Bleach 447 to 450 – Well its time to play catch up…

Awe all Pein here! Kisu is busy so I thought I would fill in for him this weeks breakdown…

*Sees there is actually 4 to do*


I must say the past 4 Chapters have becoming progressively better, as I feel the chapters are starting to become less initial filler and now getting to the part where the filler introduces some Soul Society Characters…

Well to the breakdown we go… 447 was an interesting Chapter, we get to see where exactly Ichigo is and some of the snobby little rich kids ability, I hate names in Bleach cause most of the time I either forget them or have no energy to find the spelling of it @_@

Anyways the battle with Tsukishima has come to a close and I do like how Yukio was able to stop him, also in most of the previous battles that happened in the human world, the big explosions etc where all cause by invisible forces, now anyone can see what is going on and Yukio uses that to his advantage…

So don't know why but this doesn't sound right, Tsukishima gave Rariku, his "Love Gun"

I wasn’t sure about Ishida maybe finally Kubo wants to reintroduce him and had to show he changed his mind about the healing of his arm, but there was something else. Tsukishima ability seems to change perspective of people too. I just wonder what his real ability is… (Why do I feel we heading to a new Aizen?) Fakes his true ability for years to finally use later?

Ginjou also initiates the sparring match between him and Ichigo

Chapter 448

We get to see more of Yuhiko’s power which I must say is very similar to Riruka in most respects except his seems a lot better, he can alter the reality within the game which I thought was awesome for a training weapon, but find it difficult to see what he could do in battle, he needs battery life for his ability to work so it also has a limit…

Hmmm Loading Lies, then we see Riruka look guilty.... wonder why this is @_@

This page pretty obviously shows that X-cution is not what they say they are. I like how Kubo made this page, it’s almost completely blank as to his style, but we get to see a lot from it and almost a foreshadowing for future events…

It was though the end of this chapter that actually made me start believing in Bleach, well this arc, Urahara and Isshin are plotting something that seems to be the end of Ichigo, or at least his involvement as a fighter or could even be that they want to give him those powers back… Isshin regained his somehow maybe this is what they are planning… Anyways the chapter ends with an unknown shinigami entering the room… Many people are trying to guess who this is but Kubo likes to keep his readers waiting @_@

Who indeed 😕

The next chapter, is basically just about Ichigo’s allies and showing how they have improved over time, them having to be saved for so long I think its become like a drug to Ichigo, it’s almost like they become such a need to Ichigo and visa versa.

I enjoyed the chapter, see truly the that Ichigo and his allies have become more even in ability, I am looking forward to see Ishida’s progress as well.

Womens Rights movement approves this message

Yuhiko does fast forwards at the end, Kubo must have loved the Hyperbolic time chamber since every arc or so he speeds up training by time disturbance 😛

The final chapter in this breakdown was probably the least interesting in my opinion. Though I think its cool we seeing more of Ginjou’s ability training is not really what makes me excited.

Kubo again tries to put doubt in our minds, Ichigo comments on how he is unable to read Ginjou’s thoughts.  In the end what do you fear the demon you know or the demon you don’t. Why does Ginjou hide his intent if he is just trying to help.

The next driving point to X-cutions doubt, is Riruka’s guilt, she seems to either be sad about what they are doing. I still think Kubo is bringing up a twist soon but it’s almost becoming predictable.

Now Ichigo will have to act on pure instinct.

Not much else to say about that…

Pein’s Thoughts

– Each chapter seemed to be improving slightly, I think overall I would give it a 6-7/10. I think Kubo is pushing his don’t trust us too much at the moment. Over all its also a recycled plot we all know and love, except no one is kidnapped @_@ well yet.

– Ichigo is improving quickly as usual but I like that the other characters have been able to catch up to where he used to be.

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  1. Its Out!

  2. Nice job Pein. im hoping that Xcution is revealed to be an evil group, just because they are so similar to the vizards. We already had a strange quirky group of new characters train ichigo and become his allies, so hopefully this time is different. Besides, i dont think we can ever really call Ginjou good after he blinded ichigo. Something like that could kill you just from the shock and pain! how the hell is this training?

