Fairy Tail 250 Breakdown! Murder, suicide and genocide… Fairy Tail is getting dark.

Mashima's such a troll. FT didn't have "preparation" when they fought Hades and yet they won. Oh, I forgot, they had "plotkai". -_-

Wow. This chapter blew my mind. First, Natsu didn’t appear and I hate that guy. He’s my least favorite character in the manga. He’s so cocky and he always gets the best power ups because he’s the main character. I like Happy more than him.

Second, Zeref is the most badass character in the manga. He’s got an ability that instantly kills anyone close to him and he’s declaring war on the world by himself.

Third, Fairy Tail might start having a darker tone in the next arcs and I really would like that. No more nakama power ups and overpowered villains that get defeated by cats. Only awesomeness. I hope Mashima doesn’t do a 180 and make Zeref die in the next arc.

That last option is for Ahsan. 😈

Take that FT haters!! KAMEHAMEHA!!!

Zeref tells us more about himself in this chapter. 400 years ago there was a war. Zeref saw countless people die and he learned to value human lives. That was when his curse started. The more he valued life, the more his power would take it away. He wasn’t able to use his true power because of his inner struggle and that’s why Ultear defeated him. But if he forgets about the value of life, his powers will be awakened. Now he will summon Acnologia and destroy the world. Zeref won’t forgive Hades for what he’s going to do, so he decides to punish him (no, not Juvia-style) and casts a spell called “Repentance” that kills him instantly.

The moment of truth draws near.

This part of the chapter was touching. Ultear has decided to leave Grimoire Heart with Meredy and start a new life somewhere else, but Meredy knows about what she did to her family and friends. Ultear says that she did it all to create a second, perfect life in which everyone would be happy and she understands that Meredy wants to kill her, but she won’t let her dirty her hands. So she stabs herself.

Ultear blindly believed in her time magic's true potential and became a murderer. Now that she has changed, she can't cope with the guilt.

I really did not expect this. Ultear has truly changed and wants to atone for her sins by stabbing herself and dying in the ocean, with her mother. I’m happy Meredy saved her and told her she forgave her. Now they can start a new life together and come back in another arc to help Fairy Tail. Their magics are awesome and it would be a waste for them to never appear again. And Ultear was hotter than ever in this chapter. 😉

Anyway, back at GH’s airship, Zeref mocks and berates Hades, but then he hears something approaching. Is it Acnologia?

It's a bird... it's a plane... it's Acnologia!

Zeref sure is mysterious… he still didn’t say what’s Acnologia. What do you think it is?

I think it’s the Dark Dragon since we’ve already heard of it and it would be cool to see it again after it mutilated Gildartz. Also, it would connect Zeref to dragons and that would be very interesting.

Well, that’s it from me. See you in the comments!


~ by 最強 Dragon on September 11, 2011.

6 Responses to “Fairy Tail 250 Breakdown! Murder, suicide and genocide… Fairy Tail is getting dark.”


  2. I’m number one
    @dragon that’s not plot no jutsu/kai/spell remember Azuma and the Tenrou tree and what it did to the Fairy Tail members. Plot no jutsu/kai is Sasuke’s survivng Shippuden or Aizen survivng Gin’s Bankai.

  3. 2nd <_<

    lol lot of player hate for the main character 😛 thought I was the only one, I actually liked Natsu's character till this arc, but now he seems too repetitive, the first few times he got angry and speech slapped the Villain I was like cool but now its like the pattern and its become predictable…

    I don't know but Zeref seems to be awakening his Rinnegan 😉 slowly but surely he gain's more circles… What annoys me is now we have an even more powerful villain and Hiro gonna have to give FT another @$$pull to defeat him eventually and I bet Natsu will be doing it 😛

    Overall was a meh chapter, deep and dark but not much more to it 😛

  4. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/71278741/1 New chapter

  5. Gildartz is a pimp.

  6. That was actually a good chapter.

    So, I guess Acknowlogia is a dragon, who would have thought? And I suppose that this must be the same Black Dragon that Gildartz fought on his 100 year mission, which completely kicked his butt.

    I also have a feeling that this dragon is the one who gave Zereph his black mage powers, which would suggest that Zereph, – like Natsu, Gajeel and Wendy – is a dragon slayer. However, whereas the other three use fire, iron and air to fuel their magic, Zereph uses life force, which is also probably why he is constantly draining the life force of everything nearby around himself. Well, that’s a theory in any case.

    Either way, it looks like Tenrou Island is about to have a makeover again, judging by Lucy’s last words at the end of the chapter. Things may start getting really interesting now.

    Btw, I have another theory about Natsu, Wendy and Gajeel. If Zeref is indeed a dragon slayer who has been wandering the world for thousands of years, then is it possible that Natsu and the others are also similar in that they have been around a lot longer than they realize?

    I mean, during the Laxus arc, both Natsu and Gajeel couldn’t exit Fried’s enchantment because it specified that no-one over the age of 80 could leave, or something like that. Also, Zeref seemed to refer to Natsu as if he had known him for a long time before that first meeting.

    Is it possible that Natsu, Wendy and Gajeel were also in some sort of “sleep” that made them forget their former lives and that they are somehow all related to Zereph in some direct way as dragon slayers? Perhaps they also existed in the time of Zeref a few thousand years ago and they don’t know it yet.

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