Naruto Manga 546 Breakdown – Dead men and sparkles never did go well together… Official breakdown + Awesomeness Extras inclusive! Plus, an important announcement…

Hey all! Welcome to this week’s Naruto manga breakdown. But before we get into it, there are a few things that need to be mentioned.

Serious face is serious.

As you have probably noticed, there have been a few changes made to the blog recently. With Supertrek89 on an indefinite hiatus, I have taken over running WRA along with Tenrai and Pickles as admins. Personally I have felt that the blog needs a bit of an update (the old layout was quite cluttered) and the result has been the new homepage layout that you can see here.

However, the current layout will probably not be permanent as we play around with different setups. Just a bit of a heads up that minor changes will continue until we feel that WRA looks and feels as polished as possible. And you guys get a say as well! I want to know what new features you’d like to see on the blog so any suggestions or even feedback on the new and improved WRA are welcome! Drop us a comment in the comment section below and let us know what you think.

Not-so-serious face is... quite possibly the creepiest thing I've ever seen. Hide yo kids.

Now with that out of the way, on to the breakdown!


I really hope you hid your kids.

Chapter 546 starts off with two unnamed shinobi from Kumo and Suna attempting to flee from a resurrected shinobi named Toroi who has a similar kekkei genkai to Sandaime Kazekage — magnetic field manipulation. While not as impressive as the Iron sand user, the use of magnetic chakra to turn simple throwing stars into homing missiles was pretty cool, I’ll admit, but not as useful as the other bloodline limits we’ve seen in this war. Toroi prepares for the killing blow, just to become Naruto’s first non-Zetsu KO with a Rasengan to the face. After sealing him up, Naruto and Bee run off to find more random shinobi to ass kick.

Which brings us to the real focus of this weeks chapter! The Kazekage and the Tsuchikage VS the other Kazekage and Tsuchikage with a Raikage and Mizukage for backup. WRA, this was the fight I was looking forward to the most. 6 kages past and present duking it out and finding out just what abilities each of the newly-resurrected kages had that earned them their rank.

It's like watching 2012 all over again...

No messing around here, folks. Gaara sends a tidal wave of sand towards the group of zombiekages, leading the Fourth Kazekage to believe that the Shukaku was on the rampage and forcing him to retaliate whereby revealing his ability: gold sand manipulation. This ability is interesting, because gold itself is not magnetic. It would require a far stronger magnetic field than iron sand to be able to be manipulated effectively, and Gaara Sr lifted several tonnes of the stuff. Such a feat would require an ENORMOUS amount of chakra to pull off. Also of note is that on page 10, his eyes take on the dark rings around them like Gaara’s which indicates the presence of the Shukaku’s chakra within him. Gaara’s father was in all likelihood a pseudo-jinchuuriki much like the Kin Gin brothers, but so much cooler.

His gold sand proves to be a perfect counter for Gaara’s normal sand due to it’s increased weight, dampening Gaara’s attack to the point of nullification. Gaara floats forward and reveals himself, which shocks his father who realizes that the Shukaku is no longer within his son. Gaara takes advantage of his father’s hesitation and forms mini-Shukaku arms that grab at the zombiekage’s legs. The Second Tsuchikage is the only one to dodge, spotting the current Tsuchikage — his own student — behind him. Both Tsuchikage’s fire their Dust-element techniques at each other and the resulting blast vaporizes the immediate area around it. Oonoki remarks that Muu’s dust element technique has not waned in strength since the last time he saw it. Meanwhile, the Fourth Kazekage acknowledges Gaara’s increased mastery over his sand arm attack and asks him where Shukaku has gone, to which his son replies that he no longer has it and that he is no longer the jinchuuriki his father made him. Gaara’s army awaits the signal to attack, hiding amongst the dunes until the right moment.

