Naruto 533-535 Triple Breakdown: Been away for so long, and already writing triple breakdowns? Heavy risk, but the priiiiize…

Hai gaiz! Darks here.

Darks!? The fu-

Yes it has been a long time. I missed you too. Yeah. Yup. Ok, you can stop crying now.

I have a confession to make: my self-imposed exile was due to repeated playthroughs of Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, and other more trivial matters like work and family responsibilities. Priorities, right? But hey, I’m back! At least, until this breakdown’s over. Pickles couldn’t make it this time, because…ummm, errrrr…wait…you know what? He never told me! The bastard got me to do the breakdown and I don’t even know why! And this was before I realised it was a TRIPLE breakdown! But what the hell ever. It’s good to be back.

Nice actually, to come back and see everything is still basically just the same as I left it. WRA never dies, does it?

Now, before I get into the breakdown itself, I thought I’d post a Naruto clip I saw on YouTube the other day in the place of the usual AMV of the week. Freaking hilarious. For those who don’t know or recognize him, Russell Peters is the voice behind the clip, and he is hands down one of my favouritest comedians ever. Now watch it, or somebody’s gonna get a hurt real bad. (kiddies be warned – he swears. But then, don’t all comedians?)


So these last few weeks have been HECTIC in the Narutoverse. We’ve seen COMPLETE character reversals. Chouji stopped being a whining tubbablubber, Naruto was intelligent, and Ino did something. Yes guys, you heard me. She DID SOMETHING. I could devote this entire breakdown to expressing how freaked out I was, seriously it deserves that sort of attention. Unfortunately I have a character limit and I’d rather not waste it by writing “OMG” over and over. All in all, I like the pace that Kishi has set with his latest chapter releases. It’s clipping along nicely, and building up to what I hope will be an epic confrontation between Naruto and Madara.

We got a bit of backstory behind the whole Ino-Shika-Cho thing, and their rite of passage into adulthood. Nothing that really interested me, apart from the fact that I finally realised – after 300 or so chapters of Shippuuden – that their earrings changed since the timeskip. Wow. By this time I was sorely hoping that the rest of 533 wasn’t this boring. Though I admit, seeing Chouji go Super Saiyan validated the existence of the chapter.

Captain Falcon WISHES he could punch like this...

But let’s be honest: who here didn’t see this coming? Raise of hands? No hands? Excellent. If you did raise your hand, I almost envy your surprise. The predictability does not in any way detract from the fact that Chouji pulling a Casey Heynes on Asuma was awesome as hell, just to be clear. It was just a shame that Kishi made him out to be such a weakling (honestly, at times he was on par with Sakura in terms of uselessness, and that is not a comparison I make lightly) leading up to his transformation. This was the only way his character could be redeemed, and I’m sure most of us could smell it coming from a mile away.

Meanwhile, back on the island, Naruto’s niggling doubts at the situation he’s in finally causes him to act. His exit from the chakra-sealed room was quite funny though. “Where’s the bathroom?” I used this exact same phrase to escape from Australian History classes in high school. Bee’s a dumbass so of course he fell for it, but that’s why we love him.

If there is one thing I didn’t like though, it’s Iruka’s attempt to “stop” Naruto from leaving. Orders are orders, and thus far Iruka has followed through with his to the best of his abilities. But this time, it’s almost as if he LET Naruto go – no, worse, it’s like he PLANNED for Naruto to go! Knowing full well that doing so would make him a target instantly – especially against an enemy whose abilities and subsequent boundaries are not fully known yet – Iruka prepared a note for him asking that he come home safely.

This was just weird. The talk he gave Naruto to convince him to stay? That was very much in character for him. But by writing that letter, Iruka shows that he doesn’t truly believe a word he just spoke then, instead supporting him in his escape. This sounds nothing like the Iruka I know. Besides, Iruka has some awesome shinobi companions there to help keep him there, and you’d think he’d put a little more faith into their ability to keep Naruto contained. I personally don’t see how he’s going to get past Bee (unless of course they join forces and hit the battlefield together). These are my thoughts, at any rate. Feel free to leave your own comments below. Or in the poll.

Either way, I’m sure we’ll soon see Naruto leave the Lionturtle in search for Firelord Ozai Madara, and hopefully the action will pick up from where (in my own personal opinion) the plot fumbled the ball. With Chouji promising to end the war in one swoop, and Naruto finally – finally! – seeing through what has got to be one of the weakest cover stories this manga has ever come up with the coming chapters promise to be full of non stop action. Except of course for the times when the action stops. Bad guys aren’t bad guys without time to monologue.

So that’s it from me today/tonight/from the future. Stay safe this Easter, and always be awesomeness!

– Darks


Completely off-topic, I know. But for those who haven’t played either of the Mass Effect games, you truly don’t know what you’re missing out on. There’s no excuse either; it’s out on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, and third and final instalment is coming out later this year. It’s got an incredibly gripping story, top-notch scripting and voice acting, engaging characters, and Martin-freaking-Sheen. What more do you need? A trailer? Well, I got one of them, too.

