Naruto 538 – 542 Breakdown: Cramming as much rubbish together into one package and making it as cheap as possible. Welcome to the McValue meal of all breakdowns.

Hi all, Darks here. Again. Yeah I know, you all thought you’d seen the last of me and my sporadic appearances since Pickleses last breakdown. Which I believe was early last month. Unfortunately, the man has decided to devote his spare time to procuring the services of feline hookers (his exact words were “I need a catwalker” and while I’d like to think he has innocent intentions, his obsession with Pokémon has me worried. Meeeeeeowth.) In the meantime, I am WRA’s fill-in Naruto breakdown writer until he returns. Yeah, that’s right. I’m like the substitute teacher that you all love to hate. Stuff you and your fries.

This weeks Fanart. The artists name is also Darks, which doubles the awesomeness. Click the image to be taken to Darks' page on Deviantart.

It’s time for a catch-up session, I think. 5 chapters have come and gone since the last breakdown and while I’d love to devote a posts worth of in-depth analysis to each chapter, I don’t have enough brainjuice to type up that much rant-material and I don’t think anyone else has the patience to read the Epic Meal Time version of this breakdown.

Let’s begin, shall we?


Chapter 538 began with Killer Bee and Naruto heading off towards the war. Keen to worm his way back into Naruto’s good graces (and obviously without an ulterior motive like, say, breaking out of his chakra prison and converting Naruto to the Dark Side of the Force), The Nine-Tails Demon Fox approaches his Jinchuuriki to offer his own formidable chakra and help Naruto win the upcoming battle. Naruto refuses, and so the Kyuubi decides a flashback is necessary and takes us back to a sparring session between Naruto and Sasuke when they were children. Needless to say, Sasuke  floored him, but Naruto realized that as intense as Sasuke’s hatred was, it wasn’t directed at him.

The Kyuubi reminded him that Naruto had failed to clear the darkness from his heart, and asserted that Naruto would never break the cycle of hatred. Instead, it would consume him too. Despite the logic on the Kyuubi’s reasoning, Naruto shuts him down, declaring that he will do “something” about Sasuke and the war. For all his faults, Naruto does have a lot of heart. Which is great, if you’re the captain of a football team. But given the complexity of the situation and the intensity of the hatred he is battling, he’s going to need a much better plan than just “doing something”.

Bloody firewalls.

After the pep talk, Naruto leaves, declaring that he’d even try and take away the Kyuubi’s hatred. Scenery change, and now we find ourselves back in the battlefield with Neji, Kiba and the rest of their squad. Or what’s left of it, anyway. An exhausted Neji attempts to use his Byakugan to scout the area, but collapses. Kiba tells him that his nose is also well-equipped to sniffing out the area, and that Neji should see a medic for treatment. Meanwhile, the Necro-Itachi-Nagato duo chat about the good old times in which they were used and their eyes stolen to further Madara’s goal for Akatsuki. Charming conversation.

Back at the medic camp, Neji is admitted into the compound. Almost instantly, the medical staff are targeted and are killed off one-by-one. It is later discovered by Sakura that “Neji” was in fact a white Zetsu who shapeshifted into Neji’s form and imitated his chakra. The real Neji never left the squad. Reports start flooding in from each camp that white zetsus have infiltrated and are wreaking havoc. Shikaku Nara puts his formidable intellect to use and attempts to figure out how to counter this new threat.

Outwitted by Sakura. Is that even possible?

Meanwhile, Tsunade and the Raikage catch up with Bee and Naruto. What follows is a fight with initially promised some excellent sage-kyuubi-cloak action, which ended up coming to a complete standstill and unlikely to regain it’s momentum. However, we were treated to some very interesting flashbacks on Killer Bee’s origin as the Raikage’s “brother”, as it is revealed that they are not birth brothers but very close partners. And the debate between Minato’s Hiraishin and the Raikage’s lightning-enhanced speed has officially been settled: Minato remains the fastest shinobi in the Narutoverse, with the Yellow Flash coming within millimetres of killing the young Raikage, had not Killer Bee intercepted his attack. Yes, Kisu, that last comment was directed at you. It’s not teleportation, but transportation.

That’s where we’re at now, folks. Thanks for sticking around for the catch-up post and sorry for the rushed content. I will try to keep my posts punctual until Pickles returns. Later days!


E3 week has now drawn to a close, and if you haven’t been keeping up, you’ve been missing out big time. I thought last year’s line-up was insanely awesome, but this years content was mind-blowing. No doubt I’ll feel the same way next year as well, assuming we survive long enough to play these games. Would hate for the world to end before the last Assassins Creed game is released. But while we’re doing the whole catch-up theme, I thought I’d give you a quick rundown of what I think the best games of E3 2011 were. Please feel free to discuss your thoughts on these games and add any games you think should be included in the list in your comments below.

The best Nintendo exclusive game this year?

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Not such a prestigious award, considering the lack of great games on the Wii and the fact that this game has been showcased at E3 for the past few years now. It wins purely because it’s a Zelda game. And who can resist that? XD

The best Xbox 360 Exclusive game this year?

Gears of War 3

This game is just epic in scope. The final chapter to one of the most highly anticipated video game trilogies this year. If you haven’t played the Multiplayer Beta yet, there is something seriously wrong with you. I don’t care if you don’t have an Xbox. This game is reason enough to break open your piggy banks and buy one.

