Bleach 445 and 446 – Needs Moar Riruka

Taking a review from Naruto the Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show, it fits perfectly with these two chapters. Yep, this review tops anything I could possibly say, just imagine it’s about Bleach.

Here’s this weeks AMV.

Hello and welcome to Kisu’s Double Bleach Breakdown. Sadly, I can still summarize this in two, maybe three paragraphs.

The hell is up with that expression Chad? You would've totally hit me cuz I'd be loling hard at that.

These two chapters were just a collection of fights, if you will. Tsukishima shows up and taunts everyone, but Ichigo takes the bait and gets ready to fight, however, Chad attacks first because he knows Ichigo isn’t anywhere near the level required to beat Tsukishima. Ichigo then goes in to battle with Tsukishima. Chad watches as he begins to analyze Ichigo’s power. He says that Ichigo’s Bankai always submerged him in power so it is only natural for his Fullbring to do so as well (remember the badge has kept a record of Ichigo’s battles), so he can fight the way he is most accustomed to.

Foe Tsukishima avoided the attack.

As much of a Purveyor of Really Intellectual Criticism as I am, I gotta admit that the whole Tsukishima vs Ichigo fight was pretty cool. One glaring truth in their battle is that Ichigo keeps forgetting he’s in his human body. The Shinigami body is by far more durable (Hiyori survived being bifurcated from the waist for crying out loud) than the human body. Like Shinji said, it’s hard to change the way you fight when you’ve been doing it for a while, and I don’t think Ichigo is as skilled (or hax) as Aizen so he’ll be forgetting this in the foreseeable future as well.

Anyway, they appear to be evenly matched, well not really as Ichigo was putting a lot of effort into it while Tsukishima was casually deflecting his attacks. Tsukishima quickly turns the tables by getting a bit more serious  and tells him his Fullbring “is still woefully incomplete”. Just as he is seemingly about to finish Ichigo off, Ginjou intervenes with his huge Claymore.

Wait, wasn't his sword bigger last panel?

If the fight with Ichigo was cool, the fight with Ginjou was freaking Antarctica. I loved every second of it. The cool part to me was the overall lack of energy attacks and just two guys slashing at each other. But by far the biggest surprise this chapter was Ginjou used an attack without giving it a name! Doesn’t he understand Shonen Etiquette? I am very disappointed in you Ginjou.

While epicness is going on, Ichigo is trying to get in on the fight but Chad is telling him not to. My thoughts are Ichigo should just sit this one out. He hasn’t mastered his Fullbring yet and would be more of a hindrance than an asset. He rushes into the fight anyway and his Fullbring gets more powerful, however as Tsukishima is about to counter him, Yukio intervenes with his Fullbring, Invaders-Must-Die.

*sarcasm* Gee, I wonder what his Fullbring could be.

Let’s see if we can piece together what Yukio’s mysterious ability is. Kubo probably grew up when Space Invaders dominated arcade games. Then there’s the fact that Yukio is an avid gamer. Oh and he has a PSP in his hand. I wonder what his Fullbring could be based on. I have no idea. Then there’s the fact that this Arc is very similar to Yuyu Hakusho’s Chapter Black Saga. I bring this up again because there was a kid among the bad guys, Tsukishito Amanuma, with the power to make video games real. Hmm, I still can’t piece together what Yukio’s abilities might be. I’m at a loss here. Any ideas people?

Kisu’s Thoughts:

These chapters…were actually good. I enjoyed the battles and what little revelations we got. Also, judging by Shishigawara’s antics, it seems Tsukishima is a much better boss than Aizen ever was, but what we’re seeing now is in contrast to what we saw a couple chapters ago when he said he’d kill Shishigawara. Whatever. I’d also like to know why Ichigo has Fullbring in the first place considering his mom was never attacked by a Hollow while he was inside of her… that sounds wrong. Perhaps he gained these abilities because he had an actual Hollow inside of him.

