Soul Eater 85 – Law vs Bear….

Its out by the way šŸ˜€

Awe all Pein here again Long time no see, it feels like forever since Soul Eater came out and I must say I have lost a bit of the flow from the gap, so I read up on previous events. We are still at the giant dome of Black Blood that Chrona surrounded around the Ukraine. Justin Law has arrived at the scene and what disappoints me is Justins new look O_O I mean yeah I know he is supposed to be crazy but I miss the old Justin where he seemed so calm and unphased by things around him. Its a quality that he has lost with his whole new I am crazy so I worship crazy…

"Black and Round makes Justin Law Crazy.... there is a joke in there somewhere @_@

The chapter is also pretty short only 19 pages, think Oku getting lazy but I must say it is a great chapter, the qualtiy of the chapter is very good but I am not sure if its his drawing or the quality of the scans. We see that Justin is followed by one of the “insanity” clowns which I must say always intregues me, these clowns are manifestations of Insanity, it is one of my favorite points in Soul Eater. Though I wish we knew more about them and how they all fit in, and why clowns…. Anyways they begin to discuss the growth of Chrona which has been epenencial, from not being able to hold its own against Black Star to taking out entire Countries.

One of my favorites at the moment is Tezca, I always find him entertaining in any of the chapters, he seems to be so ridiculas but still fails to realize how rediculas he actually is…

-If any of that made sense you know you been on WRA too long, think you should get up for a bit jog in place and then sit your @$$ back down and read on…. – This has been a puplic service announcement brought to you by WRA, where insanity lives ^_^


So back to the chapter, it does seem that now Justin and Tezca know where Kishin is, though Tezca only know a general location.Ā  We already knew that Tezca can locate anyone he has mirrored… (If that makes sense) but they re-tell us just so we actually remember. As I was reading this I started to get more and more excited, I know most battles in Soul Eater are quite good but what I enjoy about this is neither is truly a main character and isn’t gaurded by Plot, and seeing Tezca cut up again so quickly, first thing I thought…

WTF did he really go down so quickly! AGAIN, but we finally saw that it was actually clones/refelctions.

It also seems that Tezca and Law where in DMS together, Tezca mentions that Law was always someone that stuck to himself, it makes sense when you think that he was a Death Scyth that could battle alone, and I miss that too, ever since Law joined the clowns it almost feels his abilities have weakened. When battling the “chainsaw” person, sorry I forget names… “Aren’t you glad I am in charge of breakdowns :P”He was more dynamic and quick.

The Battle doesn’t really go too far so I won’t mention too much about it, think next months will be more in detail of the two’s abilities.

Tezca also seems very caring about Justin Law, he wants Law to redeem himself eventually since, “Sin” Law feels he follows Kishin is the right and DMS is the wrong.

The end is a bit disturbing though @_@

Who's that Pokemon?? ...... dun dun dun its a WTF @_@

Sorry for the short breakdown and a bit incoherint at time, I am tired T_T

Hope you enjoyed the chapter šŸ˜‰ especially its since its so short

Love… Peace… and Chicken Grease….



~ by pein0avenue on May 13, 2011.

5 Responses to “Soul Eater 85 – Law vs Bear….”

  1. Good breakdown pein! I didn’t even know the chapter had come out…

    I liked this chapter, but I was kinda disappointed by how short it was. 19 pages is what mangakas like Kishi and Oda do in a week, but Okubo did them in a month. I hope he’s not sick or something.
    I miss the 50 page chapters… šŸ˜¦

    it’s out

  3. thanks


    New chapter’s out!!
    It’s really disturbing… O_O
    I didn’t expect Crona to kill Medusa. I think she’ll survive somehow and come back.

    new chapter out it’s sort of a filler chapter though.

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