Bleach Chapter 462 – Why Me Sad T__T

The latest chapter of Bleach seems to set up an awesome end to this arc or at least bring some sort of balance between these two opposing forces of the newly Reunited Shinigami and the hiding members of Xcution, who gain a welcomed power boost from the stolen strength of Ichigo.

AWE! This was what I been waiting for, what Kubo ignored the last two or three chapters seems to be finally coming to a head although… this battle arrangement seems too much like the Kankuro Town all out war, Tsukishima seems like our Gin and the others the Arrancar that entered the Fray with Aizen.

The chapter starts off where the last ended off, the revelation of Ginjou being the previous sub shinigami left me with a lot of questions, I really wished they would focus more on that history however I can sort of see the direction Kubo might wanna take with this delaying the outcome just enough to keep us reader hooked. Fills it with either pointless power up, battle tactics which just delay or everyone’s favorite the empty spaces @_@

Super Villain 2.0 - Turn to nothing more then ash and return stronger... makes sense O_O

Its funny a couple of weeks ago the “fake” spoilers actually foretold this situation, Inoue running and looking a little well, whats a nice word for it… Pathetic but it shows even though her memories where changed that bond with Ichigo hasn’t changed. His pain is her pain, she desperate to find out what going on which I find quite annoying actually.

Chad must be the character I most wanna punch in the face, he just too pathetic for words! What happened to the guy who would just violently swing to try hit a hollow not knowing where it was. Going on pure instinct and guts now he quivers in fear just cause he can’t understand a situation. Inoue I understand but Chad should be more decisive then this. Tsukishima is just creepy for the sake of being creepy, where is the calm collect Tsukishima who silently manipulated everyone to his wishes, though Ginjou states that he has over pushed his ability, since it is really only a one shot deal once done he only has his blade which when used could cause more damage to himself then his opponent.

Tears of Joy T___T Its so touching...

Now this is where those, “fake” spoilers seem extremely eery its as though someone could read Kubo’s mind or that maybe Bleach has become just that predictable, Isshin and Urahara’s intervention was well placed, their over poweredness would just sway this battle too far, it gives this battle an air of believability, especially if its a close battle with them it would be extremely difficult to believe that the Fullbringer are equal to those two.

Urahara, gotta love how far he plans ahead <_<

I disregarded a lot of this as things that we already knew, we knew Inoue and Chad would get involved but luckily Kubo didn’t repeat the same strategy he was using for most of this arc, that Ichigo was too worried about his friends to fight. Seeing the rest of Xcution mean that the Captains didn’t actually defeat them, and they where actually relaxing in the woods? maybe a picnic… yes that makes sense a picnic hmmm @_@

Riruka you know if you add just one i, her name becomes Riruk-i-a seems Kubo was struggling for names <_< but before I lost my train of thought, she was the only one that seems to have kept her soul and cared for Ichigo throughout, the others are just power hungry. I tried to see if I could notice a change physically Ginjou become more evil looking when he remembered though Xcution seems exactly the same.

It seems that all Fullbringer share and swap power by attacking with a type of sword, similar to how Ichigo gained his. What is unknown is whether when Ginjou transfers the power to them, does this mean he becomes weaker or is it just a handy upgrade for the others without himself having to sacrifice any of his own.

What we gain from it is a pretty Pimped out Xcution, and I am hoping it will mean that the battle will be more even, many of us wondered how well they would be able to use their abilities in battle, with the battle against Captain Level Shinigami..

However Tsukishima and Shishigawara wheren’t present for this new power up grade. I wonder if Ginjou feels they strong enough or if he gave them power too that is would be too spread and the upgrade been in effective.

And that is how it ends fowkes, we got a Villain Power Up to try make this more interesting, the all out war between 12 people will begin next chapter! I just hope Kubo learned from his mistake in the Shinigami vs Arrancar War and focuses better on the general plot and not just individual troll battles 😉 least Ichigo is actually here now!


No Debate this week, though? Which battle would you most like to see in a debate?


Shukuro_Tsukishima _ Facebook by ~blackbommer22

~ by pein0avenue on September 1, 2011.

18 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 462 – Why Me Sad T__T”

  1. First xD

  2. Second

  3. Third 😛 lol

  4. THERE ‘S TWO!!!!!

  5. Great job Pein.

    As for Ginjou transferring his power, as Iamnotreallyhere said I think that’s his specific Fullbring ability. To take other Fullbring powers in their moment of weakness and the ability to transfer the power to others.

