Fairy Tail 234 Breakdown. Bad ass boys and a flash into a mysterious past?


Hello everybody!!! School is finally out, summer is here, and that means more FT breakdowns ^_^ So let’s jump right on into it

So first I’ll just say that I LOVED this chapter. Gildarts is fighting that Bluenote character, and Freed and Bickslow came to help out Levi and the wounded. AND a mysterious little boy *Zeref* is shown staring at the sea.

yes, yes it is. and he is pissed but sexy @__@


After Gildarts showed up, in my mind at least, this was is over. Especially since he is fighting Bluenote, mostly because Bluenote wasn’t really highlighted as a huge threat. Yes, it was mentioned that he was the strongest in the guild, but even his overall character appearance just screams side character. But hey, as long as we get to see more of Gildarts powers, that’s fine by me! Gildarts needs to be shown off a little more XD

Their not part of the Thunder God Tribe for nothing >_>


Back over by Levi, Freed and Bickslow easily take down that rose fellow (sorry forgot his name). BTW am I the only one who practically cheered at the power of Freed and Bickslow? It was about time to show those two fighting seriously! And I mean seriously seriously. Even during Laxus’ rampage, I still believe neither of those two actually displayed their full power, especially Freed. But it was good to see those two kick some ass and prove that they aren’t just some weak mages but the captain and member of the Thunder God Tribe. Also on a side note, I really liked Freed’s new Absolute shadow form, thought it was pretty bad ass.

oh the mysteries! X__x


After a few little side panels of Erza, and Grey and Ultear (which is so weird btw), it seems things go back in time to a boy staring at the sea. This boy obviously is Zeref, but with this younger appearance, so many questions come about.

-What’s with the FT mark?

-Why does he dress EXACTLY like Natsu? (and how does he know him?)


Even though this is an inconvenient flashback, its important. As much as I would love to watch some of the fights going on, or the mysterious conversation between Ultear and Grey, I am very curious about Zeref. How could such a big bad baddy come from Fairy Tail? TT____TT

One last thing, even though the war is almost over, what about etherion firing? What will happen to Zeref? And what about Charle’s vision of the trial?


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22 Responses to “Fairy Tail 234 Breakdown. Bad ass boys and a flash into a mysterious past?”

  1. First… I really want to know how natsu and zeref know each other… and has anyone ever wondered how natsu got to fairy tail? they showed the master arriving with him one time but appart from that all we know is that igneel left him… that just popped into my mind once i saw @zeref” there… did zeref know igneel? is zeref igneel?

  2. @Dabisan it is really a mystery. Zeref is suppose to be REALLY old. like back in ancient times old. so for him to be a fairy tail member, he must have been a part of the guild during the first guild masters time. But for zeref to be shown at such a young age and in the guild, something important must have happened. Maybe it involves Natsu or igneel? or a different dragon altogether. Idk its strange XD

  3. I did completely forget about charle’s vision of the trial, so thanks for that. I right now, only speculation surrounds Zeref. Hopefully the next chapter will unveil more, for I am very curious myself.

  4. http://www.mangareader.net/fairy-tail/237 most recent chapter

  5. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/63946970/1 new fairy tail =P

  6. Wow….
    No love for fairy tail?

    Grey vs Ultear was all I could have hoped for and it’s still going on, would have never guessed Grey would push Ultear that far that fast though.

  7. So….
    is Fairy tale being dropped on WRA or what?
    I notice it doesn’t have a place in the newer setup.

  8. Well Fairy Tail was interesting, not as interesting as the battle next week is shaping up to be though.

    Wendy, Erza, Gray, Natsu, Charle, Happy, Charle, and Pantherlily vs Hades, master of Grimoire heart. Hopefully this will be an Epic battle of Epic proportions….

    am I the only person on here interested in seeing new Fairy Tale breakdowns?

  9. @iamnotreallyhere (I really need to give you a nickname because your name is very long :P)

    I was also very disappointed when I saw that Soul Eater and especially Fairy Tail were dropped from the new layout. It’s true that there hasn’t been a new breakdown in months, but the same goes for the Naruto anime breakdowns, right?

