Naruto Chapter 552 Breakdown: I have no idea what to put as a subheading. O_o

Yeah, so this week my funny bone decided it didn’t feel like being humerus anymore. I guess that means that this breakdown won’t be quite as entertaining as last week’s, but then, serious times call for serious amounts of thought, after all.

Now I just need to find someone to think for me so that I can avoid hurting myself. All I can say is that this breakdown will be deep… deep like Darth Vader’s breathing. So be prepared.

Itachi uses 'Head & Shoulders' shampoo for perfectly shiny hair with every wash. What shampoo do YOU use?

As far as this war arc goes, I think we are reaching a point in the manga where Naruto is learning some vitally important lessons, not only about the nature of the trial he has to face on the battlefield, but also about life as a whole and his role in it. I think there has always been a prevalent theme throughout the manga about acceptance and acknowledgment, not only with Naruto, but many other characters as well, and it’s those themes that are still represented strongly even now. From Lee yearning to find his own ninja way through hard work and training, to Gaara’s battle to prove the worth of his existence, every character has a story to tell about trying to fit in and, I suppose in our own way, we are all like that to some degree.

It’s these kinds of themes that bring us back to the fundamentals of human nature that we all face within ourselves every day, and I think that’s what makes us like or hate a character in a manga or anime. It’s our ability to relate to them, or perhaps, in some cases, even a desire to become something we have always yearned to be, yet something we have simply never seen within ourselves. Admiration for a specific character trait we have always perceived to be lacking within ourselves, like self-confidence or strength, is more common than most people would like to admit.

What is it that draws you personally to a specific character?

Itachi, you monster...

I suppose you might be wondering about the purpose behind my banter. Well, you could say that I was inspired by the events of our latest chapter. In chapter 551, we ended off with a final goodbye to what many might consider to be one of the greatest former villains in the Narutoverse and someone who – in his own unique way – became a great mentor for Naruto. Nagato’s parting words of encouragement are much like that of a big brother giving his younger sibling a few words of advice.

It reminds me that it is the people around us that influence our lives, who largely contribute to the way we perceive ourselves or those around us and, in my opinion, Naruto has been learning the wrong lesson to that end for quite some time now. Everyone has been placing this burden of responsibility on him while teaching him that he is the only one who can bear those burdens, from his parents, to his teacher and even, in some cases, his friends. Much like the way we are influenced by peer pressure, trends, lessons or social interactions, our self perception can become obscured in a very negative way.

One could say that Naruto’s self perception as a savior of the world is a good example of this kind of negative reaction. It’s also the very reason why Itachi’s words to him are very striking, because they make Naruto acutely aware of his own destructive self-perception, which has not only caused him to regard himself in a way that is incorrect, but that has also blinded him to those around him who are more than willing to share the burden with him and help him carry it.

I can't remember the last thing I forgot. O_o

And there are some words that Naruto has been needing to hear for quite some time now.

I actually find Itachi’s viewpoint to be quite on the mark. Someone who has not been acknowledged by others cannot possibly hope to become Hokage, because in order to become Hokage, you first have to be recognized, acknowledged and respected by the rest of your village. It’s a title that requires trust and loyalty to be present first and foremost, therefore, using the goal of becoming Hokage as a way to gain recognition is no better than using an open flame to light a match. It’s ultimately pointless and has no value.

In Naruto’s case, he has already earned the respect and love of many of his fellow shinobi and friends, I just don’t think it has quite sunk into that brain of his yet. It makes me wonder if the goal of becoming Hokage is now nothing more than an archaic dream built on a lack of understanding on his part.

Is it a goal that has any real value anymore?

Now that we got the deep stuff out of the way, it’s time for some more action again, seeing as how we’ve probably got a big battle coming up in the next chapter. Hopefully this brawl between the various kage – and probably our two remaining Jinchuuriki as well – will be epic.

In any case, it’s now time to announce the winner of last week’s debate.

Standing tall, side by side, IT'S A DRAW!!!

Yes, I know, it’s a bit of a clichΓ©d ending for a battle debate, but I got someone else to judge the winner as a neutral observer. Taking into account the comments and quality of the debate, this is what he decided. <_<

*Secretly eats RedBaron.*

Good job to everyone who took part.

