Naruto 544-545 Double Breakdown – HAH! I didn’t miss! I was just… err… testing you! Official Breakdown + Awesomeness Extras included!

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Fanart of the week goes to a Deviant by the name of Kasukiii, featured in this week's mangastream scanlated Naruto chapter. I suddenly have a new-found appreciation of the French.

You know, it occurs to me that I was right to hold off writing this breakdown until after chapter 545 was released. To be honest, last weeks chapter was so boring that not even the sharinnegan-wielding jinchuuriki-zombie-paths were enough to pique my interest. And then–BOOM!!–Kishi decides to pull a 180 on us and deliver a chapter so full of awesome my phone literally couldn’t handle it and crashed on me. Repeatedly.

I just don’t know what it is with Kishi. Sometimes the crap he writes is so toxic that it burns through the 10-foot pole you prod it with, and then all-of-a-sudden he pulls out these digital slates of awesomeness so perfect it’s like he scribbled them on fabric woven from Chuck Norris’s chest hair. Either way, these sorts of chapters give me hope for the future of Naruto. But enough droll chit chat from me. Let’s get down to business, shall we?


Raikage: "Pfffft. Bitch." I guess assholery is a generational thing.

If I didn’t make it abundantly clear in the intro, Chapter 544 was boring as all hell. There was also an element of ridiculousness that didn’t sit well with me at all. The chapter started out pretty boring, with Shikaku focusing on finding a counter-strategy for the White Zetsu invasion. Change of scene, and we find ourselves back at the Kage vs Jinchuuriki battlefield with Raikage licking his wounds and Bee standing over him grinning like Tenrai over cheesecake. What follows is some rather shallow dialogue about how a true jinchuuriki’s power comes from the heart. Then, when Raikage brings Naruto into the conversation, he responds by declaring that his father was the Saviour and that Naruto inherited that role because his daddy believed in him.

I dunno, guys. The whole saviour talk and symbolism really didn’t leave a good taste in my mouth. It doesn’t sound like something you’d expect to hear from Naruto. In previous chapters, Naruto believed in himself and his confidence and utter refusal to give up was what helped him achieved what he has. It was sheer willpower, and I respected that about him. However, this whole destiny thing isn’t really… Naruto-ey. He has demonstrated in the past that destiny is a preconception to be overcome, and yet now he believes in it. It’s a complete character reversal, and not one I like. But that’s just my opinion. What do you guys think?

Having heard enough, the Raikage swats Bee aside and charges at Naruto, who channels his inner Minato and dodges a full raiton punch to the face, making him the second shinobi in the history of the manga to do so. It hasn’t been a good few chapters for the Raikage. First Minato outclasses him, then Bee, and now Naruto. It’s kinda embarrassing. As he finally realized Naruto’s potential (and recognizing that he also carried Minato’s torch), the Raikage allowed Naruto to leave for the battle (who didn’t see that one coming…), just as Shikaku remembered Naruto’s friendly chakra recognition ability and realized that he was probably the only one who could discern between friend and foe.

Yeah, I'd have watched Brady Bunch too had these guys been family members. Credit for the artwork goes to Cordsarito at

On to the good stuff now! Following the revelation that Madara is using the recently-deceased Jinchuuriki with Sharinnegan-combo eyes as his own Six Paths (which confuses me, as I thought the wielder needed 6 actual corpses to create the Paths, not 6 resurrected shinobi, so why bother Edo Tensei-ing them in the first place if it means that they keep some semblance of their personality?), we find out the reason why Zetsu has no distinctive forehead guard: the Clanless is a walking violation of established medical ethics created from the First Hokage’s DNA, and therefore NOT an actual shinobi in his own right. Madara has also incorporated the First’s DNA into his body, which explains why he is able to use the Rinnegan effectively (as it requires a combination of Senju and Uchiha genes in a single person).

All available intel is then conveyed telepathically to Bee and Naruto, who take this knowledge to the battlefield and absolutely KICK SOME ASS!! This fight scene was about as epic as you can get. FINALLY some Sage-Kyuubi Cloak magic! Naruto has taken chakra shape manipulation to an entirely new level, using his cloak to create and launch six separate rasengan without the use of a shadow clone and inventing a new technique–the mini-rasenshuriken–that completely shears through Combination-Zombie Zetsu’s leg. At least, I think it’s his leg; the picture isn’t really that clear. And because overkill has no meaning to him, Naruto summons Gamahiro and flattens the rest of the White Zetsu’s under the giant toad’s buttcheeks before creating a bunch of the scariest shadow clones you’ve ever seen and attacking all the remaining 50,000 Zetsu clones at the same time.

