Fairy Tail ~ 246 ~ Cause I seen this before…. Wait this ain’t Bleach

Awe All Fairy Tail Reader, Pein here for another well informed and up-to-date Breakdown of the Latest Fairy Tail Chapter… Dragon has been taken away on some mystical adventure, somewhere north of the equator where summer vibes be… While I am in South Africa, with a cold front hitting and rain keeping me indoors. T__T

The chapter this week was like many of the commenters thought, basically a repeat of every arc and major battle before… Is anyone seeing a pattern in the Manga world at the moment? @__@ Eat a certain fruit and you will gain awesome powers, or eat all yer meat to gain awesome power (crows and frogs included). Fairy Tail is one of the less safe, but it all goes the same direction. Eat Fire/Eitherion/Lightning/*Place Random thing here* to gain awesome powers. Even good old Soul Eater says you’ve gotta Eat Souls to gain power. I guess Bleach is original in that way, where instead, you get stabbed in the heart  to gain super powers <_<

I think Luxus died of Shock <_<

Though I am a big fan of the Dragon Slayer Technique, its almost like Natsu has no weaknesses because of it. I remember when he tried to eat Luxus Lightning before and he ended up the same way he was after the Eitherion, so is it that Natsu grew in Strength? The Fact that is was willingly given by Luxus or just a Plot Hole….

The chaos and madness that continued made Sparta seem like a play school, I had to read it over just to gain some true perspective of how AWESOME the double ability has been, having the speed of lightning and the way the two elements seem to work together but also how Natsu separates the two in his attacks was really nice to read.

Now that is what we like to call... A Running Kick F%$k Slap...

The rest of the beat down is pretty standard Natsu stuff, he is upset, a few panels of flashbacks, it’s something I either enjoy or find in the way when it comes to Fairy Tail, many of their Flashbacks seems pointless, but what I do like is that they use 1 panel per person, they don’t show how that person is defeated or hurt, it is left to our memories to remember how exactly they where defeated and why now Natsu is Fighting so hard, putting his body on the line to save them.

The final blow was an awesome technique but I struggle to think, how will we ever truly know the extent of Natsu’s power? He doesn’t jump to these unthinkable heights through training or effort so at times you feel like he could be the most powerful member in Fairy Tail, while at others he is just under S-Rank. Why does his power fluctuate so much? Though it’s annoying when comparing 2 fighters it is nice to see the manga doesn’t just jump up power levels DBZ, Naruto and Bleach do, admit-tingly Bleach has no real power level system to go by, it’s just by plot demand 😛

WOW! That was a close one. I was so busy reading the random floating text that I nearly missed the fan service of this chapter <_<

Well we all saw this coming right? We knew this was gonna happen, we hoped for more but to this point I was almost always either saying “Whoop Whoop Power”, or saying “this looks Familiar O_O”

It’s after this page that things seem to get interesting.

We have the usual celebrations as before, all in awe of Natsu’s power and Natsu being exhausted – this was pretty standard throughout the manga – but then something told me there was a twist coming. Call it a gut feeling, call it noticing there are still about 7 pages left, call it a breakdown writers instinct, but it was there. @___@

The little scuffle through the building vents with the paws crew seemed to be something to build to later, the energy source would have to be something really powerful but this is my guess. O_O… I believe it’s the old man, the one whose butt got whooped by Luxus and now Natsu and seems to be able to stand perfectly. I think their is a magic he has been able to link himself with the ship or it is in fact him powering the ship and the body getting the beating of a life time is just a really powerful reflection being projected by the ship. @_@

Loosing the Pirate Patch, -4000 cool Points, Getting His @$$ Whooped -5000 cool Points, Having some Super Back up Power.... Plot Point...

When I saw the final 2 Pages I was truly excited about the upcoming chapters, I think there will be a switch of scenery and the gang will be trapped in another dimension that has never been seen in Fairy Tail…

No wait it has. @___@ Okay I am sure there will be something cool or original, probably one of the two. 😉

I hope y’all enjoyed your stay at Fairy Tail… Dragon should be back in the next week or so and I will be covering if I can. If not, well there will just be a double/triple breakdown instead…



Thought I would give it a try since I am bored…

Juvia Lockser vs Natsu Dragneel

Rule of Thumb: you usually don’t put in your main character in a DEBATE but I wanna see the FT response to it, see if they truly rate him by his Power or By the Plot Devices. 😉


~ by pein0avenue on August 17, 2011.

9 Responses to “Fairy Tail ~ 246 ~ Cause I seen this before…. Wait this ain’t Bleach”

  1. First. Kukukuku… <_<

  2. Nidaime =P

    Nice breakdown, and not as late as usual either.

    I give the battle to Juvia, Natsu may have a lot of power, but in the end he’ll run out of steam long before Juvia does.

  3. 2nd muhahahaaaaaha

  4. Third
    I give it to the victory to Juvia as well. One Water Lock and Natsu is gone.

  5. Epic fail @_@

  6. Natsu would win. He can make Juvia evaporate.

  7. Evaporated water is still water, Juvia would be able to reform herself, this isn’t a battle about power it’s about endurance, besides all Juvia would have to do is float natsu up on something resembling a boat and he’s out of action =P

  8. Juvia would win. But then, despite the injuries of fighting three other people before hand, Natsu would make a come back by eating her water and becoming a fire water dragon…
    Or he would eat her boat and become a flaming boat dragon…
    No seriously, Natsu would probably lose if he couldn’t power up. Water lock is too much for him..

  9. no, its not plot hole but it’s called unison of something ( sorry i forgot ). so when someone give their power, it can synchronize then is power up same in lucy and juvia. in case of etherion and god flame, it’s say if you empty your magic and feed another you can up( i think only for dragon slayer). what u guys think.

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