Bleach Chapter 460 – Death Berry Returns M2

Awe All… After the weeks break of sipping tea at the suite, and watching/reading new manga’s, I was glad to get the big ones back this week, Bleach, Naruto, both seemed to deliver to a point this week which has been on a growing trend of highly rated chapter.

You know when you get to see, Byakuya, Ken Chan, Ice Dude, Ikaku and Renji in one frame this would be an Awesome Chapter. The only real problem I had was the whole now the Fullbringer crew are screwed, I mean really screwed… Lets get the ball rolling on this Motha…


Producer: I need you Kubo to do this weeks opening color page…

Kubo: Nah… It ain’t worth the time make someone else do it.

Producer: I don’t care what you say! It is your job.

Kubo: Fine

And this is what we got... <_<

I really enjoy Kubo’s style of wasting panels, its been his fortay since before even Bleach, but sometimes when you watch a movie, you see the dust settle, that suspense is there and you feel that excitement as the hero walks or the dust clears around him… It is a very DBZ sort thing to do but regardless it still gets anime/manga fan ready for the @$$ whooping that about to happen… only thing though… where does all this dust come from? I mean it was raining wasn’t it? in a matter of lets say a few minutes the rain ended? Is it that Ichigo is so awesome the Rain evaporated into steam?

I love how Rukia literally beats what most fans have been saying for ages into Ichigo, that its not what you do with your past but what happens to your future, how he reacted in this arc shows that he clings to his past more then try to move forwards from it. I like having Rukia back not the all happy kind but the one we enjoyed since part one. The tough one that makes weird faces and hurts Ichigo on a regular basis 😉 *kinky*

Kubo's Logic 😉

Obviously Ginjou hasn’t been reading Bleach too well or following the plot line, if Kubo wants to Over Powered quickly he will find a way 😉 I thought the same thing though, I was hoping this would still be an even battle even with Ichigo’s Shinigami powers back I was hoping for a more balanced increase in power that maybe even the Fullbringers would have a full out war, but then we all know what happened with the Arrancar @___@

A+W+E+S+O+M_E !!!!!!!

I think almost all Bleach Fans would of done a double take on this page, I even made it my background <_< I don’t see much changes in the current picture for rank etc but I must say it was something that got me excited. Only problem was when I saw this I knew the Fullbringer are either gonna be super over powered or they gonna be beaten like run away <_<

The fact that all of them returned to help Ichigo is pretty awesome and I think those people guessing before all said it could be, Renji or Rukia but none thought that there where actually 6 that had their energy implanted into the sword of power… @_@

The rest of the battle is basically Kubo’s tribute to no Background allowed in his manga, I laughed quite a bit when I saw the final Page and it was a double spread but only Ginjou’s *OH CRAP* face and half a blank page.

This was however what I was worried about, Ichigo’s become SO powerful again being able to take out the top Fullbringer in what seems seconds, and one of the most bad @$$ sayings, “was just a practice swing”, it does mean that Kubo will at least let Aizen Jnr be concluded, he won’t drag this Villain out.

In the end Ginjou served his purpose he was well written character with flaws but also allowed for a pretty awesome twist. He won’t go trolololol like Aizen did (hopefully)


Great Debate last week guys, Darks had some good points and the Poll was basically toppling to Shinji’s side… So I put it down to distance, in the end though I believe in many ways they are very even in speed and skill, I think If Tosen does Bankai A) will be slow and also, B) If Shinji remains out of range he would be able to fire Cero at Tosen… So the Winner is…



This Weeks Debate…. The 2 Double sword’s obviously no Bankai allowed since we don’t know what they are 😉 Also no Illness they both at prime for the battle.

Jūshirō Ukitake


Shunsui Kyōraku



Give me a Hell, Give me a Yeah!!! Hell YEAH


Enjoy the week see you in a week or so be good or be good at it 😉

Pein out ^:_:^

Reader Quote of the week:

  1. Tsukishima was there for all my birthdays.

    I remember now.

    supertrek89 said this on August 10, 2011 at 5:27 am (edit)

~ by pein0avenue on August 22, 2011.

10 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 460 – Death Berry Returns M2”

  1. First. And the debate winner was total BS. Your input should not affect a debate you put to the rest of us. The winner of the debate should have been chosen on the merit of the arguments for and against, not the poll and who you think should have won. Why even hold a debate in the first place?

  2. As for the current debate, it’s too hard to say for certain. Both are extremely masterful swordsmen, who were both able to hold their own against Yamamoto. Kyoraku’s shikai is quite possibly the greatest of levellers where actual skill determines the victor, regardless of either combatants power level. Once used, it would come down to differences in skill, and I honestly don’t know who would be more skilful.

    The only way I could see this debate swinging in anyone’s favour is if Kyoraku tries to use any kido-based attack on Ukitake, whose shikai would reflect it back even stronger. Of course, this won’t happen as they both know each other’s abilities backwards. And even if they didn’t, it’s unlikely Kyoraku would use kido at all, seeing as he hasn’t except for his battle with Stark.

  3. @ Darkes – in the end both sides has merit in victory, that is why as the moderator I chose the winner, like in a Boxing match you still have a ref to determine an outcome if both parties remain standing, I believed both sides put in a fair debate, if I remove my input I would of ended it in a draw.

    So yeah, in the end the writer must look at the debate (which I read through) and make a choice from there at least…

    @ Debate – Kyoraku has the advantage in shikai though their strength should be even, Kyoraku shikai is also a double edged sword it could end up them both having problems with it…

  4. None of my points were countered, bar bankai, and I even factored that into the equation in such a way that Tosen could still easily win the match without it. Every pro-Shinji argument I took apart and dismantled.

    If this was a boxing match, I would have won on points. Epic rageface.

  5. Er the best part of the chapter was the captain pose. But I still dont see the whole point of the fullbringers if they couldve just done the reitsu sword in the first place.

    And why didnt Isshin and Urahara just tell Ichigo they were working to get his powers back like normal people would -_-


  6. White Space is out.

    I mean Bleach of course.

  7. Interesting…
    Spoiler alert for those who haven’t read the manga yet.

    I wonder if Ginjou’s backstory will be explained any? It has to involve Ishin somehow. my guess is that he is the one that gave ginjou his power and Aizen either brainwashed him into this or convinced him to go through with what he’s doing now.

    Just speculation but still…

  8. Hmmmm….

    So many empty pages. Blank seems very Bleach this week. O_o

  9. The large white areas aren’t empty, they’ve just been Bleachified!! =P

  10. I’ve been away for a long time, but now that I’ve got my powers back….

    Of all the things that have happened, I can’t help but think that Rukia looks more like the soul-society lackey that helped Ichigo and that filler character guy who could turn things to sand (can’t… remember… ancilliary.. characters… far too lazy… to look..up)

    I say all that to say, Rukia is looking alot like a boy lately…
    Kubo better get Rukia to Matsumoto’s plastic surgeon soon.
    Who will win the Battle of Bleach’s Boobies? (Or 3-B from here on out)

    I’m placing money on Rukia and Soi-phon – as dead last!

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