Naruto Shippuuden 220 Breakdown: It’s like a yummy pastry filled with air.

Ah yes, our latest episode of Naruto is indeed like a yummy pastry filled with air. Nice, sugary and crunchy on the outside, but lacking the delectable filling that makes it feel full and complete.

It’s like a jam doughnut without the jam. Soda without the bubbles. Or Chuck Norris without a roundhouse kick. But, even despite the missing centerpiece, you still want to eat it because it is still sugary and crunchy on the outside.

Someone... put chili in my Ramen...

To make sense of my senseless sensibility, I guess I’ll have to put things into perspective. Here we have an episode that, although decent, finds itself focusing on too many different aspects at the same time.

From Tsunade’s sudden awakening from her coma, to a brief snippet of Sasuke’s post-operation banter with Tobi, we find ourselves floating through several jumbled scenes including Karen’s interrogation and Naruto’s untimely visit to Mount Myoboku. In between all of this, we also have a fairly substantial filler scene involving Naruto and team Ebisu.

It’s all very light-hearted fun and seeing Konohamaru and his gang back in action may appeal to many viewers who miss having the tiny tykesaround, but ultimately, it lacks the drive that keeps one engaged on a higher level of stimulation.

Heaven only knows why I had to take my shirt off for an eye operation. I guess it's for my fanboys... er... I mean girls. X__x

One of the highlights of the episode, however, was seeing Naruto wandering through the still incomplete streets of Konoha (or, as Kevinphoenix put it, the village hidden in the crater), only to find that, once again, he had quickly become the source of many a gaze and most certainly the center of the attention of all those around him.

Only, this time, the eyes that look on him are no longer filled with hatred, loathing or discontent. Instead, these eyes are friendly, warm and accompanied by cheerful smiles. Words of approval and encouragement are offered gently from parted lips and Naruto finds himself strangely at odds with this new, unfamiliar and obviously overwhelming sensation. You can clearly see his awkward sense of discomfort at being noticed and even admired in such a positive light for a change.

It's easier to return a smile for a smile, in the same way it's easier to show a warmer heart to the warm hearts of those around you. But a heart that is laced with uncertainty, can never offer its bearer a true smile until it is finally at peace.

Another equally inspiring scene was that involving Hinata and Shikamaru, whereby Hinata takes a moment to explain the situation where Naruto had succumbed to the Kyuubi’s hatred when he thought she had died and how it took over him and replaced his own consciousness.

Interestingly enough, instead of fearing Naruto or fearing the Kyuubi’s escape following this unsettling discussion, Shikamaru adopts a very compassionate mindset where he decides that he and all of Naruto’s friends will protect Naruto from both Akatsuki and from the Kyuubi itself, so that there would be no need to rely on its power anymore or risk it taking over. It was a very sentimental approach to what would have normally been a much more bleak and overly negative reaction had the same even occurred a few years before, when Naruto had yet to gain everyone’s faith approval and it also shows that Naruto’s friends truly do see him for who he is as a completely separate entity from the Kyuubi he contains.

I was, however, hoping for a bit more on the love confession that has largely been ignored in both the manga and anime, but it seems my curiosity on the matter won’t be satiated just yet.

Next time on Fear Factor...!

Well, that’s all from me for now.

Let’s get underway with out weekly formalities, shall we? We’ll be starting, of course, with the winner of last week’s caption contest.

Holydemonandy: "Now you’re thinking with PORTALS!"

As a Portal player, I found this quite funny. Please don’t eat me. If it’s any consulation, Kantonkage came second.

*Runs away while laughing maniacally.*

And here is this week’s screen.

*Insert caption here.*

It’s a difficult one this week, but hopefully you guys can be creative. I’m counting on your ability to think here. I know that pretty much dooms us all, but miracles do happen, right? ^ ^

Last, but not least, here is the preview for next week’s episode, which will apparently be a double episode. That means more work for me on my next breakdown.

See you all in the comments. ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on July 26, 2011.

22 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 220 Breakdown: It’s like a yummy pastry filled with air.”

  1. 1st

  2. Second!

    Caption: Naruto stares in shocked silence as he reads over his latest dinner bill from Ichiraku’s…

  3. Caption: So your saying that if I concentrate really hard I can see Chuck Norris ???

  4. I was rather surprised you actually quoted me on the crater joke. lol

    I dunno, I personally wasn’t too put off my the jumping between scenes. Either way, the roads will soon converge once again. Nice to know that Kabuchimaru will finally enter the scene. And of course, I truly hope they don’t botch Naruto vs the Kyuubi.

    All in all, this episode was ok. Like you said, it may have lacked the jam, but it was still enough to somewhat satisfy my hunger.

  5. Caption: ASCII pr0n. Ur doin it rong.

  6. Caption: Frog saying: “Behold my Sudoku! Just try and solve it, Muddafugga’!!!

  7. Nice Breakdown! I thought pretty much the same in the anime they seem to be so light hearted but what is nice is seeing Naruto’s actual reactions to the people since the manga we already know how he feels deep down… So he seems unconfortable and uneasy…

    Sign here, to see what is behind here…. O_O Terms and Conditions apply

  8. Almost forgot!

    Caption: “Censored!”

  9. @Kevinphoenix

    Well, that was a very funny line actually, so I couldn’t help but put it in. The village hidden in the crater. Lol.

    The Japanese name would be Funkakougakure. O_o

  10. I wonder if it will ever be fixed like in one chapter it will just be gone or something ?

  11. @Pein

    Konoha has a great opportunity to build a moat filled with ninja ducks now. It would be the perfect defense. @__@

  12. Caption:
    Naruto: Sure, I’ll sign anything. But why the hell would I want to sue you anyway? What could possibly happen to me up here?

  13. Caption: Naruto: ….The hell is this?

    Caption 2: Frog: What do you see, Naruto? Naruto: Llama’s entering a portal to their world! =D

  14. @Jennifer

    Lol. Wow, talk about seeing underneath the underneath. but now that you mention it… it does kinda look like that. O_o

    But the back one looks more like a rhino. XD

  15. Caption:Naruto: “Aah so that’s how babies are made.”

  16. Great breakdown.

    Caption: Do I read this from left to right or right to left?

  17. Caption: Break this code n Kisu loves everybod…nevermind

  18. Caption: And that’s how the theory of quantum mechanics inversion square root diminutive intra-dimensional phi-collateral time travel was solved!

  19. Oh dear God…*facepalms with dread* More…damn…f@#%ing filler episodes approaching! Looks like Naruto will be at sea longer than usual. I should’ve known they’d find a way to squeeze out another filler arc. Though I don’t think it’ll be that many episodes, hopefully. They are, after all, on their way to an S-Rank mission. They can only be sidetracked for so long.

  20. caption: You are here –>

  21. Sorry guys, but my breakdown will only be out tomorrow. I am having a problem downloading both of the episodes. T__T

  22. @Tenrai

    Don’t worry about it. Take your time. ^^

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