This week, to give us a break from debating, we’ll have a bubbliton contest once again instead.

*Insert possible caption here.*

I hope you all enjoyed it. See you in the comments. ^ ^

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  1. First. XD

  2. Second.

    I don’t think Naruto will become Hokage. Sadly, he will die before achieving his dream, but he will become a hero for the whole ninja world.

  3. I think Naruto will become Hokage, it’s still his dream. Even if he dies he might be made an honorary one to honor his name. That annoying face of his will be plastered on that mountain one day, mark my words. Hell, they might even put Danzou’s ugly mug up there though he wasn’t “officially” Hokage.

    Anyway, recognition might be the main underlying reason for Naruto wanting to become a Hokage but I don’t think that’ll quell his desire to obtain the position. Tell me this, though the village recognizes and acknowledges Naruto now can anyone see Naruto’s desire to become the strongest Hokage in the history of Konoha fade away? I can’t.

    He’s been harping on this goal the entire manga. He’s not all of a sudden just going to be like, “Screw it I’m recognized now.” He earnestly wants to be the village leader and protect it from the top. Maybe he will die and in his dying speech he’ll be like…

    Naruto: “Ugggh, I’m dying.”

    Sakura: “Oh no Naruto! Don’t die! You can’t! You have to become Hokage!”

    Naruto: “It’s alright…I have what I wanted all along. Friends and family to love me. I protected the village…just like the best of the Hokages!”


    Sakura: “We will never forget you, Naruto.”


    Naruto: “Sa-Sakura…”

    Sakura: “Yes Naruto!?

    Naruto: “Tell Sasuke I love him.”


    The end and Naruto is made honorary Hokage

    Now, as for the chapter it wasn’t bad, thank goodness. I liked Itachi’s speech. This is the best thing he’s ever done in the series for me. Tell Naruto to shut up and get off his ego trip. You know, I like when Naruto works with other people, like in the Rescue Sasuke Arc.

    The rest of the chapter was pretty much ok. The clam mirage I didn’t find funny especially not when they’re supposed to be battling a Kage! Not exchanging tactics on how to defeat the guy. ~_~ I swear Kabuchimaru needs to get his pawns together.

    I’m excited to see what Kabuchimau’s secret weapon is! I’m hoping it’s what I think it is. Great Breakdown Tenrai!


  5. @Dark: Yeah, I thought the convo was a nice addition to the quality of my overall comment. πŸ˜› It really gets the point across, whatever that is. I forgot.

  6. Thirrrrrrrd

    @Bublition -Carefeull! Theres a giant clam behind you!
    -Nah, thats my wife you fools. She just needs to be “fed”.
    Caption: Being a Mizukage required other attributes than being a fearless Shinobi, having a very big ………

  7. Bubble Contest:

    bubble 1: Do it Again! *that was soo smushin’ awesome :3*

    bubble 2: Alright clam! You heard ’em! Open up!

    Caption: The price of fame…

  8. Bubbition:

    Shinobi – “Mine? Mine? Mine? Mine? Mine?”
    Mizukage – “Don’t make any.. sudden.. movements. Hop inside my mouth, if you want to live.”

    Caption: Somewhere out there, a little clownfish with a gimpy fin is laughing uncontrollably as a bunch of grown men attempt to perform his movie live. And fail. Miserably.

  9. i like a dis!!

    i’m perfectly ok with this debate result πŸ™‚ they are definitely 2 awesome shinobi

  10. Great Breakdown!

    Random ninja: WTF is that?
    mizukage: Oh that? It’s just your mom after I finished with her

    Caption: Yo Mama

  11. Nice Breakdown Tenrai @_@

    I enjoyed the chapter cause this is what I been saying for ages Naruto is doing too much, you know the whole you will die if u make shadow clones in this form… hmmm I do but Naruto does it anyway cause he has to win everything. I am glad we gonna see some more action but in the end the best part of this chapter for me was the Mizukage the rest was meh, the Edo Summons are useless, the Zetsu seem to be the greatest fodder on earth, I mean except for Madara who seems to be having a great time picnicing in the forest, Sasuke chilling in the dark cave with a Zetsu, and Kabuto’s “trump” card, there is no threat here in this war, unless of course it goes all Aizen Troll on us where just one Villain defeats the entire army… Cause so Far this war is looking like a Bleach one, hero’s win every battle until big bad comes along and basically beats down all of them…

