Bleach 459 – This is what happen when you Bleach Cloths ;)

Awe All Pein here yet again to inform you to not adjust your set….

This is not an error if you experiencing De Ja Vu again it is because this is all happening again, Kubo wanted to reboot the franchise but ended up at the same place, its like running in a circle and hoping the starting point would mean a better ending.

Since it seem the institute that is keeping Kisu will not release him, I will be you Bleach Manga specialist…

Trust me I am a doctor, (I hear that and wonder if someone with a PHD in Anthropology would be as effective O_O )

My overview of this chapter was WHAT! not again, but I actually re read chapter 1 (now I am lying, you see I read a few pages) but over all I know what happened, I watch anime and I tried to see how Kubo brought back this chapter to merge with the first but to be honest besides stabbing people in the chest I see little the same, and well Ichigo’s Powers being awakened…

Well lets disect this mother …..

At first this chapter was all I ever wanted in a manga, the villains winning with their ultimate plan, being revealed as our hero stands useless. <_<Uryu reveals what really happened in his arm loosing encounter, well the most recent one 😉

This disproved the theory many came up with saying Uryu was just remembering what they wanted him to remember.

The two seem to have quite a good friendship, and I really enjoyed how they gave out the entire plot infront of Uryu and only now he decides to do something… WTF was there never a chance to be like, “Hey Ichigo Shiz gonna get real”

Something I didn’t notice but pointed out quite correctly in this chapter was that Ginjou did change the moment he was struck, he began addressing Ichigo differently which is interesting but not that interesting 😛

I rate if the manga stopped after the next few pages it would of been the most awesome ending to a manga I had ever read, the plot holes will be there and the story would leave most people hoping for the fairy tail ending of happiness and recycled power ups disappointed… The way Ichigo looses all that power he wanted, and the realization of how he had become addicted to power was one of the best moments in this manga so far.

No self righteous tones just the pure feeling of loss, loosing everything he ever wanted, Chad and Orohime, the two he wished to help protect would be lost just because he couldn’t remain as he was for longer then 17 months… Watching his thoughts and the way people have seen him change was also good but his moment of realization, the true breakdown as a hero was a moment just as good as any other in manga I have read so far.

His desperate plea to Ginjou makes you think he has become too adicted to being the hero and will not want to be a victim, but also I think deep down he still sees Ginjou as a good person even after all this.

And then comes the down fall of this chapter, that hope at the end of the tunnel to me signals the arrival of Kubo trolling train, he seems to enjoy repeating and while some of us hoped for the beast to show itself instead we get Rukia @_@and Urahara and Isshin, they seemed a little better to me though 😉

Ichigo gets stabbed through the chest…. I can hear you all screeming in sadness, never fear the plot is here!!!!!! He will now become stronger @_@

The chapter ends with Ichigo Back to Black 😉

Overall thoughts are that while I am pissed off that this seems to be the beginning of another Bleach Troll Cycle, maybe there is some hope at the end of the tunnel.

Things I noticed… Since I am such an expert *cough cough*

Rukia’s moved up in the world she got a lieutenant badge on.

Ichigo kept some of the aspects of the Fullbringer ability…

What I wonder…

Is this the end for the Fullbringers and how will their abilities compare to the Shinigami?

Over all this was a bit of an annoying chapter just as I thought Bleach was coming back, but you know it still has some charm to it, Ichigo back in the Black could bring back sometime for his abilities as a Hollow to re appear and well we had some good times in Bleach, least its only Chad and Orohime that are “captured” @_@

Well next week’s a break week, I may fill in with a theory post to keep you guys busy or I may not… I’m fickle like that..

Quote of the week comes from Ahsan…

You know ten when you wear the same clothes everyday , wash em daily . They begin to loose color . And then a time comes that they become so fragile that they tear easily . That’s what happened with bleach :)

Ahsan 阿赫桑




Gin Ichimaru

Its not what you got, its how long it is <_<


This Weeks Debate will be between…

Shinji Hirako


Kaname Tōsen

Only limitation on this battle is that Tosen does not turn into a Fly @_@



Well that is all from me… Peace out

Pein ^:_:^


~ by pein0avenue on August 4, 2011.

