Naruto 554 Breakdown.

I don't even.

I have to apologize for disappearing again. Apparently your phone and interwebs will get fried by cold water. Who’da thunk it. It’s the second mini-flood my basement has suffered this year. I guess this is what karma gives me for being a swimmer. Maybe I should try poker and have stacks of blue chips and half naked women in peacock suits leaking out of my boiler room.

In a brief recap of the past couple weeks, Kishi’s readings on the creep-o-meter have just broken the scale. I am officially quiting Rock Lee’s Springtime of Youth. Rock Lee’s Springtime… God help me.

You know, some shit just ain’t kosher.

Non-spin-off Naruto, for a while now, has been… Well…

First of all, Itachi’s awesomeness level has gone Kaio-ken times I don’t even, taken my mind in its hands, and charged it with 100 pounds of C4. I bet this was all part of his master plan. I don’t care what anyone says. Anybody who can bring himself back to life deserves a throne under his ass and wenches at his feet. Also, a bejeweled wine cup, and a purple cane.

Nagato’s 9-page long rampage made Kakashi look like glorified excrement only by virtue of his having a bazooka.

And Naruto’s resumed rapefest feels like it’ll go on forever.

In short, where the manga is at right now, I wish it wouldn’t leave.

Over 9000 Years of Pain: Once you go black, you'll wish you didn't have a back.

This chapter was more epeen boosting before Naruto’s final measuring contest with Sasuke. Or Madara. Or both judging by Kishi’s…peculiar taste.

This time, Naruto is scrapping against more than flyweight trash. So things are turning out a little more complicated.

As it turns out, the Rai- and Mizukage duo ain’t so bad after all. At least, that is what can be said of the former. As far as I can tell, the Mizukage is one confused fellow that enjoys recreating lifelike Asian emoticons.

Impressively enough, the Raikage was able to take a point-blank Rasenshuriken, same move that killed Kakuzu three times over, and remain alive enough at the very instant to perturb the sealing technique thrown at him by extras. He also had his lightning coating up. And if my memory serves be right, wind-type moves and super effective against electric Narutomons.

Shit just got real. See what I did there?

Not much else was going on in this chapter. In the end, Naruto resorts to the Bijuudama. Come 555, if he can actually pull it off, then he would truly have dropped a bombshell.

I find it a little unsettling how he seems to be pulling out all the stops, without yet reaching the final baddie. This could could mean one of three things for the end. He has even more surprises in his sleeve. The final battles will be very boring. Or Naruto will get completely fucked up.

As per main character and all, you can go ahead and cross off the last option.

Madara now has to be the second most OP character in this manga, (far) behind Itachi. And Sasuke seems to be up and rearing (el ou el) to go. Naruto has made lots of progress, but he better bring his A-game if he also wants to rear to go…


~ by Captain Pickles on September 11, 2011.

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  1. Firsssttttt!!!!!

  2. Nidaime!!!

    Yes, sadly water and electricity don’t mix too well, unless your an electric eel then your all set really. =P

    Nice breakdown Capt. Pickles though I think you understated Itachi’s true awesomeness there, I’m pretty sure you forgot to swoon somewhere in there. =P

    In this corner, he’s the lightning that strikes with four fingered spikes, He’s the Strongest Shield!! THE THIRD RAIKAGE!!

    In the other corner He’s the fastest man alive, don’t blink and your still likely to miss him Konoha’s Yellow Flash!!! MINATO NAMIKAZI!

    Let’s have a clean debate: No hitting below the belt, no poking eyes, no tactical nukes, Got it?


  3. Oh Springtime of Youth…Why do you hate me so?

    Actually, this is kinda’ funny.

  4. Yondaime.

    “Anybody who can bring himself back to life deserves a throne under his ass and wenches at his feet. Also, a bejeweled wine cup, and a purple cane.”

    Agreeeeed. ^__^

    The chapter was a bit meh, especially because of all the contradictions. I hope 555 will be better.

  5. 5th!… Hokage a.k.a that bitch with huge boobs no one cares about.

  6. no winner from last weeks debate haha?