And the main reason this game is so popular…

One of the only moments its acceptable to perv on video game chicks.

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  1. first baby. Nice breakdown darks

  2. wb darks ๐Ÿ˜› Nice breakdown. I think Iruka’s letter was fine, after all it was likely Naruto got out and at least this way he’s given Naruto his support. The war’s slowly progressing in Madara’s disadvantage I’d say… makes me wonder when the good guys will receive their first real big loss

  3. Great breakdown darks and welcome back.

    I’m happy Choji finally grew a pair but I hope he doesn’t “end this war” like he said. The powerup would be too hax.

    Oh, and I hope Kabuto or Madara show up and stop Naruto because him coming to the battlefield means the secondary characters are officially out of the limelight. T_T

  4. Great to have you back Darks, great breakdown.

    As for the upcoming battles, I can see the following pattern happening:

    1st the kages are gonna start a fight with the former kages, including Tsunade and E.

    2nd Daru’s team with the Stone commander are gonna finish up there fights with Kakuzu and Dan and probably land a hand to the Samurai and the ambush squad against Chio, kimimaro and the fat sensor from the mist.

    3rd Naruto and Bee are gonna unite in a fight against Madara, that’s probably the reason Bee didn’t stop Naruto in the first place if u ask me, but they will encounter the former Jinchuriki and probably Sasuke will make he’s return and he’ll try to finish Bee this time @ for good.

    All I hope is for them not to get caught into Kakashi’s rampage cause that’s gonna end there panel time really fast.

  5. Darks dude, i totally dig the avatar reference xD

  6. I remember that video
    @Iruka not stopping Naruto ao what I think it’s Iruka thinking he’s not a some little thing that needs protection. It’s not like it’ll help anyway.

  7. I’m glad someone is looking at this situation Kisu-style. There’s no reason for Naruto to endanger the entire world by joining this war. He was sensing everything so he KNOWS his friends are utterly destroying Madara’s forces. Madara’s side has yet to win a single battle. This war is as one-sided as Dark’s fawning over Miranda. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    @Darks, Killerbee is fully aware of the war going on outside. He’s dumb, but not THAT dumb


    EDIT: I know he knows. I said he was dumb enough to be duped by Naruto’s escape excuse lol.

    – Darks

  8. Awesome Breakdown Darks, long time no see.

    @ Kisu – lol I fear the end of the world when more and more people see things “kisu-style” but with 2012 coming up seems appropriate ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I think Naruto sensed Kakashi’s Rampage and was fearing he would loose his screen time completely and the shows name would change if he didn’t get involved…

    Though I do agree with you kisu, the war is actually a joke at the moment and maybe kishi will be original and have Naruto actually be the first casualty, think about this… 1) Naruto is a huge target and will have a massive battle, 2) He gets captured and the Kyuubi is extracted but Naruto doesn’t die, as his mom showed! 3) the war turns as Madara is one away from completion and that will put more tention on the Shinobi Alliance..

  9. Spoilers are out ,and damn if this isn’t gonna be a great chapter to read.

  10. @ SPOILERS – WOW KAKASHI SUMMONS GEDO MAZO, Its a bit fuzzy I wasn’t sure if it is Kakashi that put up the barrier or if he is trying to break Naruto out of it…

  11. When will this rampage stop ?!?! Kakashi said he’s gonna fire Kishi and write the remaining manga himself. He said he’s gonna finish it by 12 21 2012 or so I heard.

  12. Eugen – it won’t stop, thanks to “Eternal Kage Bushin Rampage No-Jitsu”. Kakashi’s power level is truly over 1,000,000,000.

  13. @ Arpotu, lol every time I read something concerning kakashi as of late I laugh like a little kid. I know the rampage is far from a laughing matter but by the time we see Kakashi in the manga next time he’d have killed everyone in the world and find life elsewhere on a planet light years away and kill then too just for not knowing about him.

  14. @eugen not that I doubt. Yes Kakashi is in rampage mode but that doesn’t mean he’s Omnicidial.

  15. @wugen it’s more like they will explode from being to close while he reads his Icha Icha.

  16. @ Kanton =)) ROFL dude this is getting way out of control :)).

  17. Mt friend and I were arguing. Basically, I was saying when a ninja gets too old and is still at Chunin-level they should be forced to retire because clearly they don’t have the drive necessary to protect themselves or the people they care for. He was saying not everyone can become Jonin-level. I retorted by saying all ninjas are born equal and even Rock Lee, someone not born equal, completely outclasses many ninja with Ninjutsu and Genjutsu. Our debate started over this guy

    I’m saying if a ninja is still a Chunin at that age then he should retire, my friend was saying not everyone can become strong. What do you guys think? Don’t be tree-hugging hippies

  18. it’s out

  19. Wohoo! Tenten’s still useless. She fainted from using the fan lol

    I said I’d quit this manga if Kakuzu was beaten by Choji, but I’ll give it an extra week to see Gedo Mazo in action.