43 Responses to “Bleach 459 – This is what happen when you Bleach Cloths ;)”

  1. FIRST!

    I kinda liked this chapter…

  2. 2nd

  3. Debate:

    I dunno, its been awhile so forgive me if my bleach knowledge is a bit rusty, but Tosen’s lack of sight is an advantage because it effectively negates Shinji’s shikai which inverts the victims eyesight so as to affect their sense of direction. And also because Tosen has a bankai, and we don’t know shinji’s yet, so it would be useless even bringing it up. This match up is heavily rigged in Tosen’s favour.

  4. @ Darks – Yeah but we seen with Kenpachi that the Bankai is not unbeatable, with the Visord power increase given to Shinji this will be a more pure fight from his side with the extra speed and strength, I purposefully chose Tosen to cancel out the Shikai of Shinji but I limited Tosen’s strength to that of before his transformation, though I think ultimately if Tosen could see this would go to Shinji easily 😉

  5. Indeed, but Shinji isn’t Kenpachi. With his bankai activated, Tosen would wipe the floor with Shinji.

  6. Hold on just a second.

    We all know shinji also has a bankai, just because we don’t know it’s capabilities doesn’t mean we couldn’t speculate on them. I propose that his bankai goes beyond just sight and also affects other senses. If this is the case then Shinji would be able to affect Tousen.

    On the other hand it may not even be necessary, as we all know Vizards tend to be above a captains level in terms of power. And since Shinji is both a captain level shinigami and a Vizard then I propose that he may be strong enough that he could just over power Tousen before he can even get the chance to form his bankai, as it takes more time for his bankai to form than for most.

    The only reason he managed to get it to work with Kenpachi is because Kenpachi allowed him to, cause the man is bat shit crazy. Shinji would probably take the opportunity to interrupt the bankai’s formation.

    I have to give this one to shinji, just because I don’t think Tousen will be able to activate his bankai fast enough.

  7. I only just realized that for the past two weeks, I had been reading the breakdowns; reading the comments; thinking of what I would say; and then not commenting. Old habits die hard, I guess.

    I wasn’t totally offended by this chapter like so many other people seemed to be. I got my awesome twist I wanted, so now we can get to the epic battles. Plus I find Ginjou to be freaking hilarious. I’m fine with how everything is shaping up, personally.

    About the debate, IANRH has it right. Shinji can beat Tosen with the hollow mask alone, not even considering his Bankai could probably kick ass too. Shinji wins it hands down.

  8. And Rukia’s hair looks like Mizuiro’s now. I don’t like it.

  9. Who is to say Shinji has a bankai? And if he had one, why didn’t he use it against Aizen? Just because he’s a captain level Shinigami doesn’t mean he has a bankai. Kenpachi doesn’t. And for all we know, Aizen doesn’t either.

    Also, you don’t give Tosen enough credit. By the time Aizen and the Espada fought the captains at fake karakura town, Tosen was also a Hollow-Shinigami hybrid whose reiatsu was off the charts. Couple that with the fact that he is immune to Shinji’s shikai and the fact that Tosen has a demonstrable bankai that once activated would annihilate Shinji, there really is no way the Visored could win.

  10. @DarkAvatar – It has been stated that the only captain ever to not to have a bankai is Kenpachi Zaraki. As for why he didn’t use his bankai against Aizen? Why didn’t Shunsui Kyōraku use his bankai against Stark? Or for that matter why didn’t the Captain Commander use his Bankai against Aizen? It’s probably because it would have dragged more than Aizen into it’s influence or something of the sort, though that’s just speculation.

    On a side note I don’t think Shinji’s Shikai only affects vission. If that were the case then Aizen could have easily closed his eyes and used his hearing and spirit senses to fight. I bet it also affects all the other senses as well.

    It was also demonstrated quite thoroughly when Shūhei Hisagi delivered a fatal blow to Tousen Kaname that having all that power didn’t mean jack, and if I remember correctly he was in his hollowfied form which had even more power than all of his previous forms. I’ll admit that it wouldn’t be an easy fight to win, but the minute he tried to use his Bankai Tousen would give Shinji an opening that I doubt he would waste.

