Naruto Shippuuden 206 Breakdown: A confession is a way of admitting some form of fault or deceit. Isn’t it ironic then, when one uses a false confession to cover up another lie? O_o

Is this love real? Or is it simply an unreachable dream...

Greeting one and all. It’s Tenrai Senshi here bringing you another weekly Naruto anime breakdown. I know I have been missing from the breakdown section for quite a bit of time now, but let’s just say that all hell broke loose in the last couple of weeks and I have been too busy to even account for my own heartbeat, much less anything else that requires a significant amount of thought.

In any case, I apologize for my absence. *Eats Kantonkage as self-inflicted punishment.*

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get on with the breakdown! And what better way to begin than with the brand new opening?

*Inhales the awesomeness in the air and accidentally consumes a random blogger in the process.*

Ah yes, I missed this place. The people, the debates, the complete and unprecedented randomness, and yes, even Kantonkage, even for all his violent ways. But I suppose you’re not here for my ramblings of nostalgia, so lets get a move on, shall we?

Looking back, it’s evident that a lot has happened in the last few passing days of the Narutoverse. We’ve had a meeting between the five kage, a sinister betrayal by the current, self-proclaimed Hokage Danzou, an unprecedented attack by a psychotic emo (I wonder who that was) and a number of epic battles liberally interspersed throughout.

To comment on these past few episodes – a few of which are lacking breakdowns of their own – I have to say that I think that most of the battles between Sasuke and the five kage were handled quite well. The battle with the Raikage in particular is the one most of you would want to hear about though, but all I can really say about it is that it was sufficient enough to satisfy, but not really exceptional in any way beyond that.

I think we may have just discovered Lee's long lost grandfather. <_<

The animation was good, the music was on par with what one would expect from Naruto by now and the pacing was decent, if not a bit lethargic at times. My only gripe is that it was too similar like the manga it was derived from, with no additional or original sequences that are often added to these kinds of battles to make them feel more dynamic and, essentially, more complete as well. There were also times where it almost felt as if the battle was being explained or narrated more than it was actually being shown – as each move from either side was conveniently explained in detail by an observer – and it did dampen the overall fluidity.

Strangely enough, it was actually the episode showcasing battle between Sasuke and the Mizukage, that impressed the most in terms of animation and style, both of which were areas where surpassed the prior episodes in terms of quality. The only other subject that really comes into question was the strangely presented aesthetic features of the Juubi as shown as he described its history, but that is a matter of personal perception.

Arriving at where we are currently, this most recent episode showcases the dreaded fake love confession from Sakura to Naruto.

Through lifeless eyes, I witness your smile. It offers the promise of warmth and hope, yet deep down inside, I can hear its silent whisper telling me of its lie. Hands that caress gently against my skin lack the warmth of a loving embrace. They bring only a numbing coldness with their touch, a bitter winter of longing and regret. Words that offer the subtle promise of love, bring nothing but pain and heartache to an already weary soul.

I think I can act on behalf of all of us when I throw up all my lunch over just how vile this scene is, or more specifically, the actions of Sakura therein. Her charade was so obvious, I’m surprised that Tenten didn’t just show up and let everyone know all about it, seeing as how stating the glaringly obvious seems to be her only real talent.

Now, I understand the idea behind the gesture and I also understand the good intentions that Sakura has as well, but I have to say, after watching this scene in motion, with the somber music and vivid sounds that brought added to its effect, I found myself having a new appreciation for the nuances of the anime over its black and white manga counterpart. Emotions are conveyed more solidly than they are in still frames without any life beyond what one can read in each characters facial expression and the impact is that much greater.

Sakura’s actions have only served to hurt the person she sought to save even more deeply than ever before. She made it painfully clear just how obvious her lie was and I think, in a way, it also made Naruto realize that there really wasn’t a chance for him to be with her.

Hey guys. Has anyone else Noticed the avalanche behind us? O_o

Moving along from that long-winded scene, we also get a glimpse into the current actions of the various kage as they each move onto each of their respective tasks following the formation of the new shinobi alliance. I have to say, these guys sure know how to travel in style. Seeing team Suna slide along the snowy landscape with such flare was definitely one of the coolest parts of this episode, as brief as it was.

But probably the most exciting part of the episode, or at least the one scene that holds the most promise, was the beginning of what should be an epic battle between Kisame and Bee. It started off well enough, so my hopes are for it are really high right now. It’s just too bad that Samehada sounds like a lawnmower, which is definitely not how I pictured it sounding when I was reading the manga.

Giiiigigigigigigigigigigiiiiii!!!!! (Because I couldn't think of any other caption). <_<

All in all, from the animation, to the overall quality, this episode can’t really be faulted. Even the fake love confession scene was bearable and, in an odd way, meaningful, so this one was definitely enjoyable as a whole.

In any case, that’s all from me this week. There won’t be a caption contest, mostly because I can’t think of any great screens to use, so to close things off, I’ll leave you with the new closing for Naruto Shippuuden, for your enjoyment.

See you all in the comments. ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on April 11, 2011.

7 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 206 Breakdown: A confession is a way of admitting some form of fault or deceit. Isn’t it ironic then, when one uses a false confession to cover up another lie? O_o”


    *that’s Tenrai’s rib-sword that we thought (or hoped) was forgotten months ago! Also, Prawl laughs at the randomly-devoured blogger, and is thankful for fusion-boots!*
    HURRY GUYS! Second thru Fifth is still available!

  3. Second *Is currently armed with a Heat-seeking missile launcher*

  4. You wouldn’t believe How Fan dumb Narusaku. This one fan says it’s “Open to interpretation.” What an idiot!

  5. *cuts Tenrai in half from the inside*

  6. Gigigigigiii giiigiiigggggi Giiiigi gigigigigggggiii gggiiiiigigigi gigigig Giiigigii gigigigigiggggii giiiiiigii

    (Sweet job Ten. Didn’t like how Sakura wasted so much of the episode.)

  7. Nice Job Tenrai

    I liked the episode but was annoyed at the way Sakura’s confession seemed so poorly lied, it was just not said in the correct tone or anything… but will be a good few episodes to come we got a Heart attack to look forward to ^_^

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