Naruto Chapter 550 Breakdown: They say you are what you eat. So what does that make Naruto? O_o

Aaaarrrrrrr? O_o

Ah yes, it must be a strange thing indeed to have last month’s dinner suddenly decide to vacate your bowels, only to land promptly on your shoulders a few moments later. It makes you consider a few things, such as the complete failure of a digestive system you must have had to allow something to live that long. But then, some of the strange occurrences you had been witnessing lately suddenly start to make sense, like why you kept hearing a squawking sound every time you farted.

In the end, how many of us can really say that our dinner has looked us straight in the eyes, and blinked? (We’ll just ignore the fact that it has happened to me plenty of times. <_<)

In any case, we’re not here to discuss dinner, as appealing as the thought may be. We’re here to discuss our latest Naruto manga. But before I get to that, let’s reflect a little on Naruto’s ever more disturbing eating habits…

If only you knew Kushina. If only you knew...

Yep, I definitely blame his mom for that one.

Moving along to the main event, I have to say that as far as this war arc goes, this has to be the best battle scene we have witnessed in quite a long time.

An epic four way brawl between some of the strongest shinobi alive – and even those who aren’t – is definitely enough to make millions of fanboys squeal with delight, but what makes it even more interesting is the sudden twist that came about with Itachi freeing himself from Edo Tensei through his former friend’s powerful Genjutsu technique, Koto Amatsukami.

Now, like most people, I had always suspected that the power Itachi gave Naruto was a counter to the sharingan of some sort; one that might have protected him from genjutsu, or perhaps one that sprung a trap like the gift of Amatarasu that Itachi left for Madara. Although the latter of the two aforementioned possibilities has proven to be the more accurate guess, I don’t think any of us suspected that the trap left behind would be in the form of a genjutsu cast by none other than Shisui’s own Mangekyou Sharingan.

The only question remaining is now that Itachi is essentially an immortal free from the bonds of entrapment, what will happen to him from here on out?

Oh god... did anyone get the number plate of the truck that just hit me?

Another aspect that caught my attention was how similar Shisui’s sacrifice for his clan was to that of Uchiha Izuna’s, who also gave his eyes up so that his older brother could lead the rest of their kin to greatness. It just goes to show you, that the one thing that is more important to the Uchiha clan than their eyes, is their pride. It’s a good thing that along with that pride, comes a handy amount of power to back it up.

Besides the proverbial slap in the face Itachi just gave Kabuto, our favorite stoic Uchiha proved to us that as far as “kick ass” goes, he still has the kick that goes straight up your ass.

Itachi's "Prepare to die" stare no jutsu. X__x

Of course, I was also worried that this new turn of events may have made the battle become a bit too one-sided, but that concern was quickly laid to rest once I saw just how ruthless Nagato could be with his counterattack.

Now that our red-haired wonder has his youth back again – a moment that would have made Gai shed tears of joy against the backdrop of a genjutsu-esque sunset – the smack down is about to get underway double time. The fact that Nagato has already absorbed most of Bee’s bijuu chakra and also ensnared Naruto in a matter of a few seconds, says a lot about how this battle will likely continue in the next chapter.

All I can say is that I can’t wait.

Photoshop no Jutsu. It will help you lose years in seconds. <_<

One thing that got me at the end though, was that when Nagato caught Naruto, he began to use Human Path’s power on him, as opposed to Preta Path’s power which absorbs chakra like he used on Bee. Human Path has the ability to remove the opponents soul, which makes me wonder what is happening to Naruto right now.

Well, that’s it from me for this week. I hope you all enjoyed the breakdown, even though it feels a bit short. In any case, here is the winner of last week’s bubbliton contest, or however you spell it.

Because if Kishi can stuff an entire freaking crow into Naruto’s mouth and STILL give him a speech bubble, that blond kid better make it worthwhile.

Well done to Dark Avatar for the winning entry. As you can tell, I had to enlarge the speech bubble just to try and fit it all, but I thought it was funny and inventive enough to take the winning spot.

I was going to include a battle debate for this week’s breakdown, but I just couldn’t think of who to include on such short notice. So, instead, I will just leave you with another bubbliton contest.

*Insert possible caption here.*

See you all in the comments. ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on August 11, 2011.

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  1. First

  2. Al doi-lea, that’s Romanian for 2nd

  3. Great job Tenrai really funny breakdown as usual.

  4. Bubble 1: What’s that warm feeling coming from my back side.
    2: I knew I shouldn’t have taken that Bear Grylls’s advice and eat that snake raw.

    Caption: It’s not called survival if your food comes out the other way the same way it went in.

  5. Bubble1: Is that you?

    Bubble2: Or the snake?

    Caption: Orochimaru’s perverted spirit still lives!

  6. Bubble 1: Is this what it feels like…

    2: to be a woman?!?

    Caption: Getting stuck on the wrong end of the stick is a pain in the ass.

  7. It sucks that the manga’s on break this week :(. Though considering how strong Nagato is, the guy from Akatsuki that never lost a fight until Naruto, the guy that is arguably the rebirth of the SoSP, the guy with the rinnegan and the guy who can control the 7th path between life and death…I don’t think this battle is going to end within the next chapter or 2. Maybe 3… πŸ˜€

  8. Bubble: Pull my finger. See what happens. @__@

    Caption: It’s the only way Kabuto could think of getting the snake out his butt. <_<

  9. Awesome breakdown, Ten. I love winning stuff. XD

  10. Great job Tenrai on the breakdown!

    I think this is the only enjoyable battle the war has had so far. Wait…I guess the Hanzou vs. Mifune battle was nice.

    Yep, that’s it. These fights are kind of ruined when the zombies tell their opponents how to defeat them and, “watch out imma attack now”. It’s alright though, it’s all in character and because these zombies get to keep their characters we get some emotional encounters at the sacrifice of serious battling.

    Like Kakashi vs. Zabuza and Haku. That wasn’t much of a battle at all but their was some kind of closure. Same for Asuma vs. Shikmaru, Chouji, and Ino where Chouji showed off his purty butterfly wings and Asuma didn’t do anything but get an ass beating. Chouji and Ino got some character development though, hurray!

    You know, that’s the problem with all the battles before this current one. Far too one sided. There’s no suspense or tension because you know who’s going to win and Kishi won’t bother to try and even hide it. The Kin and Gin brothers were the only reckoning force on the battlefield but no one cared about those 2 random shinobi no one had ever heard of who lived in the Kyubi’s stomach. Seriously…

    And what happened to the 7 swordsmen of the mist? They do some attacks and disappear. If it wasn’t for Madara’s Gedo Mazo statue I’d fear for their side. Even the Zetsu’s ingenious plan of sneaking into the allied camp is being foiled by Naruto being able to sense the evil in people.

  11. 10th!

  12. Bubble1: I have awakened!
    Bubble2: There’s a snake up my ass?!?

    Caption: Life’s Not Easy With Narcolepsy

  13. @super, i totally agree with you. Idk if i was naive in thinking it but i came into the first page of the war thinking, this is a time when kishi’s gonna kill a lotta people we like. But its just like pain’s invasion all over again. I was hella disappointed with the 7SotM and yeah the two Kaku *coughcock* brothers were kinda lame…

    I’m not saying I dont like the war i’m just saying i thought it could’ve been better, but then again i’m not making millions of dollars like kishi is so i can’t really say nothing…

    To give him the benefit of the doubt, he did make it all up with this battle right now. I honestly can’t wait for the outcome of it and how Naruto’s gonna survive. Plus remember that Madara even predicted that they would allow Naruto to come outta hiding to flush out the white zetsus. (i’m too tired to look up the actual manga chapter but it’s sometime after he released his Gedo Matsu statue summoning.)