The best PS3 game this year?

Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception

The Uncharted series has made a name for itself through it’s excellent campaign mode and online multiplayer. This game builds on that solid base to become one of the best games at E3 this year. Uncharted 3 is an easy winner in this category and a great reason to own a PS3.

The best action game this year?

Mass Effect 3

You guys already know how much I love the Mass Effect games. Mass Effect is famous for having quite possibly the best scripting and story of any game available. I do hope that the third and final instalment lives up to it’s promises. Knowing Bioware, I am confident that it will.

The best FPS game this year?

Battlefield 3

This game needs no introduction. One of the most visually stunning games this year, it puts Crysis to shame. MW3 can get stuffed.

The best trailer of any game this year?

Assassins Creed: Revelations

Fantastic series, excellent trailer. It’s just too awesome for words. Just watch, please.

The best game of E3 this year?

Bioshock Infinite

Because adding plasmids to an FPS was the best thing that could ever happen to a game, and this before adding a fantastic story mode and the fact that this game takes place in a city that flies in the freaking SKY. Though I do miss Rapture.

And that brings us to an end of the Awesomeness Extras this week. All I can say is that I’m damn glad I own all three major console systems.

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  1. Nice fanart (and breakdown :P). Gotta admit I skipped the E3 part though 🙂

  2. “Gotta admit I skipped the E3 part though”

    Shame on you, lol. But thanks. XD

  3. Great job Darks ;), it’s a bit lonely in here as of late tough.

  4. @eugen –

    Thanks bro. And yeah, it has. I haven’t really had the time to come on much with work and all.

  5. …hmm….I wonder if white zetzu tastes like twinkie cream filling…

    …o…omg… zetzu is polyunsaturated fats! The whole of naruto has been a commercial about healthy eating!

    I have pulled the wool from my own eyes! Do you see? Do you see??

  6. Hey Darks, is Homer Madara in your drawing?

  7. Ok, really, this time i’m clicking the “follow-up” checkbox… no, really!

  8. @arpotu –

    The artwork isn’t mine, she just happens to have the same username as me.

  9. OMG a new Naruto Breakdown!!! O_O’
    it’s a sign that the end is NIGH!! NIIGGH I SAY!!

    Aside from that nice breakdown =P

  10. All I saw was “McValue meal” and clicked on this post….. I am very disappointed!! You didn’t mention McDonalds once!!!! FALSE ADVERTISING!!!!! (Yay American stereotypes!!!!)

    Edit – Holy Sh*t!! I’m still an admin on this damn site!?!?! Hell yeah!!! Yay for editing my own typo-ridden comments 😀

  11. Yo its like an old school reunion, Darks and Flex

    @ Breakdown – Short and sweet, lol but glad to have a dedicated breakdown writer again …. 🙂

  12. O.o

  13. AND AHSAN!!


  14. @Ahsan, hey dude! I have a Kakashi-related gift for you! Watch him kick butt

  15. I dunno pein, I kinda prefer reading the posts here without slowly digesting.

  16. @kisu , LOL dude that had me going when kakashi was supposedly “stabbed” . Either way well done by the guys who made it . Just forgot one thing , Sasugay dies in the end!

  17. @DarkAvatar, xIReFleX, Ahsan, pein0avenue: Looks like a lot of us are still watching. Or at least seeing what’s up every once in a while. The fact that weareawesomeness is still here makes me want to help out the site… not that the site needs support, but there are plenty of good people here. I think there needs to be more support to help us get those breakdowns out on time. I’m would say that I want things to feel like the old IRA again, but maybe we should strive for something better.

  18. @ Gavin, you know we’re all here to support you guys and most of us including myself have been in this family since the IRA days and we know about the pressure and the hard work it takes to make all the breakdowns for us trolls here.

    Anyway all we need is to stick together and hopefully start new debates like the good old days. Maybe Akatsuki vs The Kages, Naruto and Bee. Or whatever your minds have going on.

    By the way where the hell is Super & Tenrai and TotalitarianHypnosis ???/

  19. @Eugen: Yeah, believe me I know the pressure, heh. When I got a job it kind of blew away all my time. I felt bad I couldn’t continue with the breakdowns. But if there is anything I can do to help now that I’m a little more stable, let me know. I’d love to see Super, Tenrai and TotalitarianHypnosis come back too. 🙂

  20. The funny thing is , most of the guys from back in the day ,except Super, haven’t change’ed there avatar, like you Gavin and Reflex, Tenrai, Total, Marks, Penny, the wiseman, erosannin and a few others

  21. @ Kisu’s clip, if only the guys from the anime had the same freehand and imagination to make the fight scenes like these guys from youtube do, the anime would be so much more better off.

    The guys from the anime sure fu@ked up a lot of great fight scenes over time and I don’t understand why make the scenes so loony. They did it with the first Sasuke vs Naruto fight and the valley of the end, and then with Naruto and Pain and they’ll surely find a way to screw us when the war arc comes and in spite of the fact that this war has been a let down so far, making it look like crap in the anime in the near future is gonna make really happy campers.