  3. Thanks Pein! You’re a lifesaver 🙂 Great job.

    @takashid, he blinded Ichigo to get him to focus, plus Orihime is there so he knew he wouldn’t be doing any permanent damage. Besides, Ginjou and friends have been the only instructors to actually give a damn about Ichigo’s well-being, all of his other teachers worked him hard and actively tried to kill him.

  4. @ kisu – all that tells me is Ichigo is more valuable to them, they need him alive, while the previous wanted him to get stronger and if he died he the only one that really looses 😛

  5. Hey ladiss and gents i’m back.
    @Kisu but unlike most “uncaring” teachers none of them cut his eyes out.

  6. Welcome back you homicidal maniac! 🙂

    @Kanton, but Orihime is only a few feet away. Ichigo’s other trainers couldn’t heal him (the Vizards could, but Hachi was of no use in their type of training) and they were trying to kill him. Temporarily blinding him is no big deal.

  7. kisu: i doubt youd feel that it was no big deal if someone cut your eyes. even with Orihime there, thats way too extreme. Why not just halt the training and have Yukio create a blindfold and tell ichigo to start wearing that? With that plus the fact that ichigo could not “read” his sword, Ginjou is really looking bad here. Besides Urahara (who is Urahara, and hilarious awesomeness) the only other teachers for ichigo that have risked his life were the visards, and they had no choice since ichigo was going to turn into the hollow anyway if they didn’t.

  8. This is a translated story from UNMASKED. It brings a tear to my eye….well not really. But Yammy’s dog is so cool

    “Yammy – Yammy – It is nighttime in our world again…

    After Aizen had left and all the Gargantas had closed, Hueco Mundo regained a sense of peace. Brushing by the ruins of Las Noches, the breeze seemed to carry with it sounds of lamentation. Yet apart from the sound of sand caught in the wind, there was only silence.

    A single animal lay on this silent desert. It had the shape of a small dog, with the mask of a hollow and soft white fur. Its name was Kukkapuuro.

    Kukkapuuro had lost almost all of its memories. It only knew that it was a hollow, and that this was Hueco Mundo. Calling itself “Kukkapuuro,” rubbing its forehead with its paw, and scratching the itch behind its ear were the only important memories that it had, sketched deep into its consciousness.

    In a world full of reishi like Hueco Mundo, a small hollow like itself only needed to breathe to survive, and eventually become the prey of other hollows. Kukkapuuro was at the very bottom of the food chain, yet it was able to survive entirely because it stayed by the side of someone very strong.

    Kukkapuuro looked to him and thought, “I think this person must be very important.”

    As his steps were very large, he was always a great distance ahead, always forcing Kukkapuuro to chase after his enormous shadow. He always looked at Kukkapuuro with an impatient mutter, refusing to even give it a name. He never held, petted, or shared food with it.

    Even so, he never killed Kukkapuuro.

    Until the very end, he also never left Kukkapuuro.


    “It’s pretty quiet here…” was the first thing Mila-Rose said upon exiting the Garganta.
    Following her, Apacci, Sung-Sun, and finally Tier Harribel also landed on the desert. Behind them, the Garganta silently closed, and the rip in space suddenly vanished.

    “What a complete mess…” said Apacci, looking at the destruction caused to Las Noches by heated battles.

    “It seems like everyone used pretty barbaric methods to fight…” said Sung-Sun, hiding her mouth behind her sleeve and looking up at the sky. The ceiling had broken in many places, creating a mosaic out of the artificial blue sky of Las Noches and the dark sky of Hueco Mundo beyond.

    Harribel stared silently for a moment at the battlefield. The three of them, despite squabbling all the time, also followed her example and stood there in silence.

    Standing behind Harribel’s right hand side, Apacci looked down at her own completely unharmed body, and clenched her fist.


    She muttered in her heart.