  14. Bubble 1: Oh my god, he’s done it again!!! But why now, why here, there must be some rhyme to his reason. But I just can’t figure it out.
    Bubble 2: Curse you Kubo Tite and your blasted nonsensical writing style!!
    Caption: Today shall be remembered in infamy as the day Kubo Tite invented the Re-Troll.

  15. An amazing, epic, and halarious job on the breakdown Tenrai. I must say, i thoroughly enjoyed it. Your humor was like sweet spices to the breakdown.

  16. Bubble: Wait! That crow Naruto ate was still alive and came out of his mouth?! Then what about that giant snake that I……


    Caption: And this is why we constantly stress chewing your food thoroughly before swallowing…. Oh, and of course, never eating crows with sharingans and abnormally large snakes. <_<

  17. Alright, here’s a topic of interest.

    Who do you guys think was the biggest failure of a kage in the Narutoverse from what we know so of all the kage so far and why?

    For me, personally, it was Gaara’s father and probably the second Hokage because of his stuff up with the Uchiha clan. If you count Danzou’s incredibly short reign as Hokage, I would say he was the worst of them all because it only took him a few moments to almost completely destroy Konoha’s reputation in the eyes of all the other alliance leaders. <_<

  18. TSUNADE!!! Hands Down!

  19. @ Tenrai, as far as power goes I too think the 4 Kazekage was one of the weakest kages ever, even if he did have the magnetic kekegenkai witch could have been a great power if used right like the 3rd kazekage did.

    As for Tobirama, I’m a big fan so I won’t bash on him unless I have all the right info and not based on Tobi’s speech.

    Also I think that it was said that the first Iwakage was a bug user like the Aburame. It’s been stated in the filler episodes with Naruto searching for the Kikaichu bug with Hinata, Kiba and Shino.

    So I’ll throw that kage in the weak pot also mostly for the limitations of the bug jutsu. I’m not saying he was truley weak because he was indeed a kage and might have been really powerful but the bug jutsu just doesn’t seem that powerful to me.

    The most powerful I’d say was Minato followed by Tobirama, Hashirama and Muu in that order.

  20. Oh yeah, thx Pein, Tsunade’s also in the top 3 lousiest kages so far at least.

  21. “well i dont need the bathroom anymore..” LMAO oh my gosh i laughed so hard at that hahaha..
    Awesome breakdown cant wait for the next chapter to get out

  22. @Eugen

    Lol. You make bug-users out to be weak, but let’s be honest, when has Shino ever lost a battle? O__o

    Tobirama, to me, just made some bad decisions as a leader, and he lost to the Gin-Kin brothers. <__<

  23. Bubble 1: Hmph! naruto thinks his the only one swallowing and spitting out animals!

    Bubble 2: Watch closely as i swallow this snake naruto! these ripmarks next to my mouth is how you EARN respect in the world of animal swallowing and spitting sports!!

    Caption: Extreme Sports. S#its about to get real.

  24. 4Kaze is my all time loser, quite suprisingly not because he made stupid mistakes as we have seen in the last mangas but mostly because he has an incredible talent that should be strong but got his ass whooped by orochimaru before he even got a chance to drop his hat and gown kage gear. *bashes head on table*

  25. Tenrai, don’t get me wrong I’m not bashing on bug users all I’m saying is that they’re limited and don’t really have much more to offer except the bugs.

    The only bug user I really liked was Torune who regretfully is now a resurrected zombie in Fu’s body.

    I have a question, dose the body in witch the resurrected Edo Tensei soul goes dies or will they be alright upon the release of the jutsu.
    Basically, will Fu still be alive if Kabuto releases the jutsu on Torune?

  26. Also Kankuro managed to defeat Shino with his poison gas back at the invasion of konoha arc, Shino’s dad was all that kept him from dying so you could call that a draw at best.

    Other then that I haven’t really seen Shino in action except the attempt he had on Tobi with of course was a bust. So strong as Shino might be, he never bested someone really strong like an Akatsuki.

  27. @Eugen

    Actually, Shino managed to defeat Kankurou before the poison set in. So, it was a draw by all accounts if you think about it. Shino still never lost. πŸ˜‰

    In any case, I don’t see how bugs are any more limitted than sand, water, or anything else really. It just all depends on the type of bugs you use and how you use them. Assuming that a bug using kage would be weak is a very big assumption, especially when we consider how versitile insects are in the real world already.


    I don’t see why Tsunade would be considered the worst Kage. Konoha has actually prospered quite a bit under her rule and under her rule, Konoha had also succesfully wiped out over half of Akatsuki in one way or another.

    She may not be the strongest Kage from the outset of what we have seen so far, but she hasn’t made any major stuff-ups either like others have. I don’t see how she can be the “hands down” worst Kage.

  28. There’s one other thing I have to say right now, while it’s on my mind. When I look at how Kabuto is right now, I actually miss Orochimaru as a villain.

    When you compare the two, Orochimaru just had so much more villainous charisma, and he always seemed more imposing and threatening. When he used to appear in any scene back in the day when he was still around, you just knew things were about to get bad. Kabuto just doesn’t have that same affect or presence and it almost makes me wish that Orochimaru’s cells would just fully take over his body and Orochimaru would be revived again.

    I wonder if that will happen… Hmmm…

  29. @ Tenrai – Hmmm Tsunade on 2 accounts….

    First not really the worst but pretty bad, Sasuke Uchiha, she listens to a 14 year old on how to deal with a traitor of the Leaf, yes the 3rd did the same with Orochimaru so I agree this is a fair comparison that they equally responsible

    and the main reason… and this is a big one fowkes…

    Pain was leaving, her anbu say let him go so we can work on our defences and what does she do… she thinks she’s Naruto and tries a Speech No Jutsu

    Guess what Tsunade if your hair aint yellow and your shirt orange you aint gonna win on speech no jutsu …. and Pain laid waste to Konoha,

    BIGGEST F UP in Naruto history…

  30. Sorry for the double post but reading this again I find it odd…

    Pain says: War bring pain and injury to both sides…

    Then Tsunades great come back is

    The great nations suffered too…. but wasn’t that just what he ment by both sides?? O_O

  31. @Pein

    Tsunade was right to chase after Pein. Firstly, because he was a huge threat to not only Konoha, but to the world as a whole, and secondly, because she had no guarantee that he would just leave her village peacefully, which, in fact, he didn’t anyway. It was like Orochimaru’s test in the chunin exams. Sasuke tried to offer him a scroll to spare their lives, but the truth is that distracting a hunter with different bait doesn’t guarantee he won’t kill you anyway.

    I don’t see how that is a stuff-up. I just think you don’t like Tsunade because she talked back to Pein. πŸ˜›

    Even though she couldn’t stop Pein in the end, you have to ask yourself, who could have? To me, I still don’t see any justified reason why Tsunade is such a bad Hokage. She put her faith in Naruto yes, and guess what, it paid off, because Naruto ended up saving Konoha from Pein and other threats as well.

  32. @Pein

    One last thing. Pein never said to Tsunade that “war brings pain and injury to both sides.” He only said that to Naruto just before he sacrificed himself.

    So I am not sure where you got that from. O_o

  33. Actually I think both the raikage and the tsuchikage would have had a far better shoot at Nagato then Tsunade. And let’s face it, besides Kakashi and Gai, Konoha has no real power individuals.

    Sure there are great teams in konoha and even greater minds, but as far as individual power goes Konoha is seriously lacking in the department.
    As for Orochimaru’s long lost aura, I too have to admit the dude was a great villain with all the right moves and reputations. He really made the mood seem really on the edge when he would appear.

    Also the Anbu in Konoha, unless unmasked like Kakashi, Yamato and Sai, Fu and Torune are a bunch of cannon fodder with no real individual skills, maybe root has a better reputation.

    I for one like the hidden stone a lot due to powerful jutsus they posses, jutsus like the Explosion jutsu both Deidara and Gari use, the magama kekegenkai and the blood line expansion are techniques that rule in my department.