Oh, dude... you still ok?

While chapter 544 was terrible, Kishi made up for it in spades with 545. You cannot get much more epic than that. It will be very interesting to see how this new Naruto stacks up against the new 6 Paths and Madara himself. Madara may be insightful, but I doubt he could have foreseen all of Naruto’s newly-developed abilities. Although, there remains the possibility that Hashirama’s control over the tailed beasts gave him the same or similar abilities that Naruto now possesses and that Madara may know a way to counter him. Pure speculation though, and to be honest, I am too excited by the prospect of their coming encounter that I’d rather not ruin it by trying to guess. I’ll leave that for you guys to do in the poll and comments section below.


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  1. It’s my first first!

  2. Great breakdown, Darks. I’m excited to see Naruto and Bee tag teaming the new six paths of pain. And i want to see the rasengan-tailed-beast-bomb! @ the new paths of pain, do we know theyre summons or did madara just save their bodies after extracting the biju and is con”trollin”g them with the sharingan?

  3. NICE LD

  4. SECOND!!!!!!

    *Eats Mantisguy for being first* <_<

  5. Vacuum Rasengan for the epic win! Maybe that’s how he’s going to absorb all of the chakra from the zetzu clones and replenish the 2nd half of Kyuubi.


    *Eats Pein as well* T__T

  7. Godaime!! Ahhh feels good to be back

  8. okie doke. while i Thoroughly enjoyed this latest chapter, i cant help but be confused. i thought naruto making clones while in kyubbi mode was a BIG nono…sooooo? O_o

  9. @dish – was it? I don’t remember reading that in the manga.


    here ya go darks

  11. Great one Darks, good job on the breakdown, very funny as well, the part about Chuck Norris was awesomeness :)).

    @ Pein, yes the World Cup sure was a great opportunity to see Africa and it was a awesome experience, but the down side’s the fact that I can still hear the vuvuzelas in the back of my head even now. 🙂

    @ Arpotu, that could be a great way for Naruto to keep up his chakra so he won’t run out while he uses the kage bunshin too. At the way he’s now Naruto could pretty much do anything.

  12. @ Dish, maybe Naruto and Foxy already struck a deal for the future but we haven’t seen it yet, who knows.

  13. “instantaneously” just sounds like a bad thing..haha

  14. Just realized there was an issue with the demo poster, guys. Fixed now.

  15. @dish11 –

    Ah, I see what you mean. However, the Hachibi points out that this proviso applies only while the Kyuubi remained untamed. Perhaps the Kyuubi has relented and is lending Naruto its chakra, no strings attached. Perhaps Naruto forgot, and will die on page one of next weeks chapter. Or perhaps this is yet again another glaring plothole of Kishi’s.

  16. Finally a cool chapter. No Naruto saying he’s the savior or being an arrogant and pretentious a-hole. This is the Naruto I knew and loved.

  17. “Perhaps Naruto forgot, and will die on page one of next weeks chapter.”

    but yes i suppose those truly are the only options.

  18. Y’know, maybe Naruto is relying on running out of chakra. Maybe he’s gonna use that as bait to become friends with Kyuubi.

  19. Or, even better – maybe he’s trying to deplete Kyuubi chakra so that Madara doesn’t have any to extract! Hehe – it would be just like Naruto to sneak Sage mode chakra in it’s place, and watch Madara’s summons (or even Madara?) turn to stone.

    Epic beatdown by Naruto and Bee. I wonder how much Madara’s powers differ from Nagato.

  21. I want to see how Naruto will befriend the Kyubi? Will he promise to allow it to leave once they defeat Madara? Another question pertaining to Madara, do you guys think that if Naruto can touch Madara once that he will affect the First’s cells in Madaras bodies like he did to the Zetsu’s and the totem pole in Turtle Island?

  22. oh and i;m Not a coat rack…

  23. Great breakdown, Darks.

    It seems like Naruto doing shadow clones are on everyone’s mind. Will be interesting to see how he is doing it or if he has a plan as suggested by Arpotu.

    The best part of 545 for me was the mini FRS! Imagine throwing ten of these in separate interval at Madara and see how he dodge it.

    Bubble contest:

    Right: Is that what I think it is?
    Left Top: Yes, let me get my phone out
    Left Bottom: and scan the QR code.

