Fairy Tail 249 Breakdown: Makarov shuts Hades up with a badass speech and Juvia wants Gray to punish her. I always knew she liked it rough. X_X

Wendy, of course you won. Not even Sasuke could have defeated a plot no jutsu of that level. -__-

After last week’s fail chapter, I knew that this week’s chapter couldn’t be worse than that, but it was actually good. There was comedy, a badass speech and an epic cliffhanger. I really hope there won’t be anymore chapters like 248.


I don’t get it. Team Natsu defeated Hades when they supposedly “couldn’t move” and they can’t defeat fodder mages with their magic power completely depleted? And what about a good old fist fight? You don’t need magic power for that. But you can’t do that, you’re mages! Now that’s common sense.

Anyway, the rest of Fairy Tail arrives and scares the fodder away with badass stares. After that, the guild starts celebrating and welcoming Laxus back. Natsu wants to continue the exam, but then he faints from eating lightning.

I’m very relieved that Natsu’s not going to keep Laxus’s lightning powers because he would be way too overpowered. By the way, he’s only feeling the side effects now? He was perfectly fine during the fight! Oh, I forgot, he’s the main character… -_-

Makarov's right... Even if he comes back, all they have to do is throw Happy at him and he'll be defeated... X_X

Now we finally find out why Hades went to the dark side. After retiring from his position as Guild Master, he traced magic back to its origin, to Zeref. He became convinced that this magic world is a lie and Zeref’s world was the true world, so he decided to awaken Zeref. But it’s Makarov’s turn to teach his master a lesson.

Badass speech, badass walk... You've just been pwned, Hades.

I think Hades was wrong since the beginning. Magic isn’t dark or light or good or evil. It’s the way people use it that makes it like that. Also, even though Zeref was an incredibly powerful mage, he was defeated and sealed, so someone more powerful must have existed who countered his dark magic with light. Why didn’t Hades figure that out?

You know, the first time I read this page, I though Lily was saying "But I dooooo!" O_O

Everyone is recovering from the battle at camp when Juvia arrives. She somehow lost Zeref and she wants Gray to punish her. I always knew she liked it that way. She probably got those hobbies from her time in Phantom Lord in the Element 4. O_O That sounds so dirty.

Anyway, we then get to see what happened to Grimoire Heart. They left on their airship with only 2 of the 7 kin remaining. They can’t believe they lost both the battle and Zeref, but then he walks out of the shadows and tells them that because of their wicked thoughts the world shall be destroyed.

We're screwed.

Great cliffhanger. Looks like Hades is going to die and Fairy Tail’s going to get darker in the next arcs. If Zeref awakens, they’re going to have to fight a mage way more powerful than Hades. Plot no jutsu won’t help them against the ultimate Dark Mage.

Well, that’s it for me. Here’s your demotivational poster!

See you in the comments!

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~ by 最強 Dragon on September 4, 2011.

8 Responses to “Fairy Tail 249 Breakdown: Makarov shuts Hades up with a badass speech and Juvia wants Gray to punish her. I always knew she liked it rough. X_X”

  1. first! (and i dont even read fairy tail lol)

  2. It’s done! And Darks was first again.

  3. Second *Sets a trap for Tenrai*

  4. Sandaime!! *Pours BBQ sauce all over Kantonkage*

    Awesome breakdown Dragon =P

  5. 4th ? —– or 5th? – Nice Breakdown Dragon!

    Will comment longer later 😉

  6. Lol. Kanton is second yet again. That talent never ceases to amaze me. <_<

    Anyway, this chapter was fairly good to me. Hades making it clear that he would have never been defeated if it weren't for the series of coincidences that conspired against him, was of some small consolation against this otherwise unprecedented victory of Fairy Tails.

    I have a feeling Zeref is going to kill Hades and the rest of his remaining crew now. He may actually become the most interesting character in this series so far at the rate he's going.

  7. So, zeref is awakened and apparently he’s angry and all apocalyptic, but, will he take action this ark or what? cuz i just don’t see how fairy tail can handle zeref now, anyways, nice breakdown and good chapter= happy week ^__^

  8. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/75979972/1

    Awesome chapter. I loved the dark undertones and the cliffhanger. Zeref is going to awaken next chapter and kill everyone. O__O

    And the new breakdown is out!

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