Naruto Shippuden 213-215 = -2 + Team 7 = Flash backs and comebacks :P

Ahoy all, and welcome to a brand new, and in tune Anime Breakdown. Unfortunately Tenrai has some trouble with his internet connections and unfortunately being in Africa to get a new one will have to send a man on an elephant through the sahara and wait about 4 weeks. Just kidding, we don’t send people on elephants, but unfortunately the 4 weeks thing is true @_@

If you ever just feel like wasting about 20 odd minutes of your life, since well you may have some wasted laying about I would suggest watching this episode but if you actually have a life skip it, you will get all you need to know about this episode from about 2-3 panels in the manga.. I being the one to write this breakdown didn’t even watch it properly. Honestly there was better things to do, like watching the grass grow slowly @_@

Leaning on old footage @_@

This episode can be described in 3 words, “Naruto’s wet dreams” literally the entire episode is Naruto wanting Sasuke so much and falling into a depression, I  think the only people happy about these episodes are the people who make AMV’s since the animation team is now trying to remake the first episodes in “better” quality.

Though in most parts it just seems poorly drawn out and not worth the time wasted on them, everything in the episode you would of probably seen and know, since its the same footage they go back to everytime! You would think they would find something else to fill this massive gap.

"Now that is a Sakura pre suprise face"

Now I think to truly understand the next portion of this breakdown, I need you guys to know that I was truly looking forward to these episodes, I mean I had popcorn ready, I thought this is gonna be awesome, some filler battle material Sakura will almost die twice!

But when I finally watched them, I was like, “Wow more Flashbacks” I want to start a drinking game, in the anime every time I see a flashback from Part 1 I will take a shot of Tequila… but my Doctor advised against it 😦 but what does he know right 😛

It wasn’t as bad as I am actually making it out to be. I think I wanted them to insert more Filler battle between Kakashi and Sasuke but instead we got treated AGAIN to the scene when Sasuke left the Village. The animation over all was good and I must say if you skip every scene with Sakura in it was actually really good.

I hear the sound of a woman screaming ----- oh wait that is just Kakashi's fanboys 😛

The scene I was most interested in seeing in these episodes was when Kakashi asks Sasuke’s what does he see… I thought that raw emotion of anger and hatred would be one of those moments that send shivers down your spine. I thought the animation team did well in the depicting of Sasuke’s decent into darkness especially now, always depicting him in darkness. I did however want more from this scene specifically, like when Sasuke saying he see’s them laughing, I was expecting like a clatter of laughter to be almost tormenting in his mind not just silence. Also Susanoo seemed a lot more pedestrian in this scene. I thought it was brilliant though, Sasuke’s blindness!


I am not sure why but the one on the left just seems more raw, I understand the anime team had to do it like this but I think they should of been closer in on Sasuke see the anger.



Naruto enters the battle well since he is Naruto and he come to save… you guesses it Sakura!!

What I don’t understand is this, how fast is Naruto? If Kakashi can’t get there how did Naruto who was further away, and don’t say Sage since I don’t see Sage Eyes?

Anyways besides that question, I really enjoyed that scene. Naruto looking back and Sasuke blinding eyes. Was one of my fav panels in the Manga and I think one of my fav scenes in the anime, especially this arc.

I think once Naruto got there it felt more like a proper episode, and the scene of the divide between 7 was a very pure indication of the sides of Right and Wrong…

<_< Naruto uses the opportunity to water boat @_@

Funny thing I find in this episode and is the way Naruto can see both him and Sasuke are just children of cercumstance, I really enjoyed the flash backs to Naruto’s “angry” phase. In the end though I don’t think Naruto truly understands suffering, he has become mature enough to know he doesn’t know everything.


Well that is all from me, sorry for the rush job, been hectic lately and I just don’t wanna end up with a sextuple breakdown 😛

Hopefully will be able to release one a week and at least keep em current until Tenrai is back …

~ by pein0avenue on June 17, 2011.

7 Responses to “Naruto Shippuden 213-215 = -2 + Team 7 = Flash backs and comebacks :P”

  1. 1st?
    great bdown Pein really entertaining

  2. @ Pein, I was hoping for the exact same raw anger and emotion from Sasuke when the complete Susano’o shrouded his body, but beside that it was all really entertaining.

    It’s too bad that the anime is stalling so much due to the close gap between the anime and the manga, all those irritating flashbacks are like a cheese grinder in my brain; every time the sasuke leaving konoha part and the Naruto promise to Sakura and both of them fighting either at the roof tops of the hospital either at the valley of the end.

    I’m pretty sure someone that started watching the anime from shippuden only, by now knows the whole 1st part of it.

    In regards to Naruto’s NORMAL speed, I think it’s one of a few scenarios :

    1st Naruto might have been in Sage Mode all the way up to the intervention but ran out of natural energy right before he rescued Sakura.

    2nd Naruto has improved his speed with all the sage training and gained extra speed in his normal state without the use of the sage arts.

    3rd It might not have been that extraordinarily fast because Kakashi was lagging from the use of his Kamui, so Naruto’s speed only seemed very fast compared to the fatigued Kakashi.

    4th relating to the 3rd point I made, Kakashi might have been slow to come to the rescue but how fast was Sasuke’s attempt at killing Sakura with the kunai.
    We know Sasuke is a very fast dude especially at fighting with weapons so he should have had enough speed gained in his attack to kill Sakura.
    But then again he was also very drained on energy from overusing Susano’o, so that must have slowed his reaction time as well.

    It might also be a combination of all those points but one thing is clear, Naruto was depicted in the manga as well as in the anime as coming to save the day at a very high speed, no doubt about that.

  3. Hmm… I can’t help thinking you meant ‘motor boat’.

  4. Hmm… urban dictionary says both work… my bad.

  5. Regarding your comment in the Sakura “presurprise face” picture, you forget that Chidori is also known as One Thousand Birds. It’s distinct sound is easily recongnizable by those familiar with the technique. So yeah, that look on Sakura’s face is more of an “Oh shit!” look. 😉

  6. 219 is pretty cool, epic challenge!!

  7. @ ZZ, It beyond great, especially when Gai checked kakashi if he was hurt.
    It felt like the Naruto episodes in the first part when humor was a bigger part of the anime.

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