Bleach 444 – A Boy Name Sue

Goddammit these chapters are so straightforward that I don’t get much to type about. *sigh* This is going to be painful and painfully short and to the point. This AMV is the painful part. Enjoy πŸ˜‰

So yeah, the chapter started with the continuation of Ichigo and Jackie’s fight. Last week, the way the chapter ended, made it seem like the badge was calling out to Ichigo, but this week it’s shown to actually be Jackie. Basically she’s saying the training needs to end because Ichigo’s Fullbring is going haywire, however Ichigo disagrees and says this is how his training always goes. I enjoy the bit of Lampshade Hanging this chapter, courtesy of Jackie. As we all know, when people in the real world train if anything goes awry they end it to avoid being hurt, however every single time Ichigo trains something goes wrong, and because of the eccentric people training him he has to fight through whatever went wrong. Jackie basically tells him that’s stupid and will get him killed but he says it always happens and it’s no big deal lol.

That, my friends, is why Chad is winning.

This chapter also focused on Chad and Ginjou talking. Chad asks if Tsukishima’s ability can manipulate memories, but Ginjo informs him it cannot because Tsukishima didn’t have that ability when he led Xcution. Chad asks if he couldn’t have developed that ability since he left but Ginjou says it’s impossible for a Fullbringer’s Fullbring to develop new abilities and only rookies’ Fullbring change because they have yet to master it. He reveals The Book of the End’s ability. It can cut anything.

MMMMMMMMM sammiches πŸ˜€

Ginjou suggest that perhaps it wasn’t Tsukishima that attacked Orihime, then Tsukishima cuts through that theory by walking into the hideout and saying it was him. After some introductions he notices Riruka and Jackie are missing and deduces that they must be training Ichigo, so he cuts the dollhouse, and probably Riruka’s Fullbring. Everyone gets surprised by what emerges, Ichigo in his Shinigami attire.

Kisu’s Thoughts:

1. I wonder if Kubo will stretch the meaning of “cut” like Oda stretched Kuma’s “push”. What I mean is, Kuma can “push” away pain (lol), so perhaps Kubo will make it so Tsukishima’s blade can “cut” memories.

2. Ichigo has not regained his Shinigami powers. It was said his badge remembers his battles, so I’d say it’s simply copying what it recorded Ichigo doing. Besides, two chapters ago it said Ichigo’s Fullbring would undergo a transformation, so this is most likely that transformation and not his Shinigami powers. Also notice that Zangetsu and the red chain thing usually on his normal Shihakusho are missing.

Hey what’s that thing!?

*readers look away*

*readers realize I was pulling their legs*

*readers pick up shotguns*

*readers realize I’m long gone*

~ by kisuzachi on April 13, 2011.

22 Responses to “Bleach 444 – A Boy Name Sue”

  1. Bleach’s out mothafudgers!

  2. first

  3. SECOND! Finally, something interesting happened – aside from the perverted possibilities of “dirty boots”

  4. 3rd – I think Kakashi’s Rampage is hitting Bleach now, his awesomeness is beginning to spill over and things are starting to happen in it, I mean the blade that can cut anything, Kakashi can cut any blade with his pinky… That new Cloak is obviously a rip off of Kakashi’s “Black” Lightning cloak. πŸ˜€

  5. @pein it’s more of a minor rip-off

  6. Tite Kubo Jump Festa Interview:

    – Bleach is at its half-way point.
    – Bleach should continue another 10 years.
    – Kubo has recently put his entire scenario on paper to make the story more exciting. (For the next 10 years)
    – He works with his assistants and his publisher to expand the script and make it consistent to the maximum.
    – He is very proud of the plot he had prepared and began to know how he wants to finish Bleach.
    – In the first place, Grimmjow wasn’t meant to be an important character, he was to die quickly. But as of now, his existence will eventually matter in the manga’s future.
    – The birth of Ichigo is surrounded in mystery since it’s very special. The readers will be amazed when they will know about it! He is eager to see their reaction.
    – Originally, the Arrancar arc wasn’t supposed to be too long. It’s thanks to the craze of Japanese fans for the Arrancars, without it, the arc would have been shorter.
    – Female characters that kubo prefers are Matsumoto and Inoue.
    – Male characters that Kubo prefers are Mayuri and Aizen.
    – The end of the Arrancar arc should have been the end of Bleach if it didn’t work and if the publisher had asked Kubo to finish the manga quickly. (Like before the start of the SS arc, because Bleach was threatened at that time)

  7. @ Kisu – Hmmmm 10 Years still of Bleach, I wonder how much trolling, blank panels and no plot movement will we have to endure, if it continues as the previous chapter I will be happy

  8. @pein, but that’s why we read bleach. We need to be trolled. And the trolls are funny when you start ripping on them lol πŸ˜›

  9. @ kisu – True true… lol as long as Kubo gets a couple of cement trucks and starts filling in the GIANT Plot Holes…

  10. @pein and kisu hopefully either my wall won’t have a hole in it/Fractured skull.

  11. Hey guys, I wont be able to do a Breakdown tomorrow because I hate doing these short ones. I’ll do a double breakdown next week. Is that cool with ya?

  12. So what will you do if there is so much that happens in the next two chapter that you wont be able to fit into a double… oh wait this is bleach, could be a while till something happens again. So no worries πŸ˜‰

  13. It’s out

  14. I freaking knew it! That chapter could be summed up in one sentence, “Ichigo fought Tsukishima then Ginjou interferes”. Bleach su-

    *grinds teeth*

    I mean, Bleach is really good

    *eyes twitch*

  15. @kisu Don’t worry I got you BLEACH SUCKS ASS!!!

  16. @ kisu – A lot more then that happened…… I mean it was like 18 Pages, must of been more then tha… *goes and reads bleach again* oh wait nevermind.

  17. excuse the triple comments

  18. I don’t mean to change the pacing up but I actually “liked” the latest chapter compared to the monotonous pacing and training of the previous chapters.

    Now the only thing left for Kubo to do is screw it all up and we’ll be back to good ol’ Bleach again. Well, not good ol’ Bleach but the same ol’ Bleach we’ve been dragging through for a good year now.


  20. Thanks Kanton. I’ll get on that Breakdown…eventually

  21. And the Mind Rape Award of Bleach goes to Shuu-chan! Unbelievable I know.

  22. whats wrong with the breakdowns i think last chapter was almost not bad!

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