Also of note, it seems Tsukishima’s Fullbring doesn’t cut “anything” as Ginjou said, otherwise it would’ve cut through both Ichigo’s and Ginjou’s Fullbring.


~ by kisuzachi on May 1, 2011.

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  1. It is out peeps.

  2. Ginjou was indeed very badass this chapter. And hey, he finally said something i can completly believe “it would be inconvenient for me if ichigo died” Anyone else seeing that ichigo is clearly a pawn in this little game?

    Ichigo’s stupidity though is really getting on my nerves. The boy always needs to be in control, he cant ever stand the idea of sitting on the sidelines. Despite the fact that he has been making his friends sit on the sidelines all the time since the arrancar arc! I really hope kubo addresses some of ichigo’s flaws soon, because i am really tired of him.

    Kisu: you got your title for this breakdown wrong, i think it was supposed to be something more like this: “Needs Moar Rukia”. There, fixed that for you 😛

  3. Rukia ain’t hot enough broski.

  4. eh, i think she’s plenty hot. And i havent really warmed up to Riruka yet, she’s just annoying.


    ..much hehe

  6. Behold Yukio’s theme music.

  7. Kisu: Rukia isn’t a loli. A loli is a young girl, like a little kid. Rukia is over a hundred years old and doesnt look like a kid! Don’t confuse lolis with people who aren’t Orihime’s level huge.

    kan( and kisu i guess): was it actually yukio who said that? i mean, it seemed like it was him, but if all he did was seal ichigo in a game or something why would he be saying something that sounds like a kill move?

  8. @ Taka: Because Yukio is bi-winning?

  9. kan: what does charlie sheen have to do with this?

  10. @Takashid, you naive child. Charlie Sheen has everything to do with everything. He’s winning almost as hard as Seto Freaking Kaiba.

  11. I did enjoy the chapters but is everyone over that filler feeling? I mean it just doesn’t seem like Bleach yet, and all this time that What happened to all the Hollow’s and if there is a Shinigami in the area why don’t they see these fullbringer things and do something about it?

    Also the kids ability, I think its similar to Riruka’s and Ichigo was “saved” into the games memory or something

  12. @pein, thanks dude. Everyone else in the comments disappointed me. I can’t believe no one has any guesses to what Yukio’s ability might be. Also, since the fight started with Ichigo and Tsukishima I got over the filler feeling. I bet that the next few chapters will restore the feeling of filler though. Kubo can’t have too much win or we might mistake him for an actual write-

    *eyes twitch*

    …I mean Kubo is the best mangaka ever and knows exactly what he is doing.

  13. kisu: relevant:

    there really isn’t much point to guessing yukios ability. we can all tell it revolves around video games, hell, i knew he was gonna have a video game power from the moment we saw him always laying games. And juding by the way he sealed ichigo, we can assume that it is similar to riruka’s dollhouse, and has moved ichigo to a separate space. Id like to think that isnt it, hopefully he has some combat powers, but its not very obvious what they might be.

    personally, Im wondering how the fullbringers have survived for so long, since only ginjou and tsukishima have powers that seem like they would be useful if attacked by hollows. like look at butlar guys and riruka’s, how would those powers be any help if a hollow is seconds away from eating your face?

  14. “we can all tell it revolves around video games”

    Like I said before, I have no idea what his ability could be. Dont rub it in my face dood. I have a Blue Eyes White Dragon-shaped F18. I’m still winning!

  15. @ Taka – Well the Butler will say, run 1000 Km in 0.1sec and the thing should explode or get the hell away from him, and Riruka will just like the thing (I think that could be a Facebook thing) and then the hollow will be sealed in a box and give her time to run or whatever

  16. whoops, forgot jackie also has a combat ability, so not just Ginjou and tsukishima could fight.

    Pein: the problem is that their ability’s haven’t been explained enough, like for Riruka, her power only worked on things she “loved” as in thought were cute. I don’t think she would think a hollow is cute, and there was never any indication that she could use it on a hollow if she didnt like it. And i don’t even understand what you said about butler guys. i know he can kill/burn up things if certain conditions are met, but that doesn’t seem like something that would be easy to set up in the heat of battle.