  7. I disagree Madara is fourth strongest after Pein, Itachi and the Third Raikage.

  8. ocho! (hmm.. yet again…)

  9. Chapter 555 is gonna be the most epic birthday gift EVER!

  10. That first image in your breakdown almost blinded me. X___x

    Anyway, I thought the chapter was cool. I just think it was a bit stupid that the best idea the alliance nins could think of to defend against the Raikage’s raiton attack was an earth wall jutsu (AKA, Fodder wall no jutsu). Earth is weak against lightning, duh. <_<

    I did enjoy Naruto's cunning in the battle though. It shows how far he's come in terms of battle strategy and prowess and he seems to think quite a few moves ahead while battling now. I also enjoyed Naruto's interactions with eye-patch Kumo nin.

    Anyway, has anyone noticed how every time the alliance is up against a former Kumo-nin of presumably great power, there's always someone who pops up who knows some extraordinary legend about that ninja? It's like Kumo assigned a story-teller nin to every single alliance squad or something, just for the hell of it. Lol. XD


    DON'T mention the debate! I could use a rest from those for now. <_<

  11. @ Tenrai – well a result would be good <_<

    So don't feel like it was a waste of time 😛

  12. ha…my bad 🙂

    anyway i don’t understand how naruto’s bijudama is gonna work. i mean since it isn’t coming out of his mouth is he still gonna be able to shoot/throw it, or is it gonna be more like a rasengan where he has to make point blank contact?

  13. @Dish11


  14. @ Dish – I am not sure about this whole “Now I can use the Bijuu Bomb?” I mean in training off the field of battle he wasnt able to use it, now he can -_-

    I mean and at a speed that could his the Raikage, if he does it, its Plot no jutsu at its best, it would be on par with Sasuke’s Hawk summon but I personally think it will be a fail, Also am I the only one curious about how the Hell Naruto is able to still fight, he split up his chakra and now he is fighting using his most powerful techniques is his power unlimited now <_<

  15. @ Ahsan – Goku wishes he was as Haxed as Naruto <_<

  16. No matter How haxed up Naruto Becomes you just CANNOT compare him to Sasugay. The degree of Arrogance,Ignorance and Hax is just Incomparable

  17. @ Ahsan – Like always Sasuke and Naruto are opposite sides of the same coin… Naruto is “Confident” and Sasuke is “Arrogant” 😛

  18. @Pein

    Lol. You’re jumping the gun again. Just because Naruto is trying to use the Bijuu bomb, that doesn’t mean it’s going to work the first time around. It may be a case of failing first as he tries to get the ratio right again.

    Bee did say he was getting closer to the right ratio the last time they were training, so I’d say he would need about two more tries to nail it.

    And please, you’re saying that Naruto is more hax than someone who can destroy a planet by blinking? O_o


    I agree about Sasuke hax. Lol.

    But then, most of the strongest shinobi left now are hax. Madara is uber hax, Naruto and Sasuke are Hax, Bee is hax, Itachi is hax, Kabuto is hax, lady Gaga Gedo statue is uber hax, etc.

    It stands to reason though, all things considered.

  19. Also, it’s possible that, at each battlefield, Naruto has been practicing with chakra ratios while building the mini-rasengans, vacuum-rasengans, planetary rasengans, so now he finally has the bijuu-dama “feel”, and it’s time to go “Bijuu Bowling”…

  20. yeah kamehameha is pretty much all i could think of

  21. @ Tenrai – That what I said, I thought Naruto wouldn’t be able to use it the first time <_< but like he has done against Kakazu and most others, Fail first time Land on the 2nd/3rd attempt 😉

    lol yes Naruto is Relatively haxed, I mean in a naruto universe where the most powerful fighters of all time are battling, Naruto can split himself into many different bodies and then still defeat most opponents 😛 but I was just kidding Goku is powerful but must look at opposition to be fair to the manga, 😛

  22. Spoliers ???

    *Facepalm if true*

  23. @Pein

    It looks like it’s legit.. 😀

  24. The manga is out at mangareaders.

  25. Okay wait. Don’t bother reading it at mangareader. It seems the pages are mixed up, or some are missing…

    I guess we’ll have to wait for them to fix it or until it comes out on mangastream.


