Bleach Chapter 458 – All Bonds Ending!


Awe all, just as I was scowering the lands, for a decent plot twist, excitement and danger! I found myself on the Island of Bleach, now it ain’t Naruto where everyone gets hugs one chapter and then awesome jutsu mastering the next, and well Fairy Tail is basically Fanservice on Steroids, which is cool but if you want a plot twist Kubo style you will be reading Bleach this week, seriously!

I know many a person lost their faith in Bleach, present company included but I must say this chapter has changed that perspective, it doesn’t make up for “Decide” but it has put Bleach back on my must read list, and not just the thing I read when I am bored and have nothing to do. @_@

Now when I saw the spoilers, yes I read spoilers. I was refreshing constantly to see if the new Bleach chapter is out, and although my favorite character of all time in Naruto just started fighting (Pein if anyone is wondering <_<), I found myself drawn to Bleach more…


Though I found myself wondering why? What deep forbidden part of my Psyche is captivated by Bleach, now more than Naruto, while an only a few chapters ago I was not even that interested in Bleach…

Awesome is Awesome 😀

It’s the Villains! I know people like me and Kisu, are more interested in the dark side of the force since we prefer cookies too veggies 😛

Naruto has lost that, the villains have taken a back step to the likes of Pain, where Bleach truly has invested time in creating a new Villain, and gotten ride of the Cancer of Aizen that trolled the entire Universe. We have finally seen in this chapter the rebirth of Bleach, the plot holes will remain and decide will always be a painful memory for Bleachists but this has been the first step to regaining its legend status in my eyes 😉

Too the chapter…

When you read this chapter a 2nd time, you realize the true depth of everything that has happened to this point. I love how Kubo begins the chapter, we all have our hearts set out on Ginjou being cut, I could literally feel the tragedy of the current events, Ichigo has lost all his friends and family and now the last ally he had is gone forever, or will soon be turning too against his will to Fight Ichigo.

I was on the edge waiting for the moment for Ginjou to change but we at first see no immediat change, Ginjou even says he wonders if the Technique takes time and then probably the kicker of this entire Chapter and arc so far, probably the moment that had me most moved was where Ginjou, said he sees Tsukishima as an enemy and Ichigo as a friend. The way Kubo drew that page, the relief in Ichigo’s eyes, it’s so tragic.

Those two pages when I read it a second time was almost heart breaking, imagine you lost all your friends and the one that remains, you can actually see the relief drawn into Ichigo’s eyes. Then the twist <_< well the first one, when Ishida arrives, I love how Kubo draws his expressions dark and sinister while keep Ginjou more neutral at this point.

I like the way Ichigo’s mind process’ everything, his paranoia is at an all time High this time. Trying to figure out if Ishida is actually a friend to him or not. When Ishida finally begins showing his power, I was like now we can see.

The rest of the chapter revolves around a pretty awesome twist and has been what will bring back Bleach, Remember when Aizen first appeared as the enemy, we had always wondered and the signs where there but Gin was the true traget of our doubt.

This time however the true deception was hidden even from Ginjou himself, his memories were altered to make him look, act and think as a good guy would. This allowed Kubo to show us his inner thoughts without giving away his true intention.

Return of the Villain ~_~

In the same way once Aizen was revealed his expression was shown as more sinister and evil, Ginjou we can also see the malice in his expressions. Ishida and Ichigo are then Quickly cut down with Ichigo gaining another hole in his chest… He seems to gain holes in his chest about the same amount of time Ishida looses his ARM -_o

I look forward to the next chapter but I like how Kubo brings us back to the previous time something like this happened.



~ Extra’s ~



Debate Result



This weeks Debate

Liked the votes and few comments but most people just claimed that Ken Chan would win with no backing in the comments, I went with the poll for final result.

This week I wanna see blood sweat and tears….

Coyote Starrk vs Gin Ichimaru

Strongest Arrancar vs Aizen’s Right Hand Man



Well that’s all fowkes…

Pein out ^:_:^


~ by pein0avenue on July 28, 2011.

25 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 458 – All Bonds Ending!”

  1. FIRST xD

  2. Good Breakdown Pein but IMO the chapter wasn’t that big of a deal . After reading 100 Stupid chapters even a half-decent Chapter would seem awesome to a regular bleach reader . And i do agree with you on the fairy tail Comment , it’s either fan service or idiotic plot .As for the Debate Gin wins it for me

    If any manga rose this week it has to be OP , It had been literally burrying itself in a hole and now it burst out of it in style .

  3. @ Ahsan – lol I don’t read OP so I cannot judge that one just yet, but if you look at Bleach for the past how many chapters we been getting progressively better while Naruto has been boring the war sapped so much life out of the manga it isn’t even funny and Bleach at least delivers twists where naruto the biggest twist so far was “Gaara was loved” but maybe I just been filling in for Kisu for too long @_@

  4. *Dropkicks Ahsan out the window again*
    It seems Bleach can’t function without Ichigo suffering from Heroic BSOD

  5. *Gets blown out of the windows*

    *get’s up and puts the house on fire*


  6. Anyone considered that Ginjou isnt evil???? I mean, he SAYS he was double-cut, but maybe the ONE cut, made him THINK he was a double-cut, evil, madman. Considering how powerful Tsukishima’s fullbring is, and how awesome and protagonisty Ginjou’s been, this could be the case…..

  7. @ ozahazcookiez, he might be playing a dangerous game, but I do think he has bad intentions and had them from the start, remember he was the one who chopped Uryu so that must mean he is partially evil at least.

    It’s Kubo’s style to make a caring and good person turn out to be the main antagonist, like he did with Aizen. But the thing is that we suspected him to be a bad guy from the start so I’m holding the verdict a while longer to see what will unfold in the following chapters.

