Naruto 547 Breakdown

Oh hey.

I cried.

Been a while.

The last breakdown I have down in my folder since gathering digital dust is 536. You better believe I dun lost my shit. But as much as I love exams and all, I kinda like summer better. And the day I’m sure you guys have dreaded all this time is finally here.

I heard Avatar has been doing you guys right. Er, let me try that again. I heard Avatar has been giving fantastic jobs these past few weeks. Wait. Errr… I heard Avatar is taking the head in–…

Never mind. I’m just gonna…yea…

I cried...

All things considered, I think these past few chapters have been pretty good. In part, Kishi can owe his success in my personal books to the almost deliberate, consensual effort by other authors to write shit. Well, Bleach and Fairy Tail have been deep in manga’s ass valley for a long time now. I call it the Crack of Darkness. But more surprisingly, One Piece seems to be getting more annoying with each subsequent chapter. It’s probably because this has been the first real arc I’ve started on since I got caught up.

In any case, we’re here about Naruto. Barring even what I just said, I guess you could say it’s been moving along pretty nicely. The second half of the Fourth Ninja War is now underway, the highlight of which is Naruto putting his rape face back on. And he’s not the only one. Madara seems to be calling out now from afar:

“Taste my OPness!”

Now say that out loud real slow and smile at yourself.


Me too.

Chapter 547 itself was pretty decent. The body had some enjoyable parts, especially where it turns physical, drying up all the guys.

I’m talking about the sand.

It picked up from where the week before had left off, and you would have easily expected the hot cheese, especially as the background began fading to black which it did very early on in the chapter for a flashback. I guess cheesiness isn’t always all that bad. It’s important to giving a character some “value.” Even though that character just so happens to have no eyebrows…

Well, this one was all about Gaara and the series of events that culminated into shaping the immensely fucked up 12-year-old we had the pleasure of meeting at the Chuunin Exams.

Me too...

This time, we focus principally on the one aspect of his early life, that being the hell hole from which the little devil child had spawned. Well as it turns out, that hole wasn’t all that hellish, as contrary to what we had learned much earlier in the manga, Gaara’s mother was actually a kind young woman that loved him dearly.

Much to my disappoint…

Yea, Gaara’s father was kind of an asshole and all, but how perfect would it have been if his mother, who should almost be the very epitome of love, hated his ass like she did her own 20 pounds of excess fat ago. Ultimate specimen of emo.

I think I'm in love.

In the end, it was mother protecting Gaara all this time. Now does that mean he still has his automatic defense? One thing I think Kishi has done well is in not really confirming or denying, leaving the readers to decide for themselves. Hence, one may conclude what suits and makes them happiest. In other words, no bitching fanboys.

Meanwhile, back on the battlefield, it’s daytime again. Apparently, over fifty thousand soldiers spent an entire sleepless night backing away from four dead old men; and the next day, of course still energetic as ever, are prepared to face a set of zombies who know no tiredness or fatigue. Way to slither right through that one, Kishi.

Oddly enough, the fighting, however short, I thought was pretty cool. The fearsome Kages’ strength was as jaw-dropping as Kakashi’s rampage. I really hoped Gaara would have given his no-eyebrow friend a minute at least to do something. Seeing as how the old Kazekage used the dusty remains of the Cullen family as a weapon, I bet that  guy summoned killer wolves that doubled as extras from 300.


^ What Tsunade was really doing after the Pein arc.

As for next week, I reckon we will be seeing the conclusion of this battle. Or at least the end of Gaara’s father, whose spirit will find comfort, thus crumbling into a million sparkly pieces that will be gathered by a dozen scavenging soldiers who will trade them for a happy night at the brothel where they excitedly ask: “The pink-haired one, please.” But leave soon after not so happily, because as it turns out, they weren’t that drunk…

What I’m looking forward to now is watching Naruto steamroll straight though the enemy until he finally meets the brick wall. Will that be Madara or Sasuke? Who knows. But if it’s the latter, I can assure you…some shit’s gonna be tough as brick.