    Alright, they fixed up the page order now. <_<


    Good ol’ MangaStream. XD

  27. GO SAGE MODE!!! Bloody awesome XD

  28. @Darks

    Yep. It looks like sage mode is still in the game after all, which I am really glad about.

    What I’m even more happy about is how battle smart Naruto is now. With only a small, vague clue, he was able to quickly figure out a way to defeat the Raikage and pull it off as well.

    I’m also glad Kishi chose not to go with a cliched Bijuu bomb instant success, although I must admit, I was still looking forward to seeing it. Uncle rubber band was awesome as well. He seems like a really cool character.

    All in all, it was an awesome chapter. It looks like Gaara’s going to have a lot of trouble in the next one though.

  29. Gaara should clog that hidden clam with sand… maybe it’ll make a pearl!

  30. Hm. I wonder…

    With Uncle Rubberband’s last words about the contradiction with the Raikage having the strongest sword and shield, yet the sword was stronger than the shield, does anyone think that might be Kishi foreshadowing how Susanoo can be defeated by Naruto?

    It could perhaps be that Susanoo’s own strength will be its own undoing? Perhaps the best way to pierce through Susanoo’s defense is by using its own power against it.

    Just a thought. O_o

  31. It was a really great chapter and great point made Tenrai, Naruto sure has a lot of neurons active of late and I bet he’ll make good use of them.
    Also, as everyone else, I too am really hyped about the sage mode and the fact that Naruto managed to make good use of the sannin mode’s speed to dodge the Raikage’s raikiri. Witch also proves that the sage mode’s speed is really really high, maybe not as much as the kyuubi cloak but still enough to save Naruto from one of the fastest shinobi out there.

    My only regret regarding this last chapter was the fact that naruto still uses clones to form even the normal rassengan. He should have managed to use a lot more chakra control now that the kyuubi isn’t in control anymore, I really hope we’ll see him some day making a one handed rassengan in his human form, just like his dad and Kakashi.

  32. @Eugen

    There’s nothing wrong with Naruto’s chakra control. In fact, if you ask me, Sage mode has already proven that, because to achieve a perfect sage mode form, one has to be able to perfectly balance the ratio between natural energy and their own chakra levels. The reason so many previous attempts failed (as shown by all the stone frog statues) is because of how difficult it is.

    This was a feat even Jiraiya couldn’t master completely and yet Naruto has, to the point where it only takes him a few seconds to transform while standing still (as shown in this latest chapter).

    Despite all this, Jiraiya could still make a rasengan with one hand, while Naruto chooses to use clones. I actually believe this is more out of habit than necessity. Naruto is probably just used to using clones to help him perform his own jutsu more efficiently and I don’t think that is ever going to change. It’s his unique style and I doubt Kishi will ever take it away from him.

    Anyway, according to Fukusaku, Sage mode actually helps the user’s body recover its vitality and chakra faster while it is being used, as opposed to tiring them out like other techniques. With that being said, it would be a good idea for Naruto to alternate between sage mode and Kyuubi chakra mode every now and then to benifit from this. The regenerative effects of sage mode can help him recover faster after he has been using Kyuubi chakra mode for a while, which will effectively counter the latter’s negative, chakra-draining effects. Besides, Sage mode is still awesomely powerful, and it looks really cool. @___@

  33. So how much more powerfull would naruto be if he combined Kyuubi chakra cloak mode and Sage Mode? Or would it just extend the time he could stay in Kyubi Cloak mode? Is the Kyuubi Cloak even compatible with Sage Mode? I don’t see why it wouldn’t be, though it would take Naruto longer to gather enough Natural energy to balance it out with the Kyuubi’s massive chakra.

    @ One handed rassengan debate- It’s my understanding that Naruto’s lack of the ability to use rassengan with out shadow clones has nothing to do with his chakra control but rather with his ability to multitask. He has trouble compressing the chakra while using shape manipulation at the same time so rather than master doing both he at the same time he has mastered doing both separately, he then uses a shadow clone to deal with the shape manipulation while the original naruto concentrates on compression. In order to do a Rassenshuriken he has to add a clone to manage the nature manipulation.

