Naruto War – Day 1

Awe All

Thought I got nothing better to do so why not get my opinion on a short and consis idea of the 4th Shinobi War so far, I know most people been rubbing their heads when Night fall came on the first day thinking did that all really happen in one day WTF, but to be fair when Kakashi is in rampage mode the world becomes a Hyperbolic Time Chamber and time goes slower outside of that reality. @_@

Well we all know this day began with a great Speech no Jutsu.

I would like to actually know all WRA’s opinion on the War arc so far, we gotten all but one day in and already some are shaking their heads while others are just like “wow that is awesome”, Firstly the Speech of all Speeches, Gaara – Remember when he was a cold blooded killer? Nah me neither, he has done a complete 360, at first I personally wondered how Kishi would have two Ninja that hated each other, killed each others family in a previous war be able to work together, and he gave us the speech of a century which in my general sense is, we are all common people with a common enemy fighting for the greater good…

Then we finally got under way, I was excited thinking of all the summons that would appear, but unfortunately this war has to be won and needs a bit of a 50/50 sort of win ratio… Sasori was previously one of my favorite characters and when I look back at his death way back when Sakura still seemed to have some potential, that was fitting but now he sees his old puppet body getting used and Kankuro makes a speech so yeah @_@.

I don’t know how good the Shinobi Alliances information is but it seems it is almost psychic.

Deidara/Sasori/Sai’s Brother, now these three people where effectively perfectly countered by, Oomi (lightning user), Kankuro (has Sasori’s puppets) and Sai’s picture book, how is it that all three these summons where perfectly countered? was it just by chance that in a group of 80 000 that they had a squad to counter exactly 3=3 @_@

Result of this battle went to the S.A. they eliminated Sasori and Shin, captured Deidara who is probably one of the most dangerous revived shinobi. Anko was however Captured and Muta Aburame was killed.

Then we got to see some real War, no “I was a cold blooded killer, revived and now I will disappear because you told me a story or showed me a picture @_@” it was mean, and I remember thinking Zabuza and Haku weren’t that great before, they where good primary villains but not more then that, but boy was I wrong, this was one of the best battles in this war so far in my opinion. Cause its not gonna be won by clever words and well placed shinobi, it will be won by beating the other person in a battle, the revival of the 7 Swordsmen was also pretty cool, I know a lot of people wanted them to stay a mystery but this battle was just double awesomified (its a word now) by their arrival.

This is where the ninja war went from being a battle between the Shinobi Alliance and Akatsuki to a war of Kakashi’s Rampage and everyone else just trying to survive @_@

Fearsome brothers by *Eriin84

Kin Gin Brothers vs Durai and Co, its funny everyone always says, but the Sage of 6 Paths is just a legend @_@, when their stands two people with the Tool’s he used… anyways, this battle brought back the whole, we are fighting but coincidence will make me the Good Guys win, Durai was beat, his head was sucked into the gourd but then out of no where his most used word changes @_@, though I think What are the odds his most used word changed in that moment, exactly, he may have used dull 100 times in his life and sorry 95, and in that moment he used exactly “sorry” 6 times @_@… I do like however that Kishi been pulling this since he was introduced, having him use those words as if it where planned, probably was πŸ™‚

Kakashi’s involvement – Kakashi decided “dull” should not be allowed to be a word so he removed it from all vocabularies, this is actually how Durai won…

It's Dad... by ~3spn4life

This is still my most anticipated battle of all time, GAARA vs his papa, man that gonna be a grudge match and I wonder how powerful the previous Kazekage actually was… I like how all the previous Kages seem to be based on old horror movie stereotypes, the brute ogre, the mummy and the vampire… πŸ˜› I also wanna see this new expansion blood line limit, I feel Kishi is cruel not focusing on this battle and getting our mouths all watered up to delay it so long 😦

Chouji Unleashed by =pokefreak

Asuma vs his old team @_@, I thought Shikamaru you gonna think of something cool, have a quick saying and this battle will be done with Asuma finding peace bla bla bla, but what we got was far worse @_@ we got to see Chouji run around being too scared to hit his old teacher then a flashback and BAM he went Butterfly mode (which doesn’t kill him now) and he basically took out the entire forces of the Akatsuki, that sentence him going to finish this entire battle now annoyed me to no end, and to make it worse next chapter all Zetsu are dead and the summons are capture, whats up with that?

That entire battle happened off screen and we just need to believe these people are gonna be taken out so easily, anyways, I can’t rant now but if you felt disappointed raise your hands πŸ˜›

The Butterfly mode – Why does it actually kill someone, I thought it was a massive drain of Chakra and burned like a million calories at a time, but when you able to use it without a pill its perfectly fine ? I am confused :O



*Deep voice, usually used for actions movies*

Hanzou the Salamander, the legendary ex ruler of Amegakure. The man who gave the legendary Sanin their name for merely being able to survive against him, has been brought back to life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dum dum daaaaa, with his team and his trusty Salamander! He will be able to do…. Nothing <_<

This is probably the biggest rip off of all the battles, we have this LEGENDARY ninja more powerful the Orochimaru, Jiraiya and Tsunade when they where Jonin level, he was beaten by Pain but after a civil war! Yet he commits suicide…