  22. Maybe it’s time for a change? 🙂

  23. Super and Tenrai are still around on msn/yahoo respectively… But they don’t really show their faces here on WRA…. Kinda the same story with me… I guess they just felt like this play was dying….. That’s the reason I left a few months ago to be honest.

  24. @ Gavin – I just think everyone has there circumstances, its not easy to keep going with Breakdowns etc when it feels like no one is actually reading it. I think we can count the amount of regular commentators etc on maybe 2 hands. Plus I think last month I did 4 breakdowns, and at one stage I only had like 10 comments combined, so that is disheartening,

    Manga breakdowns are nice, esp Naruto, Bleach lost a lot of followers etc.

    Though I think we need more debates, contest etc, things that get the readers involved. There is a good debate going around now with Minato vs Pain and basically it the <Minotards vs the Painists fighting but its what gets the blood going and the comments coming 😛

    @ Flex – Its true, but yeah when the main guys started jumping out it had a bad effect on the rest, its like in bad economic times if people keep trying to bail out etc it will become a depression. So I think the admins jumping made it difficult for those remaining but we are still trying and thing is if we can find dedicated writers it would be a lot easier, maybe have 2 Naruto Manga writers and 2 Anime, then they just have to write a breakdown 2 times a month etc. Or a double 1 a month. but its hard to find people that will just fill in. and of course need the originals approval first

  25. Given the chance I would gladly fill the role of a writer for the bdowns, but like most of us I have my collage to finish and a masters degree to finalize and all that can suck the marrow right out of your bones, but if there’s gonna be the need in the future I’ll gladly take part if need be.

  26. @ Eugen – I know what you mean @_@ I am lucky to of had break from my studies last month, but usually I also have a full time job and studying Accounting part time so its a nightmare at best 😛 but where I can will help out.

  27. You know, you guys really shouldn’t feel like nobody’s reading these breakdowns. I stumbled across this place almost a year ago now, and I’ve been coming here to read the breakdowns and your guy’s comments ever since. The reason I didn’t make a profile before is just because I’m lazy, but I’m making one now to tell you guys not to give up on this site. For all you know, there could be plenty of other people like me who are “technically” faithful readers. These breakdowns are hilarious, and I’m sure that if it’s for the sake of improving the site, there are plenty of people ( myself included ) who would love to fill in for breakdown writers, or even start writing breakdowns to cover new series. ( Beelzebub, anyone? ) Anyway, now that I actually have a profile, I’ll probably be commenting here from now on. Nice to meet you.

  28. @ Pein, regarding the debate between minato and pain, I think if Minato manages to take out the Naraka path fast, and hopefully catch deva of guard the fight is as good as over.

    Pain is spectacular but if he gets caught off guard by minato’s hirashin the fight is done,
    Let’s say for argument’s sake they both start unaware of each other’s power, for pain the most difficult part would be trying to catch Minato and even then with Minato’s intellect the fight would still be on, but for Minato the hardest part will be he’s strategy for taking the 6 paths out.

    If he does take out Deva form the start, he will have no ideea that Naraka can bring him back to life, as far as animal, human and asura paths go, I don’t think they will create that much difficulty for minato. But deva, naraka and fat basterd are the ones he need’s to stop first to ensure his victory.

    As for pain, he only need’s to bansho tenin Minato to Fat path and let the guy drain him of his chakra even if Minato can hirashin out of there it would be difficult to do it when you have low chakra reserves.

    Any thoughts anybody??

  29. By the way Darks…. You could have easily fit The Elder Scrolls V into the post…. All it took was a “Best RPG” category and boom! you have the perfect way to introduce Skyrim…. Your a videogame racist!!!!

  30. I might have some time to help with writing around here too. Let me know if I can help.

  31. @ Eugen – I think you under estimate the other paths power…

    Remember no one has truly faced all 6 Paths of Pain at full power and say what you want about Minato’s speed, Pain would to me have the advantage, with the Rinnegan he has the strongest Dojutsu and in such will probably have perception better then the sharingan, plus he will have no blind spots with 6 bodies, so minato’s greatest suprise attack will be ineffective.

    Animal Path can summon that chameleon and hide himself while the other paths are fighting, this way Minato will just have powerful summons attack him while trying to defend against the other paths…

    Petra Path will act as the main defense for the other bodies and if Pain times his jutsu right he could easily at least grab hold of Minato to really drain his power.

    If Human path can touch him its all over but also Human is strong in Taijutsu

    Asura Path all while this is happening you can have him firing missiles continuously

    Naraka Path would be able to heal a few bodies before Minato finds it out so meaning even if Minato could kill one or two they will be back anyways

    Then of course we have Deva Path

  32. Also the Rain of Deva Path would mean there is no way to attack Pain without him known…. and then with all this we haven’t even touched Nagato @_@

  33. @Flex – It got a mention in the poll at least.

    @pein – Been a while since I have been in a debate, but why not, eh?

    “he will have no blind spots with 6 bodies, so minato’s greatest suprise attack will be ineffective.”

    Depends on your definition of “blind”. There is a speed threshold beyond which the human brain cannot perceive an object in motion, relative to size and distance. It takes even more time to be able to react. We know that there must be a limit to what even the best eyes can keep up with, because it’s been commented on before by certain characters:

    Minato’s FTG technique is even faster than that. It’s more than likely that even with six sets of Rinnegan, Pein would have an enormous amount of difficulty following Minato’s movements. And even if he could, it’s even more likely that Pein wouldn’t be able to react in time before Minato scored a hit.