  34. @Eugen

    Did you forget about Naruto? X__x

    Actually, I would like you two name more than three “Power individuals” from each respective great shinobi nation, if you think Konoha has so much less than the others. Lol.

    And I am talking about Shinobi still aligned to those nations, not missing nins, etc, otherwise Konoha would shoot up far above just three powerhouses. In either case, how is it lacking in individual power compared to any of the other nations?

  35. Ps. Yagura can also be seen as a useless kage as the mist was in dark days because he let himself be manipulated by madara or whatever?

  36. @Eugen

    Don’t forget intelligence either (minus pein invasion.) Shikaku and Shikamaru are by far the brightest minds in the world. Which village has been complemented several times for it’s strategic abilities in this war? Konoha. While I can somewhat agree that they are lacking numbers in power houses, they have the ability to counter most threats. If it came to a nation vs. nation scenario, I’m confident Konoha could out-maneuver any other. However, we need to find out more about the other nations’ intelligence squads. As of now, Konoha is the smartest. Besides, until recently, Konoha held Senju and Uchiha, the top two feared clans in history.

    village hidden in the mist is the weakest most likely. It’s a nation in turmoil and a lack of complete organization. imo anyways lol

  37. Here is how I see it. If you are talking about powerhouses that are at least S-class, this is who I can count from each Nation that is currently alive and who we have seen a decent display of power from.

    HIdden Mist: The Mizukage.

    Hidden Cloud: A and Bee.

    Hidden Sand: Gaara and possibly Kankurou now.

    Hidden Stone: The Tsuchikage.

    HIdden Leaf: Naruto, Gai, Kakashi and Tsunade

    (I automatically count a kage as a powerhouse because they must be strong to have become a kage).

    Now, even if I pretend Tsunade was a complete weakling (Which I don’t believe she is), Konoha still has more individual S-class or above power houses than any other nation.

    If you start going lower and counting shinobi like Darui (High level Jounin), then I would just counter with the likes of Yamato, Shikaku, or Shikamaru. Hell, I bet even Chouji could beat most Jounin level shinobi as he is now.

    And if we count missing nins or dead nins, then Konoha wins by a landslide for obvious reasons (Itachi, Minato, Shisui, Jiraiya, Kushina, Madara, Orochimaru, etc).

  38. @ Ajd, Yeah I also said Konoha has great team work and smarts alike. I can’t argue that konoha is the best prepared of all the nations in a war between nations having flawless strategies and people with great war experience. I actually like the Cloud for the fact that they seem to have a very patriotic sense and also they keep there secrets well under control. But I consider then a bit of a leech village seeing as how they tried to steal both kushina and hinata for there bloodline heritage. That must mean they don’t really have much awesome blood line limits of there own.

    @ Tenrai, I actually do see Darui in Kakashi’s league other then he, A and Bee I don’t see that much potential in the hidden Cloud.

    As for the mist, I’ve always liked there techniques but in the present besides Mei I too see no great prospects.

    In the sand Besides the three siblings, Gaara, Kankuro and Temari ( who might be the best kunoichi besides Konan and Mei) I don’t think there’s anyone else worth while.

    Now we don’t know much about the stone, but the Tsuchikage and Kusrotsuchi or whatever the girl’s father’s name is, was really strong and had that awesome technique that he used against Gedo Mazo. Also the fat dude always by Tshuchikage’s side must be great seeing as he’s the old man’s bodyguard.

    As for Konoha I thought it was a given not mentioning Naruto because he’s arguably the fastest and maybe strongest or 2nd strongest in the narutoverse after old man Tsuchikage ( I’m talking about brute power alone) and yes Yamato might be considered a strong dude but he seems so docile in spite of his diverse use of two elements and a kekegenakai that can take control of a bijuu. I just don’t see Yamato as a mature fighter, maybe it’s just my opinion.

    Also, funny or not, Chouji could also just have qualified to that stand alone power house group.

    Talking about dead or missing nin would indeed be useless, just as you said Tenrai, Konoha would own every nation with probably 3 or 4 of it’s best shinobi, Naruto and Sasuke among them.

    Just think about a team like the Akatsuki formed by: Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Minato, Jiraiya, Itachi, Shisui, Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen and Orochimaru.

    It’s a bit on edge but with Itachi in the konoha group I dare say that this 10 could beat the original Akatsuki: Nagato, Konan, Kakuzu, Hidan, Sasori, Deidara, Kisame, Tobi and Zetsu.

  39. Here’s my list, according to stability, intelligence, and power:

    3-Kumo (very close to Iwa)
    5-Kiri (again, Suna and Kiri are both a mess)

  40. @ Ajd, agreed 100%. What actually bothers me is that all the Suna shinobi are using the sealing food wrap and they don’t do anything else. If it weren’t for Gaara’s epicness I would probably stick Suna at the bottom of the barrel. Sure it’s the only fast way to get rid of the edo tensei bunch, but common do something else for crying out loud. That resurrected chick had the most awesome kekegenkai I’ve seen even the Scorch release or what ever she did to turn everyone into mummys. So you can’t say they don’t have potential.

    That and the magnet affinity being more of a suna bloodline limit seeing as both the 3rd and 4th kazekage could do it, also the puppet jutsu proves Suna has great jutsu, why isn’t Kishi using them to promote the village more I really don’t understand.

  41. @Ajd, I couldn’t have said it better myself. And honestly, according to Madara, as somebody once said before me, Konoha has the Senju clan and the Uchiha clan, the two strongest clans in the history of ninja. That’s not exactly a fair match up. Even Madara in his prime can be put into the missing-nin section cuz technically he was a part of Konoha for some time. Add him to Naruto, who has the nine-tails, Hashirama, who controlled multiple bijuus and defeated Madara and has a kekke genkai, and the Professor, who was declared as the strongest of all the hokages…All I’m saying is that if I was a ninja from a different country…I’d shit my pants and crawl back inside my mommys Vjay…

    Then again, we don’t know each country’s history. All we know, and this is from Madara, is that the Senju and the Uchiha were the 2 strongest clans and that no other could match them. We can only base from that alone that Konoha is the strongest. But times change, generations pass, and power-house ninjas can be born anywhere. So presently, as we have no idea the extent of each countrys’ strength…I’d say its a toss up between all of them.(in terms of current strength and disregarding any missing/dead nins).

    Konoha, as previously mentioned by many, has Naruto, Kakashi, Tsunade – who I think is strong because she’s a Kage and she is a Sannin renowned for her medical ninjutsu, strength, and poisons – Gai, Hyuuga clan, Aburame clan, Akimichi clan, Nara Clan, blah de blah de poo.

    Kumo has mostly earth-style ninjas and…when that one dude did that his jutsu against Gedo Matsu…umm idk bout anybody else but I was like DAMN o_O. Just think about all the other ninjas who can use jutsus that can compare with that, maybe better.

    Ira clearly has the A and Bee duo. Bee is a bijuu, the best as of right now arguably since he has full control of the Hachibi and A is the 2nd fastest ninja in the world right now. And we all know Lightning-style ninjas are ridiculous. Remember chidori? (yeah i know it’s from Konoha but i’m saying the scope of power the lighting based jutsus have) Remember Kirin? Remember that surge jutsu A’s bodyguard used against Sasuke?

    And honestly I’m too lazy to go into the 2 other countries but you get my point πŸ˜€

  42. Well, there’s a reason Konoha has long been considered the strongest of the five Great Shinobi Nations. Even during the chunin exams, it was shown that it had a larger military force.

    It is a culmination of an alliance of some of the strongest clans in the Narutoverse. The Uchiha, the Senju, the Hyuuga, the Aburame, the Akamichi, the Nara and the Yamanaka, not to mention their alliance with the Uzumaki and the whirpool village they used to have.