    I am still enjoying Naruto but I miss the good old day round the Pein Invasion arc after that it seemed to become a Sasuke Fan Fiction now a happy peace land Naruto Fan Fic πŸ˜› I miss the Jiraiya’s etc the good guys that can be killed, too much Plot Armour Jutsu πŸ˜›


    A DRAW @_@ both awesome shinobi I guess, (with equally powerful fanboys πŸ˜› )

  12. Bubble 1: We, Greenpeace, are here to stop you Mr. Pepe Le Pollution!
    Bubble 1: We, Greenpeace, are here to stop you!

    Bubble 2: …The hell is Greenpeace?

    Caption: Beware! Greenpeace has invaded the Naruverse.

  13. OH! I figured out the secret to Madara’s longevity and hax jutsu!

    There’s a “heart” located in that underground cavern where he’s keeping Hashirama and Yamato. All the Shinobi Alliance needs to do is send Kakadshi’s dogs down there to destroy Madara’s power source and the war will be as good as over.

    As for that wandering emo boy that wants to meet with Naruto so badly… I don’t know what’s going to happen with him.

  14. Hey! That’s just like Fairy Tail!

  15. Ok I was just wondering … So naruto now pops up here to save gara and co and what next He is going to pop up and stop kakashi’s rampage and then go save the others? Isn’t that kinda stupid ? Naruto goes on killing the bad guys till he finds their boss? What about the other characters , should they not get their fights?
    Itachi’s speech in this chapter was awesome more so because Some of us were already getting annoyed by Naruto’s increasing cockiness.

  16. @Ahsan

    Lol. You just don’t want Kakashi’s rampage to be taken over. @__@

    But seriously, speaking of which, I really would like to see what the hell is going on with Kakashi right now. He makes us all excited because he’s going to let all hell break loose and then he doesn’t show up for another 20 chapters afterwards. Lol. X__X

    Maybe he’s pulling of a DBZ power up, in which case, it would make sense. <_<

  17. I’ve got it now: Kakashi awakened the Rinnegan and made the remaining six mist nin his bodies. Now he’s going to beat the crap out of madara, make Sasuke his bitch and fly to tge moon together with the Mizukage.

  18. I definitely don’t want kakashi’s rampage as we call it to be stopped or overshadowed . I mean even Choji had his moment didn’t he ? Kakashi has been missing out on ALOT of development. Just look at Naruto,Sasuke or just look at the rookie 11 Even they have developed . Kakashi seems to be stuck in quick sand or something . The last time kakashi had a respectable battle was against kakuzu , that too however was more of a battle to save choji and ino. Just once can he not have a proper 1 on 1 or in this case 1 v.s 7 πŸ˜› LOL

    /Rant over


    LOL XD

  19. Sorry for the double post but just to add. It’s almost an equal number where Kakashi or Itachi is praised. Itachi had his moment didn’t he ? He showed us just how Damn good he is . Without Itachi Naruto would be dead . But where is kakashi’s fight? Where are his 1000 jutsu ? @_@

    Either don’t hype a character up kishi or make him live up to the expectations or the fanboy’s will kill you @_@

  20. Kakashi’s rampage was so epic Kishi decided he couldn’t properly implement it into this war without making everyone else look bad, so he’s creating a spin off manga called ‘Kakashi’s Rampage’. It will specifically deal with Kakashi taking out whole divisions by himself and killing Madara then impersonating him so Naruto has an enemy to fight.

  21. *Get’s spat out after Tenrai realizes I’m made primarily of Zetsu goo.*

    A DRAW?!?!?!

    “This week, to give us a break from debating, we’ll have a bubbliton contest once again instead.”