Insert possible caption here.

Rock it.

Every siren is a symphony.



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  1. First!

    But pickles! Who won last weeks debate?!

  2. Caption: Oooooh, you touch my tralala…

  3. Second!!!!

    Welcome back Pickles. Boy, you really are caught up on the fact that Gaara didn’t have eyebrows. We all know that the ones without eyebrows are more powerful.

    Just look at Goku’s Super Saiyan 3. He loses his eyebrows and suddenly he’s a gazillion times stronger. ^ ^

  4. Caption: Oh baby baby, I shouldn’t have let you go.

  5. Entry 1

    Bubble: OMG it’s Imhotep!

    Caption: The Mommy Returns.

    Entry 2

    Bubble: *Choking*

    Caption: Epic Heimlich Maneuver. The only way to solve Kage level dining mishaps.

  6. Great one Pickles, good job.

    Bubble: Don’t squeeze that hard bit*h or I’ll turn you into quicksand !!!
    Caption: Nothing compares to a Kage’s “Water Jutsu”.

  7. As for last week’s debate, did Danzou ended up winning??

  8. “dusty remains of the cullen family” lmao hahaha…
    awesome breakdown welcome back.

  9. how about a debate for this week guys….. maybe Kakashi vs Darui, or what ever you guys have in mind.

  10. AWE !!! Nice to have the insanity of Pickles Returning, but thanks Darks for all the previous Breakdowns that where awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O_O

    I enjoyed the Chapter getting Gaara’s back story whoop whoop.

  11. eugen- cmon that’s not a debate..all kakashi has to to is turn on “rampage mode” 😀

  12. @ Dish, OMG I totally forgot not to include Kakashi in any debate EVER. Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy. :))

  13. Awesome breakdown Pickles and welcome back.

    Bubble: Harder …

    Caption: Deep Penetration!

  14. Nice breakdown. Gaara’s past is pretty much what I expected it to be.

    Bubble: I never thought I’d die this way, but I had always really hoped…

    Caption: Death by Snu-Snu!

  15. Where is Prawl when you need a very dirty and obscene caption and comment?

  16. @Eugen – here’s one: sandy vaginas

  17. @Eugen: How about: Sand Karura to Mizukage “I want to be inside you” or Mizukage: “I can feel something back there…” O_O

  18. In honour of the final Harry Potter film…

    Caption: He always did prefer handling wands with his left hand.

  19. Ahhh, a new captain pickles breakdown. Nothing else can disturb you on so many levels than the breakdowns of this man.
    I for once am going to hold a minute of silence for our scarred souls and long gone sense of good taste 😉

    Lol, jk great job…

    Bubble: God damnit, I said the pink-haired one!!
    Caption: Trust me, this one’s just fine

  20. It is far too quiet in here. Therefore, I propose a battle debate topic. @__@

    Dum, dum, dum!!!!!!

    Minato vs Pein.

    Dum, dum, dum!!!! (again…)

    Muahahahahahahahaha!!!! Let the fanboy wars begin!!!!!

  21. …Crickets are chirping beautifully in here..Tumbleweeds are rolling about in the Bleach Section and ghosts have actually been sighted in the One Piece Section.. Is it just me or does it feel like a huge chunk of the fandom died? Not just Naruto but Manga in general. Seriously, I never thought I’d prefer the usual bitching over this silence.

  22. @Orange

    Actually, last week the blog was very busy and the week before that even more so.

    I don’t think the fandom died. I just think that there’s nothing really to discuss from these latest chapters, that’s all. Chapters that bring a bit of contraversy or twists into the fray, are normally widely discussed or debated. Some chapters are just pretty straight forward and there’s just nothing really to discuss that wouldn’t involve stating the already glaringly obvious. Lol.

