Bleach Chapter 457 – Bonds of Ending…

Awe All, Pein here for a belated Bleach Breakdown, I honestly felt most of what was covered in my previous breakdown can continue to apply in this chapter, we got a Classic “Decide” chapter arc beginning! I hate it and I cannot explain how much by merely words that Kubo should never, I repeat NEVER do a 1-2-3 and beyond arc give each chapter a heading or at least be End of Bonds – Blah Blah, cause when he seems in a rut of struggling for new material he begins this and well we end up having repetitive repeats πŸ˜‰

Well to the Chapter.

We basically see what most Bleachist’s have been questioning since, well since we been introduced to these Fullbringer abilities, “how effective will they be in battle?” So far not really effective at all.

Angles, Ginjou knows how to use them <_<

Well almost all these abilities we seen so I was Glad Kubo used each of theirs once and then for some reason made them sit quietly in the corner while “knuckles” showed us his powers πŸ˜‰ I find it odd though, that although Ginjou is the leader he is able to fend of each of their attacks, its like Kubo doesn’t think things through logically, like for example, Where they hell are they @_@ I mean I have no concept of time or space here and Kubo’s Backgrounds help out a lot πŸ˜›

Cause at first we only saw, a small room now its like they in a Hyperbolic Time Chamber with no end… but then again what do I know, and they where on the 2nd Floor right?

We get introduced to “the big bad” right hand man, I call him “knuckles” his ability though is still a mystery to me. He seems to play by chance, his ability is more battle based then Yahiko’s, Old man Time Patch, Rirukia, etc. Though based more on luck then on actually skill or ability, though once he gets a good “roll” he seems to be able to do anything. Breaking Ginjou’s sword is difficult, even “the big bad” wasn’t able to do that in their previous battle.

When we do finally get back to Ichigo vs “the big bad” its all basically what we saw a week ago drawn differently, Ichigo is pissed off still, “the big bad” still thinking everything out and Chad and Inoue are still the problem… Did I pretty much cover this in last weeks breakdown BUT wait there is more to come, once you turned through the repeats you get to the juicier bits… We seem to see a lot of this fight from “the big bad’s” perspective but there is one quote that makes me think is the following…

Dam you Kubo if you make him a good guy @__@

The it will all be over for me, it makes so little sense but could be an epic plot twist too. Anyways the battle does seem to be to highlight Ichigo’s progression but with each leap Ichigo makes its like “the big bad” just says, “Well Done good boy just as I planned it,” I feel no feeling of satisfaction from the battle itself, I just feel like this should be leading somewhere, where it makes sense. Do you remember when fights in Bleach where looking epic and exciting, like Kempachi vs Ichigo… Still one of the best there ever been, now its like watching Spider Man take on Lex Luther, complete strategy vs complete power with no plan of victory… What does Ichigo think, what if this ability doesn’t wear off after death then he has just killed a Friend and that will isolate him forever!

The chapter then goes back to its repetitive nature, of all Kubo’s numbered arcs. We see Chad and Inoue again bla bla. I think Kubo’s been trying to find something intelligent for Chad to say since the “Substitute Shinigami arc” remember that one guys, when we saw hollows and this thing was epic, nah me neither but take a look at this.

BOOM Plot Twist

I think this was the best part of the Chapter, it gives us readers a reason to keep reading the chapters to follow, I truly hope this will mean “Bonds ending” will be over and Kubo will then focus more on each chapter and not just a general idea he wants to portray over like 17 πŸ˜›

Also the Final Page shows Quincy Boy running to the scene which I think he been doing since well 8 chapters ago where he just happened to be leaving the hospital, Boy sure takes his time…

Questions I ask myself.

Does this mean Ginjou is turned or will it take time like the others did?

Does Quincy Boy come to help Ichigo or the big bad?

Where is Ichigo’s father, I mean his 2 under age daughters in a house in the middle of no where having a party just ain’t good parenting…. and for that matter where is Urahara, he should be loving this….

What happened to Hollows are they on holiday?

Who was that Shinigami from 0ver 9000 chapters ago?

ALL these questions and u know we probably only gonna get the answer to half anyways so lets figure them out for ourselves first…


One last Bonus flow Debate I would like to start… since well Naruto has theirs lets have a Battle Debate here…

Kenpachi vs Byakuya

This was kinda covered in the anime/manga. We need to decide who would of won.


Well that is it for me, hopefully the debate will get the brain juices working,

Though this is Bleach so don’t think too hard please πŸ˜‰

Love peace and Chicken Grease



~ by pein0avenue on July 25, 2011.

10 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 457 – Bonds of Ending…”


  2. FIRST!!

  3. Second , Ken-Chan All the way

  4. Pein isn’t is keNpachi ? Or is it keMpachi O.o

  5. @ Ahsan – you know I hate spelling names. πŸ˜› Will change it though shot for the heads up πŸ˜‰

  6. I just don’t see Ken chan getting through the defense of Byakuya, where Byakuya can attack and defend his position with ease plus, Ken Chan was beaten by Ichigo’s Shikai, and Byaku was barely beaten by Bankai… I can’t b elieve I am using those words again πŸ˜€

  7. Hey guys. I know I am not really a Bleacj reader but I thought maybe some of you might have missed this page…

    It came after the page that said “end” so I thought maybe you guys might have stopped reading before seeing it.

  8. “Ichigo is pissed off still, β€œthe big bad” still thinking everything out and Chad and Inoue are still the problem”

    Doesn’t this phrase kind of sum up most of bleach in a nutshell?

    My guess is Uryu will have beaten Tsukishima’s little memory trick, but only time will tell.

  9. Debates:

    Kenpachi OWNS Byakuya. No way something as sissy as rose petals would ever cut him.

    And for the record, Lex Luthor would OWN Spiderman, especially with his Warsuit on.

  10. @ Darks – While Ken Chan is strong he is a very single minded fighter, he would be beaten because Byakuya is a more versitile fighter and in that sword world he creates his power and speed can keep up with Ichigo Bankai/Hollow form where Ken Chan at full power still lost to Ichigo’s Shikai… Also Reaction time of Byakuya is high, in skill he is far above Ken Chan

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