Naruto Shippuuden 223 – 224 – Double Filler, Have you ever tried Fillet 0 Fish O_o

Awe all Pein here, since Bleach/Naruto Manga been on a bit of a down time, and Tenrai done the Manga for last week, I will be here to fill in for the Filler… Well the last two anyways.

Over all I hated them both, it was like going to Mc Donalds and ordering Fillet 0 Fish! Who the hell ever orders that? and why would they, you know that fish has been frozen in the back for months (if you can even call it fish @_@) I don’t even think Tenrai’s stomach could handle that, and he’s eaten Kanton…. and who knows where that beens 😛

Anyways to the dreery break down as promised….

The First Episode is everything one would want from a Filler, it had a powerless random dude trying to avenge the father he hated for dying, he then thought it in himself to dislike Naruto at the very start, but by the end we all happy and glad and everything’s forgiven, “that was the short of it.”

Options: Filler or Taking a dip with that... *Run to get wet suit*

The long of it was not all that bad, it was terrible mostly but there where a few scenes that I could laugh at, and weren’t even the ones with Gai looking for Seamen… you know you got a sick mind when you saw that scene and laughed… or you just been spending too much time on WRA @_@

The story of the young boy lost of his father and resentment was pretty cute I guess, though I thought maybe they would bring it back and have the Marlin be the father’s summon or something, but it was just a more basic then that…

I think the anime team where trying to bring in a sense of consequence to war, the way even after the Ninja has died the effects still make people suffer later on… (or at least I hope that is what they tried to do or else this was a waste O_O)

Que the Awwwww

Episode 224 really didn’t help make me regain faith in filler, I think I skipped through most of it. I understand there are vital issues in a War Situation that these Filler would try to cover, Gathering of reserves, preparing of bunkers, building of defenses, battle ground tactics, making of the bases etc etc, So I thought maybe after we had king Fisher out of the way the anime team would use what sense they had to make these episodes interesting, even throw in a plot twist or two but nah… We got Sakura, Ino and Chouji looking for Plants…. Ou Joy @_@

The point of this episode was to instill one of the first Points of this whole shinobi War, its a united war where all for one and one for all, as “rival” Villages go for the scarce resources it creates conflict (el be it filler conflicts that are petty and unnecessary )

But luckily we have Naruto Magical Reconcilable Rasengan…

To be honest its enjoyable if you watch it with one eye, I wouldn’t dedicate a day to it but I would just watch it through once and keep it at that, like watching a show or having it in the back ground while you cook, you look now and then to make sense of it all but you only going for a very general ideal.

Whether its just for laughs, or pointless plot with no ending and no real bearing on the story as to the Manga, Fillers are an important part of the Naruto Meal, we can’t always have just meat and veg, sometimes rice and potato are needed too. (can anyone guess that I am hungry @__@)

That’s all for today’s Filler Fill in Anime Review, over all I give episode 223 a 3/10 and episode 224 a 4/10


Caption Contest Winner is…. drum rolllllll please


Well Done Kanton… *High 5*


Well hope you enjoyed the episodes and this short and sweet breakdown..

Peace Out

Pein ^:_:^


~ by pein0avenue on August 16, 2011.

5 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 223 – 224 – Double Filler, Have you ever tried Fillet 0 Fish O_o”

  1. FIRSTEST!!!

  2. So first let’s just jump into the deep end shall we. Foremost what if “Tobi”was killed by Hashirama Senju? The only source of the events that took place are told by “Tobi” himself. Any other sources are myths and legends passed down. So now we have a
    dead “Tobi” Then comes Orochimaru and his snakes and too cool for ninja tech attitude. Researches some forbidden Jutsu and presto!!! Instant Uchiha Madara in a box!! (err coffin!) Wait! There’s more!!! As far as we know from Kakuzu’s statement and many others Immortality or “True Immortality” is impossible? However through death and rebirth one can become
    immortal!!! So Edo Tensei may very well be the only way to achieve Immortality. “Hey why would Kabuto have to bargain to join forces!!!?” Because the user is dead and no longer in control. Even after the user dies the Edo Tensei jutsu will continue until they are sealed. If brought back like the handful of “free minded” ninja that Kabuto summoned then the user dying,
    He would remain free minded no? So the jist of it? Orochimaru discovers Edo Tensei, brings back the two most powerful
    ninja (has to have corpses, the guy in tree! lol) Uses Madara to form Akatski , then betrays the leaf or vise versa whatev.
    Then leaves the orginization to fool the hidden villages, even fools akatski. And from the shadows manipulates everything.
    Continuously acting the part of hating the group, be hunted by them. This my friends would be one helluva plot twist


  3. Errrr, this isn’t the manga breakdown!!!? -whispers- SOOOoooorrrrry!!

  4. hahahaha your funny Noob, Must find a way to get around this mad place 😛

    Welcome if your New BTW 😉

  5. @ Your Theory – It holds ground, however we have seen Madara when injured body is more like a gooy plant sort of build like Zetsu while Edo Tensei is hurt they rebuild from Dust, also Orochimaru is Dead I believe, his Soul was captured by Itachi, but I do like the mindset you are going with, just a few loop wholes that would need a few Plugs, maybe its in fact the 2nd Hokage?? The Same Theory but instead of it being Orochimaru maybe its Tobi, who I think Died in the Grass Land, who knew Edo Tensei, the name links up but then again his soul was brought back so also a dead end… hmmm, their being another pulling the strings would be hectic since that was Madara’s twist to begin with he was pulling the strigns all along this would just mean there is a pulling another back stage to this theater 😉

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