An epic battle will ensue after this little skirmish, mark my words. More than anything, I am very interested to see the extent of the Third Raikage’s black lightning jutsu, whether it’s just a ranged attack like Darui’s or even a modified version of the current Raikage’s raiton armor jutsu. The Second Mizukage should also prove to be a very capable combatant, being on equal grounds with Muu and his Dust element technique. This upcoming battle will be awesome, I guarantee you that.


I think it’s high time for a debate!

The power of youth vs the cunning of age. Maito Gai vs Danzou Shimura!

Setting: Konoha Woods

Knowledge of Each Others Abilities: None

Time to Prepare: None (Danzo still has his arm locked up at the start of this fight)

Have at each other, people. Just don’t get any blood on the page, I just finished prettying it up… DX

– Darks

~ by DarkAvatar on July 9, 2011.

50 Responses to “Naruto Manga 546 Breakdown – Dead men and sparkles never did go well together… Official breakdown + Awesomeness Extras inclusive! Plus, an important announcement…”

  1. Awesome Darks! Thanks for everything. πŸ™‚

    Great breakdown and interesting debate.
    I would like to say that the Power of Youth always wins, but Danzo’s eyes are too hax. Once Gai opens the Gates, he’ll be exhausted while Danzo can just dodge Daytime Tiger with Izanagi and go in for the kill.

  2. First!

  3. Awesome kage battle will be awesome. I think Gaara will take on his father and Oonoki will be able to beat his teacher, but I’m pretty sure they can’t beat all of the kages alone. I really hope Naruto doesn’t come in though, because I want to see Shikamaru and Temari kick some ass. I’m sure they could take down one of the other two kages. If not, then there’s really no point in them being here. Regardless, like Darks; I too, have been excited for this battle more than any other in the war so far. It better be epic, Kishi.

  4. 3rd-ish!

  5. Great breakdown Darks! Awesomeness to ensue for sure. As for the debate, Gao. Hands down. We all saw how fast he is capable of ending a fight even at a disadvantage…*wonders how the fish meat tasted* tenari? Plus it takes Danzo time to get his arm ready. Too much time. I def think that is a veeerryyy interesting matchup though…


  7. idk why but i definitely did not notice the dark rings that formed around his eyes until you pointed that out, much appreciated. definitely going to be one the the best battles of the war.

    debate- i think danzo could win almost for sure IF he could get his arm unlocked..but, i dont think he’ll have time. gai is too fast. he wins.

  8. Hey WRA. I’ve been following this blog for a while now but decided only today to actually join instead of remaining one of the presumably many many creepo stalkers out there.
    Since the naruto section is probably the most followed one I figured I would better introduce myself here , oh and one more thing, english isnt exactly my native language so you may come across some typoes here and there when im in a hurry but hey, it’s the internet right? The downfall of humanity, culture and useful knowledge… πŸ˜‰

    Anyways, I hope we all together can revive this blog a little by posting more about our favorite mangas because you people are real awesomeness

    To end up my thougts about the breakdown.
    I actually lol’d, which is extremely rare for me, good job darks …

    About the debate, I actually see Danzo as the winner, but only because of shisuis mind control powers, otherwise I am sure that Gai would wipe the floor with that old geezer.

    *sneaks out before someone gets ideas about eating him*…

  9. Awesome breakdown Darks!

    The first two pictures reminds me of the saying “Be afraid, be very afraid”.

    What happen to bubble contest? Of course you used the best one already!

    As for the debate, Gai is going to wins. He got more gates than Danzou have Izanagi. Let’s not forget that Gai’s fight with Kisame where we see Morning Peacock and Afternoon Tiger. And we haven’t see the trump card, Evening ????.

  10. @ Debate, Gai will be at the winning side of this debate for sure:

    1st, even if Danzou shows his sharingan in order to manipulate Gai, The Green Animal has great experience in fighting the sharingan thx to his eternal rival, KAKASHI.