    Even Suna knew they couldn’t win a war against Konoha alone, which is why they made an alliance with the sound.

    Hell, Konoha even had most of the bijuu under their control until Hashirama decided to distribute them to balance the power between nations more, otherwise Konoha really would have been unstopable.

    But yeah, right now I would say the other nations have grown quite a bit thanks to Hashirama’s generosity. I also think that Gaara will help Suna grow into a much stronger nation than it used to be. Same goes with the new Mizukage and the hidden mist.

    It’s too bad we don’t know more about the actual clans that make up the other villages as well.

  43. @ Tenrai – Did you even read the pages I sent you O_O?

    Read the next 3 Pages O_O

    Then come to the counter, he was leaving he posed no threat actually was not the same as the Sasuke situation would of been like if Orochimaru left with the scroll and then Sasuke Attacked him from behind said he is better then Orochimaru, then it would be the same, Yes Pain was a Threat but I think she under estimated him and wanted to prove some point, by saying Pain doesn’t know what he talking about… Dumb move…

  44. @ strongest nation – I don’t think Konoha has power houses but Nation vs Nation they can match well, Clans like the Hyuuga, etc give them a good edge.

    Also it is unfair to say we know more about Konoha then we do about the other 4

    Personally I think the Cloud Focuses on making small groups of super strong guys, while the Leaf develops Team work, Stone I am not to sure but I think they also focus more on individual strength, the mist too if you go by their blood mist abilities… Suna is poor and wanted one or two powerful weapons to keep their military going…

    I also think Gai and Kakashi are on the same Level as Durai and not exactly S Class, (oh gosh I may have opened up a can of hell there) but they are powerful like just below S Class Kakashi maybe more towards S Class/Kage level… Tsunade is also the weakest Kage I believe.

  45. @Pein

    You have no proof that he posed no threat and neither did Tsunade. And there is also no proof that her words were what enticed Pein into destroying Konoha.

    It’s exactly the same as the Sasuke situation with Orochimaru because in both cases, giving in and letting your guard down does not gaurantee safety.

    And Tsunade never tried to pretend she was more powerful or better than Pein. She was just defending her village and trying to pursue one of the biggest threats to the world at the time.

    I still don’t see how that makes it a dumb move. In fact, thanks to Tsunade, many in Konoha survived Pein’s Shinra Tensei that normally wouldn’t have. I doubt there are many Kage who would have been able to face an opponent like Pein and be able to prevent so many deaths in a similar situation.

    As for the strongest nations, you are basing your evaltuation on little to no information. You are assuming that Kumo focusses on more powerful individuals when the only three powerful individuals we have seen are A, Bee and probably Darui.

    It is true that we don’t know enough about the other nations but that’s why I don’t understand the assumption that Konoha has less powerhouses when there is no actual evidence to suggest such.

    I consider someone a powerhouse when they could take on an Akatsuki member one-on-one and likely win.

  46. @ Tenrai – I think the point is that Kumo has a system that ranks Power by letters of the alphabet this gives me the idea that their major focus in gaining strong ninja and not Teams, the exams we seen so far in Kumo is where they need to test their strength against another Villager, (normally the next A) where Konoha has a bell test, to test team work, on the little info we have this is what I deduce. Kumo works in teams of two (or we see their strongest go into teams of two..) while Konoha are 3 and when promoted move to 4 or 5 men squads, etc etc… If you look at individual strength, I am not sure who I think could take on Akatsuki one on one and Probably win, might win may be a better way to put it, also like Gai is strong but he is not an S Class in my eyes maybe its the suite πŸ˜›

    My evalutation
    – Konoha
    – Kumo
    – Stone
    – Mist
    – Sand

  47. I am not going to say anything else than it is their in the manga its self that Kakashi is Kage level >_> Naruto/Madara/Pein are above Kage level . That is a fact. It is also a fact that Kakashi is the 2nd strongest ninja in Konoha, Second only to Naruto . And the new generation isn’t nearly up to par. So things don’t look good for the leaf if Naruto and Kakashi end up dead in this war.

  48. @Ahsan

    I agree that Kakashi is an s-class shinobi (which is what I consider to be around Kage level). He wouldn’t have been considered as the next Hokage if that wasn’t the case.

    In fact, he was suggested above Danzou and the only reason he wasn’t chosen first was probably because of Shisui’s eye.

    However, in saying that, I wouldn’t look down on the others either. There are quite a few showing promise in Konoha, like Sai, Neji, Chouji, Shino and Shikamaru. I believe that they will all become above Jounin level by the time they are Kakashi’s age.

    In fact, Shikamaru, Chouji, Neji and Sai are already jounin level in terms of battle strength.

    Also, I wouldn’t underestimate Tsunade either. She is one of the three sannin and the current Hokage. I would like to see if they show her true strength during this war because I don’t think it has been shown yet. I would love to see her go all out without restrictions.

  49. They are showing promise but I guess being jounin level just isn’t enough these days . Kakashi a kage level ninja was absolutely raped by pein. I was comparing this generation to the last one . The previous generation had many
    “Extra ordinary” ninja’s . There was always a replacement for a Hero/Savior πŸ˜‰ . So what’s your replacement for hokage if Naruto,Kakashi and Tsunade die in this war? Shikamaru or his dad i guess. But their is no other “outta’ this world” Ninja their…

  50. Caption:
    Bub1: “Ninja Storm, Ranger Form, Ha!”
    Bub2: “Purple Troll-Snake Ranger!”

  51. Random Question : Their used to be a time when Me and Flex were the youngest Ira members at 14 each, so the question is who is the youngest and oldest on wra πŸ˜›

  52. lol @ Ahsan
    I’m def not youngest or oldest (20 yrs.), but I do remember that. I can’t say I would know now either. I wanna guess 28ish would be the oldest. Don’t tell her if you see her, but it could be ibi if she ever came back lol. Man, how long ago was that? 3,4 years?

    @ Nation debate, I must admit if it came to Kumo vs. Iwa, Kumo has quite an advantage. They have elemental advantage, the treasure weapons advantage, and bijuu advantage. I would like to see more info about Iwa, but we do know they can be quite deadly. Mist is becoming a bit better with the Mizukage, but if Suna was to attack, they would likely be able to rouse a bit of rebellion to assist in the take down.

    btw, are we to assume Anko is dead? They didn’t come out right and say it, but I’m sure she is. Anyone disagree?

  53. I’m 22, but I think I’m on the poison since 18, probably, also almost four years of this manga madness.

  54. 21- been readin posts since IRA but just started postin when WRA started. figured it was a good time to jump in πŸ™‚

  55. I’m kind of not familiar with the whole history of this community. It’s pretty funny, there’s the old guard of you guys and then there’s the new generation “conquering” the blog without having an avatar lol…

    Oh and after being annoyed with Naruto for quite some time I have rediscovered my love for this series and I plan on watching it all over again. My favorite manga will always be One piece because it has pretty much the best storyline, but in my opinion Naruto has the best characters. It’s just awesome to have people like Itachi, Nagato, and so on, who all have their own philosophy.

    Oh and also the Naruto anime has got to have the best soundtracks of all time, not only the first part but also shippuuden, just plain awesome…

    I’m just glad I have the choice between real entertainment and the crap on Tv. Seriously, do you guys in the US even have Big Brother anymore, cause we have, and it’s bad…:)
    Well, at least the Anime dubs are pretty good

  56. @dmaxx3d

    OP anime is horrible IMO. Op Manga is the best you stated though πŸ˜€

  57. Yay I’m not the only one. Can you imagine that I ended up hating OP because I only knew the anime? It’s just so slow paced that it kills every good scene. I always recommend reading One Piece. But when I watch an episode, then only the dub which is really good.

