Fairy Tail 248 Breakdown. Cats will defeat every evil in the world. They’re coming for you, Madara.

Hi everyone. I’m back (again) and ready to review this chapter! Did Hades crush Fairy Tail? Did Natsu run away like Gildartz said?

*reads the chapter*


What? Natsu's scarf? Did Hades win? I wish.

I really hated this chapter. The most powerful character in the manga who just got a power up is defeated by the main character who couldn’t even move. You just taught me a great lesson, Fairy Tail. When you’re in trouble, all you have to do is throw something at the problem. Even better if it’s a cat. Because if they can beat Hades, cats can do anything. *nekopalm*

Cats will rule the world.

*goes to a bank with a cat*

Bank Manager Hades: Hey, I just wanted to tell you that… you’re bankrupt.

Me: What? How did that happen?

Hades: You see, I needed some money for a new airship after the crazy party yesterday night, so I just stole all your money. 🙂

Me: Nakama powerrr!!! *throws cat at him*

*cat tears him apart and then uses Pay Day*

Me: THIS IS Meowth Sparta OUR GUILD!!!!

This “heart” thing was incredibly stupid. To better explain myself, I’ll quote super:

“And WHHAAAAT!? Are you telling me you trusted the source of your massive power to fodder guards!? o_O If anything were to happen to this “heart” thing you’d be completely useless right? So what do you do? Assign the weakest members of your Guild to guard it of course! BRILLIANT STRATEGY! :D

This is how you win wars.”

Hating aside, it always did seem strange to me that Hades is so healthy when he’s 200 years old while Makarov, who’s 90, has a debilitating heart sickness. This “heart” thing would actually be plausible, if someone had hinted it or if there had been some foreshadowing. Like when Hades fought FT, someone should have said “His magic power is huge! His old and frail body shouldn’t be able to contain it. It must be somewhere else, keeping him strong and healthy, despite his age.”, but no one did, so it’s plain stupid. Mashima had to make Natsu win, so he made this up.

Stalkers... They're everywhere. O_O

I was really intrigued by the above page.  Ultear redeems herself by returning Tenrou Tree to its previous location and restoring FT’s magic. But she doesn’t know that a very angry Meredy is behind her.

I don’t think this will end well for Ultear. Meredy will kill her for being a traitor and for destroying her home when she was a child. Now that she’s “reborn anew”, the other options would be to join Fairy Tail (I really hope not), go to prison (like Gerard) or become a rogue mage. The best option would be her becoming a rogue mage because she would be the first one we’ve ever seen. What do you think will happen to her?

With their power restored, Fairy Tail attacks Hades as a team and pwns him. Also, it looks like Natsu still has Laxus’s lightning powers. Yay! Another power up for Natsu! Defeating Hades wasn’t enough, apparently.

At the end, the sun rises on Tenrou Island and a new day begins.

A new day begins... Hopefully it won't be full of plotkai like this one. X_X

Next week’s chapter has to be better than this one. We’ll find out if Makarov’s dead and who’s going to be the next S-Class Wizard. Then this arc will be over and we can get to a better one.


Debate Winner

His magic can disassemble anything and anyone. He is also a very powerful physical fighter and he has way more stamina than his opponent who would collapse if the fight draws out.

The debate was close, but Gildartz wins because of Makarov’s sickness. Gildartz would be able to stall him until it kicks in with his magic that can counter anything.


This Week’s Debate




This debate is a bit different from the last one. These two characters are both young and have lots of potential. Will the Sky Dragon girl win or will it be the girl who uses her emotions as blades?


~ by 最強 Dragon on August 30, 2011.

13 Responses to “Fairy Tail 248 Breakdown. Cats will defeat every evil in the world. They’re coming for you, Madara.”

  1. It’s out, almost synchronized with Tenrai. T_T
    Can you read minds when you eat people?

  2. 1st

  3. Dragon. You seriously have my utmost respect for churning out this breakdown when the chapter itself was a perfect example of capping a bad arc off with the worst ending of the series. I couldn’t motivate myself to do it.
    You also summed all the sillyness up perfectly. Fairy Tail should have lost. Natsu damn near should have died…They were supposed to be saved by some intermediate force or have Hades reveal some outlandish plan that favours them being alive.
    *Giant sigh*
    Well I like that everyone was involved in the end…

    Oh, did Ultear just alter the time on a tree….again?…

    ….Trees are living too! It’s such an obvious damn plot hole! How careless can a weekly mangaka with assistants, editors and a giant fanbase really be…

  4. Gildartz lesson.

    *flushes toilet*

    There it goes~

    You know, the guild being called Grimore “Heart” is a good enough reason for me as foreshadowing. Whatever, I don’t even care anymore. This manga has seriously lowered my standards when I read it. You’re right Dragon the whole “heart” as a source plot is plausible because as you said the man is olllld. I didn’t realize how old until you wrote it out.

