One Piece Chapter….636 Breakdown? Yes, Chapter 636 Breakdown! New Demotivational Poster Included!

-One Piece Chapter 636 Breakdown Below-

YOSH!!! Welcome WRA to the- WHHAAAAAT!? A One Piece Chapter Breakdown!?

IMPOSSIBLE!!! Lol, well nothing is impossible, except maybe me being consistent. >_>

Dalton, you know bunny slavery was outlawed in the great Furry War of centuries old...

Alright, the chapter was awesome, that much is obvious but dammit there’s also a lot of material we need to cover! Specifically about Chopper! We’ll get to him later though.

And there you have it folks, the New Fishmen Pirates summed up by someone who's not particularly fond of them so perhaps he wasn't the best person to sum them up.

I just want to start off with the Fishman Island Arc has been up and down for me. Some chapters I was like, “Well this is bad.” and others I said, “Hey, that was great!” I mean, it hurts that Hodi Jones is just a crazier meaner version of Arlong, without the character investment.  We know he just hates humans so much he’ll even turn on his own species if they don’t share his opinion. His lackeys are sorta cool but who’s really invested in these characters? They’re good for being evil and serving as a barrier to the Straw Hats, but that’s about it.


Arlong though, that was one damn good character! The way he treated Nami and oppressed the humans of Cocoyashi Village. How he cheated Nami of all her hard work and laughed about it. He ended up almost killing Luffy, Sanji, and Zoro! We really wanted this bastard to go down! Hodi…he’s just another enemy that needs to be stopped. I don’t dislike the guy…he’s just…”meh”…he’s a bad, bad, bad Fishman. Hodi killed Queen Otohime… I have a feeling I should be angrier about this! I’m sorry Hodi but Arlong did the whole ‘I hate humans and I’m a bad Fishman’ bit first, but much better. That’s my main problem with Hodi and his lackeys and by extension with this whole Arc. I am interested in Van Der Decken and this “family dream”, and I doubt he’s talking about generic treasure. Oh, and what’s up with Urashima’s Casket? When and how will that play a role in the Arc?

Anyway, opinions go every which way. How do you feel about this arc? Overall, I’m really liking it and not just because of the fighting towards the end. I’m loving seeing the SH’s interact with one another and going on an adventure once again! I love seeing the new powers! I love the fact that they’re on Fishman Island and the place looks great! I love most of the new characters being introduced and Arlong’s hot sister! Hodi is just a mediocre blemish on my good mood.

On to the chapter!

*sniff* Dreams do come true! T_T

Alright! SUUUUPEEEEEERRR FRANKYYY~!!!! He’s awesome, he’s funny, he’s…well super! I just love how Oda remembers things so well in his manga and sometimes we go, “WTF is he talking about” and then look back and go, “Oh yeah, he did mention that”.

Yes, Wapometal was mentioned before in the cover story following Wapol as he goes from being completely homeless selling his body on the streets and down on his luck to being the most famous toy maker in the world. All thanks to his new toys made of this “new” metal discovered by scientists. Apparently, it’s some sort of flexible metal that bends or a “memory shape alloy”. Sounds like a combination of rubber and metal, something Wapol can easily design with his DF and possibly influenced by his fight from Luffy? That Wapometal could be the same bendable metal that Whitebeard could not quake through during the Marineford War.

If you want to read Wapol’s cover story to get the full understanding of what happened with him, here ya go I made some gifs.

Part 1

and Part 2

As for Vegapunk’s “old dream” it’s probably concerning his plans that were hundreds of years beyond his time. He didn’t have the funding, resources, or technology to realize his full potential or create his invnetions, but he had the idea or concept of “Wapometal” long before its invention.

This is how it should have happened...>_>

Moving on we get to see more Straw Hats show off their abilities and in 1 case, a whole new attitude! Nami is great with her new and improved Sorcery Clima-Tact weapon! Unlike the Perfect Clima-Tact which would need to charge or preparation before attacking, the Sorcery Clima-Tact seems to be able to deliver attacks instantaneously!

As for Usopp he’s great with his Pop Greens fired by his new Black Kabuto

*notice someone fainted off to his left*

*then another, and another*

Oi… I know guys, I know some of you might be like, “FUUUUUUUUUU- I DON’T KNOW WHAT ALL THIS NEW STUFF ISSS!!!! TOO MUCH, TOO MUCH!!!” Lol, well HA! You think you’re falling a little behind now? A little confused? Just wait until we start talking about Chopper. 😛

Oh jeez, not again. o_o

Anyway, Usopp and his Pop Greens are freaking awesome! I always loved people who had the power to control nature and use it as their weapon. Now, not only can he snipe from who knows how far away, but he can give you a mean poison ivy rash or sick a carnivorous plant on your juicy ass! It’s not lame…have you ever had poison ivy…on your ass?

Alright, Chopper. By far the most developed SH this chapter, besides Franky and his comical yet powerful robot. +_+ Chopper comes in and defends Franky from Daruma, the dirt chomping Fishman and in doing so reveals to us his new power to dig and a new looking Horn Point! A new and improved looking Horn Point…ehhh…that’s for you to decide.

And he also explains to us that he revised his Points which turns out to be quite confusing. At least to me.


1. Brain Point/Hybrid (never required a Rumble Ball)

2. Heavy Point/Human (never required a Rumble Ball)

3. Walking Point/Reindeer (never required a Rumble Ball)

4. Jumping Point (required a Rumble Ball)

5. Guard Point (required a Rumble Ball)

6. Arm Point (required a Rumble Ball)

7. Horn Point (required a Rumble Ball)

Monster Mode (was never considered a point)


8. Kung Fu Point…

Ok, so now we have 1,2,3…8 points!? WTF!? Chopper is supposed to only has 7 Points and Chopper even says, “I spent 2 years working on improving my seven transformation forms!” He doesn’t say he added a form, he says he improved his seven forms.

So here’s the theory. The Kung Fu Point is a mix between 2 points. 1 transformation was taken out as a standalone Point. Sooo…

1. Brain Point/Hybrid (doesn’t require a Rumble Ball)

2. Heavy Point/Human (haven’t seen yet post-timeskip)

3. Walking Point/Reindeer (doesn’t require a Rumble Ball)

4. Jumping Point (requires a Rumble Ball?)

5. Arm Point + Heavy Point = Kung Fu Point??? (doesn’t require a Rumble Ball)

6. Guard Point (doesn’t require a Rumble Ball)

7. Horn Point (requires a Rumble Ball?)

This is just a theory so don’t put much credibility on it. It’s safe to say the original 3 (Brain, Heavy, and Walking) are still here.  We know Horn Point and Guard Point are still in… So Arm Point is a good candidate to have been refined and eliminated as a standalone Point. Jumping Point is kinda just…jumping right but maybe he kept that in there. It’s really up between Jumping Point and Arm Point for elimination. Dammit, or this whole theory is bonkers!!!

Then there’s:

I only require the ‘Rumble Ball’ for one form now!! The other 6, I can transform into at will.”

Then why did he use Rumble Ball here?

We know it’s not so he could get into Guard Point because here’s a picture of him saying, indirectly, how he can transform into it at will.

So another theory is he can use the Rumble Ball to strengthen the Points regardless if he can turn into them at will or not. In other words he wasn’t using the Rumble Ball to get into Guard Point, he was using it to strengthen it.

Nooooo Chopper! And you were so close to being clean. 😦

ARRRGGHHHHHH!!!! I’m so confused! You are too!? Damn straight you are! You better be just as confused because that makes me feel better. ;D

Luffy has been doing a lot of badass walking lately. I wonder if that was part of his training...

The chapter ends with Luffy walking like a badass towards Hodi while both Zoro and Sanji beat back Dosun (guy who speaks differently depending on how strong he feels) and Ikaros (squid afraid of fire). Luffy then comes in and kicks Hodi right in the face! BAM! Why is Hodi such a coward hiding behind 100,000 men and his crew? Don’t you know steroids shrink your balls? Well, now you know why pill popping roid rage Hodi Jones is such a coward.

Alright, who parked the GIANT ASS BOAT ON MY CITY!?!?!?

Oh wait! Can’t forget Noah threatening to kill everyone!!! Crazy Van Der Decken…

And what’s Caribou up to? No one can get to the Mermaid Princess…yet…

So many questions yet unanswered. Here’s your demotivational poster!

That ends this week’s breakdown! Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀

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  1. First, despite the fact that I don’t read it.

  2. Second, and I read it.

    No way… A new One Piece Breakdown?!!? Awesome super!!

    Great breakdown, funny and smart! You analyzed the chapter perfectly… but you lost me at the Chopper part. It’s too confusing! X_X

    I’m loving the crew’s new abilities, but I think this battle is really anti-climactic. The NFP are being toyed with! I hope they put up a good fight next chapter.