  58. Been here since the final few months of IRA.
    I don’t want this manga to end like Harry Potter. I want a Revenge of the Seth ending. Naruto standing on the high ground, while sasuke is being burned up by the lave, saying “you were like a brother to me anik… Sauske!” Sauske screames “I hate you!” Then Naruto flies off on his spaceship to Tatiwein.

  59. @ Wiseman, and then Madara comes to collect a limbless Sasuke and puts a mask on him and tells him he killed Sakura, to witch he replies:
    Sasuke: YEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!! So it was worth while after all :)). LOL that would be some crazy ending :)).

    I am a big Star Wars fan also, I would go as far and say I even read all the comics (witch I recommend to any fan) and played almost all the pc and xbox games.

  60. @eugen and then we should called him, Darth Ex Machina

  61. Props to anyone who can guess how many avatars I’ve had lol. (You can count it on one hand)
    Yeah, speaking of which, when is Nagato going to stop screwing around and force choke someone? It may be out of his power boundaries, but I’m waiting for it. Maybe before he dies…again. Also would be the funniest plot twist, if he killed Madara with it.

    and @Ahsan, I think Gai could make the best Hokage in history. so if said three were to die, Gai would bring the power of youth to Konoha on epic proportions. Green jumpsuits would be mandatory. Just picture that in your head for a moment.

  62. lol Kanton :)), very appropriate indeed.

  63. @ Ajd, The last thing I would like too see during my life time is Chouji in a green jumpsuit. Also Ibiki would look bad ass in that too :)) ;)), very intimidating.

  64. haha and bowl haircuts and bushy brows!!

    Any debates? Neji vs. Kisame?

  65. @Eugen -Hinata in a tight green jumpsuit… enough said =P

    @thelaughingwiseman – A better debate here would be…

    A and B(no biju cloak allowed) vs Gai and Rock Lee


  66. @ Wiseman, I would actually like to see a battle between Neji and Kisame, mainly because Naji being the underdog can surpass that difference in power and experience Kisame has with his own Byakugan.

    He can see right through Samehada’s uses and can counter the attempts to still his chakra.

    The true test would be ridding Kisame of Samehada and then finding a way to incapacitate Kisame as fast as possible.
    If Kisame hits Neji with the water sphere or the shark missile that grows in power from the enemies jutsu, I doubt Neji will survive for much longer.

    I like Neji’s fighting style because it’s a very precise art and with his byakugan he can see every opening in the enemy’s defenses. He’s also very fast and very receptive, and very calculated during battle.

    And I don’t think it was by chance that he became the only Jounin in his age group. Basically he’s strongest in konoha besides Naruto, Kakashi, Gai and Tsunade maybe ( Shikamaru’s dad and Chouza would be a fair match for him but other then that as far as skills go I’d say Neji is one of the highest ranked shinobi in the hidden leaf being in the top 10 at least).

    But as I said against a great shinobi like Kisame he would need a shit load of luck to manage to incapacitate him for as long as it takes to kill him. Kisame is a real powerhouse and is known for capturing strong jinchuriki on his own. That means only a Sahringan or byakugan user can manage to uncover the swordsman’s techniques fast enough in order to stop him.

    I would actually give the fight to Kisame because the dude was top 3-5 in akatsuki, but if anyone besides Naruto, Gai (Lee) & Kakashi has a chance at him it would probably be Neji and maybe Shino with some help.

  67. How about Kisame vs pein anyone?

  68. @ Marks, I wouldn’t pin Pain against anyone besides Madara, Hashirama, Hiruzen, Naruto, Tobirama, Minato, Sasuke EMS, Itachi or Jiraiya (with knowledge of the 6 paths). The guy is too strong to even consider him for a fight even with someone like kisame.

    He’d probably Shinara tensei’ kisame’s samehada out of his hand, bansho tein him and pin him to the ground like he did to Naruto and use Human path to suck out his soul in more or less then 10-20 seconds.
    I’m not giving Kisame the time of day on this one. Even with his shark missile, kisame is useless against Pein’s jutsus.

  69. yeah there’s a reason kisame was pein’s subordinate..(this excludes itachi haha)

  70. I was thinking since Neji had the Byukugan and the sword is a chakra eater, the sword would have chakra points like Kisame. If Neji would hit the right spot in kisame or the sword, he’d be able to negate the absorption and be able to fight Kisame with an edge. I also like how Neji’s defense would be negated if Kisame can touch the defense with his sword. I don’t know if Kisame would be able to sustain hits from Neji in the Hyuga fighting style. I choose Neji.

  71. @wiseman – the only problem there is that Neji risks injuring himself each time he goes to hit Samehada. The sharp tooth-like scales instantly prick up and stab anyone other than the wielder who gets too close. And also, Neji is able to block chakra points by forcefully injecting his own chakra through his fingertips into the chakra points of his enemies. If that enemy happens to be able to absorb that chakra before it can do any damage, the effect is negated. Why did I sound like I just read that off a yugioh card?

  72. I am so effing excited!!! Where are the spoiler???!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  73. @ Darks, “Why did I sound like I just read that off a yugioh card?” Because you did :)). Gooooooo PLanet !!!!

  74. @ Eugen – I will enter this debate and win, but first I must defeat Darks in a Childrens Card game…. πŸ˜›

  75. Itachi vs Kakashi anyone?

    Basic Knowledge now is known, Kakashi know of Itachi’s abilities (as far as he does in the manga) and visa versa…

    Point of Battle, As Kakashi learnt MS and before Itachi was crippled by the Virus that killed him…

    Ready Steady… Now @_@

  76. @ Pein, I would say the same situation applies here as it dose with Kisame vs Pain. Kisame has no chance, not because I’m a Itachi fan, but no one can dodge Amaterasu besides Minato and A, maybe Naruto now also. So how can Kisame manage to kill Itachi is he can’t even dodge two of his greatest and most used jutsus like Tsukuyome and Amaterasu.

    Not to count Susano’o, I would pin Kiasme with Konan actually, both working with high scale jutsus and both have great skill and power.

    Or Kisame with Hidan, seeing as the freak can’t be killed and likes his fights up close and personal, Kisame’s water sphere won’t count for much and trying to hurt the lunatic will only result in his death.
    It’s a shame we don’t include Hidan in more debates because he was a great akatsuki IMO even if he got tricked by Shikamaru, or maybe in spite of it.

    He is a great shinobi to pin against short range shinobi because he can turn any fight like that into his advantage.

  77. Sorry for the double post but I’m starting to feel the itch of the upcoming chapter like Pisbol and I wonder what’s tacking so long with the spoilers, especially now since it’s been on break last week.
    I hope they don’t go back to releasing the manga Friday morning because that would suck big time.

  78. I’m sorely disappointed in Naruto’s progression. Not because he has no genjutsu but because he has shown no other jutsu other then the Rasengan. I wished he would have learned more jutsu. What’s the point in having all this Chakra and Stamina if he ain’t utalizing all those facets. Instead we just get a unpredictable ninja with predictable moves (rasengan, kagebushin).

  79. @Wiseman

    Well, you could say that like Sasuke, Naruto has taken one technique and developed it further with shape and nature manipulation to suit a wider variety of applications. It isn’t just the Rasengan, but rather, a variety of different kinds of Rasengans that all have different functions.

    A rasenshuriken is a ranged based wind jutsu, while the vacuum Rasengan is a close range crowd killer. The mini rasenshuriken is comparable to Sasuke’s Chidori needles as a quick, debilitating attack, and let’s not forget that Naruto has also learned to use Sage Mode, Kyuubi chakra mode with chakra arms, his summoning jutsu which gives him a wide variety of other options and his shadow clone technique.

    Some would actually complain that he has developed too much in a short space of time, so it’s odd to see someone complain that he hasn’t developed enough.

    But, when you look at other characters, you don’t see much variety in all of them either. Other than Kakashi and the Third, there aren’t many shinobi who specialize in more than perhaps two fields of expertise as far as ninja techniques go, and they normally stick to a few personal jutsu that suit their styles.