    The question then becomes what changes in Kyuubi Chakra Cloak mode? Where he can seemingly make any version of the rassengan just by making extra hands from the Kyuubi Cloak without having to make clones to deal with shape and elemental configuration.

  34. iamnotreallyhere- i think he will definitely combine sage mode with the kyuubi cloak down the road. probably in a battle of great importance like madara, kabuto, and/or sasuke. kishi gave us a little taste that he has the potential to do it in the pein invasion arc after all.

  35. oh and this one is better hehe 😀

  36. As I said there’s a big difference in molding chakra within (where Naruto is Ace) and shaping the chakra in your hand. Like IANRH just said the difference lies in the fact that Naruto doesn’t bother to learn full shape and nature recompensation in order to make the time much shorter between jutsus.

    I’ll admin Naruto can burst out an rassengan made with one clone faster then most people blink but he can’t afford to lose that time with a faster opponent. That’s why he hasn’t any wind element techniques, all he knows is how to shape rassengan, that’s all.

    Sure the variations of the jutsu are vast, especially the all new planetery rassengan, but that still doesn’t mean Naruto is good at shape and chakra manipulation.

    He has to be able to form any kind of jutsu with just one hand and the least amount of hand seals. but as we know Naruto isn’t one to use seals that often.
    But a great jutsu is made with speed and accuracy. What if the raikage didn’t fall for the rubber ball and attacked Naruto instantly, would he had a chance to make a clone, form the rassengan and hit the arm of the raikage while gathering natural energy.

    I’ll let you guys ponder on that. Speed is everything and that’s why Minato was the best, he didn’t make any wasted movements, His jutsus were great but the way he linked the combos via his speed, kunai throwing ability and use of the rassengan and seals made him the most effective shinobi with the most fluid style of fighting.

    Simplicity is everything, that’s something Naruto hasn’t developed yet.

  37. I propose a debate – Most Haxed Person in Naruto

    You have

    Sasuke – With a high chakra and eyes that makes him pretty much immortal. Downside if compared to Naruto reserve of Chakra its like comparing the Ocean to a Dam…

    Madara – Shared Eyes, Enhansed Perseption, 6 of the last Jinchuriki as paths to help him see, plus almost impossible to hit with his teleportation jutsu…

    Kabuto – Has A LOT of powerful ninja at his disposal, but meh the rest

    Itachi – Susanoo, his Almighty Where not Worth Genjutsu…

    Naruto – Almost Infinite Chakra supplies, more Rasengan combinations with every second that goes by, Speech no jutsu, never get tired. Sage Mode Faster then the Raikage and better perception as Sage Mode

  38. @ Pein, Naruto & Sasuke have a very normal power growth for there own clans & status (jinchuriki) so don’t really consider either of the two haxed.

    Kabuto is a bit of a loony bin but his power comes from Orochimaru, who was human after all, the fact that he was a very power hungry manic is another thing all together.

    Soo the person with most hax, like stolen sharingans with who knows what hidden powers, zetsu like spare parts that make him as practical as a lego set, the Rinnegan (enough said there), stolen time space jutsu, haxed jinchurikis with who knows what hidden skills.

    All in all Madara is the type of guy who keeps adding to the collection through out the years. So my pick is 100% Madara.

  39. Also you could consider Kakashi to be the 2nd most haxed person besides Madara and the former Danzou. Kakashi is most likely 50X as powerful due to his sharingan then he would have been without Obito’s eye.

  40. @Pein

    Madara is easily the most hax person in Naruto right now, and that’s a given seeing as how he is the primary villain.

    Sorry, but no-one else compares as far as hax goes to someone who has the rinnegan, the sharingan, an immortal body similar to Zetsu’s and a space time jutsu that doesn’t require seals or special kunai to use. Hell, even when you do kill him, he just uses the Izanagi to make his death null and void. Add to that his new immortal six paths of Pein bodies and his control over Gedo Mazo, which also has the power of seven bijuu already…. yeah, I think you know what i mean.