    This is why battle debates are good to make up for the lack of any discussion topics. @____@

  23. It’s not about discussion topics ten , in Ira times their weren’t really that much discussion topics but still the comments section was 10X larger than the post its self. IMO It’s a lack of “New people” coming in , A lot of people left but Only very few people joined .

  24. Just to add , the more the people here the more discussion is likely to take place 🙂

  25. Nice breakdown Pickles, nice to read one of yours again though darks did great too

  26. Tenrai- regarding this debate, do the minato n pain know eachother’s abilities? or have any knowledge of their opponent at all for that matter?

  27. @dish11

    I doubt Pein knows much about Minato’s abilities. Even though he was a legend because of his Hiraishin, the details on it were still sketchy for those who didn’t actually face Minato directly.

    But, for the sake of fairness, let’s pretend neither of the two know one another’s abilities, so it will be a pure battle of power, skill and intelligence.


    I think we have plenty of new visitors who view the blog, but sometimes they take a while before they actually ever decide to comment. Every now and then, we see a new face and they always introduce themselves by saying “I’ve been reading the blog for a while now, but I never commented before…” etc. Lol.

    They are out there and they are watching us. @___@

    But they should really join us. It’s much more fun that way. ^ ^

  28. Bubble: How dare you not say Surprise?!
    Caption: Remember kids always surpise, when you grab from the behind.

  29. Stump this guy three times straight using Naruto/Bleach/One Piece/Soul Eater/Fairy Tail And I will give you a bazooka.

  30. Oh yea and FmA too.

  31. I got him! Chose yahikitos path of pein body….hehehehe.

  32. Bubble: Slime yet satisfying
    Caption: In the jungle, a mighty jungle…

  33. I have to say that this week’s bubble contest was one of funniest ones ever, I laughed like a crazy person at all the posts.

  34. “It is far too quiet in here. Therefore, I propose a battle debate topic. @__@

    Dum, dum, dum!!!!!!

    Minato vs Pein.

    Dum, dum, dum!!!! (again…)

    Muahahahahahahahaha!!!! Let the fanboy wars begin!!!!!”

    Uh-oh, I see the trolltrain coming. And Kisu will definetly be on it.


    *while running*

    Minato wins, hiraishin is unbeatable.


    Just ask Madara… Or A… Or the Stone ninja’s from the Third Great Shinobi war…


    Shit,.. The chopper is leaving without me!!

    *Adagio for strings starts playing as Kisu and his fellow trolls gun me down*

    There is… another… Sky…walker…..ehhhhhhh………..

  35. That’s not a debate lol. Thats Minato showing us, again, how badass he is. Here’s a challenge question….WHO do you think is actually capable of taking Minato on?

  36. The Sage of Six Paths would take on Minato

  37. I want to see Kabuto with his resurrected Itachi and Nagato combo vs Sage of Six Paths Madara. I think that is worth a debate at-least? Right? Kabuto letting Itachi and Nagato have free range while informing them of what he discovered about Madara (i.e. his Inzangi, First cells, and teleportation).

  38. @ Debate Topics – Strongest Sand Shinobi? Gaara vs 4th Kazekage (does this guy have a name besides bastard dad?) vs the 3rd Kazekage vs Choyi (that old lady) vs Sasori! The one that could conquer an entire Village with his puppet jutsu @_@

    Strongest of the Cloud – A, Bee, C, Dee ? lol KinGin Brothers,

    Strongest of the Mist – Who ever u can think of?

  39. Oh god, I’ve found the perfect matchup: Danzo vs Hiruzen
    Would that be awesome or what?

  40. Spoiler Alert.

    Seems like we’re gonna get a rushed Gaara vs his Father fight after all, but on a more positive note it Naruto vs Itachi and Nagato vs Bee. Now that will give us plenty to talk about.


