Bleach Chapter 461 – Less is More, More or Less ;)

Well that’s all fowkes, hope you enjoyed the break down…

What you say I haven’t even started it yet, but look at all that space I wasted Filler, So that’s not actually acceptable? What if I make the rest of the breakdown awesome alright?

Fine <_< Guess its only Kubo that can do nothing and pretend its something ๐Ÿ˜›

Awe Bleachers Bleachetts, I am back for another Bleach Manga Breakdown…

This chapter was perfect way to show what I love and hate about Bleach, and I am sure most Bleach Fans Feel the same with the wide open spaces but just a bit of Action, Plot etc to keep us satisfied ๐Ÿ˜› Its like having a can of Coke, Pepsi etc and instead being able to drink it, you have a sip every 7 days just to keep you going, eventually though it become flat and warm and looses the taste it once had. This seems to be Bleach to me, and probably why many seemed to have deserted it as a manga the plot moves slowly, and the way Kubo wastes panels is really scandalous but in the end if you look deeper, and have patience you will see that by having just that one sip a week you will be frustrated but will also help sustain you ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now to the Chapter

Mostly White.... Its called Negative Spaces ๐Ÿ˜‰

Though I must thank Kubo, well kinda, for making my life easier. I gotta analyze the chapter and he went out of his way to give me almost nothing to analyze. The chapter kicks off where the ending, Ginjou crapping himself as Ichigo goes fullbring bad @$$ on him, the power gap at first is really extraordinary, I mean this is all just Ichigo we still got a lot of Captain class Shinigami there plus Rukia, this does seem to be an easy battle. I think many of us missed this Ichigo, this almost over arrogant dude who was crying about 15min ago but now even apologizes for missing Ginjou in the first place.

I thought that translations better suited this frame, the rest of this chapter was pretty awesome, it seems Ginjou now realized he F’ed with the wrong Ginger… He is thrown like a rag doll and promtely destroyed by pure awesomeness and kubo’s lack of detail shows he basically just vanished @_@

As Ichigo stands in triumph looking, his usual pose. He begins to sense the Reitsu of everyone that helped him get his abilities back, you know those abilities that they said could never come back? and then where replaced by Fullbringer? then taken away again, and then given back again… Yeah if anyone sees a pattern here please put your hands up ๐Ÿ˜›

This was a pretty cool page looking to see all these familiar faces, when Captain Commander was even shown I was shocked it was like the Iron Man grew a Heart, though we see back to how Ichigo truly changed things in the S.S with the way he acted and fought to protect them. This was an organization run by a strict system of rules and regulations that in the end was manipulated to create Aizen, this shows that Ichigo has shown them that in a sense even the greatest of rules needs to be looked at and people should be judged as they are and not by a system.

We see the Flashback and I am starting to feel the relevance of this chapter/arc more and more, it was supposed to teach Ichigo a lesson but one that I feel will be pointed out more and more as this arc comes to the end. The obsession with Power, Ginjou was revealed to be the first Shinigami Sub and we now see how it has effected him, he become angry, vengful and most of all Power Hungry, which Ichigo was becoming slowly but surely as time progressed, he needed to always be the strongest and protect anyone… you know its funny how Naruto and Bleach seem to be running in a parallel with themes.

The end we see Ginjou in a super powered up mode, reminds me of Ichigo a couple of Chapters ago… ๐Ÿ˜€

That is it for this week however I have a few questions…

Where is the Past Changer dude, I assume the rest of Xcution was beaten by the Captains but this guy seems to be taking a nap?

If Shinji was able to add his Reitsu could this mean that the Visords where re included in the Soul Society and the open Captain posts filled by them?

Who gave Ginjou his power? Could it be Aizen and this was all his plan from the very start?


Debate winner:

Shunsui Kyลraku


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~ by pein0avenue on August 26, 2011.

11 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 461 – Less is More, More or Less ;)”

  1. Firsttttt!

  2. second. Awesome breakdown , ken-chan pwns all =p

  3. Third Beeches!!

    Chapter could have been better but as far as Bleach go, these last few have definitely had brighter whites =P

    Interesting observations on this arc, who knew Oda could actually write a story…*goes back and reads the Rescue Rukia arc again* Oh right he started off like this, let’s hope it doesn’t go down hill again.

