Bleach Chapter 455 – I was rather Attached to that….

Awe all

I thought would cover again for Kisu as he seems to have PC problems and so we can finally have a single chapter breakdown… “hip hip hooooraaaayyyy” 😉

When I first read this chapter I was like, really that is all that happened? There is a lot of time spent on what would usually be meaningless things to us but I guess Kubo wants to milk this “Ichigo’s freaking out” thing till the very end, I mean its his party and he can run if he wants to I guess…

Kubo forshadowing.... comes in the strangest ways @_@

So we have this really old house in the middle of no where, and a group of friends all together inside. Why are we in a constant horror movie now. It is hard to split this chapter up since basically its just the same tactic Tsukishima has used since 3 chapters ago, freak Ichigo out and put him in a corner and while it was very effective like 3 chapters ago its now just too repetitive for me.


I wonder what would happen if Ichigo just stayed put and pretended to trust Tsukishima, it seems Ginjou was thinking it would be better too if Ichigo just played along since it was clear he was in no danger there. Though Ichigo does a “Female Character in a horror movie”, you know when you watch a movie like that and you have the one girl who is about 5 meters from the door, and decides screw this I am running upstairs… Ichigo did that, he ran like a little girl and didn’t even try any of the lovely snacks put out by his host.

I think from here out the chapter became more “real” it was less repetitive and more new and oh wow, but the end of this chapter was predictable, in my opinion, the foreshadowing of it was well place about 3 chapters ago <_<

Even Xcution has seems to still see Ichigo as a friend and seem genially concerned that he is alright, I am not sure why Tsukishima makes them think he is a friend but keeps Ichigo a friend too. Is it maybe he needs them to take the powers and not just try attack Ichigo… but it still doesn’t really make sense to me.

The battle does finally happen, I think its sweet that Ginjou destroys the entire stair case just to keep the collateral damage out of the way! I still feel uneasy about Ginjou’s Full Bringer, I get the feeling there is more to it, and the damage to the house came as a complete suprise to Tsukishima.

Ichigo then continues to transform as he is now able to fight freely, cause before he was scared some kids would run up some stair @_@ ?and apparently he is now SPIDER MANBEARPIG!!!

"Spider Manbearpig, Spider Manbearpig @_@ Can he swing from a ledge no he can't cause he's a Pig, look out here comes the spider manbearpig"

Talking about things that happen over and over again in Bleach, Ichigo now has intense speed and power able to… dum dum da… cuts off his arms. I think there is about 1000000000 decapitated arms laying around in the Bleach Universe, if you in a fight, you gonna loose and arm, why not the head? or other part of the body, even the leg would be a nice change of pace.

Ichigo seems to be a lot more Violent now, he seems so far gone that he would kill Tsukishima without remorse, which is slightly out of character for him if you look at the beginning of the series, he was even thinking twice before killing Hollows/Orohime’s Brother. Now he is willing to kill a human because he fought against him.

but it doesn’t seem that Tsukishima is all too upset by Ichigo’s advancement, more just interested in the development. I guess he knows he has Orohime on his dial so all damage can instantly be healed too.

And then the twist, Chad appearing and Orohime at the end of this chapter, I had mixed feelings about it, Chad actually attacked Ichigo so it would seem their memories where altered differently then Ichigo’s and since if they still saw Ichigo as a friend I am sure Orohime would have put up the shield to stop him. I think it will be interesting to see how Ichigo will battle against his friends now that they are almost on par if not above him in strength.

Peace out home boys snoop 😉


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10 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 455 – I was rather Attached to that….”

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  3. Damn, Pein you really keep this place going, great job dude seriously. great Break down also, it was indeed a great chapter, but I hate the fact that Tsukishima will get a new arm from Orihime next week.

  4. “Decapitated arms”?

    Anyway, nice breakdown Pein. Ichigo clearly isn’t just a power ranger, he’s a NINJA power ranger. I can only see this becoming overpowered very quickly.
    Maybe we’ll actually get to see a fight where Chad doesn’t end up on the floor bleeding out for the rest of the arc. He’s overdue for it.

  5. @dark Toshirou, Ulquiorra and Hiyori lost a leg or two in their fight
    @zenith I guess he’s the Frog.

  6. Ichigo’s fullbring reminds me of some of the resurecions of the Arrancar.

  7. 0.o what is everyone talking about, tsukishima is the good guy, why is everyone talking about ichigo?

  8. There is only one way to save Bleach now…

    Har har har har har!!!!

    *Gets assassinated by Kisu. T__T



    But seriously it’s like Kubo is trying to grind his own manga into fail powder….

  10. @Tenrai, what is that abomination!? X_X

    Bleach is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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