    @Kanton, still think Tenten is more useful than Ino?

  20. few things:

    1) FACEPALM!!!!!!!! at Ten-Ten lying on the floor being useless. UGH!!!! -_-
    I knew that fan was too much for her to handle.

    2) I thought it was kinda gross that Naruto ate Iruka’s letter. What was the point of that? Does he have any idea where that’s been?

    3)Btw who was that stuck under the boulder? Kakuzu?

    and epic cliffhanger :O

  21. @kisu It has been stated that you NEED to be have A LOT OF CHAKRA to properly use one of the treasured tools.

  22. xD I love it how disappointed white zetsu gets when he thinks black zetsu won’t be fighting Mizukage

  23. @pumpkin, 2. He probably ate it instead of throwing away so no one thinks Iruka let him go.

    3. Yeah, it was Kakuzu. Sadly.

  24. @Pumpkin

    Let’s take a look back here quickly. Naruto has had crows and frogs shoved forcefully down his throat, so somehow, I doubt a letter would have any effect on him now. What would really be funny is if Iruka had set it to self destruct knowing he couldn’t let anyone else see it…


    Chouji didn’t beat Kakuzu by himself. He had Ino and Shikamaru helping him.

    Now stop trolling. *Throws epic bannana peel at Kisu*


    I thought it was a great chapter. I really like how they paid some respect to Iruka for how he changed Naruto’s life. I also like how Bee just tags along and immediately forms a strong team with Naruto. He was probably just as eager to join the battle as Naruto was.

    The chapter started great and ended with an epic cliffhanger. I really think Madara’s move will turn this war on its head. What could be a better development than that?

  25. Oh, one last thing.

    Kakashi is what was created when Chuck Norris succesfully divided by Zero. @___@

  26. This place is losing the fun. Everyone knows I troll now. I’ll have to create a new identity to start my trolling anew >:]

  27. About the Iruka bashing in the article, I have to say I kinda disagree with the assessment that Iruka may have “let” Naruto go.

    Iruka did say no to him and even tried to trap him with a barrier, but it’s not like he would have been able to stop Naruto even if he wanted to and I think he knew that as well. Let’s face it, if Naruto made the decision to go, then there really is nothing Iruka could have done to stop him, because Naruto is vastly more powerful than Iruka is. That’s why Iruka wrote the letter. He knows Naruto better than anyone alive right now and to me, the letter was a the only way he felt he could protect Naruto, knowing that nothing else he would try could really stop him if he wanted to do something.

    Let’s also not forget that there was an entire team supporting Iruka and none of them were able to stop Naruto either. I also don’t think Tsunade expected to be able to stop Naruto by force either, which is why she probably hoped Iruka would stop him with words. Iruka’s attempt seemed genuine to me and he also seemed genuinely upset that Naruto left, I don’t think it is something he wanted to happen or something he let happen by his own will. It’s as Bee said, if Iruka could not convince Naruto to stay, then there was nothing that could or would.

  28. @Ten, you’re a tree-hugger aren’t you? He should’ve demoralized Naruto and made him feel really crummy. Maybe seeing Iruka visible upset and disappointed in him would’ve made him turn back. Lol I’m a sick person.

  29. @Kisu

    Nah, you’re just a troll. ๐Ÿ˜›

    And you and I both know that wouldn’t have worked. Lol. *Eats Kisu*

    Besides, trees need hugs too. <__<

  30. hey you guys see gow fucking epic dan was!!!! I mean how’d they ever get him contained in that barrier. Granted it was only 1/quintillionth the epicness of kakashi’s rampage, it was still so fucking cool seeing how skilled of a ninja he was. I can really see why tsunade fell for him over jiraiya. The pervy sage has nothing on dan!!

  31. Please oh please let Tenten die and by some miracle have the banana peal fan come into Naruto’s possession somehow.

    Just think of the possibilities, every element rassengan for Naruto. I’ve actually been wondering about something, Water, fire, wind and lightning would make a hell of great rassengan tech, but won’t doton make just a pull ball or a rock or maybe The Rock ??? Think about it.