    In the end it could be a long battle, but I still give it to Shinji.

  11. What was the point of this whole arc besides to introduce the random Fullbringers that no one really cares about and give Ichigo 2 random powerups? The Gameboy Kid, FF7 Sword Guy, Dirty Boots Girl, FMA Furher Lookalike, and of course The Bookmark Troll.

    And Bookmark Troll’s assistant Lucky Numbers.

    Really, Orhime, Ishida, and Chad were given hope and made useless again. Brushed off to the side. Kubo concocted another asspull reason for Ichigo to gain some powers (Fullbring) then Kubo took them away, then Kubo being Kubo stabbed Ichigo through the back and voila Ichigo is a Soul Reaper again! 😀 Makes sense? I hope not.

    So now that Ichigo has become a Soul Reaper….what now? Are the Fullbringers really that big of an enemy or were they just used as fodder to give some suspense to this ‘Give Ichigo is Soul Reaper Powers Back’ arc?

  12. @IANRH – “It has been stated that the only captain ever to not to have a bankai is Kenpachi Zaraki.”

    Stating something does not make it fact. Unless you’re telling me that Kenpachi is the only shinigami to be a captain and NOT have a bankai out of the thousands–if not millions–of captains who came before him. This scenario is statistically and logically improbable. Shinji’s shikai is powerful enough as it is to have gotten him a position as a captain. He might not have needed to reach bankai level. Either way though, all we can say for certain is that his bankai has never been shown, so to consider it as a possible factor in this debate is pure guesswork at best and shouldn’t be used to definitively state whether Shinji would win or lose.

    “On a side note I don’t think Shinji’s Shikai only affects vission.”

    It reverses a persons sense of vision and touch. If Aizen closed his eyes, he could sense his reiatsu, yes, but this would only help him track Shinji’s general location, not movement or sword strokes. He would be able to slash wildly in Shinji’s direction, but he wouldn’t be able to consistently block incoming attacks. Tosen, however, has mastered this art.

    “It was also demonstrated quite thoroughly when Shūhei Hisagi delivered a fatal blow to Tousen Kaname that having all that power didn’t mean jack, and if I remember correctly he was in his hollowfied form which had even more power than all of his previous forms.”

    So? We are not talking about Tosen’s ressureccion. We are talking about his Hollowfication. Toe to toe, Hollowfied Tosen has the advantage over Masked Shinji in terms of sheer power and speed. Couple that with the fact that Shinji’s shikai is useless against Tosen and that we actually KNOW what Tosen’s bankai is and can use it in this debate means that in reality, Shinji doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of winning.

  13. Awesome Breakdown pein . I agree with you to some extent that whereas this chapter pissed most of us off, it also give tite [ANOTHER] Opportunity to make bleach slightly better >_> . I wouldn’t be counting on it though . And thanks for putting my quote up there 😉


    I’m siding with Shinji on this one. Let the debate rage on >_> *Runs away*

  14. SUPER is Alive <_<

    Yosh long time 😉

    Plus that would normally make sense but this is Bleach, where magic happens 😛 and the un believable becomes believable

  15. Personally, I’m glad that Rukia has returned. It make up for the stale characters that Kubo has passing off as Ichigo “power-up” group. Although I will agree that this is Chapter 1 all over again, I quite liked this chapter. Primarily because It actually has some semblance of pace for once and it just wasn’t the usual 3-quarter fighting chapter that Kubo normally makes.

  16. whose lieutenant is rukia

  17. The badge says 13 so she hasn’t swapped squads or anything

  18. @DarkAvatar- If I remember correctly it was stated that at the time Kenpachi became captain that he was the only one to have ever achieved captain rank without their Bankai, I don’t know where exactly it was stated in the Manga, but I believe it’s in there somewhere. Since Shinji was likely captain when this occurred then it’s safe to speculate that He has a Bankai.

  19. Its official. Rukia’s bankai is “Genderbend”. Seriously she looks like a 12 year old boy. I hate it.

    Bleach continues to make me facepalm week after week. I cant believe Tite literally rehashed Rukia stabbing Ichigo to return his powers….as if recycling “rescue arcs” wasnt bad enough we get recycled plot devices.