  3. Suuupppppeeeerrrrr! That’s firstly a reference to your awesome breakdown super and also to Franky who you can all probably tell I love showing us some awesomeness again this chapter. I havn’t really liked him so far since time skip. Though the look has slowly grown on me but damn! Docking?hehehe

    Anyway for now I will just talk about chopper.
    Here’s what a master zone user can do….
    This is the best example of Marco picking and choosing his abilities. Notice he has a foot when he kicks Aokiji and a talon when he claws Akainu. He also picks hands and his flames and all sorts of stuff at different times if he feels like it.
    So a master zone user can effectively make as many combinations as they like between their original self and the df version. Chopper happens to call these combinations points.
    My theory is that Chopper has gained more mastery of this. Not in any way to Marco level but by limiting himself to six versions its like having the radio pre tuned. He knows what he has to change and how to change it in order to arrive in that state.
    He mentions he strengthened them as well which I think is justification enough for Kung Fu point to be added. As you have said Super, jumping point was quite limited, in the same way guard point was before he became huge with it. Kung Fu point also bears a big resemblence to the residents of the island chopper spent two years on don’t forget. He could have just learned a more balanced point by figuring out what to change about himself to mimic them.
    I think your theory about the rumble ball strengthening them is bang on to be honest. Even if my theory is correct and Chopper is picking and choosing a little more now it wouldn’t stop the rumble ball distorting his fruit wavelengths or whatever and potentially making a more secure change.
    I predict his human point will be a lot more human now. Less fur and stuff. And I also predict, perhaps hope, that the one point he reaches with the ball is monster point. It seems to make sense when he went out of his way to call himself a monster against the cookie cutter guy.
    Sorry if that sounds like I’m only talking to super. Its for everyone to pick apart =)

    Also, does anyone else think its awesome how much potential Chopper has now? No more three minute count downs. No more lucking out to win battles. He can dig underground, move superfast, defend really well and he still has two points we haven’t seen. I think its pretty freakin awesome…

    Once again, great breakdown Supertrek.

  4. Awesome breakdown Super!

    First of all this arc only reaches awesomeness because we get to see the new powers of all the strawhats. It started off great looking awesome and stuff but the bad guys just didnt do it. and I doubt Van der Decken will do any better.
    Coribou should know now better not to mess with the strawhats, i dont see him trying anything again.

    Secondly, am I the only one who thought of the power rangers when Franky transformed into the big ass robot?

    I think your right about Chopper strenthening his points by using a rumble ball, i just can’t see Oda messing up such a important detail.
    Now it’s just waiting to see if chopper can control monster point
    and also important how much his medical skills improved.
    Althought they wont need that this arc,…

  5. @Dragon: Lol, I completely understand. I even managed to confuse myself over and over again trying to figure Chopper out.

    Hell, I’m still confused.

    As for the New Fishman Pirates I do agree that their show of power has been a bit disappointing, but honestly we haven’t seen them really fight yet. Yeah, we’ve seen teasers of their powers but nothing really serious and even their most serious battle so far, with the 3 princes, was off-screen.

    We know they were losing badly but then took ES and made a major comeback. That stuff is a powerful drug. I expect they’ll be losing initially to the SH’s but then pop a bunch of Energy Steroids and do some small damage to them.

    I don’t think the battles will escalate to that point in any nearby chapter yet though thanks to Noah’s arrival which threatens to kill everybody. Some battles will be put on hold to deal with the greater threat and who knows what’s going to happen in that time?

    Or maybe the SH’s will continue to fight and let someone else deal with Noah. Somebody’s gotta stop it from crushing the entire plaza.

    @Franky: Ah, ok. So your list would look more something like this?

    1. Brain Point/Hybrid (doesn’t require a Rumble Ball)

    2. Heavy Point/Human (haven’t seen yet post-timeskip but doesn’t require a Rumble Ball)

    3. Walking Point/Reindeer (doesn’t require a Rumble Ball)

    4. Arm Point + Jumping Point = Kung Fu Point (doesn’t require a Rumble Ball)

    5. Guard Point (doesn’t require a Rumble Ball)

    6. Horn Point (doesn’t require a Rumble Ball)

    7. Monster Point (does require a Rumble Ball)

    It looks better than my list where I couldn’t figure out which Point required the Rumble Ball. xD

    As for other Zoan users what do you think about the ‘Awakened State’?

    I think it’s obvious enough what Chopper looks like when he’s in his Awakened State but do you think other Zoan Fruit users like X. Drake and Marco have Awakened States?

    And I too wonder if Chopper looks different in his Human Form now. Oda hid it for some reason in that panel where Chopper was showing what he could turn into at will…>_>

    @Fear: As Franky theorized Chopper may indeed have control over the Monster Form and that’s greatly hinted at the fact that he has accepted himself as a “monster”. That Monster Mode may now be the Point where he needs a Rumble Ball to achieve though.

    As for Caribou I definitely see him playing some important role in the future of this Arc. Oda didn’t bring him down here with the SH’s for nothing. Since he’s on a mermaid hunt I think he’ll go for the ultimate prize and try for the Mermaid Princess herself in all this confusion. It makes sense to me.

    @Everyone: Thanks guys for the compliments but most importantly thanks for commenting. I’m really glad you all enjoyed it. ^_^

  6. A new OP breakdown???
    In mah WRA???

    Consider this: Is Hodi a coniving enough villian to shoot the Queen as part of a grander scheme that is now coming to fruition, or is he lying about any and all plans he may or may not have while bumbling along?

  7. Good to see you back in action, Supertrek.

  8. Super youve made my day! Thanks for making such an awesome breakdown!

    As for chopper I agree with Franky.

    Also everyones potential has skyrocketed to unbelievable heights. I didnt expect the SH’s to have progressed so far. They are taking down 100,000 fishmen (each one ten times stronger than a normal human) with no sweat! Its incredible.

    This arc has been kinda mediocre to me up until now but the fights are really making up for it. Oda still has a story behind this arc. Like the poneglyph Robin found that was an apology and the name “Joy Boy” on it. Caribou’s whereabouts. Who is the one who will lead Shirahoshi? What is the promised day? Why cant the ship be moved until then? And as mentioned how the coffin play a role in the arc?

    Im really excited for next week 😀

  9. Is this for reals O.o


    Good to see you back Supah-dude and as always a great breakdown. I must admit the last few chapters have been really good , making up for the boring arc >_>

  10. Thought I’d leave this here to remind us all how awesomely evil Arlong was and how much Hodi pales in comparison to him.

  11. @franky

    “This is the best example of Marco picking and choosing his abilities. Notice he has a foot when he kicks Aokiji and a talon when he claws Akainu. He also picks hands and his flames and all sorts of stuff at different times if he feels like it.”

    And what about when he is in that hybrid human-phoenix form when either his hand or feet are that of a phoenix . Does his body act like that of a logica’s or does he have to convert “the part being attacked” into phoenix form. As i remember kizaru shot him in the eye and flame engulfed it . He was at that time in the hybrid form , he couldn’t have converted that part to the phoenix form quicker than the speed of light , so he must act like a logica in that hybrid form hmm.

  12. @Ahsan: Its better not to think about marco in hybrid form at all. I don’t think he ever actually entered it since his face never changed. Oda said in sbs that his flames are what give him the regeneration abilities. wherever they burn is healed. Marco can makethe flames burn even on his human body so as long as he has them burning he is effectivly a logia, or better. You know what i mean. He can regenerate as long as there’s some blue fire on him.

    @Super: Thanks for the list it looked quite nice =)
    Now as for awakened zones, i remember chatting to you before about them a little. The only theory that I have is that its something to do with how zone fruits seem to have their own personality and effectivly life, shown when they make weapons into animals. I think an awakened state may have something to do with activating that personality. I don’t reckon Marco or Drake have them as I kind of see it as the height of zone mastery. I mean Marco might but he probably would have used it in the war.

    @Pumpkin: Isn’t it awesome how strong they all are?! Taking down fishmen like its nothing. Remember Nami’s whole island was controlled by them just because they were strong and now we even have Nami and Usopp kicking a lot of their asses….

