Naruto Chapter 555 Breakdown: When the Raikage’s parents told him it was bad to point fingers at others, he got a glint in his eyes…

There are some things in life that cannot be expressed through mere words alone. Whether they are feelings of love, sadness, anger or just primal rage, there are simply some feelings that exist on such an extreme and heightened emotional level, that no amount of gum flapping could possibly convey their meaning in a way that would help the victim of any said verbal assault understand them.

And so, body language was formed.

Now, unlike most other languages, body language is a far more direct and easy to understand form of communication. After all, nothing says “I’m going to hurt you” quite as effectively as, say, a punch to the face, which carries the same message across in a very immediate, direct and rather vivid manner. Body language is also accepted and understood on an international, interplanetary and interspecial level, the last of which is a word I just invented for the purposes of this explanation. <_<

Now, you may be wondering why this is relevant to our latest Naruto chapter, but I suppose it’s best to just show you. 😉

No, he's not asking you to pull it. I'd hate to think what would happen if he did. <_<

Now, in the Third Raikage’s case, a finger is worth a thousand words, and at least a few screams here and there as well. You just have to be careful where he puts it, or you may find yourself quickly becoming fluent in the fine art of body language as well. X___x

Of course, many people would say that the Raikage was just trying to make a point, but if you ask me, needles make better points than fingers, right? Unless, of course, the point of his point was to point out the point he was trying to make. O_o

Suffice to say, the Raikage isn’t the only shinobi fluent in body language. We’ve also seen Naruto use some strange expressions that are great examples of this amazing form of communication in action.

. . . .

No… I don’t know what he was trying to tell us either, but judging from his facial expression, it must have been pretty important. Perhaps Naruto was trying to tell us that he’s pregnant, or perhaps he just needs more ramen.

Perhaps he was thinking of Sasu… no wait, we better not. <_<

Moving along…


Yeah, I think this one’s a lot easier than the last one. This one’s a warning. It means “Don’t touch my ramen or I’ll kick your ass.”

And kicking ass is exactly what Naruto did in this chapter. He proved to us that he is not only smarter than he was before when it comes to battle tactics and strategy, but that he is also stronger as well. The fact that he was able to go into sage mode within a few seconds of standing still just goes to show how far his mastery of that ability has come along now. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I was also glad to see him use Sage mode at all, given his new mastery over the Kyuubi’s chakra. I was beginning to think that Sage mode had been fazed out altogether, but it seems that it still has some advantages over the Kyuubi chakra mode that make it viable for use under certain battle conditions.

That, and it still looks as cool as hell.

And so, that concludes today’s lesson on body language. Now, to make sure you were all paying attention, we will conclude our lesson with a post breakdown examination, to see how much you’ve learned about body language.

The test is, of course, to see if you can guess what the following example of body language means.


And the answer is…



Yep! That’s right! There’s only one thing on a woman’s mind when she has an expression like that.


For those of you who were thinking of something else, sorry, but nothing comes before chocolate in a woman’s heart, and that’s pretty much a given fact. In any case, that’s it from me this week. All that’s left is to give you a nice bubbliton contest to keep you all out of mischief.

*Insert possible caption here.*

See you all in the comments! ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on September 20, 2011.

50 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 555 Breakdown: When the Raikage’s parents told him it was bad to point fingers at others, he got a glint in his eyes…”

  1. First! *your soul is mine*

  2. @Darks

    Do you mean my soul? O_o

  3. THIRD 😀

  4. Yondaime!!!

    Be back later with a caption entry.
    Nice Breakdown by the way =P

  5. It’s supposed to be a breakdown but you barely ‘broke it down’ … no look to the next chapter about Gaara and the Mizukage, no word on how Naruto beat the Raikage or how he got the idea, or even small things like Dodai’s rubber ball or Bee taking a piss break. Just stuff about ‘body language’.

    Just healthy criticism, but I think there should be an actual recap of what happens in the chapter … the jokes can be as laden in the breakdown as you want but you should at least mention that the Raikage stabbed himself. If I read this before I read the chapter I would’ve assumed the chapter was completely uneventful, besides Sage mode.