  17. An actual discussion in the Bleach section!? I think Hell just froze over.

    @Takashid, I don’t think she liked the Yakuza guy or thought he was cute.


    aw okay that makes sense. so her power isnt shrinking people/objects, its to put people inside something she thinks is cute/awesome. i suppose that would be somewhat effective on a hollow, but according to tsukishima all it takes to get out is to destroy the object your inside. A strong hollow or menos wouldnt have a problem with destroying whatever container she used.

    As for butler guy, his power makes even less sense, which makes me certain we haven’t been told everything about it. He can create conditions that must be fufilled in a certain amount of time or the person is incinerated, but he can also apparently transform things with it, since he was the one who changed “Mr Pork” into the huge bulky monster mode. Nothing their seems like it would be useful in the heat of battle, against hollows or people like tsukishima.

  19. @Takashid, his power can set conditions. This is why Mr. Pork changed, because that was one of the conditions; if Ichigo couldn’t beat it in a certain period of time it would transform. Theoretically, he could set conditions on himself so he could be able to fight. Then again, I doubt this is all there is to him and Riruka’s powers. They’d have to have battle-oriented techniques because Hollows are naturally more attracted to Humans with higher Reiatsu.

  20. but the Butler could put a condition onto the hollow, if for example he is attacked he could make the condition you must move so far or reach a certain location, this would either force a hollow to run or for it to be insinirated.

  21. Kisu: yeah, i agree they must have something else, or how did they survive before joining Xcution? Is it wrong that i really, really just want butler guy to start whipping out swords? i mean, he already looks like Wrath, he should live up to that awesomeness!

    Pein: that sounds possible, but we dont know what it takes for him to set a condition. During the “Mr Pork” incident he had plenty of set up time and did it off-screen. There is probably things he needs to know about his target before setting conditions on it. after all, he has admitted that the ability is too strong to control and that once he sets a condition even he cant undo it. Therefore i think that he probably cant just attach conditions to anyone or anything whenever he likes.

  22. I almost gave up on bleach when the big cliffhanger was Riruka stating “OMG he’s a hottie!”

    seriously, still got a huge filler feeling on Bleach. It may be neccessary to restore Ichigo to “Main character” status, but it’s just now going somewhere. Please think of something Kubo, I’ve wasted enough faith in you as is.

    Still hoping it gets back on tempo. If he could just somehow restore that “save Rukia arc” spark that caught my attention…nice to see Kisu still trollin the troll king though ^_^

  23. @ Ajd – lol you lasted pretty long I think most of us gave up on Bleach during the Aizen Pwns all contest me personally I lost intrest when Starkk died and that Blind dude turned into a Fly…

  24. I lost interest when God Mode Aizen lost to a regular Shinigami.

  25. its well known i think that i mostly gave up when Ulquiorra died. if i had really given up, then i wouldnt comment here, like i dont comment in the Naruto section anymore (except when Pain shows up).

    ajd: agreement on the filler feeling, but the riruka thing wasn’t really a cliffhanger, it was just comedy. my main problem with this arc is how so much of the old one was left unresolved, and many of the elements of the last one are being recycled here. Xcution is Vizards 2.0, Angsty Ichigo is practically identical to the one at the start of the arrancar arc except even more desperate, etc.

    kisu: by “regular shinigami”, do you mean a half human/ half shinigami hybrid that harnessed hollow powers strong enough to beat espada and was personally manipulated by aizen into becoming stronger then everyone else? That “regular shinigami”?

  26. I read the Bleach chapters every now and again, just out of interest to see what it’s like.

    I have to say, in this latest chapter in particular, they have so much wasted panel space. They take up half a page for a panel that has hardly any details in it, or simply contais empty images. Three pages are used up as titular pages to introduce the chapter and everything just feels so… blank? That’s the best way to describe it. Lol…

  27. “everything just feels so… blank”

    *Puts on sunglasses*

    You mean everything feels so… bleached.