  32. @ kisu – in the end being forced to retire is pointless, you will deminish your number of “cannon fodder” in the end only 9 Genin come through the exams, (or something like that) of those 9 how many will push on to be Chunin (most) right? From there they are given tasks to do inside the Village… If you retire them then you will loose the middle guys… Its like saying in a business if you don’t become a CEO/MD etc you must retire immediately. I understand your issue with age but maybe some requirements aren’t met but they still good enough ninja, Naruto = Genin…. Think he should retire not even enough drive to become a Chunin… I mean ever Sakura is @_@

    I think Iruka sensed Kakashi and that made him hesitate knowing that if Kakashi is around Naruto can’t be caught…

    Hahahaha Kakazu been OWNED I mean a guy that lived almost 100 years is immortal and was powerful enough to fight the 1st Hokage and survive is beaten by being sat on hahahaha

    Danny Phantom been captured, whoopdy doo…

    And Gedo Moza was summoned but looks really weird @_@

  33. @ eugen – Tenten Can’t die, who will point out the obvious to us if she is gone…

    I was think about a debate we had earlier bout the best trainer… what about Gai, I mean his team is probably strongest.. excluding Team 7 since Kakashi didn’t really train Sasuke or Naruto or even Sakura… Also Asuma has a good shout if you look at a team as a whole, Ino-Shika-Cho developed the most since the Chunin Exams…

  34. @Pein

    If I look at team Gai, Tenten counters all the growth of her teammates. Even still, all the teams have grown a lot except team 8 in my opinion.

    They really need some development here…


    I actually forgot about Dan. What the hell happened to him? O__O

  35. Did anyone else notice how Zetsu referred to Tobi as Tobi and not as Madara, which which he claims is his real identity?

    Me thinks that is a sign right there. @__@

  36. @Tenten She has THE WORST CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT period!!!!
    Kishi probably hates Tenten, Anko,(Said two was said to be his “Favorite” [Big Fat Liar]) Kurenai, Temari and Hinata since they were hyped to be decent kunoichi, so he did everything is his power to ignore them. Also Kiba and Shino aren’t EMO/Angsting enough and thus they were ignored too.

  37. Dan has actually delayed himself to be caught in the barrier that was set up for him 2 maybe 3 chapters ago ( too lazy to go find the page).

    As for Kakuzu, isn’t that a boulder on top of him and what the hell is chouji holding in his hand. Theres a konoha shinobi on his fist looking down at what looks like a long haired guy in Chouji’s hand.
    Who is that. Kishi better double back on this chapter, mainly the fight with kakuzu and dan. I feel that was a massive let down, not showing what really happened and how they got owned.

    @ tenrasi, I was actually thinking of the same thing. The only guy who’s left alive and knows who’s under tobi’s mask is Zetsu and if he calls him Tobi then the Madara theory is still on.
    I actually think that “Tobi” took advantage of the fight between Madara and Hashirama and pulled a Orochimaru on Madara’s dying body, maybe that’s how he knows a lot about him. I guess Kishi will surprise us like usual when the time comes.

  38. Eugen – I think the one in Chouji’s hand is Neji’s Father and Hihashi is on his hand… I think.

    I am let down that they won so easily anyways… Basically Kabuto’s summons are just there for the Lol’s. and actually useless S RANKED/JONIN LEVEL and HIGHER… Beaten by Chunin Chouji… Sigh

  39. I’m actually ok with Kakuzu getting beaten because we saw him fight before he died and Kishi should show new characters’ abilities.

    I’m disappointed by a few things:

    -Kishi didn’t show Dan’s true power.
    -He didn’t even show Neji and Hinata vs Hizashi.

    By the way, where is Shikamaru? And Ino?

    Lol at Tenten dying. It’s obvious that would have happened, but it’s funny anyway.

    Before this fight I thought Tenten was stronger than Ino because she can actually hurt someone, but after seeing Ino’s abilities I have to say I’m impressed. She’s actually useful! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Madara said he wanted to “find a substitute”. For Gedo Mazo, right? So he wants to kidnap a random person and make them sync with it? Or something more elaborate? I hope Kishi explains next chapter.

  40. @ Pain, I totally forgot about Neji’s dad, your wright it is him and his brother in and on Chouji’s hand. Great observation.
    @ Dragon, the substitute must mean that gedo mazo must always have a back up for something, I’m guessing that it’s very hard to control and that’s why theres a need for someone to be there as back up. Maybe, who knows, but whatever happens next the one thing I’m sure of is that Dan will me released and he will do the ghost tech and Madara will kick ass in the next few chapetrs.

    And it was about bloody time this war took a turn for the other team. no body likes a big difference on the the score board when the game is over.

  41. @ Eugen – Unless its your bitter rivals and u get to rub it in their faces ๐Ÿ˜‰

  42. *facepalms at the Hatedom of Tenten* Anyway, don’t tell me he snuff everyone unless you’re related to the first hokage and Not a female.

  43. Great breakdown Darks and welcome back. I don’t know if this video has been posted yet but it’s pretty damn good. It’s a Naruto vs. Sasuke OVA.

    There’s some Sage Naruto vs. Sasuke action in here. Ja! Much too little though, it’s a teaser.

    Oh nope, nvm it’s been posted already. Hahaha, I’ve been gone for too long. ~_~

  44. Hey Super, long time no see. In regard to this video and to the meting team 7 had after the kage summit; I have a very big dislike for Naruto, because as much as he’s blabbering about proving to Sasuke he’s a better and stronger ninja he’s never used the fuuton rasengan against Sasuke’s chidori. Why let sasuke use a nature and shape jutsu and he only uses a shape jutsu, sure rassengan is the most powerful shape jutsu out there but c’mon Naruto mastered this way back at the kakuzu fight.