    2nd Gai’s very very very very very very very and I mean VERY fast when he needs to prove it, so the time in witch Danzou can release the Izanagi arm is almost null, he’s only shot is to cast a Izanagi with Shisui’s eye and hide until he can open the seals on the arm.

    3rd Gai lunches a morning peacock but that might backfire due to the fact that his fist’s make friction and thus causes fire balls to be thrown at the target, but Danzou has wind style nijutsu that can turn that to his advantage.

    4th Danzou, casts the izanagi with Shisui’s eye but manages to sneak off somewhere to release the seal and then Gai will have to go all 8 gates on Danzou to have a shoot at stopping him.

    So it’s pretty much a 80% victory for the Green Beast in my books, but if Danzou had the arm ready at the get go the outcome would be different.

    By the way great one Darks, good job. I remember one year back you were requesting the job of “Dreakdown writer” from Super, I guess patience is a virtue just like they say. πŸ˜‰

    Now who can I talk to for that mod status ???

  11. Seems Gai is the overwhelming winner so far. Could the black circles around the firmer kazekages eyes also be from kabuto taking away his personality though? I’m interested to see just how strong gaara is….havent seen a real good demonstration since the one-tail was taken from him..

  12. @everyone – thanks for the positive feedback. Much love.

    @dragon -dunno why but akismet decided your comments were spam. Comment approved with my apologies.

    @tigerpalm – there were not enough entries this time around for the bubble contest sorry. plus no ferrari. what a letdown lol.

    @eugen – email me.

  13. No mention of the Bubble contest from last break down? I’m kind of disappointed…

    Anyways interesting breakdown =P

    Assuming Gai doesn’t get the drop on Danzo I have to give this one to the far more devious and intelligent elder shinobi. Gai has speed, strength and stamina on Danzo. Danzo however has wisdom, experience, and above all intelligence on Gai. I have several reasons for believing Danzo would win, here are a few.

    1: Gai’s sense of honor would get the best of him, all it would take for Danzo to buy the time to unseal his arm would be to ask. I have no doubt Gai would let him take a few minutes to “prepare himself”, especially since he has shisui’s sharingan.

    2: Gai’s training to fight against the sharingan basically protects him against Tsukuyomi by allowing him to fight while looking at his opponents feet. Shisui’s sharingan however doesn’t seem to need eye contact to work, in fact it doesn’t even need to be uncovered to work, thus nullifying said training.

    3: Gai only uses Taijutsu, while Danzo has all kinds of ninjutsu and genjutsu to work with. And while Gai’s Taijutsu is kick arse, I don’t think it stacks up well against someone with a more varied arsenal.

  14. @Darks: I was wondering what happened to that comment, since it disappeared after I posted it. The same thing happened to Gavin.

    @debate: Danzo can use Shisui’s sharingan once a day and he doesn’t even need direct eye contact. He would have probably used it against Sasuke if he hadn’t used it to control Mifune before the battle, so I think he would use it against Gai. Danzo could make him do anything, even suicide and there isn’t any proof that it’s possible to break the technique.

  15. I’ll go for a tie , It’s practically even …

    Danzo v.s Kakashi would be interesting πŸ˜‰

  16. Dragon, I’m not sold on how complete Danzo’s mastery of Shisui’s doujutsu is. He has demonstrated the ability to manipulate thought, not actions. And even then, the deception only worked for as long as the victim was unaware of any foul play. From what I have seen, the reason the jutsu worked so well on the old samurai dude was because his thoughts – even while being manipulated – still made sense to him, and so he didn’t suspect a thing. The sudden urge to kill yourself upon meeting a shinobi with as fierce a reputation as Danzo? That’s about as weird as you can get. Not only that, but survival instincts make suddenly and violently killing yourself nearly impossible.