    Itachi mostly focuses on Genjutsu and his three MS techs, but you rarely ever see him use anything else besides that other than typical Fire jutsu that most Uchiha know anyway. Gai only uses Taijutsu. Gaara only uses sand. Temari only uses wind. Neji only uses his clan’s fighting styles. Shino only uses bugs. Hinata… same as Neji. Tenten only uses kenjutsu (ninja tools and weapons). Sakura is healing and strength, Tsunade the same. The tsuchikage only uses dust element. Deidara only uses bombs. Sasori, Kankuro and Chiyo only battle with puppets. Konan only uses origami jutsu. Kisame only uses water jutsu and the Samehada. Shikamaru only uses his shadow mimic and related techs. Jiraiya mostly only uses his summoning jutsu and techniques that involve summoning parts of frogs, or whole frogs. Orochimaru uses his tongue a lot, and Edo Tensei when he wants to kill his long lost senseis and Hidan only knows how to kill himself, which is apparently very effective. O_o

    So yeah, Naruto has more variety than most of the characters I have named above, wouldn’t you agree? And many of those mentioned characters are S-class. Too me, too much variety can kill a character’s uniqueness by making them seem too generic. Naruto focuses on a select area of jutsu, but his jutsu are also very unique and most of them are exclusive to him as the only user right now.

    Naruto has more eye types than an Uchiha, has eaten a wider variety of food types and has had more people living inside his mind than anyone could care to hope for.

    *Eats Wiseman* <_<

  80. Actually ten , itachi rarely uses his ms. Unlike the ms spamming sasukeasuke

  81. @ Tenrai, true is true and you are right about almost everything you’ve said. I would appreciate some of the characters you limited a bit more in the sense than just like Naruto and Sasuke they too managed to pump up there original jutsu, and I mainly talking about the konoha 11, besides Tenten of course.

    Shikamare managed to use the shadow mimic to a great extenct from what he could use in part one same goes for Kiba, Shino, Lee and more so for Hinata and Neji who apparently have sparred together ever since the chunin exams and perfected there skills together. Also the Ino Shika Cho made a great demo of flawless teamwork and Chouji even became a great powerhouse himself.

    The thing about Naruto is that unlike Sasuke’s former, insane and child loving, teacher, Orochimaru, who thought Sasuke a much more diverse range of shape manipulation and thus giving Sasuke new shapes for his lightning and fire jutsus, Naruto had no such teachings.

    He made the FRS all on his own with the help of Yamato and Kakashi, but Jiraiya and Kakashi never thought Naruto another shape then the rassengan and that’s why I think he only uses it for his new styles of jutsus.

    At the end of the day it would probably be unwise to even use other shape manipulation then the rassengan because it already known the jutsu is the peak of shape manipulation in the Narutoverse with a lot of shape+nature jutsus being weaker then the original rassengan in it’s own.

    What bothers me is that in spite of knowing wind style, Naruto almost never uses it for something else than the FRS, witch is a massive chakra drain.
    We all saw Danzou’s awesome use of wind jutsu even going as far as making a wind sword from a kunai.
    That’s the type of jutsu I’m looking forward to in Naruto’s future and the completion of Sage Mode (activating it while moving and maintaining the natural energy for longer periods of time) and the ultimate teamwork between the Fox and Naruto, even more so then Bee and Hachibi.

  82. A thought just crossed my mind regarding last week’s chapter; If Nagato could use Naraka path to suck the soul out of a strong and make his body young and normal again why didn’t he resort to this before instead relaying on the chair.

    I know he just sucked most of Bee’s chakra but with time he could of gathered that much from other strong shinobi. Why stay like that when you had a choice. It’s a bit confusing really.

  83. Maybe he had to be dead, to be brought back to life?

  84. Y’know, upon close inspection, it looks like Nagato has a disc in his hand. Kinda like the shape of Naruto’s seal. I wonder if he’s removing the seal to permanently bind Kyuubi into Naruto. That would make it tough for Madara to get his hands on the 9-tails… hmm….

  85. Er, here’s the link (meant to put it in last post)

  86. *knowing no other option, wise eats the meat from within Tenrai and with the new found power Kamehameha’s his way out of Tenrai’s throat!*

    I’ve just been served. I still feel unease.

    Caption: Ehh, I just wish there was a gym for the rest of us ladies.


    This is without a doubt the most embarrassing Naruto rip-off I have ever had the displeasure of reading. Though I did lol a little at the Copy Ninja Copy.

  88. I found this site.. interesting.. but the google translation is confusing.. πŸ˜€

  89. It says something about the crow and also more battle between Naruto and Nagato. That’s what i understand of the google translation. πŸ˜€

  90. @Ahsan

    “Actually ten , itachi rarely uses his ms. Unlike the ms spamming sasukeasuke”

    Eh? Is that so? The fact is that there was only one battle in the entire manga where Itachi didn’t use his MS, and that was when he fought Naruto and Kakashi during the Gaara rescue arc. And that was also only because he couldn’t use it at the time.

    Other than that, he has used his MS in every single other confrontation he has ever been involved in, so it is prudent to say he rarely used it. Of course, I do agree that Sasuke spams it more, but Itachi has never been shy to unleash his MS in a battle.

  91. Spoilers be out.

  92. HOLY FUGG$#@T @ next chapters raws. That is all.

  93. CAPTION –

    Bubble on the right: It’s over 9000!!!
    Bubble on the Left: I-I-Impossible!!!

    Alternate –
    Bubble on the right: F@CK!!! I KNOW THIS ONE!!!
    Bubble on the left: I’d like to buy a vowel!!!

  94. &^%Q#&^%#&^*&!!!!! Itachi’s badass!!!!

    Naruto(Ithink he meant Nagato not Naruto) : I’m going to join our master. It’s too bad I won’t be here to follow your story.
    Your the last part of the Trilogy.
    The 1st part was Jiraiya’s. It was perfect.
    The 2nd part was mine, and it wasn’t that good.

    Naruto : …

    Nagato : Make our master proud. Make the last episode a masterpiece so we will forget about the 2nd one.
    Naruto !

    Nagato is sealed by Totsuka Sword.


  95. What more can you say about Itachi, except The absolute best. I wonder how Minato would have managed against Itachi, both at there fullest and most powerful without drawbacks.

    From what we’ve seen I’d go as far as to say Itachi was more powerful then almost all of the leaf’s best.


    Get it while it’s hot, kids.


    It’s out!!!! πŸ˜€ As Dark said get it while it’s hot!! πŸ˜€

  98. The new chapter wasn’t that good.. it ended as how we knew it… (going to sleep, have fever :()

  99. I think Naruto just got a valuable lesson in, calm and collected mind during battle from Itachi.
    The chapter was awesome and the three jutsus that hit Chibaku Tensei were beyond anything. Imagine being hit by those techniques, it truly was over 9000. Itachi’s jutsus in particular was really cool looking.

    Itachi saved the day big time and I doubt Naruto and Bee would have gotten out of Nagato’s clutches without sacrifices. Also I noticed how much Itachi’s Susano’o 1st body looked like Nagato’s Asura Path hands.

    As for the crow, is it there to stay by Naruto’s side for good? And if so, what are the benefits, besides the reactivation after 10 years of Shisui’s mangekyo. Will he transplant the eye and use his Uzumaki blood in order to activate the eye at a much faster rate, like Danzo did?? I guess he can’t use it as it is to, let’s say, cast genjutsu or analyze moves and jutsu like a normal sharingan user dose and copy them for him self.

    Anyway, I’m a but sad we didn’t get to see a bit more of Nagato’s epicness because he was without a doubt the greatest Shinobi in the Naruto verse if he would have used his jutsus the same way he did in this last fight of his.