  28. I’m still certain that bleach is going to end with a three pages. One will be the title page, which will be completely white. The second will be every character dead. And the third will be Aizen with a dialouge bubble saying “lol”.

    I’m almost rooting for a complimentary troll ending like that now. Maybe Tsukishima can cut through the entire series and end it 0_o. Cue the continuation of Zombiepowder, Kubo!

  29. ajd: i think im the odd one out here on WRA, but even though kubo has trolled us a lot, i don’t think he’s all that bad. there is a method to his madness, and he can still make some good scenes, like the ginjou/tsukishima fight this chapter. His work is just suffering because he cant fix his pacing, and all the tension of the story is gone cause he can’t kill a good guy. if he could fix some of those problems then i think Bleach could be as big as it used to be.

  30. @Takashid, Bleach will never be as big as it used to be…because it keeps growing. If it ever starts declining Kubo would be forced to step his game up. Also, you’re not really alone, I too enjoy Bleach. I just get frustrated by it A LOT.

  31. kisu: i do think bleach has declined though. the ending of the arrancar/Fake town arc was really rushed and sloppy, and then suddenly time skip with no warning. And in real life, bleachs sales have fallen. So no, i dont think its as big as it was back when the Soul Society arc was going on.

  32. Hey man, almost gave up is the reason I STILL haven’t given up. When you spend as much time as we have in Bleach, you’ll see it through til the end. You can laugh about how there are so many loopholes and wasted panels, but it’s still going. I’m sure Kubo is frustrated because he can’t find the best route to take, and that’s why it frustrates us. He needs some confidence

  33. Hahahaha, Bleach will be awesome if some of the good guys actually died @_@ I mean seriously, in a War with Ultimate Hax and Super Powered Aizen, Not one Good Guy Died!!! (Gin was a traitor) In the entire war the only casualty was that old man loosing an arm, I mean that girl got cut in half, the other was stabbed like a millions times, etc etc. If Bleach did well with its Death ratio there would be more meaning in battle…

  34. i hear the reason kubo doesnt kill any good guys anymore is because he killed someone in zombiepowder and it went over badly, any truth to that story?

  35. @Takashid, the only thing I know about Zombie Powder is it was filled with fail and panned by critics.

    @Ajd, yep only 10 more years of Bleach to go 🙂

    @pein, Hiyori surviving is a huge WTF for me. Getting cut in half is something that should be, y’know, un-healable.


    @ Taka – Even if he did kill a main character that wasn’t why it failed I think, the drawing wasn’t up to Kubo’s standard. But check it out.

    @ Kisu – Yay 10 Years of Bleach 😀

    – There where so many moments like that though in Bleach. Aizen’s haha just kidding act, His leutenant (forget her name) she is immortal beyond a doubt! I think the reason Kubo doesn’t want to kill off his Shinigami characters he would then have to explain where they go when the dead die, though he could be awesome in doing it, if done properly..

  37. @pein, OMFG! Backgrounds! There are backgrounds in Zombie Powder!? That surprised me. So over time it seems Kubo put more effort into character designing and less into drawing backgrounds?

  38. @ Kisu – hahaha keep reading the further you get the less backgrounds appear 😛

  39. Pein: actually…

    he’s already explained that 😛

  40. @Takashid, for a second I was like “Wtf is Ichigo’s hair black”, then I realized it was Kaien. Oh Kubo 😛

  41. kisu: ha ha, yeah, but kaien is pretty cool. his talk with rukia in that chapter is great, but it also foreshadows Ulquiorra and Orihime’s whole “Heart” interaction. just read what kaien says about heart. and no captain planet or “the heart” jokes please 😦

  42. @ taka – So Good Hollows (well ones that where good in life) go to the Soul Society after being purified, and bad ones go to hell, but Shinigami just disappear @___@ I thought Kempachi said something else. Oh well. But that is not the only Plot Hole unfinished etc…

  43. Pein: i think the implication is that there bodies turn into souls society, and eventually their souls are reincarnated as humans. thus a cycle for all the souls.