    P.S. Sage mode isn’t faster than the Raikage with lightning armor. It’s just his senses allowed him to read the Raikage’s attack, that’s all. He knew what would happen before it happened, so he was able to dodge it effectively even without the blinding speed of his Kyuubi chakra mode.


    I don’t think it is fair to say Kakashi is haxed just because he was given the Sharingan. Remember, as a non-uchiha, using the sharingan for him carries far greater risks and is far more difficult than it is for a pure-blooded Uchiha. Yet, Kakashi has grown his sharingan’s powers to levels far beyond most pure-blooded Uchiha ever have, even despite those downsides and limitations. I think that is a testament to Kakashi’s capabilities more than something you can just write off as a hax.

    Remember, two shinobi can both use a kunai in battle, but it isn’t the kunai that make the shinobi strong. Rather, it’s how well the shinobi use those kunai, that determine their strength. It’s the same for Hyuuga, Aburame, Uchiha, Uzumaki, Jinchuuriki, or anyone else. We’ve seen failures in them all and successes. It all comes down to the individual at the end of the day, not just the power they were born with or have.

  41. Sasuke is the most haxxed being the master of Pulling everything out of his ass since the beginning of Shippuden in order to conviently survive. Madara comes close with super hax teleport and his inablitly to die. Then Itachi since he is currently cheating death also with his immortality. Followed by Kabuto a him pulling random DNA out of his/Orochimaru’s ass.

  42. Tenten is the most Haxed character in ALL of MANGA!!!

    I mean how else do you get that useless? =P

  43. Alright, here’s another question…. One that may cause fanboys to go wild.

    Who do you think the top ten strongest shinobi are right now? In order, of course. O_o

  44. @Tenrai Senshi – Here’s my list from strongest to weakest of the current top ten =P

    1- Rikkudo Senin
    2- Harashima Senju
    3- Third Raikage
    4- Namikazi Minato
    5- Uchiha Madara
    6- Uchiha Itachi
    7- Nagato
    8- Hachibi/Bee
    9- Uzumaki Naruto
    10- Uchiha Sasuke

  45. @Tenrai
    These are my lists from strongest to weakest.

    Strongest Shinobi ever (both dead and alive)

    1. Sage of Six Paths – He’s practically a god.
    2. Hashirama Senju – I have to agree with IANRH. He’s too powerful.
    3. Kabuto Yakushi – He’s unpredictable and versatile. A lethal combination.
    4. Madara Uchiha – He’s haxxed, but he can’t defeat Kabutops.
    5. Minato Namikaze – He’s a genius. He can figure out his opponent’s weaknesses and exploit them. He can defeat strong enemies unscathed.
    6. Killer Bee – He has the Eight Tails’ full power and thanks to him, it isn’t a mindless beast.
    7. Nagato – He’s versatile like Kabuto, but on a smaller scale. His Six Paths’ powers cover any ground and his full-power Shinra Tensei and Chibaku Tensei are OHKOs against most people.
    8. Second Tsuchikage
    9. Third Raikage
    10. Itachi Uchiha

    Strongest shinobi alive (this one’s harder)

    1. Kabuto Yakushi
    2. Madara Uchiha
    3. Killer Bee
    4. Third Tsuchikage
    5. Naruto Uzumaki
    6. Sasuke Uchiha
    7. Fifth Mizukage
    8. Fourth Raikage
    9. Kakashi Hatake
    10. Darui

  46. @IANRH

    Naruto just defeated the third Raikage and yet he is so much further down the list? Also, let’s not forget that the Raikage was immortal, so if he was in his normal human body, he may not have even survived quite as long. X___x

    I am also not sure why Nagato is so far down your list as well. <_<

    Here's my top ten list for those who are still alive.