  17. @dmaxx- welcome! πŸ™‚ good to see ya already know about the possibilities of being eaten around here. usually takes the rookies a while to learn that so you’re way ahead of the curve haha.

    imnotreallyhere- “Gai’s sense of honor would get the best of him, all it would take for Danzo to buy the time to unseal his arm would be to ask.”
    hahahaha love it. so definitely true you probably just changed my mind on the winner

  18. @darks: Yeah, you’re probably right about the mind-control technique only being able to make you do things that make sense to you, but we know too little about the doujutsu to be sure. Danzo only used it once (that we know of), but he obtained it about ten years ago so he had plenty of time to train it and master it.
    Also, Danzo’s a sly politician, so when he used it to control people, he would be sure that what he made them do wouldn’t have made anyone think that something was up.
    So it’s possible he had the ability to control actions, but he only controlled thoughts so no one could suspect he had Shisui’s sharingan. But everything I’m saying is based on speculation, so I can’t use this in a debate.

  19. Good job Darks.

    My money is on Danzo. Izanagi will outlast the gates. After the Gates are over Guy is useless. Win for Danzo.

  20. Danzou’s Sharingan probably more potent than we think, remember that he tried to use it on Madara, and I’m sure he knew how strong Madara might be, so the eye technique must be more powerful if it was meant to be a last resort against Madara.

    @ Darks, leave a Mail ID somewhere pls so I can send you what you need, thx.


  22. Why remove me as a “contributor” ?

  23. @dish11 thanks for the nice welcome, i’ll try to survive 

    @ debate i think you dont quite understand just how powerful shisuis eye really is. Its Danzos trumpcard and he saw it as an adequate weapon against the most powerful uchiha alive(?)
    Shisui was widely feared because of his unique ability and Danzo has had enough time to get to know every aspect of it.

    Danzo doesnt even have to make Gai kill himself, all he needs is one moment and he is able to control his opponents movements and therefore pick an opening. All he needs is a kunai( even if noone in this series has ever been killed by one, seriously why the hell do they carry those things with them)

  24. @ dmaxx3d, welcome to WRA, glad to have you in our mad family, hope you post as often as you can because WRA needs all of you guys and gals because there’s no WRA without the people who support us at everything we do.

    As for your point on Danzou, I’ve said it myself to, that the old fart’s Sharingan might have been Sasuke’s downfall if he didn’t use it to screw with Mifune at the Kage summit. If he, just as you said, was keeping it in reserve to stop Madara than the powers of Shisui’s eye must have been extraordinary. And even Madara was very eager to get his hands on the eye.

    But I still think Gai has the first shot at the fight, because so far Gai wasn’t defeated by anyone and he is very calculated in spite of his youthful thinking. Kisame, who I regard as one of the strongest and smartest among the akatsuki, didn’t manage to bring down Gai in 3 fights.

    It’s true Danzou has the experience on his side but Gai proved during the war that he’s very adept at fighting, no matter what the situation is.

    He’s great at close range and mid to far range as well. I guess it all depends on how fast Danzou can cast the genjutsu.

  25. @ eugen thanks for the welcome
    however you shouldnt forget that gai was possibly the worst opponent for kisame because the latter one’s fighting style is based on his opponents chakra level and given the fact that Guy uses mostly taijutsu
    Samehada was practically useless in all that fights

    Maybe I just want Danzo to win because he’s one of my fqvorite characters but come on, i mean he’s the only goddamn ninja in this show

  26. @Debate

    Here’s how I see it.

    Both Gai and Danzou are very strong shinobi, which actually makes it difficult to determine who is stronger between the two.

    Gai was able to defeat one of Akatsuki’s strongest, Kisame, in a one-on-one battle, although Kisame was naturally weaker against Gai because Gai’s attacks are not chakra based.

    As for Danzou, he definitely proved his skill against Sasuke, to the point where he was even able to almost get through his ultimate defense, Susanoo, which most others haven’t come close to breaking, even the Raikage.

    The problem is, neither of these battles are really helpful in determining who would win a fight between Danzou and Gai, mostly because the circumstances are so different.