  24. @ chapter – Brilliant, this is what we wanted to see, no symbolism, etc, well except that shown in Dark’s poster <_< I am glad Naruto can whip out a bunch of Zetsu Fodder so easily 🙂

    @ Breakdown AWESOME!

    @ Eugen – I think Naruto just doing it to protect his friends not thinking of self preservation….

    Theory on Kishi's writing

    Does anyone else feel that Kishi is de humanizing the enemies? I find it ironic all this talk with Pain put Kishi in a bad spot, "how can I justify killing now" so what does he do,

    He makes the main forces be Reborn undead thus it is justified to kill them, Zetsu is nothing more then a freak of nature and not human, it is justified to kill them, and most of all what I find ironic is how he is making Tobi seem so far gone from good that he cannot be forgiven or like pain be thinking for anything other then himself, he is now the typical Villain, just wanting to see the world burn and claim it for themselves, so Killing them will be in the name Justice @_@

  25. @pein I’m already a firm believer that Kishi is part of the illuminati. He is pushing his illumination ideals onto us (the will of fire would lead the way). He is already saying to achieve enlightenment you have to do what you want (Naruto going all out in what he does and giving into his desire of pride by claiming his he’s a saviour and wanting to be noticed by everyone by becoming Hokage.) And of course the most shocking piece, Naruto needs the help of a demon (the Nine Tails) in order to save the world… jk sorry, I really like conspiracy theories and couldn’t resist making these connections lol

  26. @pein0avenue: I think you’re right. I don’t think the verdict is in on whether or not Tobi is redeemable or whatever. I think dehumanizing Zetsu was an easy thing, since his humanity is pretty far gone anyway. But with Madara, he might be trying to unite the world against him. (I heard that idea from someone here.) Obviously they made a quick decision on accepting Madara as killable, so this might be sort of a ruse.

    If they just kill off Madara with this reasoning, I’ll be a little disappointed.

  27. Is there any way that someone talks abut kabuto trying to defeat the rinnengan and how will that affect the final battle? My guess:
    Kabuto vs Sasuke epic battle!
    Naruto/Bee Vs Pein (revisited!) Bee dies,
    Kabuto dies but tells Naruto utmost important info.
    Naruto losses the demon fox!
    Naruto dies but is revived by sakura (somehow with the aid of the other chick)
    Sasuke kills Tobi (he thinks naruto is dead)
    Sasuke Vs Naruto…

  28. BUBBLE!!
    Left to right
    Shizune: This evidence suggests Tenten is Ino’s baby daddy!! How is that even possible?!?

    Sakura: B****, she told me I was her baby’s daddy…

    Awesome new chapter, Awesome breakdown, made all the better since there wasn’t a three month wait between this one and the last one.

  29. I think everybody’s waiting for the next chapter of Naruto and speculating what else Kishi will be showing us that we can’t even comment :))

  30. I would be talking more but I keep getting moderated for some reason. I think it may have something to do with switching back and forth between here and work.

  31. @gavin – your comment was flagged as spam for some reason. Approved it now.

  32. @DarkAvatar: Thanks!

  33. Alright, I guess it is quiet this week because there is nothing really worth discussing that we don’t know or haven’t discussed already. Or rather, there are no really intriguing topics of debate.

    The last chapter was mostly battle oriented, after all.

    Perhaps we can come up with a debate subject? X____X

  34. Debate: Just how long can Naruto maintain so many shadow clones before starting to feel the damages of the Kyubi munching on his chakra?

    My guess is he’ll start feeling it by the end of the next chapter or sometime in the chapter after that.

  35. @iamnotreallyhere – It won’t get that far. I would bet some serious money that we will see Naruto do “something” about the Kyuubi’s hatred in the coming chapters so that he can maintain his shadow clones and tame the Demon Fox once and for all, as corny and predictable as that would be.

  36. @ debate, I totally agree with Darks, it’s one of two scenarios bound to happen:

    Either Naruto finds a way to keep feeding the kyuubi with chakra while he uses it’s own, and it’s probably gonna have to do something with sage chakra.
    Or Naruto will finally make pace with the fox and the chakra will be there for good, one thing both scenarios share is the fact that the kyuubi will leave Naruto dry very fast especially now while he’s in kyuubi mode and has all those kage bunshin.