    Only a few hours before, every single one of them had been close to death. Harribel’s body had suffered two wounds from Aizen’s zanpakutou Kyoka Suigetsu, one across her abdomen, and another pierced from her back through to her left chest. Apacci, Mila-Rose, and Sung-Sun had each lost an arm to create Allon, and had also suffered severe burns over their entire body from Yamamoto’s fires.

    Apacci touched her left arm with her right hand. It felt completely normal, just like her original arm. There was also no pain remaining anywhere on her body.

    (In the end… we still had to rely on the strength of humans…!)

    She clenched her teeth.

    The one who healed them had been Inoue Orihime. When the Fake Karakura Town had been switched back with the real one, the unconscious Arrancars had also been sent with the fake town to Soul Society. Apacci had asked her to come into the town to treat them, when Orihime came back from Hueco Mundo with Kuchiki Rukia and the rest to see Ichigo after his battle had finished.

    The three of them that had been spared by Yamamoto were relatively fine compared to Harribel, who had suffered two life-threatening injuries. Apart from Orihime, there was probably nobody who could help her. Still, trusting her deeply revered Harribel to a human, for even one moment, was something that she could never forgive.

    Apacci hardened her face, tightly gripping her arm.

    (Such a bastard…!)

    Her own undying feelings of gratitude to Orihime were something that she could never forgive.


    Not long after Kurosaki Ichigo met everyone again, he let out an anguished cry that seemed to split open his throat, collapsed, and lost consciousness.




    Despite rejoicing only a few seconds before, Rukia, Orihime, Renji, Uryuu, and Chad now ran to Ichigo, calling out his name.

    “Everyone, please be calm,” said Urahara, stopping Orihime, who had her hands stretched out, ready to use Souten Kisshun. He saw her extremely troubled gaze and nodded to her, turning to the rest. “Kurosaki is fine. What happened just now does not endanger his life.”

    Chad let out a breath of relief upon hearing those words and lifted Ichigo, so that he might sleep facing up. His body, though unconscious, continued to convulse, and he let out a painful groan.

    “What exactly happened to Ichigo…?” asked Rukia, frowning at Ichigo’s pained state.

    “In order to defeat Aizen, he used the Final Getsuga Tenshou.”

    “…Final?” asked Uryuu.

    Urahara calmly closed his eyes, and slowly sighed. “It is a technique called ‘Mugetsu,’ and using it will cause him to lose all his shinigami powers… it is such a technique.”

    At first, everyone seemed to not understand his words. Perhaps unconsciously, they did not want to understand.

    A few seconds later, Orihime murmured, “How could this be…!” She immediately collapsed to the floor.

    “Shinigami… powers…” Rukia looked as if she had forgotten everything and only stared, unblinking, at Ichigo.

    “Are you saying that Kurosaki can no longer be a shinigami…!?” exclaimed Uryuu, as if venting his feelings.

    Urahara nodded sadly. “Yes.”

    “…The bastard!” Renji felt in his heart a tumultuous brew of emotions, that they had no choice but to rely on Ichigo, who wasn’t even from Soul Society, that he had use this kind of technique, and that he was himself so weak.

    “Ichigo…!” Chad also lowered his head, shaking at his feelings of remorse towards his own weakness.

    Urahara waited until everyone had calmed down, and continued, “Kurosaki collapsing means that the first stage of his losing all his powers has begun. With Isshin’s help, he trained for three months in the Dangai Precipice World’s timeflow, until he attained ‘Mugetsu’.”

    “Three months?!” Renji couldn’t help but ask.

    “That’s why his hair is longer…” Uryuu said to himself.

    Rukia envisioned the Ichigo that she had parted from in Hueco Mundo, and the one currently sleeping before her, putting both together in her mind. His hair had grown long, and it seemed like he was a bit taller. Whether unconsciously or not, his expression also seemed more mature. It had only been a few short days between the time when they sneaked into Hueco Mundo to save Orihime and the conclusion of all the fighting.

    (But for you, it seems like it has been a very long fight…)

    Rukia gave him a comforting glance.

    “Right now his body is undergoing the effects of reversed timeflow from the time when he was in the Dangai. It will cause extreme pain and loss of consciousness, but it will not endanger his life.”