    1: Uchiha Madara
    2: Probably Kabuto thanks to his ability to use Edo Tensei.
    3: Naruto/Sasuke (I believe these two will be similar in power, so they draw for third place).
    4: Bee/Raikage (also similar in power to one another).
    5: Tsuchikage (He can destroy islands with a single attack, apparently).
    6: Gaara (There's a reason he's leading the shinobi alliance forces).
    7: Kakashi and Gai (also similar in power, so they share seventh place).
    8: Tsunade/Mizukage (I am not sure which is stronger, because we haven't seen either of them go all out without handicaps).
    9: Black Zetsu (He's confident in fighting the Mizukage and her forces alone, so he must be strong).
    10: Darui (He proved himself fighting the Gin-Kin brothers, IMO).

    All-time Strongest:

    1: Rikkudo Sennin (It's obvious why).
    2 Uchiha Madara (in his current form with the Rinnegan and Sharingan).
    3: Nagato (Basically a lesser version of the Rikkudo Sennin, but still incredibly powerful).
    4: Kabuto (Once again, mostly thanks to his ability to use Edo Tensei).
    5: Naruto/Sasuke (Yes, I did put them above a lot of powerful shinobi, but Naruto just defeated two famous dead Kage in a row and has full control of the Kyuubi's chakra and Sasuke has the EMS).
    6: Namikaze Minato
    7: Uchiha Itachi (He and Minato would both be above Naruto and Sasuke if it weren't for the fact that Sasuke has the EMS now and Naruto has the Kyuubi sennin mode).
    8: Hanzou (No matter what, he still defeated three Sannin at once).
    9: Hashirama Senju (He did well against Madara, even though Madara had the EMS).
    10: Konan (Because she is the best female Shinobi I've seen so far and super awesome. <_<)

  47. MY Top 10

    – Alive –

    1. Madara Uchiha, Shared Vision almost no Blind Spot, enhanced perception with sharingan, Inzagi, and 6 Jinchuriki as battle puppets… <_<
    2. Naruto Uzumaki – What the hero so high *gasp* he has infinite chakra, strong jutsu, powerful body and sage mode as a back up.
    3. Kabuto – he is an unknown and if you look at his list of Edo Tensei he is easily most powerful but I think in a one on one battle he may struggle to beat faster opponents…
    4. Sasuke Uchiha – EMS nuff said, he may be higher once we see what he can truly do…
    5. Bee/Hachabi – Speed, Power and Beast bomb…
    6. Tsuchikage – His Dust ability is awesome and he can fly.
    7. Raikage – Speed Power but no beast bomb.
    8. Kakashi – Kumi and this omega rampage 😛 but still powerful10 Kage level
    9. Mizukage – she is super strong may need to see more to move her up the list, though her not being present for the war shows that maybe her abilities are under whelming, or that she alone looks after the Fuedal Lord shows he power?
    10. Gaara/Tsunade

    – Of All Time –
    1. Sage
    2. Madara Uchiha
    3. Nagato/Pain
    4. Naruto
    5. Kabuto
    6. Sasuke
    7. Itachi Uchiha
    8. Minato
    9. Orochimaru
    10. 3rd Hokage

    So basically the Sage, Nagato, Minato, Orochimaru and 3rd Hokage are the most powerful dead shinobi.

  48. @Ten

    Tsunade at 8 is a big NO NO


    Did we not decide it was Nagato = Itachi , so how can you put one at 3 and the other at 7 O.o

  49. NOOO! I forgot Konan! My favorite female character! T_T

    Now Konan is at seventh place in my Strongest Shinobi Alive list, above the Mizukage, the Raikage and Kakashi.

    Forgive me, Paper Goddess. 😀

  50. @Ahsan

    I didn’t decide anything. Someone else decided on the draw between Nagato and Itachi. I debated on Nagato’s side remember, and I am still sticking to the opinion that he is stronger. In any case, this top ten list is about overall power, not who can beat who. Remember that some shinobi are naturally suited to fighting a certain kind of opponent, so although they may be further down the list in overall power, that doesn’t mean they can’t defeat someone higher on the list if it’s a battle they have particular advantages in.

    Anyway, if you don’t like Tsunade at number 8, name someone still alive who should go above her who isn’t already above her.