    @Everyone: Have you lot noticed that the non-god believer Zoro seems to be making more and more biblical references since time skip? First he was all ‘I’m like an angel of death’ when he cut that gallion in half and last week he was talking about being chased to the ends of hell. Maybe some of Mihawk’s possible catholicism rubbed off?…

  13. Won’t he get Hurt that way ? Furthermore the Wiki states that it takes sometime to repair the damage. If I remember correctly Kizaru also shot him at a later stage when he was handcuffed at that instance he did show “pain” of being shot but the reference i made above of his eye being shot he did not show any pain or any reaction at all . His body has to act as a logica there can’t be another explanation >_<

  14. Right in truth I have no idea whether he feels pain when he has his flames around him but it is deffinately true that he feels it when he is completely human. The time Kizaru shoots him he has his back turned and is running for Whitebeard, then he gets cuffed, then he gets shot again. All of it hurts him but as soon as he can get the kairoseki off he can heal and appears to be fine once more. He isn’t a logia and not just because he’s a zone fruit. Logia’s are intangible but Marco can always be hit. He works on recovery which means he can take damage unlike logia’s*(weaknesses not included) but he can fully recover (again, so long as some unseen weakness to get around his df completely isnt used) back to being healthy again.

  15. A small note that I made a correction on the Breakdown. Otohime never attended Reverie as far as I know. She did work out some kind of deal with the Tenryuubito but it wasn’t at The Reverie which happens every 4 years.

    @Kan: I think Hodi shooting the queen and blaming it on a human was his overall plan. It stopped the forward momentum of Queen Otohime’s cause and placed the Fishman’s mistrust back on humans.

    Plus it killed Queen Otohime which is a plus for him.

    @Pumpkinbread: Yeah, that’s even more stuff to be covered by the end of this arc and I have a feeling it’s far from over. Van Der Decken is nowhere near the scene and Caribou is definitely going for the Mermaid Princess.

    Oda didn’t bring him down here for no reason, he’s going to play some important role in the Arc and being the one to capture Shirahoshi will definitely put him in the spotlight.

    As for who’s going to lead Shirahoshi? Caribou of course, duh! Lol, nah, I’m definitely pointing to Luffy.

    @Ahsan: I never thought the arc was boring since Oda likes to build his settings and characters first. I just thought the Arc enemies didn’t live up to previous enemy standards, but of course there’s more to come.

    @Franky: Maybe only animals given Zoan fruits have awakened states. Crocodile did call them “beasts”. That would explain why Marco or X. Drake haven’t achived an awakened state yet, from what we’ve seen.

    Then again, Crocodile could have just been calling them “beasts” because that’s what they look like. Maybe an “Awakened Zoan” is a different category of Zoan fruit altogether.

    Mythical Zoan

    Ancient Zoan

    Awakened Zoan

    Regular Zoan

    Though, “awakened” sounds like a Zoan fruit user who has gained the knowledge on how to use some sort of innate ability. Like…a human who realizes they can use Haki.

    @Anyone: I’m re-reading Fisher Tiger’s and Otohime’s flashback story and I just want to say Fisher Tiger is badass.

    Former slave or not (he was) he still went back to Marijoes and freed all those slaves regardless of race, and he headed a powerful and influential crew. Even though he hated humans he tried to throw his differences aside and secretly believed in Otohime’s message. That’s a real FishMAN right there.

  16. @ Super

    Well sort off the same thing . For me the characters failed to spur up the interest , something Oda is actually very good at doing . One just wants to read the story. The setting wasn’t as good , the pace awkward at times , the characters not as compelling. From the recent chapters however everything seems to be gettting top notch again 😀

  17. Pffffffft, my goodnesss I messed up bad. We know what’s on the paper Queen Otohime got to the Tenryuubito to sign.

    It’s good I’m re-reading this flashback. ~_~

    Though, there are a LOT of mistranslations.

    Population of Fishman Island is 5,000,000 not 50,000,000

    Arlong told Kizaru that humans refused to give Tiger blood not that Tiger refused the blood (which is what Tiger really did).

    And many other smaller errors.

    And the whole thing with Tiger’s timeline might be confusing. First of all the “long journey” he was on was really just his enslavement to the World Nobles. Then he escaped and went back to Fishman Island where he told Arlong and Jinbei he was on a “long journey”. While on Fishman Island he visited Neptune at the Ryuugu Palace where the told him he was going to free the slaves at Marjoes.

    Then left to do just that (climbing the Red Line?) and freed all the slaves. Then he came back to Fishman Island forming the Sun Pirates.

  18. @super: Wouldn’t it be awesome if only animals could go awakened? That would pretty much make Chopper the only pirate or marine that would be able to do it. Now I know animals are smart in this series but do we think some random pet would have such skills?…
    I also think its somewhat credable since none of the mino-‘s spoke at all indicating they are not human at least. I wouldn’t throw it in with the other zone types since they are all just the type of animal and awakened seems somewhat unlikely to describe them when you have a girrafe and a koala among the confirmed ones. Also they are especially good at healing which hasn’t ever been attributed to zones as a whole (Marco’s is obviously an exception…) which makes me think its just something special going on…

    @Everyone: The Noah can be stopped by the mighty sea king summoning power that the newest strawhat wields…

  19. @Franky: I was hesitant at first but I’m all on the ‘Shirashoshi for next Straw Hat’ bandwagon now. xD

  20. She’s awesome. And what if that ageing casket is actually some sort of hypobolic-time-chamber-effecty-thing so she can cram 14 years of training and whatnot into a minute and come out with a split fin, bad ass water bending powers and conveniently the size of a regular person due to fluxes in time and space >_>
    Oh and don’t forget that mermen(/women) can do underwater kamahamehas which we will need in the new world…

  21. Ohhhh~ Now that’s some smart thinking. I don’t think it would allow her to train but it could age her to the point where she can volunatarily split her fins and walk on land. Can’t really be apart of the SH crew unless you can venture on to land with them. Unless all you do is guard the ship as they go exploring…boring.

    The size though…I don’t think Mermaids shrink even after splitting their fin. If it happens Oda better have a good explanantion. I always thought she’d just travel with the crew under the boat. Like Laboon traveld with the Rumbar Pirates and Wadatsumi travels with the Flying Pirates (Van Der Decken’s crew).

    Yeah, she’d be kinda big travelling with the crew on land, walking, but it’s just like having a Giant on the crew. 😉

  22. Oh! What if Franky learned some Vegapunk shrinking technology thing somewhat similar to how the vehicles grew when they came out the boat (though that was probably to do with the metal.) Then she could just like wear some bracelet or something and be a normal size, then take it off and be giant. It would be weird if she was just in the water all the time…And really her size is the only thing that makes me think she is not the next member of the crew.

  23. Hmmm…her size would keep her in the water which would limit interaction with the crew and keep her in constant danger of Sea Kings and other dangerous creatures in the sea.

    Though, Laboon seemed to be doing fine with crew interactions and he was constatly in the water. That never stopped him and the crew from having wonderful moments. Also, if Shirahoshi learns how to control Sea Kings the threat in traveling in the water will be severely lessened, and the Sea Kings are mostly concentrated in the Calm Belt which I doubt the crew will be traveling.

    I don’t know, it would be weird to have a crew member constantly underwater but she can always swim with her head above the surface. I think the weird feeling comes from the fact that we never had a crew member who doesn’t live on the ship, but is still apart of the crew. Maybe Oda will do something about her size if he sees it as a problem too.

    Lol, this all assuming she joins the crew of course.

  24. Would you have a princess make the sandy bottom of the new world’s rough waters her bed every night Supertrek? I didn’t think you so heartless…
    Well in truth its between Jimbei and Hoshi as far as I can see. Jimbei had some sadness in his flashback but not really a dream. The children of the queen all actually said they were carrying on their mothers dream. You could probably twist the teachings of wanting to see the surface to be ‘go with Luffy to the end of the world’ if you tried hard enough =P
    Also, Sanji is as fast as a fishman in the water now and Zoro too (at least instintaneously) so if we are going to have a water specialist they should proabably be able to swim faster than them. Mermaids are the fastest swimmers. Plus, she can summon sea kings man. The only things known to damage shanks! The things that stop pirates cheating and getting to Raftel whenever they want! The things Luffy liked to eat on Amazon Lilly! Sea kings rock…

  25. @Franky: Wait, I’m not that cruel! I Maybe they can make a harness for her under the boat! >_>

    I’m all for Shirahoshi joining the crew, but I just can’t see how they’re going to shrink her. The princess just has to live in the water. 😛

    And where has Sanji fought a Fishman underwater besides back at Arlong Park against Kurobi? He couldn’t beat him until they were out of the water.

  26. Blue walk my man. His blue walk was cited by Usopp to be as fast as a fishmans…

  27. Ohhhh, now I remember. Now that I think about it that was probably a huge hint to him being able to use geppo.

    And just in case anyone else forgot like me. >_>

  28. Well, i’m sorry super and franky, but your both wrong regarding who the next crew member will be for the SH. I believe that the most obvious choice for the next member is of course …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
    SURUME!!!! <_<

  29. Can’t describe how much that just made me laugh.

  30. One Piece spoilers are out. Now, I know everyone is like me and hates to be spoiled so me providing this link is a waste of everyone’s time but I’ll provide it anyway for the curious eye.