    “Is there anything that I can do…!” asked Orihime, distraught.

    “Unfortunately, no.” Urahara shook his head. “There is nothing we can do right now. After the timeflow reversion is complete, Kurosaki’s shinigami powers will disappear. This is the first stage.”

    “And then what?!” asked Rukia, surprised.

    Urahara nodded to her and continued, “As for the second stage, when the rest of his reaitsu stabilizes, he will wake up… and then, his remaining spiritual power will completely vanish.”

    “If that’s the case, Ichigo will…” Chad swallowed.

    “Never mind shinigami and hollows, he won’t even be able to see normal pluses.”

    Upon hearing Urahara’s words, everyone fell together into silence. Being able to see spirits – this was the very essence of Ichigo’s existence, something which every single person there understood.

    Looking at everyone’s pained and gloomy expressions, Urahara said brightly, “Anyway, let’s first take him somewhere to get help! Until the first stage completes, we can’t send him home. If his sisters saw him all grown up like this, they would be very surprised!”

    “…That’s right.” Renji was the first to lift his head. “There’s no use in us just sitting around and talking. Oi, bring a stretcher here!” he called out to the Fourth Squad members who were about to take apart the town. Two of the closer ones came over with a stretcher. “Take him to get help. Be careful…this is the great hero who captured Aizen!”

    “Of course!” The two of them replied excitedly and bowed deeply. As the hero who had finally concluded this battle, Ichigo’s name had spread in a flash throughout the members of the Gotei 13.

    When they had carefully moved Ichigo’s body onto the stretcher, Urahara and Uryuu looked up at the same time.

    “Something’s coming!”

    “This reiatsu… an Arrancar!?”

    The two talented at sensing reiatsu lifted their heads and gazed upwards. Everyone else followed their example, looking to the sky.

    Suddenly in the clear blue sky, a figure appeared using sonido, something only Arrancar could use. It came quickly, almost falling out of the sky.

    They looked at the Arrancar on the ground. It was one of Tier Harribel’s fraccion, Apacci. Her skin was burnt, her left arm ripped off with blood still dripping from the wound, and it was all that she could do just to stand.

    “You must not want to live…!” Renji fixed his glare on Apacci, his hand gripping his zanpakutou Zabimaru.

    Still, Apacci did not even spare him a glance, as she had eyes only for Orihime. “Hey, woman…come…with me…” Her shoulder shook violently as she breathed, her words coming out in short bursts.

    Seeing her heading towards Orihime, Rukia quickly put herself between the two. But before she could do anything, Apacci took another step and lost her balance, falling heavily to the ground.

    “Bas…tard…” Trying to lift herself up, she grabbed a fistful of dirt.

    “Souten Kisshun!” Orihime stretched out her hands, using her Shun Shun Rikka technique. Shun’o and Ayame flew to Apacci, surrounding her with a glowing healing field.

    “Wait a minute, Inoue! That’s an Arrancar! There’s no reason to heal her!” Renji shouted. Orihime had once been kidnapped by the Arrancar and Renji understandably hoped that she would have no further contact with them.

    “But, I can’t just do nothing…” Orihime walked past Rukia, coming closer to Apacci’s body. Even though she was an Arrancar, Orihime could not just leave someone who was hurt.

    As Orihime started to focus on healing, Apacci said weakly, “Don’t mind me… first…save Harribel-sama…!”

    “But, your wounds are also very serious…”

    “Please!” Apacci lifted her head and grabbed Orihime’s hand, her own hand shaking, either from the pain or something else. “Please quickly… save Harribel-sama…!” Her eyes held no antagonistic, killing, or deceitful intent, only concern for her nakama, like Orihime herself.

    “…I understand! Please take me there!” Orihime released her Souten Kisshun, and offered Apacci her shoulder.

    “I’ll go too. Take hold of me.” Rukia stood to her other side, taking note of the wound to her shoulder, and carefully holding her up. Rukia’s left arm was also wounded and in a sling, but her right arm was tightly gripped around Apacci. Surprised, Apacci widened her eyes but did not say anything, relying on the two of them.

