Naruto Shippuden Anime 207-212 – Its the Sasuke Show featuring guest appearances from Bee, Kisame, Gaara,… Plus a Hyperventilation! Sakura gets on the fail train….

Awe All tis Pein here again dominating the station,

Taking on the entire nation.

They found Osama,

Well done Obama.

The first of the 5 Episode Breakdown, the Quadruple + one Breakdown as they may say, begins with our favorite Rapping Ninja taking on Kisame. The Episode is pretty awesome if you are a Kisame or Bee fan (like me) I enjoyed how in the battle certain scenes are slowed down to show us exactly what happens. The animation was also pretty good, though I feel a bit hard done by with Kisame’s appearance, it just didn’t seem like he used to look if you look back to when he first arrived in Konoha, but then again maybe old age hurts everyone 😛

Fu taking on Ao was not really that exciting but it did help me understand what was going on a bit better. When I read this part in the Manga I was completely confused most of the time.

Best Part of this Episode – Raikage arrival on the scene and Raikage/Bee taking down Kisame SIMPLY AWESOMENESS

Worst – Kisame’s animation and drawing, also the battle between Fu and Ao seemed slow.

Think Kisame is compensating for something <_<

208 – As ones Friend

This episode is almost an exact opposite of the previous… It deals a lot more and almost tries too hard to be emotionally impacting. I think we after the “confession” of  Sakura we the music played seemed almost forced. I know what it should mean and all but while watching one almost feels the animation was dragged out making us sit and think about each word that comes out Gaara’s mouth.

Madara vs Fu/Torane – It was a pretty cool battle, I like how they are now moving out of the Snowy place of Gloom and Doom, the colours are so much better and the detail seems more vivid. What many noticed was that Danzou’s arm is very much like White Zetsu, same sort of texture.

The Samurai also catch Jugo and Suigetsu, this was basically too the letter as it was in the manga…

Best Part: The Short Skirmish between Fu/Turane and Tobi

Worst Part: Almost over emphasise on emotion that I personally didn’t care about.

As your Friend, I am telling you... Fainting for another guy is kinda gay... (Sai likes this post)

As you saw I mentioned before, Tobi’s arm was very similar to White Zetsu’s in a goo sort of thing… When I look at Danzou’s arm its not too different, his arm is slightly discoloured almost dead in the way it looks so pale, (Don’t worry it doesn’t sparkle so can’t be like vampire) and the  Sharingan’s are truly creepy… The opening of the battle was pretty cool though one thing I miss from the adaption between Manga and Anime is the lack of dramatic pause, as Sasuke squashes Danzou in the manga a week passed but here it was barely a few seconds which made that scene seem less valuable.

This is also Naruto’s moment to shine @_@ he collapses in a hyperventilation about Sasuke, I know this was felt in the manga but in the anime I could literally feel Naruto’s Character development go back like 4 seasons.

Also we saw Sasuke summoning the Hawk no Jutsu @_@ If only I knew how to describe this face palm, firstly the animation of the hawk seemed a little rushed and it made the jutsu seem even more fake then ever!

Also Itachi’s appearance was placed well, the suspense for the non manga readers would of been perfectly placed. I remember in the manga it took 2 weeks before we saw the next chapter, after Itachi appeared so least the manga not as let down as the Anime viewers would be.

I see said the Blind man to the Deaf man sitting next to him @_@

Seems like there is no end to this battle, first it goes all Sasuke’s way, then Inzagi, then Sasuke way, then Inzagi again, what I am confused about is how the hell did Danzou get so old @_@ he is no where near Kage level if you think that he would be dead maybe 10 times. He never had Inzagi growing up what did he use then? Anyways, the episode in short is one way traffic, I do like how there is no “pop” sound everytime inzagi is activated. Sasuke being useless at Genjutsu also seems to work in his advantage (but that is for later)

I like how Danzou speaks of Itachi just to Piss Sasuke off, though through watching this I have a much greater respect for Danzou, he used Itachi but he did it with Itachi’s consent too. He understood Itachi’s dream better then Sasuke or Madara could have.