    REALLY!!!! *Facepalm*

  42. too many debate options haha idk where to start

  43. The new chapter is out!!!

    Prepare for Naruto & Bee vs Itachi and Nagato!!!! @___@

  44. It’s out!

  45. So that’s how they’re going to capture Bee…
    That’s lame. Whom do you think is going to fight whom?

  46. @Eugen That makes more sense. Itachi vs. Naruto, that would measure Naruto’s strength really well. Hopefully he tells Naruto tips on how to really defeat a sharingan user.

  47. Maybe this is why Itachi made Naruto eat crow….???

    And I wonder if Bee can break out of an Itachi-level Tsukoyomi :O

    Oh yeah, and Gaara’s dad SUCKS.

  48. Man this story is going down the crapper. When Nagato and Itachi can’t save a chapter you know you fucked up majorly. The last time I was excited for a chapter was 524. This arc is as bad as Deicide, but at least Deicide was funny.

  49. Kishi sure made good with this battle so far, The Kazekage did his part and we all knew he was a weak ass bit^& because he was killed in the first part by Orochimaru and Kimimaro (not to say Kimimaro and Oro weren’t kage level shinobi, because they were) but I think we all were hoping Gaara’s dad would die first.

    I really like the fact that the Edo Tensei summons can automatically react to danger when they see it so it will be more difficult for them to lose if they see the attack coming. Muu is bad ass and I hope he and Oonoki will put on a great show for us. Mizukage actually clear the mist a little with the Yin Yang chakra types, even if we had the info from earlier on, it was a great job kishi did by leaving it to the 2nd Mizukage to describe the Yin Yang chakra uses to us like “Naruto for dummies”.

    Also the Raikage is gonna bring a world of hurt to the alliance but I though the Wind was the best jutsu to counter lightning, yet he said the stone was to remain on the battlefield and no mention of the kaze users. I guess we’ll figure that one out later.

    And finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for, as the great Chef said: Fudge Madara and Sasuke and Kabuto, this fight is going to be epic beyond anything we’ve seen so far, unlimited Itachi and Nagato vs Bee and Naruto. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

    @ Wiseman, I was hoping for Itachi to fight Naruto because we already saw Naruto vs Nagato’s six path of Pain and we’ve also seen what Bee can to to a mangekyo sharingan user close (and by close I mean far :)) ) to the caliber of Itachi. So a match up between Nagato and Bee and Naruto vs Itachi both fights will give Naruto and Bee the experience they both lack in fighting against the Sharingan respectively the Rinnegan.

    So awesomeness here we come baby. Oh and Gaara’s crying face was heart breaking. the poor guy.

  50. @Eugen: Yeah, I was also wondering why the Third Raikage said that. Earth is weak against Lightning, as Kakashi demonstrated against Kakuzu. It’s probably a plothole. 🙂

  51. I must say, I thought I would be more disappointed that Gaara’s battle with his father ended so soon, but, to be honest, Gaara’s father didn’t exactly have the most interesting abilities.

    It was basically like watching a Gaara vs Gaara battle, so it lacked that excitement I expected, but the important sentimental part was dealt with and now we can move on to better things.

    Gaara is one of my favorite characters, so, seeing him in the rest of this battle with the other Kage will still be fun to watch, perhaps even more so now that his father is out of the way. Still, I am more looking forward to Naruto and Bee’s upcoming battle.

    I just hope they don’t end that one as quickly though.


    Don’t worry. If you like, I can give you a hug. @__@

  52. Sorry Ten, I don’t want to get eaten. Anyways, I need to bitch more

    I loved Gaara’s backstory in part 1. It was dark, tragic and had a strong “harsh reality” feel to it. But no, now out of his ass Kishi pulls out and presents to all of us that Karura was in fact neither vengeful towards her village nor hated her child, but was in fact a saint who loved him with an oh so pure and beautiful motherly love. Yashamaru also loved Gaara with lots of lovely love and did not at all hate or blame him for taking the life of his sister as he once claimed. And as if that wasn’t enough, not even the fourth kazekage was that big of an asshole, but actually a sad and tragic father who regrets that he couldn’t love his son with a love of lovely loves love. So in short, everything in part 1 that Gaara used to believe was true but was revealed to be a lie is apparently true again now. A complete 180 loop of all the facts we were given about his past.