    “Well then, I guess I have no choice…come on!” Renji walked up to them and bent over. “You’re in a hurry, right? Then let me carry you. It seems like I’m the least wounded out of all of you…”

    “Thank you, Abarai-kun!” Orihime and Rukia carefully placed Apacci on Renji’s back. Renji stood up and started walking towards the fake Karakura town, with Orihime and Uryuu following behind him.

    “Urahara, Chad, I’ll just leave Ichigo with you then!” Rukia ran off to join them, leaving Urahara to explain Ichigo’s injuries and Chad to nurse the wound to his leg.


    Seeing some movement amongst the rubble, Sung-Sun asked, “Who’s there!?”

    “Woof!” Kukkapuuro walked out of the shadows, running towards the four of them.

    “You’re Yammy’s…” Harribel remembered that this tiny little hollow always was by Yammy’s side.

    “Near here…I can feel the remains of Yammy’s reiatsu,” said Mila-Rose. It was his reiatsu from where he had used all his strength for battle.

    “That fellow Yammy, he’s always so absent-minded, and always thinking himself so great, as if!” said Apacci in her usual voice. The other two nodded their agreement.

    “What then…that bastard!” she said, kicking up the sand. Apacci hoped that everything would become normal soon. That humans, shinigami, this battle, and contact with Soul Society would all soon be forgotten.

    “Che! Have they already discovered…!” murmured Mila-Rose, focusing on the reiatsu signatures around them.

    Sung-Sun nodded, frowning. “Hn…there’s a group of mid-level hollows congregating in that direction.”

    The hollows who before had feared Aizen and the Espadas’ strength were now starting to surround Las Noches.

    “There’s…going to be another war then…” Harribel’s expression was grim and her heart felt heavy. As she had followed Aizen hoping that his superior strength might stop unnecessary wars from ever happening, she was unwilling to let such a thing happen.


    Hearing that call, she turned and saw Sung-Sun kneeling on the floor. She lowered her head and said, “Barragan is dead. Aizen is gone. The only one fit to become ruler of Hueco Mundo is now Harribel-sama.”

    “I agree!” Apacci also kneeled, bowing her head.

    “No matter what, please become the new ruler of Hueco Mundo!” Mila-Rose also knelt.

    Harribel lowered her head, calmly regarding the three who were now awaiting an answer. “Hueco Mundo does not need a ruler.”

    “A fake sun can not illuminate this darkness.” The blue sky created by Aizen stretched above them. “Hueco Mundo has darkness…and only needs a peaceful darkness.”

    Harribel slowly blinked and started walking towards the center of Las Noches. The three of them stood up, exchanged glances, and silently nodded.

    “We will always serve you, Harribel-sama!” said Sung-Sun, as they followed her.

    After five or six steps, Apacci stood still and looked back at Kukkapuuro, which was still staring at the four of them. “Hey, little thing! You’ll be killed if you stay in a place like this!” She walked over and picked it up, but Kukkapuuro yelped and struggled from her grasp.

    Seeing this, Sung-Sun said to her, “Let it go. Don’t you understand that it wholly wants to stay here?”

    “You’re so noisy! I don’t need you to tell me. I was planning to let it go!” She put it down and Kukkapuuro happily yelped, wagging its tail.

    “You too, also have something that you cannot leave?” Mila-Rose gently petted Kukkapuuro’s head, before walking back to Harribel’s side with the other two.

    Their shadows slowly disappeared. Their footprints also vanished, smoothed out by the wind.

    Kukkapuuro stayed there and saw it all.

    To this day, it is still there, still missing its deceased master.”

  9. New Chapter:

    Once again, Kisu was right. What’s that sound Takashid and pein? It’s the sound of me being right yet again 😛

  10. CALLED IT FIRST ichigo gets stabbed in the chest and gets powered up AGAIN

  11. My guess is the mysterious person they were talking to was in fact one of the following Kurosaki Karin
    Kurosaki Masaki
    Sasuke Aizen?