    The thing is this: Pein’s offensive abilities are overwhelming, but this matters little if Minato is too fast to hit. The man dodged a full raiton punch to the face, when the Raikage’s fist was practically touching Minato’s nose! And if Pein gambles everything on an epic shinra tensei or chibaku tensei, Minato always has the ability to teleport away from the immediate area of effect back to a safe spot where a FGT kunai would have been stashed.

    Don’t underestimate Minato. He is the only known character that has been shown to have ever land a blow on Tobi (this includes Konan and her 600,000,000,000 exploding tags) and that deserves respect.

  34. What’s up with all these “,,,” flex ?

  35. @ Darks – FTG seems more like a teleportation technique and one that needs his Kunai, if Pain uses his “moon maker” then all Minato will be able to do is move in the direction, of the orb, even his speed can’t pull agains’t that intense gravity field. The Kunai he needs to move about will be then placed within an orb so he can run away but that is kinda cowardly

    Also in the clip u comparing Jugo to Pain, I think in Speed relatively speaking Jugo is slow compared to Pain,

    Also if Pain can control the Rain and surround the area he will be able to sense and see where Minato is at anytime.

    I understand what u mean though, Lee vs Sasuke where even if the sharingan can see the movements the body isn’t trained to respond to it effectively. But Pain if he is smart which I believe he is will be able to work out Minato’s jutsu and has the perfect defense pushing all Kunai away from himself with gravity meaning Minato cannot get close enough, and I think people forget that though Minato had the Raikage match in speed (at that time) I am sure his current state is better then he was then, He was probably at Kakashi level then (since Kakashi is Kage apparently 😛 ) while now he is full on Kage, so even a split second or two and Minato would of hurt that pretty face.

    I think Pain will win cause I don’t see Minato being able to figure out his strategy, his techniques of 6 bodies and still be able to defend and offensively be effective plus Nagato will be safely hidden.

    If it was just Deva path easily Minato would win, even half of the 6 paths would be easy for Minato, but all 6 at full power plus Nagato I don’t see it, even with Speed his Chakra reserve isn’t as high as an Uzumaki either,

  36. @ Darks – Well actually Konan did hit him @_@

    He had to sacrifice his eye in Inzagi to live, basically she blew him to peices 😛

  37. @ Pein, I’m not underestimating Pain one bit, I know he’s the pinnacle of ninjutsu in the narutoverse and if anyone can beat Minato it has to be Pain. With what Darks said the most difficult challenge for Pein will be to stop Minato. If Minato gets caught he could teleport away in a instant.

    But what if Minato finds out were Nagato really is and teleports there and kills him directly or just uses his extraordinary speed to pluck out the paths piercings and manages to stop them from getting any signals from Nagato.

    I’m just speculating what Minato could really do, because as of late we didn’t knew anything about Minato’s true abilities except for his FTG, but with all the flashbacks and the recent movie we got a little preview on what he could really achieve on his own.

    We already know Pain’s true power and his limits but remember Minato was a wiz at sealing jutsus aside from the teleportation techniques he used flawlessly.

    What if he manged to seal a couple of Pain’s bodies before they even knew what happened.
    Not to bash on Pain’s shared vision but he got sucker’ed by Naruto’s smoke bombs, witch was a bit of a rookey move, effective, but still a novice blow taken by Pein.

    I’m a big fan of Nagato but unless he shows me something new in this war I give Minato 65-75% chances to win this fight.

  38. @ Pein, about the rain tech, that would be a good move but he didn’t use it in battle only to sense intruders in Ame. I’m not saying he can’t it’s just the fact that he needed to use it before with Naruto and in the main fight with the J Man but he didn’t.

    Also Jirayia managed to kill 3 paths and by the end of the fight discovered the secret of pain, he could have left with his life but chose to stay to reveal the true power of pain, this was done by a great ninja but I consider Minato a better shinobi then Jirayia.

    So those 3 pains he took out, minato could have just as well took out 4 or maybe more before being faced with the dilemma of what pein’s secret really was.

  39. @ Eugen – Problem is Minato has only been shown his good moments literally not one clip showed a weakness, but Pain we know his weaknesses and we still haven’t seen him truly at full power. He fought with Jiriaya with only half his 6 Paths of Pain

    Naruto came onto the battle field when Pain had already used a lot of Chakra.

    Findin Nagato may be impossible, only reason Jiriaya realized there was someone else far away was because he knew that Nagato has the Rinnegan cause he was there when they discovered it, I am sure Minato fighting Oro wouldn’t think that he is actually far away with no tracable chakra network

    Sealing wouldn’t do much though, even once sealed away u have animal path who will just reverse summon all of them again, also speed if Animal Path is out of the way he can continue bringing all the bodies back to Outer Path to be revived….

    Like I said, 1 technique wont beat Pain, and in a battle though Minato is fast Pain will be able to counter or delay enough time to deplete Minato’s chakra

  40. All in all, it would be a great fight to behold, but just as I said earlier for now I’m gonna give it to Minato just because of the fact that we don’t know Minato’s true potential and because we have’t seen his flaws means he must be pretty good at what he dose.

