Naruto Writing Competition: The first round starts now!

Hey everyone, it’s Tenrai Senshi here.

It’s been quite a while since we last had a competition post on the blog, so I thought it was about time we had a bit of fun again, only this time, things will get a little bit more interesting than they have been before.

This time, we’re having a writing competition. @__@

A great story carries with it the heart of its author. His laughter, his tears, his coldest nightmares and his fondest dreams...

I’m sure you’ve all had those moments when you’re reading a manga you love, where you wish that you could just pick up a pen and start making a change here or there, just to make it that little bit better in your own eyes. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that there are often times where we wished we could change a scene, take one away, or add something that wasn’t there before, whether it’s to give a character we love a moment of glory we feel they deserve, or to lay another we loath to rest in a way that satisfies us. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, we are all ultimately at the mercy of the authors that churn out our favorite reading materials, so our dreams usually remain unanswered.

Well, for now, that’s going to change, because you’ll all have the power to make your dream scene a reality for everyone to see.

There are many feelings that can be expressed through words. But, there are some feelings which can only be appreciated in absolute silence.

Basically, here are the rules as to how the competition will work:

1: Those who want to enter must each write a scene for Naruto that they would  have wanted to see in the manga or anime.

2: Each entry must contain between 500 – 2500 words.

3: Entries must please conform to civilized standards of writing. Entries that contain any forms of hate speech, explicit sexual scenes, or scenes of an excessive controversial nature, will be excluded from the competition outright.

4: All entries must contain your own original work. Please do not copy stories from other authors or sources.

5: Please do NOT post your entries in the comments section, as that will be reserved purely for the purposes of feedback or for people to discuss each of the entries as they wish. Details on where to send your entries will be listed further below.

6: Comments are encouraged and constructive criticism is welcomed, so long as feedback remains respectful. Flaming is frowned upon. <_<

Too much writing can make your hands sore. >_>

Once you’re done writing, all you need to do is email your entry to me with your username at and I’ll put them up on a separate post for everyone to read at the following link:

Please set the email’s subject to read “WRA Writing Competition” so that it makes it easier for me to sort through them.

You’ll be judged on both the quality of your writing, as well as any feedback from comments, whether they are positive or negative. Five entries will be selected thereafter as finalists and listed in a followup post, and a winner will be chosen by a user vote to ensure fairness.

The winner will receive… FAME AND GLORY!!! (Mostly because it doesn’t cost us anything). @___@

Well, that’s it then. All that’s left to do is to wish you all good luck. I hope that everyone will get involved and have fun with this competition.

All credit for this idea goes to Ahsan, as he was the one who suggested it to me in the first place. Thank you for the great idea Ahsan!


~ by Tenrai Senshi on September 7, 2011.

29 Responses to “Naruto Writing Competition: The first round starts now!”

  1. first

  2. 2nd O.o o.O. Time to start writing again I guess @_@

  3. I was feeling up to it until I got to point 3.

    Such a shame I can’t put my ideas on the contents of Icha Icha volume 3 to words….

    Oh well… Maybe I’ll think of something else to write. Though it won’t be as exciting as make out tactics.

    Just a little curiosity though, when’s the closing date for entries. I seriously am thinking about writing a story but I don’t have aeons of time available. ^__^

  4. Hey guys. The first entry has been submitted by Ajd and has been uploaded. Just go to the entries page to read.

    To navigate between each entry, just click the page numbers at the bottom. The introduction is on the first page and entries start on page 2.

    Thanks Ajd!!!! ^ ^


    I’ve decided to leave the closing date for entries open for now, because I know that it may take some time before entries start rolling in. I know how time consuming writing can be, so I will give you all plenty of time.

    Once I feel we have enough entries to make good sport of the competition, I’ll give warning of the closing date, just to give some time for a few last minute entries, and then I’ll post the finalists.

    I hope you take part. @__@

  5. Awesome entry Ajd! Looks like I’ll have to up my game…

    An idea for an entry is forming in my mind… But I might need some time to write it down. If school doesn’t take all my free time, then I’ll submit it next week.

  6. Glad I could crank one out for everyone. I strongly encourage those considering one to do it! Writing can be really fun, and just put some soul in it. I’m not a romance writer by any means, but I thoroughly enjoyed writing it!