    We’ve all seen how fast chakra can be taken when one isn’t fighting back, and I’m pretty sure the fox already had it’s fill of Naruto chakra back when Naruto told it that he’s gonna get rid of it’s evil. The only question remains, now that Naruto is so powerful and has so much more chakra than he did back in the day, will that extra chakra remake the original kyuubi and compensate for the chakra it lost when Minato sealed half of it 16 years ago or will the kyuubi forever be like this.

  37. @ Debate – I think Naruto will be captured because the Kyuubi will atempt to take his power and kill Naruto, but while the Kyuubi is being extracted blah blah blah, he will realize that if Naruto dies so does he and he doesn’t want to just loose himself to the 10 Tails, so he will make peace with Naruto and they will work together like brothers…. Plus Naruto can’t be wrong in doing this so there must be a plan active… (not trolling to upset people) just pointing out that Kishi wouldn’t have him say something like that just to Epic Fail three chapters later @_@

  38. @DarkAvatar
    I never said I thought he would keel over from said damages, I said he would start feeling the effects of The Kyubi munchin on his chakra. This will likely spur him into taking action.

    As Eugen has mentioned he may start feeding the fox natural energy, Though I have no idea what that would do to the fox as I am pretty certain you can’t petrify chakra energy. It would be funny though if he Frogified while he was under the influence of natural energy.

    More than likely though it’s going to affect his efforts before he can manage to get a hold of it. All I am saying is that he is going to feel it sooner or later.

  39. @Debate

    The thing is, the Hachibi specifically mentioned that if Naruto used shadow clones while in his Kyuubi mode, he would die “instantly”.

    Now, I emphasize the word “instantly” once again, because I think it’s quite pertinent when used to describe how quickly someone will die under those circumstances. The fact that Naruto didn’t die the moment he used his Shadow Clones is something I am curious about – as I am sure most people are – but there are three possibilities I could use to explain why he might not have died as quickly as the Hachibi suggested he would.

    1: He’s an Uzumaki and his extraordinary vitality and life force may allow him to survive longer using shadow clones in Bijuu chakra mode than any other normal shinobi would be able to. This theory is supported by the fact that Kushina survived having a bijuu extracted from her body even though such an act was widely believed to kill a host instantly as well. Her survival was also attributed to her Uzumaki heritage and her enhanced vitality, so it stands to reason that Naruto would also be able to survive something that might have killed anyone else with less vitality or life force than he has.

    2: The Hachibi might have been exaggerating about the instant death, just to scare Naruto out of using shadow clones because of the increased tax on his body. Either that, or there was a translation error of some sort about the “instantly” part. This is not likely, but still possible.

    3: Kishi forgot he mentioned anything about instant death while using Shadow Clones in Bijuu mode, which means that what Naruto is doing now is the direct result of a plot-hole no jutsu.

    In my own opinion, I believe that option number 1 is correct, because I’d like to think that Kishi wouldn’t have forgotten such an important detail as this, especially a detail that was so specific and obviously an intentional addition to the story on his part. If option 1 is indeed correct, then I believe that Naruto will survive summoning clones for a while, but he will also be drained of strength very quickly while they are active. He’ll use his resolve to burden the tax on his body just long enough to hold out until he has eliminated all the white Zetsu’s, but then he will probably pass out after he has seen it through.

    Then he’ll wake up in a medical camp a few hours later, receive a major falcon punch from Sakura followed by lecture no jutsu, etc, etc. Lol.

    But that’s just my opinion, in the end.

  40. So,… Naruto’s finger rasengan….

    Is he gonna take the thousand years of pain techique to a whole new level or…

    Sasuke is going to get butthurt…

  41. lol @ baron 🙂

  42. With regards to Naruto running out of chakra, given his new vacuum technique, I wonder if he’s just gonna set big ol’ rasenshuriken vacuums out on the battlefield(s).

  43. @ Arpotu, he might actually collect all the chakra he needs via the vacuum form all those zetsu’s just as you said, I hope kishi won’t spoil this one by making Naruto do something idiotic.

  44. @Eugen & Arpotu

    There’s nothing to indicate that the Vacuum Rasengan gives Naruto chakra from its victims, so, until someone says otherwise, it would be prudent to assume that it does.

    To me, Natural energy is still, theoretically, the best way to counter the chakra loss induced by Kyuubi mode. However, it requires Naruto to keep still for some time for it to work. The other logistical problem is that even when using natural energy, summoning more than a few clones at a time can disrupt the energy being absorbed by the clones keeping still, so in this current situation, where Naruto is summoning more than just a few, I doubt it would be helpful.