    Even the Raikage praised him as being a man that would not be surpassed, and that came from the man that, IMO, is the leader of the best hidden village in the narutoverse.

    As i said, Pain is formidable but with the ego he has it will prove to be his downfall just for underestimating Minato.

  41. @ zenithshadow, glad to have you trolling around, and thanks for the thumbs up, please comment and take part as much as you can on the blog, because that’s what made this blog the awesomeness community it is now.

  42. @ eugen – lol And Pain brought that Village to its knees 😛

  43. The other very important thing I wanted to comment on, and forgot, was the new vs old generations and the way the new kids are supposed to surpass the old.

    We have a bunch of legends in the narutoverse, like Hashirama, Tobirama, Madara, The 3rd Kazekage, Muu, Minato, Hiruzen, etc.

    The two guys i want to focus on are my two favorite characters, and those are minato and Tobirama Senjuu:

    It’s said Tobirama had great teleportation techniques like the FTG, he also was the father of the Edo tensei, he was the best water element user around, and he could have had great lightning style techniques too because of the sword he had in his possesion ( ), ergo he had good swordsmanship skills also. All this plus who knows what else, the thing is he was killed “maybe” by the kin gin force.

    That only says one thing to me Ino+Shika+Cho+Darui > Tobirama, a mathematical error of epic scales. The thing is over time it’s been proven that the new gen are surpassing the old so to say Minato is stronger then a older Nagato could be very true ,because of this many great shinobi have lost there legendary status. Even if Minato was probably almost the same age as Nagato.

    So this could be something to think about when comparing two shinobi from different times.

  44. @ Pein –

    “if Pain uses his “moon maker” then all Minato will be able to do is move in the direction, of the orb, even his speed can’t pull agains’t that intense gravity field.”

    That is an assumption, and one that can be easily explained away. If you are correct in saying that FGT is a teleportation technique, then Minato’s body cannot be affected by gravity when teleporting. Teleportation means that the particles of his body cease to exist in one spot and come into being in another spot within the same instant. There is no movement, therefore your statement about Minato only being able to move towards chibaku tensei’s centre of gravity is false, because movement is not even a part of the equation.

    If, on the other hand, hiraishin no jutsu is a high-speed movement technique, it would be impossible to tell with 100% certainty, because we do not yet know enough about the physics of the jutsu to know exactly how it works. Though considering the fact that to escape Earth’s atmosphere an object must be moving faster than 11km/s an hour, and that a hiraishin user moves so much faster than that, I doubt the gravity of a small rock mere fractions of the size of Earth would be enough to stop Minato mid-flight.

    On to theoretical speak now, and considering the fact that many people have compared the FGT speed to that of light, I personally am in favour of the theory that for an instant, the particles of Minato’s body become massless (much like light particles), allowing him to travel between two specific points in space at speeds either as fast or even faster than light and unaffected by Earth’s gravity. In fact, the only known gravitational force known to be able to attract massless particles travelling at the speed of light so much that they cannot escape is that of a gravitational singularity (found at the centre of a black hole). The gravity of any moon rock Pein can make has no chance of containing an FGT user.

    “he can run away but that is kinda cowardly”

    There is nothing cowardly about strategic retreat. Especially when the alternative is complete and utter destruction.

    “Also in the clip u comparing Jugo to Pain, I think in Speed relatively speaking Jugo is slow compared to Pain,”

    One, I very much doubt that. Two, I wasn’t comparing Pein to Jugo. I was actually hoping you’d read what that Kumo nin said about Sharingans not being able to perceive Raiton-armor Raikage’s superfast movement.

    “Also if Pain can control the Rain and surround the area he will be able to sense and see where Minato is at anytime.”

    He has only been shown to use this technique in his village. He didn’t use it at all during the Invasion of the Leaf arc, so it’s unlikely that he’d use it in a fight with Minato. Unless you can prove otherwise?

    “But Pain if he is smart which I believe he is will be able to work out Minato’s jutsu and has the perfect defense pushing all Kunai away from himself with gravity meaning Minato cannot get close enough”

    He’d need to figure it out bloody quickly, because if he’s not careful Minato will kill them all in seconds. And even if Deva Path can repulse all objects with a well-placed shinra tensei, there’s a five-second interval between each use, which Minato will exploit with deadly efficiency.

    “I think Pain will win cause I don’t see Minato being able to figure out his strategy, his techniques of 6 bodies and still be able to defend and offensively be effective plus Nagato will be safely hidden.”

    Strategy means nothing if you do not have a chance to implement said strategy before Minato makes a move. And what kind of a win is it if Nagato remains safe purely because Minato laid waste to the rest of the 6 Paths and can’t find the puppeteer?

  45. @ darks

    I also think its teleportation of matter as you said, but for this to work he will need a place to re appear, if those Kunai are going towards the orb he cannot return to it or he will return to a position inside a rock and a hard place 😛

    oh alright didn’t pick that up, but Sharingan and Rinnegan are different, but I understand the similarity…

    I don’t think he would ever need to use the Rain. or would use it as a strategy what I meant was if Minato just disappears he can still track down Minato.