    But Konan is dead…. T____T

  51. @Tenrai

    But she’s still alive in my heart… T_T

    Anyway, I guess that means she’s not in any of my lists. But Darui’s off the list and Gaara’s before Kakashi. Also, the Third Hokage takes 5th place in the Strongest Shinobi ever list and everyone else slides down.

  52. @pein0avenue no Madara & no pein’? O.o

  53. lol im big n00b,

  54. My top 10 would be….

    2.Naruto & Sasuke
    3.Bee & A
    3.Kabuto ( only due to the fact that he has a lot of hidden jutsu we might not know about)
    4.Tsuchikage the 3rd
    5.Gaara = Kakashi = Gai = Darui (debatable, but what one of these shinobi has the other lacks, that’s why I choose to combine them to make a Ubber 4 man cell; also Gaara is a bit more capable then the rest I think but with limited experience.)
    6. The stone dude captain
    8.Tsunade & Mizukage

    1.Rokudo Sannin
    2.Tobirama Senju
    3.Hashirama Senju
    4.Minato Namikaze
    5.Madara Uchiha
    6.Nagato & Itachi
    7.3rd Raikage
    8.Muu & 2nd Mizukage
    9.Kin Jin
    10.Orochimaru & Jiraiya

    I might think up a few other but from the top of my head these are about the strongest shinobi this manga has seen, but the dead shinobi is a list with a great deal of great warriors worth mentioning. I counted the ones I felt were the most complete overall.

  55. Shame on you guys for not mentioning Tobirama, father of space time ninjutus, edo tensei and expert suiton jutsus.

  56. @Eugen

    The problem is, we don’t know what Tobirama’s space time jutsu was like, or to what extent he mastered Edo Tensei, so he is still too much of an unknown to really be able to judge his strength or compare it to others accurately.

    With Minato and Madara, or even Kabuto, we’ve at least seen their mastery of those respective jutsu in action to some degree.

  57. I can relate to what your saying Tenrai, I would love to see a gaiden about the Senju vs Uchiha days and the formation of the hidden leaf. Also some exploits of the senju bros, and the uchiha bros. Also Hiruzen’s rise to power and his master years where he was at his peak.

    As for Minato, sadly I think we’ve been given enough of the yellow flash, even if it left us a sweet taste in our minds it’s still regretful.

  58. Alive:
    1. Madara
    2. Naruto
    3. Sasuke (2 n 3 are interchangeable i’m sure)
    4. Kabuto
    5. Bee
    6. A (also interchangeable)
    7. Tsuchikage
    8. Gaara
    9. Kakashi
    10. Darui

    1. Sage
    2. Madara
    3. Hiruzen
    4. Minato
    5. Hashirama
    6. Tobirama
    7. Itachi
    8. Nagato
    9. 3rd Raikage
    10. Naruto/Sasuke (in the end will probably be the 2 strongest ever)

  59. @Eugen

    You could always write a piece about the Second Hokage for the writing contest.

    *Hint, hint.* <_<

  60. Active
    2: Kabuto
    3: Itachi
    5:Sasuke (due to his hammerspace located in his ass)
    7: The second Mizukage

    All time besides the
    4: Hashirama
    5:Third Raikage
    6: Itachi
    8: A
    10:Naruto/Sasuke the latter see the above reason.

  61. Anyone think Itachi is gonna use a genjitsu on Kabuto, to make Kabuto summon the death god? He could then make Kabuto release all of the edo tensei before being sucked into the god’s belly.

    I mean, c’mon, we’ve got to see the death god one more time before the end of the manga…

  62. I follow kantonkage up to the 5th entry

    2: Kabuto
    3: Itachi
    11: Ino

    Hall of Fame
    2: Madara
    3: Hashirama
    5: Tobirama
    6: Itachi
    7: Kabuto
    8: Nagato
    9: Naruto
    10: The Third
    11: Konohamaru

  63. aroptu- i definitely think that genjutsu is part of itachi’s plan. so far as we know, the only way to stop edo tensei is to make kabuto end it himself. unless he lied, but i think that’s the reason itachi was the one who escaped his control, because he has the sharingan and can force him into it. also itachi is smart i’m sure he has an idea that kabuto wont end the jutsu unless he makes him do it.