    So what was the whole point of this retarded Fullbring arc?

  20. Tsukishima was there for all my birthdays.

    I remember now.

  21. Oh, and I was bored so I browsed through the manga (and Bleach wikia) and found this.

    Hope that clears things up. >_>

    *whistles and walks away*

  22. I knew I had seen it somewhere, Thanks super and welcome back to the madness =P

    I just wasn’t looking in the right place… accursed Kubo Tite and his Brain Bleaching manga…

  23. WOW! stop the damn bus! i dont think rukia will lose her power this round, because 1- why was there the places they visited and the things they said with her and 2- Anyone took their attention off her new haircut and notice shes stabbing him with a sword but still has one in her sword holder? i think its gonna get a lot more complicated than we think, on the upside ichigo will probably get his fullbring badge back and combine it with his shinigami powers.

    Personally i was getting sick of the fullbring arc the moment it started 😦 so im a happy bunny now that reset-no-jutsu kicked in.

  24. @ Baka – I think Isshin would of given up his powers hey

  25. @Supa and all

    That reminds me of something 😛

  26. lol @ Ahsan x2
    I remember this video and it’s incredibly epic failing.
    @debate, I’m siding with darks. We don’t know shinji’s bankai, therefore it is not allowed to even credit him with one. While his Shikai can stall him some time, he is doomed if he gets caught in Tosen’s bankai. Darks sealed this debate up pretty well.

    @ Disappointment of the chapter, it’s not really surprising and almost predictable at this point. We still love and read Bleach, but if you’ve made it this far, just shrug your shoulders and hope things will be a bit different this time. Raging at Kubo only feeds him, and he’s still winning…winning all the time

  27. @Debate- When was the last time we ever saw Tousen Kaname win a fight? The only one he ever came close to winning was the one against Sajin Komamura, and that was mostly because of his reserecion which isn’t allowed in this battle. Also can someone show me where it specifically states that Tousen uses his hearing to fight rather than a very much honed spirit sense, or some other ability? People have been claiming that he fights based on his hearing but I can’t for the life of me find where that has been substantiated anywhere in the Manga itself.

  28. Hi guys, long time…Doesnt seem to be much of a debate, but my 2 cents; Tousen looses, Because thats what he does . Funny how these things work out Usually if someone is winless the trend is they tend to stay that way. I must say that through all of the chapters,storys and all the captains-that One was the the Most dissapointing Hands down. When he did the shikai where he made it rain sword blades I thought he had potential. He even got a pass for getting his ass kicked by Kenpachi, because you know its Kenpachi . But loosing(dying?) the way he did to whom he did Goes beyond the point of FAIL…Somebody give me a new word…..Lets not forget the reaming Grimjaw took at the the hands of Shinji.

  29. @IANRH –

    “When was the last time we ever saw Tousen Kaname win a fight?”

    Irrelevant. Past battles have nothing to do with this one.

    “Also can someone show me where it specifically states that Tousen uses his hearing to fight rather than a very much honed spirit sense, or some other ability?”

    Also irrelevant. Whether by hearing or by sensing reiatsu or something else entirely, he can fight with his eyes closed, rendering Shinji’s shikai ineffective.

    I’m looking at this match up logically, dude. Tousen’s Hollowfication is the perfected version of Shinji’s. He’s stronger and faster and his combat style does not rely on eyesight. He has TWO shikai’s AND a bankai that’s usable in this debate. It’s a no-brainer.

  30. @DarkAvatar- But shinji’s shikai doesn’t just affect vision, it affects sense of direction, which relies on way more than visual acuity. Which means that it would indeed affect Tousen, blind or not.

    “Can you fight when up and down, left and right, front and back, and the direction you take damage from are all mixed up inside your head? No, you can’t. Nobody can. The stronger you are the more used you are to combat, the more likely your body is to react only to what you see!!”

    This is how he basically described his shikai’s ability to Aizen. Think about it for a moment, if it were to exclude spiritual senses wouldn’t everyone who had spiritual senses be able to counter it? (heck for that matter wouldn’t a sufficiently intelligent Hollow be able to figure it out?) This was pretty clearly demonstrated when he caught Aizen off guard and actually cut him because if his spirit senses were not also affected then he would have indeed been able to tell which direction the attack was coming from. To say it only affects visual directional senses is purely speculation.