    Can I call first on entries? lol, can’t wait to read some. Not sure how much time until deployment comes around though…-_-

  7. I think you could claim first 😛 hope you got a follow up if you make it to the final 😉

    I really enjoyed your fic… I think you focused well on one scene instead of trying too much you put a lot of effort into portraying the emotions and feelings perfectly for this 🙂 The story wasn’t boring, some points seemed repeated but the flow of the story was good, could get through each point quickly and easily… Lovey dovey not usually my thing either in Fictions but it was really good, 😀

  8. *disclaimer* I meant first entry submitted just in case that sounded incredibly arrogant. I honestly can’t even pretend to be arrogant. 😉

  9. Not on topic but is anyone else having trouble with the WRA homepage not existing?

  10. Yes There seems to be some problem 😛

  11. …Come on people, where’s the motivation? I can’t be the only person who could find a scene to expand on quickly! typing 500 solid words can be done in an hour and revised in 10 minutes! RAGE!!!!

    Sorry, I’d just like to read some fresh material before deployment. Try to imagine what you would have fun writing about. (fight, romance, comedy, etc…) Then think of a scene that you thought could have used some of that and boom! idea. Or you could go with you’re least favorite genre (T-rated romance, bleh) and challenge yourself as a writer. Just sayin’ who enjoys T-rated romance?

    @Tenrai, Matbe it would be easier to add any manga to the mix? Like Bleach, OP, FT, etc… it is technically a writing competition, not a Naruto writing competition. Maybe tweak rule 1 a bit?

  12. @ Ajd – lol… I am busy with mine but it takes time with things like word, assignments etc.. 😛 will probably be sent in this week at least though

  13. yup I’ll submit it this week hopefully . Though it’s hard writing a fight scene @_@

  14. @Ajd

    Lol. I know a few people entering, but sometimes it can take time to think of ideas and then still write them. I actually didn’t expect to see any entries in the first week and I am surprised you got yours in so quickly.

    In any case, hopefully by the end of this week we’ll see more entries coming in. I’ll even write one just for the hell of it, although mine won’t be an official entry and won’t be up for finalist nominations.

    Also, the reason I focused on one manga/anime was to keep the competition balanced. It’s difficult to compare a scene from one manga fairly against a scene from a completely different manga. Also, readers may become biased and vote for stories only from manga they like or read, while completely disregarding stories from manga they have never read at all, rather than treating all stories with an equal viewpoint.

  15. @Tenrai, fair point. Glad to see everyone working on it. I guess you hit me when I had nothing better to do, so I did that for half the day. I was getting impatient I suppose haha.

  16. @ Adj – there no rule limiting it to one entry per writer 😛

  17. When you say writing a scene, does that mean that it has to be a single scene that doesn’t completely change the plot of the series? Because I want to do one that would change the plot and happens right after a major battle/turning point, and I don’t quite understand what one scene would be in your eyes since we’re writing this and with the manga, a scene could be considered a small panel or a page or two.

  18. @amaya

    Basically, the competition is about writing a scene you would want to see happening in Naruto.

    Whether it’s a scene that just ties up a loose end, bridges two parts of the story together, or changes a part of the story into something you would have wanted to see, that is ultimately up to you. So, even if it changes the story in any way, that’s fine.

    For example, someone might want to write a scene that changes how Naruto reacted to Sakura when she “confessed” her love for him, then they are more than welcome to do that. If you want to change the outcome of a battle or write about a battle that was never actually shown, that’s also all good as well.

    Your only limitations on what you can write are stipulated by the rules and the word count limit mentioned above. 2500 words is the maximum limit, so you have to plan carefully so that your entry has a good starting and finishing point. Other than that, you can write whatever you want. ^ ^

  19. @Tenrai Senshi

    Alright, thanks. I just wanted to make sure that what I wanted to do wouldn’t be violating the rules.

  20. Hey guys. We’ve just got another entry from Pein0Avenue.

    Remember to have a read through and leave your thoughts in a comment to give some feedback for the authors for all their efforts.

    Thanks Pein. ^ ^

  21. @Pein0Avenue’s entry

    Thank you for giving us another piece to read!