  64. @Tenrai Senshi
    I have the Third Raikage on the list above Naruto because with out Hachibi’s intell I don’t think Naruto would have figured out how to defeat the Third Raikage. Without the knowledge that they both fell with their Jutsu still active he may never have realized that it was the Third’s own Jutsu that caused the scar, without that knowledge it would have been nearly impossible for him to defeat the Third Raikage. Also he took Futon Rassenshuriken at point blank range and it barely phased him( Immortal body or not his own jutsu did more damage to himself than was visible from the Rassenshuriken).

    As for Nagato being so far down the list, he’s powerful but I can honestly say that the pretty much all of the shinobi I put on the list above him would give him more than a run for his money. Most of his attacks are avoidable and those that aren’t could still be avoided/blocked by those above him on my list.

    And Naruto is so far down on the list because raw power doesn’t equal strength. Naruto has a long way to go before he can stand toe to toe with the greats.

  65. @IANRH

    But Naruto is standing toe to toe with some of the greats and he’s proven now that he has both power and the battle smarts to back it up. You could also just as easily say that the Third Raikage only lasted as long as he did thanks to Edo Tensei’s regenerative properties.

    Even though no-one was inflicting enough damage to incapacitate him long enough to seal him, they were still causing enough damage that the Third Raikage had to regenerate afterwards. If he were alive, that first Rasenshuriken would have probably been enough to at least incapacitate him, or bring him close to death, but as far as Edo Tensei goes, he just regenerated too fast to be sealed in time.

    Anyway, it doesn’t really matter. It’s your list, so it can go in whatever order you want. Lol. I shouldn’t really debate things like that. @___@

  66. @Tenrai Senshi- But I like a good debate =P
    We are talking about the guy who defeated the Hachibi single handed, and only took damage in the battle from falling on his own sword afterward.
    As powerful as the rassenshuriken is it probably pales in comparison to a fully developed biju bomb.

    That being said You make a good argument that he’s standing toe to toe with some of the greats like the third Raikage, but I could also make the argument that since Kabuto was controlling him there in the end that the 3rd Raikage probably wasn’t fighting the way he would normally fight.

    I believe that the 3rd Raikage wouldn’t have gone in like that if he were still calling the shots, and would have probably switched to mid ranged fighting techniques in opposition to Naruto’s close range fighting style, but then again that’s pure speculation.


  67. I’m surprised no one said anything about Gaara vs Second Mizukage. Who’s going to win?

    I think the 2nd Mizukage is way stronger than Gaara, but he’ll lose anyway. Gaara will probably find a weakness to the clam’s genjutsu and kill it. Or maybe someone will come help him fight.

    Either way, next week’s chapter will hopefully be a great birthday present!

  68. Oh BTW Happy Birthday 土龍 drigruan, I hope you get lots of gifts ;).

    Also happy B day in advance. Just tell us were to go and drink ;).

  69. Dragon the last post was for you btw.

  70. @dragon: clam + sand = unhappy clam + pearls

  71. @arpotu: For a second there, I thought that was innuendo… X_X

    Anyway, water + sand = heavy sand and dead Gaara, so I don’t think he’ll win this one. But he’s one of the main characters, so he’ll come up with something 🙂

  72. Happy birthday to the people, whose birthdays come a few days after Kakashi’s.

  73. I still don’t get the whole EMS thing. I’m bugging about Madara taking his brothers’ eyes. Why couldn’t they just switch eyes? They both had MS. This is why I think he took his brothers’ eyes by force. We need to know the TRUE story of Madara. I dislike hearing his side of the story. We know that he was the one that caused the 9-tails attack when Naruto was born. He fought the 1st (we don’t know what went on in the battle.) He was a previous Mizukage (either the first or third.) These are the facts stated by other people, not Madara. What else is known about him by other sources other than Madara.

  74. @ Wiseman, the mizukage part is only a reference based on the fact that Madara was controlling Yagura the 4th Mizukage, so that’s why Kisame regarded him as the Mizukage, only because of the face that he was the one pulling the strings.

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