  6. Meh, sometimes the breakdowns are thorough and sometimes they’re skimpy. Side effect of life and time. If you want robust consistency, pay them lots 🙂

  7. @nagashikage

    I disagree. It’s refreshing to not have a summary of the chapter and some comical relief and deeper look into the events in the chapter. We all can read the chapter and see what happened. I think it was a great breakdown. As for discussing the particulars of the chapter, that’s what the comments are for! 🙂

  8. @Nagashikage

    I get what you’re trying to say, but, do you really want me to write a post where all I am doing is repeating what everyone already knows?

    I could tell you the Raikage stabbed himself, but you already know that. I could tell you Gaara may have a hard time in the next chapter, but you can already tell that as well without my stating the glaringly obvious. So, when a chapter is pretty straight forward like this last one, where there isn’t much you can dig out of it by going deeper, it just doesn’t make sense to write a breakdown that is essentially just a step-by-step repeat of a chapter everyone has already read through. If you ask me, that makes it a boring read for everyone.

    Anyway, I’ll take your criticism into consideration.

  9. @ Tenrai Senshi- I thought your breakdown was amusing and well worth the read for what it’s worth =]

    Bubbliton Contest:

    Thought Bubble: So that’s how he’s been training for his reunion with Sasuke.

    Caption: Brace yourselves, this is what happens when the caption contest involves a rubber jutsu user…. ¬¬

  10. I agree with Mantisguy , IANRH, ten etc. I know some author’s give a brief description of the chapter , some explain it step by step and some mostly skip it . I think the explaining it step by step is just not right. You could either give a brief description or mostly skip it but it is VERY dependent on the chapter itself. If it’s straight forward then their is no need to SAY that this this and this happened. Rather Implying something works, because we already know it don’t we?

  11. Bubble:

    When you’re about face someone who uses a finger for their preferred weapon of choice, all young shinobi must remember the golden rule. Always wear protection…


    Luckily, the rubber man is always prepared for such occassions.

  12. Bubble: Hehehehe, now it’s time to tried out the ultimate tech I’ve just developed.
    Caption: Tentacle Rape you knew it was coming.

  13. LOL Kanton! I can’t even compete against that! Naruto turned Hentai, whoda thunkit…

  14. Bubble:

    Tought Bubble: Shape Transformation deals with controlling the form, movement, and potency of chakra.
    Nature Transformation usually deals with changing the physical properties of chakra into an element…

    Caption: When the third stage of Ninjutsu involves yelling SURPRISE!

  15. Hmmmm…it was a great chapter though I don’t get all the talk about body language – and there IS more to life to this female than chocolate. Naruto is definitely bad-ass these days. One thing – shouldn’t it be night time there now? They rest at night, don’t they?

  16. @Tsunades Twin

    Night time for whom?

    Oh, and I know there is more to a woman’s life than chocolate. It was just a joke playing on her expression. X___x

  17. Spoilers are coming out now.

  18. Great breakdown Tenrai. It was a bit off-topic, but you did explain what happened in the chapter in a different and funny way. I liked it.

    By the way, the Mizukage’s look in that image doesn’t mean chocolate… It means she wants to kill you! But you can never know what a woman really wants. Sometimes you think it’s chocolate, but it’s actually your melted corpse. O_O

  19. The female of the species is more deadly than the male – Space.

  20. So the chapter finally came out:

  21. I wonder what Mangetsu, the wielder of all 7 swords of the mist and Suigetsu can really do, if the Mizukage was also a Hoozuki clansman and was so powerful.

    I can’t wait to see this new ninjutsu, and I really happy Kishi decided to drag out the battles. It’s a bummer we have to wait for a new development so much but at least we wait with great expectations.

    I actually thought the Mizukage’s jutsu was a sort of blood line limit like the blood line expansion only with 4 elements instead of 3 but I’m a little unsure still.
    I really hop it is a 4 element combo seeing as how it’s something MUU’s forefathers were the creators and Muu fall at the mizu’s hand and viceversa.

  22. Well… now we know where the pyramids really came from. Lol. <_<

    The chapter itself was alright, although it felt a bit short. There was more talking than battling though, but it looks like things are going to heat up in the next chapter.

