Bleach Chapter 465 – Rule Number 1 in a Battle <_< Be Bad@$$

Why so Serious?

Awe all! Its another beautiful week, almost the end of another month and getting closer and closer to that coveted December where I can do owww sweet nothing, just chill in the summer vibes here in the South (Equator not USA South :O )

I have extremely mixed feelings about this chapter, I am excited seeing Bouldy and Renji show off some of their power but I am also disappointed in how little of a threat the Fullbringer seem to be. Unless you from “save the tree’s” then maybe you have a problem with it <_<

Hippies everywhere feel the Pain <_<

I don’t got too much time so gonna make this breakdown pretty short, *Reads chapter again*

Well I guess not that much happens anyways O_O

– Ikaku seems to be in a league of his own, knowing that “lucky boy” was the only one to not receive an upgrade I still think this battle can go well.

– Replacing a dislocated arm with just your muscles alone… WTH <_<

I always like Ikkaku, his arrogance and just weirdness of being bold, though in this chapter I was a lot more amped to see Renji, even the first page he is in, the rain drop frozen next to him. Standing waiting for the attack, I knew Kubo would be making an Ichigo/Aizen out of him soon πŸ˜‰

Tristan had no chance, the sun wouldn’t be rising on this situation anytime soon but Kubo gave us a few wasting panels. (You know how he does.) Though this time was not Blank empty spaces but instead random boring Dialogue… Talking about Motorbikes engines and how Renji knew about them… Really basically a wash, unless they decide to create a series… SOUL REAPERS ON MOTORBIKES!!!! <_< You may laugh but people have had Card Games on Motorcycles >_>

Chuck Eat your Heart Out <_<

Renji is the bad@$$ gentleman, I thought what change will we see but it was evident from the beginning that he had little interest in going full out against a female. Its funny he reminds me more and more of Squad 11, more interested in the challenge then actually just finishing things quickly.

Jackie reveals the engine actually brings some weird oily liquid to cover her body, not just boots.

The battle reminds me of Aizen vs Ichigo, but in a good way, she is over confident and powerful and he just chills back like a boss. Waiting for her to give him some sort of a challenge. The way the environment changed around them was all basically Aizen/Ichigo :P… Its funny Kubo only draws backgrounds to destroy them <_<

It is then a drastic finish, with Renji the winner we learn that for 17 months Renji has trained to become so powerful, now I wonder… if you can do that in 17 Months, what could be possible in a 100 years @___@ Now I begin to understand Aizen a little more, where I think most members of the Captains etc got to a certain level and stopped Training, if one pushes themselves they can become god’s. I would like to see if Renji has mastered his Bankai and WHY these two aren’t Captains and if any of the old members wents 0 Squad ^_^



– Debate –

I thought this week lets celebrate the 2 Bad@$$’s of this chapter,

Ikkaku vs Renji



~ by pein0avenue on September 22, 2011.

12 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 465 – Rule Number 1 in a Battle <_< Be Bad@$$”

  1. First!!!
    Renji and Ikkaku are pimps in this chapter
    Though that Renji said he had been training to fight Aizen kind of says that Aizen is still the big bad….

  2. anybody seen the fourth bleach movie “hell chapter”? its the best anime movie i seen in a while and it surpassed all previous bleach movies which where quite good apart the third one who was boring…anyway i recommend anybody who still enjoy bleach after all the trolling of the anime/manga to watch it asap…funny bleach movies are actually much better than naruto ones,well i guess this is the only department bleach is superior to naruto

  3. Ichimaru GIN!

  4. @ Dan – I will have to check it out hey πŸ˜‰

  5. They should just change the name of Bleach to “Egos” and be done with it, seeing as how every character in the manga right now has an Ego that is so over inflated, they could each substitute for a city-sized dirigible.

    The worst part is that the ones with the biggest egos are always usually the first to die, despite all their big talk. -_____-

    It’s actually quite annoying.

  6. @tenrai Lol It seems when you start to gloat you’re death is near.

  7. hi ppls πŸ˜€
    I’m curious about one thing: when Rukia 1st time stabbed Ichigo she lost a lot of her powers (don’t remember properly)
    Q: How much more powerfull could be anyone from Soul Society before they gave some powers to Ichigo…
    have a good time folks πŸ™‚

  8. @ pwnman – She lost all of her powers since Ichigo the greedy bastard took all of it to fill up his latent powers… its kinda like a vacuum, when it opens it absorbs all that surrounds it until its filled, now in the current time line, Each Captain has given Ichigo strength and we learnt from Unahana that Ichigo at half strength is as strong as a captain so at full strength would be about 2 and a half, so 13 captains would only give about 20% to make up that amount ^_^ plus Vice Captains etc and Kisuke and Isshin πŸ˜€

    Bleach 466 is out…

    Yup I was right Riruka is the only one who seems to have any redeeming qualities.

  10. I actually liked the chapter for once >.>

  11. Bleach has gotten better because now (at least at this point in time) there is still an air of mystery behind the plot. We still don’t know what direction Kubo will be taking it and that lends itself to intrigue.

    Now if only he can keep it up…

  12. chapter’s out on mangareader…

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