    Don’t click the link, it’s Wednesday and the chapter should be coming out later anyway. Patience pays off.

  31. *waits for next breakdown*

    *7 montgs pass*


  32. 7 months? More like 12!


    Oh wait… >_>

    Anyway, I’m really confused about the location of the Fishman District. That’s where Noah resided and it’s HUGE!!! I need to go back and look at the geography of the area

    Luffy this chapter was great and I think it’s confirmed these NFP are just fodder for the SH’s to smack around. Disappointing we won’t see a tough fight but it’s a good watch to see how much the SH’s have grown.

    I don’t understand Van Der Decken’s plan. If he smashes everyone to bits and kills Shirahoshi how will he achive the dream his ancestors have sought after for generations? Is he just giving up on it?

    Anyway, pretty good action packed chapter but I feel Oda is concentrating on Luffy too much. We saw him in Amazon Lily, Impel Down, Marineford, and then all the way through his flashback with Sabo… Through out all of that we got little snippets of the other crew’s whereabouts and doings.

    Now that they’re all together again I would appreciate it if Oda showed a lot more of the other SH’s. Yeah he has been working on that throughout the Arc but now that the battles have begun everything’s back on Luffy again.

  33. Awesome! Can someone please edit Luffy’s panel at the end so that he’s got this huge ass cigar in his mouth like the badass he is?
    Oh and I’m not surprised that Hodi won’t be the final enemy, at least it looks that way right now.
    On a side note, I can’t seem to remember: Did Luffy actually kill Arlong? What happened to him? Pretty much everyone Luffy defeated was sent to Impel Down but he just disappeared…

  34. @Dmaxx: Arlong, Chuu, and Kuribi were all arrested.

    They’re all in that picture at the top of my breakdown. As for what prison they’re located in I have no idea. I’d bet some prison in the New World, though that wouldn’t really make sense. I doubt they were at Impel Down because Oda would have shown them at least.

  35. Thanks Super I really forgot about that. But yeah, we probably won’t see them again, Oda’s a too good writer to reuse characters that have served their purpose. Buggy doesn’t count, he’s just awesome lol

  36. Rather late but, Awesome Breakdown Super!!!! Glad to have the awesomeness back!

    @Chapter: No matter how many times I see it, it’s still sooo satisfying seeing Luffy beat the crap out of Hodi. And Hodi is just as obliging, getting up after each onslaught only to have his ass handed back to him on a silver platter over and over again.Lol. [Super],I know what you mean about Luffy getting too much of the spotlight. A HUGE part of One Piece’s charm lies in the fact that it has never wavered from it’s concept of “Nakama” and that even though it has more than 3 main characters, Oda manages to give all of them decent screentime and have them actually DO SOMETHING other than metabolize oxygen, all the while calling themselves ninjas. Ooops, silly me. I meant Pirates. ;P That last page where he stopped Sanji from coming to Shirahoshi’s rescue had me going, “I hope to God Oda-sensei doesn’t take this down the way of Naruto, what when conveniently enough there’s a prophecy involved too.” Ofcourse I know Oda would never do that. He’s ODA afterall.

    Hmm, I thought Fishman District was part of Fishman Island and was somewhere along the outskirts of the island,kinda like Goa Kingdom’s Grey Terminal. Anyway, I’m guessing it’d still have to be near Eve since it’s the only place that gives off light and air.

    I hope Hodi and Van der Decken kill each other before Noah reaches Shirahoshi. But here’s the thing, will killing Van der Decken or even rendering him unconscious stop that big ass ship from reaching the princess? Maybe Shirahoshi would call sea kings to stall for time until they figure out how to stop the Mato-Mato “curse”. Van der Decken did tell Hachi that there were ways to stop it though I don’t know whether or not he was joking.

    @Arc: This is the first proper arc that I’ve had to read in weekly installments, with the exception of an occasional month or so from electricity so I’m still getting used to the pace but all in all I like it, even though Hodi was such a disappointment as a villain. Now that Oda has long since finished laying the groundwork on this arc, it’s bound to get even more awesome. Just look at the previous 2 chapters. Why, they were absolutely fangasmic!Dammit, I can’t wait for the next chapter!I have to say, the difference between powering through 600 something chapters and a weekly read does sneak up on you. I didn’t mind when the backstories were being told but now that the action’s back, waiting for a full week is pure torture!

    *Oh and by the way, Kanton, I thought you were reading OP. Last I checked, you said you were at chapter 111.

  37. Should I talk about the latest chapter here? I guess I will. It wasn’t as good as the last two. It was nice to see Luffy using some of his skills but ultimately we all knew what he would be able to do way back when Rayleigh explained haki. We are more interested in gear 2nd and 3rd evolutions right? Forgive me for speaking for everyone, but that is at least what I am interested in. I will admit it didn’t even cross my mind during the wait between chapters but as I was reading this one I realised Hoshi would try some self sacrifice thingy and I didn’t like the predictableness of it. Luffy dashing away and Sanji letting him all seemed odd as well. I mean, it’s totally like Luffy to chase the bad guy but what I mean is why is Oda seperating them? They should all be battling side to side until its over and then have full understandings of each others new abilities. This isn’t really a rant coz heaven knows Oda is a storyteller the likes of which I could only dream about being but the dip for there to be a dip in recent excitement when he is showcasing his main characters new abilities just leaves me feeling a little odd…

  38. I think everything i had to say about OP this week or 2 weeks has already been said XD

    I have to say though, i just read the whole 600+ chapters a few weeks ago and have just 4 or so weeks following it weekly so the pace change feels weird for me still

    @franky I completely agree with luffys new moves and how they will be shown, but by the way they have been revealed it seems like haki is pretty natural to him now, and i think what oda has been doing is showing how natural he goes with it now, cuz when the real uber moves appear we would all have been like, what! he didn’t even used haki and then shenaniganspowerattackjutsubankaigomugomu armament color king storm rape would have been to much

  39. I don’t think Hodi ever had a chance of being one of those more memorable and serious villains because of something other than his “power level” (which is not over 9000!!!) He doesn’t represent a serious threat or exert a painful situation upon a character we are vested in. Think about it. Arlong made Nami’s life Hell, Croc put Vivi though the ringer, Lucci/Pandam/CP9 in general antagonized/hurt/betrayed Robin/Franky/Galley-La workers. Hell, even Moria had the foil of Brook to posthumously (DEATH JOKE!!!) reveal his sad back-story and make Moria seem like all that more of a heartless bastard for further cursing Brook to even more solitude. And to a degree, even the WG/Marines (though mostly Aikanu) have the whole killing Ace thing.
    Hodi has none of these things, he has a similar amount of relevance to the SH as did Enel; Maybe more, if you consider that at least Luffy can be related to Hodi due to his beating up his idol (Arlong.) Enel was just a guy with a god complex making his own land go through Hell. Sure you could argue he was /is stronger than Hodi, but it’s not like he really got into any of the crew’s heads. Hodi is at least messing with the royal family/Hoshi, etc, etc. The thing is we are not really all that caring for them right now. I guarantee that if Hoshi becomes a SH we will all remember how Hodi offed the Queen in a different light. Plus there was that whole trapped in a tower for 8 years thing, but that was more Vander than anyone else. Also Hodi didn’t really have a substantil build-up like other villains, he just kind of showed up and started busting heads.
    But really, this back-story has been a long time in coming and you know it. We can moan about flashbacks all we want, but they were necessary for setting the stage we are currently in. There would be major gaps without them, and I challenge anyone to elaborate on how they could have been better implemented with the details they contained in something than other than a rather lengthy, multi-chapter, start-to-finish flashback. It was going to happen sooner or later, and it could have been worse, it could have happened during the fight scenes, or at another inopportune time.
    I do think Sanji not going after Hoshi was a little out of character, though I suppose you could chalk it up to trust in Luffy more than anything else. That, and there all still NFP leaders to tangle with and Nami/Robin to impress/protect/ogle. It’s not like Sanji is going to be twiddling his thumbs the whole time.
    Consider this, what if Hoshi pulled a mini-Vivi? The SH could be asked to take Hoshi/one or more brothers to the Reverie, and then see them off before splitting ways. That may sound simple but it creates all kinds of possibilities for involving: CDs/WG/Revolutionaries/Dragon/Sabo(?)/Elders/True History, yaddayaddayadda. There is also the chance Caribou snatches away Hoshi and makes it to another auction. Think of it: an entire room of CD that are on mostly equal footing trying to outbid one another. We might get to see why they are actually protected by the WG, and then get to see Luffy barge in a scare them half to death while gaining even more fame and/or take on an admiral. My point is: There are possibilities and maybe we should consider all the pieces in play and the next likely stage this game will move to.
    Also, is it just Luffy’s Coa that color changes? I do not recall that with any of the other instances of CoA. I bet this gets addressed later on, though it might just be a way for the readers to know when CoA is active and not have to guess.
    And seeing as how this post is already too long, I wanted to throw out three more things. I think Ace’s fruit will show up again in the future. I would also like just to throw around ideas for DFs in this thread, just for fun. I personally want to see a DF that is like kage-bunshin (think Multi-Multi fruit.) I think Oda could have a lot of fun abusing the hell out of how that power can be applied and interpreted. I bet he could put Naruto to shame if he put his head to it.