  44. @TakaPein, you’re right on that. When Shinigami die their spirit bodies become one with Soul Society and their souls move on to the human world.

    @Takashid, yeah Kaien was a pretty cool guy. I always wished he lived. A Genius like him would have a Bankai by now no doubt. I could just imagine how awkward it would be for him and Ichigo.

  45. kisu: seriously, and squad 13 wouldn’t suck so much if it still had a good vice captain. Rukia’s fight with Arroneio (my god that name is evil to spell, wth kubo!?) was one of my favorite moments in the entire arrancar arc, because we got to see kaien and his shikai again (in a way) and rukia got great character development dealing with that issue. i have actually heard theories that Ichigo is kaien reincarnated, which would make a lot of sense and explain the similar appearance and personality’s. plus kaien died 100 years ago, so plenty of time for him to reincarnate.

  46. @Takasid, hmm that reincarnation bit is also what I think. Strange/Great minds think alike and all that jazz.

  47. new bleach was decent in plot, though a little boring.

  48. <__>


    Im guessing Kisu gonna wait for a double again 😛

    @ Chapter – Twas okay hey, I like how they are making it very clear that they are in Human bodies and can't just break things etc, that things cost money too etc, also Ishida healing taking longer to heal since he is in his human body… guess this means no more 1000 Lt blood fights 😛

  49. @pein I agree. It is nice these details are not being ignored. I will not bicker this week

  50. pein: Don’t speak too soon, im not sure if kubo could give up his 1000lt blood battles. Only person who loves those fights more then kubo is Oda (but he can do it right, and hes 100x better then kubo). Lets see how it goes the next time we have a big fight before jumping to conclusions.

    as for the way the plot is going, im really getting the feeling that there is someone involved in this that we don’t know about. Ginjou suggested that the “Tsukishima” who attacked Orihime may have been someone different, and what ishida said this chapter about the difference in their attacks seems to support this, though Tsuki himself denied it (even though we cant really believe him). Also the Tsukishima who attacked Orihime, at one point said “I’m your-” but was cut off by Shishi. So, what do you guys think? if there is someone else who is it? another fullbringer? someone new or someone we have already met? lets discuss a little!

  51. Hey gaiz your breakdown’s gonna be out late or it’s gonna be a Triple next week. Kisu isn’t in a position where he can write a breakdown at the moment. Kthnxbai!

  52. Who cares anyway it’s out

  53. My god. I’m gonna have a field day with this chapter. So many pages of absolutely useless chatter. Ughughughughughugh

    Though if you haven’t read it by now… -.-

    I wonder what Urahara meant by taking Ichigo’s future away from him?

    Are they going to kill him?
    Are they going to obliterate all powers and abilities in him?
    Or do they plan on somehow giving Ichigo his powers back so that they can make him a captain in the soul society, thus rendering everything Ichigo has gone through in this full(ofsheet)bring ark?

    Only time will tell…

  55. “Are they going to kill him?”

    >implying people die in Bleach

  56. I know, I know…
    That’s not to say they won’t try to kill him though, or that their goal is to kill his human body so he can return to being a spirit being or something.

    Remember this is bleach, and death is a cheap slut *cough*Matsumoto rangiku*cough* in Kubo-land =P

  57. Yeah, but killing him is too extreme. Karin and Yuzu were up all night waiting for him, worried when he was gone a few days. they clearly love him a lot. If Ichigo was KILLED, it would be just like there mom, only even worse. Poor Yuzu would be heartbroken, and Karin would probably never smile again. in short THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

  58. wow. finally a Bleach chapter i have no complaints for. orihime acted like a badass and has a cool new move. Tsukishima gets more interesting as he has now sliced all of ichigos human friends. thats obviously part of some plan.