    Minato will have his Speed and maybe destroy all Pain’s body but if Animal and Petra are alive the rest can be brought back,

    Minato has never had a long battle, Pain is able to last in a long battle. In the end pure Speed is great and all but there is a weakness to it since Minato needs the Seals, or Kunai. Pain won’t just let Kunai’s reach him with his Shenrai Tensai and 5 other bodies defending him and Animal summoning high powered summons.

    Sealing Techniques are Minato’s main trick but I still not sure with manipulation of Gravity if Minato can get a Kunai near enough to Pain….

  46. thing is in a battle with two of equal strength and weaknesses, in the end its the one that outlasts that wins, Pain is an Uzumaki

  47. Even Fukasaku stated that without understanding Pain’s power, no one could beat him

  48. “I also think its teleportation of matter as you said, but for this to work he will need a place to re appear, if those Kunai are going towards the orb he cannot return to it or he will return to a position inside a rock and a hard place.”

    Indeed. Which is why I said before that Minato might stash a kunai at home or elsewhere, somewhere outside chibaku tensei’s area of effect.

    “Minato will have his Speed and maybe destroy all Pain’s body but if Animal and Petra are alive the rest can be brought back,”

    That’s a pretty big “if”. Those two bodies could be taken down just as easily.

    “Pain won’t just let Kunai’s reach him with his Shenrai Tensai and 5 other bodies defending him and Animal summoning high powered summons.”

    But what if one of the bodies that protect Pein are marked with the FGT seal and he doesn’t know it? He wouldn’t need a kunai because Pein’s own bodyguard would do the same job. Minato need only touch a person once to be marked with an FGT seal. Done right, the victim won’t even know there’s a seal on him, even when his throat has been slashed from behind.

    “Sealing Techniques are Minato’s main trick but I still not sure with manipulation of Gravity if Minato can get a Kunai near enough to Pain….”

    Like I said, he doesn’t need to. He simply tags one of the others, waits for them to regroup, and then teleports into their midst and kills them all Zabuza-style.

    “thing is in a battle with two of equal strength and weaknesses, in the end its the one that outlasts that wins, Pain is an Uzumaki”

    The thing is, they AREN’T of equal strengths and weaknesses. Pein is much, MUCH stronger than Minato. However, all the strength in the world is useless is you cannot hit or dodge your target. Ultimate speed trumps ultimate strength every time.

    “Even Fukasaku stated that without understanding Pain’s power, no one could beat him”

    Of course he said that lol. At the time he spoke those words, Minato had been dead for 15 years. Had he still been alive, I’m not so sure he would have said what he did.

  49. @ Pein and Darks, I almost forgot about Minato’s body tagging technique, now that could be just the final move he could use against the paths.

    Just as Darks said, when the bodies regroup Minato could use that situation to take out at least one if not more of Pains bodies and shared vision won’t help here because just as we’ve seen in Naruto vs Pain’s battle they all face forward while in formation, so if Minato came via the tag from “the rear” it’ll be a devastating blow to Pain, especially if Minato takes out Naraka path and\or Deva.

    “all the strength in the world is useless is you cannot hit or dodge your target.”
    How true, every athlete will tell you, in any sport, that superior speed counts for 75% of the team’s or individual success. Raikage proved that a doujutsu like the mangekyo sharingan and almost all off Sasuke’s techniques count for nothing against overwhelming speed.

    If you don’t have a ultimate defense like Gaara’s sand or Sasuke’s susano’o the superior speed will decide the winner. If Pein had the shinra tensei react like Gaara’s sand then the situation would be in his favor but with him in command the reaction could be to late or none at all while being attacked with the FTG.

  50. This debate of ours sure took a good direction, so if it’s ok with everybody I suggest a poll of a few debate subjects at every breakdown from now on, especially now since we have a lot more material to choose from since the war started and Kakashi killed every single person in the manga.

    So Kakashi can only be in a debate against the Sage of six paths from now on.

  51. it’s out

  52. Damnnnnnnnnnnn, Bee whooped Raikage’s ass and we have another testament from non other then Ksishi himself “The forth even surpasses the Raikage”, so that’s that with who’s the alpha dog between those two.

    @ the chapter, I was really hoping Naruto could overpass Raikage in speed by the time this little skirmish ended, but I guess Bee took the spotlight this time around.
    Bee sure surprised me with the power he showed and more then that he got Minato at checkmate, something we haven’t seen so far.

    Till now I was badly underestimating Bee because of his fight with Kisame, but it seems he has a lot of tricks hidden up his tentacles.

    Tsunade sure made a predictable move, even if it was the right one, I was hoping to see her show off her skills against Bee or even Raikage and Naruto but I guess Kishi made the most logical choice and kept Tsunade’s known reputation and love for Naruto unchanged by dictation and obligation of duty. I admire her for sticking to that creed and to believe in Naruto like she always did in the past.

  53. @Eugen: Agree with pretty much everything you said there.

    @the chapter: It’s strange to me how many details imply different amounts of skill and strength in this chapter.

    Bee’s overtook Raikage’s strength and possibly speed. Bee also supposedly stalemated with the Fourth (and that was back in the day). Bee should probably be considered one of the most powerful ninja at this point. Maybe Pain is an exception?