    I still think Naruto is going to push himself to the limit with this latest course of action of his. He may even push himself close to death…

  45. @Tenrai Senshi: Agreed. I think it is natural to wonder why he is using clones when not too long ago it was explained that he shouldn’t, or risk dying because of it. I think it will be addressed sooner or later. I think it is too early to call BS on it.

  46. @ Tenrai, I don’t know if we should look at the following as evidence or not but remember when Naruto took control of the Kyuubi, even if the whole fight was going on inside his mind he entered sage mode and made almost 20+ shadow clones to manage in his fight with the fox.

    Now as I said this doesn’t mean Naruto already upgraded his Sage mode but he was thinking of prolonging the sage mode way back when he was in the iron country, now this is just speculation but just as he was able to pull all those great techniques in the last chapter maybe that’s what happened with sage mode as well.

    I know we need the evidence to prove our speculation but the fact is Naruto already did all those shadow clones while in SM and not only did he do a bunch of rassengans he also did the FRS with a bunch of the clones still around so that means he might have already mastered sage mode to that level.

  47. WTF just happened to WRA @_@

  48. dose anyone know if these week’s chapter is on hiatus???

  49. @Eugen

    Using the amount of clones that Naruto used against the Fox while in Sage Mode is a clever reference, however, there is an explanation for that.

    You see, the reason why Naruto couldn’t summon too many clones during his battle with Pein wasn’t because of any physical danger associated with summoning clones in Sage Mode, but rather, because of the clones he had left behind to gather natural energy.

    Naruto mentioned that if he summoned too many clones during the battle with Pein, that it would disturb the clones gathering natural energy and cause them to dispel. It stands to reason that would happen because of how chakra is split each time a new clone is summoned, thus disrupting the balance of natural energy in proportion to the body’s chakra. It doesn’t mean he can’t summon as many clones as he wants in sage mode, it just means he can’t summon them if he wants to keep other clones in reserve to gather more natural energy for him to prolong his Sage Mode in any given battle.

    Now remember, in that particular situation, Naruto was using clones to gather energy for him while his real body continued to fight. During his battle with the fox, this was not the case. In that battle, his real body was remaining still, while collecting natural energy for a battle that was taking place purely in his subconscious mind. This means summoning clones while in sage mode would be inconsequential because his real body and his chakra is essentially not changing at all other than the fact that he was gathering natural energy and there are no clones gathering natural energy that he would risk disrupting. Naruto could also maintain his Sage Mode for as long as he liked because, even though he was battling, his real body actually wasn’t moving at all the entire time.

    To get back to my earlier point – which you had addressed – when I mentioned that Sage mode would not be useful in Naruto’s current situation, it is because of that disruption caused to his clones gathering natural energy when he summons more shadow clones. In order to properly use Sage Mode with his Kyuubi chakra mode to counter the burden of the chakra drain caused by summoning mass shadow clones, Naruto would have to learn to absorb natural energy while moving, that’s all. Until then, it is not a practical combination.

  50. Right you are Tenrai, also naruto did have an attempt to gather Natural energy while on the move but he didn’t have time to complete that training due to the fact that the Hidden leaf was under siege.

    So it stands to reason that Naruto would try and complete that training when given the chance and it would be great to see it happen.
    We’ve already seen Naruto enter Sage mode at a very fast pace while he was obstructed by Iruka when trying to leave the turtle island so that must mean he managed to sneak a couple of hours of training to perfect the Sannin mode to a new level.

    I am actually curious why he didn’t use sage mode after breaking out with Bee, thus he could have been able to conserve some of that kyuubi chakra for when he actually needed it. Naruto already had the ability to sense chakra (not hostility) in Sage mode and the speed and power would have been enough at least until he met up with Tsunade and Raikage. I wonder if Naruto is stronger in sage mode then raikage, I’m strictly referring to power here not speed, because Sage mode has a great amount of power, proof to that was the battle with Pain, so would Naruto have stood a chance against A with only Sage mode?

    Spoiler Alert,
    It seams Gaara will be the main character in the new chapter , him and Tshuchikage against the 3rd Raikage.

  51. So who re-designed the Home Page , It’s pretty neat but just lacks some finishing touching like

    1- No need to Write “weareawesomeness homepage”
    2-Use capital letters i.e Naruto instead of naruto
    3-Dissallow comments

  52. Maybe Naruto is going to teach nine-tails how to go into sage mode and collect natural energy. He *is* just sittin’ around on his furry butt, after all.

