Bleach 451 – 454 – Seems its time to play catch up again…

Awe All Pein here for a another fill in Bleach Breakdown, we apologize that our usually ranting lunatic was not available but I hope you still enjoy the breakdown! (that’s kinda like we didn’t have the steak you usually enjoy here’s some Chicken)

Anyways, thought I would fill in this week so Kisu can wow us again with his fast wit and weird sayings without having to cover over 9000 chapters @_@

Plus Bleach has been getting good and I personally been rating way above Naruto, as we are getting into the juicy bit of this Arc. I think some of it was purely Horror movie, the way they Kubo has been writing has really been great, almost no plot holes or even Plotkai’s @_@

Well lets begin with 451 – I really enjoyed seeing Ichigo get beaten around like a little rag doll, but it kinda reminds me of something… hmmm, oh yeah beginning of the Arrancar Arc when he was thrown around like a rag doll…

We finished the last chapter with Blinded Ichigo, and this Chapter was all Ginjou, from the beginning to the end I was interested in how he would “break” Ichigo’s strength and the walls of distrust between them. I like how he shows Ichigo that in this situation and even if he could see he would not be able to stop him, that Ichigo’s distrust meant nothing to him. It was almost like Aizen’s whole distance thing, but better executed cause instead of a touching moment Ichigo got the beat down of a life time…. and all just to finish off with “its was all for the lol’s”

but that’s not even the biggest Mind $%#@ of the chapter, it still continues and we find out Tsukishima (you I hate the names in Bleach!! They so hard to remember how to spell) is actually related to Ichigo @_@

And so ensued one of the most intense chapter of Bleach I have ever read, literally I was on the edge of my seat wanting to know What the hell just happened? This Shiz just got real! I love how Kubo draws Ichigo, his entire life, his loved ones all there and all changed, their idea and memories. This insane dude spent the whole afternoon with Ichigo’s little sisters even! I guess while Ichigo was trying to regain his powers the bad guys (see how I avoid having to spell his name whoop whoop) wheren’t just chilling back or chasing Teenagers around for the lol’s of it… I think with Aizen etc we gotten to a point where we think, Ichigo’s training that means everyone else is chilling @_@

The Chapter ends off with even more questions then answers to me, How the Hell did the bad guy (again you just gonna have to know when I say bad guy I mean Tsukishima) 😛

We then find out that the entire Xcution was also taken out, but this is where I am confused, when was he able to get to all of them and how could he so easily stab each member? Anyways, I still don’t trust Ginjou and probably never will. He would of known this from the start and if Tsukishima wanted to he would of been able to do this long ago and to Ichigo if he needed to.

The Chapter does however begin with Isshin and Urahara walking through the street, with Isshin’s Zanpaktou dissappearing as he leaving, I like how Kubo zooms in to show us, “This is intentional not just lazy drawing” I wonder when I normal person looks out the window seeing that what must they think? Anyways I do hope the next chapter reveals what they been up to all this time, I mean really Kubo suspense is enough now @_@

The chapter is then basically Ichigo and Ginjou discussing the bad guys powers and abilities, so Ginjou is admitting to Ichigo that he is in fact and idiot, and if this is true then guess what Tsukishima has pulled an Aizen, having everyone believe his ability is like this when in fact its completely different… sigh recycled plotkai

I did enjoy seeing Yahiko, you know find them where no one should of been able to, but guess that just how life goes.

Plus an old build for the final battle…

Please feel free to post your wild and crazy theories below since you know what I ain’t got any! I am off to worship the one and only Savior, Naruto… I was an Aizenist but he made a mistake Naruto never makes mistakes @_@ Peace out home bouys


~ by pein0avenue on July 6, 2011.

12 Responses to “Bleach 451 – 454 – Seems its time to play catch up again…”

  1. First again. Darks owns you.

  2. Second?

  3. Third!!!

    Also nice breakdown =]

    Not sure if that’s his zanpakto evaporating, or if it’s just giving off a weird aura of some kind.

  4. Awesome breakdown Pein great job, Bleach keeps gettin’ creepier by the chapter, i’m really looking forward to what Kubo has under his hat for the new arc. And I hope the unknown person isn’t Rukia or Renji.

    bleach is out

  6. Great job Pain. I definitely need to get my laptop fixed so I can take the load off of you 😛

    @New chapter, SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME. Naruto would never have the balls to do what Ichigo did in that chapter. Im just…saiyan.

  7. @kisu , What be scared and run ?

  8. @ Kisu – I will cover you this week if you like, will start a breakdown if you release one I will just delete the one I wrote so far, but yeah laptop needs to be fixed 😛

  9. Oh good god….

    Just once I would like it for bleach to have a cannon main villain that isn’t a freakin god-modded, mind controlling, chess master… Honestly it’s like Kubo took the out the good old Aizen mold and just took the Shinigami powers out of the recipe, and substituted a different flavor of mind control for the whole complete hypnosis thing. Tsukishima is ‘Aizen Lite’…

    All the haxness, half the creativity ¬¬

  10. ok so i think tsukishima..(eff that i’m callin him bad guy too) probably stabbed everyone when he 1st interrupted ichigo’s training. chad said he was stabbed, but no one else it’s easily possible everyone else was too. which brings me to my next point..i think ginjo was also stabbed and is either already under bad guy’s control, or will be shortly. then ichigo will be on his own n somebody from the past will show up to fight with him.

  11. @kisu The only difference is that Ichigo has a family and Naruto doesn’t so he wants to make everybody his family.

  12. Damn computer crashing for two weeks. But whatever. Bleach has been epic lately. It’s intense seeing Ichigo freak out like this. Tsukishima is taking away everything that Ichigo was supposed to be getting his powers back to protect. Maybe it’s that the fights have been smaller-scale lately, or maybe it’s because Nobody Dies In Bleach, but Ichigo straight-up trying to kill this guy is pretty intense.

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