Fairy Tail Chapter 242 Breakdown. Faeries vs Hades the pirate!

Hey WRA! This is Dragon and I’ll be doing the Fairy Tail breakdowns until BB gets back, if Darks agrees. *bribes him with 20 bucks and a Konan plushie* 😉
This is my first breakdown on WRA, so go easy on me. I’m… so… nervous… *hyperventilates and faints, just like a certain blonde teen in love with an emo*

Mashima always uses splash pages to show off side characters... because no one really cares about them story-wise. D:

I liked this chapter. It was a build-up chapter, so nothing important really happened, but the cliff-hanger was awesome. Next week’s chapter is going to be great!
These are some interesting things that I noticed in this chapter:

All this lightning... Could it mean...? O_O

I’ve noticed that Mashima’s been concentrating on the lightning in the background and I’m taking this as foreshadowing the arrival of Laxus. Remember when Makarov got pwned by Hades and he called for Laxus? I think Laxus felt something was happening to his grandfather and he decided to go to Fairy Tail and see what was happening. The Fairy Tail members told him that Makarov was at Tenrou Island, so he decided to go there.
The reason I think the storm is important is because Laxus might have trained and achieved the power to travel inside lightning bolts. He is the Lightning Dragon Slayer, right? So full mastery of his element would make him become one with it, like a Logia from One Piece. I hope Mashima doesn’t waste this opportunity to make Laxus come back.

Zeref... Who are you really?

The Dark Mage Zeref used a magic called Acnologia which Doranbolt (fake Mest) recognized. It’s a lethal spell and it apparently killed Zancrow since Zeref closed his eyes and he felt guilty for killing him. He’ll probably come back somehow, though. 😛
Zeref also said that if the age is going to end, he will awaken. That’s interesting. What usually ends an age? A war and the death of an important person like the War of Marineford and the death of Whitebeard in One Piece, right? In Fairy Tail, the war could be the battle between Fairy Tail and Grimoire Heart and the person that dies… could be Makarov, sadly. He is very old and he called out for a successor. I’m afraid he’s going to die. 😦
What do you think? Is this the end of an age?
After that, we see Gray in the forest about to faint from blood loss, but Erza catches him, they meet up with Fairy Tail’s attack team and prepare to confront Hades.

Yar har, fiddle di dee, being a pirate is alright to be, I do what I want ‘cause a pirate is free, I am a pirate!

You know, I always thought Hades looked like a pirate. Come on, he’s the captain (Master) of a ship, he’s got a long beard and an eyepatch! You can’t get more pirate than that.
Oh, and he also looks a lot like this guy. 😉

Get what I'm talking about, now?

Anyway, Patchy Hades looks down on Natsu and his friends from his ship and congratulates Makarov for having such strong “children”, before he says that this is the final battle.

It's time for the Devil to dance with the Faeries.

Oh, Hades… you should know that pirates never win against good guys in shonen mangas Fairy Tails… (See what I did there? ;))
So, readers (if someone is reading X_X) who do you think will win?

That’s it for me. I hope you liked this breakdown and please tell me what you think in the comments section. 😀
*runs away before Hades kills me for calling him a pirate*
最强 Dragon

~ by 最強 Dragon on July 16, 2011.

5 Responses to “Fairy Tail Chapter 242 Breakdown. Faeries vs Hades the pirate!”

  1. FIRST!!

  2. Second!!

    Glad to see a new Fairy Tale Breakdown, even if you already late for the next one, but alas that seems to be a tradition here in WRA 😉

    New fairy tail is out

  3. @iamnotreallyhere

    Yeah, that’s because Darks had to add me as an editor, then I did the breakdown, then we found out I couldn’t add images from the chapter, so he made me an author, then I finished it, but I had to make someone proofread it because it was my first breakdown and I don’t have the other admin’s emails… (lol, that was long) So at the end it came out late.
    But I’ll probably post the next breakdown on Monday!

    @Tenrai: Can you please give me your email since you’re one of the admins?

  4. LMAO @ the Konan plushy.

  5. @Dragon – wasn’t complaining, just a friendly Tweaking, I thought it was something like that though really your a chapter ahead of some of the other breakdown authors =P

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