  53. The new chapter is out.

  54. Damn what a great chapter that was. Purely awesome, and I got to see the Kumo kekegenkai user’s ability, I’ve wondered what happened to that guy.

    It’s great to see that the 3rd Kazekage wasn’t the only dude able to use magnetic ninjutsu, but it feels a little cheap now that the Kumo dude and Gaara’s father can use it as well.

    I predict some strong debates starting from this last manga. Also notice Naruto turned back to normal after beating the Kumo dude to probably stabilize the use of Kyuubi chakra and after that he turned back into kyuubi mode.


    The scans are better then mangareader and also the translation.

  56. @ahsan

    1) Well, it needs a title. Have any suggestions?
    2) Can’t, unfortunately. The font is a part of the theme, no capitalization in main headings.
    3) Lol, well don’t I feel stupid for missing that. Fixed.

  57. LMAO at the dracula dude on page 17. “$#!+, this wasn’t just some two-year time skip, huh?”

  58. Hang on, if Gaara’s dad can turn sand to gold, why the hell does Suna look like such a craphole? He lived in the middle of a freaking desert! The man would have been loaded like you wouldn’t believe! Least he could have done is do the place up a bit. Far out…

  59. Damn mangareader and mangastream fucked up the translation, mangareader said Gaara’s dad’s golden sand is lighter then normal sand while mangastream says the opposite, witch one is it.

    I think it’s lighter then normal sand because it’s the chemistry of gold that makes it lighter in volume then normal rock sand and dust.
    I hope the Mizukage will show us something worthy of combating Muu’s Jinton.

  60. All in all good chapter =]
    Kishi got his plot mixed into his action in just the right amounts in this one =P

  61. @Eugen – I think you’ve confused weight with pliability. Gold is a soft but very dense metal, considerably heavier per cubic metre than other “normal” metals like iron.

  62. Awesome chapter, but what about Naruto’s shadow clones? I hope Kishi explains soon or we’ll think it’s a plothole.

    By the way, doesn’t this page look so DBZ-like?

    It’s like the battle between Goku and Vegeta in the desert!

  63. it’s out early!!!

    i can’t wait til the chapter where it tells who really Madara is come.. i mean:

    “your attacks won’t work against me, uchiha madara”

    That is also why Kabuto told tobi this: “so, you go by the name madara these days”

    That also keeps us in mysteries when kabuto opened the edo box, maybe that is why tobi was so shocked?? that people would find out he is not uchiha madara…

    Is he the first hokage hashirama? 😀 crazy me.. But back at the Madara’s HQ you can see the first hokage..

    about the new chapter.. Kabuto was shocked..why? does it has to do with the old kages with their eyes or what do you think or is it that Naruto did the sealing on page 6 of the new chapter.

  64. So, once again Kisu was right eh Tenrai? I told you Gaara’s father had no sand powers. BOOYAH!

    “It’s like the battle between Goku and Vegeta in the desert!”

    Please Dragon, don’t blaspheme.

  65. @ darks, I studied geology for a short time and I can tell you a gold bullion is lighter then a bullion of the same size combined of different hard minerals found in the earth, it might be heavier then Gaara’s sand or lighter but I can tell you for sure that in direct proportion to combined minerals found in the earth gold is lighter. The earth’s surface is mostly composed of native gold, zircon and quartz, the last being the most durable but it’s also composed of hard rocks like marble and granite witch makes a denser and heavier compound then the gold.

    The fact is Gaara’s sand should contain a lot of native gold particle dust in it and maybe that’s how he’s father is able to manipulate the sand so well

    @ pisbolman, About Tobi being Madara, as of late I actually think he is the real Madara with slight modifications to his original body, but still the same man.

    As for the coffin, that will be a great treat in the future and I’m pretty sure Kishi will wow us with the persons’s identity.
    Kabuto I think got a little scared of the power Naruto possesses, I think he can sense the battle through the edo tensei zombies and must have felt the astonishing power Naruto wields at the moment. Or he could have sensed Sasuke’s return to the battlefield, witch could also be a great treat as well.

    And the first Hokage at Madara’s base is grown from Hashirama’s cells only it doesn’t have a conscious mind, it’s just a power supply for Madara’s white Zetsus.

    I’m a little lazy at the moment to search for the manga chapter.:)

    Oh and the sand shinobi did the sealing on Toroi not Naruto, it’s the same seal cloth technique used by all the suna shinobi so far,you can see the suna shinobi standing next to Naruto with the cloth under his left arm, used to capture Zabuza, Haku, Asuma and I think that’s about it.

