Bleach Chapter 464 –

Its amazing how in effect, almost nothing can happen between 19 pages. I aww sometime at the mastery of Kubo being able to not only release a manga week in and week out but that he is able to move the plot forward as little as possible. I must say in some ways I appreciate it, in the end this is a manga with people in it. These emotions and ideas should make sense and we need to have some sort of joining together from arc to arc. I enjoy reading Naruto too and thus often I compare the two manga’s as they release almost ontop of each other each week. *Pointingoutobviouskai 😉 *

Where it seems Naruto has so much plot moving so quickly Bleach doesn’t, Kubo focuses on the small almost insignificant emotions of his characters, guilt, despair, betrayal etc. While we have seen a growing number of “happy” moments in Naruto, though the action there is by far more entertaining at the moment given that usually its like a Tribute AMV to Sasuke or Naruto, the battles are still one of the best in all the manga I read.

So at first I read Bleach and felt disappointed, the lack of seeing any real fighting made me feel like I was cheated, since last chapter was supposedly the build up and this chapter would be the beginning battle (well of a real battle since Kenpachi was more a practice swing.)

To the Chapter

*Disclaimer – Bleach has some of the most annoying names in the world and I hate spelling them so last week I had a bit of a cross over in my breakdown between Naruto and Bleach <_<*

So Giriko is actually dead, I really didn’t like this guy but thought his abilities could of been expanded more. If he was a smarter fighter this would of been a different battle guess we can’t all be Aizen’s but this puts the Shinigami Team 1 – 0 up with a new player entering the fray making it seem very unlikely that the Fullbringer have a chance…

Even if one of them had to win they would still need to face Ken Chan who is un hurt by this battle. Except of course if Tsukishima, beats Byakuya that would be a 2 man reversal!!!! Its like if you catch a ball in Dodgeball <_<

Yachiru is also around, she seems different though she hasn’t gotten the whole, super aged by the short time Toshiro seemed to have gotten. I wonder if age in the Soul Society is actually governed by how powerful you are, this would mean the older you look the more powerful you are, would explain the lack of aging and then the dramatic changes that happens when people grow in power?

After our short encounter with Kenpachi and Yachiru, we switch to the battle scenes each divided to allow one on one combat, this help Kubo better since he struggles with writting a multiple battle scene and usually we always have some sort of divider to maintain the whole 1-1 /2-1 senarios… Ichigo/Isshida vs Ginjou, I was actually pretty excited to see Ishida wasn’t just forgotten to the backdrop of this arc as Kubo usually likes to do with lessor characters.

Preperation in Better then Cure

I felt a lot of this next few pages are pointless however, it does leave a very open plot movement that can either be disregarded or filled with another arc. Ishida confesses that he was concerned about the previous substitue for a long time already and that there can only be three explinations to the situation. Now I am racking my brain trying to figure the what if scenario? Why not tell Ichigo of the exsistance of the previous or his status. Ishida then second guess’ his analysis which leads me to believe this will be a plot motivator in the future. (Hopefully if not it was kinda wasted)

We then quickly move to Toshiro vs Yukio (happy… Should know I am a huge Pein fan 😛 ) this was also pretty pointless, it basically just showed that Toshiro knows nothing of the ability and Yukio wants to set up a damsel in distress scenario. This was also meh, I feel if Kubo wants to have a battle we knew with the “great divide” that these two would battle each other so these pages gave us no indication other then what we could of already assumed

Though now we know Rukia and Rirukia are battling together so leaving Jackie and Renji to battle remaining. Rirukia’s ability much like Yukio manifests the box outwards allowing Rukia to battle within it and get distracted by the fuzzy things inside… <_< I just feel silly trying to describe this battle so yeah moving on *cough cough*

I must say Byakuya was always one of my favorites especially in the Soul Society arc, he lost a lot of my respect during the Arrancar Arc and so one, since he seemed to loose that Blood Thirsty image and above all attitude. Though when battling the Memory Changer he was still able to sit back and think of how lucky he is to have gotten to fight him.

Which all makes sense, Kenpachi signiture move is allowing someone he believes weaker to attack him first, this would of been a one hit KO for Kenpachi and turned the tide considerably though what bugs me is Byakuya seems to still have the bad habits of a mainstream villain. Giving Tsukishima a perfect target to change sides in this battle, if he could turn Kenpachi this war would be a completely different kettle of fish… The end was pretty cool and I truely hope that now finally the battles will begin and full on war…

Battle Begins


That is it for this weeks edition… Please Clean your places and make sure to take your children, since we are still unsure where Gin is <_<

Pein Out ^:_:^


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6 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 464 –”

  1. FIRST!!!

    Is it just me or did anyone else fine Byakuya’s “This is why you suck” speech to be awesomeness as well?

  2. secooooond!

  3. I agree with Byakuya’s reclaimed awesome sauce. He single handedly, in two pages, actually made me want to read bleach next week…

  4. Same here. Cant wait to see whats next for once.

  5. new chapter

  6. Wow Renji is bad arsed now….
    and his words make it seem like Aizen is still the big bad of the series, in fact the way he talked there it almost seems as if Aizen has escaped.

    I really hope that’s not the case as really we need something new in bleach.

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