Fairy Tail 251 Breakdown. The right to love… and to destroy islands.

This chapter was actually good. It was mellow, but in a good way. Loose ends were tied and a new (and powerful) enemy was introduced. Hopefully it will be a serious threat and not a pushover like Hades was. I’ll never forget his wasted potential as a villain. -__-

I can name five of these cats... Does that make me half-otaku? 😛

After wondering for a long time which S-Class candidate would pass, this chapter finally answers that question: No one. This year’s S-Class Trial is null and void because of Grimoire Heart’s interference and with Doranbolt tricking everyone into believing he was part of Fairy Tail.

Wait, does that mean that everyone has to wait another year to compete in another S-Class Trial? I hope not. And what if Lucy becomes strong enough to be a candidate? Maybe Makarov will promote someone to S-Class after they complete a very hard mission or if they defeat a strong mage in battle, like what Natsu tried to do.

Unfortunately for him, he failed. Epicly.

Pwned. 😈

In the meantime, Lucy and Kana are having a bath (naked ;)) in a medicinal spring. The herbs in it are supposed to seep into their wounds and heal them. We then find out that Kana’s tattoo on her arm has disappeared and she can’t use Fairy Glitter anymore. I sense that it’ll come back later in the story, though. Maybe Lucy will obtain it to fight the villain of an arc and use it at its full power. She has to learn another magic because there is only one Gold Zodiac Key left and it won’t take long to obtain it.

This week's obligatory dose of fanservice. @_@

After the bath, Kana decides to do what she entered the S-Class Trial for: tell Gildarts that he’s her father.

I wonder how he didn’t get it earlier, though. Didn’t he ever wonder what happened to his wife after his mission? Finding out that she died and her daughter had joined Fairy Tail would have been easy. After noticing how strange Kana acted around him, he’d just have to connect the dots. But maybe he didn’t care or he was too busy with missions to worry about his wife.

Anyway, Gildarts starts listing all the girls he’s been with (what a player), but after Kana turns around to leave, he hugs her, suddenly realizing that her mother is the only woman he ever loved, Cornelia. Kana says that she’s happy to have told him and finally calls him father. Gildarts remembers every time Kana looked sad around him and, in tears, hugs her, asking for the right to love her.

The most touching part of the chapter. T__T

Lucy watches the reunion and remembers her douchebag father, wondering if she’ll meet him when she comes back.

Sadly, she doesn’t know what’s happening in the sky above her: a huge dark figure looms over Tenrou Island, ready to destroy it.


WTF?! Acnologia being the Dark Dragon that killed Gildarts was easy to figure out, but I would have never imagined that it was going to destroy Tenrou Island.

What will happen to the Fairy Tail members on the island? I don’t think anyone’s going to die. They can’t if they don’t have a flashback first, like in Naruto. 🙂

Anyway, here’s your demotivational poster.

And now, since today’s my birthday, I’ll be eating my cake… and it’s a cheesecake.

Muahahahaha! *runs away before Tenrai can eat me* 😈

-最强 Dragon

~ by 最強 Dragon on September 19, 2011.

8 Responses to “Fairy Tail 251 Breakdown. The right to love… and to destroy islands.”

  1. It’s out!

    And now to see if Kanton’s going to be first or if someone’s going to beat him… again. XD

  2. First

  3. Second.

  4. Happy Birthday Dragon! Again!

    *Eats Dragon and the cheesecake.* <__<

    As for my thoughts on this chapter, I'll just re-post what I said before.

    "That was actually a good chapter.

    So, I guess Acknowlogia is a dragon, who would have thought? And I suppose that this must be the same Black Dragon that Gildartz fought on his 100 year mission, which completely kicked his butt.

    I also have a feeling that this dragon is the one who gave Zeref his black mage powers, which would suggest that Zeref, – like Natsu, Gajeel and Wendy – is a dragon slayer. However, whereas the other three use fire, iron and air to fuel their magic, Zeref uses life force, which is also probably why he is constantly draining the life force of everything nearby around himself. Well, that’s a theory in any case.

    Either way, it looks like Tenrou Island is about to have a makeover again, judging by Lucy’s last words at the end of the chapter. Things may start getting really interesting now.

    Btw, I have another theory about Natsu, Wendy and Gajeel. If Zeref is indeed a dragon slayer who has been wandering the world for thousands of years, then is it possible that Natsu and the others are also similar in that they have been around a lot longer than they realize?

    I mean, during the Laxus arc, both Natsu and Gajeel couldn’t exit Fried’s enchantment because it specified that no-one over the age of 80 could leave, or something like that. Also, Zeref seemed to refer to Natsu as if he had known him for a long time before that first meeting.

    Is it possible that Natsu, Wendy and Gajeel were also in some sort of “sleep” that made them forget their former lives and that they are somehow all related to Zereph in some direct way as dragon slayers? Perhaps they also existed in the time of Zeref a few thousand years ago and they don’t know it yet."

  5. FOUR IS DEATH!!!!!!!!!

  6. Odd…
    I don’t remember there being any notice of Fairy Tale going on break this week.

  7. @IANRH: It’s not on break, but the translators are a bit late.
    Also, I read the spoilers and this chapter’s going to be awesome. @_@

  8. @Dragon – The translators must have been taking tips from WRA =P

    It’s out by the way =P


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