    Either way I doubt it will be anyone we expect it to be.

  12. @ kisu –
    I know how you can repay me… read this

    you got a twisted mind would like to hear your view points 😛



    new chapter!

  14. so, two things:

    1. Anyone else get the feeling that Ichigo’s new form looks like a sentai/power ranger?

    2. Is Tsukishima actually related to ichigo (unlikely) or did he mess with the girls feelings like he did with orihime and Chad?

  15. Who do you guys think Ginjou meant when he said he almost mistook Ichigo’s fullbring with someone else’s.

  16. Bleach is finally starting to get interesting again. Really digging the twist at the end. Not quite “Aizen’s the bad guy” level of course, but reminded me how I got into this series.

    At this point, I’m assuming Tsukishima used his memory-altering powers, but I’m actually pulling for him and Ichigo being related. We don’t know anything about his extended family. It would be more interesting, that’s for sure.

    Excellent bit of Lampshading Ginjou did with the “15 shirts” bit.

    @ Eugen – I’m assuming either Chad’s Fullbring has developed to the boint where it’s full-body armor, and it looks like Ichigo’s, or he’s talking about someone who will come into play later.

  17. @ zenith, It would be awesome if it turned out Tsukishima was indeed related with Itchigo, more and more we see Kubo lifting this shroud of mystery that surrounds Ichigo’s family. At the end it should be a exciting twist.

    Regarding the flashback Ginjou had about Itchigo’s fullbring, I’m guessing it’s someone that didn’t come into play yet. It could be Itchijo’s dad just as well, He did talk to Uryu’s father about his powers returning, maybe he went through the same training to regain his shinigami powers just like Itchigo’s doing right now.

  18. Right now Bleach is far more entertaining than Naruto. Aizen really was the tumor that was holding the story back it seems.

  19. I agree with Kisu and now the world will end @_@

    I think Bleaches major problem is the one that is beginning to pop up in Naruto more and more, Lack of Power Levels, Its been on a steady increase since this war began and the Legendary Ninja are made to look like fools..

    Espada The World
    Ichigo < Aizen

    Except I think Naruto has done it with ideals and not just power…

  20. @pein0avenue-
    The world won’t end until Bleach becomes more interesting than One Piece, as that is the forty third and a half sign of the impending apocalypse.

  21. @ Iamnot – hahaha I think that will never happen!! I think all manga’s true test is the “war arcs” and Bleach Failed and Naruto in my opinion is Failing 😦 where I hear OP got it down 😛


  23. Great… Just Great….
    This arc had such promise…
    but now… he’s done it again…

    He’s Aizenized Tsukishima, it looks like he has for all practical purposes been made into a Villain-Tsu with roughly the same hax level of powers Aizen had.

    Jesus, creepy new chapter is creeeeeeeeepppyy.

    i mean holy shit, its like something out of a horror movie. that was just… gaw! get away you creepy stalker man! Seriously, this is some Paranoia fuel shit right here. He’s messed with everyone now. everyone. just… holy shit.

  25. iamnotreallyhere: Please. aizen always sat back and let his minions do the dirty work. he god moded his way out of every problem, while always saying that he planed this, he planned your life, he planned everything, blah, blah, blah. On the other hand, Tsukishima has one useless minion doing housework and does everything himself. His ability for messing with peoples minds has been foreshadowed from the moment he cut Orihime, and that increased when he cut chad, which was obviously part of a bigger plan. Far from being “aizenized”, he’s gone to a level of creepy villain that even aizen never could. Aizen was always “look out ichigo, im going to hurt your friends! im gonna do it! i really am! i just feel like chasing them around a little first. but i’ll totally kill them soon!” and we knew that they weren’t in any real danger.

