoro vs Mifune

    3 sword style vs Infinity sword style….that fight would make me fangirl squeal :O

  27. Killer Bee vs Hawkeye Mihawk is a good match-up as far as swordsmanship goes.

    I wonder if CoO haki would be capable of predicting all of bee’s movements?

  28. Chopper vs Panterlily won’t that be interesting. People at least try to add Fairy Tail in your matchups since this well a Fairy Tail blog.

  29. @Kantonkage

    Alright, how about Acknolowgia vs Kyuubi? @___@

    Or Makarov vs the Third Hokage. <_<

  30. The inspirational role model type matchup? Kakashi vs Urahara vs Gildarts vs Shanks? No more of your Kakashi’s rampage jokes please -_-

    @Pumkin: That would be so awesome its unreal. The fight would last days and nights and they would lose way more blood than the human body has in it but they would still fight. Someone should make a crossover manga about it.

    @Notreallyhere: I think Mihawk is way ahead in swordsmanship personally. He can slice tidal waves in half ffs! With the tailed beast bomb and all that it might be more even but still I would give it to Mihawk…

  31. @Franky: You know who’s the perfect counter to Mihawk’s swordsmanship? Buggy!
    His fruit makes him invulnerable to cuts since he can just separate his body! I think it’s funny that the greatest swordsman can defeat foes at admiral level but he can’t even scratch a weakling like Buggy. 🙂


    Acnowlogia beats the Kyuubi since it is the black dragon of Apocalypse (DUN DUN DUNNN!) and it might actually have Zeref’s ability to instantly kill anyone with Death magic. I think the Kyuubi’s Biju Bomb might hurt it a bit, but its scales look hard enough to withstand that blow.

    The Third Hokage is revered as the God of Shinobi (like the Rikudo Sage) and he presumably knows over a thousand techniques of almost every element and he has a badass summon (Adamantine Staff!), so I think he would win against Makarov. Also, he doesn’t have a crippling heart sickness that will weaken Makarov greatly if the fight gets long enough.

  32. Mihawk would pwn Killer Bee in swordsmenship.

    Gildartz vs Shanks would be cool. They look extrememly similar…its kinda scary.

    How about the main females: Sakura vs Lucy vs Nami vs Orihime

    The most offensive one here is Sakura. Lucy can summon strong people now. Nami can practically make storms. And Orihime has a near impenetrable defense.

  33. @Dragon

    Well, let’s make it that this is a full powered Kyuubi, not the half pint sealed in Naruto. Then again, we really don’t know the extent of Acknowlogia’s power yet, so we can’t really compare them.

    How about Gildartz vs Itachi? @___@

  34. I havejust recieved word that an army of fangirls are storming Japan thanks to Tenrai’s suggestion. They intend to force the respective mangaka to draw such a scene saying, and I quote, ‘the possibility of an army of chibi Itachi’s was more than we could hope to resist.’

  35. Haku vs Gray Fullbuster?

    That would make an interesting fight I think =P

  36. @Franky

    Wouldn’t Jiraiya suit the inspirational role model type match-up more thank Kakashi? Kakashi is a good sensei, but Jiraiya served as the primary role model for the protagonist of Naruto.

    And an army of fangirls? Who will survive? And what did I do? X___x

  37. The new Fairy Tail is out. Now let’s see if it’s as deep as we are hoping.


  38. Holy… Freakin…

    Did… Not… See… That… Coming…
    Soooo many questions, so few answers…
    And the next chapter will be 24 pages long!!!

    Something tells me it won’t be long enough though.

  39. what the hell, I wouldve never thought anything like this would happen.
    For ones Natsu didn’t save the day.
    I really wonder whats gonna happen now.
    I wonder if Hiro Mashima really is gonna forsake all his old characters.

  40. All I can say is….


    *Is at a complete loss for words*

  41. No seriously. Wth.

    That completely bowled me over. I can’t even think properly after that. Hiiro really blew us away.

    Lol. I can imagine the next breakdown starting with a resounding “WT@*.

  42. Two questions come to mind…
    Who was the lady he showed in there that we have never seen before?
    or will they show up later one by one or something?
    only time will tell…
    *counting down the ticks till the next Fairy Tail comes out*

  43. I take back my hate….

    This chapter was so unexpected its insane. All I can really say though is his three dragon slayers won’t be dead at the very least will they? Not with the whole dragons dissapearing thing still in the air. I wouldn’t mind some of the lesser folk to dissapear though. Well anyway, yay timeskip!

    @Tenrai: You’re right with Jiraiya being more of the inspirational type but the four that I mentioned all have a similar aloof personality if you know what I mean. I consider them the equivilents of each other in their respective mangas.

  44. Im gonna go ahead and theorize that the girl was a real fairy of the island.

    Im looking forward to the 7 year timeskip

    But I will drop this manga if all the girl did was transport them into the future and they have to find a way back or something. It didnt work in Hitman Reborn I doubt Fairy Tail would pull out a decent arc out of that.

    Otherwise if its a normal timeskip where we gradually find out what happened to the members that disappeared it should be quite interesting. Also remember the rest of Fairy Tail that didnt participate in the exam is still at the guild. I wonder if they chose a new master during the 7 years,

  45. wow. just wow. i dont even know what to say, they cant kill off all of them can they? i predict there will be some awesome plot twist at the end of the new arc where they all return or something crazy like that

  46. So the kid is probably Romeo right? Macao’s kid who was introduced at the start of the manga when Natsu went and beat the monkey that turned out to be Macao…

  47. Dammit, Tenrai! I wanted to do just that! Now I can’t anymore! 😡

    By the way, Mashima hinted this back when Fairy Tail was getting pwned

  48. @Dragon

    You can still do it. Besides, we’ll all still be thinking it anyway. Lol.

    I think this is the first time in a while we’ve all been so excited about the next Fairy Tail chapter coming out just to see what’s happening.

  49. Well i didn’t see that coming… that’s for sure. I think the boy has something to do with natsu since he’s wearing a scarf and has dragon slayer like eyes.

    That’s all I can really say about this chapter except how is there still a fairytail guild? How could they survive 7 YEARS without there most powerful forces?

  50. Oh Mashima, what have you done!? This can only end horribly.

  51. @ Fairy Tail – The Thing on the island protected Fairy Tail’s old members… Guess Gildartz didn’t listen to his own advise, I still missing the point… Run away blah blah, its shocking, everyones wondering what happening next but Hiro can go two ways about this, Reboot completely but that would mean loosing Erza, Gray, Natsu etc all deep characters, its actually be annoying… So there will be a twist showing that they all survived though or reincarnated maybe?

    How did FT survive without a master or an S Class Mage unless the guy that pretended to be a part took over for them. etc

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