    Thank god. I don’t think I would have lasted much longer. ^__^

    As for chapter 552. After last weeks chapter it was kinda boring…. But it’s hard to overcome the awesomeness that is Itachi. πŸ˜‰

    It will be interesting to see what Kabutorochimaru thinks he can do against The Master of Disaster, The King of Sting, The Dancing Destroyer, The Count of Monte Fisto, The Prince of Punch, The One The Only, Uchiha Itachi.

  22. Hmmnnnn I don’t know if it’s legit but i’m sharing it anyway.. πŸ˜€

  23. I think the guy in the last coffin is shisue or whatever his name is >_> .

  24. …And you all thought I was dead… I was… EDO TENSEI JERKS!

  25. Gah! The secret identity of Prawlkage revealed!

    *Cuts Tenrai open, and hides until he figures out damnable wordpress changes*

  26. O_O Paulkage?

  27. INDEED! MUWHAHAHAHA! *figured out simple internet tasks and am overly proud of self*

  28. … and because it’s been a while…

    *Bursts out of Tenrai and attacks chatroom*



    *is excited to finally have time to post again*

  29. Lol, welcome back Prawl. We missed your craziness exemplary role of a WRA commentator.


    BUBBLE ONE: Hey GayKage… what the hell is that behind you?

    BUBBLE TWO: Gay!? I’m totally not gay! Now sthmack them sthilly, my sthuper hairy sphincter clam!

    CAPTION: Out-of-the-closet-no-jutsu?

  31. Thanks Super, it’s good to be back!

    *Fist bumps Tarik*

  32. I know the feeling.

    *fist bumps Paul*

  33. *turns away in revulsion as the fist bumping turns into dry humping and tries not to think of what those fists are going to be used for next*

  34. Bernie Mac is in the coffin. Or maybe it’s Goku being summoned to an alternate dimension. If that’s the case, this war is over.

  35. wiseman- goku = ultimate hax no jutsu haha

  36. @Prawl

    Welcome back Prawl! Now, could you please stop bursting out of me like that? It can cause major digestion problems. <___<


    You are, indeed, a supreme Itachi fanboy. And if there is one thing I have learned, it is that the most dangerous kinds of fanboys that exist are the Kakashi, or Itachi fanboys. (Or fangirls).

    Lol. We should just have a Kakashi vs Itachi debate. Then we'll really see a fanboy war that will scar the earth forever. X___x

  37. Spoilers are out now.

  38. It’s out!!!! Spoiler!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ First again to post it.. πŸ˜›

  39. Damn you Tenrai!!! Eats tenrai… πŸ˜›

  40. *Edit – spoiler alert!*

    @Tenrai you had me by a minute.. so you were waiting for the spoiler to come out too.. πŸ˜€ anyway It seems like we’re gonna see Sasuke on this chapter..

    Who do you think is Kabuto talking about “him”? I have a feeling that he’s done something while Sasuke is training with Orochimaru.. I wonder.. This is what i’m thinking.. Kabuto did something on Sasuke (This is what i have in my mind. Can he EDO TENSEI the one who is still alive? i know it’s kind of dumb to ask question like that I think the one in the last coffin is Sasuke’s edo tensei even if Sasuke is still alive.) Other than that it might be the first hokage. Who knows we all did guess all the possible characters here let’s see who’s right.. πŸ˜€

  41. @Pisbolman

    *Spoiler alert!*

    I think that the “Him” Kabuto is referring to is not Sasuke, but rather his trump card, which I assume is whoever was in the last coffin. I don’t think whoever is in the coffin has anything to do with Sasuke at all.

    The fact that he needs to buy time means that whoever it is, it must be incredibly powerful, because it didn’t take any time at all to summon the likes of Itachi, Nagato or all the previous Kage, who are all among the strongest in the Narutoverse.

    Either that, or he just likes adding a dramatic effect. <___<

    Anyway, spoiler translations are still a bit rough around the edges. Once the chapter is out, we may have a clearer picture.

    *opens a vortex inside Pisbolman's stomach and uses it to step outside his body, then eats him.* <___<

  42. I might have missed the debate but, why cant the trump card be the sage of the six paths?

  43. @ten and pisbolman –


  44. Holy shizz, that Sword of Totsukamaterasu was pretty wicked, but other than that, fairly boring chapter. Can’t wait for Sasuke to hit the battlefield.