  40. Well, initially i thought that this chapter was a bit lame. Can’t say I honestly care about what luffys abilities look like when you got a badass like zoro just itching to kill/beat the crap out of someone. However after re-reading the chapter and looking at some of the comments, i reached the conclusion that this chapter was still lame…..

    Oh, and that I think the main/final battle will be a three way brawl between Hodi, van der decken, and luffy which will eventually progress into a 2 vs. 1 between luffy and the two fishmen

    And zoro will kick someones ass

  41. edit: I honestly DON’T care about what luffys abilities look like

  42. @Kan: I reckon the colour change is just so we know but I bet Oda will come with up with a little excuse that no one really cares about to explain it lol. Kinda like he said Luffy pushes his weight down on his legs to make the pumps for his blood in gear second. How many people even remember Lucci saying that?
    Also I see there is a lot of potential for things and you did a good job listing some. Ultimately though, there will be a fight and then some food and then the Straw Hats will leave abruptly and we will all love it.

    @Gangly: Three way brawl is cool. Dekken to get owned.

  43. I speculate that the haki just turns the rubber black. What makes even less sense is pumping blood through your body giving off steam and (in the anime) turning you pink but in Shonen nothing is supossed to make real world sense anyways xD

    Seeing as Robin can make flower clones (though we dont know how many) i dont think Oda will have a Clone fruit appear.

  44. Bet you my my last chewing gum the next chapter rocks…

  45. So, do you think we will get to see the Reverie? I think so. I know I want it to be so.

  46. I hope so too. We’ll be sure to see some familiar faces like Vivi and perhaps Dalton.

  47. Oh seeing Vivi properly would be cool. I think Kureha is more interesting than Dalton personally but maybe that’s just me. But if we are going to see Riverie then it’s only right the Pirate King (to be) is present there as well =)

  48. It seems I owe you folks some chewing gum… >_>

  49. mhmm yeh i guess so franky!
    chapter was ok. but could ve been much better.
    For one i dont understand why hodi didnt just attack luffy and the prince but went for van der decken instead.
    and for the rest of the chapter not much happend.
    Lets hope next week will be better again.

    This actually kind of made me take Hodi more seriously.

  51. So, prediction for next chapter: Either A) Were gonna get Luffy touching down on the ship and squaring off with hodi, or B) Were gonna be left on a cliffhanger with what just happened and were gonna zoom back down to see the matchups between the SH crew and the elite NFP

    Either way, the next chapter should at the very least be decent

  52. First, you should all see the latest anime episode. It was pretty damn funny.
    Also, I think Hodi has lost his senses, like how Arlong did when he got pissed. Think about it: he partnered with Decken as a means to neutralize Hoshi. Sure they were in danger for a second, and Decken in not really being rational either right now, but the point remains: Hoshi (who Hodi fears) was being chased be a flippin’ ARK. They were heading away from the bubble, so why shouldn’t Hodi just let Decken do as he pleases? Kill him after he takes out Hoshi. As is, he is taking a gamble on how Decken’s DF works, and whether or not the ship will stop.


    CHAPTER 836 IS OUT!!!

  54. Great chapter. Things are starting to heat up.
    Sanji and Jimbe vs ES Wadatsumi! Even though Sanji or Jimbe could handle this alone…
    Zoro vs Awakened Hyouzo! This will be a good fight, even though I’m sure Robin could have dodged or countered that attack. I hope Robin fights a strong opponent. She’s one of my favourite characters.

    Horrible death for Decken. He was impaled by a trident and then killed by the axe he threw. Ouch. I actually kinda liked that guy. Kinda.

  55. cool chapter, love the set up for the coming fights. Although i think Zoro got a way to easy opponent.. ah well, as he said its a warm up 🙂

    So whos gonna stop the crashing ship now? any suggestions?
    I say a joint venture by the strawhat crew.

  56. double post,..
    Jinbe is Chuck Norris?

  57. Great chapter. In my mind, this pretty much seals the deal for me that Jinbe is joining the crew.

    Luffy vs. the main antagonist or the strongest opponent

    Zoro vs. the second strongest opponent

    Sanji/ Jinbe interchangeable (will either fight the third or fourth strongest in any given arc, or in this case team up)

    Looking forward to zoros’ fight though, should be a good one

  58. Damn you Jimbei…

  59. I´m wondering… How come it looks like the sea water doesn´t harm Luffy that much? He didnt even use CoA or something like it, just a normal attack could… that managed to stop “awakaned” Hody into killing hoshi….

  60. Cool chapter.

    I wonder what the heck “Snake Shot” was all about. Is Luffy a natural Tazor now?

  61. I have an idea: let’s have versus debates like the other threads do, they seem to generate good discussion and are pretty fun.
    So until Super sets one up, how about this: Post-Impel Down Sir Crocodile versus Lucci. Two scenarios: One location is three warships on the sea, with no other people. The other location is a beach, once again with no outside interference.

  62. its been nealry a year since ilast posted on here so i dont know if this topic has already come up or not in the last couple of months.
    on this page chopper says that he only needs the rumble ball for one transformation:
    and then on the next he says that the other six can be used when ever he wants
    but earlier he uses the rumble ball to do one of those transformation:

    can anyone explain this.

    – i’m thinking aswell that the one trnsformation that he has with the rumble ball is the crazy massive one that he did against cp9 ad then again agasint sentormaru on shabondy but can control it this time anyone agree

  63. Crocodile wins. Reason being that while Lucci is prbly the closest equivalent to Luffy (honestly the battle between the two could’ve gone either way), and he has a much more intelligent approach to battles, I doubt that Lucci would be able to figure out crocodile’s weakness in time. I’m going under the assumption that neither crocodile or lucci know anything about each other. The only way I see crocodile losing is if he stands about and gloats (which I doubt he’ll do for long considering the enviroment he’s in, and the fact that lucci gives off such a menacing demeanor while fighting)

    Once this arc is over and we get a good idea what sanji’s capabilities are, we should have a debate between him and Jimbei.

  64. Agreed, Croc wins. Even if seawater starts splashing he can absorb it so long as he isnt taken by surprise. Lucci is way too fast for him but Croc can go sandy on reflex so its no fair really….

    Also Sanji wins. Sanji beats everyone….Except Franky….

  65. Just wondering, but doesn’t Lucci’s Rokuogan ( bypass Devil Fruit powers? It caused Luffy internal organ damage even though his body is rubber. Maybe it would have a similar effect on Crocodile.

  66. Nah, Luffy likened it to an impact dial only stronger. It only hurt him because strong attacks can hurt his rubber body. An impact would do no good on Croc’s sand, not to mention he would get dried out or poisoned from that range…

  67. Well, while I can agree that Franky is awesomeness incarnate (especially with his whole new robot thing and vehicles!!), Sanji I’m afraid would lose out to Jimbei. I’ll wait till the arc is over though to give my full synopsis on such a battle


    and zoro beats everybody and wins

  68. Oh you must have missed the debate where we proved Zoro beats the world and Sanji beats Zoro, thus making him the greatest thing in existance…. after Franky…

  69. nobody got answer to my earlier question?!!!!

  70. They probably are not answering your question because it was answered in depth through the breakdown and several of the preceding posts.

    And no one thinks Lucci would be able to figure out Croc’s weakness? Barring the chance that CP9 had a file on him, wouldn’t it be probable that he would, say, try a Shigan after taking some damage and find out his blood allows him to make contact?

  71. Oh no, I vividly remember that debate, and the huge long-ass posts that were made about how sanji beats zoro because CP9 this and Oz that. I just completely disagree with all that was said about it. I believe one of the things the poster said would help sanji beat zoro would be that he could fling stones and rocks at him and that zoro would have to tough of a time keeping up. He also mentioned how zoro couldn’t always cut through everything based on his CP9 battle and Oz battle. -_-

    Could be wrong on this I’d have to look at that post again, but regardless, I thought most of it wouldn’t factor into a fight between the two at all

    But it’s all good cause Franky is the most awesome thing in the one piece world anyways

  72. Kyaaaa! So frickin awesome! Brook is gunna fight!

  73. So what do we think nami and Robin are going to end up doing? Think they’ll team up with one of the other strawhats (ex: Robin and Usopp), maybe one of them will fight Caribou (or both), or will they just sit back and clean up the fodder?