    Grimjow vs Kenpachi? Really? didn’t we already have this fight in the actual manga? I give this to Grimjow cause face it, Ken-chan nearly got killed by Espada #5 (and if I remember right had a hard time even cutting him), Grimjow can become Espada #0. Kenpachi is out classed here. Not to say that the battle would be one sided, I just don’t think Kenpachi can win that fight on his own.

  4. Awesome breakdown, less awesome chapter. The white space really annoied me actually. But I did like how it seems Yoruichi, Urahara, Vizords and even Issin have more contact with Soul Society now…

    @iamnotreallyhere: I think you’re a little confused with some names man. Not a big deal but Oda is One Piece aka. the current god of manga, Kubo is bleach…
    But Grimjow is the guy who played around with Ichigo for ages. The one with blue hair that turns into a panther. Yami is no. 10/0

    I give the debate to Ken-chan. He is awesome with two hands. Grimmjow had no tricks to his attacks so its the perfect opponent for Kenpachi,

  5. Confusing someone like Kubo with shonen-god Oda is punishable by law in over 50 countries :O

    Im not digging Ginjo’s look at all.

    Isnt it overkill to have 6 captain level shinigami there watching.And where’s Ishida? Having tea with Tsuki?

  6. Kenpachi would win this one easy. He beat the Nnoriata who was stronger than Grimijow by using…2 arms!!! O_O

    Lol, anyway the chapter was bad, yes, but Pein you have a point in Ichigo learning a lesson on power. In this arc he trusted complete strangers over his family and friends, who he thought were suspicious, and that’s understandable to a certain degree because Isshin wasn’t telling him anything! Urahara wasn’t telling him anything! Why don’t these people talk to each other!? Anyway, he trusted Xcution in order to get his powers back and he did, but in his haste to get power he wasn’t thinking things through and ended up getting into this sticky situation.

    Where’s Tsukushima? He’s off turning all the Captain and Vice Captains into his friends.

    Byakuya: “Ichigo, Tsukshima-san invited us to his mansion in the middle of the woods to throw a welcome back party. Want to come? They’ll be cake.”

    Ichigo: @_@

    Where’s Chad, Orihime, all the other Fullbringers, and all of Ichigo’s friends while all of this is going down? What are their reactions to all of this? To Tsukushima admitting he altered the memory of all of Ichigo’s friends? Lol, what are they deaf!?


    *Tsukushima turns into a Hollow and befriends everyone*

    Do I even need to talk about all the white spaces in this chapter? I was inspired to draw this though.

    I hope you all like it, I really do. I put my heart and soul into that drawing. I think it really pops out at you expressing the innermost emotion and desire of whatever you’re feeling right now.

    Thank you Kubo-sensei for the lessons.

  7. @super Orihime would get tongue twisters if she did that. That was an excellent Getsuga Tensho, Kubo has taught you well.

    Now where is everybody it’s like this since they have no relevance to the plot they have now been Kensei’d/Grimmjowed/Nell’d into the fridge.

  8. And here are the Bleach 462 spoilers.

  9. Chad and Orihime. When you two wake up from being knocked out and slumped over off to side I would like to ask a question.

    Are you 2 still characters in this manga or props Kubo likes to feature every once in a while?

    Serious question.

  10. I think I figured Ginjou’s Fullbring’s power out.I believe it allows him to transfer power from one person to another.

    Well now having the captains there makes more sense, though whether or not the fullbringers are going to be able to be a match for them or not is yet to be determined, especially if Ishin or Urahara get involved.

  11. Anyone else lol at the title page? It’s such a poorly constructed sentence. “Why me sad.” Why me sad (period)? Really? I’m sorry, but the chapter was basically over with that. I couldn’t stop laughing, and raging at the same time. Bleach this weak was average at best. It gave me the “here we go again” feeling, and that’s why me sad.

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