    His only weakness was the fact that he was controlled by Kabuto, I think he would have been a lot more careful if he was in control of himself and would have been able to beat both Bee and Naruto.

    As for all three at once, Naruto, Bee and Itachi, that would be insane feat for any shinobi, but if anyone would have been able to stand up to all three at once it would have been Nagato.

    Also was Kabuto trying to say something with the “was there anything else I wanted to do while I’m here?” or was it just confidence in himself ??

  100. The battle was good, but I think it ended a bit abruptly.

    Still, it was fun to see Itachi team up with Naruto and Bee, and without the problem of running out of stamina, his use of Susanoo is even more dangerous than ever before.

    So anyway, it looks like Itachi is still around, so it’s anyone’s guess what he’ll do now with a new lease on life.

    It also looks like Naruto has a new pet. That crow seems pretty attached to his shoulder. Lol. And Kabuto must be banging his head on a makeshift wall right about now.

    The only thing I didn’t like about the chapter was that there was a bit too much talking at the beginning. It mostly involved Naruto analyzing the situation and that space could have rather been used to fit a bit more wild action into the fray instead. Other than that, it was pretty good.

  101. @ Tenrai, I actually enjoyed Naruto’s analysis skills, even if they ended in him failing big time with the rassengan. It showed him actually thinking during a tight spot and more so he even got the lesson in patience from Itachi.

    I hope Itachi will become Naruto’s teacher in this war and teach him a thing or two about being a Bad Ass MotherFu&*&%. As for the fight, I too would have enjoyed a few more chapters of Nagato’s demo but I’m afraid if it would have gone on more then it did nothing would have been left standing except Nagato and maybe Itachi, because he’s already a zombie.

  102. Wow, the chapter was just awesome, it was so funny to see the three guys team up against Nagato, they reminded me of kinda of Team 7 on a mission: Naruto and Bee are caught by the enemy like naruto and Sasuke often have and their sensei kakashi/Itachi bails them out, just like in the Wave arc lol

  103. @ dmaxx3d, actually Bee’s about twice the age of Itachi. I think Bee’s 31 and Itachi was about 21 when he died. So it’s like Sasuke And Naruto bailing out Kakashi, lol. Anyway it was a great piece of teamwork.

  104. My theory about Nagatos Chibaku Tensai being able to stop Susanno worked. It took 3 power blast to destroy Chibaku Tensai. It also didn’t take much time at all to harness the chakra needed to create it.

    Itachi being able to teach Naruto is kinda awesome. It was like a big brother moment in the heat of battle. I haven’t seen nothing of that sort in Naruto’s history of battles. It’s refreshing.

  105. With regards to Naruto “talking himself through the situation”.. he’s kinda doing what Jiraya did, when Jiraya first fought Pein.

    Wonder if that’s what the writers are trying to portray; that Naruto has become as tactical as was Jiraya.

  106. This chapter really ups the power of Nagato for me. I used to lean towards Naruto in vs. debates – but I think Nagato just took the lead in power level. I just didn’t expect how much more powerful he was. He may have been able to take care of both Naruto and Bee.

    Also, this makes me wonder what Kabuto has up his sleeve. Did we ever find out who the mystery zombie was in his arsenal? The one that Madara was sweating over?

  107. @Gavin No we haven’t. I am wondering when it’s going to come into play. I think the coffin will act as a fail-safe; It’d be activated incase Kabuto is to be killed by Madara.

  108. Question regarding the chapter 551, what was Kabuto trying to say, “One more person joined my capture list now” in

    Awesome chapter … with the Sword of Totsuka, Itachi should be able to wipe out all the zombies unless Kabuto release him. It would be awesome if Itachi can kill Kabuto before the release and Itachi can be a free agent.

  109. I wonder if Naruto can teleport Itachi to Kabuto… He can dang near teleport himself as it stands, and he can detect chakra from all over the place, and track it to it’s source… a little more wisdom from Itachi might get him there.

  110. @Eugen Yeah but does Bee act his age? He is pretty much a second Naruto, while Itachi is probably on Kage experience level plus he had to grow up incredibly fast. Even though he is/was ( god thats weird lol) still very young his lifetime of suffering has marked him and thats a part of the things I love about his character.
    But I would really like to see Itachi on konoha missions again. Do you know how powerful Konoha would become?
    And all of a sudden I would really like to see Sasuke becoming a Sensei of a Genin team, I’m just weird like that lol. Imagine Narutos son bugging him all day hehe… Maybe even together with Lee’ youthful kid <_<

  111. I think they’re going after Kabuto next. Itachi might have spawned next to where Kabuto was.

    I’m wondering about Orochimaru’s mind uploading technique and Edo Tensai. Why couldn’t Orochimaru summon a powerful Ninja and use the Tag to make them mindless zombies and then take over their body? Would that not have made him immortal?

  112. @wiseman: I speculated many moons ago, that Kabuto might have already used Edo Tensei on himself. Therefore, when someone tries to kill him – well, it won’t work. Would be a twist on the story to add yet another immortal to the mix πŸ™‚

  113. can itachi get any more awesome? probably, yes. why did he have to die..i honestly think he could’ve become the most powerful ninja ever. you can count on 1 hand the number of people that could even stand up to him in a fight.

  114. Oh and is it actually possible that Itachi showed some humour in this chapter? I’m shocked πŸ˜‰

  115. Hmm… this is an odd statement:

    Nagato says that Naruto is the 3rd Book of the trilogy of Jiraya, Nagato, and Naruto, written by someone else…

    On first glance, I think the “he” Nagato refers to is Jiraya, but no – Jiraya was only a book as well – who is this master Nagato speaks of? The frog sage guy? Nagato did not get training from the frogs, sooo…

    Now I’m curious…

  116. @ dmaxx3d, I totally share you vision, an yes Bee is grown man at first glance but he has the mind of a 12 year old kid :)), even so the dude is awesome and I hate it every time he gets in a bit of trouble everyone jump up and says ” He’s gonna die, he’s gonna get caught”. I hate that speculation about a great shinobi like Bee.

    They wouldn’t jump to such conclusions if Itachi were the one in a pinch, or Naruto or Sasuke or Jiraiya. People need to understand Bee is a top 10 shinobi, maybe even top 5 still living ninja.

    As for dead guys I think Nagato and Itachi pretty much made it clear with the last few chapters. Those two could have brought any Nation on there own with very little opposition. They fall in the same category as Minato, Muu, Hashirama, Tobirama and Hiruzen witch I consider as top 5 shinobi from the old days, as well as Madara.

    Just think if Shisui was still alive, a four man cell composed of Itachi, Shisui, Bee and Naruto, it sends shivers down my spine. It would have been greater if Nagato were free from Kabuto’s control like Itachi, but then I doubt even Madara and his jinchuriki paths would have been much of a challenge for them.

    @ Tiger, I actually think he was referring to nagato resealing Itachi with Naraka path and then revive him under his control all over again, the same way he wanted to do to Bee and Naruto.

    Using Humain Path’s skill of stealing the soul he would have fed it to the Naraka path summon and then revive them back at any given time.

  117. I’m really satisfied with the last chapter of both Naruto and Bleach, but I have to say, no one leaves you craving for more, better then Kishi. I can’t wait for the next chapter and what might happen next. I hope Sasuke will show up soon because there’s no one left to stand before Naruto and Madara now.

    If kabuto is to be the next target then be it, but I think either Madara of Sasuke will come into the picture first.

    As for the edo tenseis, I guess only the 7 swordsman are still alive, Gari and Sand chick with the mummy kekegenkai, and the ones that escaped from the ino Shika Cho fight; Dan, Hizashi and maybe Kakuzu, oh and also kimimaro, chio and the fat sensor dude from the mist. Actually that’s more then 20 people counting the jinchuriki,how many were there to begin with?

