Fairy Tail 244-245 Double Breakdown. I hope I won’t do many of these. But I might. Kukukuku

*Iamnotreallyhere shoots a missile at me*

*stumbles out of the explosion badly burnt and uses kantonkage as a chair*

Oh hai gaiz. I see you want your breakdown. Well, as you know from what I said at the end of last week’s breakdown, I was devouring puny humans chillin’ on the beach with some friends during the whole week. So I couldn’t do the breakdown. But I can now!

… Or maybe not.

*Tenrai eats me*


Awesome cover page... but what is the guy in the upper right corner doing? O_O

Sorry for the late breakdown, but I started it two days ago and then I was overcome by the monster called Pickles apathy. Only after eating the cookie dough ice cream in my fridge was I able to muster up the energy to do this breakdown. 😀

Moving on, chapter 244 was great because of the fight scenes, but I would have liked it more if Hades had told Natsu his back story. Why did he go to the dark side? DAMN YOU Mayushii PALPATINE!! D:<

Anyway, what I shocked me in this chapter was that Hades is incredibly brutal and ruthless in a fight, almost sadistic, so unlike Fairy Tail guild members who even refuse to kill their enemies. I had expected him to annihilate Team Natsu quickly like he did with Makarov, instead he made swiss cheese out of them and then kicked Natsu when he was down. So cruel and yet so badass.

He would have killed Natsu, had it not been for an extremely predictable, but nonetheless awesome plot twist…

Laxus arrives!! We're saved! He has plot armor!

Yeah, dream on. Only main characters have that. D:

Which brings me to chapter 245. I would have liked it, but the last pages killed it for me.

Is this page referencing a show or something?

The final “plot twist” was one of the reasons for my apathy. As soon as I finished reading the chapter, I facepalmed. I even went on youtube searching for funny (in a bad way) videos like our beloved Rebecca Black’s Friday. To my surprise, I found a video of a mature girl singing extremely well about the world’s problems and completely in tune! And she is absolutely NOT twelve years old. See for yourself.

Well, I spared you the pain of the official video, at least.

Sorry for that. 😈 She’s worse than Rebecca Black, if that’s even possible. You know, this song is bearable because it’s about something innocent and you would think this girl’s other songs can’t get worse, right? Think again. I couldn’t even watch that video because she’s twelve and it’s just disgusting. The horror of that video scared my apathy away.

Getting back to the chapter, I don’t actually think it was terrible, because the first two thirds were great.

I can feel the love.

I really like how Laxus hasn’t changed and he’s still the egotistical bastard we knew and loved (kinda).  But we all know he’s a softie and this chapter shows us that. He’s angry that Hades defeated Makarov and wants to avenge him. He beats the crap out of Hades, and it’s awesome.

That must have hurt...

Like I said in the last breakdown, I really wonder why Hades doesn’t defend against attacks. Doesn’t he know how to dodge!!?

Actually, that might be his strategy… he lets his foes beat him up to lull them into a false sense of security and then he strikes. I could believe that if he didn’t make hilarious faces like in the image above.

After getting hit a few times, Hades attacks with a powerful spell. Laxus seems unaffected, but after kicking Hades he collapses, unable to move. Hades takes advantage of his weakness and shoots a ki magic blast at him. Right before he gets hit, he gives his lightning magic to Natsu, restoring his stamina and increasing his power.

Not again...

Now I’ll explain why I hated the final “plot twist”. First, it looks exactly like another page but with some minor edits. Second, it’s been done before. Twice. Natsu ate Aetherion (which contains all elements) to defeat Jellal and the Golden Flame of Rebuke to beat Zero. Natsu eats flames, so that’s ok, but now he can eat lightning too? That’s just plotkai.

What do you think?

Sorry again for the late breakdown and for the rant. I’m glad I got that off my chest.

See ya next week after Hades crushes Natsu (I hope).

*gives IANRH a Fairy Tail badge which is actually a time bomb*

*runs away before it explodes*

最强 Dragon


~ by 最強 Dragon on July 31, 2011.

21 Responses to “Fairy Tail 244-245 Double Breakdown. I hope I won’t do many of these. But I might. Kukukuku”

  1. It’s FINALLY out and it’s listed before the Naruto breakdown, for some reason. Enjoy.

  2. Yells 1st , runs away >_> <_<

  3. I truly hated the end of the last chapter. I have always been in the balance with Fairy Tail on whether I like it or not and tend to find my opinion is swung around wildly by each chapter with it not being so good at the moment. I know thats probably just me and there are a lot of big FT fans but this repetition really got to me.
    It would have been so much more appealing to have a fan favourite like Laxus whoop ass and gain redemption at the same time and ultimately accomplish either the win or loss that Natsu will now get.
    I also wouldn’t have minded if some sort of tag team thing went on again or to be honest anything except another eating power up. Seriously, its cool that Dragon Slayers can eat their element and recover but to power up from eating whatever you like that mildly resembles your element is nothing short of cheap imo.
    Rant over.

    I do like how the Hades fight has been drawn so far. The panels never get too chaotic, its really easy to follow and the art is pretty awesome. I also like Hades’ unique magic particularly the ‘guns’. Thought that was wicked.

    @Dragon: I never noticed Hades doesn’t dodge anything! Could it be that he is actually super slow and maybe decrepid? Only his magic power is holding his old self together and his physical body is very frail? Just a stab in the dark.

  4. I think Hades doesn’t dodge anything because his magic is all about returning the force of the attacks against his opponents. A kind of like Karma magic that lets him get stronger the more he gets pounded on.