    So far, it looks like the mizukage is the strongest resurrected Kage we have seen so far, considering how much trouble he is giving everyone. And now apparently, we are about to see his strongest form or technique, or whatever it is. So, does this mean Gaara and the old man are going to need some extra assistance? Or will Gaara find a way to overcome this threat on his own?

    In this case, I would actually like to see Gaara finish this fight alone, because it will prove, once and for all, how much he deserves the title of Kage. If he can defeat another Kage alone, it will go a long way in proving his strength as well, especially if it's against someone on the level of the second Mizukage.

  23. @ Tenrai, that’s really true, I too would like to see Gaara handle this one on his own. Naruto already proved he can whip a kage, no problem, even with there own weapons. So the only honorable thing for kishi to do is let Naruto arrive but stand back and watch Gaara take the lead on this fight.

    Also Gaara might end up learning a thing or two from the tsuchikage after this war is over. I think Gaara would be the best inheritor of the blood line expansion and I think Oonoki knows it too. Mhe thing is Gaara can only use wind and earth ( sand ) so he’ll need another element to make that skill work.

  24. @Tenrai: I mean it’s supposed to be a ‘breakdown’ but we do all know what happened. Well it was just an opinion, no big deal. I read them anyway lol.

  25. Bubble: “Now where do you think you’re going?”
    Caption: I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going…

  26. @Chapter: I thought the Third Raikage was uber-powerful, but now that we’ve seen the Second Mizukage’s abilities, I think he’s the strongest Kage.
    And what Onoki’s saying here doesn’t make sense:
    He says Muu’s ancestors developed it and it’s Mizukage’s technique. How did Mizukage learn a Iwagakure ninjutsu? It has to be a mistranslation.

    And look at the similarities between these two pages:
    In both, old men are shot by tall, almost unbeatable enemies. Coincidence? 😛

  27. @Nagashikage

    No, I do appreciate you trying to point out what you thought was wrong. I really don’t mind. My idea of a good laugh may not be everyone’s idea of a good breakdown, so, I just need to find balance, that’s all. @__@

    Besides, only two of my 70+ breakdowns have ended up this way. I’m normally the deeper type to be honest, so I guess it was just a spur of the moment. Lol.

  28. @ Dragon, I too think it’s some sort of a miss translation with the Mizu kage’s technique. I guess we’ll have to wait and check out citymanga’s translation when it comes out for another version.

  29. Actually, a lot of the translations in this latest chapter seemed iffy. At one point, where the Mizukage was meant to be speaking, they made it sound like Gaara was speaking instead and it didn’t really make sense.

    The speach bubble was even pointing to the Mizukage as well.

    This seems to be quite a common mishap lately, but hopefully they will fix it up soon.

  30. anybody found another version translation for this chapter?its quite messed up to the point of ruining it a bit…
    anyway i know this have nothing to do with this chapter but i always wondered what would happen to samehada if it absorbed senjutsu chakra and dont go saying it would transform it somehow to absorb only the physical and spiritual energy because if pain absorbation jutsu couldn’t negate the nature energy I doubt samehada is superior in that department 😛

  31. Can anyone else sense another “Naruto to the rescue?” I mean after finishing up here he also has to go save kakashi and co . Then go kill Sasuke and finally destroy Madara and His paths and Save the world 🙂

  32. @Ahsan
    I think the clones he made when him and bee first came out are gonna fight back up at their respective locations, so naruto will be involved in each fight without being the main fighter. I’m eager to see how that turns out because I’ve actually been wondering since Jiraiya taught him to harness kyuubi chakra, If his charka pool got larger by a significant amount could he make clones with more energy, making them more resistant to damage? so that perhaps it doesnt poof on the first hit….either way, I hope we dont see a “naruto to the rescue” happen at every turn, it would make this whole “war” seem cray cray for naruto to singly take down ninja who entire battalions couldn’t handle. With all the free limelight just walking around, I’d say its only fair for kishi to give everyone some shine for awhile, and let us all see the intricate, hardcore team battles we’ve been dreaming of….

  33. Y’know, from a lore perspective, all these low-class nins are seeing some glowing kid show up at each battle, and defeat (or help defeat) the big baddie. All *simultaneously*. From the perspective of the low-class nins, does that make Naruto faster than the “Yellow Flash”? I mean, Yellow Flash was sequential arrivals, but Naruto is simultaneous arrivals.