    I really hope Darks adds a new author to do the Fairy Tail breakdowns because I love this manga. 🙂


    Awesome ending. Hades vs 8 Fairy Tail mages?
    Strangely, I don’t see him losing. He can just use Grimoire Law if that happens, right? If he uses it right away, he has practically won the battle, though.

  10. @Dragon- Grimoire Law has one very fatal flaw. Like when Laxus used Fairy Law to try to wipe out Fairy Tale, if the person casting the spell doesn’t believe deep in his or her heart that they are his enemies then it won’t work. I can’t see anyone having once been a part of Fairy Tale truly seeing them as his or her enemies.

    No this won’t come down to Grimoire Law. Here is what I think will happen. Hades will lay the smackdown on Fairy Tale, then Zeref will show up and surrender on the condition that he spare Fairy Tale, in the hopes that this will give Natsu the needed time to get stronger so that he can destroy him.

    Or I could be wrong and Hades could try to use Grimoire Law from the get go. Who knows =P

  11. @Iamnotreallyhere

    You forgot Laxus in your list of possible outcomes. @___@

  12. @Dragon

    We decided to focus on the big three manga first, to make sure they all have authors for their breakdowns. So, we haven’t dropped Fairy Tail permanently, we will still revisit it once the other three are back up to speed.

    It also has nothing to do with which breakdowns haven’t been updated for how long. It was purely based on popularity and although Fairy Tail is a popular manga, on wra, it doesn’t compare to Naruto, Bleach or One Piece yet.

    However, in saying that, if you think you know a good author for Fairy Tail, or would like to become an author yourself, you are more than welcome to discuss it with us and we’ll look into it. ^ ^

  13. You guys still read FT @_@

    Try out Bakuman it’s a gazzillion times better



  14. @Tenrai

    Well, I would love to be an author and do breakdowns for Fairy Tail, but would I be good at it? I would have to know your and Darks’s opinion on the matter. 🙂

  15. Meh never really could get into the whole “Slice of Life” manga thing, but I’ll give it a try. Fairy tale is still ten times as awesome as Blech.. I mean Bleach… ¬¬

  16. YES. Bakuman is awesome. It’s easily my favorite manga right now. Trust me, it’s really easy for someone who reads a lot of manga to get hooked on it, because it shows exactly what goes into being a mangaka.

  17. Totally agree. Bakuman is awesome though I do think lots of the things they get away with wouldn’t fly in the real world but I guess that’s why it’s a manga about manga and not a book about it. Anyway it’s by the Deathnote pair so it’s bound to be awesome from start to finish. Everyone who likes manga should be reading it.
    Though it is kinda sexist, making pointless female characters all the time

  18. @Ahsan you’re still here *dropkicks ahsan out the window*
    @Cyborg About the sexist thing we do read Naruto and Bleach after all. Well unlike FT no sexist here.
    On that note Bakuman is awesome.
    Now that’s out the way. It’s near impossible for the battle-worn Team Natsu to defeat the fresh Hades.

  19. @Dragon – I’ll keep you in mind once we get to that stage. In the meantime, perhaps send me a mock FT breakdown for this weeks chapter and I’ll give you some feedback?

  20. @Ahsan

    The nice thing about manga is that you can read as many different series as you like, whenever you like or are ready to do so. Trying to dissuade someone from reading a series they like just because you don’t like it is pretty much impossible, even if you try to dangle another series that might be better in front of their eyes, because they’ll just end up reading both. Lol.

    Fairy Tail may not be for you, but a lot of people do like it regardless.

    In any case, on the subject of good manga, you should all try reading a manga called Ao no Excorcist. It is relatively new, but really good. The best part is that the anime is even better from what I have seen. @____@

  21. @Tenrai: I’ve heard lots of people talk about Ao no Exorcist. I’ll try watching it!

    Anyway, another great anime you should watch is Steins;Gate.
    It’s a sci-fi anime, but it also has lots of comedy because the interaction between the characters is priceless. They all have different personalities and sometimes they don’t agree, but they’re all friends.
    The first episodes are a bit dark, but it gets better. You should watch at least 5-6 episodes and then you’ll know if you like it.

    @Darks: Ok, but do you want me to do a breakdown of the new chapter (this week’s chapter 243) or chapter 242? I’d prefer the former.

  22. @dragon – Whichever. If it’s good enough, I’ll even post it.

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