    What a load of heartfelt horseshit.

    All that’s missing are the flower petals and shoujo bubbles floating across the background. Oh, and I’m still waiting for that explanation to why Gaara was named “demon who only loves himself” by his apperantly so very loving mother. But while I wait for that I’ll go watch some Sailor Moon, because it has a hell of a lot more testosterone than this lovefest.

    Tl;dr version: Usual Kisu bitching.

  53. @Kisu

    So, I take it you don’t want that hug then. O_o

    But that was good. Letting off some steam, taking a few deep breaths, spontaneously combusting, it’s all very therapeutic, isn’t it? ^ ^

    @Dragon & Eugen

    I actually don’t understand why the Raikage told everyone but the Doton users to retreat. Perhaps he meant to say that the Doton users are the ones who should retreat and there was a translation error? It seems a bit wild to me. Lol.

    But, Temari did remain in the front lines, and she is a wind user. So, it’s either a translation error or Kishi is having some serious memory lapses here, first with Naruto’s kage bunshins of death-not-so-much and now this. X___x

  54. Kisu’s comments are getting funnier by the second. ^__^



    WTF, I feel something poking.


    *singing* That, that, dude looks like a lady!!

  55. @ Tenrai, maybe just like Naruto’s feat of insanity so will this request of Raikage might have a hidden meaning soon to be revealed by Kiashi.

    As far as Naruto’s kage bunshin go, I think that the Fox already decided to help Naruto and be by his side. It’s just a matter of time before we’ll find out if Naruto is using other means of feeding the Kyuubi chakra or if he indeed used the talk and plot no jutsu against the Kyuubi.

    Mizugake sure made my day being the first official kage who bases his powers on Genjutsu. That is something I always wanted to see, not many shinobi use top class genjutsu except Sasuke and Itachi. I really want to see what the man who killed Muu is capable of. I bet it’s some sort of mist or gas being released from the clam that puts everyone that inhales it under genjutsu, something like the sanbi’s mist or similar to that.

    Also, why the hell was Nagato brought back as a cripple, I hope the handicap won’t take away from what Nagato can truly perform in his own body.

  56. Bubble: Please stop It’s my first time in prison.
    Caption: It doesn’t matter if you drop the soap or not, if you look like a child molester, you’re gonna get special welcome.

  57. Bubble: No Way! A strap-on?!?
    Caption: Sometimes a Kage’s Wife Gets Bored…

  58. I can’t wait for what their conversation is going to be like between Naruto and them! It’s gonna be awesomeness!

  59. I also agree with @Kisu with Gaaras past. I think Kishi should have left it alone. It was a badass past. And Naruto was the one that changed him. Now his dad is coming out of the closest saying he and his mother cared about him. I do like reparations but not when it is like that. Kishi should have had the father be bad and have the father egg on Gaara with past-no-jutsu.

  60. Also, the “battle” was just disappointing. I have no expectations for the other Kages. I expect Nagato and Itachi to be shat on as well. It wouldn’t be the first fail in Naruto’s Deicide Arc

  61. @ Gaara vs his Father – BIGGEST LET DOWN of the Year!! AND I read Bleach, really, this dude was an @$$ hole his whole life now its like, I loved you and medicine and giving us the same flash back we seen so many times for Gaara, does Kishi think we are gold fish and need to be reminded of the whole conversation! I expected more to be honest… WAIT another one of the most POWER Shinobi to ever live, was defeated without killing or even wounding 1 person. <_< So far I think Naruto done more Damage to the allied forces…

    @ Kisu – I actually agree, there too much closure, this battle could of been epic but none of the summons seems to have ANY balls, and its creating a false perception of weakness, Its like Kabuto can make them fight but he can't control their lips WTF, I thought this would be the most epic battle of the manga involving Gaara but it was nothing. Itachi and Nagato I wasn't even happy they met Bee and Naruto cause guess what Plot will dictate that they also sealed blah blah with out causing a death (well they could kill bee) BUT! I remember a debate not too long ago, Bee vs Itachi, and everyone said Tsukyomi this and Tsukyomi that, lets see if its effective against a person immune to gen justu….