  118. @eugen.. you forgot the new 6 paths madara assembled of the previous jinchurikis each with 1 mangekyo sharingan eye and 1 rinnegan eye ❂_β—Ž

    @arpotu.. try not to think of the trilogy as chapters in a book, but more as a larger story of the 3 ninjas destined to change the future of the ninja world..

    both jiraiya and now nagato have deceased and left their destiny in naruto..
    not that it is a story written by another, but more that it hasnt been written at all, as its the future of naruto he is talking towards.

    — question to WRA..?? did anyone here ever claim a theory that the crow naruto swallowed contained shisui’s left eye? i remember many people discusing towards it being an anti-genjutsu or anti-amateratsu.. but was there anyone here that ever made such a claim.. i ask because it was so shocking to me, that i didnt see it coming.. nor have i ever heard a theory towards it ever in here or elsewhere..not even in fan-fic.. crazy.. kishimoto..


  119. @thelaughingwiseman…that is a pretty damn good point…poor planning for a genius lol.

    Chapter was good, and I sense Itachi’s fan-base reviving and even gaining numbers…I give more props to Nagato in this chapter. He would have had Bee AND Naruto down at the same time if not for Itachi!

  120. @Spill

    I don’t think anyone predicted that it might have been Shisui’s eye inplanted in the crow. Just about everyone thought it would be an anti-sharingan measure of some sort, or perhaps even a means to give Naruto the Rinnegan (a combination of the spiritual Uchiha eye powers with the life force of the sages younger son).

    It definitely was a surprise, and I am quite happy it was, because it shows that for all our theories, and for all those moments we think the story is too easy to predict, the author shows us that he still has plenty up his sleave in the was of twists.

  121. Anyone else think Itachi will pull out the Yata no Kagami at Madara, just as he’s casting the moon’s eye plan, so that Madara will get caught in his own jitsu?

  122. @Arpotu

    I highly doubt that. Ultimately, as cool as many think Itachi is, he still isn’t the hero of the story, so he won’t be the one to defeat Madara.

    However, on that note, wouldn’t it have been funny if Shisui’s genjutsu order to protect Konoha was innadvertantly cast on Madara? Lol!

  123. Only reason I considered it, is that Kishi has put the two other Japanese Imperial Regalia in the story (Kusanagi, Magatama), and it was said that Itachi’s Susan’o shield was the Imperial mirror. Thinking something’s gonna happen with that mirror before Itachi fades away.

  124. Man, this chapter was pure awesome! The only way it could have been more awesome if Jiraiya came back and kicked somebody in the face again.
    Boom!!! Headshot!!!

    All in all, over 9000 doesn’t cover this chapter. I almost jizzed in my pants when Itachi whipped out Susano’o.
    The only thing missing was Itachi saying; “Whoomp! There it is!

    Seriously though, All in all it was predictable. The only way they could win was to seal or use Shisui’s eye on Nagato. Seeing as how powerful Nagato was/is Kishi would be mad to put him on the Rebel Alliance. No way Madara could beat Nagato, Itachi, Naruto and Bee all at the same time so the logical solution was to have Nagato sealed.

    I am curious as to what will happen next. The genjutsu Itachi is under disallows him to feel all fuzzy inside and fade away because his “order” is to protect Konoha. With the war still on he won’t say bye bye on his own. The only other option is Kabuto ending Edo Tensei. But if he does that he’ll loose a very important chess piece in his master plan to overthrow Madara.

  125. Bee Vs Kabuto
    Naruto Vs Madara
    Itachi Vs Sasuke

  126. I’m still hoping for some kind of Itachi and Sasuke meeting. I mean hell, we’re STILL waiting to see what Sasuke’s new EMS will look like. But I can only imagine the look on Sasuke’s face if he saw his big brother again. And then perhaps Itachi can talk some sense into him. Though somehow I doubt it would work.

    One thing is certain, Naruto and Sasuke have their final battle. And I’m pretty certain it will be the ultimate showdown of the entire series.

  127. When Itachi meets Sasuke, he should break into a medley of:

    “Jeepers, Creepers”
    “I’ve only got eyes (for you)”
    “Eye of the Tiger”

    …hmm, and what others?

  128. i just saw in interesting thread on another website that spiked my curiosity so i wanted yall’s input.

    Sasuke vs. Jiraiya

  129. @dish11: I always compare Jiraiya with Naruto and Sasuke with Itachi and Orochimaru. So when it comes to Jiraiya vs. Sasuke – my first gut reaction is: Jiraiya wins.

    On the surface Jiraiya is sort of like Naruto but with more experience. Jiraiya has learned from his mistakes and become a genius fighter through his hard work. Sasuke, like Itachi, is sort of a natural genius but also has sort of a vengeance edge. We haven’t seen Sasuke for a while, so it’s easy to say that Sasuke isn’t to the power level of Jiraiya. I can only remember a few times that Jiraiya ever had to deal with a sharingan user. But the one time he did, I remember Itachi barely getting out of a frog stomach technique alive.

    Still, given some thought. I still vote for Jiraiya. The only thing giving me pause is that Sasuke was able to get rid of Orochimaru. But, Orochimaru wasn’t really at full power. I think Jiraiya’s power is being underrated. Itachi is perhaps the only one clearly on another level. It makes me think that the story should finally prove that Sasuke is higher level than Itachi at some point – to show growth.

  130. @Gavin: This debate is over with one word EMS. By obtaining this ocular powers sasuke has become one of thr three most powerful shinobi alive together with Madara and Naruto. Maybe Naruto and sasuke are even stronger than Madara without his Rinnegan-sharingan body( i mean the akatsuki madara with the orange mask).
    Jiraya would have owned Sasuke until before the Itachi-Sasuke fight, but after…
    Oh, and Itachi would technicqlly still be stronger than Sasuke but the EMS is haxx. EMS Itachi would still destroy EMS Sasuke. Then again Itafhi hqs a certain kill sealing technique and the absulot defense of the Yata mirror, so Sasuke would have to rely on the unknon EMS technique and could still lose. God, Itachi is pretty overpowered…
    And imagine a fight Susanoo vs Susanoo, we could still see that, bevause I really believe that Sasuke is going to sense itachi’s presence in he next chapter
    Sorry fo the wall of text guys lol

  131. Has Sasuke even met Jiraya?

  132. @arpotu “Eye of the storm”, “Eye for an Eye”, “Eye of the beholder”

  133. dmaxx- “EMS” is 3 words haha..
    but seriously i dont think that’s enough to declare sasuke a winner cuz we dont even know what techniques have been made available through his new EMS. given what we know as of right now, i think j-man takes it..even if only by a little bit.

  134. YOU FOOLS!!!!! Sasuke wins, for he is the living incarnate of Plot No Jutsu/Diablous Ex Machina/Asspull.

  135. Now the results:

    Kabuto wins to Bee

    Naruto loses to Madara, yet not dying (White fang action)

    Sasuke wins Itachi (Itachi sees the evil on Sasuke, Sasuke is weakened)

    Kabuto kills Madara (weakened thx to Naruto)

    Naruto erradicates Sasuke (but first hell save him from Kabuto, defeated by… SAKURA!)

  136. @nike: don’t forget about Konohamaru, the new copy ninja, busting in at the last minute! He’ll do a full-blown “Kakashi Rampage”, wounding everyone in the process!

  137. @dmaxx3d: I agree with you that EMS Sasuke wins. No more being blinded. Everything at full power. I don’t think he has ever been seen at full power yet. But I’ll give it to you because it is likely that we will see him at full power very soon. However, if we’re talking about timing – Sasuke would have trouble defeating Jiraiya after the Itachi fight because he didn’t have Itachi’s eyes yet or any knowledge of his own powers.

  138. Forgotten match :Konohamaru pawns all the jnchΕ«riki + 7 mist swordsmen + Zetsu + surviving Kages, as hes the third grandson, wielder of the will of fire.

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