    Normally as far as power and speed go: Naruto and Sasuke are always brought up. The truth is no one really knows how powerful either of them are at the moment, but Naruto is obviously not as fast as the Raikage or his Father – which is a bummer because I was sitting here thinking he surpassed his dad. As for Sasuke, who knows what is possible now that he has Itachi’s eyes. It seems like Sasuke still hasn’t surpassed his brother though.

    Ah, something about before this chapter. No one believed me when I said that Naruto would start having conversations with the Nine Tails Fox. No one believed me when I said Naruto would try to find a way to deal with its hate. But there he was, I think no more than two chapters ago – doing just that. Naruto is all about dealing with hate, he will deal with it concerning the Nine Tails (just like Bee and Eight Tails). And he will eventually deal with it concerning Sasuke.

  54. When Sasuke and Itachi meet again (inevitably and soon), Itachi should start singing “Jeepers Creepers” to make Sasuke feel *reeeeeeally* bad.

  55. @gavin It’s just like bleach , no limit to powers when you need em 😛

    @eugen & darks , You guys still seem to have a lot of fire left in you ! 😀

  56. @ Eugen/Darks – In the end I don’t think Minato could actually win, and I think for you guys its visa versa, problem that I have with Pain vs Minato is all that Minato is relying on is one strategy and one ideal, if Pain like the Raikage figures out the weakness then Pain will be able to counter is, plus all the Kunai in the world placed around Pain would be useless as opne powerful attack will push them all away from range, also you saying Minato could take out Petra first but he has a 1/6 chance, and we know that Pain protects him even above that of Deva. In the end if Pain works out Minato’s Tech then what, if we can assume that Minato can figure out each paths and how to beat them then I assume Pain will be able to figure out Minato’s one trick… Plus like I said Nagato hasn’t even come into picture, I think this debate should be continued when we see what Nagato can do alone, which is probably all the abilities in one @_@

    @ Chapter – Yeah that was crap, honestly, I am truly rooting for the badguys to come in and WHOOP the $hit out of them, Really… Tsunade – I will betray the allaince because a 16 year old boy knows better. Bee – I am stronger then you that makes me Right !!


    What happened to battle plans and strategy all we getting is garbage about filling holes?

    I truly hope that Madara gets hold of Bee and Sasuke get Tsunade and he must choose which one must die by there hands, or which one to save. This I will save everyone and everything will be okay can’t keep going on. He must understand his actions have consequenses good and bad not always have EVERYTHING just somehow someway and somewhere working out, I mean its like Sasuke always have a Summon come out his @$$ to save him. Naruto no matter what never gets put in the bad situations at ALL

    Screw you Kishi that just ruined my public holiday!!

    *Rant over*

  57. @ Gavin, I know for a fact most of your predictions come true since back at IRA, you must be Kishi undercover trolling @ to see the public’s opinions :D.

    As for the fox I hope it realized how much Naruto want’s this union to work out, and when the time comes for it to truly help Naruto out of a life and death situation I know the kyuubi will come through.

    @Ahsan, thx bro, I mostly keep to Naruto because it’s very entertaining to me az a whole and I like the comments here very much, a lot of people with great ideas and conceptions about the manga. All in all it makes for a great atmosphere thanks to all of us.

    @ Pein, I too am itching to see what Nagato will treat us with in the weeks to come, and I bet you the six paths will look like child’s play compared to what he can really do as an Immortal one body sage of 6 paths. That is if Kabuto can make him utilize his full power.

    As for the chapter, hey what can you do, this has been the situation of the manga ever since the start.
    Naruto and Sasuke have always had those concepts and way of thinking from the get go, I for one don’t even bother to stress about these things any more because that’s how kishi chose to tell the story, if it is to change in the future, so be it, but one thing is to be expected: Naruto will be confronted with a win/lose situation in the future and the outcome of it, IMO, is Naruto will choose to end his life to save everybody else.

    But for now, just as I said, there’s no reason to get upset over things like that when we actually know there part of the manga.

    It’s just like Goku always beating the bad guy with some new SSJ level, or just like Ichigo will never lose his powers, only get stronger then any shinigami or hollow combined out there.

  58. @ Arpotu, I honestly can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to seeing Sasuke’s face at the sight of the zombie Itachi. Kodak moments are priceless.

  59. @Eugen

    And I can already see what itachi is going to do when he see’s “What Sasuke has become”

  60. @ Ahsan, lol dude:)) that’s so true =))

  61. @Eugen: think that moment, when Sasuke meets Itachi, will be a life-changer for Sasuke? Maybe he’ll give up on his plans for revenge? After all, it was Itachi who sent him on this quest for vengeance, much like Sakura put Naruto on his path to save Sasuke (well kinda, since Naruto wanted to save him anyway). Maybe if Itachi says, “Sorry dude… please don’t…”, Sasuke will stop?

    I know I’d feel like a real apologetic shithead if the brother I stole eyes from was standing in front of me, asking why I turned out to be such a dick.

  62. I personally think Kabuto will turn all of his Edo summons against Madara at a critical time in the battle, including Pein and Itachi. Finally, Sasuke and Itachi will be together as a team.

    I’m still wondering how Yamato will end up influencing the battle. If he can manage to manipulate the white zetzus somehow, it could really put a kink in Madara’s plans.

