Soul Eater Chapter 88 – Flying Whales, cause crack is cheep :P

You Forgotten me Mangastream

Awe all Pein here, I realized something the other day, Soul Eater has disappeared off the front page, with all my worries in filling in for Kisu, I forgot to do my Soul Eater. Though I must say the series has definitely lost a lot of its shine to me, its become drawn out, we haven’t seen our favorites in battles for ages and the ones we seen has dissappointed me to no end. I read the last three and will do a short breakdown of the previous 2 and the current will do the full breakdown on.

Soul Eater Chapter 86 – Hellfire

This Chapter revolved around Justin Law, and the conclusion with his battle against Tezca, I really thought it would be more entertaining being that, Tezca was one of my favorite characters and Law had been before his insanity too. I found that the talking made little sense but what did hit home was the fact that, Law was insane because of loneliness living isolated from the world had made him oblivious to the pain etc.Law defeats Tezca. DeathΒ  the Kid also goes to Ebion

Soul Eater Chapter 87 – Just a simple story about killing people

I quite enjoyed this chapter and the twisted Nature of it, with the emotional love fest, festering in Naruto, Bleach is inconsistency, I found this chapter pretty awesome. You sometimes get that feeling to watch a horror or a thriller just to scare you and freak you out. This Chapter is made for that, you need to be in the mood though to appreciate it. The twist comes when Medusa shows Chrona too much affection and is excecuted for it. It is a cool twisted scene but I think there will be a return of Medusa that cannot be her defeat since she is probably the longest reigning Villian in this series πŸ˜€

Soul Eater Chapter 88 – The Hunt

Then we finally arrive at our most current chapter in the series, with the most of the previous being all doom gloom and vileplooms, we needed a lighter edition. I really like Black*Star and co, though most of the plot is neglected at first and we are shown a simple mission for Soul Eater’s Crew. Well lets get to the Breakdown…

I think Black*Star makes the manga so awesome, I really like his arrogance and it has been missing for quite sometime, also Maka and Soul where a cool add on. πŸ˜‰

Tsubaki now extends herself to act as a stilt for B*S to be able to battle in mid air. The ability is cool but really at first seemed impractical since how would he move around, he would have to remain stationary, but then again I under estimated Black Star.

We are then introduced to the local weapons/meister, it would seem quite a contrast in one being very old and the other still quite young, when we usually see the pairing in Soul Eater being about the same age with very few with large age gaps… I found them to be annoying though, they portrayed your typical traditional pairing. Lol and as we all know all male characters in Soul Eater are just actually old perverts <_<

We are then introduced to exactly what they where hunting, its Maka being strong in sensing abilities and madness to feel uneasy at that altitude.

The scene then turns to our favorite, obsessive compulsive, Death the Kid. I actually miss how he was at the start of the series. Very strong but weakened constantly by imbalance, which now doesn’t seem to be a problem or maybe it just hasn’t been highlighted yet. Since his Battle with Black*Star, I found his character more an annoyance then, though I can see he is being used to upset the foundations of this manga, to show that no one is truly immune to madness. I like how he went to through to the magnetic world. Though I think this chapter was made to build up to a upcoming battle.

The magical journey in random land, with a Whale that can fly, yup you heard it a flying Whale! WTF is up with that! I mean I know this is a fictional Manga but what sort of madness does on need to instill to be relaxing one day and think, “Hmmm lets put in a flying WHALE!!”

I think I will just put on in for the hell of it.

The battle in the air is pretty short, since B*S and co cannot physically attack the Flying Whale, they rely on Soul’s sound of insanity to attack the Whales communication, still one of my favorite drawn characters in Soul in his other world, once he gives in to insanity.

Not much more happened in this chapter, a lot was just comic relief, but I will tell you something. If you enjoyed the original series of Soul Eater! You will enjoy the last chapter, the previous 2 I would say you gotta be in the mood for, but this one had everything you would want out of Soul Eater except there was no Fanservice… you dirty minded peeps πŸ˜›

The end of the chapter also builds up nicely but to something that I had always thought was obvious…

Chrona the it creature that has been reading books on killing things and drowning the world in Madness is next on the hit list for the Students and this will mean we could have quite a few possible rematches though Chrona seems to be on a who new level…

Peace out my people.

Hope you enjoy…………


This section may be canceled depending on responses, I am not sure there is place for it on WRA though I will keep doing it for the fans of the series till I am told not to lol πŸ˜€

PEIN ^:_:^ Out πŸ˜‰


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5 Responses to “Soul Eater Chapter 88 – Flying Whales, cause crack is cheep :P”

  1. Never Fear, It is Here πŸ˜€

  2. First!!!

  3. new chapter is out

  4. Great breakdown Pein (Yes, I am late)!

    I think Kishin is hiding in the sky where the madness is most concentrated and Eibon did say Star’s friends would know, and Maka did have that internal dialog about the madness being so high up there.

    It’d explain why they’re having so much trouble finding the being. No one would think to check the sky.


    Oh, new chapter~

    Edit: Oh damn, I was close!!! Awesome chapter, just wish the scans were better.

  5. new chapter IS OUT

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