    Also, is the real Naruto off meditating (sage) somewhere, and popping his bushins after battles, to absorb their knowledge?

  34. @ arpotu – we saw in the last chapter that the Naruto fighting the Kage is the real one since we see bee pee, lots of ee’s 😛

    I think in the end Naruto is overly super power even compared to Minato, like the idea u just said, Naruto has better sensing, and he is faster and he not taking out fodder ninja he took out the strongest Kage in the Cloud history as far as we know… Overall its just like we watching an unstoppable candle powered by two sons, defeating basically the most powerful people in his universe… <_<

    How about a debate?

    Mizukage vs Itachi? Sight Genjutsu vs Smell I think?

  35. @Pein

    We’d have to wait for this next chapter to see the Mizukage’s last ultimate technique before we can have a debate between him and Itachi.


    Although it is possible Naruto is still using clones elsewhere, the one we saw in the previous few chapters was definitely his real body. He may have dispelled his clones already, for all we know.

    In any case, he’ll receive the knowledge from dispelled clones regardless, so no matter what, this war and all these battles will give him plenty of battle experience.

  36. I’ve brought this up before, and it’s off-topic, but does anything think there are any more forbidden jitsu to be learned on the scroll from chapter one? After all, Kage Bushins have become the mainstay of Naruto – what if there’s something even *more* useful scribbled on that scroll? Of course, he wouldn’t be able to take a peek until after this war, but what if…

  37. Why did Naruto split himself into clones then? I think they were either scouting the different fields and were declaring which of them had the most trouble to least; island hoping if you would. Island hoping was a technique used by the U.S. during their fight with Japan during WW2. The U.S. chose to attack the weak (least fortified) island and move on to the next, then to the next, until they got to within fighting distance of the main island of Japan. I think Naruto is using the same strategy. That means it’d make sense for Naruto to dispel all his clones at a certain time to give himself intel. The people with the least trouble (thus being the least trouble for him) would earn Naruto’s help and from their the forces accumulate to the stronger battle front until Naruto and the rest of the Allied forces meet Madara head on with the remaining zetsu’s and resurrected warriors (barring interference from Itachi and his plan to stop Kabuto.) And then the final battle for middle-earth would commence with a bunch of fights happening all at once and Naruto going Kakashi rampage on a number of villains. Well, sorry for bursting your guys bubbles, considering this is all speculation and what not…557 out yet O.o

  38. @arpotu – Yes there is!! The ultimate forbidden jutsu! The cross-dimensional summoning jutsu – Summoning Vegata the Prince of Saiyans!! Goku is unlocked in level 2 summoning >_>

  39. No, I am not dead.

  40. Kisu’s back I though Bleach killed you apparently it put you in a coma.

  41. @ Kisu – Your alive, I thought we would have to wait for the first death in Naruto’s war to happen for you to return 😛

  42. Kisu!!!!! Where the hell have you been?!?!?!

    *Eats Kisu*

  43. <_< So Kisu been trapped inside Tenrai's Stomach… this is just a deadly cycle @___@

  44. It’s been a while but I had to pop in to say I was right about the contents of that mystery Edo Tensei coffin. OMG, the implications…

    Also, how’s everyone been? XD

  45. holy shizzle!! i was right! i just knew this madara was a impostor! my argument still stands! tobi=obito!! or who knows, maybe madaras bro??? but im 99% sold on obito!

  46. gotta say, this blog is VERY behind.

  47. indeed. dont know where everybody went?! maybe we should start discussing where to meet eachother when this blog goes down, seems lately that wra struggles to keep head above water 😦

  48. @E.J.

    We all try our hardest to keep this blog up to date, but the truth is that life often gets in the way and most of the authors, including myself, work on this blog purely out of our own time and volition, inbetween the daily hassles of life and work.

    So, we update as well and as often as we can, but beyond that, it’s difficult to always remain consistent.

  49. @ E.J – I think the front page needs a bit of a revamp since the authors have infact written further it is just not been updated there… if you look to the side menu though you will see the latest breakdowns and discussion areas ^_^ but yeah we just human as authors with people to do and places to see 😉

  50. Check out 556 breakdown, guys. Will take u a day to read the discussions in the comments.

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