    If I was to choose who would win based on their abilities alone, I might go with Danzou, only because he can afford to die a few times in a battle while he figures out how to defeat Gai. I am ignoring Gai’s ability to avoide looking into the Sharingan because Danzou never seems to bother using them to cast genjutsu or to read his opponent’s movements, so, I doubt that will factor into the battle at all.

    The last factor that Danzou has in his favor, as mentioned before, is shisui’s eye. Now, I am not sure to what extent it can control people’s thoughts and I think their are limitations as to how far its effects reach. After all, if it was that easy for Danzou to just take controll of people, he would have become Hokage long ago. I think that it can, however, plant ideas into a person’s mind, or suggestions, you could say, to confuse their thoughts and drive them to make decisions they might have never made before.

    In a battle, this could still be useful, Danzou could use it to make Gai think that he (Danzou) is immortal, for example, and that any effort to try and figure out why he never dies each time Gai delivers a mortal blow is pointless. Gai wouldn’t try to look for any other reasons as to why Danzou is able to survive his attacks and that would give Danzou an advantage. Gai may even become disheartened and that may affect his battle strength if he believes he is fighting a battle he has no hope of winning.

    This is one example of how Shisui’s power could be used to great effect. The downside is that once Shisui’s eye has been used, it takes a great deal of time to recover for re-use, which means Danzou would only effectively be able to use it once in a battle and he would have to make it count.

    All in all, here’s my stat comparison of the two.

    Taijutsu: Gai wins.
    Speed: Gai wins.
    Ninjutsu: Danzou wins.
    Tactical advantage: Danzou wins.
    Genjutsu: Danzou wins.
    Experience: Danzou wins.

    Overall, Danzou wins in my opinion, but just barely and only because of the added advantages of shisui’s eye that help tip the outcome in his favor. I really love Gai as a character, far more than I would like Danzou, but strength is strength. Lol.

  27. Great Breakdown Darks πŸ˜‰

    @ Debate – Danzou takes it, even if Gai knows how to cancel out sharingan with zero info on each other Gai won’t know to try dodge the sharingan user, there is no info so all danzou needs to do is use the eye (while covered) to attack Gai and manipulate him even just for enough time to release his arm, and though Gai could counter it with speed, Danzou’s Inzagi would be difficult for Gai to work out, Sasuke could cause he has an enhanced visual jutsu but Gai would be confused and caught off guard. Also Sasuke had Karin with a Sensory Ability able to help Sasuke at critical time.

    Location also plays a role here, Gai would be worried about going all out near his village where shinobi could be hurt, Danzou wouldn’t really care if winning this meant he was Hokage πŸ˜›

  28. tenrai- my only gripe with your argument is this..”Gai may even become disheartened and that may affect his battle strength if he believes he is fighting a battle he has no hope of winning.”
    it may be a lil trivial haha but let’s remember who we’re talkin about right here. this man always believes he can do whatever it is he needs to. he sets ridiculous goals that should be unattainable yet he always does them, he has to be this way for lee’s sake.

    yes we know shisui’s eye is powerful, but we really dont know why. it’s not explained enough to know how it would be used in a one on one battle. speed and taijutsu can be enough to defeat powerful enemies, i think it’s been proven enough in the manga. i just have a hard time believing danzo could get his arm unsealed in a one on one battle. it took him a whole chapter and losing to subordinates to get it off before he was ready to fight. in a legitimate fight, he wouldn’t be allowed that kind of time.

  29. FYI- the votes are 31-30 in gai’s favor hahaha
    awesome choice for a fight darks πŸ˜€

  30. Hey wra

    IT has been a long time since my last post, maybe over a year, but seeing the recent changes and the increased awesomeness + a good debate I had to post

    About the debate my vote goes for Danzo, Gai is pretty powerful and fast, that doesn’t mean he would go all out the second he saw danzou, as a shinobi i think it’s a pretty dumb thing to go all out without knowing your opponent techniques, so i could see danzou making some kind of diversion to open his arm…. it could be anything that would make gai keep his distance, i think even uncovering his eye then quickly hiding will give him enough chance to unlock his arm, considering gai would be cautios.