    So far all major manga's seem to be based on their "war arcs" Bleach Failed and OP apparently did well, but this recycled crap Kishi is giving us is making me feel its heading towards a bleach

    Oh and Kisu, ur pc fixed?? or would u like me to cover for you again the Bleach Manga… (it was actually a good chapter O_O)

  62. The Edo’s are really biting the dust really fast aren’t they, but let’s look on the bright side, aside from Hazo, who I had the greatest joy to see fighting was the biggest rip off yet, but other then him there were no othere top kage class shinobi killed. It can be arguable the Kin Gin were in that class and Gaara’s father ( who I think made the most sense leaving the scene as he did ) but other then these two we had such shinobi like : Hizashi, Asuma, Kakuzu, Dan who don’t really make the cut at being that strong.

    Sure there were other let downs like, Deidara and Sasori, also we didn’t get to see the ending of Kakashi’s rampage against the 7 swordsman and the kekegenkai users but for the most part the edo tensei summons who were indeed supposed to be strong are still in the fight.

    I actually think that Kabuto is holding then back as part of his plan to weaken Madara’s forces. Oh and another thing, Isn’t Kabuto able to summon his jinchuriki back at any given time or does Madara have complete control over them now.

    The fact is kabuto said he still had one more hidden ace up his sleeve on top of his surprise edo tensei coffin that Tobi took a crap in his pants at first sight. So Kabuto seems to be more in control then it first seems, he has all the edo tensei’s who count for more then 3/4 of Tobi’s power he knows how to stop the white zetsus with poison he used on Yamato, also he can come up with probably all the info he needs on Tobi now that he saw how Hashirama’s cells created the Zetsus and all the weaknesses that the first hokage had so dose the zetsu’s have.

  63. Gaara’s father really was a letdown. Kishi can’t turn everybody in this manga in a saint, some people need to be ruthless bastards.
    Why couldn’t I see Gaara give his father the beating of his life(well, sorta), everybody wanted to see that fight…
    Oh, and if Bee doesn’t get captured by either Itachi or Nagato, then I’m pissed.
    And am I the only one who would like to have kabuto as the final villain? I think that would be great.

  64. Tenrai.. exactly what i said weeks ago. lol been reading comments here for years.

    BUBBLITION : aaaaahhh!!! Not in my ass again!!!!!!!

    CAPTION: Daily Suppository. 😀

  65. I mean just SUPPOSITORY only from the BUBBLITION

    BUBBLITION : aaaaahhh!!! Not in my ass again!!!!!!! (I don’t have fever!)

    CAPTION: Suppository 😀

  66. Kishi’s NEW Naruto Special, all the bad things that happened will all turn to hhaha just kidding moments….

    Itachi loved Sasuke and it was a pain for him to kill the Uchiha…. but wait, we gonna soon see, the Uchiha are actually all still alive, apparently the Uchiha clan where playing Hide en Go Seek with Sasuke, Itachi pissed that he got found first put a genjutsu on him to make it seem as though he killed them all so Sasuke would stop looking and no one would know he lost the game….

    Naruto isn’t actually an orphan his dad is Iruka, and well Minito and the red haired chick are just figments of his immagination, eating too much ramen does that <_<

    Neji father didn't die on the path to destiny he actually just got lost somewhere, he will appear soon again…

    Lee actually has all the Jutsu and Chakra reserves of the most powerful shinobi of all time, his hard work was just for the lol's

    Gaara's family actually lo…. wait that part been covered <_<

    Naruto is actually not a reject, his Blood Line actually makes him on level if not above the Uchiha who at one point had the strongest Blood line…


    Rant over 😛

  67. @ Eugen – Any Kage should be on a high level, I would of liked to see more of a fight, remember the Gaara vs Kimmimaro battle? That was epic right? that is what I wanted, not Sleepless in Seattle, or Sophies Choice, honestly, this is a battle based manga but the last time I saw a none preachy soppy battle was the beginning of Kakashi’s battle.