    Tsukishima on the other hand has apparently attacked and brainwashed almost everyone in Ichigo’s life, turning him against him. And based on what we saw with chad and Orihime, that means he stalked and slashed ichigo’s sisters, his friends and even his boss and can now basically control their minds. Thats just creepy as hell. Think about it. He’s been alone with ichigo’s little sisters the whole time he was off training =(. I find this way more creppy then aizen’s whole “i have been watching you since you were born” crap (such an obvious retcon) because aizen was all talk and never backed up his threats with actual damage, to both ichigo and his loved ones. Tsukishima will and has hit ichigo where it hurts and now has basically everyone he cares about as hostages/puppets. Very impressive.

    …Well, look at this wall of text! can you guys tell that this chapter grabbed my interest? XD

  26. Except Ginjou, who will Ichigo turn now for help? Uryu is probably the first Tsukishima victim so he’s out too, that only leaves two places left to go, Urahara and help from the Seretei, so I’m guessing old friends will start to pop out in the next few chapters.

    @ Takashid, lol the Aizen description made me laugh for 5 min dude :)) =))

  27. ” he’s gone to a level of creepy villain that even aizen never could. Aizen was always “look out ichigo, im going to hurt your friends! im gonna do it! i really am! i just feel like chasing them around a little first. but i’ll totally kill them soon!” – I think I almost died laughing at that one! Thanks Takashid!!! 😀

    It’s extremely rare for Bleach to capture people’s attention these days but I gotta say that level of weirdness is pretty hard to ignore. Seriously, nothing beats Bleach when Kubo is high! Yes, creepy but entertaining nonetheless. *still can’t stop laughing*

  28. @ everyone: for additional fun times reading this new chapter, listen to this while you read it XD

    Eugen: I speak only the truth brutha 😛

  29. @takashid- of course he’s not exactly like Aizen, but he’s managed to master the art of the Hax no-jutsu none the less. Sure I give him kudos for being a creepy and effective villain, but the whole mind control thing was done before and now it seems more than a bit stale to me. He could have had any other power other than basically a slightly different version of Aizen’s powers, but nope.

    To be honest I am wondering when Kubo will reveal that all of this is also part of Aizen’s plot to manipulate Ichigo. And that Tsukishima is really Aizen’s clone/son/Android and that his real goal is to absorb ichigo in order to achieve his perfect form ¬¬

    We all know it’s comming…

  30. o gosh…this is awkward. uhhh hi bleach people. i come in peace. i’ve never commented on or even read a bleach breakdown before, mainly cuz i’ve only recently started reading bleach on a weekly basis. yeah, i have a lottttt of catching up to do. but i liked this chapter, very creepy, had me on the edge of my seat.

    p.s. i’ll try not to get in fights with kisu O_o….i mean : )

  31. dish11: Welcome! your peace offering shall be accepted on the condition of cookies 😛 Nice to see new people, though i warn you Bleach can be a very annoying series. When its good, its really good, like this weeks chapter, but when its bad it can be terrible. Ive heard it said that the Bleach fandom are basically all Tsunderes, since we always bitch about the chapters and yet still read them. its a very accurate description. In any case, dont feel awkward, just jump right in.

    P.S. Don’t worry about that. if none of us argued with kisu i think this thread would be much duller 🙂

  32. my power to unite people against a common enemy is truly frightening. Cool chapter is cool! Ichigo must look like some crazy hobo running around like that without shoes.

  33. if yall don’t like home made…well, my home made anyways, i’ll go to walmart. but here is a trey of chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookies. Enjoy! 🙂


    Theory #1: What if Tsukishima is really Aizen in a Gigai!!

    Theory#2: The shadowy soul reaper Ishin and Urahara needed the reitsu of was Aizen Sosuke!!!

    Theory#3: Ginjou and Tsukishima are in cahoots with Aizen to unleash the Hollow in Ichigo so that the soul society will be forced into needing Aizen to stop it, or something similar.

    That’s all for this edition of WILD CRAZY THEORY TIME!!!
    Till next time, same Awesomeness blog, and at this rate same Awesomeness blog post =P

  35. iamnotreallyhere: Aizen’s power was to manipulate your body’s senses, Tsukishima’s appears to be Memory Manipulation. All of the people he affected acted like their normal selves, they just thought of Tsukishima as a friend/family member. Neither of those abilites are mind control, nor are they very similar.