  45. I prefer MangaStream’s translation:

  46. How much more epic can these chapters get?? I think my head might explode if this keeps up. Oh and we finally get to see sasugay’s ems

  47. Lol. The Mizukage was hilarious. I think he’s my favorite Edo Tensei summon so far. He also seems to be the most effective so far.

    The Raikage seems to be good at just not getting damaged much. But then, if that’s the order Kabuto gave him, I guess we can’t expect much. I do recall that he was the one who taught Darui to use black lightning. It would be cool if we saw him use it as well. Maybe if he fights Naruto, that will come into play.

    It looks like we’ll end up with Naruto and maybe Temari vs Raikage, and Tsuchikage and Gaara vs the Mizukage.

    As for Sasuke, I guess Kishi pulled off a decent look for his EMS after all, because I wasn’t sure how he was going to combine Sasuke’s MS pattern with Itachi’s. It worked out in the end.

    It’s interesting to see that the weapon his Susanoo uses is an Amatarasu sword, as opposed to just copying Itachi’s weapons. The other hand was also holding black flames. So, it looks like where Itachi’s specialization was Genjutsu (even his sword used it), Sasuke’s specialization is Amatarasu.

    I have a feeling he will be a loose cannon though. He may turn on Madara as well, considering what he just did to white Zetsu.

  48. I’m wondering if it was the same zetsu that merges with the black zetsu. Or maybe any white zetsu can merge with the black one (thus being the reason the white zetsu seems dumber then the black one most of the times). Ehh, wait for next week I guess… *goes back into coffin*

    -wiseman is Kabuto’s 6th coffin

  49. I would have preferred Kishi stick with Kabuto’s trump card. I’m not a fan of how he switches from one secret to another (who was naruto’s parents, sauskes eyes, kabutos trump card, madaras face, the face of the sage of six paths, why tenten is considered a ninja -__-) and waits about 25+ chapters to get back to the secret.

    That is an interesting question: What are the other mysteries of the story line do you want to find out? (i.e. Anymore Uzumakis out there? How did Hashirama beat an EMS Madara etc. etc.)

  50. @thelaughingwiseman – Well you don’t have to worry about Sasuke’s eyes anymore …

  51. I don’t know what you guys didn’t enjoy, but this chapter was awesome above 9000 even if Prawl says it.

    And I’m willing to bet the anything the 2nd Tsuchikage isn’t done just yet. Kishi never leaves something in a taboo state like that without a firm reason, plus the tsuchikage said “you should take precautions”, and I have a feeling the dude wasn’t kidding. Also I enjoyed the fact that he was the only Edo Tensei * NOT BRAIN WASHED* that took the fight seriously and did everything to win the battle.

    Also the Mizukage seems like he’s one capable dude and I like the fact that he’s funny too.

    As for the 3rd Raikage I hope we do get to see the high rank Fuuton technique he has up he’s sleeve but if Naruto adds the wind to the Planet Rassengan he just whooped the Tsuchikage with, I doubt any amount of power will stop that.

    And finally we come to Sasuke who was awesome, I don’t give a damn how much of a hater you are, Sasuke was great and the new Susano’o was, just like Tenrai said, Itachi’s opposite. One was living win the light the other found his way in the darkness.

    Also how great was Kakashi in this chapter, the way he used the Sage of six Paths techniques and beat Madara and the jiuubi was greater then Captain Planet.

  52. Oh God, I’m dying, I’m in fanboy mode right now!!!
    Holy Shit Sasuke. EMS!! A white rapist gets impaled!!!! ( no homo)
    Bwaaaaaaahhhh! *explodes into a million pieces spreading his remains all over WRA*

    *calms down* Alright no more WRA directly after reading the chapter

    But the best thing was, that at page 9 I already knew that this chapter was going to end with something huge! Don’t ask me how but I fucking knew it!! Maybe it was the weird chapter title or the trivial battle scenes but I knew this chap would be awesome!

  53. @eugen: No doubt – even the great Naruto can learn something from Kakashi in *that* battle!!

  54. Naruto jumping into everyone’s battles after Itachi’s speech is…unsurprisingly still annoying as hell.

    Pfffffffffft. And that’s not even an edit.