    I’m not saying fuck Sasuke up with rassen shuriken just use the fuuton rasengan that he used to smash kakashi’s normal rasengan.
    Being a powerful wind and shape jutsu it’s only normal sasuke’s chidori wouldn’t stand a chance.
    Why oh why is Naruto so easy going on Sasuke is beyond me.

    If you want to prove yourself then prove it. Goku never held back his powers in dbz except the time with majin vegeta but sasuke and Naruto are more evenly matched then goku and vegeta were back then.

  45. @Eugen

    You’re assuming that Naruto had the time to make a Fuuton Rasengan. Just remember, it may be more powerful and the element may give him an advantage, but it also takes more time to create and it still requires two clones.

    Sasuke was going to charge right away. He wasn’t going to wait for Naruto. Besides, I don’t think he was trying to prove a point that way in any case and I think he got whatever point he was trying to make through regardless.

    Why else would Sasuke be so eager to accept Itachi’s eyes all of a sudden? It’s because he knew Naruto was telling the truth…

  46. SO IT HAS COME TO MY ATTENTION THAT MADARA/TOBI has something to do with ZETSU. If anybody has seen the anime recently, Tobi/Madara is fighting Donzo and Fuu/Torin. As you remember he gets his infected rips it off and kicks it at them. well in the manga we cant see what his arm looked like. We assumed it would be a normal ripped off arm. HOWEVER, the coloring in the manga shows the inside of the arm to be a white gooy like substance and looks EXACTLY like Zetsu. Their jutsu that lets them slip through objects is very similar so it makes sense. I believe that Madara/Tobi is more connected to zetsu than we realize, if he is using a Zetsu-like clone as some sort of vessel it would make sense why most of his powers are gone, because he’s not using his real body etc. Thoughts?

  47. @ Tenrai, I know what your saying, it’s because of the love Naruto still holds for Sasuke as a comrade that always kept him from striking him full force since the valley of the end fight when he used his “back then” ultimate move, the kyuubi rassengan” to prove he could lay a scratch on Sasukes forehead protector. But by doing so he got the chidori str8 in the gut and was out of the game and probably lost his only true shot at stopping Sasuke from going to Orochimaru.

    As for more recent, I know it takes him longer to make a fuuton rasengan but he still holds back no matter what when it comes to Sasuke. Personally I don’t know why Sasuke is tripping about, I’m sure that if the blindness didn’t kick in when it did Naruto at that stage would have had his ass whooped by Sasuke.

    Only because he no longer could relay on the FRS for the finishing blow, but only to break a hole in Sasuke susanoo and only after and if that were to be successful Naruto had to go Sage mode all out to have a chance to counter Amaterasu and possibly Tsukuyome.
    At this stage I see a great fight coming, Sasuke with Sussanoo’s armor and Naruto with the Kyuubi armor both fighting at there very best. The playing field IMO has finally leveled out.

    But who knows what Sasuke stumbled upon with his EMS and who knows what Naruto might keep learning from Bee in the war they just took part in.

  48. @ Dricedt, I think that only part of Tobi’s body is still his own, we can clearly see the head or part of it and it dose not look like the with zetsu substance. That’s why the obito theory is still so taboo to us. It’s because who ever Tobi is part of his body has been remade or regenerated from the zetsu flower we will see after the fight between Sasuke and Danzou is over.

    Probably that’s why kabuto wants a zetsu so much for his research to find out what it’s made of and how to utilize it to his advantage.
    I’m guessing Zetssu’s like Oro’s white snake and has a great ability to regenerate and who knows what else.

  49. Just after Madara mentiones he needs to steal a substitute for his Gedo Moza, I noticed that the next manga panel shown has the sealing urn and gourd in it.

    I think Madara’s target may be Kingaku and Ginkaku. The Raikage mentioned they may have been related to the sage of the six paths in some way and the last person who fused with the statue was Nagato, who also had some of the sages power in the form of the Rinnegan.

    So, it makes sense I guess.

    Is there a chance that the Gin-Kin brothers may have been Uzumaki as well? O_o

  50. @ Tenrai, if that’s gonna be the case then maybe Naruto might be able to steal there remaining kyuubi chakra and combine it with his, and if that happens then he will possess both yin and yang chakras of the fox, being one step closer to the sage of 6 paths in that regard.

    I hope this dose happen but I’m not quite sure how Naruto might fuse or steal the kin jin bros. chakra and make it his.

    Either way it a cool way of looking at thing for the future, or maybe Madara will use the Silver and Gold Bros chakra to complete the kyuubi for gedo mazo and thus Minato’s attempt to seal the Kyuubi’s Yin chakra would have been for nothing.