    Also, once his arm is uncovered izanagi is pretty awesome against someone who doesn’t know about it, cuz Gai would steadily increase his power in order to defeat danzou maybe even getting Gai to release every gate and still get away with izanagi.

    So i think must of you agrees once danzo’s arm is unlocked he has the upper hand, and as i said, pretty much everything could be used to buy him some time, cuz even without his arm he is pretty skilled at ninjutsu and genjutsu by what we saw on sasukes battle…. andddd that’s it i guess

    pd. im not really good at writting XD and even less in english but I tried XD so srry if it’s confusing or ugly written


    Alright guys and gals, we’re gonna have a blast from Gaara’s past tomorrow and I can see Gaara finding out stuff the same way naruto found out from Kushina. That with a battle of the sands, and this will turn out to be a great chapter. Enjoy.

    early release, enjoy all.


    early release, enjoy.

  34. Wow… a real tear-jerker!!

  35. Not exactly what I was expecting but it had some info about Gaara’s past that would have made him into a great jinchuriki, he’s mother truly loved him and no one ever told him. They actually did the exact opposite to test Gaara. It seams that the jinchuriki training isn’t a exact method and it differs a lot from village to village. A kumo + Konoha method could do the best job, with the kumo training regime that Naruto and Bee did + the whole filling your heart with warm and puffy stuff from Kushina and Mito’s knowledge would make the perfect Jinchuriki training.

  36. The new chapter was good, but I will be disappointed if the battle ends here already. I am hoping for more still…

    Besides that, I still stand by my opinion that Gaara’s father was a jerk who only saw his son as a weapon, which was a point brought up in a debate a while back. He wonders why Gaara went out of control and was a failure when the truth is that he created that failure himself by failing to simply think as a father. Gaara only ever lost control of his power when he was scarred emotionally or when he was pushed to far and it was his father that created those scars and kept pushing his son to the brink. Gaara only finally gained control over his power when those scars left by his father began to heal and he was given a reason to use his power to protect others.

    Someone who fights only to destroy doesn’t care for the damage his power does when it is unleashed. They let that power become wild and free because they feel no remorse for the destruction it causes. That was how the old Gaara was when he let the Shukakuu destroy without any care for the world around him. That was back when he felt no value for life around him.

    But someone who fights to protect is careful about how he directs his power. They ensure that they retain control and focus because they know they can’t afford to be chaotic or destructive, for fear of destroying what they wish to protect. That was Gaara after he fought Naruto and learned the meaning of caring for others.

    It’s strange how Gaara’s father expected to create a controllable weapon by raising it like an untamed beast, instead of raising it like a rational human being with the ability to think. There’s some real logic for you. And then he says he was trying to measure Gaara’s worth. You can’t measure the worth of an oak tree while it is still just an acorn. You have to let it grow first before you can see how spectacular it becomes.


    Emo rage. >_<

  37. What I did like was the idea of the sand protecting Gaara being his mother all along after all, just like he was told in part one by his mother’s brother (I can never remember his name).

    Just thought I would say that. <_<

  38. Sup Tenrai? Turns out I was right again about the 4th Kazekage protecting his village.

    Kisu’s on a roll.

  39. Good chapter. I’m loving the Second Mizukage. He’s so funny. “Charisma oozes out of people without eyebrows, you know! …Hot damn! I don’t have eyebrows either!” Lol, he’s crazy! XD

    What I don’t like is that this flashback was mostly about things we already know. The only thing we didn’t know was that Karura said she loved Gaara and she wanted to protect him with all her heart.
    I agree with Tenrai, though. Gaara’s dad was a bastard. It’s true he was trying to protect his village, but he only made things worse by making Gaara become a psychotic bloodthirsty killer.