  74. Fodder cleanup. I am a firm believer that Robin isnt a battle type. She either wins or she looses but it happens almost strait away. Matching her up with an opponent it difficult. While Nami can battle one on one and look cool, right now i think it would look better if she just messed up 1000 fishmen or something like that…

  75. If Oda doesn’t make Robin look badass, I’m going to attack him with a Gomu Gomu no Snake Shot: Sexist Version.
    She’s one of my favorite characters (also because she’s hot :P) and I want to see her being a badass, like when she fought Pell, the obese skypeia guy and Spandam.
    Remember when the Weakling Trio (before the timeskip) said that with her, the monster trio was a quartet? I want that to be true even now. #end rant

  76. Robin needs an opponent too. She was training under THE Dragon for pete’s sake :O

  77. Soak it in, ladies and gentlemen.

    Also, does this episode confirm what was hinted at in the manga, that Strong World is cannon?

    Other random thought: I must have missed it, but when did Zorro strip? I just noticed last chapter that he is shirtless. And I immediatley thought: “So, nudity makes you stronger under the sea!”

  78. @Kan10: I like how the anime is incorperating strong world into it but I still don’t think it was cannon. In the manga he just left his hat at the edge of the island and it never explained why that was the safe place.
    Also I have pretty much given up watching the anime now but I will watch an episode occasionally when your recomendation comes in so thanks for that =) I will definately be watching the post time skip one…

  79. The tree looks like Daft Green man,
    Though the wiki says it’s not the same, I call shenanigans.
    The only place safe from the beasts of that island is around that tree, just like in Strong World.

  80. Also, I like this SBS.

  81. Oh you’re right, the tree was in the manga too. Hmm…I hope strong world isn’t cannon. I want Shiki to show up in the manga and there to be a proper air of mystery about him, like there was with Garp and Sengoku and Rayleigh and still is with Roger.
    Also that SBS is cool. Where do you find this stuff?

  82. I think SBS’s are added after volumes come out.

    Also, no OP this week.

  83. That was some of the worst voice acting ive ever heard.

    *checks if ears are bleeding*

  84. Well, no Op this week… so lets share some OP AMVs instead.

    Wow, that one tugs at the the hearts strings.

    Have some shred metal to wash that down.

  85. I can’t handle all the flash backs at once! Too much sadness!

    Also marco is badass and that amv, while only showing him for a moment, does him a very good amount of justice.

  86. Here, have some more.

  87. how come nobody ever writes script style for one piece

  88. Ani episode is out. It’s post skip, baby!!!

    The intro reminds me of one of the older intro’s, but I might not like the song as much.

    More importantly (and juvenilely): NICO ROBIN’S “ONE PIECE” TATTOO… AWWW YEAH!

  89. The opening ❤

  90. chapter is out. nothing really happened after last weeks break.
    Oda should stop stalling and finish Hodi off allready

  91. Well, the chapter probably wasn’t what we all wanted, and to be honest I
    didn’t really care about the whole ‘Hodys true form’ thing. Although it is interesting to look at what Hody has done and how NONE of it really makes sense for a fishman to do. I mean, not even arlong would have gone this far. So I’m thinking that (and I’m probably waaaaaayyyyy off with this prediction) that Hody is somehow under control from the CD, or at least on their payroll. It’s the only reason I can think of that a fishman would want to destroy all of fishman island.

    Also, I wanna see zoro kick someones ass.
    That is all

  92. I’m thinking Hodi is Fisher Tiger’s actual brother and so is upset by the human thing and all that…

  93. Chapter was meh for me this week.

    But I agree on Hody. He may be related to the royal family or related to Fisher Tiger.

  94. So why does he end up wanting to kill everyone on FI? Why not just take over as was the initial plan? Fisher Tiger was killed by humans (as far as he would know anyways) so revenge couldn’t be a motive for what he’s doing. He would want to incite the majority of the population to go against the humans, not kill the majority of the fishman population.

  95. Okay, I’m gonna’ throw out that Hody was a slave at some point, that or he was significantly abused at some point by, say, a CD. Or maybe it relates to him being an orphan.
    This seems logical, but I want to think it’s not something I’ve guessed. I want to be surprised. This chapter was also useful in demonstrating that Luffy seems to not actually excel in CoA. Though this chapter did smack of preparation as opposed to revelation.


  96. 01ae275e-03f9-4df0-8040-99e79485959d

  97. Let’s try this again.

  98. New chapters out.
    Badass zoro is badass. And he has haki, yaaaaaaaaay!!!

  99. Dude, Chopper has been hitting the weights…

    @Gangly: Didn’t he just block with his swords? Mihawk doesn’t have CoA anyway since he couldn’t cut Buggy in the war so he couldn’t have taught that to Zoro. If anything he could have CoO or whatever it was called… The other one to armour, you know Mantra…

  100. I suggest you look at the panel a bit more closely Franky. There are three key reasons why this appears to be haki:

    A) Not one of Hyozo dudes swords touched zoro (or his blades). They were all clearly making contact AROUND zoro in midair
    B) This is something that we’ve seen before. The admirals used it against WB in the war:
    C) In the manga stream translation, zoro says barrier or Kekkai. This is not CoO or mantra, as zoro would have used his swords or simply dodged out of the way when he’s clearly just standing there. You can’t even argue that it’s Tekkai or whatever thats called (what CP9 used), because again the swords aren’t touching zoro.
    Thus leading me to the conclusion that zoro has haki, and in particular probably CoA

  101. I haven’t done a breakdown in a while because I honestly haven’t been inspired by the recent chapters to put work into them, but I’ll be here to comment and discuss more.

    In the meantime I haven’t read the chapter yet but I’m doing that now.

  102. also, haki doesnt have to be taught directly to someone, like Mihawk didn’t have to use it to be able to teach Zoro about it.

  103. Can’t really say I’m impressed with this chapter either. The fights in this arc are just…uninteresting. Why can’t Sanji get his own fight and has to be teamed up with Jimbei to fight some inflatable giant? The Franky robot jokes are getting old and that underwater battle between Hody and Luffy is draaaggiiiiiiing. I don’t really like Chopper’s new Human Form but maybe it’ll grow on me like Franky’s new form. I’m looking forward to Zoro and Usopp’s fights but it’s like Oda is more concentrated on doing small panel teasers on the action rather than delving into any of it.


    I really don’t want to be such a downer but I’ve always been honest about how I feel and you all know how I feel about the New Fishman Pirates. This arc has much room for improvement, but luckily I don’t believe we’re even half way done yet. There’s still Caribou, the Casket, the prophecy about Luffy, Noah’s secret, Hody’s “True Form” (which I hope will add some interesting dynamic to the guy), Shirahoshi joining the crew (?), and Joy Boy all to cover. There’s a lot of things I really want to see explained. Also, Van Der Decken’s treasure that his family have sought after for generations.

    It’s not just the fights that have been a bit boring this arc. It’s the suspense, there really is none. There’s no real threat from the NFP at least, but the 2 suspenseful things that have me still interested in this arc are Noah’s course and Luffy supposedly destroying Fishman Island. I say this arc is a little over halfway done and I hope Oda can still pull it off.

  104. It’s more the inhabitants of FI that I really couldn’t care less about. I mean, the majority of the chapter, save for chopper and zoro, felt kinda pointless and stupid. I don’t care about the fishmen army or the NFP fodder or any of the citizens. They’ve just been stale and boring up to this point and I feel we’ve been through this kinda plot already before.
    Originally I wasn’t that mad about Sanji and Jimbei teaming up because I thought it would show how Sanji is at his level now (or even greater) and it might set up Jimbei joining the team, but the guy their fighting? Yeah no, it’s just gotten ridiculous.
    Like you said though super, there is still alot of time left to go,and a lot of loose ends that need to be wrapped up, so in my opinion, Oda will still finish this arc off rather nicely.

  105. So, seeing as the one piece section is sorta in zombie mode (as usual lol), and it’s chapters have been less then stellar, who wants to talk about Beelzebub?!?
    Note: If you dont know what Beelzebub is, go read it. If you don’t like it, go read it again and MAKE yourself like it!

  106. Beelzebub is one of the most hilarious manga Ive ever read. Oga is one of the coolest protagonists in Shonen Jump.

    I read a bunch of the WSJ magazines: Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Hunter x Hunter, Toriko, Beelzebub, Gintama, D.Grayman. Maybe some more series could get breakdowns around here once in a while 😛

    This arc hasnt gotten me pissed. Im tired of seeing
    1)Hody gets up and goes after Shirahoshi
    2) Brother A, B, or C protects her and gets pwned
    3) Hody reaches her
    4) Luffy stops him and pwns him back
    5)Rinse and repeat for 3 chapters -___-

  107. I meant has got me pissed xD

  108. Hey guys, I was wondering… What role will the next Strawhat Pirate have?
    There’s a captain, a swordsman, a marksman, a cook, a navigator, a doctor, a historian, a shipwright, a musician and… what’s missing? The crew is great as it is, imo.