    I admit I did like his fight against the Mizukage. Well, it wasn’t much of a fight but more of a surprise attack that resulted in a very brief exchange but whatever. None of these powerful summons that Kabuchimaru bothered with last long anyway so you take what you get. Maybe the Raikage will be an exception.

    No wait!!! The Gin and Kin brothers lasted a long time! We all were soooo interested in these guys I’m glad Kishi kept them going for that long. My only regret is that we didn’t get to see more of the Hot and Cold siblings. ~_~. Oh, and Itachi is lasting pretty long but wait, he’s not even under Kabuchimaru’s control anymore.

    Anyway, the Planetary Rasengan did look cool and I liked how Naruto extended it with his Kyuubi chakra cloak thing that I still don’t completely uderstand.

    Nothing much to say about Sasuke. All he did was open his eyes and talk about darkenss and all that stuff. He killed White Zetsu so…ok….

    Overall, I actually did enjoy the chapter.

  55. Hey guys, this is something I really wanted to know your opinions about. We all know that Naruto Shippuuden is going to end pretty soon, right. My question is, if anyone could think of a third instalment in the series, maybe something like konohamaru gaiden seeing as how Naruto’s story is pretty much told.
    I would really like Naruto to go on, even though it’s become that huge business and people want to squeeze more money out of the franchise, but I can’t imagine how it’s gonna be without Naruto…
    Even so, I don’t think there’s going to be any more Naruto after Shippuuden: I think Kishi even said so himself a while ago that he’s fed up and wants to end Naruto.
    However, I would really apreciate your thoughts on this matter.

  56. I can see Kishi selling Naruto rights to a production company, kinda like what happened with Dragon Ball GT…

    Some stories I would like to see
    -> Konohamaru Gaiden
    -> Naruhina Future Timeline (with uber kids, etc)
    -> Some kind of crossover maybe (haha, Death Note or Bleach haha!)

  57. @Wiseman

    Hashirama managed to take control of the Kyuubi during the battle and he had his wife fighting with him. I would say that was a bonus.

    And then there’s the part where it sounds like Madara intentionally lost just so he could gain Hashirama’s powers.


    Did you mean the Tsuchikage, rather than the Mizukage?

    @Naruto ending

    I don’t recall Kishi ever saying he was fed up with Naruto in an interview, and besides, with these interviews, you can never tell how accurate they are. According to one of them, the 8-tails was meant to attack Konoha, and when did that ever happen?

    Anyway, despite that, Naruto may indeed be in the last stages of its journey. However, one could also say that this wouldn’t be the first time a manga looked like it was going to end, only to throw a plotkai into the works and then continue for another few years. Lol. As a good example, apparently Kubo has the Bleach story planned out for another ten years ahead already, according to some interview. <______<

    Imagine that. O_o

    I wonder what Kishi would work on next if Naruto ever ended. Who knows, maybe his next piece of work will be just as good, maybe even better.

  58. So where is Killa’ Bee’ now? An ENTIRE chapter without him ?

  59. Yeah, I also want to know why Madara doesn’t have his EMS anymore?

  60. Earlier Kishi said he might have a prequel on Minato’s adventures
    Why not kakashi’s rampage (Uncut)? Oh, wait it’s too much Gorn for TV.
    @tenrai Thank You Caption Obvious. Sasuke was always Cuckoo for Emo Puffs. Killa bee proably joined, Kakashi and Guy in the rampage that’s too Epic for words.

  61. @arpotu that’s where fan-fiction can come in. For the ones who want to see it go on, there are plenty of stories out there for you. I’m not tryin to jump in and advertise, but I myself write fan-fiction now based on the future. Naruto fan-fiction can be cursed by trolling pre-teen fangirls though, so meh. Not everyone’s gonna want it to continue. If you’re handy with a pen, draw it for yourself.

    @everyone else,
    I thought it was a great chapter that could have been delivered better dialogue wise. As Super pointed out, Naruto jumps into to a fight yelling “ME!” *Itachi facepalms*. (First impression) scoffs at cliche rasengan name.
    (Three pages later) “DAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMNNNNN!”