Its time for another, Odd coincidence that helped the Shinobi Alliance win,

What are the odds, Mifune fought Hanzou before and thus knew his flawed philosophy and we all know, if someone proves your ideals wrong your gonna feel so bad you commit suicide. This I could kinda get but,

Kabuto placed Chiyo in this group and guess what, she knows the antidote to Hanzou’s poison, isn’t that just a handy coincidence… <_<

Chap. 532 - Two and counting by *Eriin84

When we got to see Gedo Moza come into the playing field first thing I thought was! What over powered jutsu gonna be taking this thing out, its huge and powered by most of the Bijuu that remain, I don’t know Tobi’s actions though, why not just eliminate everyone with that thing, maybe he wants to keep it for if Kabuto betrays him etc.

The day slowly turned to an evening of worship preaching delightful conversations between our Hero Naruto and Raikage, I am not the biggest support but I do know many do support the fact that Naruto is the only one that can win this war for the S.A. (cause 80 000 others couldn’t do it @_@ )

In the final minutes of the first day we got to see both sides top guys giving a show of Power, Tobi with his new 6 Paths and Naruto with his Mini Rasengan…




Over all views on the war!

– The war was meant to seem very one sided cause Kishi finds it hard to kill of characters without flashbacks and reasons etc, If they don’t die for the “Will of Fire” or commit suicide they can’t die…

– I have a feeling Tobi is actually a goodish guy like Nagato he wants to achieve peace by uniting everyone against him…

What I wanna know from the WRA community!

What you think will happen when this war is over, will the head bands simple return to that of each homeland, will the world again divide?

Do you believe Naruto part one and Naruto part two (the character) development good or bad?

That is all fowkes


~ by pein0avenue on July 5, 2011.

13 Responses to “Naruto War – Day 1”

  1. First!!

  2. Second!!!!

  3. Third!

  4. Fourth is DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Good job Darks.

    The first day was a COLOSSAL disappointment. I dare say Kubo handled having multiple fights going on much better than Kishi has. At least everyone not named Kaname Tosen got great fights in the Bleach War and everyone lived up to their hype…lol Hanzo.

  7. Actually, Kisu, this is Pein’s post lol.

  8. @pein0avenue- It’s not the technique that almost killed Chouji before, rather the 3 pills he took so he could use them at the time that were killing him. The pills were designed to allow an untrained shinobi to burn off calories fast so they would have the required chakra to use the tech.

  9. @pein0avenue-Ignore above post, read your comments wrong…

  10. Great job Pein, as for the war I guess you said it all right on the money, kakshi’s unfinished fight with the kekegenkai ninja and the 7 swordsman of the mist was the most entertaining.

    I think even the first fight between the ambush squadrons was actually good because we already saw what Deidara and Sasori could do and frankly I was a bit tired of them as it were.

    The fight with between Asuma and his former team was a bust precisely because of the fact that Chougi took out everyone off screen, even if they weren’t srong ninja I still wanted to see Dan, Hizashi and kakuzu fighting, not a small preview and Bam it’s all over and done with.

    The good thing about that fight is that all the summons got freed when Madara came in the fight with Gedo mazo, so we may yet have a shoot at seeing them in action, actually all I care is to see what Dan’s technique is like.

    As for Hanzo, that was the bust of the century, com’on that guy was supposed to be badass to the bone and a samurai with no ninjutsu what so ever managed to kill him though plot/speech no jutsu, that sucked big time, and why the hell did’t the fat sensor dude from the mist and Chiyo didn’t join in the fight. Out of the four summons at that battle either Kimimaro ar Hanzou should have been able to take everyone out of the S.A.

    And that fat sensor guy should have a blood line limit as well, he along with Pakura form the Sand and Gari from the stone and a guy from the lightining ,that wasn’t shown except at the start of the war when every summon left for the battlefield, they were all the four shinobi captured by the small guy in Naruto Inheritors of the will of fire. It’s strange why these guys are not shown as much when they have such awesome ninjutsu at there disposal.

    As for Naruto I don’t care what anyone says, he’s come a long way since part one, he is way smarter more powerful, faster then anyone in the narutoverse and he was taught by the most awesome shinobi out there, what else is there, I know a lot of people hate on Naruto for being at the top of the totem pole but that’s how it is when your at the top and the fact that so many hate on him proves just one thing, He’s great.

    He’s just like Sasuke was when we used to hate him unanimously, but we all knew that he was awesome and he still is.

    I guess that’s the end of my rant.

  11. Wait what? Sorry about that Pain!

  12. ROFLMAO @ last demotivational.

    The only way Madara could become any more haxed is if he,… uhm,… if he…

    Ah forget it. There’s no way he could become even more haxed than he is now.

    He now knows all, sees all, hears all and kills all.

  13. i agree with hanzo being beaten too easily,i know mifune is the leader samurai but yet to be able to own the shinobi that beaten the 3 sannin in their youth at the same time?! thats just lame at least kishi could had shown us what his jutsu’s like apart his poison abillity…and as for Dan i wanted to see his jutsu…and the golden brothers,those guys could have showed us more than just their sage of the six path treasures

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