  66. @kisu: Sorry, I almost blasphemed, but I said “like”. The only thing they have in common is the desert.
    I know that nothing can reach the awesomeness that is DBZ. 😉

  67. @ Kisu, maybe it’s a little to early to jump to conclusions in regard to Gaara’s dad. All I hope is that Kishi won’t make him too powerful because then it would seen his defeat at Orochimaru’s hands seem out of balance seeing as Orochimaru’s true strength was’t actually shown in a fight.

    Either Orochimaru will seam to to weak or to powerful depending on the skills of Gaara’s battle with his Father.

    Actually I just thought of something, Gaara’s dad said that Orochimaru knew edo tensei, how could he have known something like that when Orochimaru probably first showed Edo Tensei at his fight with Hiruzen.

    It must mean that Oro used Edo Tensei to kill the Kazekage along with Kimimaro and himself.

  68. @Kisu

    Um…. Since when did I say that Gaara’s father did have sand powers? I don’t recall mentioning anything of the sort. O_o

    *Eats Kisu for trolling for no reason*

  69. I think Kabuto was surprised at how Naruto was able to dispel the summons with just his attack. After all, normal Edo summons would just reassemble and continue the fight…

    I think that’s a foreshadow to skills Naruto doesn’t yet realize he has.

  70. Oops my bad – his punch didn’t dispel the summons. Still think some foreshadowing is going on, tho…

  71. Maybe it’s about time Naruto learned some sealing techniques, actually besides the suna nin and ninja with sealing jutsu, kakashi is the only other shinobi that can seal away the edo tensei zombies, and if he gets even more worked up he’ll probably kamui everyone’s ass to baddy bye land.

    If Kakashi had uchiha blood or a larger chakra pool he could have ended the war from the get go with kamui. But I guess he likes playing at overkill Godlike levels starting with -95% health just for the fun of it, because that’s what makes him Kakashi.

    If he took the war serious he would have used sennen goroshi on everyone by now and no one would ever try to come back to the battlefield after a chidori sennen goroshi up there…… exhaust pipe.:)

    Runs away before Tenrai regurgitates Kisu to make room for dinner.

  72. @eugen – You trying to tell me that a cup of sand is heavier than a cup of gold? Really?

  73. @Eugen

    Thanks. It just puzzles me about how Kabuto says that He(Madara) goes by the name Madara these days. So that tells a lot that Madara is not really the original Madara. 😀 Still my guess is that Madara is actually Hashirama. I’m betting my ass on that one. LOL! 😀

    I like the way you think about Kabuto being shocked. Add to that that he might get track by Naruto too but still to early to have an awesome fight with Kabuto, maybe a little fight and then Kabuto will retreat or something just to test how powerful Naruto is.

    Thanks for the reply too.. 😀

  74. “and if he gets even more worked up he’ll probably kamui everyone’s ass to baddy bye land.”


  75. @ Darks

    Hmm , if you must then i guess just Home Page would be better.As for the Capital letter problem . There are two ways of solving this

    1-Rather than Writing it , Press prntscr Copy it in paint/photoshop And replace n With N or b with B
    2- Use simple html tags i.e hr/bold/font etc

  76. @ Darks, remember Gaara’s dad didn’t use pure gold sand, it’s gold dust, witch is a component of sand in some regions, while Gaara uses sand composed of the same gold as his feather only with added minerals so the fact is that the added weight of both gold dust and minerals is heavier then the gold dust the Kazekage uses.

    That’s what I meant in my former posts. Oh and thx for the comment expending box Darks, it’s better than the one with the cursor on the right. Good job. I for one enjoy the new look. 😉

    @ pisbolman, well if Hashirama dose turn out to be Tobi I’ll vouch for your pioneering opinion in the future. I for one don’t think Hashirama is Tobi, because who ever Tobi is one thing is for sure, he heats Hashirama’s guts so why would Tobi hate himself and try to destroy what “he” worked so hard to build and pass on to the later generations.