    The fact of the matter is we don’t know enough about Shinji’s abilities, and your practically god moding Tousen’s. In the end it would probably be a fairly even match up. I believe it would affect him, but Tousen would adapt fairly quickly. The Question then becomes this: how quickly could he adapt if Shinji tactically turns the ability on an off during the fight.

    I still give it to Shinji in the end, but it would be a close battle.

  31. @IANRH

    Look at this page here:

    You’ll notice the word “eyes” thrown about a few times, by both Shinji and Aizen. In fact, you even quoted dialogue made by Shinji that supports this argument as well. Specifically:

    “The stronger you are the more used you are to combat, the more likely your body is to react only to what you see!!”

    Only to what you see. Well, if that’s the case, Tousen should be fine.

    And I’m not god moding Tosen’s abilities, I’m just telling you what they are. Again, he has two shikais, a bankai that is usable in this debate, and a better hollowfication. There’s just no way Shinji can win this debate.

  32. @DarkAvatar – True but what I am saying is that if it were only the eyes then anyone would be able to adjust, and Aizen wouldn’t have been hit by the Shinji’s attack because he would have detected the attack by the direction his spiritual pressure was coming from. Also just because they mention sight specifically doesn’t mean that it doesn’t affect other senses. Never in the manga does it come out and specifically state sight is the only sense affected. So your argument on that point is Pure Speculation based entirely on facts that are not specifically stated in the manga.

    Also I still postulate that Shinji could interrupt, or avoid Tousen’s Bankai entirely. For starters it doesn’t seem to go up instantly, so the moment Shinji hears the word Bankai he could do one of two things.

    1- Get outside the radius of Tousen’s Bankai. This is arguably the biggest weakness of Tousen’s bankai. It doesn’t seem to be portable, so as long as he can get out of the range of it’s affects before it takes affect it won’t matter much.

    2- While forming his Bankai Tousen would be vulnerable to attack. Powerful or not it does seem to take some amount of concentration for him to create his Bankai. Can you say for certain that he could finish forming his bankai while Shinji wails on him?

    The key to defeating an opponent that has such advantages over you is to not let them use them. Your seem to be under the assumption that Shinji would just stand there like Kenpachi did while he formed his bankai, I am assuming that he wouldn’t. In the end the battle’s conclusion would hinge on several unknown factors ( Shinji’s Bankai being the biggest) and really I still give it to Shinji, if once again only by a hair.

  33. @IANRH

    “Never in the manga does it come out and specifically state sight is the only sense affected. So your argument on that point is Pure Speculation based entirely on facts that are not specifically stated in the manga.”

    Unfortunately, that’s not how a debate works. The point I have made about eyesight being the only sense affected is backed by several manga references which lends it quite a bit of credibility. If you wish to postulate otherwise, the onus is actually on YOU to provide sources that contradict mine. Merely pointing out a lack of definitive proof on my part is not enough to challenge a theory with substantial evidence supporting it.

    “Also I still postulate that Shinji could interrupt, or avoid Tousen’s Bankai entirely… etc etc”

    Alright then. For arguments sake, let’s leave Tousen’s bankai out of the equation for a second. He still has two very powerful shikai that could either kill or disable Shinji, plus a Hollowfied form that’s much stronger than his opponent’s. Please demonstrate how Shinji would overcome these obstacles.

    ” In the end the battle’s conclusion would hinge on several unknown factors ( Shinji’s Bankai being the biggest) and really I still give it to Shinji, if once again only by a hair.”

    That’s not a very compelling argument. You’re right, Shinji’s bankai IS unknown. Who’s to say its just as slow–or even SLOWER—than Tosen’s? In fact, who’s to say that it will even affect him? You can’t for sure, because it’s never been shown before so this “Pure Speculation” which you are so eager to point out on my behalf is something you seem to be suffering from as well. Mate, saying “I still give it to Shinji” is all well and good, but they’re just empty words until you can show me how he’d win.