    Edo Tensei summons are useless they help more then anything, telling everyone their weakness, its like, hey I am gonna attack now with this please counter with that. Hanzou began cool him just wanting to break $h!t up, but he turn downwards, and I understand these guys are Nagato and Itachi etc level but hell they where at least a little strong back in the day, I mean least some on par with Kakashi if he was a Kage, and others Jonin level, like Gai etc, they should with the help of the Zetsu do some damage, but I think the only risk our fav characters have had was Zabuza cutting Kakashi’s tummy, the rest been meh, and when the bad guys actually did something it was SO over powered I couldn’t even enjoy the contest

  68. Maybe Kishi got lazy and didn’t want to have to draw 5 chapters worth of sand on sand fighting. There isn’t really much that would have happened anyway. It’s not like there was a huge difference of ablilities, like when gaara fought deidara. This is how it would have went: Giant sand wave. Counter with bigger sand wave. Sand arms…counter with sand release. Instead of drawing out the plot, Kishi probably just wanted to advance things faster.

  69. Bubble: “I got sand in my pants…this is not a dance!”
    Rugrats reference 🙂

  70. @eke

    Yeah, that was pretty much my thoughts on it. I kinda lost interest in Gaara’s battle with his father the moment I found out their abilities were so similar, which is why I am not really disappointed it is over.

    I guess you could say I was more disappointed in how uninspired the Fourth Kazekage’s abilities were.


    You wanted an epic battle, but the problem started when Gaara’s father had abilities similar to Gaara, as I mentioned above. What made Gaara vs Deidara and Gaara vs Kimimaru or even Gaara vs Lee so interesting, was how different their battle styles were. It made those matches exciting.

    Seeing what is essentially a Gaara vs Gaara battle is the same as watching the team Gai vs themselves battle near the start of Shippuuden. It just doesn’t hold any interest. Lol

    Even then, Gaara still has to handle the Raikage and Mizukage and I doubt his old partner will be able to help him because he is preoccupied at the moment. Hopefully, Gaara’s other battles will be more exciting against those two, on the level his battles with Deidara, Lee, Naruto and Kimimaru were.

    Still, I understand your concerns. Maybe things will become more balanced as things pan out. I am hoping that Naruto and Bee vs Itachi and Nagato, will be the start of a nice turning point in this war.

  71. @ Tenrai – Yeah but I thought them neutralizing each other would push Gaara to use different fighting style, and have a more raw battle with his dad, Basically I wanted Gaara to “Naruto” Slap his father to realize his worth, not speak it out by saying I have friends lol

  72. I seriously think Bee is going to get captured in his fight with Nagato and Itachi. Nagato will dispatch Bee and be reverse-summoned back to Kabuto. That’s how I see that fight going. I have no idea what’s going to happen with Naruto and Itachi…

  73. @thelaughingwiseman

    I don’t see Naruto or Bee being captured in this battle. This is a test to them, in my opinion, to see if they are ready to battle Madara.

    Think about it, they will be fighting the power of the Sharingan and Rinnegan together, which is essentially what they would be fighting if they went head-to-head with Madara. This is a battle they have to win if they are to have any hope of ending this war at all.

    In any case, it is too soon for Bee to be captured in my opinion. If Bee ever does get captured, I have a feeling it will be Madara who captures him, just to make him seem even more evil and easier to despise.