    Manga stream seemed to translate better in my opinion. Naruto better use Temari’s help. Also, what’s with the other two guys with fans? And isn’t a little too convenient that Temari was the only wind-user there at the time?

  62. I thought the battlefield was hot, that’s why those guys had the fans… lol

  63. “You are, indeed, a supreme Itachi fanboy.”

    What can I say, I try. πŸ™‚

    “We should just have a Kakashi vs Itachi debate.”

    Hmmmm, sounds promising. Just give me a couple of weeks to prepare by forming a split personality.

  64. Great breakdown Tenrai!

    @Chapter: Wow, you’d think after last week..with the speech..I mean…Oh never mind. Still, I think I’ve discoverd that there’s such a thing as TOO MUCH NARUTO, which brings me to say something I never thought I’d say in my entire life..I’m so glad we finally see Sasuke again. Yes, I deserve to be shot, beheaded or burned at the stake for that statement but what the hell, I kinda missed the little git. I really hope we get to see more of him in the next chapters.. Ugh!I should have my mouth cleaned out with soap!

  65. I’m confused. Kabuto says manipulating him.. does it mean “him” is still alive not edo tensei’d? but he says summoned him meaning it’s an edo tensei.. hmmn.. “Just like that I manipulated him”

  66. @pisbolman I was thinking the same thing. I think he was talking about having full control of him. You know how he let the zombies go into battle with a conscious and in that certain panel he had just put the Rikage in complete Edo Tensi where he is just a mindless zombie doing Kabuto’s bidding.

  67. @wise

    you noticed too eh? or is it just translation error? Hmmn.. anyway we will find out that in the few chapters ahead it’s just sad that we’re in so much excite we can’t almost wait for it to come.. lol πŸ˜€ I’m guessing it has got to do with Sasuke as Sasuke is the biggest treat to Madara’s plan. Like Kabuto did something or got somehow of Sasuke’s dna and made a new one even if Sasuke’s still alive.. that could be possible. we all know who are left from all the edo tensei’d shinobi’s. and from all of that i don’t see any much more powerful even Madara is afraid of or sort of.

  68. Bubblition:

    Shinobi/s: Look!! Behind you Mizukage!!!! It’s gonna……

    Mizukage: whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! A siamese penis!!!

    Caption: Y’all better find a siamese punani!! πŸ˜€

  69. @ADJ

    I don’t think she was the only wind user. I just think she considered herself the strongest one there at the time.

  70. This is almost definitely just a clone of Naruto’s, which means that this chakra is really really haxed to the max, fine Sasuke can use all his jutsu without going blind but Naruto really max out the hax out of this jutsu too, I mean. How many clones did he create at first, like 15, that means if he spread them evenly each one clone has 1/15th of the maximum chakra, and with the planet Rasengans, Finger Rasengans, not to mention the chakra it takes to keep the cloak activated, his entire battle with Nagato plus the beat down of that random edo summon… All shows this is just insane!!! and the only part of him that getting tired is the original body, So if he came back to one his chakra would be 15 Times more, I wonder if these clones also got the 1 hit KO button or if they simply just too Over Powered…

    Sasuke I can also see will be Haxed to the max, Madara is like the walking Hax and Kabuto seems to be a massive Fail in this war, and well madara also just having a picnic with 6 of his bodies <_<

  71. Oh, and as for Naruto jumping into all the battles, well at least he is working with everyone now, instead of just telling them he’ll handle it by himself. He worked well with Gaara and the Tsuchikage to defeat Muu or however you say his name, and he never tried to handle it alone. He even requested Gaara’s aid.

    I think that shows that he did listen to Itachi and decided to have faith in others.

    As for Temari, well, let’s see what happens in the next battle. It would be really cool if they did work together. @____@

    I assume the Planetary Rasengan was called such because it was like a planet with moons orbiting around it. It was actually one of the coolest rasengan impacts Kishi has drawn in the manga so far, if you ask me. It would be nice to have a list of all these rasengans that sorts them in order of least to most powerful so we can see how they all compare to one another.

    I have a feeling Rasenshuriken would still be on top though, but so far, Planet Rasengan comes second to me.

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