Bleach Chapter 463 – FullBringers 2.0 vs Kenpachi 1.0

Awe, Bleachers… I was a little caught off gaurd with this chapter, it seems Kubo is going with the divide and conquer again for this battle sequance, though I know its his thing, I feel I little hard done by. I feel its too much the same the Villain seemed very recycled from an Aizen 2.0 and now the War/Battle of the lessor Characters seem to also be a knock off of the Arrancar Arc. This has always been Kubo’s style though he hates focusing on more then one thing at a time which is cool cause it gives the manga/battles more focus. Not like the way Kishi keeps all his battles going and skips most of them, *cough* Kakashi *cough* Rampage *cough* which by the way is so awesome some of his Chakra slipped into Bleach and that is why we seem to have a plot again <_<

Well to the breakdown πŸ˜‰

Seems early on the Shishigawara is actually a threat, Ginjou even stating he wouldn’t want his abilities to increase, and that they should kill him once this is all over… With the battle then being mostly talk of the abilities given not much else interests me at first, Giriko must be one of the most annoying characters EVER!! He just has a Punch me face, I was hoping that Ichigo would defeat him quickly but to no avail… but I got what I wanted later πŸ˜‰

Boom.... You know why πŸ˜‰

We sort of got the idea now that Ichigo is powerful and when I read this was just about to apply my palm to the top part of my face, I thought if this is the end then Kubo has successfully trolled us all AGAIN!!! but luckily Yahiko, one of my favorite Characters in Fullbringer, saves the day. He also sheds some light that Ichigo’s power was taking the ability he had within and pushing it out. So all the power ups has given Yahiko the ability to take his “invaders must die” out of the game consel and into reality.

This makes me wonder on the others how would theirs change, would this mean Rirukia box is now outside <_< or Jackies Dirty Boots how will that be more outer then it already is? Anyways I would love to see how exactly Kubo arranges these abilities to actually work in a real Battle…

I loved Ikaku in this Chapter, still just as upfront as ever and well Toshiro and Yahiko being Opponents was kinda obvious just by looks… Did anyone else notice they seem to have split up by looks <_<

Toshiro vs Yahiko….

Shishigawara (Really!?) vs Ikaku (both have less then most in Hair Department <_<

Byakuya vs Tsukishima (long haired)

Giriko vs Ken Chan (EYE PATCHES FOR THE WIN!)

I cannot really tell who Rukia or Renji got but My Bet would be:

Rukia vs Rirukia

Renji vs Jacky

Look Alike Contest Begins πŸ˜‰

I love how Kenpachi even tries to Trade places with Byakuya, its a character I must say I missed in Bleach his attitude and love for battle gets even the most mild read readied up for the conflict however he got, Giriko <_< the most annoying person in this chapter! His ability should be in theory unbeatable! He can great terms and exact them to his wish, if he was slightly more intellegent he would be on the level of Ginjou and memory altererer <_<



The rest of the chapter is pretty boring, Kenpachi lack of interest in the fight seemed to give me a similar feeling, though Giriko can become big and look strong Kenpachi would of always outmatched him in strength. I like Kenpachi’s attitude still cuts the dude down with not a care in the world…

F%$king AWESOME!! ^_^

Well that is all for this week!



~ by pein0avenue on September 8, 2011.

14 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 463 – FullBringers 2.0 vs Kenpachi 1.0”

  1. FIRST!!!!

  2. Second. Since when do I come second?

  3. Wow Kenpachi, though I’m sure his opponent isn’t dead. I mean his ability is “Time Tells No Lies”. Why show him come in go with a single blow? But, well whatever. If he’s dead, he’s dead. If not, I hope it’s a interesting fight. Will Kenpachi show any further skills? That’s something I want to know. I’d laugh if he had a bankai but I doubt. Anyway, it was a good chapter!

  4. This chapter inspired an epiphany in my head
    Kenpachi reminds me of a person reading Bleach, and Giriko being the recycled ideas and Kubo. Kenpachi’s only happy when there is hope for a plot and is actually a decent fight.

  5. Sean, there is an order to the universe that must be adhered to. Simply put, there are things more powerful than time telling no lies. One is cake. The other is Kenpachi.

  6. “Toshiro vs Yahiko” o.O

    Wait a second?…When did Yahiko move from Naruto to Bleach? I mean I know his gig over there has ended but This is the first time I have ever seen a character from one manga move over to another. Personally I think Yahiko could take Toshiro, Yukio however is another story…

    “Shishigawara vs Ikaku”
    I can see Shishigawara winning this match, if only by pure luck amd Ikaku’s tendency not to go all out. Though since no one can see him he may just go bankai right away and slaughter little Shishi

    “Byakuya vs Tsukishima”
    Really any opponent who fights Byakua is going to need lots of room to dodge, and I don’t see them having that much room. This fight could very well be over faster than Giriko vs Kenpachi.

    “Giriko vs Ken Chan”
    Giriko could have set a timer that if he was defeated within X amount time that he would rapidly regenerate. If not then I certainly hope that they all aren’t as weak as he was.

    “Renji vs Jacky”
    Come on this is a joke… Renji can be an effective mid to long range fighter and Jacky has her boots and some decent speed. Renji will have a field day with this fight.

    “Rukia vs Rirukia”
    This battle is over quick too, though I have to say I can see Rirukia surviving this arc. I don’t see the same kind of lust for power or murderous intent in her as has been demonstrated in all the other Fullbringers. This leads me to believe that she is the only redeemable one of Ginjou’s little group. Having redeemable qualities doesn’t guarantee she’ll live, but it does up her chances of survival considerably.

  7. @Darks, maybe it’s my insomnia, but your comment had me in stitches. God I ‘m going to miss WRA if I go on deployment.

    Well, I’m looking forward to seeing a good Renji fight, so that’s just one more thing I’m probably gonna get trolled on. (Hope it’s not obvious who one of my favorite characters is) >_>

  8. Fucking boring πŸ˜› Ken-chan says it all. How long till Ken-chan gets overly over used as well , watcha say ?

  9. Thus Kenpachi says his feelings on this entire arc on the last page. You took the words right out of my mouth Kenny boy.

  10. I Loved the whole Kenpachi bit. Let’s break him down a bit – He’s one of the least developed characters in the series (probably more because Kenpachi made Kubo eat his pen when he tried to create additional backstory on him)
    And why do we need to know any more about him? *Sees Kenpachi waving, cowers in fear*
    He stepped into the series as “THE Badass” Had he not been so bored with fighting espada, he probably could have beat Aizen… ok maybe not.

    To simplify:
    Bankai: Nah, don’t need it!
    Kido: That’s for wimps!
    Rusty, beat up sword: HELLS YEAH!

    And that’s all he needs.

  11. @prawl Hate to break it to you but he’s not the biggest badass that’s Unohana there’s a reason why she never fought.

  12. @Kanton – long time no see! Yeah, I forgot about Unohana, always in the shadows, lurking, using that giant mantis bankai thing…

  13. @Prawl it’s a giant Manta ray healing thing that swallows it’s prey whole.

  14. Byakuya’s so cool!

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