  51. Sorry for the typos, my keyboard is a bit funky after a really alcoholic party I’m starting to regret more and more.

  52. i found this it’s not very good quality but still watchable for those who want to see the lost towers

  53. @Eugen: Naruto is already capable of drawing Kyuubi chakra out, as seen during his mom’s visit, so I think he should be able to draw it out of the Gin/Kin bros. Heck, he might be able to draw it directly from that sealing vessel!

  54. @ Arpotu, good point, that would be great so see if it dose happen, with that maybe Naruto will find a common ground with the Fox and start forming the bond between them.

  55. @madarrancar, thanks bro.

  56. This is pretty darn good for Fanimation

  57. It really is good.

    “…I’m even more haxed than Aizen!”
    It’s funny because it’s true.

  58. Luckily for Sasuke Kakashi wasn’t in Rampage Mode.

  59. @ kisu – Yeah seems Kakashi only activates Rampage mode when his Stomach is cut open and he sees dead people…

  60. Wow it’s been 4 days since I want away for the Easter and it seams like I wasn’t the only one.

    Can’t wait for the Lost Tower movie to come out, just one more day and then it’s another year for the next one. Japanese people should learn how to pirate there own stuff, cause this waiting is killer.

    @ Kisu, nice video, this guys could make a hell of a lot better job then the guys who made the Naruto vs Pain fight in the anime.

  61. Enjoy yourself guys:
    It`s without subs yet but will be soon!

  62. Thanks a lot Afisharingan for the link ๐Ÿ˜‰

  63. it has been subbed

    New chapter out. Looks craaaaaazy

  65. @ ๆœ€ๅผบ Dragon

    When Madara/Tobi says that he needs to get a substitute for Gedo Mazo, I believe he is referring to himself. A substitute much like Itachi/Kisame used back when they fought team Kakashi and Team OP. As for the reference TO Gedo Mazo well I think Madara has to actually be near the Demons he controls in order for him to actually control them but not wanting to risk going in the battlefield himself he used another body as a substitute to go out and maintain control.

  66. Great chapter.

    Madara pwned everyone, but it didn’t look like he killed a lot of people. How could half of the Shinobi Alliance get killed after the battles we just saw? They were defeating the Edo Tensei summons easily, so how did 40000 shinobi die?
    I know lots of people died, but I expected less than 40000.

    What about Kakashi’s rampage?!? I don’t think Kishi will show it after that last part about the next battle starting. T_T

  67. @Dragon

    If you want to know where the Joint Shinobi forces suffered their losses, just look at this.

    I think the statue killed more in its brief attack, than anything else.


    I thought it was a great chapter. I am excited by a tag team match between Tsunade and the Raikage vs Naruto and Bee, if it comes to that.

    I also think that Madara will try to summon the Juubi now, even without Naruto and Bee. He has some of the Hachibi’s chakra and he has Kingaku and Ginkaku, who also have some of the Kyuubi’s chakra. It may not be a perfect version of the Juubi, but it will still most likely be more powerful than any current Bijuu that exists today.

    I still think he will try to capture Naruto and Bee to get their chakra, but he’ll probably use the Juubi’s power to do that and then just add their chakra to it once he is done (if he succeeds).

  68. @Everyone, it’s official. If Nagato is ever featured in another debate, he automatically wins. Gedo Mazo is haxors

  69. I’m delighted to see that Kabuto couldn’t care less about what Madara is doing. This guy really can become the final villain

  70. @Tenrai

    I think that lightning attack killed at most 100 shinobi (maybe even less) because it didn’t look like it affected a large area judging by the attack on the previous page so it couldn’t have killed lots of people and also because it looked like Madara didn’t want to kill, only get Kinkaku and Ginkaku and flee.
    I think so because he didn’t kill Darui when it would have been a smart thing to do because he’s a threat and also because he didn’t kill those two guys who passed through him here:
    He only kicked them when he could have easily stabbed them.
    I wonder why? It sure is strange.

  71. @ Chapter – Nice Chapter, I am glad to see that Kakashi’s Rampage got the respect it deserved and now seems to be moving on a little bit,

    40 000 died @_@ WTF when did this happen? I don’t think any of the Edo summons killed anyone, unless we didn’t see all the damage done by Kakashi and his Rampage, I feel sorry for all those no name Ninja that died though, all they got was a small sentence to tell us they died, no real meaning behind it in my opinion. There was no emotional feelings its actually very cold, half the forces died in one day…

    @ Kisu – Pein/Nagato should win any debate! He is above Life and Death @_@

  72. @pein, I don’t think Kishi fully understands/appreciates war. Both sides losing half their forces in a few hours is just beyond silly. One Piece did an excellent job showing both sides losing forces, but in Naruto we’re just seeing the Zetsus get decimated and suddenly we’re to believe they managed to kill that many ninja? another Kishi cop out.