    The only people they might need are a helmsman (but Franky and Usopp can do that) and maybe a tactician to plan their battles and make them more strategic.

    Any ideas?

  109. @Omar: It really doesn’t make sense to me for someone of Mihawks calibre to not be able to use CoA and yet have the knowledge required to teach it, since CoA and CoO can be learnt by anyone.

    @Gangly: Don’t get me wrong, I did look very closely and for a long while and I’m all for Zoro having Haki it’s just that I’m not sure it does show it. Your link with the Admirals isn’t that good to compare against since the ‘earthquake’ in the air was an invisible force anyway.
    This link shows Rayleigh doing it and the contact looks very different.
    What’s more I don’t know if you can read katakana but the sound effect is ‘BA-KIN’, one commonly used for swords clashing. Now I know the sound could be made from the swords hitting the invisible wall so it isn’t conclusive and once again we don’t have anything specific to compare it to.
    To me though, it looks like there is movement in Zoro’s swords, as if to say that he just effortlessly knocked all the others away. Still, I would like him to have Haki.
    Oh and for the record, I wasn’t saying Zoro was using CoO, just that if Mihawk had haki, and so had haki that he could pass on, it would be CoO.
    Zoro having Haki would justify the completely random nature of his Asura attacks though so it really isn’t a stretch in my eyes that he has it. Well a little debate will do the zobied One Piece section good.

    @Dragon: I always thought Helmsman for two reasons. One: because Blackbeard has one. Two: because Franky and Usopp have other jobs. Usopp used to repair the ship but he wasn’t very good. Franky may be able to take the helm but he isn’t a helmsman. It puts Jimbei in as a good candidate for the next/last member as well since he had the helm for the whole trip between Impel Down and Marinford. I still want Hoshi instead though >_>

    @Pumpkin and Super: This arc is really quite lame. Oda sprinkles small revelations of the crews new abilities which liven up the chapters here and there but it is exactly because of their abilities that the New FP’s are no threat at all. Sanji’s match up is a joke and probably just so he can show off his arial combat abilities now. Would have been much better if Oda made a flying-fish fishman or something like that in my mind. He really should just get down to the fights, wrap this arc up, start drawing the New World and use some of the big bad villans that we have been waiting for all this time.

  110. @Dragon..

    if we think of the current main cast of the Straw hat crew, then we look towards White Beard and his crew, basically there is a main crew there with subordinates, they may get Jinbe on the crew, but still perhaps they each will get a larger crew, just the main guys are the Ace was in charge of Blackbeard and the rest of those under him..

    a Helmsman would be good, i think a Spy also would make a good addition, someone who could change their appearance not like Bon Clay who changed his face but something else.. i imagine when i play the game TEam Fortress 2 the spy, is some thing that gets in and out without attention.. i think is a great style character.. a nice addition..

    maybe also they need a Bartender..


  111. Something to think about though; provided he does have haki, would it help Zoro in terms of his offence? Putting aside the effects against devil fruits, does haki make swords sharper? Rayleigh cut Kizaru so it obviously doesn’t dull the blade like logic would have us assume but could CoA add strength or an extra sharpness to blades or is it simply an extra defense for swordsmen?

  112. @Franky

    I think it works a lot like wind and lightning chakra in Naruto. When you infuse blades with them, they become much sharper and stronger. Since Haki can make arrows easily plow through rocks, imagine what it can do to swords!

  113. You see its the arrow thing that is making me think twice about it. Its just adding force to the arrows, not making them sharper, since the rocks blow up rather than the arrows just sliding right through them. We already know from the Mr 1 fight that a sword doesn’t get any sharper in One Piece just because you hit with more force so I wonder if it is any real benefit to swordsmanship.
    Another thing to note is Shank’s mastery of Haki and use of a sword but Mihawk being quoted as a swordsman that stands above all others (presumably including Shanks). Other aspects of Shanks’ fighting probably make him stronger than Mihawk but if haki could arrament his swordsmanship wouldn’t it make him a better swordsman as well? Lots of presumptions I know. Feel free to disregard…

  114. @franky Well I’ve been going back to look at it, and I’m starting to doubt my initial assumptions. If you look closely, it appears hyozo’s swords have actually been broken or sliced. It would probably make more sense if zoro actually did that with his swords as opposed to them breaking on contact with a barrier. I dunno, we’ll probably find out in two or three chapters.

    Also when you think about it, putting haki into a sword really wouldn’t do anything aside from being able to hurt logias. Because as is, the only thing that we know right now that zoro or mihawk cant cut is diamond. So why have CoA as an offense if you can already cut and kill everything anyways? Now as a defense it would be pretty useful seeing as the only one who gets more injured than luffy on a regular basis is zoro, so having something like a shield would definitely benefit him

  115. Lol, the last page explains perfectly well why I do not like Hody as a villain. There’s nothing there.

  116. Well I actually enjoyed this chapter. Robin was pretty awesome, I love how she’s basically able to be everywhere at once. And Brook= hilarious. Hody, from a story perspective yeah its kinda dumb that he’s got no motivation WHATSOEVER for doing the things he has done. He just did it because. However, apply that to real life and you’ll realize how significant it is to modern life.
    For example: ‘Why do you vote for conservatives over NDP or Liberals (for you americans it would be republicans over democrats essentially)?’ “Because.”
    “Wait thats it?”
    “Well my parents don’t like them so yeah.”
    “You havent looked at the issues, looked at the parties diff view points and policies?”
    “Nope. Don’t care. Go republicans!”
    Now obviously this isn’t limited to just republican voters as I’m sure many democrats do this as well. But it does get the point across that a lot of the stuff we do is for no reason. We just do it.
    However, for a antagonist in a story to display it for basically trying to commit mass genocide? Ya no, kinda stupid. Lets move on to the New World already.

  117. I enjoyed the chapter a lot, until the end. Yeah, I was right about Hodi being a bland villain with no investment of characterization but at the same time I wish I wasn’t right. I wanted something to make Hodi a great villain for this arc but I was disappointed. His motivation. Nothing. His character. A shell with no substance. He’s just a bad Fishman that needs to be put down.

    The rest of the chapter great, especially the Usopp, Brook, and Robin parts! Usopp is the MAN! I liked him when he lied though and I hope he still has that habit because it was hilarious when he told stories and Chopper was like, “AMAAZZZIIIINGGG!” It’s great we’re getting further explanation on Brook’s DF power and it doesn’t hurt he has a more powerful sword. Robin also has a better mastering of her DF ability and it’s…kinda creepy to be honest…>_>

    Well, let’s just beat Hody and get on with solving the mysteries of the island. I myself don’t want them immediately to go to the New World. There’s still so many unanswered questions brought up by this arc that I want answers to. For instance where did so ES pills come from and why did Big Mom start up a candy factory in Fishman Island? Are they connected?

  118. I actually want to mull over the thought that Hodi is a bad character because of his seemingly flippant reason for his villainy, but I am tired and just wanted to point out some highlights for me.
    Someone is totally going to ship RobinxJinbei now, I just know it. Nico kinda’ reminds me of an old Bond film now.
    Nico Robin performing a Camel Clutch AND a Scorpion Deathlock!!! It’s like they combined fan service and wrestling!
    I’m still a little shady on her DF now, I don’t think it is full on tantamount to a clone clone fruit (which I still hope to see.)
    More Brook info is always welcome, the way he describes himself almost makes him seem OP.
    I am a little less impressed with Ussop…
    I actually like that face on Hodi, it suits his blind rage, which you could argue is all he ever had fueling him. It’s the eyes, lips and neck that sell it for me.
    I won’t lie, I like this revelation. It’s nicely different than a long sob story, which is what I was expecting. I’ll delve into this later.

  119. hmm this chapter was atleast alot better compared to the last two chaps.
    I agree with super i hope usopp still has some lying abilities in him, it makes hillarious moments.
    I also hope that befor they head into the new world we will get to know some of the unanswered questions like whos the fleet admiral, what happened to bonney? X-Drake vs kaido? Blackbeard.

    @super the thing about big mom, isnt she supposed to be protecting the FI now in WB’s place? wiki says she protects the island in exchange for candy.
    I dont think shes gonna show up or anything, but still.
    Also i dont think were gonna get a explanation on the drugs Hodi uses, its not really Oda’s style to explain that kinda stuff.

  120. C-c-c-c-c-c COMBO BREAKER!!!

    New One Piece chapter proves Hody Jones Character is concave rather than just simply flat…

    We can only hope that he has been turned into a fried fish filet after Luffy’s last attack.