    @ Ahsan, you know, that wasn’t a joke about Kakashi :). He can really do that if he wants to, he just doesn’t want to spoil the manga too soon. :))

  77. @ Eugen I know.. I have something in my mind that i for some reason can’t find a way to put it in words.. Lol! 😀 But i have a feeling that it’s not Madara and it’s Hashirama. Thinking of a vice versa that Hashirama is the one using the Uchiha(Madara) to add to his Senju. and that the edo box kabuto showed him was Madara. I know it’s one crazy guess.. but it’s not bad to give one.. we all have our opinion. mine is unique from the others like the debate of if it’s Obito or whoever Madara is.. 😀 still i’m vouching for this one. I think we’ll know the answer at in the near end of this manga and everyone is gonna be surprise for sure.. 😀

  78. chapter was pretty good, i liked it enough. i suspect next chapter will be a lot of talk-no jutsu from garra about how he hated his father for so long but now he forgives him and loves him…dawwwwwwwwwwww -_-

    pisbolman- you sure do smile a lot O_o but hello n welcome to the madness. watchout for tenrai, he’s eaten pretty much everyone at some point, but honestly there’s not much ya can do about it so just pack some laxatives for escape.

  79. @dish: i suspect Gaara’s dad will do a “don’t give a damn, how dare you give away the tailed beast you fool” jitsu. That will, in turn, piss off Gaara to no end, and sandy combat will ensue.

  80. @eugen – There really isn’t any way to know for sure without knowing the composition of Gaara’s unique sand and to be honest its not that big a deal. However, you will not find naturally occurring sand on this earth that outweighs pure gold sand (or even dust) of equal volume.

  81. @dark: lead sand?

  82. I have a question, Dose naruto use normal rassengan in kyuubi mode, because I thought that he automatically made the tail beast bomb while attempting rassengan in kyuubi mode. So can he do them separately now that he has more training ? Because that display of skill against the white Zetsus and against Toroi looked like normal rassengans to me, and in fact they were called rassengan, so there’s no question about that.

    But what happened to the TBB? did he complete it or what ????

  83. eugen- i bet he ends up using it if he fights against gedo meza..or whatever that thing is called haha

  84. @ dish, either Gedo Mazo or Sasuke’s susanoo, maybe. Can u imagine Sasuke’s susano’o holding the bow ready to fire at Naruto, and Naruto forming a gargantuan Tailed Beast Bomb with the Kyuubi arms and covered in the So6P cloak. Leaves my brain hurting just thinking about it.

    Almost like thinking about what Kakashi’s doing right now. That crazy mofo’s probably killed every shinobi in his area just to make sure no Zetsus were among them, and he probably did it with just a fart.:)

  85. @eugen: lol. Yeah, when Kakashi thinks “moon’s eye plan”, he gets a big ol’ “1000 years of pain” grin on his face.

  86. Kakashi probably broke Madara’s black hole!!! *snickers*

  87. :))))) 🙂 🙂 @ Arpotu & Kanton, the thought that ran through my head while trying to make a visual image of your comments made me laugh out so loud I scared my next door neighbor :).

  88. @arpotu – “naturally” and “occurring” were the keywords in that post lol.

  89. @dark: not wanting to pick nits, but naturally occurring gold isn’t going be in dust form. Veins, nuggets, deep in the earth, hydrothermal vents… that’s where you want to look for gold.

  90. @arpotu – I know, but the little debate we started was comparing the weight of gold sand to normal sand of equal volume. This assumes that both sand types are (at least in the Naruniverse) naturally occurring and readily accessible by both parties. Since pure lead sand is not naturally occurring in the real world (and because Kishi hasn’t given us any reason to believe that this is different in the world his manga takes place in), it would be illogical to compare it to gold sand.

  91. @gold vs sand debate

    Q: Which is heaver? A cup of gold dust or a cup of sand?

    A: It depends on how big the cup is for either of them. @____@

    *Eats everyone and ends the debate*

  92. @Kanton & Arpotu

    Pfft. Madara is only rushing to get his Moon Eye plan ready on time because he knows that Kakashi’s Sun Eye plan will go ahead at any moment now.

    After all, Kakashi’s the only person in the Narutoverse who has had a staring contest with the sun and won. 😛

  93. Dish.. Lol i’m just feeling happy.. 😀 I’ve been reading posts here for like years and i seldom post a comment.. 😀

  94. “After all, Kakashi’s the only person in the Narutoverse who has had a staring contest with the sun and won. ” :)) lol that’s so true !!!!

  95. What do you guys think of Muu’s statement to Oonoki, saying that he lived a long life because of the Dust element Blood line expansion .

    Was he referring to the fact that the Dust element was a great jutsu and kept him alive in the battles he took part throughout his life, or was it something to do with life prolongation due to the fact that the Blood line expansion might hold a secret in it’s level of difficulty that affects the body in a good way.

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