    At the same time, has everyone heard about the new story book coming out called “Unmasked”!? i am fucking loving this book so far. It will cover the Ulquiorra vs ichigo fight 2 all the way to the end of the hueco mundo arc. Inside there will be a special never before seen manga chapter by kubo about Ulquiorra!!! everything we have seen so far seems to suggest it will be his backstory! Since Ulquiorra is still my favorite character, i am realyy, really happy about this. Hopefully Ulquiorra’s backstory will show us what it is like for Vasto Lordes in HM, just like how Grimmjow’s showed us how things work for Menos and Adjuchas.

    with this great info + a good chapter = my old interest in Bleach beginning to reawaken. if kubo keeps this up i might even start loving it like i used to.


    here is a link to the newest Bleach chapter. Mangastreams translations are not very good this week, so i suggest reading this version. Though Mangastream did add in an add for Unmasked that i recommend everyone take a look at.

  60. I agree with Taka

    Can’t wait for the some more Cifer @_@ He is the most awesome Character ever hopefully he will come back 😀

  61. lol in your tranlation it says “subt” in Mangastream it says Sadistic @_@ hahahahaha

  62. <_<

    Wander What happened to Kisu @_@ He used to be so quick with these breakdowns I rate we revolt and over throw him in a mass of mad histeria WHOSS With me!!!

    *Hears no one back up*

    okay will let it go for now @_@

  63. god dang it. I just got around to reading the chapter. All I gotta say is, did some women’s rights movement happen in Japan this week?

    I’ve been really busy hm. Don’t worry guys, you’ll get the breakdown, but in keeping with my schedule, you won’t get it til next week when the new chap comes out 🙂

  64. pein: yeah, im really looking forward to this special story for Ulquiorra. its not 100% confirmed that it is his backstory, but that add seems to suggest it is. apparently the theme of the story will be “What is Ulquiorra looking at?” Remember he always said that “my eyes see everything. what they don’t see doesn’t exist”. so, seems like his backstory will show how he became so nihilistic and practical. still really hoping for some info on the lives of Vasto lordes in Hueco Mundo as well.

    …i think that’s supposed to say “subtle”, instead of subt

    Kisu: if it did, i hope they keep it up! Orihime is finally acting like the old badass Hime from her fight to save tatsuki. i love it. i hope she has developed some other new techniques as well. She needs to do more offense, not just defend.

  65. @ taka – Yeah, I also wanna know how he gained that status etc, he was an awesome characters. Nihilism was my favorite aspect of Death of the Espada… when will it be out?
    @ kisu – lol Least its not Naruto, Females can do something @_@ and its nice Ichigo not being the most powerful all the time… I wonder how ishida has improved

  66. pein: apparently it will be out sometime next week. i’ll post a link on WRA once someone posts a translated version of it.

  67. Pein, u wanna take over bro? I really wont be able to do one for quite some time.

    My favorite Aspects of Death are; Madness, Aging, Loneliness and Destruction.

  68. yo Pein, Unmasked is coming out! here is a link to the Ulquiorra comic with translations below.. Someone send these to Mangastream!!!

    Fuck yeah Ulquiorra! this comic is awesome!


  70. I love Ulquiorra’s hollow form. it shows how his beliefs grew out of his very body. he only believed in what he could see or touch because that was literally the only way he could interact with the world. With no nose and no mouth, he had no smell or taste. all he could rely on was what he could see with his eyes.

    Also, fucking love at the Orihime scene. Ulquiorra fell asleep in her room!!! lolololololol thats awesome. so, they were on a first name basis huh, i figured.

  71. i said it before and I’ll say it again, it would’ve been cooler if it was about Grimmjow, Szayel and Yylfordt or Baraggan >_>

  72. kisu: obviously kubo doesn’t care about them as much you do, but the cover and this comic in unmasked show he cares about Ulquiorra 😛

  73. Grimmjow (done), Baraggan (done), Szayel was boring and kinda lame by the end he wasn’t a deep character, cool concept but didn’t go much further, he basically the arrancar version of the 12th Squad captain. and Yylfordt was not even a Espada….