    “What if Tsukishima is really Aizen”

    “Urahara needed the reitsu of was Aizen Sosuke!!!”

    “Ginjou and Tsukishima are in cahoots with Aizen”

    Please stop. i know this may be hard to believe, but we really don’t need aizen in this arc. Tsukishima has just established himself as a great villain, we don’t need aizen randomly popping out of nowhere and creating more plot holes. This arc has had only one shinigami appear, and even that person is unknown. Aizen appearing would make no sense. The only way i could see aizen in this arc is if Tsukishima and/or Ginjou have been doing all this as part of a plan to free aizen.

  36. @takashid That’s why I call them WILD CRAZY THEORIES, in other words they’re really not supposed to be taken seriously.

    In any case I don’t see Aizen coming back in this arc, but I can see sometime in the future a revelation maybe that his hand was in here somewhere along the line, if only as to have anticipated such events could take place. Bottom line is I don’t see Kubo dropping Aizen completely from the story.

    Really though I think Tsukishima and Ginjou are working Ichigo over like the fool he seems to be behaving like. My guess is both want him to regain his shinigami powers so they can try to steal said powers for themselves. The reason the last shinigami was killed by Tsukishima probably was because Ginjou was close to stealing his powers and that was the only way he could stop him from succeeding. Now they are in competition to steal Ichigo’s powers but unlike their last mark they need to help him regain them first. So their playing him off each other to speed the process up.

    As for the mystery Shinigami I have no idea who it could be, though I am hoping that it is either someone we haven’t been introduced to yet, or someone we could never have guessed.

  37. But seriously, he’ll come back eventually. Everyone knows bad guys never stay sealed, plus he’s Kubo’s favorite character.

  38. Tsukushima’s Mind Rape brought a smile to my face. Hehehe

  39. iamnotreallyhere and kisu: Oh, i agree. Aizen will definitely be back eventually. If he wasnt going to be brought back then there wouldnt have been a point to not killing him at the end of the last arc. i just dont know if i want him too after all the plot holes and stupidity he created last time. At the very least id like a few arcs that are aizen free, before we have to listen to him spew his bullshit again.

    As for the mysterious shinigami, im not sure who it is yet, but shall from now on refer to them as the “Really Unknown yet Kind of Intriguing Appearance”, or RUKIA for short 😛

    kanton: i know right? To me, Tsukishima has already proven himself to be one hell of a magnificent bastard. Poor Ichigo is practically having a mental breakdown. Only Urahara, Isshin, and RUKIA can save him now!

  40. Hey guys, check this out. Someone on Bleachness wrote a nice little essay about Ginjou and his mnipulations. It points out a lot of stuff i hadnt thought before about Ginjou’s actions. thought you guys might be interested in it.

  41. Anyone else enjoy the new chapter ??? I thought it was brilliant @_@

  42. pein: yeah i thought it was decent. maybe not excellent, but its keep the tension from last chapter and is building it up pretty well.

    This was also a big deal for ichigo, because this is the first time he has ever suggested (ichigo himself suggested it!) killing another living human. Before he could always justify killing hollows and arrancars with the purifying excuse and still speared his enemies whenever he could (grimmjow for example). Now he is planning murder, and in cold blood no less! This might not sound like a big deal, but for Bleach and Ichigo it is. As im sure you all know, the beach volumes all contain poems written by kubo. A Bleach fan essay i read awhile back pointed this out to me, the Bleach volume with Allon (the hollow chimera thing made by hallibel’s fraccion) on the cover has a very short poem that translates as “to error is human. to kill is the devil.” That’s probably the most direct kubo has ever been with a poem, and it shows that he believes killing is evil. Wether or not you agree with that doesn’t matter, but it is something kubo thinks. It explains why he never kills his characters, and why he has hollows purified instead of just killed. For ichigo to be planning the murder of another human being means that he is at the lowest place he could be. He is becoming “the devil”.

  43. This was a great chapter. I now remember why I liked Bleach so much

  44. There are elephants in Africa??? O_O

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