  74. I agree with Tenrai, ever since Bee was introduced everyone jumped at the first sign of danger for Bee and shouted ” He’s gonna get caught”. NO People, understand, Bee is in this till the very end, It’s either Madara or Kabuto who are the only ones that can capture Bee. It’s a waste of time thinking he can be caught especially now when we’ve had the flashback of him anticipating Minato’s movements and proving that the raikage is a wuss compared to him. Bee is a awesome shinobi and one of my favorites and I doubt that when the time comes for Bee to be captured the one who will capture him will be a truly great shinobi, and as I said it’s gonna be either Madara, Kabuto or possibly Sasuke.

    Stop picking on the black guy because this is not a horror movie, the brother doesn’t get killed first. Bee is like a combination of Blade, Roy jones Junior, Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Samuel L Jackson, Snoop Dog, Martin Luthor King Jr, The Rock and Richard Pryor. Stop bashing an the poor guy.

  75. hahaha how fast the war was moving and Madara’s plan to end it the day after it started, were the reason’s I was thinking Bee was going to get captured. I honestly didn’t think anything was going to happen to Bee until he met a wall (Rinnegan user). I always knew Kisame and Gai were going to have their final battle (meaning I didn’t believe Kisame would lose that easily against Bee) and the Sauske battle also, when Sasuke took on the 8-tails fully formed!!

    This little convo is bringing on some thoughts though. @Tenrai do you think Madara will succeed in his “Moons Eye” plan? (Thus have captured Bee)


    It seams that mangastream changed there original translation regarding Raikage’s statement that all the doton users stand there ground. So in the end the doton users are indeed the ones that should fall back and everyone else is to stay and fight off Raikage.

  77. For a minute there i thought it was a water type is weak against fire-types wallbanger.

  78. Bubblition

    Bubble; Damn it Tenrai, I’m not choking!!

    Caption; That’s NOT the heimlich maneuver Kisu…

    …It’s a hug full of lovely love! 愛__愛

  79. @Eugen

    I thought it might be a translation error. Thank goodness for that otherwise I would have been really worried. Lol.


    Lol. Shame, poor Kisu. He’s overdosing on mushiness at the moment. I think he is having a severe allergic reaction. 😛


    I do think that Madara will succeed in resurecting the Juubi, somehow or another. Whether it is an incomplete Juubi is another question, but we all know the ultimate bad guy is always going to be uber hax, so it is innevitable.

    Naruto may have the Kyuubi extracted from him and he will survive, or Madara may use the Gin-Kin brothers as a second-rate substitute. I doubt Naruto will lose the Kyuubi though because apparently the Kyuubi’s power is necessary to defeat Madara. Either that or Madara will find a way to access the Kyuubi’s chakra that was sealed inside Minato.

    The last possibility I can think of is that the Kyuubi will be extracted and then Minato will somehow appear in Naruto’s mind again, giving him the Kyuubi’s chakra he sealed inside himself.

  80. Edo Tensei… I disagree with Kabuto. It has a downside, and that is it allows your summons to tell your enemy how to defeat them.

    I can just see Madara’s reaction.. “So, uh, these summons of yours… they were giving instructions to their enemies? And you were going to tell me this, when?”

  81. Well considering just how many Edo Tensei’d people Kabuto has to control at once I would say that he just may not have the ability to control them to that extent. It may change later on when he only have a few left to control.

    Naruto vs Itachi: I can see Itachi catching naruto in Tsukyomi, and I can then see Naruto unleashing the Kyubi to run wild within Itachi’s Tsukyomi rather than Kybui helping him out as the Hachibi helps Bee out.

    Bee vs Nagato: Don’t see much happening here that we haven’t really seen already out of both Nagato and Bee. Though I would like to see how Bee can deal with Nagato’s Shinra Tensei, as well as I can imagine Nagato spaming such techniques at full power now that he doesn’t have to worry about dieing from over exertion.

    Also I wonder what would happen if Nagato were to use the Naraka Path’s power on an edo tensei’d person. Would it revive the person who had been sacrificed or would it indeed make the Edo Tensei’d person once again alive?

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