  74. @Takashid, nah bro, Kubo doesn’t care. The fans like Ulq for some reason and Kubo realizes he could milk them for some more dough so that’s why he did this 😛

    @pein, you blaspheme against the god of Hueco Mundo and insult the Panther King. Szayel is amazing! As for Yylfordt, I just wanna know how he and Szayel are brothers.

  75. lol away from his lab, Szayel is useless… I just mean we have a back story for Panther King, King of Time too. Yylfordt is useless, him and Szayel decapitated someone and that is how they became brothers @_@

    Szayel is okay not too interesting to me anymore, ever since seeing him fail in hell.

  76. Yeah Szayel isn’t a frontline fighter. Mayuri would’ve failed even harder if he was in Szayel’s position. Well at least Szayel’s lab will show up in the future again. YOU CAN’T KEEP THE OCTAVA ESPADA DOWN!!!!

  77. @ kisu – yeah and somewhere somehow, even if the most unrelavant thing someone will be talking about “the heart” why we wont know but he wont disappear either 😛

  78. yes, “THE HEART” will always live on 😛

  79. “Yeah Szayel isn’t a frontline fighter. Mayuri would’ve failed even harder if he was in Szayel’s position.”

    What? Mayuri beat Szayel on his own lab, in his own base, when Szayel was in his strongest form and had zero wounds. They weren’t on the “frontlines” they were inside an area that gave(or should have given) Szayel the advantage. I f they fought at Mayuri’s lab the result would have been the same, except Mayuri probably would have won faster using some horrible weapons he has in his lab. I mean, i hate Mayuri as a person, but you have to admit that the superior scientist won that fight dude.

  80. @Takashid, we were talking about the Hell Chapter.

    As for Mayuri and Szayel, you have to remember that Mayuri simply used Szayel’s own strategy against him and recorded his data, like Szayel did to everyone else. Had Szayel been in Mayuri’s position, that is, watching him fight from afar then coming into the fray, he would’ve won. It’s like Groudon and Kyogre; the first to be sent out will lose.

    Also, check out some UNMASKED stuff:

    -Apparently Harribel’s hollow hole was in her uterus and she died as a human in child birth. Her fraccion and her are alive. Orihime apparently healed them for some reason.

    The fraccion have been given numbers:


    Charlotte = 20
    Avirama = 22
    Findor = 24
    Poww = 25
    Ggoi Vega = 26
    Nirgge = 27


    Apache = 54
    Mila-Rose = 55
    Sun-Sun = 56

    Ulquiorra: N/A Nnoitra:

    Tesla = 50


    Shawlong = 11
    Edrad = 13
    Nakeem = 14
    Yylfordt = 15
    Di Roy = 16




    His own creations, N/A




    His Dog = 35

  81. i heard about that with halliebel buy im still facepalming about that. seriously kubo? after all the jokes where her “hole” was, you actually make it cannon? Halibel being alive is more interesting though. Even though it seems to only have happened for fanservice reasons, that still makes it pretty obvious that kubo intends to bring the arrancar back into the story eventually. Hopefully including some of our favorites.

  82. lol the pervs (like me) win again!

  83. Hey pein, someone made a video version of the Unmasked Ulquiorra comic. check it out, its in English. Its a bit easier to follow then having the Japanese pages and reading translations.

  84. more info!

    esapada’s hollow holes:
    starrk: (胸部)chest
    baraggan: (胸中央) center chest
    harribel: (下腹部-子宫) lower abdomen-uterus
    ulqiuorra: (胸部) chest
    nnoitra: (眼部) eye
    grimmjow: (腹部) abdomen
    zommari: (右乳首) right nipple
    szayel apporo: (亀頭) glans penis
    aaroniero: (左大腿部) left thigh
    yammy: no infos about his hollow hole but it should be (胸部) chest

  85. what about Nel? she wasnt wearing a lot of clothes, but we still never saw a hollow hole. does it say anything about her hole?

  86. @Taka, nah haven’t seen any info about Nel. I bet it’s something pervy though knowing Kubo. I mean, just look at Szayel’s lol

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