    At least Bleach has turned into a exciting manga once more, and I can happily say it’s really got me following with a lot of interest as of late.

    Also great breakdown Pein, good job.

  8. @ kantonkage
    A better description of Ichigo in this instance would be Heroic Blue screen of DERP!! I mean seriously the guy has lost all of the intuitiveness that made him an interesting character.

    I honestly thing this is going to be the LAST ARC of bleach, and that Kubo will wrap this up in a way that Ichigo CAN NOT return as a protagonist. He will do this because as I understand he wanted the end of the last arc to be the end of bleach, but due to executive meddling he was pretty much pushed into doing more BLEACH. Which probably means Ichigo is going to die/be destroyed/be sealed at the end of this arc.


  9. Great job Pein!

    *sticks Bleach permanently on to him*

    *walks away whistling ignoring Pein’s cries of anguish*


    Starrk takes this. Vizard Ichigo was enough to dodge the strikes, so someone who got the jump on a Senior Captain like Shunsui won’t be having too much trouble. All Stark has to do is stay far away and use his wolves and Cero Metralleta and Gin WILL be overwhelmed.

  10. @kisu

    ” All Stark has to do is stay far away ”

    But Gin has a “big” Sword ……….

  11. @Eugen – Ginjou was NOT the one who chopped Uryu!!! If you look back to the chapter he was chopped, the attacker was clearly wearing the suspenders that Tsukishima wears. Basically, Tsukishima made Uryuu think he was attacked by Ginjou, and made Ginjou think he was evil, and that he attacked Uryu. Problem solved.

    Frankly, the biggest problem with this arc and the last one has been Isshin. Kubo shows and tells us one or two things about him, and then shrouds us in complete mystery. I WANT A COMPLETE ISSHIN BACKSTORY.

  12. @ ozahazcookiez – Thing is Uryu was cut but like cut apart and Tsuki, seems to slice peoples memories it doesn’t full effect them also, we have seen that with his ability it takes time to take effect unless he is undoing his previous “cut” look at Orohime and Chad compared to Ginjou who was instant and the other members of Xcution…

    Kubo has promised to reveal it soon but we so unsure of the path he wants to keep Ichigo’s father a mystery as long as he can I think, this may reveal the story or build to it.

  13. @ Ahsan – its not the size of the sword its the speed of the sword 😉

    I still think Starrk is pretty comfortable with range attacks and has speed to dodge Gin general attacks like Blue Screen Ichigo did lol

  14. hi folks 😀
    last chapter was cool, but I got this feeling that all is gona repeat itself again. just read it 🙂

  15. Damnnnnnn it was Rukia after all, c’mon Kubo, why are you tormenting us like this. It was interesting to see Ichigo retaining some features of the fullbring after turning into a shinigami once more.

    All in all it was a good chapter but the ending was so BAD it was a great disappointment for me to see things: I quote pwnman “that all is gona repeat itself”. I really hope things are gonna change a lot in the next few chapters because this shi* isn’t really for me.

    I guess that’s the fun of reading Bleach.

  16. plot twist!
    there’s are Kubo again. For a few weeks i thought he was gonna write/draw a good manga. How dissapointing

  17. @pein but Gin lies a lot and it was obvious that he was toying with Ichigo.
    He got stabbed AGAIN!!!!!! *Facepalm*

  18. So much for your plot twist pein ….

  19. Now ask yourself, how could this get any worse????? I know Renji will pop out next. Will Ichigo’s zampacto still be Zangetsu or will it be someone else, I wonder. At least Ginjou will be more powerful now that he absorbed Ichico’s fullbring and might make for a decent fight, but I don’t see this guys as much of a threat, I hope I’m wrong and they do turn out to be Aizen level maniacs, but that’s just, 3 joints high, wishful thinking.

    The only person that can make this manga better besides Urahara is Kempachi, other that that it’s pretty much in the gutter.

  20. Rukia is a Lieutenant now? Awesome =P
    Come on people, none of you complained the first time Ichigo got powers from being penetrated. Though I wonder if Kubo is going to kill off Ichigo’s human side in the process.

    Also it’s possible that Ichigo won’t be at full strength right away, in other words he may have to re-learn his shinigami powers, and re-earn his bankai. I know that may piss everyone off (like Kubo cares anyways) but think about it. What if Ichigo actually had to work hard to earn his place? What if his new shinigami form is nothing like his old and he’s no longer the super sayen of soul reapers anymore? It brings up a lot of interesting questions.

  21. @iamnotreallyhere

    “Come on people, none of you complained the first time Ichigo got powers from being penetrated. ”

    The key word here being , “The First Time” ….

  22. @Ahsan- And if you go back and re-read it that seems to be the only way for a human to gain Shinigami powers. In other words this is the only way Ichigo could become a soul reaper again. Unless you know of another way it can be accomplished?

    In any case what did you expect, this is Kubo ‘Trollin’ Tite we’re talking about here. He never does what anyone expects, which can be a good and bad thing at the same time. I’m not really surprised at what has happened, though I can’t say that I’m disappointed. The return of his shinigami powers was pretty much inevitable seeing as how the entire manga has revolved around it for over 450 chapters. Maybe now Ichigo will drop the idiot ball and let someone else carry it around for a while.

  23. I have one quick question for you guys, being a bit new at bleach and all, is the the sword Rukia stab’ed ichigo with, Ishin’s zampakto, the one we saw him holding when he was walking with Urahara???

  24. @ eugen – yeah its not her own sword since hers is in the holster still 😉 I am not sure if that is Isshin’s or just a sword filled with spiritual energy ?

  25. Is it just me or does Rukia seem to be enjoying that just a little too much? =P

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