Fairy Tail 247 – Right Beside Each Other!

Awe All Pein here for hopefully my final cover story of the year with most of the manga this week being pretty much epic, or really good, I was kinda let down by this weeks Fairy Tail. Though to be honest I can see where the writers want to go with these stories and I like how “fear” was brought back to Fairy Tail…

Happy and his pales make it through to the “engine room” or something, I find it slightly annoying though that through the entire chapter we have them all gasp and aww but no way of seeing, is it really that much of a “wow” factor that we can’t even get a hint? Their is a small battle where Lily find an extend-able sword that grows in size, and by finds I mean he Steals it <_<

This all felt very Filler and unimportant to me, I know there should be an air of amazement but I don’t really see it here. Maybe its the fact that I know at this very moment the main cast of characters are about to be Abyssed or maybe its just that I hate cats, either way I was over it when they refused to show me what it actually and unless that sword is plot related and the fact that it is expensive is later revealed to be a massive plot device, I will scrap this as Filler in a manga…

Baster is what he call his... Cough cough

The rest of the chapter is sort of more informative and maybe even important, though the Hades looking like the Wizard of Oz sort of annoyed me, the incantation also seemed to drag on a bit with each and every member of Natsu’s team shown and Zeref, that dude been walking alone in the wood WTH I kinda forgot about him hey…

But once it does begin, I think I understand now the name Hades, as in greek mythology Hades was the god of the underworld being able to summon undead armies to his command. (Guess who’s played God Of War 😉 ) the ability though seems completely over power, this guy took the biggest beating from a Luxus and B Natsu, I mean is their no end to his amazing ability and what makes it worse his appearance now just seems too evil to the point where I find myself laughing at him.

The Code: Dress Emo and you will Win 😉

It was truly after this point that the true nature of Fairy Tail was shown, the thing that we all know and love, “friends, team work, comradeship” basically everything you’ll find in the care bares with violence and fan-service included. This was basically the point of this entire chapter so far I guess, that fear is not a weakness and its the way we all grow stronger, I mean me myself I am not afraid of anything… well except for, drowning, heights, spiders, small space, itching, darkness, loud noises, crazy people, pain, open space (who knows who’s there) crossing the street, needles, cats and the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you…. So technically I should be super powerful right.. <_<

CareBears.... What is your Profession ----- Hooraaaah!!!

The rest of the chapter would leave one with a warm fuzzy feeling in their chest, it was all caring and team work, smiles and helping each other… Naruto better watch out Speech No Jutsu seems to be spreading like wild fire. So they basically use Natsu who is now unable to really move by himself hurtling towards Hades, but what I find is, is that the correct choice? I mean in a tight spot do we send the guys who can’t move into the fray. <_<

Reminded of the old Dragon Ball games, where Goku would just hurtle head first to his opponent with little regard to his personal safety. The Chapter then sadly ends with little idea of actually what happens, just a screaming Natsu heading towards the dude that seems so over powered, Aizen, Sasuke, Madara are all scratching their heads wonder how they can get that strong.


Debate Winner

Wet Wet Wet...


This Weeks Debate

Gildarts Clive





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13 Responses to “Fairy Tail 247 – Right Beside Each Other!”

  1. FIRST!

    Great Breakdown Pein!

    Lol, they threw Natsu’s useless body at Hades after giving their trademark friendship speech.

    Now what should happen is Hades completely destroys Natsu and asks, “So who’s next to hurtle themselves at me in a useless last ditch attack?”

    But I have a feeling the cats destroyed “The Heart” of Grimore Hearts or something severely weakening Hades. Or maybe Natsu ate the flames from the explosion and grew stronger. Like that should be enough to take down hades. -_-

  2. FIRST!!
    Awesome chapter, Awesome breakdown…
    Comments later, for now


  3. Second.. I meant second… easy to get those two words mixed up ¬¬

  4. @IANRH


    That has to be the funniest epic fail I have seen in a long time. You made my day.