    I really do like the idea you have here. Although it’s quite dark for Naruto, I could see this having serious potential. All the other characters (except Naruto understandably) seem to be behaving normally, which is nice. I can also you’ve got a great story here, as I’ve said, but it may have been forced too short. Still, I really enjoy the concept.

    Here’s a few things I wanted to give you a heads up on as a critical reader:

    Punctuation and grammar issues – It kills the pace of the story. There are several accounts where you could simply touch up a few run on sentences and switch up the diction. I believe if you were to correct a few of the little ones, it would appeal greater to a broader audience. “Eating Time Beast” for instance, should read “Eating time, Beast!” There are several more, and I would really like to see this one touched up.

    Plot holes – Specifically, questions unanswered. I can say it’s mostly just me being nit-picky, but it adds up. This goes along with length constrains, as I believe the story was shot at me like an AK-47. It seems Naruto was quite quick to accept his fate and roll over. I can understand the forgotten identity, but how can he have come to that conclusion near the end? All the people he saw trying to save him from the Kyuubi, and that was the best choice? Maybe it’s just my opinion; it may be a great move to some.

    Summary: Great concept, good imagery, punctuation flaws, grammar flaws, and a shaky story flow. I believe the story is worth a read, but could have been an outstanding piece.

    3/5 from me

  22. @Ajd

    That was a nice bit of feedback. You remained respectful throughout, while pointing out what you felt were flaws along with the good parts as well.

    Thank you for taking the time to give the author some support for his efforts. ^__^

  23. @ Adj – Shot for the review 🙂 always appreciate the critic when there no Flaming, I know grammer etc is a problem I often have, many times I failed in English because I didn’t put enough punctuations in my creative writing assignments, usually I have a proof reader help me but the one who usually does it for me wants to enter so I thought it unfair to ask him, to check for mistakes…

  24. I was gonna leave a comment on pein0avenue’s entry, but ajd just said everything I’d say (and more) 🙂
    Good job, both!

  25. Glad I could offer some help. I know I used to be the same way, so don’t beat yourself up over it. I’d be the last person to admit it a few years ago, but I very much enjoy reading any fictional story. When you’re ready to write someone off, try to sit down and understand their voice through the piece. Keep at it, and you can write gold.

  26. Hey guys. We have a new entry uploaded from Ahsan.

    Remember to give feedback for the author please. Thanks Ahsan. ^ ^

  27. Sorry for the delayed entry guys, was having some problems with my net. So who else is currently writing a fic?

  28. @ Ahsan – sorry for the late review, the contest isn’t on the front page so I forgot about it <_<

    Things been really busy T_T

    Your story was good, I understand the difficulty in writing a battle scene especially in Naruto, since usually a battle has many parts and u can describe a million thing at once and still be short of the proper show, I enjoyed reading it but there seems to be a few loop wholes, I think realistically Sasuke wouldn't be so stupid but on the premise of his over arrogance, you can say it was justifiable.

    A few times you explained something before the event actually occured, when Kakashi appeared again, u had already said Sasuke was too arrogant making the surprise and major twist in this story predictable. I an no expert on grammer etc so cannot comment there, but in things like timing of revealing information maybe just look at that shock factor and come back to Sasuke's regrets etc as he feels it, for example say he suddenly felt the pain and then follow with his inner thoughts describing them as him being to arrogant etc or even Kakashi boasting about it 😉

    Over all I think its a good piece as it is a battle fic I know it is difficult to write since its more "busy"

    I will give it a 5.5/10,

    Personally My favorite part was up to Tsukyomi, that was well thought out I thought, at first I was thinking when he got EMS did he gain Orochimaru's soul etc.

    Who's Next I wonder <_<

  29. @Pein

    Thanks for the review, It’s helping me alot as I improve the fic Further.The explaining before IT happened was perhaps the dumbest of the mistakes in it. As for passing it of on his ignorance and arrogance , I believe we can do that. Sasuke is always out their to “prove a point” . He wants to show that he is sort of like “god” now . He doesn’t even need to use all of his powers to beat “weaklings” like kakashi. What i learned though from writing this fic, is that in writing a battle one has to focus on mostly THAT SCENE. If you divert it goes downhill.

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