And when the giant Vacuum was summoned I had lost most of my interest. The Elephant thing just seems too random but luckily it was slightily effective giving Sasoona its first weak point. Yay the Gaint Sucker… Brings any man to his knee’s @_@

The Final Strike had very little effect, I can’t complain about the animation it was very good, the elephant thing’s summon was better done then the hawk and sound was well placed for battle, though you can watch this episode without really thinking since every jutsu used is explained by either side.

I am Danzou, and I am watching you O_O this was his election campagn, he had to turn down some pretty good ones too, "yes I can" "Change or Die" and runner up "Don't Ask, Get sealed up and die, Telling not an option @_@"

Final episode and the one I been looking forward to most of this battle, the flash back. Getting to see Sarutobi, Danzou, Kagami etc all younger was probably the best part of all the episodes, it was by far the funniest. Sasuke’s Evil eye to Karin made me laugh, but the best part of all was as Danzou was running away, this heavily emotional moment, the powerful man he was fearing death blah blah etc, and what do we see in the background, Sasuke with his idiotic grin bobbing his head around. I must have laughed for hours with just that clip, putting it in my movie maker and putting other audio peices. Like Jaws dun dun, can’t stop, etc etc. Its brilliant clip just because its so contrasting.

The episode after that does get more serious and I really enjoyed the flash back of the previous war, Danzou was just like everyone else I guess, he wanted to make a difference but was too afraid to. What cost him wasnt ability (though the extra anime made it seem like Sarutobi always had to save him) it was his willingness to lead and make life or death decisions. *Note: The people who hunted down where Cloud ninja, and Kinkaku Unit or something like that, this is very important later.

I am not too sad to see Danzou go but to be honest over these few episodes my opinion of him has changed dramatically from just the manga. He seemed more human, and with his death. The Flashback of him and Sarutobi, you see he even questions himself for his motivations.

- - -


The episode that just released I truly do not count as an episode it was full of Fail, since it was mostly about Sakura @_@

The short flashbacks was annoying didn’t really add much, I am sure most of those scene’s we would remember.

I did like when the scene’s switched to Sasuke and Tobi. Their discussion is pretty interesting and well animated, Kiba/Lee vs Sai was also kinda cool even though very brief.

Karin’s flash back was the best since it was actually something new, I feel sorry for her but I also couldn’t really care less about the teenage drama. I do like how some people are like, this is the last straw for Sasuke and others are like but he can be redeemed.

This is his psyco stage, after emo stage that means next is the turn around


Neji emo his dad died -> Pyscho tries to kill Hinata -> Beaten by Naruto and saved

Tsunade emo people she loved died -> Pyscho thought about helping Oro -> Naruto influence changes her

Gaara emo no one loves him -> Pyscho he just kills people -> Naruto beats him and saves him

I could continue but really, this is the pattern of Naruto. Deal with it, the Circle of life.

Hope you enjoy the breakdown sorry its a bit here and there but there was a lot I had to try compress @_@


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6 Responses to “Naruto Shippuden Anime 207-212 – Its the Sasuke Show featuring guest appearances from Bee, Kisame, Gaara,… Plus a Hyperventilation! Sakura gets on the fail train….”

  1. ITS OUT !

  2. damn pein, great bdown, I think is the first 6 in 1 breakdown ever 😉

  3. Is it just me or does the sharingan in Danzo’s arm seem like they are just a bit out of proportion to the size an actual eye would be?
    They almost seem closer to the size of tennis balls…

    Nice breakdown =]

  4. Yondaime!!!!

    Is that Inzagi or Izanagi?

    Anyhow, good sextuple breakdown!

  5. @ iamnotreallyhere – I think that is because there are no Eye lids or things covering it, so the eyes seem larger since you see the entire circumfrance @_@

  6. @pein They still have about half a centimeter of greater radius than dangerous eyes shown in the same frame. Since they don’t have eye lids , what happens if dust gets into em or some one accidentally pokes him at his right hand or downright punches him 😛

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