    I have a fun thought. Why doesn’t Madara just slow down, give the Biju time to recover, then make 50000 more Zetsus? The Alliance would be destroyed by a full Zetsu army at this point. But nooooooo, Madara’s tired of waiting. Jackass.

  73. Here’s a brain wrecker: guess the movie..
    – Naruto gets separated from his team early on
    – he has to protect an important girl
    – his chakra flow gets blocked and he needs to tap into the fox’s
    – he has to fight a monster that uses insane amounts of chakra that don’t belong to him
    – the monster is eventually defeated by a new rasengan

  74. @ ZZ – That is either the first one, or the last one, or the ones inbetween @_@ I am guessing all of the above and the only movie I watched fully was Bonds so I would say that one ๐Ÿ˜‰

  75. haha correct on all accounts

  76. @zzattack, goddammit that could be any one of the movies!

  77. @kisu except the 3th (in particular) and 6th (there was no girl).
    @nagato unless it’s a crossover battle.

  78. @Kanton, that kid was pretty girly though.

  79. @kisu yes but he was a villain (and a VERY broken one. I might add.) oh yeah there was no girl in the second movie either.

  80. I have a question, why is it that every time I search for a spoiler on the web for the upcoming Naruto manga and I stumble upon a prediction every guy writing these stupidities refers to Naruto as “the kyuubi brat”. Who the hell came up with these retarded line when u can’t even find it in the manga. The funny thing is no one in Naruto has that superiority issue towards others, except Tobi, so who would use a term as stupid as “brat” to describe one of the most powerful shinobi in the manga ?

  81. I would.

  82. @eugen Orochimaru did in the anime and thus so did everyone else.
    Anyway, on that matter I address Nagato as that anoxeric hypocritcal emo .

  83. @ Kanton, How could I forget about Pain.

  84. I like how every emotion other than happiness is automatically classified as emo.

  85. @zzatack, did he spam shadow clone? Just tryin to narrow it down lol.

    I also like how they imply that EXACTLY half of each force is incapacitated. Kakashi rampage probably accounted for at least half of both the casualties

  86. @Kisu

    You bring up a good point about people being seen as emo as soon as they seem to be anything other than happy and I can honestly say that Pein wasn’t emo the way Sasuke is emo.

    Pein had more of a superiority complex, but that was about it. He grew out of the depression and angst phase and went onto the “I’ll just pwn everyone and change things myself” phase instead.

    This is one of the reasons I saw Pein as a better villain than Sasuke. Of course, I don’t agree with Pein’s actions at all, but then, his roll as a villain was never to be morally agreeable in the first place. Lol.

  87. Are Naruto and Bleach on hiatus this week or did the day change for the release of the WSJ?

  88. It was last week, which is why the chapter for this week was early.

  89. @ ZZattack, yeah but last chapter came out Saturday last, witch was still last week not this one so technically this week is the one with no chapter not last week.

  90. @ Tenrai – I think my fav part of Pein was his almost lack of emotions

  91. No emotions? Just watch the anime. Kisu will tell you (rant) all about it. ๐Ÿ˜›

  92. @Eugen.

    Basically, last week was the golden week for Japan, so there was no SJ release for last week.

    The chapter you read was actually this week’s chapter that was just released early. So, you were wondering if there was a chapter this week and the answer is yes, you’ve already read it. So now we have to wait for next week again.

  93. So basically your telling me that this week is a little more worst then last week. Damn kishi, why won’t he draw a 30 page manga weekly for good measure.

  94. @Eugen

    I know a bit about how publications work, because I worked on four magazines myself, and although it’s probably not exactly the same as SJ, I can tell you that timelines are very restricted and very hectic.

    Magazines have to be printed in advanced and distributed to their points of sale in time for release, so any work prior to sending the artwork to plate must be done in time by a specific deadline. Designers need to set out the pages and organize pagination as well, so Kishi would have to have his artwork ready for them to account for any time they spend on the layout of the magazine from there. It is extremely stressful and it’s a lot of work too.

    It’s bad enough with monthly publications, so imagine weekly ones. Lol. Let him have his holiday, he needs the rest as well from all that mayhem.

  95. No. He needs to be put in a cage and forced to draw while being forced to eat oatmeal.

  96. I’m sorry Tenrai I’m gonna have to go with Kisu on this one. You can’t have enough oatmeal, that’s for sure.

  97. What I find most annoying is that more often than not the chapter after a week’s break has 15-16 pages instead of the regular 18-19.

  98. @ ZZAttack, Damn wright

  99. @eugen he’s not Mashima-sensei after all.
    @Kisu when your name is Pain (He that rhymed) and you have piercing all over your EMO!!! For example I don’t think Danzo is emo look at the way he was blowing Sasuke Shurkisses.

  100. LOL @ chapter,

    Madara using Gedo Mazo as a Pokรฉmon… “Go, Heretical Demon statue.”

    And what is up with Gedo Mazo’s Lady GaGa pose….