    On another note, I believe white zetzu is the result of the original So6P tinkering with life. If Naruto has So6P powers, perhaps he could simply “unmake” zetzu on a whim *poof*, instantly removing Madara’s overwhelming army.

  63. @ Arpotu, The white zetsu theory could be something really huge, it could also be a creation of Madara, remember he said he was the 2nd original So6P so he might have created zetsu back then.

    Maybe that’s why the black and white goo is so faithful to madara, it would be a great twist to the story and it’s something not many of us thought of.

  64. @Eugen: hmm – perhaps Madara (or 2nd So6P) gave some of “himself” in the creation of zetzu, thereby (kinda) losing his corporeal body. Maybe that’s what he meant when he said he “wants make himself whole”… dunno, I’m stretching there lol…

  65. This chapter. Tsunade. Tsunade.

    Let me rap to show my feelings for this chapter.

    This chapter was whack,
    Tsunade with her sentimental bullcrap.
    She don’t know jack,
    So why the fuck she don’t hold the Jinchuriki back?
    She acting like she righteous, what what?
    The Raikage’s gonna tap that ass after, smack smack.

    A opened the whoopass can
    And tried to reprimand,
    But yo, Bee was grand,
    Defying his bro’s command
    Dude took a stand,
    Knocked A back with a hand,
    Straight into the sand,
    So hard he shattered the land.

    Naruto was being a bitch. No rhymes for him.

  66. @ Arpotu, guess when the day comes you’ll be bragging about this prediction for some time ;). All I know is, Zetsu is something totally obscure, and someone with a back story I think we’re all eager to see.

    @ Kisu, damnn boyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,
    MC kisu’s keepin’ that shit fresh
    For We Are Awesomeness

  67. Yeah, I’m sure I’ll be totally wrong lol. It’s a gift 😉

  68. Very nice, kisu

  69. Ok, son and I have new theory. If Naruto can dismiss all of the Zetzu’s with his So6P powers, all of the chakra will be released from the Zetzu army. Maybe Naruto can absorb all of that chakra, gaining the other half of the Kyuubi chakra.

    Hmm… question – would Zetzu release yin or yang chakra…?

  70. @ Arpotu, I’m not one to underestimate Naruto’d new skills and although he did take the kyuubi’s chakra with his own, would he be proficient in doing that sort of thing on the battle field???

    It’s a great skill no doubt about it, one Bee could also perform, but I think they need a lot of concentration to be able to perform something like that on the battle field.

    It’s one thing for Naruto to kill all the zetsus, but to absorb all that chakra is a very big IF, we actually don’t know what happens to chakra unlike reiatsu.

    The only thing we know concerning chakra is that the bijuu are resurrected after some years, and that’s about it. Maybe all the remaining chakra from dead souls actually turns into Natural Energy, and if so Naruto could just as well take all that in, with the precaution to not take too much or he’ll turn into a frog.

    I’m wondering why Naruto didn’t try using Sage mode together with his new sage Kyuubi mode, that’s one thing I’m really hanging on the edge of my seat to see, both power wise and how Naruto’s outer look might change.

    Can anyone imagine the sort of power he’ll have fusing something like the technique that matched Pain and he’s new Kyuubi powers that might be who knows how much more stronger then sage mode. All that power fused into one body would be legendary.

  71. We need to go recruit people…. Advertise WRA… bring this place back to life (oh, and also make the other people who left come back again)

  72. Well, there are a couple of people that haven’t been around fro some time, like Tenrai, Captain Pickles, Totalitarian, Super, EroSannin, and I guess you guys as moderators should have there info to get in touch with them. As for the advertising I’m 100% in with that we should just think of a game plan.

  73. @Eugen-heck yeah man that’s exactly what i was thinkin about naruto’s powers. i think since kishi gave us a taste of naruto’s sagekyuubi mode in the pain arc it’ll hopefully make a return appearence.
    @chapter- uhhhh are people really upset about this chapter O_o ?? i thought it was awesome, i’ve been waiting for this i wanna see naruto n bee in action!! let’s be honest right quick, did anyone really think that once naruto found out about the war that anybody would be able to stop him from goin? and bee “defeating” raikage was inevitable. what’s the one constant of the entire naruto series that is always the same? the next generation always surpasses the previous one, that’s all that happened. i guess you could argue bee n A are same generation, but their age difference is too much for that.

  74. Hey Dish, long time no see, I agree with you all the way in regard to the latest chapters, we all saw that happening and not only that, it’s disturbing everyone took Gaaras side on how the war should be fought and not follow the advice of shinobi like Tsunade,
    raikage and Ooniki, who have more experience then anyone else..

    The reasons where, I guess, morally correct in some instances , but let’s face it, who would have wanted to miss a fight between Naruto and Bee vs so many strong opponents including Sasuke, Tobi and who knows who is in the bonus coffin.

    So fuck gaara and his Ghandi ideology “No offence to Indian People (didn’t mean it as a personal insult)”, Gaara is a very strong and smart shinobi, but ever since he became kage he thinks to highly of himself.

  75. Yeah i’ve been in hiding cuz last time i was here i saved someone from being eaten by tenrai n was avoiding any retribution <__>

    bahahahaha “no offence indian people…”

    I’m gonna try to be around more often though, time to get this place back to former glories

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