    * Wonders if Dragon realized I put the time bomb badge on his back as he left*

  5. Nice Breakdown Dragon…. With those vids trolling like a true Kubo fan 😉

    I thought the chapter was okay but in the end recycled plot is recycled, if you miss the entire arc at the end u can predict Natsu gaining some super power and then kicking the bad guys @$$ from here to china town, its over used and boring.

    Remember last time Natsu tried to eat the lightning, he was sick for day now he like chowing it, “like a boss” I am sure he gonna do a quick beating of hades and Fairy Tail as a whole will defeat Hades I don’t think they will leave it just for natsu this time, maybe that drinking chick 😉

  6. oh and on releases why is this before the Naruto O_O I didn’t see it till now @_@

  7. I love how no one voted the first option in the poll. 😛

    @CyborgFranky: You know, that’s a great explanation! Makarov is 80 and he has heart problems, while Hades is 200, but he fights like a 20 year old, so it must be his Lost Magic that makes his body invincible.

    By the way, next chapter’s title is “Land of the Abyss”. Since I still have faith in Mashima, I think Hades won’t get defeated and he will send all his enemies to the Land of the Abyss which is where he found the Essence of Magic, hoping that the monsters there will kill them. That will be the start of a new arc.

  8. I was also hoping for more of a team effort win and not just another Natsu win. Now that I’ve said that, let’s have a debate.

    Laxus vs Gildarts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. the move used to defeat Laxus made Gildartz move ONE STEP!!!
    I’ll wait for next chapter to make my judgment on this KaminaLaxus gave his power SimonNatsu.

  10. Delete the first post please
    the move used to defeat Laxus made Gildartz move ONE STEP!!!
    I’ll wait for next chapter to make my judgment on this KaminaLaxus gave his power to SimonNatsu.

  11. *Kicks Dragon and Ahsan into the sky*

  12. This is an old comic I made about Fairy Tail and its powerups during the Erza vs. Tree Guy fight.


    I think it applies to this current fight, but maybe not. Laxu’s decision to give Natsu his power was purely contrived just to give the main character the last boss. Laxus wasn’t defeated or down for the count. Natsu wasn’t the only one to have been affected by all that Hades has done, and he shouldn’t have been even the most affected. Laxus grandpa was almost killed and Natsu should be angrier?

    Natsu isn’t even the only FT Guild member strong enough to give Hades a run for his money. Look at Erza. Just as affected as Natsu by this whole situation and just as strong, if not stronger than Natsu. Why didn’t Laxus give her his powers? Why didn’t Natsu divide his powers up with the other FT members? It would have been sooo much better if everyone got a chance to get back up and fight again (at the sacrifice of Laxu’s maigc). I’d take it better if Hade’s defeat was a concentrated effort by some of the strongest members of FT. Instead it’s just another 1 time powerup for Natsu to defeat the big baddie.

  13. No FT this week! T_T Looks like I’ll have to wait three weeks to know the outcome of the battle.
    Sorry guys, but I’ll be away from Tuesday until the 26th. I’ll do a triple breakdown when I get back. 😦


    You’re back! *holds back tears* 😛 Lol.

    Anyway, I also hate the nakama powerups and the plot no jutsu that makes Natsu defeat the big bad of every arc.
    I really want Hades to win this battle and crush Natsu like an insect (insert maniacal laughter here) so Fairy Tail can get better.
    I was so happy when Gildarts made Natsu fear his power and he told him that there are foes that you really can’t defeat because I thought that Natsu would have lost some battles, but that didn’t happen. He beat Zancrow (I still don’t get how he ate the black flames), Ultear pwned him (I loved that, but if that fight had continued, I’m sure she would have lost) and now he’s going to defeat the man who defeated Makarov without a scratch. I hope I’m wrong on that last part, for this manga’s sake. T_T

  14. New ft chapter is out btw.

  15. Lame chapter *sigh*

  16. LOL what did you expect from ft? 😛

  17. I am actually quite happy that Natsu didn’t manage to defeat Hades with a typical super powered plot kai.

    What I didn’t like about the chapter was Hades’ expressions during the battle. He looked a bit too comical for someone who normally comes across as such a ruthless villain. I don’t know, I just think those comical expressions make him seem a lot less villainous. The end did redeem him a bit though.

    The only question now is, will Natsu have another power release (typical FT formula) or will someone else come to the rescue again? Here are my thoughts on what could possibly happen now.

    1: Natsu has another rage moment and turns the tide again after seeing his companions suffer.

    2: Makarov wakes up and arrives for round 2 against FT’s old master.

    3: Zereph arrives and intervenes himself.

    4: Ultear arrives and decides to help FT. This option would actually be the most interesting for me because she did originally suggest that Gray uses iced shell to defeat Hades. Imagine if Ultear suddenly stepped in and did exactly that to make up for all the damage she caused, by giving up her life (in a sense) to defeat Hades.

    Other than that, I don’t see Gildarts or anyone else getting involved, so I don’t really see any alternatives as to how Hades will be defeated.

  18. Way to blow apart fairy tale Island Natsu….
    Weren’t you supposed to be trying to save it?

    Hades is a bit of a bad arse but I would have to say he was made to move more than a step in this chapter.

    I wonder what Dues Ex Machina will save Fairy Tale this time?
    I know!! Natsu will eat wood and become the Match stick/ Flaming Splinter Dragon!! =P

  19. lol @ ianrh . Knowing ft it could actually happen

  20. @ahsan and Ianrh: This is not bleach!! *fires a cluster bomb at Ahsan*

  21. *Starts countdown to the next late breakdown* =P

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