  121. And cue the falcon punch jokes…….now!
    Well the chapter wasn’t too bad. I like the fact that Hody is actually starting to transform and become disfigured because of the pills. His look there right before he got falcon punched = priceless. And hey, we actually got to see a decent bad guy this time. Yay for arlong flashback lol!

  122. Whoah, its been a while. Seems like a lot has been going on since I last visited this blog, not that i actually comment……BUT, i see a lot of you are just dying for this arc to win. Its ok though, i sense the end is almost there. Just remember, the New Fishman Pirates were never supposed to be a threat to the new SH crew. They were just a ridiculously tiny obstacle to show how much luffy and the gang have grown. And if you think about it, despite all his flaws, is not truly pathetic villain. Remember that he took several of luffys B-Haky punches. Remember luffy took out a pacifista with a single blow and it was barely haki endowed( not all the way to the black version). This means that two years ago Hodi could have taken a pacifista out, and by extension the SH crew, by himself. So cut that seemingly pathetic and bad for no reason Hodi Jones some slack. As usual I realize that I probably commented on this blog too late for anyone to actually respond but if they do. howdy.

    also sanji>zoro

  123. Well, seems the end of all these battles is finally within sight. Except Oda has decided to take a break once again. Goddammit…

  124. Looks like we can clear all the theories claiming that Blackbeard has another DF (Cerberus), looks like he injured Shanks with claws that looks wolverinish (don´t know the real name of that weapon), he appears in the last panel in the right.

  125. I uh, never even knew about that theory to begin with. I just assumed that blackbeard had done that to Shanks with a weapon or something lol.

  126. @gangly369 I hope i can explain myself, i’m terrible at this hahaha

    There was the theory that BB ate a mythical zoan DF ( Cerberus ) one of the reasons for it is the Jolly Roger of the BB pirate is a three headed skull. you can now see where the name cerberus came from. so continuing with the theory, Cerberus is a three headed dog, so if BB had this type of DF he could have the ability to have another two DF (Yami-yami and Gura-gura). So with this said it is supposed that the way BB gave the scars to shanks is that he was in animal mode (cerberus zoan mode) and the mark you see in Shanks eye is the claw of a dog.

    I think i made a mess out of this hahaha but hope you coul understand the general idea.

  127. I’ve heard that idea too; I actually copied a simplified version of it: “I believe that the Cerberus theory is correct. My interpretation of the whole thing is as followed….Long ago…Blackbeard ate the Cerberus-mythical fruit. Which changed him into 3 entities.(Which i’m not too sure about) The only reason he joined the Whitebeard pirates was to increase his chances of getting the Yami-fruit. He put two and two together and realized that his powers would be more flexible if he got the Yami-fruit. According to Jyabura, If a person eats a second fruit, the two “evil devil fruit spirits” kill each other off and destroy the container(the person). Blackbeard then ate the Yami-fruit. Went through a near death experience and used the yami powers to suppress the Cerberus powers. Later on, he used the yami powers to suck in the “evil devil fruit spirit” that was leaving Whitebeard’s body after he died.

    Thats my story of what happened. I think he never showed his Cerberus powers because if others knew, he’d probably be killed. The only reason he survived was because of the WB pirate’s protection and him keeping it a secret. Shanks gets really serious when blackbeard is involved because he witnessed his powers firsthand.

    So, long story short. The Yami Yami no mi powers and the Cerberus powers are a very Unique combination which enables you to obtain one more power. And he chooses a power thats capable of destroying the world. Quake Quake no mi.

    Blackbeard = Major threat to everyone.”

    That is fairly reasonable to me, I think the claw weapon he is shown using in the latest chapter could be a red herring, as it does not exclude a Zoan transformation. It may actually show he has a proclivity to it, due to said mythical Zoan. A lot of this hinges on what Marco was referring to when he commented on BB’s body. Marco himself may be mistaken. Things really are too speculative right now.

    The other idea I came up with on my own is that maybe Lucci (it was also him that said more than one DF would kill you, right?) was wrong. Maybe it has to be two fruits of the same type that kills you, like two Paramecias. Think about it: DF are already pretty rare, and among them Logia and Zoan are even rarer. So maybe people are basing their understanding of people dying after eating two fruits on people only eating two Para’s, which would be even more expounded when most don’t even know what fruit they are getting until they eat it (with few exceptions, like whatever book it is that showed BB what the Dark-Dark fruit looks like.) And really, I think Thatch being killed is a little odd, I think maybe he had become wise to something about BB, but that is just my speculation.

    The whole black sheet covering scene at MF also throws most conjecture into frenzy as is. Like, if BB could get the DF after WB’s death, why the sheet? All necrophilia jokes aside, it is rather strange.

    People have also argued that whatever the case, BB is somehow multiple people at the same time. The Cerberus fruit could explain this, as people have noted that at certain times before and after a fight, BB will have different teeth missing and slight variance in his clothing/jewelry/etc. I have not spent the time counting his teeth myself, and I realize Oda is not above mistakes, but the list of chapters of said instances I saw was at least 17-20 long. Maybe it is Oda dropping a hint? BB being able to “switch out” three versions of himself would explain the strange amount of damage he is able to withstand.

  128. haha what a great theories all, i guess they’re plausible.
    although they seem farfetched Oda still needs to explain why BB was able to take in a 2nd, possibly third DF.

    Anyways the new chapter is out for quite a while now!
    It’s awesome if you ask me, alot of action and it seems that the new fishman pirates are finally done with.

  129. This last chapter was pure eye-candy, (unless you were wanting some Nami-Robin action, [huh, that did not come out right…] then you might be dissapointed) though I hope these were not examples of the limits of how far the SH have come, but merely an aplication of part of it.

    Also, Franky has a laser, Hell yeah. And of course Luffy missed it.

  130. Eh the chapter was alright. It was good in that all of the fights are now pretty much done and over with. In terms of the strawhats finishers though…. it was 50/50. Brooke, Usopp, and Franky were all just pure awesomeness. Just loved how they have grown over the years.

    Chopper was meh. It’s great that he’s able to control the monster form now (for 3 min) and everything, but the attack itself that he used was basically just a giant slap. Sanji, while the dialogue was funny, he basically just went on fire and kicked a bunch of times. And zoro….. zoro just was onigiri with a new name in front of it (at least thats the only difference I saw. Maybe it’ll look better in the anime).

    So all in all, the chapter was just alright. At least were done and we can move forward a bit now

  131. I’ll just leave this here in hopes it sparks some conversations.

  132. Chap is out, thoughts anyone?

    And, my were those Sea Kings well spoken.

  133. No dees-coosh-eon? Me want dees-coosh-eon!

    How about this: Jimbei for next SH? Sure it’s been done already, but I think it is increasingly likely at this point. I at least think it will be addressed in the manga, like he is offered it and turns it down.


    Chap is out, and man was my previous post timely.

  135. I guess this makes it 99% sure that Jimbei is the 10th member of th SH.
    Most of the time when luffy asked it like this, they end up joining the crew.
    I’m a bit dissapointed that it wont be shirahoshi but Jimbei is awesome aswell!
    So now just a few chaps away from the new world?

  136. HAHA im back just to tell you

    Man i even foretold Moths before that ace will die and noone believed me xD

  137. Huh, I am not convinced we have seen the conclusion of the Jinbe issue.

    Also, Shirahoshi: What a twist!

  138. Daaaamn, suddenly I wanna talk about One Piece again. Why do you think Jinbei won’t join yet? It sounds pretty personal. Or he wants to join the Reverie.
    Oh and is the last pic Shirahoshi or the original Poseidon? She looks grown up, but…

  139. BAH ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Why you no join Jimbei -.-
    But wow what a twist at the end so does that mean the arc is not finish yet or that there will be a Noah arc…
    @dmaxx3d: Also for me it seems like its still shirahoshi. the fin has the same stripes as shirahoshi. So with her sea king talking ability she could destroy the world. Wow the cry baby gets the power to control the world -.-”

    Also im wondering if Luffy could understand the sea kings or not.

  140. Jinbei deciding to not join the crew (yet) only makes it more likely he’s joining the crew. Dont forget that almost all crew members told luffy they couldnt join the crew (Sanji, Chopper, Franky, Robin, Brooke). I guess when everything with Noa and stuff gets solved Jinbei will actually join the crew.
    I also wonder what will happen to Shirahoshi now….
    Isn’t she a liability to FI now? I mean if that info gets into the wrong peoples hands.

  141. One piece is 2 good right now i dont know about ya but im liking it more than naruto espeacialy after luffy declared war on big mom i seen it coming but its still good and @fearvano i think the same thing but if FI becomes SH turf she should be goof

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