  34. @ Debate: I don’t really want to just in on any hostility here but if we’re still going forward in jest I will put my two cents in.
    Firstly I offer this page and the following one.
    Aizen hasn’t actually been looking at Shinji to fall victim to his shikai. This means at the very least it isn’t instigated by sight. Meaning it be used on Tousen regardless of the effect it would actually have, which I will go onto now. Oh actually i also just spotted this. its activated by smell.
    Sorry I really don’t follow Bleach enough but anyway I will press on…
    However! I believe this firmly places it in the useless department…
    If its an optical illusion, if Aizen openly compares it to his power which controls specifically all 5 senses, then its no good if the person doesn’t look.
    Another however. That means Tousen’s resurrection is a wash in this debate. If he used it he would loose and its as simple as that. Not only do all his senses to sneak attacks and the like dull but he would once again become succeptable to Shinji’s tetris cheat….So no resurrection.

    Now lets discuss battle tactics a bit. Shinji always, always does his first encounter with hollowfication. Now Shinji can dance shunpo’s around Grimmjow and he was quick enough to beat Lisa who had a head start and all the other captains to rescuing Hiyori in the flashback. Add to this his mask and his speed is ungodly. This speed alone is enough to counter either of the shikai’s Tousen weilds.
    I admit that Shinji being caught in the bankai is a terrible situation but i think it is one that IANRH has done well to state can be avoided quite easily.
    A sneak attack battle (if they could somehow manage it in a one on one fight) also favours him as these two examples show. (and the next page)

    Ultimately the only way i can see Tousen winning is if his Bankai is successful. Otherwise he is outduked by the superior Shinji in simple shinigami warfare. But I don’t think he would go out and use his bankai while the opening credits were still rolling. Even if he did its avoidable. So I give Shinji the win for having the basics down better even if his zanpaktou can’t be utalised and we don’t know his bankai.
    Please don’t get mad at me….

  35. @franky – lol not mad at all.

    Though one thing I will comment on is everyone’s instant assumption that a hollowfied Shinji outmatches Tosen. This is true, right up until the bit were Tosen ALSO activates his hollowfication. Now, Tosen’s hollowfication is–according to Aizen–a perfected version, giving him a superior speed and strength boost with high speed regeneration, making him tougher and more durable than his Visored opponent.

    Even with his mask on, Shinji is weaker than Tosen. Combine that with two severely underestimated shikai abilities and a bankai to fall back on, Shinji actually is severely outmatched. I just wish the 40-odd voters had actually bothered to give Tosen a fair evaluation before giving their vote to the more popular choice.

  36. You can’t blame the voters when the power levels on bleach are so messed up that . One second Kenpachi almost dies at the hands of the 8th espada and the other he is slashing up Yammi .

  37. thats true lol

  38. @Ahsan – wasn’t Nnoitra Gilga he 5th ranked espada rather than the 8th?
    the 8th was Szayel Aporro Granz, and didn’t Mayuri Kurotsuchi fight him rather than Kenpachi?

  39. One small flaw in the arguements for Tosen…With his new powers, he can see. He says it right before he (dies)ends? That put Shinji’s abilities in the mix. I dont think that was a popularity vote, if it was it might be because of the way Shinji handled Grimjaw (Very popular character). And Tosen for all his (potential)abilities has done absolutely nothing to show he could win a fight against a subordinate much less a former captain with the hollow abilities….Didnt Kenpachi kill the espada he “almost dies”, fighting ? What makes no sense to me is why a Ghost would be blind in the first place, You can fly(even turn into One) but you cant master seeing?

  40. Go and enjoy Bleach, it’s out on

    I have to say the art really made my day, the chapter was really good overall.


    Ah, the awesomeness.

  42. “That wasn’t a getsuga tensho. That was a practice swing.”

    Lmao ok, that was pretty bad-ass.

  43. …alright, I’m tempted to say it was an annoying chapter of typical Bleach power ups, but I really can’t say it this time. moments like this give me a reminder that it can still be badass. besides, at least it wasn’t one SINGLE person who gave him powers. Now we just have to see where Kubo takes it (PLEASE make Ichigo lose some of that power. He could at least earn it through awesome training.)

    They could have made him weak and let the captains obliterate Ginjo though.

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