    *Wipes tears from eyes* XD

  5. FOUR IS DEATH!!!!!!

  6. @Tenrai Senshi – When failure is the only option Epic is the only way to go, just ask Kubo Tite =P

    @Debate – Marakov is the leader of fairy tail for a reason, Gildartz doesn’t stand a Fire dragon slayer’s chance on a boat =P

  7. @ IANRH – I think that is right <_<

    Well I take into account that Marakov is aging and has a heart problem, he wouldn't really be able to use fairy law in this situation I think it would be the same Luxus, besides that I don't see why Gildartz couldn't counter his giant abilities with his destruction ones, though to be honest I was expecting a Marakov Victory in this debate, I just thought who best to compare to him then Gildartz 😉

  8. Great breakdown pein! Thanks for covering for me!

    @chapters: Natsu defeating Hades disappointed me, but I was happy when he got up and summoned those demons. I thought it was funny when everyone said “They’re too strong! We don’t have a chance!” and yet they dodge all their attacks and then threw Natsu at Hades. WTF?!?
    I didn’t expect the explosion and I think the cats finally blew up the ship’s heart. I wonder what will happen next…

    @debate: Makarov wins this one. He may have got pwned by Hades, but we still haven’t seen his true power. He can use many different types of magic and Gildartz’s Crash magic can be countered with Titan. He can also use elemental magic which makes him versatile. I don’t think Gildartz can defeat him.

  9. @Dragon


    Gildartz’ crash magic can not only break down physical matter, but it can also do the same to magic as well. We’ve seen it work on fire, people, earth, and even a black hole.

    So, in a sense, no matter what you throw at Gildartz, he can effectively turn it into nothing. His magic even seems effortless and we haven’t seen him go all out either. He was practically playing with Natsu during his test and Blue Note only got the upper hand for a brief moment thanks to Gildartz losing his magic power along with the rest of Fairy Tail.

    The only spell I see of Makarovs working on Gildartz that we know of, would be Fairy Law, but that only defeats people who are seen as enemies, so it won’t work on Gildartz. @__@

  10. Buuuuuut if you’re fast enough, like the dragon was in removing his arm, leg and organs then he can’t use the crash in time. Marakov’s titan is too fast and too powerful…blah,blah… In truth we really don’t know the extent of either of them. I do think Marakov being part of those 12 strongest or whatever that they mentioned ages ago puts him at an advantage…

  11. @Tenrai

    Well, it’s true Gildartz can break down anything into smaller parts, but I think it would backfire against Makarov.
    As you pointed out, Makarov’s elemental attacks are useless. That means he has to use Titan to win the battle. What would Gildartz do then? He would probably use Crash to weaken Makarov. Since he’s a giant, he wouldn’t become as small or as weak as Natsu became. He would just return to normal, but with lots of clones. Gildartz would then have to fight an army of Makarovs who would eventually overwhelm him if he didn’t reverse Crash. But then he’d have to fight Titan Makarov.
    Either way, I think Makarov can win this if his sickness doesn’t kick in.

  12. Woah, I didn’t notice it before but my comment is a bit confusing. I hope you get what I mean.


    Well, the “heart” thing was obvious! -_- That was a terrible chapter, I’m not going to sugarcoat it. After ALL of that hype and power Hades is essentially defeated by…by some cats!!! The leader of Grimore Hearts was defeated by CATS!!! No! It wasn’t Natsu! All he did was punch him a bit! The same Natsu that “couldn’t move” last chapter! Anyone could have borrowed tomorrow’s strength and done that! No, it was the cats that defeated Hades, leader of Grimore Hearts and Fairy Tail’s 2nd Guild Master….

    And WHHAAAAT!? Are you telling me you trusted the source of your massive power to fodder guards!? o_O If anything were to happen to this “heart” thing you’d be completely useless right? So what do you do? Assign the weakest members of your Guild to guard it of course! BRILLIANT STRATEGY! 😀

    This is how you win wars.

    DAMMIT HADES! I wanted Fairy Tail to lose! I wanted Natsu to learn something from this battle! This makes what Gildarts taught him about it being ok to run away sometimes completely useless! And why in the hell can’t Hades fight back without that “heart”!? Did he always have this source of power? No. What ever happened to his magical power when he ran FT? Don’t give me that too old excuse. These are freaking wizards!!!!

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! FAIRY TAIL!!!!!!! Random powerups, BS and horrendously contrived wins, and Friendship Speeches!

    THIS IS OUR GUILD!!!!11122222

    Ok, I’m done.

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