    It’s just the way Hiro handled it, so stupidly! And this whole arc could have been the perfect time for Fairy Tail to take its first loss! Against the most powerful Dark Guild! They should have ran and lived to fight another day stronger than before! Not to mention this whole thing was an ambush so no shame in losing. Gildartz teaching Natsu to not mistake fear for weakness and that it’s ok to run sometimes…. Natsu did not give up ONCE after that. Lol, even when Marakov told him to gather up Fairy Tail and make a run for it. It’s like he completely misinterpreted Gildarts teachings and turned it into, “Fight!”

    But you know it’s good he didn’t run because lookie Fairy Tail won, the cats defeated Hades, and the tree is back up all thanks to an enemy!!! Yaaaayyyyy Fairy Tail~!!111 ❤

    The only bright light to this chapter is we may have a Meredy and Ultear confrontation. Someone might actually die. o_o Charle's vision may actually mean something bad is going to happen.

    And I'm still holding out this tiiinnnyyyy hope that Zeref turns evil and THEN Fairy Tail retreats when they realize they can't defeat him. Just…a…tiny….hope. Oh, and I suspect Natsu’s lightning powers are only temporary like the rest of his one time powerups.

    And great breakdown Dragon! I commemorate you for putting your precious time into this mess of a chapter. You could have spent it better time playing ping-pong with a wall or something.

    Lol, ok I’m done! I’m pretty sure someone liked this chapter and opinions are everywhere.

  5. Nice Breakdown Dragon ~ like the others said, it would be difficult to write with such fail breaking out all over the place O_O

    The whole “Heart thing” was a waste of time, I always thought the battle would be related to the ship but in the end it just was a quick plot jutsukaislayermagic to get this arc over and done, I would of liked to have Natsu and co run away and the “Order” blame them for everything thus making them enemies and a dark guild in a sense, that would of given this arc some air of credibility.

    Anyways nice Breakdown 😀

    Hopefully we get a fresh new better arc where Fairy Tail will win again even if they should loose O_O

  6. I have to say, I wasn’t really dissappointed with how this arc ended, but that’s mostly because I’ve realised that this is just the way Fairy Tail is. So, you could say I’ve accepted Fairy Tail as more of a light read and I don’t set my expectations where I know they won’t be reached.

    I do, however, agree that I would have preferred to see Fairy Tail take a loss for once, even if it’s only to come back stronger further down the line. In any case, I wonder what will happen with Zereph, now that everyone knows he is on the island. And who thinks that Ultear might become a part of Fairy Tail now? O_o

  7. One of the Many reasons i stopped reading Ft. I think ten put it best , You’re not reading OP or Naruto .

  8. At least there was foreshadowing compared to *Cough*Bleach*Cough. Hades forgot to read the Evil Overlord List

  9. Well, you hear of people dying of a broken heart. Hades just took it a little bit too literally.

    In any case, if the heart was his weakness, why did Hades fly it in on an airship right to the front lines where he was about to start a war? Wouldn’t it be better to bury it deep beneath the earth where no-one could possibly have any hope of finding it, thus rendering himself truly unbeatable?

    And then he acts surprised that it got destroyed, as if it was no possibility of that happening. <_<

    Also, if Ultear wanted to originally get rid of Hades to keep Zereph to herself, why did she take a chance by trying to convince Gray to do it when all she needed to do was walk up to his heart and simply destroy it herself? If Hades trusts cannon fodder enough to allow them to waltz around the source of his power, I don't see why one of the highest ranking members in his guild wouldn't be able to.

    Oh well, I guess that's plotkai for you. Oh look! A cheesecake!!!

    *Eats Ultear* @___@

  10. Really good point Tenrai. I wonder why she didn’t just let Marakov properly destroy the airship back at the start of their attack and have the heart (which is fragile enough to be destroyed by kittens) plummet to the earth.

  11. @Tenrai: He probably needed to keep the heart close to him at all times to extract the benefits from it. That’s probably why the guy never left the ship the entire time.

    @Franky: I’m guessing that if she betrayed Hades up front like that the other Guild members would have turned on her and her whole plan to secretly steal Zeref away would have been thrown out the window. Besides it looked like if she didn’t fix the ship she would have been killed in the resulting explosion too.


  12. Just a general thought on fairytail, I still think this manga is in it’s early stages, i belive soon we will start seeing the massive kind of arcs naruto or op show, cuz we have a lot of material and i think characters have grown a lot now, im not saying it’s general style will change but i hope arcs and story development advances towards a final big goal or objective or something, cuz until now i feel it has all been filler like

  13. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/11960306/1

    New chapter’s out. Now this is the Fairy Tail I like.

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