  40. Nah the dude explained his train of thought already. The fact that Shukaku was released after the revelation meant Gaara was another failed Jinchuriki. Plus he HAD to find out since his Village was going into the crapper y’know. Well, I’m done defending him since Kishi agrees with me πŸ˜‰

  41. @kisuzachi

    And I was right about him being a jerk who didn’t care about his son and who only cared about gaining power. Unless you would like to show me anything to the contrary. πŸ˜›

  42. Wow, did anybody else think that Gaara and his father looked like ghosts in this chapter? I mean, I can understand that the former kazekage doesn’t seem that fresh but Gaara looks weird, he should consider some most youthful training with konohas green beast ξ„ˆ

  43. @Kisu

    How is scarring an 8-year-old into believing he should hate the entire world, going to help turn him into something to help protect your village? That just seems brain dead to me. If you give someone a reason you hate you, how could you possibly expect him to fight for you then? If you honestly believe that would work, then I worry about what kind of rational or logic you apply to that way of thinking.

    As I said in my comment above, someone who fights to protect learns to control their power. Someone who fights to destroy, doesn’t care about the damage their power causes. Gaara’s father gave his son no reason to protect and every reason to destroy, which means he was the failure in this equation, not Gaara. The fact that the Shukaku was released after the revelation just proves that Gaara was a child who couldn’t understand, nothing more. If his father actually built up his strength of mind in a positive way instead of always breaking it down through continued assassination attempts and isolation, things would have been different.

    Gaara’s father explained his train of thought on what he did, yes, but that doesn’t make it right now does it?

    Oh, and as for Kishi agreeing with you, sorry to say but the manga proves otherwise. Look at Gaara’s father’s last words at the end of the manga. He realized he was wrong and he admitted it. All other evidence also proves that Gaara only became a beacon of hope and prosperity for his village after he shed the cursed life his father created for him. In other words, his father had to be out of the equation before he could actually take control of his power and aid his village. All evidence points to Gaara’s father being more of a burden than an aid.

    Now, let me introduce you to the fine art of tree hugging. πŸ˜›

  44. I think dmaxx3d makes the most sense, all they need is a bit of Gai in there lives and some of that “Chilli of Life” and there as good as bowling buddies. πŸ˜‰ As for hugging trees, I find it to be very relaxing, when people are nor around of course :)).

    The fact is that Gaara’s a bad ass dude and he turned out this way because of Konoha’s Orange Hokage and in spite of his father’s ruthless parenting.

    I’m very glad to see that Gaara can mange to take on the kages of old with only the aid of Oonoki and I hope the Epicness that is supposed to be this battle doesn’t get spoiled by the fact that the Kages are offering spoilers to there own abilities and weaknesses.

  45. @kisu don’t you know the important of the tree from it we have logs!!! The savior of many a ninja.

  46. It’s log, it’s log, it’s big, it’s heavy, it’s wood. It’s log, it’s log, it’s better than bad, it’s good…

  47. @arpotu – LOL. Naruto Abridged is awesomeness.

  48. The revelations from the 4th Kazekage (the bastard!) about Gaara’s mother loving him reminds me of how Naruto didn’t know who his parents were OR if they even cared for him. Strange how Naruto and Gaara seem to have more and more in common…

  49. @Tsunades Twin

    Yeaahhh, but we always knew it was his mom’s love that kept the sand protecting Gaara. That was told to us a long time ago in the manga, though I am too lazy to find the exact chapter. Other than the former Kage’s commentary back and forth, which was highly amusing, this was a pretty lame chapter. Let’s see them fight now!

  50. @Mantis

    Gaara was told by his uncle that the sand protecting him was his mother’s love, but then, not long after, he was told that this was simply a lie. And then he attempted to “kill Gaara” just to reafirm that belief that he was hated and never loved.

    So, essentially, Tsunade’s Twin is right about Gaara never actually knowing the truth.

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