    Butterfree used Giga Impact…
    It’s not very effective…
    Gedo Mazo used Psystrike…
    It’s super effective!
    This page was funny too.
    All those ninja trying to hide from Captain Pickles while clenching their butt cheeks. But as we all know, he doesn’t come from the front…

    And as for the last page. Now we know the exact amount of casualties Kakashi’s rampage produced. 90.000 dead with just one swipe of the Kubikiribลchล. Chuck Norris must be proud of his ‘alleged’ son.

    Anyways, it will be interesting to see Madara become the Juubi Jinchuuriki. Will he be able to instantly tap into the juubi’s powers without the Juubi taking over or will he need to wrestle the demon like Bee and Naruto had to…

  101. @ Baron, notice how in the second picture Kakashi is gazing at everyone and look at there reactions especially gaara and the tsuchikage.

  102. I gotta say, as excited as we are for Naruto to go kick everyones ass, did we honestly see character development in anyone besides Choji and Ino the rookies? Kiba, Hinata, Shino, Shikamaru, and Sakura got nothing useful, and neither did Lee, Neji, Sai, or Temari to name a few. We won’t get to see anything meaningful if Naruto and Bee just rape everything. Hell, Ten Ten even took a step down by almost killing herself. I’d at least like an update on how Lee or Hinata are doing. Sakura’s fine, just leave her screen time at that.

  103. y is the chapter being released so late for a second week in a row?

  104. @ajd, sorry but if your name isn’t Shikamaru, then you have no business being a secondary character in this manga.

  105. @Kisu I understand he’s a popular character and is one of my personal favorites, but seriously. We will never get a chance to see Kiba or Shino do anything similar. And why does this generation suck at ninjutsu? They just spam clan jutsu and taijutsu. You don’t see Neji whipping out a fire jutsu or anything.

    Anyone think Kishi is going to end the manga soon, or is he going to drag it out after the war? I think he should have saved the ninja war for the last arc. However, if he doesn’t fill in some holes (Hinata’s confession). I want to say it’ll be a year until Naruto ends

  106. I grew tired of Shikamaru since he first showed up in the war. Kishi overuses him. Shikamaru is a Mary Sue. He’s always right, any flaws he has ever come into play and the plot bends to his will. He shows up where he isn’t needed and hogs screentime.

    I think the manga is on its last legs personally. There’s not much farther he can take it.

  107. @ Eugen,

    Yeah, that’s most definitely an “Oh shit, he’s seen us. We’re f*cked!” look.

    @ ajd,

    Madara is gonna seal the Lightning brothers chakra in Gedo Mazo and summon Juubi and then become the juubi Jinchuuriki. That’s the power of at least 7 tailed beasts combined inside the ‘I make Aizen look like a f*cking noob’ hax master Madara.
    So no, Naruto and Bee won’t be raping everything.

  108. @redbaron,
    Plot no Jutsu

    I feel we’re going to see Bee vs. Raikage and Naruto vs. Sasuke while Madara becomes the jinchuuriki. How else is he going to stall long enough to pull that off? idk, maybe to early, but it would be a valid distraction. Who knows, maybe it’ll just happen overnight :/

    Here’s to hoping Kishi raps the series up well

  109. why is there no manga?

  110. why is there no manga?

  111. @ Story – Who is still missing, ALL the Jinchuriki! Nagato, Itachi… Sasuke. Gaara/Old man Kage vs All the other Kage’s still hasn’t happened. I am confused at what Kishi wants to do but there is a lot he could do to stall the progress if he wanted to. but I think he is getting tired of Naruto now and wants to get to the conclusion… just like Madara ๐Ÿ˜›

    I was hoping that at least with the summons we would get to see a few epic battles. We haven’t had that opportunity, if half the shinobi forces are dead that means there are ninja worse then Ten Ten, I mean she was able to at least survive the day most of the others would of died way before and there is no bringing them back.

    This war has become cheap in a matter of 2 lines, Kishi has almost glorified it and taken away all the harshness. He has made the deaths seem like a statistic. “The Death of 1 man is a tragidy, the death of a million is a statistic” J. Stalin

  112. maybe there’s gonna be more detail in the anime then we see now in the manga due to the pace at witch Kishi draws as opposed to Kubo. Just like the fu##up Naruto Vs Pain fight. and also the kakashi vs kakuzu and hidan fight.

  113. !!! Spoiler Alert !!!

    Spoiler’s out

    Seems like Naruto’s gonna have a little chat with kyuubi, maybe the bond between them will finally start to form

  114. Hmm looks like spoiler thread is gone ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Hope we see a new thread soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  115. New chapter is out now:

  116. Am I missing something here? Everybody keeps talking about Kakashi’s rampage, but I never saw it. All I saw was Kakashi all tired out….

  117. @mantisguy

    The Kakashi rampage is just a running joke we have going here on the blog.

    *whispers* but don’t tell Kakashi that, or he’ll kill us all. @___@

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