    I don’t believe he just boosted the other Fullbring powers, he is sharing Ichigo’s powers by splitting it with his comrades. That means Ginjou probably only has 1/5 of Ichigo’s powers now which is the only thing keeping him alive, according to himself.

    Oh, and Ahsan be trolling.

  6. i thought the chapter was OK 7/10 … I was expecting more action and less conversing between the captains and Ichigo but I guess not seeing your friends for 17 months will make you talk. I was just wondering why no one ever mentioned any of this to ichigo.
    So what will Ginjou bring to the fight if his fullbring power is indeed transferring. Won’t he be kinda useless or will his shinigmami powers come into play or some secret ability he has that he was saving specifically for this battle????????

  7. I’m honestly not hoping for a great showdown this ark, as i see things, battles will follow after this chapter and fullbringers would seem to be winning when team shinigami goes like “bitch please, we are captains and shit” and bankai rape the hell out of everyone

    that or ichigo goes like “oh im a vizard, what will happen if…” and boom uber hax powerup to more than his already shinibring powers and uber rape to them all

  8. It will be interesting to see How everyone has improved in the time skip.

    Has Kenpachi made any headway with his zanpakto or not. It would be really interesting if he knows it’s name as that would say he’s one step closer to attaining Bankai. Does Ikkaku still have reservations about using his Bankai in front of others? How much has Renji Abarai skill/strength grown? Has Tōshirō really grown or is he just wearing platform shoes?

    My guesses as to who will fight who and why.

    Ginjou Kujou vs Ichigo Kurosaki: Obvious is Obvious

    Riruka Dokugamine vs Rukia Kuchiki – Catfight!!

    Jackie Tristan vs Ikkaku Madarame: These two use physical power so I can see Ikkaku fighting her

    Giriko Kutsuzawa vs Byakuya Kuchiki : Giriko’s abilities are a bit broken in my opinion and it’s probably going to take advanced kido skills to fight him, Byakuya is the only one that fits the bill that’s currently on the scene.

    Yukio vs Kenpachi Zaraki: I can see Yukio trying and failing to contain Zaraki and his immense spiritual pressure inside his game world.

    Moe Shishigawara vs Renji Abarai: I think these two would make for a decent battle, though I can easily see it going in Renji’s favor really fast seeing as how Shishigawara’s abilities are luck based.

    Shūkurō Tsukishima vs Tōshirō Hitsugaya: Lets face it, Tōshirō has a special spot… on his wall especially for the heads of smug snakes like this bastard.

    Now the real fifty thousand dollar question: Will he show all the fights or will he skip/gloss over some of them and have them finished up off screen so to speak.

    Debate:Ulquiorra Cifer vs Byakuya Kuchiki

    FIGHT!! err… I mean DEBATE!! =P

  9. I think Kubo has written himself into a hole where I will hate him regardless when he starts showing powers after the time skip. On the one hand it would be really lame if they don’t have new skills but on the other these people have trained for hundreds of years already! What good would a year and a half make? *sigh*

  10. @CyborgFranky- a lot can happen in a year and a half. The difference it can make is only determined by how hard they worked to improve themselves. I mean Ichigo gained shinigami powers, his bankai, and who knows what other powers in far less than a year an a half and he didn’t have the benefit of hundreds of years of experience. The possibilities are literarily endless.

    So no one is interested in my debate suggestion?

  11. Yeah but Urahara and Ichigo are the only ones who Bankai’d that way. The ‘normal’ way takes hundreds of years of training right? same with kido and stuff….

  12. @CyborgFranky
    The normal way also comes with benefits that the fast way doesn’t, like the ability to learn to control your spiritual energy much better, as well as learning to use your bankai in a much more effective manner. All that extra training allows for one to focus on getting better rather than gaining the basics like Ichigo had to.

    We’ll just have to wait and see I suppose.

  13. @ CF – Kenpachi never understood that he needed to know his swords name to be strong so he would of spent the year maybe trying to figure it out, and also remember what happened before the skip Toshiro, and the others went into intense training so even if its just a year we know its a year of training over the 100 of years the soul society was in relative peace thus the need for hectic training was uneeded was only when the Ginger showed up that shiz got hectic 😉 before then Captains biggest problem was Giant Hollows now they had Aizen and the Arrancar so makes sense that they started battling more and more and train more then they would usually.

  14. And let’s not forget hitsu and his growing techniques, i mean, we may see a ocmplete bankai this time, maybe some more… i forgot how bleach jutsus are called XD… renji also had a bankai to train


    New chapter’s out. XD

  16. Translation is terrible, though.


    There. That’s better. XD

  18. INRT Did ya guess any of them? Its nice you tried though this forum can be slow sometimes XD

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